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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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before their deaths. in times square, new york giants fans celebrate all night long. we have game highlights plus reaction as fox 5 morning news continues right now. there is a live lookout side, not a bad looking start to the day by all accounts it will be a nice day this is february 6th it is actually 2012 it says 2011 there. >> oh. >> it is 2012. >> well, all right. >> and good morning well, you know what it is the day after the super bowl a lot of people are tired. >> sleepy. >> i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour, tucker barnes always on his game good morning tuck. >> hey, alison we got most of the numbers right. there you go. it is cold outside to start your day in for a beautiful monday, high temperatures upper 40s. low 50s should be a great looking monday it is a cold
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start kids headed to the bus stop, walking to work be ready for a cold start generally in the 20s. 29 baltimore, 24 dulles, 28 frederiksburg. ocean city, 25 degrees. looking at our satellite picture we've got just a cloud or two out there as mentioned high pressure is building through we will be in for a nice day should be a diamond i want to mention well off to the north and west, a densing the advisory that will be in effect -- a dense fog advisory that will be in effect until this afternoon. we will top out to low 50s by 4:00 p.m. another dry day. nice looking forecast tomorrow and changes for wednesday. traffic and julie wright has your latest good morning julie. >> hey, good morning tucker right now we will say good morning to the crew in sky fox they are hovering above the belt way in virginia making
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their way eastbound along 66 you will find your lanes are open no problems to report just wall to wall traffic as you continue to work your way eastbound headed in towards the capital belt way. we will take it back inside. if you are travelling well north of town delays on the belt way, leaving 95, georgia avenue, and inner loop will slow, leaving around bw parkway accident reported 108, near 32, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> jury selection begins in the murder trial of george hughly. >> he is the university of virginia student accused of killing his girlfriend yeardly love. >> it has been almost two years since yardly love was found dead in her apartment building she was a varsity lacrosse player and had allegedly just
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broken up with fellow lacrosse play evercxfing, george hughly they say he admitted to kicking in her bedroom door and shaking her now apparently this caused her head to hit a wall several times after questioning, officers arrested hughly charging him with first degree murder medical examiners say yardly died from blunt force trauma to the head hughly's attorneys say the death may have been linked to the use of attarol if convicted he will receive life in prison. for the up to the minute updates in this case, our paul wagner will blog during the trial in charlottesville, university of virginia, stay connected with fox 5 by going on to follow paul on twitter at ... also making national headline as disturbing story
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out of washington state an unthinkable act of violence by a father the same man labeled as a person of interest in the 2009 disappearence of his wife. steve rap port has more. >> reporter: just days after a washington state judge ruled against him in a child custody hearing, police say josh powell killed himself and his two young sons. >> i am just in shock total shock. >> reporter: the crime happened at powell's home in graham sunday it is reported a social worker brought the boys home for what was supposed to be a supervised visit but powell refused to let the woman in shortly afterwards the social worker called her supervisor to report she smelled gas moments later the home exploded. >> it was torched. >> the explosion and it was huge black dark smoke and there was like just white stuff all over the place snowing down. >> reporter: they believe it was premeditated an attorney who represented powell said he received a brief e-mail from
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his client minutes before the explosion and it read i am sorry goodbye. >> this was system thing deeply wrong -- something deeply wrong this was something evil this was a horrible murder of two little kids. >> powell gained notoriety after the disappearence of his wife susan in december 2009 authorities considered him the only person of interest in the case some thought he was a dangerous man. >> we knew he was a dangerous person we knew he probably had murdered susan or helped. >> reporter: but desite that many say they never saw this coming. >> i still can't believe it. >> what, why are you going to reporter: susan powell's body has never been found her parents have had custody of the children since september. it was a very active weekend for protestors in u.s. park police in the district riot police cleared protestors from mcpherson square and moved to freedom plaza yesterday. lauren demarco is live in
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freedom plaza, northwest with the latest good morning. >> good morning alison not much action at the freedom plaza camp this morning, we did have the police overnight but they have cleared out as of now, they were just monitoring things no inspections this morning occupy protestors were notified last week, the regulations would be enforced but at both locations we actually have a little bit of activity with folks on the street but not involving the protests. mcpherson square, officers were in full riot gear and on horseback 11 people were arrested one for hitting an office inner a face with a brick that officer suffered severe facial injuries on sunday we had some compliance checks here at freedom plaza that was more peaceful just one arrest protestors are able to remain on the sites at all hour s with the tents but no camping
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u.s. park police have been checking for bedding, clothing, cooking items they brought in hazmat teams to take down a handful of tents. we have noticed a substantial amount of bio hazard material in this camp area we found in the course of inspections of these tents a lot of urine soaked bedding material, bottles of urine a family of live rats and several dead rats. >> reporter: of course police will continue, their inspections, we don't know if that will happen today, those remain to be seen but we will continue to report on this and the protestors for now say they will hold their ground and continue their movement. lauren thank you so much. there you have it, the new
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york giants once again take down the new england patriots to win the super bowl giants won 21-17 after scoring the game winning touchdown with a minute left in the fourth quarter. giants quarterback eli manning broke some records on the way to being named mvp he was the first quarterback to start a super bowl with 9 consecutive completions he was 30 for 40 on the night throwing for 296- yards after the game he gave credit to his team. >> great toughness great faith, by our guys, believing and some big time plays by a number of guys you know, we spread the ball around taking what they gave us getting the ball out quickly and a number of goes played big time today. >> tom brady completed i think 16 throws in a row at one point this is the giants fourth super bowl title and second in the past four years they beat the patriots four years ago. >> what would super bowl be now days without a half time show
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controversy. some of the talk this morning is about singer rapper mia giving tv cameras the middle finger during the performance of madonna's new song give me all your loving that is classy. nbc tried to blur out the gesture but was too late the nfl blamed the network's delay system. mia did not do anything like that during the rehearsals they had no idea she could do that. >> i thought madonna did pretty good >> we will talk about that more later. >> yes >> our coverage is far from overcoming up dave ross joins us to play monday morning quarterback >> chef yes, the game plus check out some other stories making headlines including more on a deadly earthquake overseas stay with us
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it is 7:12 a.m., stories making headlines around the world a rescue operation under way in the philippines, after a strong 6 .8 earthquake hit overnight, 13 people are dead, 100 injured it triggered land slides, buried some 40 homes. son of the transportation secretary is among 19 americans detained by egypt last week this morning egypt's military government is announcing sam la hood and others will face a criminal trial for using foreign money to spread unrest. the white house is angry over the move and jeopardizing the billion dollars in aid the u.s. gives to egypt every year. britain's queen elizabeth is celebrating her diamond jubilee today she has been the queen for 60 years, as of
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today, she ascended to the throne when she was 25 when her father george the 6th died february 6th, 1952 the 85-year- old queen got flowers yesterday there are a series of celebrations planned over the next few months to celebrate >> i thought she was younger than that my mother always says i stayed up and watched that on television it is hard to imagine i am going to remind her how long ago that was. >> she looks good. only a few women can wear a crown. >> is keep their little purse all the time but as we say on this show give charles a chance. >> because in england for the longest time you know he was bonnie prince charles and future king, he is 60 years old. >> he looks kingly now his hair is grey. >> some of us have to think mum, please. >> i hope he doesn't say it like that. >> i am sure he does. >> not with that accident i hope. >> like little boy blue.
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>> mom, please,. >> that is a little better. >> any way. >> i like the crown. >> what is going on with the weather. >> right to the bus stop forecast for all you kings and queens waiting at the bus stop. >> princes and princesses. >> lords and ladies. >> hey, sunshine, cold temperatures, it is going to be princely cold i don't know what that means. [ laughter ] >> i didn't get much sleep last night. sunrise 7:10 a.m., this morning that is a little earlier than what we have been dealing with last several mornings 31 degrees regan national cold yes that will make a return here haven't seen much of it denver 17 degrees with their nice snow pack there, 31 st. louis, 26 minneapolis, miami always a pleasant place to be, 74 degrees i guess eli will be headed to florida don't they go to disney world >> i think they do. >> your sat rad generally quiet
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conditions today, tomorrow fine, high pressure building through a nice warming trend in the 50s and tomorrow, wednesday the possibility of a wintery mix around here it will be light, not going to be very strong storm system but it could be a repeat performance from saturday night early sunday when we get that mix around here and back near 50 by friday there is your five day. >> not bad at all. >> thank you sir let's go to julie wright hey, julie. >> hey, you guys, let's check in once again with the crew in sky fox checking out your ride northbound i-95 as you work your way through springfield you will find your lanes are open this is the commute approaching, as you work in from newington a little sluggish across the occoquan, leaving springfield headed north all lanes are open and the belt way, should be out of the roadway let me take it inside outer loop north of town below speed university
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boulevard, college park authorities checking for the crash 295 northbound, accident activity suit land parkway, silver hill road, 14th street bridge not so busy working your way across the potomac. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you julie. the new york giants have topped the new england patriots in the second super bowl in four years stop laughing dave ross joins us now to play monday morning quarterback. >> good to see you will you do the highlights in your british accent. >> maybe later. >> what did you thing of the game? >> i said this last night while i was watching i thought it was a hoe mum game felt like a regular season game until the very end when it got exciting for the last 4 minutes didn't seem the crowd was into it. >> we talked about this off camera you have a game not at a home team site not at green bay, new york, new england you
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get that atmosphere indianapolis, corporate america watching the game instead of the hard core fan. >> they are there to party more. >> yeah t same feel it had -- yeah, the same feel it had four years ago very defensive neither team took a lot of shots down the field i found it interesting because i thought the giants had the weaponry to kind of open up this game a little bit early on makes it 9- 0. victor cruz and eli you can't spell elite without eli. >> is that the last time for that? >> never. >> showed some mobility, kind of moving around the pocket there, finds danny wood head they are up third quarter, first drive,er inhernandez, 17- 9 new england you don't expect the patriots to give up an 8 point lead but eli does. i love this tried not to score, momentum carried him in, oh, no, and there is a replay of
7:19 am
eli putting his arms up no, we don't want brady to do this. watch, 87 coming and trailing the play and just misses it tony, we are going to diagram that play here in the second, 21-17 the final, eli and the hall of fame i think so you hate to pinpoint 1 or 2 but that is what we do. we will take a look at the first one what i thought this was this was a game changing play, wes welker usually makes it 90 of 100 times. people say he threw it behind him he didn't he threw it away from the safety that is why he does have to do the body adjustment see the reaction from his teammates they know they had a punt on that drive and ultimately the giants came back and got the touchdown one more look at it, welker is kicking himself this morning
7:20 am
knowing if he catches that it is 3 points more likely 7 and giants may never have got on the ball yet they only had one time out left. >> the other guy, and the big question mark was rob a huge part of the patriot offence tony the question i ask should he even have played he has a high ankle sprain. >> reminded me of super bowl years ago where they put i can't remember the guy they put in a guy who couldn't see, someone was in -- poked his eyes out. >> was it wrestling? like the three stooges? >> he was in there because you have to account for -- >> like a decoy. >> yeah. >> well, we saw the first play brady had the one interception he had and couldn't jump, here is the end of the game there he is again, that ankle, he gets no lift he can't move. >> can't do it. >> it is just like boy literally a game of six inches here one more look at it here they bat the ball down. >> could have done it.
7:21 am
>> on a good ankle, i think he makes that play. i mean again it is just happenstance it comes down to two plays he probably normally makes and couldn't make it there. so you are right i want to find out who got poked in the eye fascinating story. >> i think it was a buffalo bill. >> is that right? >> yeah, we will find out. >> thomas couldn't find his helmet. >> yeah,. >> any way. i thought the game got off to a weird start and i thought this -- >> sets the tone for an odd game. 21-17 looks like a traditional score it was anything but. right. >> extra point. >> very good we will talk about this some more. >> next hour. i am dispointed in you i will tell you why next hour >> i predicted the giants. >> i take that back that was just tucker barnes. >> i predicted the giants by four points. >> did you really. >> all right. >> that is it for us now what
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do we do we go to alison. >> thanks guys, 7:21 a.m., monday morning. i don't know what that was but not long ago he was running for mayor but today soul monobrown will be in court why when we come back. celebrating black history month a sneak peek at this special show later this hour stay with us 
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a fairfax virginia general has died in afghanistan. he died friday in kabul supporting operation enduring freedom the washington post reports he was found dead in his sleeping quarters of apparent natural causes the 49- year-old father of 4 is the highest ranking officer to die
7:26 am
during the war in afghanistan. >> family and friends will gather today to remember a community activist from alexandria, lenny harris was found ten days ago in a well. two men have been arrested his funeral will happen this morning at greater mount cavalry, holy church in northeast. former dc mayoral candidate is due in court on a traffic charge, suleman brown arrested last year is accused of driving without a valid license, his licenses had been suspended over an unpaid parking ticket brown is still part of a federal investigation looking into claims he was paid off by mayor grey's campaign team and promised a job in the grey administration. 7:26 a.m. on this monday morning if you are just waking up you want to stay tuned up next an update on today's top stories. >> more republican presidential contests on tap tomorrow, is mitt romney a shoe in with two
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straight victories. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
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>> it is 7:29 a.m. here is an update on top stories jury selection begins
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in the murder trial of george hughly the university of virginia student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend yeardly love they were both varsity lacrosse stars he was arrested may 2010 shortly after love was found dead in their apartment. hughly claims love's death was an accident he said he kicked in her bedroom door and shook her until her head banged against the wall several times. disturbing story out of washington state authorities say a father set fire to his home killing himself and his two young sons the fire happened sunday days after josh powell was denied custody of his boys, and ordered to ungo a psycho sexual evaluation, powell had been under the microscope his his wife susan vanished in 2009. another big story the super bowl, the new york giants beat the patriots, 21-17. >> foxes lauren green has reaction from fans.
7:31 am
top of the world. feels great. awesome. >> i am in awe >> i can't describe it. >> coming down to the last play, hail mary, pass for the new england patriots, tom brady falls to the turf clenching the victory for the new york giants in super bowl xlvi. final score, 21-17. big blue fans erupted with excitement by the win. >> it was awesome. great experience. we all partied it was wonderful. >> do you know what just happened? >> yeah, the giants just won go giants new york giants just won. this is the happiest moment of 2012 for me so far. >> fun game to watch. >> i enjoyed seeing the patriotings lose more than anything else that was awesome. >> facing their second super bowl loss to the giants in four years, pats fans feeling a sense of defeat >> i am so depressed it is so sad because i thought that they were going to catch it in the
7:32 am
end. >> it was devastated me and andrea green we fell to the ground almost crying. a little poorly in the beginning towards the end it just got so close it was a cry z game. >> the -- crazy game. >> the giants win is what some are calling a fairy tale win. in new york lauren green fox news. all right. >> there it is. >> um, i am with dave ross because i thought that the game seemed -- and i asked mark i am like am i crazy? it seemed slow and lacklustre. >> didn't feel like a super bowl. >> until the end when it bomb exciting it was ho hum. >> okay low scoring. >> helps when our teams are in it too. >> and when david beckham has a commercial >> i didn't see that but i heard about it from julie wright about six time this is morning. >> he is a beef cake tuck what
7:33 am
are you going to do. >> let's get to the forecast alison. >> don't hate the players, hate the game >> i think we saw his beef cakes. >> all right. >> we start sunny yeah, it does it should be a beautiful afternoon in fact high temperatures later today back into the 50s. temps trending up here monday and tuesday something to look forward to, a very nice weather pattern mid-week, wintery mix it is a posment, a lot could still -- possibility, a lot could still happen could be cold enough we could get a wintery mix wednesday afternoon and wednesday night would be the timing and colder next weekend maybe high temperatures only in the 30s. we have been looking at the possibility of colder air for the past week or two, and looks like it might arrive by early next week. >> speaking of cold weather we are colder this morning 31 washington, you can see you've got manassas, good morning 19 for you, 23 gaithersburg, 22
7:34 am
martins burg, 30 leonard town well off to the northwest, west virginia, extreme western maryland under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning visibility has been a quarter mile or less. great looking day great sunshine expected for your monday these clouds generally stay to our south it won't be perfectly sunny by a quiet weather pattern as high pressure builds on through winds will shift out of the south and west today and tomorrow that will allow that warmer air to get in here expecting mild temperatures this afternoon, sunshine, mild afternoon, 52, warmer than yesterday's daytime high, cool overnight, 35 and much of the area will be at or below freezing tomorrow morning in the as cold as this morning here is generally a nice looking five day, 54 tomorrow, there is that wintery mix the possibility of that wednesday and then we rebound, up into the upper 40s near 50 by
7:35 am
thursday and friday, all right that is weather let's do traffic and a full report, julie wright what did you thing of that ad? >> it is not beef cake honey those are honey buns. >> that is what i told alison. >> i bet you did. did you tell alison i said i wouldn't mind paying the montgomery county bag tax if i got to take that home from h&m? >> i didn't tell her that. >> that is worth every cent of that tax. the crew in sky fox checking out the drive, out of newington not a bad commute, north of 7100 up towards the belt way. stop and go slow average speed down to 40 miles an hour. headed up to 495 let me take it back inside update the ride elsewhere those travelling into downtown, 295 downtown, accident reported suit land parkway silver hill road for another crash reported that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much.
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mitt romney is leading the pack of republican presidential nominees. joining us now with the latest on the campaign trail, staff writer at roll call quickly becoming a friend of the show good to see you. >> good to see you again. >> nevada, this is huge mitt romney is on a roll. yeah, mitt romney definitely solidified his roll as front runner this race after nevada where he got twice as many votes as newt gingrich but if this was a football game we are still in the first half. newt gingrich made it clear he is staying in the game hoping some of the southern states coming up in march are going to help him and make him kind of the conservative alternative to romney, as far as voters go, at this point, either they solidify against romney and decide he is the right candidate to go against
7:37 am
president obama or. >> any thought behind that mitt romney is a name we are familiar with from the last go around of presidential campaigning any reason why he is surging? is his message resonating? as you know elections are about money and mitt romney has a lot of it and has a lot of support from super packs gingrich has sort of been running almost an aggressive campaign, running on his own santorum and paul lag on the numbers i think voters are also looking for who can beat president obama in the general election and i think more and more they see mitt romney as among the four left in the race most likely to be the president. >> let's talk about rick santorum and ron paul where are they now? what are their camps likely doing right now. >> still pretty determined to stay in the race for ron paul this is about getting as many delegates as he can ahead of the convention he is in minnesota trying to get some sort of support there, santorum
7:38 am
is in colorado, also focussing on minnesota where he has kind of good numbers i think at this point in the game what they can do is if they do well in those states they can take away, romney's surge and undermine what is really becoming kind of his nomination. which is what we always see in politics does that help or hurt when you are looking to you know, be the sitting president. >> yeah, i think the democrats are pretty happy this race has gone on as long as it has but mitt romney, said the longer this goes on the more prepared we are in the general election. >> okay and coming up next main, how does mitt romney do in new england? >> mitt romney does great there, he is a former massachusetts governor that is really kind of his territory. >> that is the next contest, let's switch gears a little bit and it is almost in the vein of politicians this reversele we saw from the susan g komen
7:39 am
foundation very interesting to see it all play out like this basically they said they were not funding planned parenthood any more they said it wasn't political critics said it was we heard a lot of outrage now an apology and reversele. >> yeah, this was sort of the big news last week, it is the last chapter in a culture war on abortion it is timely it is coming up as the elections are going on abortion always comes up as an issue i think the komen foundation their goal was to stay out of politics if anything they have done the opposite upset the liberals taking the money away and upset conservatives giving it back they need to dig themselves out of this hole but if anything i think planned parenthood really benefited. >> they got a bunch of money. >> done a lot of money and now their funding is reinstate d as well. >> very interesting the season of the people speaking out with the occupy movement very interesting indeed. we appreciate you being here
7:40 am
will you come back next week? >> definitely. >> just playing with you but this is good umbrina lee. >> already booking next week. >> she is a familiar face now. >> coming up next we will check out some of our favorite super bowl commercials. >> then if you have been to a nats game no doubt you have seen them one of the highlights out there, this week you could get a chance to become one of those racing president's you we will tell you how when you come back brad and jill in accounting? crazy! coffee and chocolate. mocha. ooh! who's mocha? for the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, try a mocha coffee or latte today.
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7:44 am
have to be 9 feet tall. >> right. >> and have a really big head. >> weather guys. that's right. >> i would get hurt. >> yeah, phase you got to hall labs that head. >> -- because you got to balance that head >> i wonder what is happening to four people who have done it. >> cool gig. >> very funny every time i see it i laugh. >> poor roosevelt he has never won. >> why? >> remember the john f kennedy guy last year. >> he only came out once and it was weird. >> only special occasions apparently. >> yeah he is too recent a president i guess >> i think so. >> he looked good. >> our forecast looks great as we get into the afternoon we will be enjoying temperatures, which will sore into the 50s. >> like an eagle. >> like an eagle. >> the mighty symbol. >> thank you. >> a lot of singing today, 31 washington, 30 leonard town it is a cold start kids headed to the bus stop, walking to work working outdooring during the
7:45 am
early morning hours on the chilly side temperatures in the teens and 20s that is the worst of today's forecast once we lose these cold temperatures we should be in for a nice one 22 columbus, there you go feels like february around the mid- atlantic and northeast, 30 boston, new york city, a little warmer they are still celebrating that warm glow that warm after glow. >> let's do the future cast together 13 i am going to -- and i am going to speed through it nothing to be concerned about today and tomorrow clear skies, 4:00 p.m. later tonight we should be fine all of tuesday we are fine as we get into wednesday we will cloud up, 4:00 a.m., look what happens by wednesday afternoon the possibility, of some of that wintery mix so we got to be ready for that, during wednesday afternoon, wednesday night here we are, wednesday at 6 not a strong system very very weak but could be light snow showers and rain showers wednesday, lots of sunshine 52 today, 54 tomorrowwintery mix
7:46 am
on wednesday. >> here is julie wright to tell us what is happening on area roadways. >> all right you guys not so bad out there, if you are travelling between an non-dale coming across the 14th street bridge, traffic moving across right now. accident activity, now on the shoulder, same for those travelling inbound, suit land parkway, silver hill road. montgomery county, accident activity reported, 124 atwood field road also along west of 270, diamond back authorities checking for a crash there. outer loop, university boulevard, headed towards georgia. julie thank you very much we will take a quick minute or two to talk about some of our favorite ads one of the best things about -- it is amazing how the super bowl has become this big, like a week long thing now commercials were funny one of the ones i liked i think you liked it too tucker the e trade baby look into the
7:47 am
window at the newborn baby it is commercial is humorous like all of these are but at the end of it when the other baby pops up inside it is very funny shall we take the sound up? >> two words dad e trade financial consultants. >> just go talk to them. >> just walk in and talk to them. those guys are pros they will hook you up with a sod plan. >> wait a minute bobby? bobby what are you doing man? >> i'm speed dating. >> funny great pay off. >> unexpected. >> i laughed out loud. >> a big thing with the x factor, was the fact that the winner would be in a pepsi commercial i thought it was going to be a different kind of pepsi commercial i was surprised to see the winner melanie in this commercial with elton john. so he is like no pepsi for you let's listen here comes
7:48 am
melanie. >> and what do you do? >> i sing. ♪ [ music ] >> pretty good. >> and then she just blows it the window will blow out i love it sir elton john has on those funky old boots he used to wear. i loved seeing her all glammed up. >> i thought he should have been dressed as a queen wouldn't it have been funnier? >> might have crossed the line. >> and flavour flav. >> good for her. >> now she is on a pepsi commercial. >> do i have time to do mine? >> yes. >> real quick the clint east wood ad. >> end of half time. >> kind of moving i mean, ... >> at first i thought it was
7:49 am
for a presidential candidate but then i think all of us as american conditions were like yeah. >> he was talking about us coming back. >> that industry coming back. >> what was it for? >> gm? >> celebrating detroit's resurgence which you saw last night with all the car ads. really well done. >> there it is city of detroit. >> we will talk about some of the others later on we will have an analyst come in at 9:00 a.m. >> funny how patriotic we are say what you want but americans we love you are country. >> 7:49 a.m., february is black history month today we are celebrating with the youth association annie. >> good morning tony that's right we are here at joe's movement emporium, mount rainier maryland this group is gearing up for a big show in honor of black history month they promise to put on a rhythmically powerful performance next saturday the
7:50 am
18th, stay with us on fox 5 morning news 
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...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant 7:53 a.m., they are celebrating black history month with a rhythmically powerful per poor mans. >> annie yu is learning more -- performance. annie yu is learning more about the association she joins us from joe's movement emporium. >> reporter: we are talking about a group of extremely talented ladies age ranges from 11 to 23 they are an elite group from all over the area they are gearing up for a big show, next saturday the 18th joining me now is director and founder, ala scott. thank you for having us out here. >> thank you. >> how did this all begin?
7:54 am
>> we started back in 2007 we came out of i worked with the dc youth ensemble for 20 years, and caroll foster and decided that i wanted to move into a different direction, so we had auditions, and the codirector and cofounder and started. >> so for those who are notify nil war what is it and what does it -- familiar, what is it and what does it celebrate. >> it is a pan african drill it started at nation house positive action center it encompasses south african gum boot as well as west african dance and it uses discipline, history, culture and essential is working together. >> the ladies we are talking about young ladies as young as 11 they come from all over to audition is this something anyone can come and experience and try? >> absolutely. absolutely we look for someone with some type of performing
7:55 am
experience, be it cheerleading, hopefully dance okay and slow calls, singing in -- vocals, singing in a choir. anyone can try. we are talking about a lot of travel the young ladies have been lucky enough to go to tanzania, ghana, upcoming trip to africa. >> yes, south africa 2013 last year we went to tanzania, and the year before that we went to ghana we use international travel to build a sense of pride if their african heritage. >> that's excellent today we are lucky enough to learn some of the moves right now we have these special boots on they are the gum boots. >> right. >> explain why we have these bottle caps on here. >> they symbolize the change that the mine -- the chains that the miners wore in south africa and recreates that sound the gum boots were used when they worked in the mines they
7:56 am
would get sores working in the water for extended periods of time so they decided the owners decided to give them boots to continue the work in the mines. >> we are going to try some moves today let's take it away. >> let's go. so you can come out and check out these ladies, this saturday the 18th there are two shows they added a special show, you can catch the first one at 4:00 p.m., the second at 8:00 p.m., joe's movement emporium, and tickets are just $20 it will be a lot of fun you
7:57 am
will get to learn more about black history back to you. very cool all right annie. >> thank you. >> now that the economy is getting better more and more credit card offers are probably showing up in your mail box. >> tips on how to find the card that is right for you and your money. >> also ahead, meteorologist, been knee bonnie schneider joins us stay with us. we will be back  the word is swapportunity.
7:58 am
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a virginia murder case that made headlines around the country jury selection in the case of the virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his girlfriend a former athlete. then a surprising and sad twist to a two year mystery in utah the man who was the only person of interest, in the disappearence of his wife, is now dead along with the couples two children.
8:01 am
more on what police say happened right before their deaths. and from times square to brooklyn and the bronx and beyond new york giants fans celebrated into the night after the team's super bowl win over the new england patriots, manning, brady, madonna, we've got it all covered including which of us came closest to predicting the final score. dare i say they were celebrating in new jersey as well. good morning i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour you had that thought right afterwards, new york city is a party now any way with this you know it was great. >> tucker barnes with a look at our forecast i had a prediction the red skins would be in the super bowl next year. >> if they get the quarterback they might get. >> yeah. >> my goodness. >> to have a connection with one of the teams. >> giants demonstrated 9 and 17 can win the super bowl.
8:02 am
we beat the giants twice. maybe that is it. >> there you go > i am hopeful tuck. >> i am with you now. >> let's do the weather forecast. >> yeah. >> that i could be much more sure about. hey, regan national, we are in the 20s look at ocean city, 22 degrees, much of the area here, on the chilly side, one of our coldest mornings so far this month, 20 frederiksburg a dense fog advisory for another hour north and west of hagerstown as visibility western maryland and west virginia have been less than a quarter mile that said should be a beautiful day lots of sunshine expected a diamond and warmer temperatures than what we had yesterday, yesterday mid- 40s today low 50s so enjoy today and tomorrow because they will be more pleasant air for the month of february there you go. 52 washington, 54 frederiksburg, light wind out
8:03 am
of the south and west. >> look forward to it tucker thank you. >> here is julie right. good morning. >> all right good morning you guys we do have some problems to report travelling inbound this morning, dulles toll road accident activity before you reach 7100 tieing up the two right lanes heads up working your way inbound, 267, 66 below speed, fair oaks trying to work your way towards vienna the average speed on the inner loop of the belt way approaching arlington boulevard, 18 miles per hour the trip south 270, uneventful out of german town still sluggish coming out of rockville headed toward it is lane divide average speed, 23 miles per hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you jury selection begins today in the murder trial of george hughly he is the university of virginia student accused of killing his ex-girlfriend yeardly love, both varsity lacrosse players, hughly was arrested in may
8:04 am
2010, shortly after love was found dead in her apartment, hughly's lawyers claim her death was an accident, he said on video tape he kicked in love's bedroom door and shook her until her head banged against a wall several times paul wagner will blog during the trial in charlottesville virginia you can stay connected with follow paul on twitter at fox 5 palm wagner. now to that tragedy in washington state an unthingable act of violence by a father, the same person labeled as a person of interest in the 2009 disappearence of his wife. >> reporter: just days after a washington state judge ruled against him in a child custody hearing, police say josh powell killed himself and his two young sons. >> i am just in shock. just total shock. >> the crime happened at his home in graham sunday it has been reported a social worker brought the boys home for what was supposed to be a supervised visit but powell we fused to
8:05 am
let the woman in. >> shortly afterwards the social worker called her supervisors to report she smelled gas and moments later the home exploded. >> it was torched absolutely torched. >> the explosion and it was huge black dark smoke and there was like just white stuff all over the place snowing down. >> officials believe the crime was premeditated an attorney who represented powell in the custody case said he received a brief e-mail from his client minutes before the explosion it read i'm sorry goodbye. >> this was something deeply wrong this was something evil this is a horrible murder of two little kids. >> powell gained notoriety after the disappearence of his wife susan december 2009 authorities considered him the only person of interest in the case some say they thought powell was a dangerous man. >> we knew he was a dangerous person he probably murdered susan or helped with it. >> reporter: despite that, many say they never saw this coming.
8:06 am
>> i can't believe it. >> why take innocent lives. >> reporter: susan powell's body has never been found her parents have had custody of the children since september. u.s. park police cleared out camping equipment from occupy protests at two sites over the weekend and are now inspecting tents they clashed saturday but an inspection at freedom plaza yesterday was more peaceful. lauren demarco live at freedom plaza in northwest good morning. good morning alison. we did have police here overnight monitoring the situation, just moments ago they did arrive back here at freedom plaza they are now going tent to tent sort of inspecting they are looking for any sort of cooking items, bedding, clothing any evidence that anyone is camping, and if that is the case, inhabitants will have to move those things
8:07 am
out of their tents they are able to be here at all times with tents but cannot be camping in other words sleepling in these tents that is not permitted over the weekened saturday, mcpherson square officers in full riot gear on horseback, protestors, again they can remain on the site at all hours but cannot camp so officers searched those tents they did uncover bio hazard material, urine soaked bedding, urine filled bottles, and live and dead rats tents that did not meet regulations were dismantled 11 people were arrested on saturday, one for allegedly hitting an officer in the face with a brick now on sunday, there was a sweep here at freedom plaza. officers also brought hazmat teams there was one arrest that person was charged with allegedly threatening an officer all in all, the scene here has been more peaceful. the rules are no camping.
8:08 am
but we are allowed to have tents, as long as the door is open we can be inside them, we just can't camp or sleep. i am being compliant to the parks police, notice they just gave me >> they said this would be in compliance since the flap is open there is nothing in it i do have quite a few belongings here but like i said i will be just putting it on my back if i need to. now police say this is not an eviction they just want to make sure the protestors are complying and they will continue to check to make sure that is the case protestors have had plenty of notice last week they were told there would be some inspections going on and this morning we did see folks out sweeping clearing out their tents so here in freedom plaza it does appear they are trying to comply with the regulations, live lauren demarco, fox 5 morning news. >> all right thank you.
8:09 am
here we go. we won't hear this music for 8 months. new york giants fans are celebrating the team's fourth super bowl title and their second in four years the giants beat the patriots, last night 21-17. come from behind touchdown for the giants with a minute to go. put new york ahead patriots tried to move the ball down the field, a hail mary pass with tom brady was incomplete, a victory celebration set for tomorrow in new york. huge crowd of college students didn't like the patriots lost the super bowl, 14 people were arrested last night when riot police came in to disperse a crowd of 1500 on the campus of the university of massachusetts am must police including some on horseback used smoke grenades to break up the crowd. madonna, keeping it mostly
8:10 am
old school for last night's highly anticipated super bowl half time show she opened with that number, vehicle she was joined throughout the performance -- she was joined throughout the performance by lmfao. nicki minage and mia. the talk this morning is about mia giving the camera the finger, an nfl spokesperson said she didn't do anything like that during rehearsal. >> they didn't know. >> and the league had no reason to believe she could do that during the show as i was telling tony earlier you know she got an earful from that donna. >> -- madonna. >> here is madonna including you in this thing and then you do that that is ridiculous >> very unfortunate. >> oh, well, first and last time we will see you at a half
8:11 am
time show you really will be mia with the super bowl. >> time now 8:10 a.m., queen elizabeth celebrating a special milestone today more on that when we come back. >> now the economy is getting better more and more credit card offers are showing up in your mail box coming up today's money monday lesson tips how to find the card that is right for you and your money it is 8:11 a.m.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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moments of timeless pleasure. it is 8:15 a.m. time for some of the stories making headlines an earthquake that hit the central philippines has been updated to a strong 6.9 this morning rescue crews, digging with picks and shoves to reach people -- shovels to reach people trapped under collapsed houses. egypt is putting 19 americans, 24 others on criminal trial for accepting foreign money to stir up unrest. one of them is the son of the transportation secretary, ray la hood. sam la hood heads the egypt
8:15 am
office of the international republican institute which runs democracy programs in egypt. >> queen elizabeth is celebrating her diamond jubilee today she has been monarch for 60 years as of today she ascended to the throne when her father, george the 6th died on february 6th, 1952, the 85-year- old queen got flowers yesterday as she left church there are a series of celebrations, planned over the next few months to celebrate, her diamond jubilee. a big year. >> i always thought diamond was 75th. i have gotten an education in all this too. >> yeah, i don't -- you know i don't know what it is. apparently it is 60. >> right >> no body knows, proper et quit more like the queen. or english who gets to 6 of anything, at this point in terms of like a wedding or something like that. >> congratulations. >> one of her favorite sons,
8:16 am
tucker barnes is joining us now. >> he does have english blood i don't know if it is royal >> don't forget my family had to get out of town 100 years ago we were on the run i am not sure things ended well there. >> you are our friend prince tucker. >> very happy for the queen. >> time for my first 5 photo of the day. this is hayden and jack you can probably gather they are not just friends but brothers, hayden just celebrated his fifth birthday at the zoo. >> the one on the left is hayden. >> those are cool. >> that is a classic photo when they are adults that picture will be so great. can you get those at the zoo now those are cool. >> i guess so. >> very cool. >> alison you are so
8:17 am
thoughtful. >> click on mornings, all right have a great day and happy birthday to you. let's get started with a look at our weather forecast and we are starting cold you may want to wear those gloves that jack had on in that picture as our temperatures are generally in the 20s and low 30s. 32 regan national, 32 boston, open it up for you a little bit feels like february across, 7 this morning lincoln, denver, if you are one of the lucky people headed to florida, 68 tampa, earlier this morning, on this map, miami was 74 degrees nice start in florida this morning. there is your sentinel sat rad we will find high pressure will build on in, and give us a couple beautiful days, with high temperatures monday, tuesday in the 50s should be nice and comfortable by wednesday we could have a wintery mix return to the area as we will have a weak area of
8:18 am
low pressure move through wednesday afternoon and wednesday night there is your five day, beautiful, 52 you can see most of the week featuring sunshine and temperatures, a few degrees above normal that is weather let's look at traffic and julie wright has the latest look at your traffic. i want you to get one of those hats and you can do the weather wearing that hat >> that is what i am thinking too. >> outdoors on a cold day >> there you go. all right eastbound 66 coming from vienna, still heavy and slow, delays fair oaks getting past 123, belt way inner loop, between an non-dale and headed towards van dooren, accident activity telegraph, causing that delay. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thanks they all buckies peered during the worst of the -- but disappeared during the worst of the financial crisis but mail boxes around the nation, now filled
8:19 am
with offers from credit card companies. our next guest says step back figure out what you are signing up for. she maintains the monthly blog called dollars and nice to see you. >> is this a good sign, we are seeing these offers? >> means the credit card companies are doing well in terms of your individual finances take a long hard look before you sign up for a credit card again and make sure in terms of getting one you get the biggest bang for your buck the interest rate, rewards card is a good idea based on your lifestyle and also make sure you have an action plan how to pay this balance off americans got into so much trouble carrying all of this financial debt i think we are starting to learn a lesson, so let's not go back down that road >> i recently got a credit card offer from my bank and i thought this must be a good deal then i looked at the
8:20 am
interest rate and realized not really. >> that's right i mean a lot of the interest rates in the double digits and store credit cards, i get a lot of questions on that they say at the register you can take off 5%, 10% it is never worth it interest rates on the store credit cards could be 20% and if you don't pay it off, that 10% you got at the register, is now void. let's talk about exactly what we are looking for in a credit card what factors should we take into account when we decide to accept one of these offers. >> you want to make sure the fees are low, annual fee, if there is an activation fee any cost for carrying the card you want to look at that and make sure that you get in terms of rewards you want to look at your lifestyle is it tied to anything that you are really interested in, make sure that it is the best use of your time and money and with the rewards program, they also have things like travel protection,
8:21 am
purchase protection, extended warranty just make sure you are using the best card for you. >> i like the second tip, does it tie you to a financial relationship to a bank. >> it is beneficial because if it ties you to a financial relationship with a bank you can go back to that same bank with a great payment history for a mortgage, car, auto loan, personal loans now you are developing a an entire financial relationship. >> like to talk about these celebrity backed cards what is the deal with these. >> they are not a good financial choice the fees kill you they charge you for using your own money this is a prepaid debit card you put the money that you get from your pay, you put that on the card, and you are basically being charged all of these fees, whether it is a loading fee a reloading fee, whether it is a payment enquiry fee or paper statement fee with your own money and it makes no sense
8:22 am
makes beltre sense to just -- better sense to just get a free checking account with a credit union or bank and start a financial relationship i think these cards encourage and target, a financial under class they are under banked or unbanked and 25% of americans, that are under banked or unbanked you don't want to encourage this sort of non- relationship with the bank because you are going to need it down the road. >> right. >> prepaid debit cards is there a line you can tell us about this? good idea bad idea. >> bad idea. bad idea. >> okay check out jennifer's blog, again it is called dollars and streaks. we are talking money this is jennifer streaks, financial analyst and author and blogger thanks for being here. >> over to you >> i didn't know what those celebrity cards were that is good information thank you very much. >> 8:22 a.m. on monday morning not too long ago he was running for mayor, today suleman brown will be in
8:23 am
court why, when we come back. >> then, we are celebrating black history month with the youth association, we've got a sneak peek at their show later this hour stay with us, we will be right back  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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a fairfax virginia general died in afghanistan, brigadier general died in kabul, supporting operation enduring freedom. washington post reports he was found dead in his sleeping quarters of apparent natural causes the 49-year-old father of four, is the highest ranking officer to die in the war in afghanistan. funeral services will be held today for lenny harris the alexandria community activist disappeared last september his body was found in a well near fort washington maryland last month who men have been charged in the case, harris' funeral will take place this morning, in northeast. a former dc mayoral candidate due in court on a traffic charge, suleman brown who was arrested last year is accused of driving without a valid license. his license had been suspended over an unpaid parking ticket
8:27 am
he is still part of a federal investigation looking into claims he was paid off by mayor grey's campaign team, and promised a job in the grey administration. 8:27 a.m. now if you are just waking up stay tuned up next we've got an update on to dare's top stories. >> meteorologist, bonnie schneider joins us with a look inside her new book called extreme weather she has potentially life saving advice how to prepare your family and home for the worst case scenario. 8:27 a.m. stay with us ♪
8:28 am
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>> jury selection begins in the murder trial of george hughly accused of killing his ex- girlfriend yeardly love they were both varsity lacrosse stars, hughly was arrested in may 2010 shortly after love was found dead in her apartment. hughly said on video tape he
8:31 am
kicked in her bedroom door and shook her until her head banged against a wall, several times. a husband who had been a person of interest in his wife's disappearence two years ago has killed himself and the couples two children authorities say josh powell set fire to his home yesterday, moments after the boys arrived for a supervised visit, powell had been recently denied custody of his boywas ordered to under go a psycho sexual evaluation. 8:31 a.m. tucker barnes joins us here another the desk with more on today's forecast all in all when you look ahead at the five day this is not going to be a bad week. >> not bad at all temperatures trending above normal back in the low 50s. you guys see a little snow this weekend? >> if i did it was overnight. >> parts got an inch or inch and a half. >> i was yeah, i had the unfortunate occasion to be on
8:32 am
270 at the wrong time. >> yeah, that got crazy. >> i turned back and went back to my house. >> no snow in the forecast today sunshine and 50s. good looking forecast we will do headlines, weekend starts sunny i wish we were still the weekend, temperatures trending up yesterday in the 40s today in the 50s. we got to lookout for wednesday, a wintery mix, second half of wednesday and wednesday night, a weak system reminiscent temperatures they be close enough that we deal with temperatures, colder air highs by next sunday early next week only in the 30s haven't seen much of that here next month or so. colder air on the way 32 washington 27 in gaithersburg. speaking of cold, we were very cold overnight teens earlier this morning, manassas, very cold, martins burg, leonard town, annapolis you bumped
8:33 am
above freezing temperatures should be off and running upper 40s low 50s as we get into the afternoon high pressure builds on through. there is your sentinel sat rad, good looking day sunshine expected, far enough east, winds will be out of the south and west and that will pump in warmer temperatures as we get into today and tomorrow afternoon 52 today, 54 tomorrow there is that possible wintery mix wednesday afternoon and wednesday night and then back into the sunshine highs near 50, by thursday and friday, all right that is weather, tony i am going to toss it back to you. >> all right tucker thank you look at this, you will be interested winter weather fell in the midwest this is what it looks like lincoln nebraska as much as 4 inches of snow, fell, in parts of that state. nash floods, hurricanes, -- flash floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, wild fires these disasters are happening around the world at an alarming rate. bonnie snider has written all about it in her new book called
8:34 am
extreme weather she joins us live from new york to talk about that how are you? >> good morning tony i am doing really well you mentioned, a whole bunch of ditch rent natural di-- different natural disasters in the washington dc area, back to january 26th last year you probably remember very torential snow storm where people were just trapped in their cars for hours and actually i focused on that story of a man who faced an 11 hour commute that day in a snow storm and interviewed him for his story in my chapter on surviving snow storms, interesting that we are talking about it here, i want to mention that if you are going to be travelling, whether or not you are facing a snow storm, severe thunderstorm, flash floods it is always important to be aware of the forecast not just before you've but also while you are on the go and on vacation. through the research i did for this book i found a lot of people were caught by surprise were just on vacation or heading out of town and not
8:35 am
expecting to deal with any inclement weather as you know but of course you can be proactive and take a lot of precautions before you head out and if you are going to be at home, instead of just winterizing your car and preparing for possibility of power outages we see in these natural disasters. >> that is really what you focus on in the book it is really all about being prepared, and what you should do in case these events happen and that type of thing what are some of the tips that you give that you want to make sure folks know about that they might not normally thing of you know i think some times folks know all right i got the maybe keep a blanket in the car keep watt inner the car what are some other things people might want to do. >> well, i think a lot of people are now using social media we use it for none on facebook to connect with friends and family we use twitter as well to keep everyone aware of what we are doing but these tools can be life saving in the event of a natural disaster in my book extreme weather i focus on
8:36 am
social media and how to use it in a natural disaster the main tip is become familiar with all of these flat forms before the disaster occurs because often when a crisis happens we can't get cell phone service in many cases like we saw just last year in march during the tsunami in japan people were using twitter as a means to communicate become familiar with these platforms and become comfortable with texting everyone in the family should know how the text and reach each other in the event of an emergency how to upload picturevideo, it is important to let people know where you are. >> i think your message is have a plan, so that you know what to do in the event of some of these emergencies one of the out consider the whole family including pets. >> that's right and every chapter of my book i included a special section for pets and i really went out of my way to make sure that it is specific to the chapter for example in
8:37 am
the tornado chapter i interviewed a veterinarian from kansas who treated animals injured in tornadoes you will find specific advice one point i want to make is that, many people don't know this is the winter season and more dogs are lost, in the winter season than any other season because their sense of smell can be compromised when the ground is covered can snow you want to make sure your pet id tags are up-to-date and also practice your evacuation plan including your pets make sure your pet knows how to get into their carrier case fairly easily. you can train your pet so they will be comfortable doing that. a lot of shelters don't accept animals if you come with a cardboard box filled with a puppy or kitten, you will have a problem. >> the book with lots of great advice is extreme weather bonnie snider thank you for joining us this morning the book is available now. >> see you again. 8:37 a.m. 30 degrees on this monday
8:38 am
morning, up next, sad news from wamu we will take a look back at the career of one of its long time on air personalities. >> meantime here is a look at today's my fox half off deal $65 gets you cleaning services for a 3 bedroom home from golden stars cleaning services includes bedrooms kitchen living room and dining room that is a 130 dollars value, to get in on this go to look for the my fox half off logo on the right side of the page. we will be right back ñ [ mom ] hey guys.
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bluegrass lovers, mourning the loss of daryl poulson known as gerry grey to his fans for three decades he hosted bluegrass country before it shifted away in 2001 he grew his audience to over 100,000 listeners he had complications after a heart transplant in 1989 and died at a hospice in roanoke at the age of 78. if you are looking for work don't forget to check out our job shop of the day is with in her honour done virginia they are looking for a
8:42 am
technical support engineer for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab top of our home page. it is now 8:42 a.m. on this monday morning of course it is what everyone is talking about today, the super bowl. >> dave ross joins us once again to play monday morning quarterback. >> plus we are celebrating black history month today at joe's movement emporium annie good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison, that's right we are talking about an elite group of young ladies from around the area ages range from 11 to 23 they are gearing up for a big show in honor of black history month next saturday the 18th, and it promises to be rhythmicically powerful they added a second show that day for 4:00 p.m. we will tell you about it coming up after the break hope you stay with us fox 5 morning news .
8:43 am
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peanut butter. in case you didn't know the new york giants oh, you have to
8:46 am
push the thing have topped the new england patriots in a super bowl for the second time in four years. >> dave ross joins us to play monday morning quarterback what's up. >> nice to have you guys over here. >> coming over here hanging out. >> coming to your neighbourhood. >> tony last hour you asked about a guy in the super bowl who had a migraine, it was terrell davis. joe morocco on twitter because i get all my information on twitter said terrell davis had a migraine so badly he couldn't see guess who that coach was, mike shanahan. go in just be a decoy they ran a play action fake to him. >> it wasn't a three stooges poked attache >> but besides that, -- poked out, but besides that you were correct. >> it was a great game yesterday we agreed alison i don't foe what your perspective was. it was slow and then at the end it got juicy. >> yeah, kind of reminiscent of
8:47 am
super bowl four years ago, it was defensive minded and a struggle early on we will take a look at the highlights i thought the giants could have made more plays down the field. patriots defense played pretty well. >> first play of the game offensively, this is what happens brady gets called for intentional grounding in the end zone that is the safety that is the rule it is 2-0 there is that awkward score people have their squares all over the country. >> can i say something right before that play when they lined up there, i said to my son connor wouldn't it be weird if they got a fake. >> then it lead to this. he did a little salsa dance. brady did some salsa dancing here with his feet bought some time and they go to the half with the lead and didn't play well in the first half and he thought okay, patriots come out
8:48 am
first quarter, 17-9 patriots you are thinking they could runaway with this at this point but the giants, hung around, eli does what he does and this is the play to have game from the giants perspective, mario manning ham gets those feet down that was a great huge critical play and giants they didn't want to score. trying to stop him couldn't, and comes into the end zone brady will get one more chance even though they are down 21-17 you are talking about inches they says the a game of inches, al pacino, here is rob, inches away, from getting that deflection right there, it falls and completes for the second time in four years eli is elite and they win their second super bowl and afterwards, your elite quarterback and the coach talk about the win. it had been a wild game, it had been a wild season we had a great tough bunch of guys, guys
8:49 am
never quit, great facing each other just proud of our team the way we dealt with everything all season and came out strong. >> very thankful, very grateful for the opportunity i have had, head coach of the new york giants, wonderful players i have had to work with. that is what this is all about. >> now i want to talk about something you said last hour alison you said that you have a feeling, that you think the red skins could beat this team next year. >> it is weird i don't know if it is because we beat the giants i got all excited when it was over i think i visualized it there and i thought how exciting the game was funny way to watch, i thought how exciting if red skins were in it some body i was rooting for >> if that is a prediction for next year, two people to my left made very good predictions on friday, we are going to take a look at some of those fox morning news predictions we had tony, there we go. here they are, you want to take a quick look this is tuckers prediction he thought the ravens were going to be in the game and then sarah, what was
8:50 am
she thinking 33-10 patriots, okay and then, when we have some smart people tony, that is the exact score i predicted as well, 35-31 you had the margin of victory correct, alison, 31- 21 with the g-men, wisdom's prediction we will discount it he predicted every team to win the super bowl. giants one hour then he was a saints fan during -- he was like niners i couldn't figure out whether he was coming our going but i was very impressed you guys went with me on the giants pick because i don't know if you heard me say this all year you just can't spell elite without eli. >> geez. >> actually i thought we were going to get through this. i thought wow we are going to get through this. >> let me ask you a question though, super star, chad ochocinco. double 0. >> yeah, he caught one pass. >> he is a nonfactor for that team for the majority of the
8:51 am
year if you can't get deep and make plays with tom brady you can't make plays, the rand writing is on -- the handwriting is on the wall maybe he is done. >> maybe peyton manning. >> no ocho. >> let's visualize the skins. >> baby steps. >> thanks. well, the youth association is celebrating, black history month with a rhythmically powerful performance. >> annie yu is learning more about their performance and joins us from joe's movement emporium hey, annie. hey, tony and alison, if you want to experience a visually inspiring show you have to come out, their show is put together by an e let group of young ladies from all around the area they teach you all about african music, song, dance, history, all of that and the founder and director arla
8:52 am
scott joins me again. >> good morning. >> good morning annie. >> this show is in high demand you have added a second show saturday. >> yes a 4:00 p.m. show because the 8:00 p.m. was sold out we didn't want to dispoint anyone. >> when people come out what movements will they see? what lessons will they learn? >> quite a bit we are going to open the show with stories from the congo, and how the war has effected the women in the congo and then tie it into how our young ladies are dealing with domestic violence or violence against women here then move into some empowerment songs some pieces about how women should be a priority, and even in to a piece called black girl pain you may see later this morning. >> it is maizing. >> thank you. thank you >> they will learn all about that then we will take it back to the south african gum boots and hand eye movements from the prison farmtie those together and close it with a west
8:53 am
african dance where we are partnering with soul in motion and doing a piece. >> wonderful so we have girls ranging in ages from 11 to 23, do they when they audition for you do you expect them knowing a little bit of the history first? are they put through -- >> no, we don't expect them to learn that we teach all that okay and we also teach leadership, mentoring, we areholistic organization we surround the young people the parents i have talked to principals, teachers we want to children to excel in all areas. >> right earlier, we learned about the south african gum boot dance right now we are about to see basic talk about that. >> it is a combination of the south african gum boot with contemporary military movements, teratibo means slow, orderly, purposeful. >> let's step out of the way
8:54 am
and have them show us the moves >> if you would like to come out and check out these wonderful girls next saturday the 18th, there are two performances, 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. the 8:00 p.m. is almost sold out so you need to hurry up log on to for details tickets are just $20 here at joe's
8:55 am
movement emporium, mount rainier maryland back to you in studio. >> thanks annie. >> very cool. >> many of you watching today, either wept through there or know -- went through there or know someone who did. >> the modern university we know today got its foundation, 150 years ago, we will look back at their history told in a fascinating new book stay with us. 8:55 a.m. have i got a surprise for you! [ barks s ] yeah, it's beneful healthy fiesta. gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat. ever think healthy could taste so good? [ woman announcing ] beneful healthy fiesta.
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guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. how to solve a brother-sister standoff. ♪ pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, warm out of the oven. another sweet idea for bringing families together from pillsbury.
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8:58 am
good monday morning i am alison seymour. >> i am tony perkens at 9, cleaning up occupy protestors tidying up their areas in an effort to obey orders after a stand off with police sunday. plus it has been 160 years since university of district of columbia opened its doors a new book documents progress through
8:59 am
the years we will chat with its author and take a look at then and now. what would you do for a bag of doritos? man's best friend puts him to the test in a funny new commercial we are taking a look at the top super bowl ads a little later. hilarious. >> this one is really -- it made me laugh out loud. he wrote the note the dog. >> hilarious, that was a good one tuck. >> up there on the list wasn't it alison. i like the spelling too. yeah, all right let's get to the forecast cold temperatures to start your day, generally upper 20s. and low 30s. although i am just getting an update looks like regan national gets a 37. nice rebound with that morning sunshine all right we will officially call it 32 at regan national, 30 baltimore, 29 ocean c c


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