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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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[ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit. nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is all over a weather alert tonight right off the top. winter may finally be hitting our area. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. a round of snow could cass chaos for the evening rush. -- could cause chaos for this
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evening rush. sky fox caught this scat truck getting the roads red -- this salt truck getting the roads ready. >> in this practically snowless winter some of you may actually double your snow amounts during the afternoon tomorrow. so far this winter we've only had about 1.7 inches of snow areawide. it looks like we'll get a taste of snow tomorrow. this is the storm coming and it's not really tapping the gulf of mexico gulf of mexico. i've been checking across kansas and missouri. they've generally been getting 1 to 3 inches of snow. you don't have to worry about the morning rush hour. i'll take you to the weather map so you know what to expect. first we'll give you a look at this thing as we show you our satellite and radar as it approaches the area. you will see what we are seeing and that is that it is going to be probably approaching in the later morning and for some reason this does not want to go into motion here. i don't know why. we will definitely see that coming closer to us in the late morning. we expect it to change over in
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the afternoon to snow and maybe just south and east of 95 we will begin to see that also mixing with a little bit of rain. you can see in that bottom left corner there because the map doesn't want to move, we are mostly thinking this will be snow for a lot of you, not a huge accumulation but enough to cause some problems because we do think it's coming at the time of the evening rush hour. south and east of 95 a little bit of mix but also some rain in there and temperatures will be really important because here's the good news, folks. today pavement temperatures got pretty warm, but we are going to see that probably accumulating on grassy areas. i always think when we have something coming through in the evening rush hour, unfortunately it doesn't take a lot to cause problems. we'll pay close attention to that and, of course, we'll let you know specifically who we think will get how much snow and when when i join you with that full forecast. >> i'm going to guess. north and west. >> oh, you cheeky monkey, got it right again. i think everybody will see some and with the rush hour and
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bridges and overpasses getting colder we'll see temperatures falling through the day. it's probably going to end up in the 30s tomorrow. >> you can check any changes to the storm track any time you like. download the fox 5 weather app. go to apple's app store or the android market on your smartphone. search for d.c. weather. you can find a link on our website now to a fox knife news alert, the results coming in now from -- fox 5 news alert, the results coming in now from main i showdown. first in the -- a mini showdown. first in the contest in missouri, rick santorum declared the winner, ron paul second. santorum is also doing well in minnesota. those numbers are still trickling in, but you can see he is again in the lead and a much similar in story where the numbers are still breaking santorum's win right now. there are still plenty of votes to be counted there. fox 5's laura evans is watching the returns tonight from the newsroom. >> the contest still underway
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tonight in missouri and colorado and minnesota. it is turning out to be an upset in the midwest tonight, a good night for rick santorum. mitt romney, the frontrunner is trailing in all those races and in particular, in missouri by quite a wide margin. you saw the numbers. it is important to note here these are nonbinding contests which means there are no delegates that are being awarded tonight. they will not be awarded until state conventions or the caucuses later this year. the republican national committee said these contests are irrelevant, but the candidates and their teams see them as a way to build momentum and another opportunity to make their voices heard. we should mention that newt gingrich who did not make it on the ballot in missouri, he tonight is campaigning in ohio where the early voting has already started ahead of march 6th which is super tuesday which is the all important super tuesday. gingrich says the race for the gop nomination is far from over adding it's all about winning
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the delegates which did not happen tonight. we want to bring you fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin who can give us more perspective on what tonight is all about. is it just bragging rights and boosting campaign confidence? how much really does this change the race going forward? >> i don't know if it fundamentally changes it, but don't deny rick santorum had a good night. he says i'm the true conservative. gingrich wasn't on the ballot in missouri and i beat the frontrunner romney. he'll definitely, his people will be calling around saying look, he very well might have won three contests and that's all that counts whether it's a show me, a beauty contest, whether no delegates are selected. all they care about is headlines and santorum who has had a really bad streak finishing last hasn't had a good night since iowa now can really crow. >> mark, you got to wonder mitt
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romney trying to hold onto momentum, he didn't even campaign in minnesota did. that hurt him? >> minnesota is a very strong conservative base there and usually people don't campaign where they don't think they'll do well. so he really for all practical purposes conceded minnesota. he did not concede colorado. he made a real stand there and i think santorum is back in it from somebody who was almost near extinction. he now has some breathing room. >> all right. next primaries are february 28th. we'll look forward to that. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. new tonight the district is strong according to mayor gray at his state of the district speech. the mayor's popularity taking a hit over the last year. many point to allegations of wrongdoing by the mayor and other city leaders, but tonight the mayor came out to prove the district is moving in the right direction. fox 5's matt ackland live at the sixth and i historic
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synagogue where the mayor gave his speech. >> reporter: the mayor had a long list of positives tonight. he says the economy is getting better, jobs are being created and the number of homicides in the district is going down. the mayor also mentioned some missteps and promised to do better in the future. the mayor walked into the sixth and i historic synagogue with a positive message about the state of the district. >> i'm proud to share that the state of the district is stronger and getting stronger every day, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the mayor said 9,500 jobs had been created in the last year and he project 45,000 new jobs by 2015. >> our economy is growing and indeed is one of the strongest of any city in the country. >> reporter: the mayor also talked about crime. although it spiked in street crimes recently, purrs were down in 2011 and the -- murders were down in 2011 and the mayor laid out his plan to train and
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hire 300 new police officers. gray was also cheered when talked about the progress of fighting hiv/aids. >> no baby in the district of columbia has been born hiv positive since 2009. >> reporter: as the mayor laid out pot news, it comes at a -- the positive news, it comes at a time when he still is being investigated by the u.s. attorney for alleged campaign violations connected to sulaimon brown. the mayor has always said those allegations are not true, but in his speech tonight the mayor did address some missteps. >> i understand why people were disappointed and i take full responsibility for those mistakes. in response we have new leadership and substituted strict new hiring policies to ensure we bring into my administration only the most qualified appointees focused on moving the district forward. >> reporter: behind the scenes of the speech tonight a large group of d.c. firefighters sat quietly to protest a proposed change in their scheduling by the d.c. fire chief, but at no
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point did they attempt to interrupt the mayor's speech as some were concerned they would. >> we're here as public employees invited by the mayor to attend this event. >> reporter: by the way, when the mayor entered the room tonight, those firefighters stood up, but they did not clap as the mayor headed towards the podium. just some news that we're learning just in the last couple minutes that council member marion barry was feeling a little ill at tonight's speech. we are told that he has been experiencing a bad cough, but he is feeling better tonight. in fact, he just finished up dinner and is feeling much better. so some good news. back to you. >> matt ackland tonight. another big story tonight, the murder trial of former uva lacrosse player george huguely is about to get underway. huguely is a accused of killing his girl friend yeardley love back in 2010. >> reporter: at 6:18 this
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evening each side in the case finally agreed that they had a pool of 28 people who are qualified to serve on the jury. tomorrow morning at 9:15 the prosecution will have what are called strikes. that is, they can remove people from that pool. the defense also has strikes and they will get down to final panel of 12 jurors and three alternates. as soon as that is done, the opening hearing you'll will begin. part of the problem in selecting this jury is that all of the potential jurors came from the city of charlottesville. this is where the murder took place. this is where george huguely was a varsity lacrosse player and was a senior here at the university of virginia. yeardley love was a varsity lacrosse player and senior here at the university of virginia. this story received saturation coverage and many people who were called as jurors have some connection to the university. they either work here or know somebody who works here and there were many questions about
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whether or not they could be impartial in this case. george huguely is accused of killing his ex-girl friend in may of 2010 after kicking down her pedestrian room door. the prosecution -- her bedroom door. the prosecution says it was premeditated murder in the first degree, but the defense says it was an accident and they plan on calling six doctors to testify on george huguely's behalf that there were some other reasons for yeardley love's death. reporting from charlottesville, virginia, paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> and paul will be covering the trial for the duration. you can find updates on just click on the hot topics bar. a doctor under arrest. he promised to melt away the pounds. find out what police say he was really doing. plus an emotional night as friends and family come together to honor a transgender woman attacked and killed in the middle of the street. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 an exclusive, a maryland man chased through the streets of the district fearing for his
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life. when the pursuant finally ended, he found out the car behind him was filled with coops. he said they handcuffed him -- cops. he said they handcuffed him, threw him to the ground, ransacked his car and then took off. ♪
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a virginia man is under arrest tonight accused of pretending to be a doctor. police arrested richard cruz at a weight loss is from in leesburg last week. investigators say he falsified documents to show he was a doctor and highly decorated military veteran with the rank of colonel. cruz is now held without bond facing charges of forgery to fraud. the murder of a transgender female is raising big questions about what motivated the crime and who is responsible. at the metrobus stop is where a large crowd gathered tonight to remember the victims. fox 5's will thomas found detectives are making progress. >> surveillance video released by police is generating some leads. more on that in a moment. the victim as you heard transgender and that has her family and the lgbt community
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wasn't if it was, in fact, a hate crime. right now detectives just don't know. >> japarker was just simply sitting at this bus stop. that's all. >> reporter: a heartbroken father remembering his 23-year- old son. japarker jones lived as a woman and became the target of a brutal murder last thursday night about 8:00. a man stabbed e knife left impaled in her face. it happened as she waited at this northeast metrobus stop on east capitol street at sycamore road. ♪never had i imagined living without your smile ♪ >> reporter: dozens of people showed up to call attention to the loss of japarker also known as dioni and logan. >> with the support of the
10:17 pm
transgender community, the media and close family and friends, we've been able to make it, but it's been very difficult. >> in speaking with her family she had just left home about 8:00 coming here to catch the bus to go to her friend's house and somehow this man came up, started an altercation with her and ended up taking her life stabbing her in her head of. >> reporter: detectives released this surveillance video of a person of interest taken the night of the murder. it shows a man walking calmly across east capitol street away from the bus stop. law enforcement sources say since releasing the footage investigators are following up on about six leads, names provided to police by the public. catching the killer won't bring japarker jones back, but her family and this community want justice. as you heard, police have some leads, but they still need the public's help.
10:18 pm
police flyers are being handed out just like this one being posted near the scene of the crime. you'll notice big bold red type at the top, $25,000 reward. police certainly hope that speaks to the public. the funeral for japarker is set for this coming saturday. prince george's county investigators trying to determine whether two deaths are connected. one body was found at 10:45 last night near the new carrollton metro station. firefighters found the second body 45 minutes later driving by on garrison road near 78th about a 1/2-mile from the location of the first. both bodies showed signs of trauma. a guilty plea could send a prince george's county county school bus driver to prison for 30 years for child porn. 29-year-old scott smallwood left a memory card at a store. someone found it and found the sexually explicit images of a child on it. they called police and they found more sexually explicit images of the child in his
10:19 pm
home. a prince george's county police officer claimed he fired at a robbery during a confrontation. the officer claims the suspect reached for his gun, but video does not support that claim. the officer has been suspended and the video turned over to the state's attorney. >> as you know, i've been here about a week and i think the decision was made both within the police department and by the county administration that folks needed to believe in their police department and they needed to have accountability and transparent. also in prince george's county the family who lives in this house is recovering tonight from carbon monoxide poisoning. a 2-year-old here had a seizure last night and was taken to the hospital. doctors discovered he had extremely high levels of carbon monoxide in his system. dad called home several times and no one answer. the hospital called prince george's county fire and ems fearing the carbon monoxide might be inside the home. >> they arrived at the scene.
10:20 pm
several family members were unconscious in the home and they basically with the help of a sister who had arrived at the scene and an aunt got kids out of the house. >> the family was flown to the hospital in critical condition. the house had co levels at 450 parts per million. anything over 5 parts is unhealthy. a malfunctioning furnace may be to blame. it's a story seen first on fox, viewers complaining the tax service to prepare their rebate took their money. today we went looking for answers. plus it's donald trump d.c. style, the donald taking over the old post office. we have details on his posh plans next. 
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it was the most sought after hotel development opportunity in the country. now the deal is just about done. the old post office building is well on its way to becoming part of donald trump's hotel collection. the u.s. general services
10:24 pm
administration announced trump is the preferred team for the redevelopment project. the building which has been used as a federal office space and food court in recent years will soon get a glitzy makeover. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with the details. >> everything donald trump does is big, usual kline of over the top big, hot, you know -- usually kind of over the top big, hot, you know, happening. it's what you see in his hotels in las vegas, new york, hawaii and he likes to put his name on his properties. you can hardly imagine anything else for the redo of the old post office building at 12th and pennsylvania. the gsa says the plan is to convert the building into a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, fancy restaurant and a spa and hotel and meeting facilities. trump is partnering with colony capital when says they intend to preserve the grandeur and elegance of the building. it's another instance of troop stretching his tentacles in our
10:25 pm
area. what do people think about this latest venture? >> i think a historic building like this that's government or quasigovernment with the post office belongs to the people and shouldn't be sold to a private enterprise. >> i just hope the public still has access to use the building. >> i guess when it comes to donald trump, nothing really surprises me. >> well, before all the ink is dry on the deal, the trump and gsa have to work out details and the government says it will only move forward if there's a positive return for the taxpayers. >> sounds like a plan. the city of alexandria's plans for redevelopment are part of a court battle. citizens for an alternative alexandria waterfront plan group asked the court to overturn the redevelopment of the rezoning proposal. they're upset hotels and other large developments will be moving in. they claim the city council failed to resolve major issues like flooding, traffic and protecting the waterways.
10:26 pm
>> citizens have been working for several years trying to work with the city to change the waterfront plan that they had developed and we felt the city never really was interested in working with the community. >> the city council said it held public hearings and compromised on some plans to consider the opponents' concerns. the opponents want more parks and museums. same sex marriage scores a big win in a case many think is headed to the supreme court. plus they were supposed to get their tax rebate in days, but viewer after viewer says that's not at all what happened inside this local business. we have the followup to the story you saw first on fox. if you see a story we should look into, send your tips to fox 5 tips at or call us at 202-895-3000. if you're like me, you care about the food your family eats.
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many people called in to complain about money they believe is missing from their tax refunds. the company in question is called instant tax service. tonight they have some unhappy customers and some who say they are now satisfied after our story aired last night. fox 5's melanie alnwick has an update to the story you saw first on fox. >> the numbers that he quoted me were like overa $1,000 difference from what irs told me my actual return was. >> when i go to pick up my check, it's short and i'm like this is not right and she said oh, irs is holding the money. so i said okay, i'll caught irs and see. i call the irs. they said no. we sent them all of the money that was paid out to you. we held nothing back. >> reporter: that was monday night at instant tax services district heights location. tuesday after seeing our story a crowd of clients went back to the store to check on their money. we did, too. someone said you guys weren't giving refunds.
10:31 pm
mike becraft, one of the store managers, said all the people that complained to fox 5 got their money back. penny said the owner called her personally to apologize. becraft blamed it on a technical error with the irs. >> all clients have been rectified. the last client came in. they've all been refunded for the money the irs had not returned fully. as a business we've been here over 10 years and never had an issue. >> reporter: the irs said there was a delay for taxpayers issuing rye funds who filed prior to january -- refunds who filed prior to january 26. the complaint for many customers is they aren't aware of the fees being deducted from their refund. >> when i went on the computer, i seen a different number than what i was actually told. so with the number that she gave me that i would get back after their fees, it was almost like $500 difference from that. so i mean the only thing can i do is just pray that i get my money. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> a lot of these customers told us they'd taken advance
10:32 pm
loans from the company. those loan amounts are deducted from the refund first. then the company says there are fees for tax preparation, electronic filing, fast refunds and bank fees. a key virginia senate committee unanimously endorsed a bill forcing online retailers like amazon to collect the same sales taxes that brick and more tore stores collect to close the -- mortar stores collect to close the loophole. supporters say it would boost virginia's treasury by hundreds of millions of dollars annually and level the playing field for traditional bookstores. a federal appeals court ruled california's ban on same sex marriage is illegal, but the marriages will not resume in the state any time soon. fox's claudia cowan has the latest from san francisco. >> reporter: a federal appeals court ruling california's same sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. the 2-1 decision was made by a three-judge panel of the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals. today's ruling upholds a lower
10:33 pm
court decision from 2010 which said the ban known as proposition 8 is a violation of civil rights for gays and lesbians. >> how we are born should not be a basis for discrimination in this country and who we choose to love. every american regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation deserves the same dignity and respect, the same freedom to love and to maisch rei and to build a family. >> reporter: -- to marry and to build a family. >> reporter: voters in california passed prop 8 with about 52% of the vote just after the supreme court legalized same sex marriage. prop supporters say they will appeal to the larger 9th circuit and then the u.s. supreme court. if such an appeal is filed same sex marriage will remain on hold in california until the issue is resolved. >> we see this as kind of a stepping stone to when it's
10:34 pm
ultimately decided >> reporter: during the period when same sex marriage was legal in california some 18,000 couples tied the knot. those unions remain valid and in place. in san francisco claudia cowan, fox news. the anger over the white house push to make employers cover birth control has now reached the military. the head of the archdiocese for military services issued a letter to all military personnel saying the decision to force even catholic schools and hospitals to provide coverage was a blow to a freedom that you fought to defend and for ve seen your buddies fall in battle. today the white house hinted it might be open to compromise but didn't say how. press secretary jay carney was asked if the president's stand is still one of no reconsideration. >> it does. the president is committed to making sure that all women have access to the important preventive services.
10:35 pm
>> republican presidential candidates have decried the white house policy as an assault on religion and the catholic church. an executive of susan g. komen for the cure is resigning but says she stands by the decision to cut ties to planned parenthood. she ran for governor of georgia in 2010. karen handle said she was actively engaged from trying to cut off grants from komen to planned parenthood. after complaints the decision was reversed last week. an entire school staff replaced, why officials are making this drastic move. also ahead he hurt his sons, then set their house on fire killing them all, tonight another twist in this bizarre case, what police learned about josh powell's bank account. if you're heading to one of the largest natural tourist a tracks, take your water bottle. fox -- attractions, take your water bottle.
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fox business network neil cavuto explains. >> it typically takes one to three months to fill a job opening and some of those openings may be working for an app. a new study showing nearly half a million so-called app economy jobs being created since 2007. those are positions creating and marketing applications. of for things like smart phones and tab -- applications for things like smart phones and tablets. the owner of kfc and fact owe bell expecting to open -- taco bell expecting to open over 1,500 restaurants this year overseas, 600 in china. . if you go to the grand canyon, bring your own water, plastic bottles being banned at the landmark site. instead visitors need to fipple their own containers at new park watering stations, but you can still buy bottled soda and juice. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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when students returned to the los angeles elementary school where two teachers were arrested last week, they will see all new faces. the entire 120 member staff at miramonte elementary is being replaced while investigators look into sex abuse allegations. martin springer is accused of modeling two girls in his classroom and mark berndt is accused of committing lewd acts outwent 3 children. jerry sandusky's lawyer -- on 23 children. jerry sandusky's lawyer filed motions for copies of secret grand jury material including the phone numbers of the phones accusing sandusky of sex abuse and also
10:41 pm
investigative notes and psychiatric records. the attorney says he needs those phone numbers to look at the victims' phone records. new details tonight about josh powell's final days, the father who set his house on fire killing himself and his two young sons in washington state. police say powell withdrew 7,000 from a bank the day before he set the blaze. they don't know what he did with the money. he left a voicemail for family members saying he couldn't live without the boys and didn't want to go on anymore. powell made headlines when his wife disappeared two years ago. he was named a person of interest but never charged. >> what he's done is just unimaginable for any man to do and when -- i believe he was responsible and when he was quiet, that was another red flag, that he knew something, he had done something because he was not talking to anybody, not cooperating and then he moved about a month -- i think it was maybe less than a month after she went missing to another state knowing full well where she was and that she was
10:42 pm
not coming back. >> an autopsy shows the children suffered hatchet wounds to their necks but ultimately died of smoke inhalation. coming up tonight at 11:00 a news edge exclusive, a maryland man demanding answers after a police chase through d.c. last night. he says the officers never turned on lights or a siren making him believe he was being targeted by criminals. wait till you hear what happened once he finally did shop. we've got the shocking details -- stop. we've got the shocking details.
10:43 pm
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we're in the web center now talking about the big ricky martin glee episode which aired tonight with sarah fraser from hot 99.5. people were tweeting about this and chatting about this. what was the big thing they were talking about with ricky martin? >> overall ricky martin trending and he did a sort of half english, half spanish version of his strong. sexy and i know it, which was great, spanish teacher episode
10:46 pm
tonight. it was phenomenal. plus they brought back mimi leaks and everybody tweeting. how much do you love that mimi leaks on glee they tweeted? she was so good ryan murphy was giving an interview and it was kind of a longer scene in the episode and he said it was so phenomenal that the cast applauded her and they don't do that for anyone. so that was impressive. >> especially since she's not an actor. >> not at all, but she did a need job. it was really phenomenal. >> also you're hearing rumors or some scoop on an upcoming episode that would be huge. >> oh, my gosh. if this happens, this would be enormous. ryan murphy also hinting they've already done an episode of madonna's music, but that madonna herself would appear on glee. >> wow, that would be huge. >> what would we do? >> i could see her coming out and getting them all around her cheer doing her new song she
10:47 pm
did in the super bowl. >> could you imagine? it's a huge rumor, but she is touring this year. so i think there's a possibility. >> what better way to promote it? any scoop tomorrow? >> tomorrow we'll see some of the highlights for ricky martin and also we'll talk about next week's episode because rachel's gay dad appears, so we'll tell you who is playing that, a big a list actor playing one of them. >> very interesting. thanks, sarah. >> we have a weather event to finally talk about this winter. >> that's what we call them, events. any time it snows it is an event now because we've had so little this winter as compared to over winters. tomorrow we will have a small amount of snow, but it may be enough to cause trouble which is the perfect time to remind you, if you haven't done it, please download our free fox 5 weather app. one of the things you may see tomorrow on that is a winter weather advisory going into effect. none has been issued at this point, but you also get our video forecasts, the twitter feed, a 10-day forecast and the
10:48 pm
all important radar so you'll know when the snow is starting around the region tomorrow. we'll get you started with a look at the big picture tomorrow. guess what? month of us are going to see snow tomorrow from this -- most of us are going to see snow tomorrow from this area of low pressure. it's southeast of 95 and may mix with rain. you get down to southern maryland maybe over to the lower delmarva you'll get some rain, but enough to accumulate even though it's not going to be a huge snow. we're thinking maybe 1, 2, or in some places 3 inches. that can be enough coming at rush hour on a wednesday to definitely slow you down a little. it's not the morning rush hour. it's the evening rush hour. here is our storm system. we still have a ways to go. we don't even really have clouds from it yet, but when this gets going, it's going to happen pretty quickly. i think for say the potomac mightlands this may begin around sunrise -- highlands this may begin around sunrise for you. for the rest of us after the
10:49 pm
morning commute. it's producing some good snows for st. louis, checked a lot of observations out of kansas city. there were one or two spots that pulled about 4 inches out of it, but most places got 1 to 3 inches. i think that's what we're looking at around here tomorrow. 56 degrees today at reagan and dulles, keeps the pavement temperatures warm. so perhaps we won't have too many issues on the roadways, especially since the trucks were out there getting salt down already. because it's clear these temperatures tonight are getting cold. we will chill down. gaithersburg to 37 already, martinsburg 36, also catch, the reading at win chester anding aers -- catching that reading at winchester and hagerstown. we'll jump to future car, wednesday morning, probably a little sunshine -- futurecast, wednesday morning, probably a little sunshine, but those clouds will rapidly come in and west to east we'll see snow beginning. so it's touching the beltway line about 1:00 and starting as snow, probably no changeover from rain to snow.
10:50 pm
i think it starts as snow. watch what happens. we begin to pull in at the evening rush hour, some rain showers well south and east, but even here east of 95 through prince george's county, anne arundel county you may see that snow for the rush hour and this might be kind of like the peak time with this storm. we run it out to 11:00 and we're still picking up on some falling snow and now we're beginning also to see that accumulation because for a number of hours this will fall and not really accumulate because temperatures should be warm enough, but going through the evening hours it starts to stick. it will certainly stick on grassy areas and that's when we may have a few slick spots. thursday morning's commute you'll be okay. that's out of here. we'll see the sun come back even if it will be a cool day. what are we talking about accumulationwise? in the darker blue, that's where we think we're looking at 1 to maybe 3 inches. it doesn't sound like much, but that would actually double what we've had. up to 1 inch and along the beltway and much of the metro
10:51 pm
area giving you a better more specific idea, what our models show us here, hagerstown closing in on 2 inches, martinsburg 1.8, gaithersburg 1. in the city about 1/2-inch, annapolis maybe .6-inch and down to leonardtown a small accumulation not ruled out. here is your five-day forecast. we get through this little snow event. temperature tomorrow is about 40 degrees but again keep in mind that it can snow at 40 and that will eventually drop our temperatures as we go through the day into the 30s, thursday about 48 degrees, friday back to 52, big surge of colder air for the weekend. we'll talk more about that on the news edge at 11:00 and we'll start with this snowstorm at the top of 11:00 because we'll have new information coming into the weather center, so we'll show you that. fox 5 sports is brought to you by acura. >> the spoils of the super bowl victory are just beginning for the world champion new york giants. today a manhattan prayed,
10:52 pm
sports director dave feldman here with -- parade, sports director dave feldman here with the details. >> it's the second super bowl championship parade for the giants in four years. super bowl mvp eli manning somehow iing off the lombardi trophy -- showing off the lombardi trophy as thousands of fans line lower manhattan for the giants super bowl parade. there were 40 tons of paper shredded into confetti and showered from the skyscrapers. later a ceremony was held at city hall where the players received honorary keys to the city. mayor michael bloomberg declared new york the blue appear and defensive lineman justin tuck -- blue apple and defensive lineman justin tuck sang his victory song. >> what do you got? >> i got a >> what do you got? >> we got a ring. >> we got range. >> we got a ring. >> we got a ring. >> we got a ring.
10:53 pm
>> yea! >> yea! [ cheering and applause ] >> guess what? i got two. [ laughter ] >> yes, he does. the parade for the super bowl champs will have an estimated economic impact of up to $38 million for the city depending on the number of spectators, this according to the mayor. as many as 1 million were expected. about 1/3 came from outside new york city. guys, back to you. >> thanks, dave. president obama got into the action today at the second annual white house science fair helping pump up the student's marshmallow gun. the president stepped back after pumping up the gun. apparently this isn't the video. the president checked out a robot created by several students and talked to them about their specials. the young inventors were excite -- experiments. the young inventors were excited to show off their specials. it's better to book the
10:54 pm
aisle seat on a flight than the window. a new study found sitting at a window could increase the risk of blood clots in your legful health experts say window seaters are less like -- leg. health experts say window seaters are less likely to move. a public college in pennsylvania selling the morning after pill out of a vending machine charging $25 for each pill. it's dispensed from a machine that sells condoms and pregnancy tests. the machine is in the student health center. the pill known as plan b is available without a prescription to anyone 17 and older usually kept behind the counter at pharmacies. the auditions are over and it's on to hollywood for all of american idol's golden ticket winners, but now the real competition begins. we'll take you behind the scenes next. on the news edge forget that morning cup of coffee. now you can inhale your caffiene fix, the break-through science behind it at 11:00. 
10:55 pm
 >> this fox 5 sports update is brought to you by acura, acura advance. okay, people, let's get started. pepete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? te's mom is videochatting me, d she wants her pen back! , alright, well. i just got one. so... easy, ok? yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it.
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when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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10:58 pm
american idol's golden ticket winners are now headed for tinseltown. in fact, we caught up with some of the season's top contenders. fox's adam housley shows us of. >> reporter: they're moving one step closer to their dream and for those talented enough to receive a golden ticket hollywood week means a lot of mental and physical preparation. >> i'm going to hollywood! >> i just need to be i guess mentally ready for this and i had vocal chord surgery last year. so i'm still recouping and need to make sure i'm working really hard at my therapy. >> i'm going to get in incredible shape, have 60 voice lessons and go there and rock it and win. >> i need to keep my head about me and do at least 12 pushups a day. no, i think a lot of this stuff
10:59 pm
is physically and mentally just trying and if you just prepare yourself for it, i think you're in a lot better shape. >> reporter: for those who have been here before, their previous hollywood experience could mean the difference. >> i'm definitely going to pick my group differently this year because that was part of the reason i went home. i forgot my lyrics and there was a bunch of drama with my group. >> reporter: while some fainted under the pressure of tinseltown others took the moment to step up. >> you have to be really strong like within yourself, within being with other people. if you can't work with other people, it's not going to work for you and you have to be -- have self-confidence but not too much because you have to give other people confidence, too. >> hollywood is going to be tough, but you got to stay strong, build up your confidence and also find songs that suit your voice and really connect with the judges as well as the audience. >> reporter: in


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