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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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store and it is just going to be a great thing. >> congratulations. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. good morning on this rainy thursday. at least the start to it will be a little bit rainy. taking a live look outside right now. we'll check in with julie wright and get your traffic coming up in just a second. >> i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. >> we don't mind the rain. we've had such great weather up until this point. >> there is a good attitude. >> i'm trying to take the glass half full approach. >> the temperature are going to be not too bad. >> mid-50s but we won't be 72 like we were yesterday or even nix. >> that's all right. it is not 20. >> i like this positive attitude. let's get right to the headline
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for the day. as sarah mentioned, we've got some a.m. showers on the way. >> that is your groundhog? >> that's my groundhog. >> what is wrong with his ears? >> he's scared. >> why is he scared? >> groundhogs hibernate until the end of february and he is being pulled out of the ground early. >> he is a little bit out of sorts then. >> we won't stick too long on the fine graphics here in the fox 5 weather department. most of the action is now east and south of the city. we are not quite done with it yet. out in western maryland, west virginia, another band developing. that will pass through to the south during 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. we'll clear things out. it will turn into a decent afternoon with some sunshine. 56 your daytime high. mentioned the early showers. some afternoon sun and cooler than yesterday. still not bad for this time of year. >> all right. sounds good. thank you. time now to check in with julie wright so see what is happening on the roads.
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>> you know what is wrong with that groundhog. he's going if i see my shadow, julie wright is going to be mad at me. >> he is scared of the wrath of julie wright. >> i already made a deal. if you don't see your shadow and spring is right around the corner, i'm going to hook that den of yours up. you'll have apples in there to eat and some blankets. >> he wants a big screen tv, julie. >> don't we all, honey. don't we all. i know tucker is saying the rain is moving south and east of us but we are dealing with road spray here. southbound 270, traffic behaving nicely coming in from montgomery village avenue. you will find 66, all lanes are open, no trouble spots to report leaving vienna from nutley treat to the beltway. 395 is in good shape. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this morning, d.c. police are
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investigating a sexual assault at a school in southeast. it happened at ketcham elementary yesterday afternoon. school officials say an adult male touched the student inappropriately after entering the building without permission. the victim alerted a school employee who called police. no arrests have been made. to virginia now where a woman pleads guilty in a murder for hire plot. federal prosecutors say ann sin man of sterling hired a hit man to kill her boyfriend's mistress for $500. the so-called hit man instead contacted the fbi. she was arrested last october following a meeting with the informant in a shopping center where she discussed the plot and the payment plan. she faces up to 10 years in prison. an interview you will only see here on fox 56789. the wife of lenny harris is speaking out for the first time since his body was found. debbie harris says she spent the blast four months hoping
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her husband would come back safely. after police found lenny harris' body, mrs. harris is now focusing on healing. >> we at least know where he is. he with can put him to rest properly and we can begin to build on not having him here. >> police have arrested 49-year- old linwood johnson. officers expect more arrests to come in this. lawmakers in the house voted to freeze the wages of federal works. we get more now from stacy cohan who is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. this would be the third straight year of a pay freeze for federal workers. that would affect thousands right here in our area. but folks on the hill argue it would save $26 billion.
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now, the two years without raises has already saved $60 billion. it has not applied to military personnel. republicans also want federal workers to make greater contributions to their pensions. this is all part of an effort on the gop to find a way to fund the pay rail tax cuts. you remember there was a huge debate in december to extend the payroll tax cut. it extended only two months and they must come up with a solution by the end of this month. the bill also includes a freeze on congressional pay. remark and file in the congress makes $174,000 a year. now, the vote on the pay freeze did pass the house 309-117. president obama had hoped to get rid of the pay freeze for federal workers in 2013 and give workers a modest 1/2 percent pay increase. -- rank and file in the congress makes $174,000 a year.
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i'm stacy cohan. back to you. later this morning, president obama delivers remarks at the white house for the national prayer breakfast. the president was in falls church yesterday announcing a new plan to make it easier for home owners who owe more than their home is worth to refinance at today's low rates. he is calling for the federal housing administration to pick up risk for the mortgages. turning to the republicans running for president now, donald trump reportedly intends to endorse newt gingrich in his white house bid. the associated press says he will make the announcement from las vegas sometime later today. gingrich is campaigning in nevada ahead of that state's caucus on saturday. mitt romney coming under fire for commenting that he is not concerned with the very poor would have a safety net. he says his remarks were taken out of context and he was trying to explain his focus on middle class america. coming up next, more on the
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death of boxing trainer angelo dundee. plus, the deadliest scene at i soccer match in more than a decade. we'll have details of what caused fans to storm this field. when a sore throat strikes, the pain can leave you feeling dreadful. and all you want is for it to go away. cepacol works fast and gives powerful sore throat relief. that's because the numbing medicine in cepacol is the maximum strength you can get without a prescription. and it stays there after the lozenge has gone. tame your painful sore throat with cepacol.
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hall of fame boxing trainer angelo dundee passed away at his home in florida. dundee is best known for his work and friendships with mohammed ali and sugar ray leonard and was in the corner for many of the boxing's latest bout. angelo dundee was 90 years old. egyptians today have been protesting against the police saying they didn't do enough to stop a mel he want e at a soccer match that killed at least 74 people. the violence broke out after a game yesterday in which the country's top team lost. some of the dead were stabbed while many others suffocated in the stampede created by fleeing fans. in addition to the dead, hundreds were hurt. a different game in cairo was called off because of the violence. that caused upset fans there to set the bleachers on fire. no one was hurt in that incident. diplomats at the united nations say they are making
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progress on a resolution condemning syria. they've been working on the wording after i resolution aimed at halting the violent crackdown there. another 60 were killed in the last few days. since the uprising started 11 those ago, protestors say 7,000 have died. -- 11 months ago, protesters say 7,000 have died. facebook has picked morgan stanley and four other investment banks to handle its mega-initial public offering. facebook filed paperwork for a $5 billion i perform o. that is half has asp as investors had anticipated but it could be increased to meet demand. the company earned $668 million last year. >> to be that owner right there. >> it is lots and lots of money. >> that is true.
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today is groundhog day. punxsutawney phil will not be the only one grabbing the spotlight. we have a couple of showers across the area to start your morning. julie wright will look at your on-time traffic coming up after the break. k. q for new guests, i trust the recipe i know by heart: a great catch and sauce made with french's dijon with chardonnay. then i warm things up with the story of how we met.
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the real story of how we met. and that's how new friends are made.
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this groundhog right here will tell you if we will have winter or not. punxsutawney phil coming out from his hole. if he sees his shadow, get ready for the longer stretch of cold weather. >> that will happen around 7:30 a.m. here in washington, d.c., we are starting a new tradition. tucker will be in due responsibility circumstance toll see whether potomac phil sees his shadow. >> apparently, they are closely related that is what the organizers tell me. >> you need to check the cree depend -- the credentials of both of them. >> we'll answer a lot of questions. it should be a lot of fun. dupont circle, i'll be there between 7:30 and 8:00. >> can you bring some doughnuts
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back too. ? >> we'll have groundhog cookies, some kids things. it will be a big event. you don't know what you're missing. >> i'm looking forward to. i can't wait. >> still going to be raining down there. >> hopefully, we'll get the rain out of here for the big event. the rain continues to fall out there and it has generally gotten light here unless you are watching across the bay there. it looks like out towards the bay bridge and stevensville, we are getting some rhetty good -- some pretty good rain now. here in the district, very slight showers and sprinkles. off to the north and west, winchester, leesburg, front royal, nothing left but a sprinkle for you as most of this action has been south and south and east of the city here during the overnight hours. a little more rain to the west. this is the back end of the cold front coming through. the temperatures noticeably cooler than yesterday when we hit 72 degrees. it won't be that warm today.
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once we get this east of us, we should get some sunshine building in. temperature still on the warm side. mid-50s, 20-degree cooler than yesterday. it should be a fine afternoon for us. we've fallen to 49 now in washington. 46 for you in gaithersburg. 50 in leonardtown. 52 in fredericksburg. so a comfortable start to your day. futurecast showing you what is happening. i showed you that first batch of rain off to the south and east and here comes round number two. notice here at about 9:00, this is staying just south of washington. we'll see if that actually happens. southern maryland, you will get another round here. by 3:00, bright sunshine building across the area. a return to temperatures in the mid-50s. so the wind will also pick up a little bit here out of the west at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. this is your five-day forecast. 56 today. we'll get the showers out of here. some afternoon sunshine. tomorrow looks great. temperature in the low 50s. the weekend right now, so-so. we will have cloud cover around. sunday, we could get a little storminess here with
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temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s by the end of the weekend. generally speaking, a nice dry weekend. i want to remind you about the fox 5 weather app. little absolutely free. we've had i think about 40,000 people download it. we are getting great reviews. i suggest you down download it. can you check out the ride arrest yourself. put in your zip code and you can get it in your neighborhood or town. it will give you all the latest information. let's do some traffic. julie wright has your latest. >> even some tweets from tony and tucker. >> you got that. that is the best part, julie. >> are you tweeting yet? >> not yet this morning but i'm about to. thank you for reminding me. >> make sure that it is a groundhog, not a ferret you're pulling out of wherever you're going today. lanes are open coming inbound across the chain bridge. no trouble spots to report there this morning. nice and easy on the gw parkway as you continue from the beltway headed out towards the potomac crossings.
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66 traffic looking good. an easy ride for our friend traveling south along 270. all lanes are open as you continue from 121 headed south towards father hurty boulevard and working your way past mva. cyst coming up, he helped defind an entire culture. we are remembering the rent endary host of soul train, don cornelius. we'll hear from one man who knew him very well. former washington radio host donnie simpson. stay with us. time now is 5:19 on this thursday. ursday. 
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the creator and host of the show soul train has died. don cornelius was found in his california home with a gun hot wound to the head. investigators believe that he shot himself. 75-year-old once said his greatest pride about the show was making television history by creating something that gave people of color a face in television. he had also reportedly been ill. now, music legends and fans are mourning the death of this man. >> people across the country are remembering don cornelius and reacting to his tragic end. karen gray houston reports. >> let's check out the soul train live now. >> reporter: before there was bet, mtv or youtube, there was soul train, a whole generation of teenage teenagers and young
5:23 am
adults looking for a heavy dose of rhythm and blues from african-american stars got it from the show that don cornelius created, directed and starred in. calling this one, one nation under groove. >> reporter: he was the host with the deep baritone voice and unmistakable style who introduced black talent like the jacksons, marvin gaye and stevie wonder to american households unacows to himmed to see the african-american -- unaccustomed to seeing african- american faces. tony mcewing is from chicago where soul train debuted in 1970. he puts husband finger on the impact the show has had on the
5:24 am
national psyche. >> it validated our hairstyle. it validated the entire embodiment of african-american cool's which i think don cornelius had in spades. >> >> >> wisdom, remembering those days. >> i remember all of them. cornelius had two children with his first wife and the eight- year marriage to his second wife ended in divorce two years ago. don cornelius is leaving a huge legacy behind. last night, his personal friend, donnie simpson, came to our studio to talk about his life. simpson said he was shocked to hear the news. >> i just couldn't believe it, especially at that age. it just seems unusual to me. >> at the age of 57. >> yeah. >> he to all of us who watched him on tv just was really smooth and he had this larger
5:25 am
than life personality. what was he life? >> smooth and larger than life. i mean really smooth. someone asked me did he ever give you any life lessons. yeah, but they were never through conversation. it was just through watching. you could learn through watching. and that was to always carry yourself with class. and that was him. on air and off air, just classy. >> talk a little bit about the impact that he made bringing soul train on tv at a time when american bandstand was on tv. what sort of impact did he make on society and on black culture and for black artists? >> well, you know what, just that we're sit sitting here talking about him tonight. i did an interview with al- jazeera earlier. 150million people around the world that have an interest in this guy's life and what he accomplished.
5:26 am
so i think that speaks volumes about his impact. >> indeed. >> it came at i time when i was a kid, i remember running home. all the kids in my school knew if the temptations or supremes was going to be on mike douglas that day because it was so rare that you got to see black folks on tv. we were there. >> all right. more on that coming up a little bit later on. our big story this morning, more possible bad news for federal workers. >> stacy cohan is following that story for us this morning. stacy? >> reporter: good morning. it could be yet another year without a raise for federal works. that is a big impact to workers here in our area. i'll tell you what the votes are on capitol hill and what is coming next. stay with us. [ female announcer ] ] pillsbury presents:
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a live look outside right now. 359 and duke street on thursday morning, february 2nd. some rain has crept into our forecast. >> it has wiggled its way in there. >> it is bringing cooler temperatures too. so height rain showers across the area to start your morning. good news is we'll get sunshine building in here later today and another nice day with highs in the mid-50s. just some morning showers here for your commute and then we'll quiet things down. >> excellent. >> not bad. let's get to the radar and look at our shower activity and most of this is now east and south of the city although we look like we still have got some light showers inside the
5:30 am
beltway. out to the west, out towards front royal and winchester, we have another little band developing. bottom line, rain showers will be with us for the morning commute. i think they'll stick around mid- to late morning particularly south of the city where we have this area of low pressure developing. then we should start to see some breaks in the clouds and partly sunny conditions this afternoon so it will be a d.c. ents day when all is said and done. right now at reagan national, we are in the comfortable range. we are no longer in the 70s. but our temperature is, through the magic of television is, our temperature is -- there it is, 49 degrees. -- so it will be a decent day when all is said and down. afternoon high temperatures after we get the showers out of here in the mid-50s. >> we thought you had a temperature gauge in your head. >> sounded like i was going a little crazy there. >> we need to get to you name that little animal that you drew earlier too. we need to get people to tweet
5:31 am
us and facebook us. >> let us know what we should name the groundhog. >> i'll bring him back in a minute so people can take a look. >> julie wright, good morning to you. i think beagle bailey has a nam for that groundhog if he sees its shadow. just saying. inbound is moving the camera around for us now. i do see traffic coming northbound so we're looking on this northbound spur for what possibly is an accident. we're not sure where on this spur. we only have one camera here. so we are looking from the beltway headed up towards montrose road for accident activity. coming southbound being everything is open. no trouble spots to report on the southbound stretch. we'll show you what else is happening out threat roads. if you are traveling inbound along 66, lanes here are open. no problems to report as you work your way in from man as is
5:32 am
headed in towards centreville. volume increasing but again, accident-free. a federal wage freeze in this morning's big story. republicans approved a bill in the house that would freeze the pay of federal workers. >> for more, we turn now to stacy cohan who is live on capitol hill with the story. >> reporter: good morning. this bill not only freezes federal pay for 2.3 million workers for the next year, it also puts a freeze on congressional pay and in an election year allows members to get on record as voting against a raise in their own paycheck. now, rank and file members of congress make about $174,000 a year. they all do not get a raise if this goes through. republicans did manage to push this bill through the house during a house vote. it does not apply by the way to military personnel. now, a continued freeze on federal worker he's pay would staff an additional $26 billion although these workers have
5:33 am
already not received an increase for the past two years. gop leaders also want to see federal workers make a larger contribution to their pensions. all of this in efforts to pay for continuing the payroll tax cut. now, that payroll tax cut was extended during a contentious debate back in september. president obama would like to see it extended further. it basically gives most average working americans an extra $20 in each paycheck by reducing the amount they have to contribute to social security. now, the bill did pass the house. it will head to the democrat- control senate where it faces a tougher debate but it remains to be seen whether any representatives want to go on record in a vote that would make it appear that they were allowing for themselves to receive a raise during this election year and continued tough economy. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. the hunt is on fay man who walked into i d.c. school and
5:34 am
sexually assaulted a student. it happened at ketcham elementary on 15th street southeast yesterday afternoon. a d.c. public schools spokesperson says the man entered the building without permission an inappropriately david student. the student told school officials. d.c. police have relessed a key clue in the death of an abandoned girl. the infant girl died after being left on the porch a home in northeast last. no police released a picture of a towel now that she was wrapped in. it has multicolored stripes. you can see it there on your screen. anyone with information about the case is asked to call police. police have identified a man shot to death in front of an apartment complex in adelphi. 40-year-old joel brown was shot several times tuesday and died at the hospital. police are still trying to figure out a motive and find a suspect. in virginia, a woman pleads guilty in a murder for hire plot. federal prosecutors say ann cinnamon of sterling hired a hit man to kill her boyfriend's mistress for $500. the so-called hit man unstead
5:35 am
contacted the f.b.i. cinnamon was arrested last october following a meeting with the informant in a shopping center where she discussed the plot and the payment plan. >> this was a woman who was going to pay $500 to have her boyfriend's mistress killed. she got so frustrated she said she would go kill her herself. cinnamon faces up to 10 years in prison. she will be sentenced in may. an interview you will only see on fox 5. the wife of lenny harris speaking out if the first time sun his body was found. debbie harris says she spent the last four months hoping her husband would come back safely but after police found lenny harris' body, mrs. harris is now focused on healing. >> we at left know where he is. we can put him to rest properly
5:36 am
and then we can begin to build on not having him here. >> police have arrested 49-year- old linwood johnson. he was charged with degree murder but they don't think he necessarily pulled the trigger. we are about to head into the smart zone. we are checking out some new apps that might interest you if you have a road trip coming up. that is coming up in about 12 minutes. first, a check of the markets for you. u.s. stock finished up on wednesday after some good news about manufacturing and encouraging signs about the greek debt crisis. stocks in asia extend the global rally. we'll have a check of your business news coming up in just about an hour from now. um, miss ?
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a developing rescue operation right now in the south pa cusk. a ferry with up to 350 people -- in the south pacific. a ferry with up to 350 people sank near papua, new guinea. helicopters are searching the area for survivors. in egypt, police are getting blamed for not stopping soccer fans for going on a
5:40 am
rampage. >> she rushed onto a soccer field in the city. >> reporter: it is being called the world's deadliest ask of violence following a soccer match in more than 15 years. the horrific scene taking place on wednesday. mayhem broke out after an unexpected victory by the home team over egypt's top club. fans from the winning team rushed on to the field. their joy turning into rage, lashing out at the opposing side. most of the hundreds of uniformed police officers clad with helmets and shields did nothing as the melee raged on. >> where is the police? where are the armed forces. >> reporter: home team fans threw stick and stones as they chase the losing fans and player as way. at one point be a large fire broke out in the bleachers. in the end, at least 37 people have died. hours later sparkly members gathered outside appear area hospital waiting to hear world from their friends and loved ones. >> i have no access to my friends.
5:41 am
i swear to god i have no idea about them. i was watching the match at homism -- at home. i am so worried about them. >> all i need is reassurance from my friends. >> reporter: 47 people have been arrested for their involvement in the violence. officials have ordered an investigation into the incident. ainsley earhart, fox news. big question for you. do you have a road trip coming up? if so, you might want to first go with us to the smart phone zone. >> all right. up next , a new app that replaces maps. stay with us. weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from the local middle school to follow me around.
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take a look from tower cam right now. over northwest d.c., look at the sheen on the roadway, folks. that is from all that rain that we've had this morning. the good news is it shouldn't stick around all day though so tucker barnes, that is good news. >> we should actually see some afternoon sunshine. so the rain will get out of here before long and we'll be in for a decent day. by decent, mid-50s instead of 70s. we got a little spoiled. >> that's okay. >> it can't be 72 he have day in february. >> you can still get outside in
5:45 am
it though. >> absolutely. we'll be justify fine. let's kick off the forecast with the headline and i'll give you another go-around there. you go. >> there he is. >> what is his name. >> for those of you just getting up, it is groundhog day. wisdom decide he wants to name. >> how about harold the groundhog. >> i'm going to do better than that. >> harold is okay. >> thanks. >> he just woke up. they scared him as he was pulled out of the ground. here in washington inside the beltway, we have just a couple of light sprinkles left over. most of ran is off to the east and south into prince george's county pushing into southern maryland. out towards annapolis, you are still getting light showers. then we've got more rain out to the west. the bottom line being we are not done with it yet. we will have showers around here for your morning commute. more run out to the west.
5:46 am
we still have to deal with this. once this gets east of us, we should be just fine. we'll look at improving conditioned with some sunshine building in and a decent afternoon. we're in the going to be in the 70s any time soon but mid-50s with afternoon sun should feel pretty good. it won't be a bad-looking thursday although we will have wet conditions here for the morning commute. kids head to the bus stop. they will be waiting for a couple of minutes. the possibility of a couple of showers here over the next few hours. 49 in washington. 46 in gaithersburg. still 50s on the map this morning. we have 50 if leonardtown and 52 in quantico and fredericksburg. so comfortable conditions. afternoon high temperatures closer to where they should be. this is still about 10 degrees above normal. early showers, i mentioned the afternoon sun. cooler temperatures, it is all relative. 5 of your daytime high. there are your wind out of the north at about five to 10 miles per hour. nothing terrible out there. partly cloudy and we get chilly overnight. temperature tomorrow morning if you are outside the beltway closer to freezing. that is much closer to where we should be for this time of the
5:47 am
year. here is your five-day forecast. i mentioned the afternoon sunshine today. tomorrow looks fantastic, 52. weekend, let me try that again. we will have some cloud cover. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright has got a look at your latest. >> we've got accident activity and that is what is tying up our commute if you are traveling northbound along 270 i don't 270 -- working your way up. northbound on 270, there is that chopper shot. if you are coming northbound, it is going to be the accident activity at the point -- with respect at -- almost to the point where the lanes combine. this is at the point on the northbound spur where montgomery mall would be to the left-hand side of your screen or left side if you are
5:48 am
traveling northbound and then accident activity just before the point where the lanes combine. gridlocked as you work your way north off of that spur continuing out towards montrose road. beltway, no incidents reported as you continue between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. since we're on the topic of roads, do you have a road trip coming up? maybe a weekend getaway. relying on a map, that is owe five years ago. >> who does that anymore? >> these days, it is all about gps. if you've got a smart phone, that is probably all you need. time for a little smart phone zone action with fox 8's lauren demarco. >> good morning. a lot of people have asked me about this so there is a little breakdown i've got. most android phones automatically come with google maps and turn by turn navigation but today we'll talk about the iphone. it has a maps app that gives you directions tweens two points but it is in list form
5:49 am
only, no spoken directions. but there are some free apps available for the iphone that will give you the turn by turn direction. remember map quest? >> start out going 0.7 miles east on harrison street northwest toward connecticut avenue northwest. >> wisdom is downloading it right now. there is a free map quest app that will give you advice like a gps device. this may be common knowledge among many iphone users. if you haven't yet, check on the t. out, type in your destination and hit go. can you still get the directions in that list form if you prefer that. can you search for nearby services like gas, food and lodging. >> i like that. >> i got it right here. >> i always want the list. i like it when it is written out as well. so i like having that option. >> if you nervous when you are afirst starting out, and i stated well look your regular maps app and see the routes they give you and then check you out to the before you hit
5:50 am
go and before you start driving. >> look at him. >> i'm downloading now. >> we're not going much of anywhere for the next couple of hours. >> let me put this away. >> map quest relatively easy to use. there is another app that provides free navigation for iphones and androids. this one has a little bit of a twist. let's take a look at this. >> you have reached your destination. >> it is called ways. it comes bynes social networking with traffic. users report accidents and police activity and you can report incidents as well. all, if you are in the passenger seat, that is when you want to do this or before or after you are actually driving. so when the use the gps navigation feature, you can check forrality in the routes and see how many traffic incidents you will come across on your trip. they also claim it will learn your preferred routes simply by how long you drive them.
5:51 am
as if that social networking element, can you ping the other users around you and it integrates with four square, twitter and facebook. i want to give a shout out to our facebook fan david epstein. he wrote in saying he like ways. >> can they also fine traffic cameras that are in like the area. i wonder about that. >> there are little icons for cameras. >> somebody has gotten a ticket or two. >> over he done so many apps. >> they are he free? >> yeah, they're free.. >> you've done so many apps. >> we talked a little bit of traffic. i want to give weather a little bit of love. i want to remind everybody if
5:52 am
about the fox 5 weather app. that is extremely detailed. >> i got that downloaded this week. i got two downloads this week. >> everything on our web site, >> cool. stay with us. we'll be right back.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause
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his computer generated costars. >> he talked about keeping cool even with wh a dinosaur is chasing. >> you what is the key to looking cool in so lotion and not looking like stupid. you guys look awesome doing t how to you look cool. >> yipping having a good make- up artist and a mayor groomer. -- you think having a good make- up artist and a groomer. >> ic you are just going with it, man. you are just part of that adventure and you embrace it and you go with it. >> think you are one of the rare actors who i think makes such great decisions in your career. everything you've done, working with de palma, soderbergh multiple times. this is the first time you've worked with this director, right? >> uh-huh. >> how do you do that? do you think to yourself, do i want to work with the same directors over and over or how do you give another director a
5:56 am
chance. >> brad peyton was one of those guys that really impressed me at how well prepared he was and how he prepped to do this movie. we had a conversation before i even came on board. i dug his vibe. the got here. i saw what he was about. i saw what he was doing. i totally trusted him. i felt comfortable with him. we had a god element of the same, i get the last take, i'll give you everything you want before hand. and we trusted each other. i think that is a very, very important element to have when you work on any kind of project, you know. i think that is evident in the final product because, after i saw the movie, i said wow, this guy did an incredible job of bringing this movie to life, making it look beautiful. and he put all his ducks in order. you was really, preally proud to work with him.
5:57 am
i've told him time and final again. i look forward to doing the next one with him. >> we look forward to tomorrow. kevin will join us live in studio tomorrow with his reviews of this weekend's new movies continuing out. >> look forward to that. plenty ahead. stay with us. ♪
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