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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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find out who is right this coming sunday. good morning. it is friday, happy friday on this february 3rd. taking a look outside right now. you can see the washington monument there on your right t will be a comfortable morning out there. it will be a comfortable morning out there. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. time to bring tucker in to get some insight into our weather. >> this is an easy one. sunshine and pleasant temperatures. by pleasant, i mean upper 40s and low others. i know we've been spoiled all week with the 60s and even yesterday, upper 50s. today, it is a little closer to reality. >> yeah, but still spoiled if you think about it in the grand scheme of things. >> and you had an easy week, tucker. >> i have had a pretty easy winter. not just week, i know. getting cobwebs over here.
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i need something to do. let's do it. it is much cooler this morning than it has been the last several mornings. kids headed to the bus stop, temperatures falling back into the 30s and many spots, we are at or below freezing. 32 in baltimore and winchester. 37 this morning in fredericksburg. ocean city, good morning to you, 35 degrees down at the beach. it will be an absolutely beautiful friday. a lot of sunshine. winds out of the north and west at five to 10. it should be a good looking day. there is your sentinel satellite. high pressure building in from the west. things are going to change just a little bit this weekend. we'll have a storm that we thought might get close enough to the area to bring us some showers and maybe a wintry mix late saturday, early sunday. more on that coming up. for today, no problems at all. your commute, nice and dry. >> wintry mix. >> just a little bit. not a big deal but something to
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talk about. >> they were key words i was picking up on. time to check in with julie wright. i want to go running too. >> you can do it. jill a bring my three kids with me. >> she's like, oh, wait, that wasn't part of the deal. >> well, considering the three kids are probably all my height, we'll all do it together. southbound 270 looking good out of germantown this morning. a nice easy ride headed out to the american legion bridge. northbound i-59 good to go in. t express lanes and the -- northbound i-95, good to go in the express lanes and the main lines. school principals in charles county, maryland will today be talking with their students bay dangerous game, one that september some of their classmates to the hospital even. three children were rushed to the er yesterday after they played what is called knockout
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or passout. it is when kids hold their breath until they are unconscious. it cuts objection general to the brain and can cause severe injuries when kids fall down. nsh to those that went to the hospital, many other students suspected of attempting the challenge were seen by school nurses. a montgomery county track coach is accused of having sex with one of his runners. scott spear is a teacher at julius west middle school. he also coaches track at richard montgomery high school. police say spare had sex twice with a 16-year-old girl on his team last year. school official say spear is currently on administrative leave. a fox 5 follow-up now. >> city heeders are expressing outrage after the suspect walked into the street and school officials assigned the victim, an 11-year-old girl, to
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escort him around the building. fox 5's sherry ly is live at the d.c. headquarters with more. >> reporter: good morning. police tell us they are now hooking at surveillance cameras in the area of that school to see if they happened to capture the suspect and now the school system tells fox 5 that it is reviewing its security measures and protocols to make sure something like this does not happen again. this alleged assault happened around 4:00 on wednesday afternoon at ketcham elementary school on 15th street in southeast. police say the man came to the school and asked to see someone there. the girl was then asked to escort him and sometime during that time, police say he touched the girl inappropriately. school officials say the girl is okay and was well enough to tell an adult afterward. city officials are outraged now that something like this could happen in one of their schools. >> i'm doubly outraged about what i hear about the incident where an adult apparently let a
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child escort another adult through the school. that is terribly -- he can't think of words for that. i'm going on get to the bottom of that. >> ward 8 councilmember marion barry says he is also angered that he learned about this incident from the media, not from the police, not from the school system. we also talked to parents at the school yesterday. they tell us they had heard about this alleged assault but that the school never sent a letter home warning them about it. that is the latest here in northeast. back to you. >> thank you. prince george's county police have arrested a second suspect in the murder case of community activist lenny harris. yesterday, officers arrested 20- year-old ivan newman of waldorf, maryland. two men are being charged with murder. left handy harris disappeared last september. his body was found at the bottom of a well in fort washington last week. police expect more arrests to come as the investigation
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continues. ate man who chose to go to trial rather than tell on his friend is now convicted of murder. reginald rogers was found guilty in the death of calvin woodland, jr. rogers thought he had a deal to plead guilty to a lesser charge but the judge refused to accept it unless he revealed who his alleged accomplice was. he refused and police have never identified a second suspect. planned parenthood is getting a lot of support right now because it comes after the charity susan g. komen for the cure cut grants to planned parenthood. virginia congressman jim moran publicly asked komen to reverse its decision. we will speak with him live later on this morning. to politics now. republican mitt rome know gets
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trump's endorsement. the surprise announcement comes just a day after the newt gingrich campaign said donald trump would support the former house speaker. and trump is endorsing romney even though he snubbed an invitation to the debate hosted about the real estate tycoon. trump is launching another apprentice tv show in two weeks. >> it is my honor, real honor, and privilege to endorse mitt romney. mitt is tough. he is smart. he is sharp. he is not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. so governor romney, go out and get them. >> trump had said negative things about romney before but the billionaire businessman says he has gotten to know romney after meeting with him several time in the past few months. our winter weather has been nothing to complain about. that is for sure. but are we bracing for a
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pounding? they are out west apparently. we are going to see what is going to happen here. that is coming up next. more violence in egypt as protesters are trying to break into police headquarters. we're checking more headlines coming up. stay with us.  tell me i'm beautiful... tell me we'll grow old together. tell me that i'm still the one. that you need me. that i'm your superhero. tell me you'll never let me go. tell me you miss me. tell me you love me. it's all i want to hear.
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a third death just respected in evening magazine incident's protest in cairo's central square. -- a third death just reported in egypt's protest in cairo's central square. police fired live bullets and tear gas at 3,000 protesters in suez. lawmaker on capitol hill are putting more pressure on iran just as israel could be planning to attack iran's nuclear facilities. the "washington post" reports the u.s. defense secretary leon panetta is concerned about israel's possible attack. just yesterday, the senate banking committee passed harsh new sanctions aimed at blocking
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iran's access to high technology. colorado bracing for two feet of snow. an early february snowstorm is expected to hit parts of the denver area. the national weather service is expecting 12 to 22 inches of snow to fall through tomorrow night. it is all clear right now as you can see as you take a look there. but lawmakers have canceled their legislative work today to get ready for the storm. that is probably a good idea. >> probably so. glad we're in the in that area right now. >> that is a lot of snow. up next, details of what students at one school got along with their report card that has some parents asking questions. police car dash cams often capture some interesting things. we'll show you what came bus buzzing past at this scene. plus, we're checking weather and traffic. 
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welcome back. not too bad of a morning to get our day started. >> not bad at all. we'll be very pleasant around here for our friday. going to have sunshine, temperatures a little cooler. yes, we can't be in the 60s, 70s and wherever else we may be going. it is going to be fine. upper 40s to about 50. maybe 52 in some spots. >> i enjoy a little bit of snow every now and then. i've enjoyed this. i mean i really have. i have. but if we now get sock wimbledon astorm, i'm going to feel like i'll be all messed
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up. >> here is my only deal t doesn't feel right to see cherry blossoms blooming in early february, daffodils blooming. >> only because we know things are going to change eventually. that is my opinion you're right. come april and may, it will be cloudy and 3 every day. that will be the payback. >> don't say that. >> i don't know. >> that is when my wedding is. >> for you, it all depends on the invitation. if the weather -- if phony and i get invited to the wetting, things will be right. if not, we can't guarantee nice weather. >> we'll get you some cheap seats. we've got a nice-looking friday in store. this one will be particularly nice. we'll have just a cloud or two passing through from time to time so great-looking day. weekend starts dry. tomorrow should be fine. partly sunny conditions. morning sunshine, some afternoon clouds. we've got this chance of a few showers or maybe a wintry mix north and west saturday night.
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that is the only change in the forecast here. that storminess that sarah and wisdom were mentioning out in denver, that is going to make it to the eastern seaboard by late saturday, early sunday. no arctic cold on the horizon. maybe things change towards the end of next week. we're now down to 38 in washington. 38 now in washington as the temperatures are still falling. 28 in gaithersburg. these temperatures just updated. colder morning than what the l bring along a jacket because things will be cooler around here than what we've had the last couple of days. with high pressure out to the west out into kentucky, that will be building on through. it should be a nice, dry day and a nice, sunny day for us. good-looking friday here as we end the workweek. plenty of sunshine. just a very pleasant afternoon. cooler than yesterday when we were in the upper 50s. winds out of the north appear west at about five to 10.
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later tonight, we should have clear skies, a cloud or two from time to time. 35 your overnight low and chilly overnight. temperature tomorrow morning will be in the upper 20s and low 30s across most of the area. this is your weekend forecast. again, most of saturday dry. late saturday -- by late, i mean after midnight saturday, early sunday, could be some shower activity. some of that could mix with the wintry stuff we get around here north and west of the city. we have to fine tune that for you. monday and tuesday, we're back up near 50. >> julie wright has got your latest. good morning. >> i need your help. we have to say a quick congratulation to iona mcclellan. she won her spelling bee yesterday. >> all right. congratulation! >> tucker is going spelling bee, how do you spell that? >> congratulations, iona. that is fantastic. >> it is good news. on the roads, you will find lanes are open, no problems reported along the top stretch of the beltway as you work your
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way around from colesville road headed out towards 270. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. traffic is flowing freely along 359 at duke street as you work your way north of the capital beltway. it is still an easy ride out to the west on 66. class is canceled today at the washington latin public charter school in northwest d.c. a stomach bug has swept through the building and lots of kids have been getting sick. the middle school had to shut town early yesterday because the illness was spreading. today, the middle and upper schools are closed senate are you born gay or is it a choice. that is the subject of a controversial flyer being september home with some high school students in montgomery county. >> the flyer says no one is born gay and people can choose their sexual orientation. john henrehan is breaking down both sides of the debate. >> reporter: students at public schools in montgomery county,
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maryland sometimes come home with flyers. most of the times they are not controversial. recently, this flyer was sent home with report cards from a group called p fox which promotes the belief that people are not born gay and invites students to make a personal decision on whether to follow homosexual attractions. >> i don't like it at all. >> karen is a parent who got one of the flyers. she is a licensed clinical social worker. >> everything in this flyer makes it sound like the goal is to be ex-gay, lesbian. it is not embracing of a different orientation. it reiterates a societal view that there is something wrong if w. you if you are not in the norm, if you aren't heterosexual and teenagers have a hard enough time just dealing with who they are and feeling good about themselves. >> reporter: supporters of flighter say their literature calls for tolerance of a different viewpoint on homosexuality. >> if people were to actually read the content of the flyer
5:21 am
that wear distributing in the schools, they will see there is nothing in here that is insulting or even critical of homosexuals. all it is is telling kids that you don't have to be gay for you don't want to -- if you don't want to be. >> reporter: a junior at einstein high told us why he doesn't agree with the flyer, he does not object to controversial viewpoints coming home. >> it is up to the student or the parents if they will take it seriously or not, right? >> the relatively new superintendent of schools in montgomery county has said on the record he doesn't agree with the p fox flyer but the group passed the county's test. it's nonprofit community organization so the p fox flyer, like pta flyers, can go home with students. john henrehan, fox 5 news. an interesting sight
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captured by a police dash cam. we'll show you what that was coming up next. keep your eyes on your smart phones. thieves are targeting high-tech devices. now, police are taking extra steps to catch the thieves. it involves a reward. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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back now with some out of this world video.
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take a look at. this a meteor sighting in texas. >> police dash cam recorded the video wednesday night during a traffic stop. the faa said the bright streak of light could be seen over parts of texas and oklahoma. >> that is pretty cool. you don't see that very often. all right. thieves targeting iphones, ipads and other highton tech toys. d.c. police say they have seen an uptick in these cases too. >> police are now offering where he wards up to $10,000 for information leading for an arrest. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: look down any busy street these days and try to count how many people have a mobile device in their hands. reading, texting, calling or listening. oblivious to what is going on around them. it is so prevalent, stick-ups, snatch and grabs and strong arm robberies are happening every day all day gentleman there are people that are actually producing the market. they are taking 15, 16, 17 stoleen phones in a day and reselling them. some on the internet, some of the street. we need to go after those
5:26 am
folks. >> reporter: that is where the $10,000 reward comes in. chief cathy lanier says drop a dime on one of them and the money is yours. on tuesday night, d.c. police reported seven robberies in the city. the first happening right here at 16th and euclid at 8:16:00 p.m. with three suspects involved. about 40 minute later, a masked gunman commited a robbery here at first and kennedy street. not far from catholic university, 29 minute later, d.c. police were investigating the third rob rift night at 12th and monroe northeast. what makes me a target. if i'm walking alone at night anywhere in the city, i'm already a target. but police say if i pull out my phone and begin sending text or e-mails and i'm not aware of my surroundings, my chances are becoming a victim have gone sky high. >> we as a society are making it easier than we should. but i say all that but we really should be able to walk
5:27 am
down our streets with our phone in our hand too. >> reporter: in the last few months, d.c. police have begun tweeting every robbery in the city. a practice that has given citizens timely information on violent crimes. in fact, a robbery went down as we were working the story. >> long-term, the solution to this lies with the service industry, the cell service industry. the big companies have to agree to disable these phones permanently when they're stolen. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. scene of the accident school year could start a bit earlier for some students. >> next, sherry is following our big story. >> reporter: new details this morning about an alleged sex assault that happened at a d.c. school, an elementary school. how police say that suspect got into the school and was able to victimize the young girl. all that just ahead. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure.
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live lock outside right now. that is reagan national airport. the weather is so nice to this friday, february 3rd that you don't need to go anywhere. you with stay around here. >> usually this time of year we are warranting to head to florida. >> somewhere warm. this is not too bad. >> so true. so far, so good this winter. >> yeah. >> nice-looking friday.
5:31 am
we have a little something late saturday, early sunday. let's worry about our friday first. not much to worry about. >> just a jacket and you'll be all right. >> we've got a bit of a chilly start here in morning as temperatures have cooled down significantly over what we've been dealing with the last couple of mornings. back to some reality here with temperature in the 30s this morning. 38 at reagan national. 36 out at dulles. 36 in fredericksburg and parts of the area here are dipping below the freezing mash. 31 up there in wilmington. 32 in winchester this morning. going to be a cool start to the day. nothing terribly bitter cold but colder than we've had the last couple of mornings. great-look forecast for your friday. just a passing cloud or two. most of the day should feature bright sunshine and we'll be dry for the morning commute. we'll be dry later this afternoon and we'll be dry headed into our weekend. the next 24 to 36 hours hook just fine. we've got this storm system that we've got to look for late
5:32 am
saturday night and early sunday. 40s or north and -- are north and west of the city. >> time to check in with julie wright. >> all lanes are open and so far, so good in each direction as you travel to and from the will sop bridge southbound 270- 6789 a nice, easy trip out of germantown working your way past mva. no trouble spots between college park and bethesda. you will fine the top stretch of the beltway at speed. nothing in your way traveling both the inner and outer loop between 59 and 270. if you are traveling in virginia, northbound 395, still a quiet start to our tgif. both the main line as well as the hovs at speed headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. new this morning, the search if a missing 14-year-old girl and her young baby. shanee cox and her six-month- old daughter were last seen
5:33 am
yesterday in the 2200 block of georgia street in wheaton. the baby had on a pink snow suit. family members say shanee cox may be in need of medical attention as well. d.c. police are looking for a suspect in a stabbing that left a man in critical condition. witnesses say they found a victim who was a man dressed in women's clothing lying on the ground with a stab wound to the head. planned parenthood is getting a big above the after a major breast cancer charity cut grants to it. susan g. komen says it has cut grants to planned parenthood
5:34 am
because it does not do actual breast cancer screenings. a fox 5 follow-up now on an allege sex assault inside a d.c. school. investigate ors say the suspect apparently walked into the school off the street and the school officials assigned the vic suspect to a 11-year-old girl at the school. sherry ly has the story. >> reporter: school officials tell us the girl is okay but so far, police only have a vague description of the man accused of touching that young girl. he was able to leave right afterward and has not been caught. this happened at ketcham elementary school on 15th street southeast at around 4:00 wednesday afternoon. police say that man came to the school and apparently asked to see someone there. that is when the 11-year-old was asked to escort him and during that time, police say the suspect inappropriately touched her. parents at the school say they
5:35 am
had heard about the alleged assault but that no letter was ever sent home telling them about it. >> i'm doubly outraged where an adult let a child escort another adult through the school. that is -- i can't even think of words for that. i'm going to get to the antibiotic. of it. in a statement to fox 5 news, the school system spokesperson says, quote, dcps is treating this matter very seriously. we are working with mpd and reviewing our security measures. measures. police say the suspect apparently walked in off the street. he left that same way and there hno trace of him. at this point, investigators are now checking security cameras in the area around that school to see if perhaps it captured the suspect. that is the late here in northeast.
5:36 am
back to you. -- that is the latest here in northeast. back to you. donald trump's surprise endorsement and his choice caught some people off guard. just two week before he launches another season of his celebrity apprentice show, he endorsed mitt romney in las vegas yesterday. >> mitt is tough. he is smart. he is sharp. he is not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. so governor romney, go out and get 'em. can you do it. >> thank you. hank you. >> there are some things you can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. >> but trump's support could backfire on romney as many americans do not identify with the super rich. a recent fox news poll found that 27% said trump's endorsement would make them less likely to vote if a
5:37 am
candidate. first lady michelle obama is known for talking about the importance of fitness. >> now, she is showing it is not just talk. what she did on a national tv show coming up. next, will local lawmakers cut short your family's summer vacation? the latest move that could have all local school districted going back before labor day. let's take a look at the markets. this shows wall street closed mixed yesterday. the dow lost 11. but the nasdaq picked up 11 points. general and's nikkei is down 45 points as world stock markets are falling ahead of the big january jobless report due out at 8:30. 
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virginia's house of delegates has pass the repeal of the so-called ding king's dominion law that requires schools to open after labor day unless they get a special waiver. opponents say it hurt the state's tourism industry. governor bob mcdonnell supports the repeal. 77 of virginia's 132 school districts already have a waiver to open before labor day. it has only been a few days since facebook announced plan to debut on the stock market
5:41 am
but a wisconsin woman has already been arrested for selling fake stock. five victims have now come forward including the suspect's own daughter. a construction worker says he was swindled for almost $30,000. you can't buy into facebook just yet. the company filed for an initial public offering yesterday and will begin to sell the shares this spring. super bowl fans are warned about scams on the internet. the feds are announcing they confiscated more than $6 million worth of football jerseys and other memorabilia. they shut up to 300 web sites including some that were illegally streaming live nfl games and other pay per view events. the seizures are part of a crackdown that started back in october. we've all seen it. drives breaking the law by passing stopped school buses. >> up next, one parent got so fed up and did something about it.
5:42 am
>> candid camera. thank you. thank you. i'm not worried about the license plates. >> there you go. that parent gabbed a camera, catching people there, busting them on camera. -- that parent grabbed a camera. >> candid camera, thank you. thank you. is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this.
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we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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>> he doesn't pick up his socks. he is not good. he thinks he is neat. but he has people who help him, you know. i'm like it's not you that is neat. it is the people who pick up your socks. those are the neat people. >> shouldn't he get some slack. he is after all running the country. i mean man! first lady michelle obama dissing some dirt. ellen challenged her to a push- up contest and the first lady won. mrs.obama was in l.a. as part of her let's move campaign. >> she beat her by like five push-ups. >> i'm impressed with both of them. >> it wasn't the girl push high pressure ups on the knees. it was the full-on in your blank position. it was pretty good.
5:46 am
she said she could keep going. >> clearly, she is in good shape. >> we've got to get sarah and julie to have a push-up contest. >> that would be great. >> because they already should republican together. that would be a natural progression. >> of a been known to be able to do some push-ups. >> really? i think that is a challenge. >> we'll set this up. that's t it's going to happen. i take julie. i think she has some muscle power. >> hey now. >> i'm on your side, sarah. have to balance things out. >> we'll see what happens. we've got cool temperature to start your morning. we're generally back in the 30s. not a shock to the system but after several morning here with temperature in the 40s and 50s, it will feel cooler for you and kids going out to the bus stop, if you are going to be out taking the dog identify walk, spring along a jacket because temperatures are below freezing in many spots. manassas, 28 right now. gaithersburg, you are 28. 3 # in frederick. leonardtown is reporting a
5:47 am
temperature of 37. annapolis now -- excuse me, 36. annapolis now, 37. high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. we'll go about 50 here in the city. very quiet weather at the moment. it should be a dry commute for you and a beautiful sunrise as high pressure out to the west starts to move on through. let's do the futurecast together. i want to show you the change in the forecast in the past 24 hours. we are fine today. very quiet conditions out there this afternoon. here we are at 5:00. as we get into our day on saturday, we'll get clouds moving in. we've been talking about that storminess out in denver. a little piece of that energy will get in here late saturday night and early sunday. right now, it looks like it will generally bring us just some rain showers. but to be honest with you here, the temperature are going to be pretty close to the freezing mark off to the north and we. there are some indications we could get a wintry mix. that is at least a possibility. late saturday night, early
5:48 am
sunday morning. then we'll get it all out of here by early sunday afternoon. it won't amount to a whole lot but enough to present the possibility of a few problems around here. i'm being careful with my words. late saturday night, early sunday morning. good looking afternoon today. winds out of the north and west at five to ten. most of the saturday looks just fine. late saturday night, early sunday morning and then we bounce back to near 50 by tuesday next week. let's do some traffic. julie wright, you hear i'm taking you in the contest. >> hears the deal with the push- ups. feet are on the bench and the arms or the ball. not on the floor, sarah. >> you don't stand a chance. >> either way, nurse a plank position. >> your feet will be up on the bench. >> how many can you do that way? >> that way? i don't know, about five or six. >> and the truth come out.
5:49 am
>> if you want to go on the ground, we'll do them one- handed. >> i'm taking julie. >> 270 coming out of the clarkburg, no problems to report as you work your way past mva. live traffic coming inbound along 66. still an easy go headed in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. >> thank you. staying on the roads right now, a montgomery county father so fed up with drivers flaunting the law that he took video of cars driving by stopped school buses. he then posted the video of them ignoring the sign and sent it to police. fox 5 appears ross plater has the story. >> i just said enough is enough. >> reporter: fed up with cars whipping by stopped school buses, andrew cohen whipped out hi cell phone at his kids' bus stop and caught this on tape. >> candid camera, thank you. >> my kids get on the school
5:50 am
bus right there every day. and every day we see people driving by and completely ignoring the stop signs. >> reporter: stop signs and flashing lights. he sent this videotape to montgomery county police via twitter saying something has got to be done before it is too late. >> the focal point for stopping people driving by the bus or the school bus i should say should -- is not and should not be a dead child. >> reporter: turns out montgomery county is on the verge of doing that very same thing. on thursday, the county council's public safety committee unanimously recommended a bill that gives the green light to installing external cameras on county school buses. much like red light cameras, they would catch drivers would barrel around stopped school buses. the violators could be fined $250. >> we were approached by school bus drivers who were very concerned every day that this they are stopping and they're letting kids out and they are eking cars come around their
5:51 am
buses and are terrified that some child is going to get hit. >> reporter: the cameras don't come cheap. estimated to cost more than $5,000 each. you've got to ask, will they work? >> we think it will work real hi well as the speed light cameras we've seep in montgomery county have worked extraordinarily well. wherever there is a speed camera, it has changed motorists' behavior. the full council is set to vote on the bill march 6th. the super bowl just two days away but this morning, a future hall of famer who is not even maying sunday is grabbing all the headlines. >> we are talking about peyton manning. has he been medically cleared to play next soap? we have the answer coming up. >> as we head to break, a reminder about today's my fox half off deal. $50 can buy you a one-hour
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we want to say good morning to linda underwood this morning. she is our facebook fan of the day. linda isn't just celebrating that. she also turns 45 years old tomorrow. she looks freight for 45. look at that picture. beautiful. >> if you would like to be monday's fan of the day, findous facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. ws. -- she looks great for 45. >> in sports, peyton manning is cleared to take hits again. the four-time league mvp got the okay from doctors late last night. colt say the quarterback was cleared to practice last december. manning missed the entire 2007 season after undergoing his third neck surgery. ry. love that music. it is great. the big game is just two days away. many fans can't wait for the opening kickoff of super bowl xlvi. >> others are just as excited
5:56 am
to see the commercials. we have a report. >> reporter: forget about sunday's football game. the real competition takes place during the commercial breaks when companies spend mill wrondz producing and airing advertisements seen on a global scale. >> what happens when ph.d. meets mvp? >> reporter: companies get creative with their tv spots and with a 30 second ad costing $3.5 million, every second counts. car commercials hog the road with most of the majors competing. >> i can't believe you got knee this car. >> reporter: more than 111 million people watched last euro's super bowl maybing it the most watched program ever. holiday studios are buying time again this. >> he to promote their upcoming blockbuster. >> reporter: big name stars bring added attention like jerry seinfeld for audi and math rue broderick for honda. >> life is packed with things you have to do. but times you have to live a
5:57 am
little. >> from beer to candy to talking chips to singing dogs, companies want the force of their ads to be with viewers long after the game ends. all right. anything with a barking dog, anybody will watch that. >> animal, you can't go wrong. >> we'll have all of our top stories straight ahead at 6:00. >> we are checking your morning commute and weather. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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