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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 following a developing story tonight. a man walks right into a local school and sexually assaults one of the students. but first tonight the interview you will only see on fox 5, the wife of alexandria activist lenny harris speaks out for the first time since
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her husband's body was found. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. debra harris spent four agonizing months hoping her husband will return. tonight she speaks with the realization that never will happen. >> it's a case that's captured headlines for months. lenny harris disappeared september last year after taking a phone call at a rec center in old town alexandria. last week an anonymous tip led police to a prince george's county well and they found harris' body and just yesterday news of an arrest, someone known to harris according to police. now as the mystery is beginning to unravel debra harris agreed to speak with us about her husband. >> i just kept saying he's somewhere, he's somewhere. maybe they're holding him somewhere or maybe he can't get out of somewhere that someone put him, you know. i just kept hoping and praying that he's coming back. i have faith. he's coming back. reporter: her husband of 19 years, the love of her life,
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isn't coming back. here's a photo of lenny harris in aruba taken last september as they celebrated their anniversary. two weeks later he was gone, last seen at this alexandria rec center. his body discovered last thursday in a well on an abandoned property in ft. washington. someone shot lenny. police believe the motive for rudd, robbery. >> when you think about -- murder, robbery. >> when you think about someone getting robbed, you don't plan to find this place no one else really sees off the road and put them in a well like that's thought out. reporter: a 49-year-old temple hills man is a suspect. linwood johnson faces a first degree murder charge. investigators say he knew lenny. >> i'm told he was someone that lenny tried to help, of course, and -- but i don't remember seeing him, americanly. i looked at his picture online
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and he doesn't ring a bell for me of. reporter: lenny often taught other men how to work in his businesses, pest control and a t-shirt company. police say more arrests are coming. these are images of someone using lenny's atm card, the suspect? linwood johnson or someone else. debra harris is now focused on healing. >> we at least know where he. is we can, you know, put him to rest properly and, you know, we can begin to build on not having him here. reporter: a wife, now a widow, a 20-year-old daughter now fatherless. >> it hurts, especially i mean i have a lot of good memories. there are a lot of good ones. he was a very good person. so i'm just thankful for memories, pictures. reporter: a couple updates on
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the investigation. prince george's county police tell us they conducted a search today of an area near the beltway at the wilson bridge. you might remember lenny's phone was found on the wilson bridge. we have also learned investigators don't think linwood johnson pulled the trigger. once again more arrests are expected. >> will, do we know if linwood johnson is cooperating with police? >> it sure seems like it. police say i offered a verbal and written -- he offered a verbal and written confession for his role and details from him led police back to that area near the wilson bridge. new tonight the hunt is on for a man who walked into a d.c. school and sexually assaulted a student. this happened around 4:00 today at ketcham elementary on 15th street southeast. d.c. public schools spokesperson says the man entered the building without permission and inappropriately touched a student. the student told a school official and police were called. the man was not found. in a statement dcps says it is treating this matter very seriously. we are working with mpd
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reviewing our security measure tones sure we have the best protocols in place -- measures to ensure we have the best protocols in place. police now identified a man shot to death in front of an apartment complex in adelphi. 40-year-old joel brown was shot several times and died at a hospital. officers found him last night when responding to metzerott road around 6:40. police are still trying to figure out the motive and find the suspect. a dump truck hit a pedestrian crossing central avenue in seat pleasant and it ended up shutting down the roadway during the evening rush. prince george's county police believe the man may have walked in front of the truck near daimler drive. the pedestrian died. his name has not been released. the westbound lanes were closed several hours. investigators were hoping to have the road reopened by now. a woman pushing a stroller was hurt in a crash in the district. a car jumped the curb at 13th and h street today. it hit the woman and the stroller, then crashed into a building before coming to rest
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against a tree. the child's injuries were not see, but we know at least one of the adults was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. however, it is not clear if it was the driver or the pedestrian. >> shifting gears now to the fox 5 weather team and the 1st day of february feeling more like the first day of spring. we've got people out there in shorts, without coats, all thanks to those temperatures topping out near 70s, but it all comes to an end tonight. fox 5's sue palka has more on the changes live outside in northwest where she should be tonight. sue, it's a nice night out there. reporter: it is really nice. in all my years here at fox 5 i can't ever remember being outside in february when it wasn't brutally cold and snowing when i'm in front of the station. >> that's right. reporter: tonight we're talking about nice warm temperatures. our temperature, 72 degrees. that would be more typical of early may. so quite a spring preview around the region today. yeah, things will change, but it's not going to be drastically cold.
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we'll look at temperatures around the region today, 72 degrees the high temperature in d.c., quantico 73, culpeper and fredericksburg 72 and baltimore got up there, but i would call your attention on the eastern shore because of that south wind and actually a west wind for a while. it got kind of chilly there in the mid-50s, but the rest of us were basking in the warm temperatures. it's still very mild tonight, although we have come down, at 57 degrees in the city, still well above average which is 44 degrees for the high. fredericksburg still 61 degrees and cooler to our north and west with temperatures in the upper 40s. we're watching some rain to our south. we'll show you max radar and while there isn't this much hitting the ground yet because it's still saturating from the top down, we will have some showers flowing in later tonight, especially light and especially south of d.c., but all of us may have to dodge a few showers in the morning. the clouds are trying to thicken but have not thickened up just yet.
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we'll likely see them increasing overnight with a few showers around for the morning rush hour. we're talking a few 10ths of rain and the best chance of that south of d.c., our overnight low 46. we are not worried about any freezing precipitation. once we ditch these morning showers it looks like we'll be back to sunshine. we won't be able to deliver another day in the low 70s, but it's still not going to be below normal tomorrow. it will be in the 50s. we'll talk more about tomorrow's forecast and look ahead to the weekend when i join you inside and it's going to be hard to come in. >> thanks, sue. remember you can always check the weather 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. download it from the app store or android market on your smartphone. just search for d.c. weather. when it's this warm in the middle of a mild weather, any business that relies on snow to keep it going might as well pack it in for the season, right? well, maybe not. fox 5's bob barnard shows us. reporter: welcome to carroll
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valley, pennsylvania, home of ski liberty where just before sundown the temperature was 63 degrees. degrees. >> it's a beautiful day out, nice soft snow, a little wet. reporter: caught us by surprise, ski liberty is actually open for business. >> it's really strange. it was so strange to come out here and have it be 65 degrees and have my kids be skiing for the very first time. reporter: when we last visited here in early january, it was cold enough to at least have the snow making system up and running at full blast. not today. >> it's challenging when it doesn't get below freezing and we can't make snow at night. a perfect world we'd be making snow every night on all the trails and refresh everything. unfortunately we haven't been able to do that. reporter: this is the heart of ski liberty season traditionally from mlk till valentine's day. >> kind of spring ty weather -- spring ty weather, put february
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1st. where's -- spring type weather, but february 1st. where is it? >> there's a couple dry spots, but you kind of expect it the warm weather that we have. reporter: coping with the warm winter days is one thing. convincing skiers who don't live near here that there's still snow on the mountain is another matter. >> it is challenging. people think when there's no snow in their backyard and it's this warm, there's no way we could possibly have any snow, but we have plenty of snow and just getting people to look at webcams and come out and enjoy it. reporter: yet it's got to be bad for the bottom line. >> it's really tough. it's really, really tough. there's no way we can quantify exactly where we'll be at the end of the season. reporter: in the meantime. >> if it continues to be 60 degrees, it's going to be a problem. reporter: not just here, but for winter resorts just about everywhere this year. in carroll valley, pennsylvania, bob barnard, fox 5 news.
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the occupy demonstration in mcpherson square has been quiet today after one person was arrested last night. the arrest did not have anything to do with the protest, though. the suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant. park police still say they will arrest anyone who sleeps at the camp overnight, but they can appeal their charges in court. buy gas in maryland, you may need to prepare for sticker shock. find out how much the governor wants to tax one gallon. plus they're some of the worst escalators in the entire metro system, but fix is them means one big headache for thousands of -- fixing them means one big headache for thousands of commuters. a northern virginia woman pleads guilty in a murder for hire plot, wait till you hear how much she paid to put a hoyt her boyfriend's mistress at 11:00 -- a hit on her boyfriend's mistress at 11:00. 
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i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did, but i wrote the note. new bakery sandwiches at dunkin' donuts. try the turkey cheddar bacon or ham and cheese today. an ambitious look toward the future for maryland governor martin o'malley in. his state of the state address he is calling for legislators to approve same sex marriage and agree to a controversial
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gas tax to fund transportation projects. fox 5's john henrehan has reaction. reporter: even though the maryland legislator is dominated by democrats and as states go, maryland is a pretty liberal one, second term governor martin o'malley clearly has an uphill fight on his hands on some major issues. first the good news. o'malley got big a blues when he crowed that maryland's -- applause when he crowed that maryland's schools are averaged nationally in the top in the nation and the state's economy is fairly strong. >> last year, in fact, maryland businesses created more new jobs than we have in any year since the recession hit and at twice the rate of our good neighbors in the commonwealth of virginia. reporter: but there was little or no applause when the governor called on state legislators to better fund roadways and bridges by significantly boosting the tax on gasoline effectively up to 21 cents a gallon more phased in over a period of years. republicans vowed to fight hard on that issue. >> today it's north of $3.50
10:16 pm
gayle. maryland consumers have already -- a gallon. maryland consumers have already paid a tax. so for the governor to propose another 21 cents on top of that is walking into their nightmare. reporter: a recently conducted poll also shows most maryland voters with little appetite for a significant hike in the gasoline tax. governor o'malley also asked the legislature to shift some of the costs of teachers' pensions on to county governments. opposition to that will be fierce. >> right now if you take prince george's county, for instance, we've got $126 million deficit. if you pushed the pensions down to the counties, that's another 30 to $80 million on us. reporter: county executive rushern baker is asking the democratic delegates from prince george's county to oppose governor o'malley on shifting teacher pensions. o'malley today repeated his call for the legislature to legalize gay marriage. based on our discussion today with delegates in the house including some democrats, it
10:17 pm
appears any vote on gay marriage is likely to be close. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the virginia senate has passed a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion. now it's up to the house to decide whether it would become law. the bill would not require the women to actually see the image or hear the heartbeat of the fetus. critics say the state should not tell women what kinds of tests they should have to have. fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight. the south entrance to the dupont circle metro stop is closed and will stay that way the next eight months so three main escalators can be replaced. fox 5's sherri ly explains what that means for riders. reporter: with the dupont south entrance closed riders will have to walk around the circle to the north entrance or all the way down here to farragut north. one way or another, it's a longer walk. metro calls the escalators at
10:18 pm
the dupont south entrance some of the worst in the system constantly failing. before dawn the walls started going up to rip out the old and start new. >> repairing them is not an option. they're just in that kind of condition. those inconvenienced in the short term will allow more reliable service to come. reporter: this is one of the transit agency's busiest stations. >> very crowded over there, plus my building is right there. so it's like maybe another 10 minute walk. it's not bad. as long as they fix it. reporter: the dupont north entrance and farragut north stop are a few minutes walk away. at the north entrance metro has stationed technicians and transit police during operating hours. >> we will continually monitor the north e manage the flow of customers into the station and if we get into a situation with crowding or safety becoming a concern, we'll take the appropriate steps. reporter: the 8 1/2 month
10:19 pm
closure is better than the initial plan to close it for a year. >> that's great. let's hope it only takes eight months because i used to ride to the station where they said it was going to take three months and then it was six and then it took nine. reporter: inconvenient, but try driving. >> the only thing i can say, it beats driving. the only thing that would make me really crazy is to have to drive downtown every day. reporter: day one. roughly 257 more to. go metro added an emergency exit here and will keep one escalator as a walker in case there's need for evacuation. that won't solve the problems on the north entrance, but as one rider put it today, shut down the system for an entire day and let people drive and then they'll see how bad the traffic is. in dupont circle sherri ly, fox 5 news. we invite you to help us monitor metro. if you see something out there that doesn't look quite right, snap a picture, send it to us
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at fox5metro at some good news for commuters. broad branch road in northwest d.c. is open. the road was shut down between brandywine and red rose. people can travel through the area problem free. vdot wants to thank drivers for their patience and cooperation over the last 10 months. there will be 15,000 jobs lost as the airlines slashes jobs and end its traditional pension plans and retiree health benefits to reduce overall cost says by $2 billion a year. the company must begin negotiations with its unions. >> feel that we've already had a concessionary contract 10 years, so we're really not interested in taking any other significant concessions in the coming six years, which is what the proposal is of the company. >> we're going to try to reach a consensual agreement, but
10:21 pm
that may not be obtainable. if that's the case, we'll go through the trial process. >> if american airlines and its unions cannot agree on the changes, the company could ask a bankruptcy judge to remove existing labor contracts and impose its conditions on the workers. if you are using the pill to avoid pregnancy, listen up. one company says if you use their pills, you could end up pregnant anyway. also ahead tonight the creator and host of soul train, one of the longest running shows ever, has died. donnie simpson joins us as we look back at the life of don cornelius coming up. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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the creator and host of the legendary music and dance show soul train has died. don cornelius was found in his california home with a gunshot wound to the head. investigators believe he shot himself. the 75-year-old once said his greatest pride about the show is making television history by
10:25 pm
creating something that gave people of color a face in television. cornelius had reportedly been ill. joining us to talk about the life and legacy of don cornelius is our own iconic radio and tv host donnie simpson. thanks so much for joining us? a pleasure. >> you knew don cornelius personally. what went through your mind when you heard the news? >> well, it was just shocking. as a matter of fact, your very own tony perkins called me this morning with the news. i just couldn't believe it, especially at that age. it just seems unusual to me for someone at 75 years old, yeah. >> he to all of us who watched him on tv was really smooth and he had this larger than life personality. what was he like? >> smooth and larger than life. i mean really smooth. someone asked me earlier, said did he ever give you any life lessons? yeah, but they were never through conversation. it was just through watching. you could learn through
10:26 pm
watching and that was to always carry yourself with class and that was him, on air and off air, just classy. >> talk a little about the impact that he made bringing soul train on tv at a time when american band stand was on tv. what sort of impact did he make on society and on black culture and for black artists? >> well, you know what? we're sitting here talking about him tonight. i did an interview with al- jazeera earlier. there's 150 million people around the world that have an interest in this guy's life and what he accomplished. so i think that that speaks volumes about his impact. >> indeed. >> it came at a time when i was a kid, i remember running home. all the kids at my school knew of the temptations or supremes or whoever was going to be on mike douglas that day because it was so rare that you got to see black folks on tv. we were there, you know. once don came along, then you
10:27 pm
got to see it every saturday morning. so that was just so cool and then, of course, it spread. it wasn't just black. music is colorless to me. >> that's right. >> its roots may be in the black community, but it's for everybody. motown was the music of a generation, of an era. it's not just black music. again its roots are there, but it's colorless and don's show was like to that to me. to this day everyone everybodies who don cornelius and soul train is, what a brand to have that said about you 35 years later. it's pretty mazing. >> let me ask you because i have -- pretty amazing. >> let me ask you because i have you here and my producer is asking me to wrap. >> let me hear you rap. >> i'm not going rap. people are asking will we hear you on the radio or see you on the air in the near future? >> well, here i am tonight. >> that's it?
10:28 pm
that's all we get? >> yeah. i pretty much just do obituaries now. no. you know, i don't know. i hear it every day and it's very flattering and i really appreciate it. >> we miss you. >> thank you. and i miss people, too. i don't miss the situation i was in and i'm like that jilted lover. it's like it's hard to love again, you know. >> you're enjoying life. >> i am very much so, spending time with my wife and kids and grandkids and just loving life. i'm america's happiest unemployed man. >> there you go. donnie simpson, thank you so much for coming in tonight. >> thanks for having me. the clock is ticking. four days to go before the patriots and giant goes head to head. tonight an inside look at the technology. plus the pill not safe for keeping some people from getting pregnant, the recall
10:29 pm
next. for the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, try a mocha coffee or latte today.
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the pills a recall tonight of pfizer birth control pills. reporter: pfizer recalling 1 million packets of birth control pills in the united states. the drugmaker says a packaging error could raise the risk of accidental pregnancy. the company reports some packets have too many active tablets while others have too few. oral birth control products use a series of 21 hormone tablets and seven inactive sugar tablets to regulate the menstrual period. pfizer says the recall is not safety related. some doctors disagree. >> from the safety perspective you have to realize that a lot of women, you know, there are medical reasons where you may want to keep them on birth control pills. >> the recalled products are lo/ovral 28 tablets, generic
10:33 pm
norgestrel ethinyl tablets with dates ranging from july 2013 and march 2014. >> some women are going to get pregnant whether you like it or not. they're going to get pregnant and it's going to create a lot of issues that it's completely unnecessary in this day in age. reporter: the drugmaker releasing a statement saying pfizer has responded rapidly to ensure that its products continue to meet the company's high quality standards. according to a report nearly 80 million birth control prescriptions were filled in 2010 in the united states. >> this is putting a lot of anxiety, a lot of mistrust in the whole relationship between patients and the healthcare system. reporter: the drugs were distributed to clinics and retail pharmacies throughout the united states. patients with the affected packets should return them to the pharmacy. the nation's leading breast cancer charity is cutting ties with planned parenthood. susan g. komen for the cure
10:34 pm
provided funding for breast screenings but now says it won't anymore because planned parenthood is under investigation by congress. lawmakers are looking into whether public money was improperly used for abortions. planned parenthood believes komen is bowing to the pressure of anti-abortion activists which could cause some women to miss out on important screenings. >> that these were funds that were providing breast cancer screenings as well as referrals for mammograms primarily for low income women. so for affiliates around the country that receive those funds and conducted about 750,000 breast cancer screenings, they are less able to serve those women. >> a brand-new planned parenthood breast health fund has been created to try to make up for the loss in funding. the american academy of pediatrics is recommending that all 11 and 12-year-old boys receive the hpv vaccine. the hpv virus can cause cervical, anal and some head
10:35 pm
and neck cancer as well as genital warts. the vaccine has been recommended for girls since 2006, but research shows giving boys the vaccine can help prevent hpv associated with cancers in both men and women. millions of fans will watch the giants take on the patriots sunday for super bowl xlvi. the luckiest of the fans will be in indianapolis in person to see the game and the hype that goes along with it. federal and local officials are delivering their best efforts and cutting edge technology to keep all of them safe. fox's rick levinthal has a closer look. reporter: with all the excitement and anticipation surrounding the super bowl this weekend there are also concerns about how safe the event will be. homeland security secretary janet napolitano addressing the issue ahead of game day. >> we have no specific or credible threats against super bowl xlvi. a lot of what is done is
10:36 pm
proactive, preparatory. reporter: the precautions are unprecedented in a city hosting its first super bowl, experts touting this as the most technologically protected bowl yet with extensive cameras, 3d imaging. indianapolis spending millions working with local and federal and state agencies to keep 100,000 fans focused on football. >> we are really moving forward in terms of what we can check for and how. reporter: lucas i'll stadium already highly secured with 1,000 city officers patrolling the grounds and streets. the nfl showcase event will consume 44 blocks in the heart of the city. local business owners are also on alert. >> we have 33 people that are legitimate with the fbi and security of. reporter: hundreds more officers from a variety of agencies will be scanning the crowds for signs of pickpocketing, even prostitution. fans taking in the festivities seem more concerned with who will win the match-up between
10:37 pm
the patriots and giants. >> it's really cool they're playing here because i think theo win. reporter: for the first time since bart starr and the green bay packers won the super bowl game there will be an occupy protest but officials don't believe it will pose a major security threat. one school is issuing an unusual ban telling kids to keep valentine's candy at home. also ahead a story that will touch your heart, a local boy's wish come true. we'll show you how his magical trip to hawaii for the pro bowl happened.    >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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in egypt tonight 74 people are dead and 248 injured after soccer fans rushed the field following an upset victory over
10:41 pm
country's top team. the melee which broke out in the seaside city of port sayeed is the worst in the history of egypt. a possible end to combat in afghanistan. today defense secretary leon panetta said the u.s. and other international forces in afghanistan aim to end their combat role next year. that would then -- they would then concentrate on training and advising afghan forces through 2014. the u.s. currently has about 91,000 troops in afghanistan as part of the international security assistance force. secretary panetta says no decisions have been made about how many u.s. troops would remain their once their combat role has ended. did you see it? two new jersey cops jumped out of their cruiser and pulled a man from a burning car. the dashcam recorded the rescue. the 57-year-old man was
10:42 pm
incapacitated in the front seat when the officers grabbed him out. police are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. the victim is expected to recover from smoke inhalation. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a guilty plea in a murder for hire plot, find out what led the feds to a northern virginia woman who tried to put a hit on her boyfriend's mistress. why an oscar nominated director was led out of a hearing on the hill in handcuffs. share the love with a chocolate heart donut from dunkin'. spread the joy with six donuts for just $3.99.
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clint eastwood walked the red carpet tonight right here in the district. the actor and director was honored with the smithsonian bicentennial medal at the national museum of american history. it's part of the grand opening of the warner brothers theater. >> it's one of the leading museums in this country and museums are important i think and washington fortunately has the opportunity to have a great deal of them. it's an important museum, great stuff. >> the theater is the
10:46 pm
renovation of the old carmichael auditorium and gives the smithsonian its first space dedicated to film history. eastward has acted in or directed 67 films in his career. the next one is called trouble with the curve starring justin timberlake due out next year. in the web center now talking with hot 99.5 sarah fraser and american idol kicking off another night of auditions tonight in portland, oregon. >> here's what you needed to know from the auditions. >> a britney spears look alike. >> did you see her? her name is britney and she has two lon kids. it's unbelievable. -- blonde kids. it's unbelievable. >> was she good? >> yeah. great stories tonight. they're kind of continuing with that theme and that continued unbelievable story of romeo who was in a refugee camp for five years. he was a big highlight tonight
10:47 pm
if you caught him, went through to hollywood, just sang with so much emotion. >> and the other one that had a lot of people buzzing was the girl, jessica, whose boyfriend suffered a stroke recently. >> a final audition of the night, jessica from brooklyn, new york. her boyfriend suffered a massive stroke and she's essentially dedicated her life to staying and helping him and chase her dream of being a singer. she went through as well. i like it. the new format is really good. a couple more nights of auditions and then we'll be getting to hollywood. it's good. it's going to be interesting. >> back up to you. >> it is time to talk weather right now. what a glorious beautiful day we've had. >> wasn't it nice? >> we're changing a little bit tomorrow, but it's not going to be horrible. >> it's going to be a cooler day, but mild still for january. we'll be in the 50s tomorrow. we'll have to deal with a few showers in the morning and not everyone will see showers.
10:48 pm
i think they'll come up from the south. they might just get to the district, maybe a little farther north. we actually need a little bit of rain. there was a big brushfire today. there's another chance of rain maybe over the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a minute. you know what tomorrow is, don't you? >> groundhog day. >> we have a great photo to show you. this one lives in the wild as opposed to the public library where punxsutawney phil lives. my weather photo from mama the wood chuck, sterling, virginia. i found it among the photos sent to our weather app. they said this is the earliest that mama, the wood chuck, has ever come out from under the back porch. she is probably enjoying the carrots and is completely confused by how mild it is this winter. end of hibernating and out and among the fresh carrots deposited there by the good folks in sterling, virginia. yes, tomorrow is groundhog day, a few morning showers. maybe that means phil won't see
10:49 pm
his shadow which would mean -- i don't know what that means? do we get early spring or longer winter? either way it's a fun tradition. we'll let you know whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow as soon as it's duly reported to us here at fox 5. meanwhile today's temperatures 72 degrees. would you believe the record 77 for today? we do get some mild days here and there and certainly we're getting more than our fair share during january and now for the 1st day of february. temperatures are down to the 50s and 40s, not going to be a cold night. that means any of these showers that come through will be of the liquid variety. as you can see on this composite sentinel radar, it looks like it's starting to rain in d.c. it is not. it's a little bit overdone and the air is still dry. so we have to wait for this to get saturated before it hits the ground. a few more hours and i think you'll see that dune to our south. we've got one batch come -- down to our south.
10:50 pm
we've got one batch coming through and likely a second batch. we won't sunday all clear for showers probably till noon or 1:00, but it won't be a rainy day. most of the showers will be before noon and most of them will be south of d.c. 54 d.c. the skies brighten tomorrow afternoon. friday, a nice day, too 52 degrees. keep in mind the average temperature is 44 degrees for this time of year. saturday mostly dry. we think we'll keep any showers at bay. clouds may increase late in the day. we have a question mark on sunday whether or not some light showers get in here. we do know for tomorrow a front will come through. it won't be as warm. there will be some morning showers. that area of low pressure will move rather briskly through the area. that means we're back to sunshine and we're saying cool, but that's relative to the 72 degrees we had today because i think it will get into the mid- 50s as you know. last stop, look at futurecast. you can see how the tendency is for most of the showers to pass to our south. notice from washington on north futurecast doesn't even think anything gets up there, but
10:51 pm
other models do. keep a shower in your plans for the morning hours, but don't worry about it for the afternoon, a little cool. then friday returns us to sunshine. this has been a pretty easy forecast. as we work through the next several days, it's mostly 50s and upper 40s. the only day that is even close to average on this five-day forecast is monday. could be a couple showers sunday. we think there might be a few monday, but it doesn't look like anything heavy and nothing we need to worry about. so happy groundhog's day eve. i hope you enjoy the day. have a nice celebration. >> i'm looking forward to the party tomorrow. fox 5 sports is brought to you by acura. >> the make a wish foundation has granted more than 250,000 wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions and the organization recently touched the life of a local football player. sports director dave feldman is here with the amazing story.
10:52 pm
>> julian kanard will play football next year at high school. for anybody that's a big accomplishment, but for julian it's close to a miracle. reporter: like many young men 13-year-old julian kanard has dreams of playing in the nfl and those dreams may just come true. this year the quarterback led his damascus cougars team to an undefeated season and the same title. you would never know by seeing his competitive spirit and constant smile two years ago julian was near death in the hospital. new year's eve 2009, what started as flu-like symptoms and high fevers quickly turned to on, ann failure, life support and ivan -- organ failure, life support and eventually a medically induced coma. >> we made it through new year's eve which was his toughest night and the doctor saw him right around that time and diagnosed him and started the appropriate treatment for
10:53 pm
hlh. little by little he started having a positive effect. reporter: with his family and friends nearby kanard beat the odds. he had to relearn how to walk, talk and week. during the week 1/2 he was in a coma he lost 43 pounds. the one thing that kept him going was football. >> it made me want to come back better than i was better and gave me motivation to come back stronger and be the same person i was before. >> one of the first things that he said before he was able to walk again is i'm going to play football. i don't care what anyone says and our thought was wow, i don't know that you're ever going to be able to play football again. i'm just so happy you're breathing. reporter: julian has been in remission since july of 2010, but the only cure is a bone marrow transplant. he doesn't have an exact match through family, so he's listed on the registry. his doctors are hopeful he will stay in remission. this past sunday thanks to the make a wish foundation kanard
10:54 pm
got to attend a pro bowl in hawaii. >> i was kind of nervous around drew brees and aaron rodgers like you don't know how to act around them. i got to meet london fletcher. reporter: meeting his heros have gone a long way with ky nard -- kanard. >> not to take things for granted like the gift i had to play sports. >> i still get emotional. i'm happy that he is having a chance to have a full life and to pursue all his dreams. reporter: dreams of one day playing in the nfl. lindsay murphy, fox 5 news. >> what a great story that is and this guy is so tough it's unbelieve. hlh is such a rare disease there's not a lot of statistics how often it occurs. so we were looking it up it. is very rare. julian could stay in remission the rest of his life or there's a chance the disease could
10:55 pm
return and because of that any time he gets the flu, a fever, a cold, anything he's got to immediately go and be tested because his immune system can't fight it as well. >> we certainly wish him and his family well. thank you, feldy. >> we'll be right back.   >> this fox 5 sports update is brought to you by acura, acura, advance. 
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valentine's day is all about flowers and chocolates but not at one school in massachusetts. students there are not allowed to bring any candy to school for cupid's big day. fox's bob ward has that story. reporter: at the horace mann elementary school in newton it's not a war on valentine's day but the candy. in an e-mail the school principal is asking parents not to send candy to school with their kids on february 14th. instead he's asking parents to send in pencils, stamps, bookmarks or a nice note to share with other students on the big day. >> that is the exact right role
10:59 pm
for a school and the government to play in helping us, especially our children, try to eat more healthy. reporter: emily norton placed the no st. valentine's day candy deal on her blog. she remembers well what happened last year. >> last year was hell. a 2nd grader and kindergartner came back with bags full of candy, cake, lollipops, garbage. they'd eaten half of it in school. the other half they fought over, ate the rest. i tried to take it from them and they screamed. i was like never again. the school should not be making my job worse. it's not like my children do not get enough candy. reporter: but is the vision of a sugar free valentine's day overstepping the principal's thor? some say yes. >> i think that's going a -- authority? >> some say yes. >> i think that's going a little too far. >> some of these schools take it way too far. a lot of the stuff, the religious aspects, now it's candy. next thing you know, they're going to send


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