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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are following breaking news off the top tonight. an alexandria paramedic falls off the bridge on i-95 while responding to a car fire. >> fox 5 is live in arlington right now. matt, what do you know? >> reporter: this is a
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terrible accident. as you take a look at the scene, let me explain to you what we have been able to figure out. calls came in around 6:30. there was some kind of car fire. well the first unit, emergency unit on the scene was a paramedic unit. that's long before firefighters got there and apparently that is when this paramedic fell over the overpass. not long ago, we spoke to the chief fire marshal. he'll explain exactly what took place. take a listen. as one of the medics exited the vehicle, that person fell 20 feet off the roadway and into the creek below. he was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. >> reporter: back out live
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here. take a look at 395 at this hour. this is the northbound lane. you can see that it's backed up as we pan across here. there are also emergency vehicles still in place here. authorities on the scene, virginia state police trying to determine exactly what happened. at this point, officials are not releasing the name of this paramedic yet. at last report, we are told that he or she, we're not sure if it's a he or she is in stable condition. once again, happening at 6:30 today, here along 395 near gleeb road, a paramedic fell over the overpass, 20 feet down below and is in serious condition. brian, shawn, back to you. >> thank you. now to a fox 5 weather alert. we shot video up in urbana, maryland, where it coated the grass. here in the city, it didn't do
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that. the wet roads could cause some problems in the morning. look out for fog and a potential refreeze. sue is tracking it all for us in the weather center. sue. >> seeing anything there that was causing a big problem. >> virginia had about an inch and coming in at an inch. most of this on grassy areas. i want you to see hernden had 1 inch and cherry grove, 2 inches. a lot of places are close to 32 degrees. roadways are wet. we expect temperatures to drop later tonight here in d.c. it is 38 degrees. i want you to see as we look at lows around the region, we expect to fall into the upper 20 #áz, right around 32 degrees
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here in the district. that means some untreated spots that got wet could have a spot or two of ice. keep that in mind as you are going out and about your business. but the big storm moved out. the precipitation ended a few hours ago. we'll be on the lookout for falling temperatures, potential refreeze. watch your front step. watch your sidewalk, and also a little bit of fog is forming now. we think as we get closer to sunrise, we are likely going to see the breeze picking up and any fog we do have is going to be moving out of the way. temperatures are going to rebound tomorrow. a possibility of more snow as we head on into the weekend. >> emphasis on little and some of the coldest air of the season is going to be headed our way. we'll talk about that in detail when i join you with that full forecast. >> thinking the snow gremlins mess with your microphone. >> there you go. all right. sue, thank you very much. >> by the way, you can check the forecast anywhere.
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just down load the app on your smart phone and search for d.c. weather. you can also find a link on our website. another big story we're following tonight at 10:00. opening the relationship. both accused each other for cheating, violent encounters, drank heavily, traded angry e- mails. escalated to murder. we talked to an outside attorney tonight who says both ahead. yeardley love an angry e-mail just before she died that said,
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i should have killed you. chapman saying it was part of a pattern of violence against love. two days before, huguely kicked the door of her bedroom in and banged her head against the wall. he sent her the e-mail, accusing her of having a relationship with a university of north carolina lacrosse player. we asked the prominent local trial attorney how significant that is. >> it's how you perceive that e-mail. he says i think based on what i've seen, he should have killed her. that's past tense, so you could read that a lot of different ways. both drank a fair amount and both fought pretty intensely. while they were broken up or getting back together. relationships can be that way and people say a lot of things that they don't mean. >> so was huguely a cold, calculating criminal? defense attorney, francis lawrence says a video tape of his interview will show he's not, that huguely thought love had a bloody nose when he left.
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he didn't do anything that would have killed her, lawrence says the defendant should only be charged with involuntary manslaughter, not first-degree murder. >> if it was an accident, if he left believing he was alive, if he believes that he had not done anything to commit murder, that's relevant because he had to form the criminal intent for premeditation. >> and there was emotional testimony from a crucial witness, katie whitly, who broke down on the stand as she described how she was the one who found her roommate, yeardley love, dead in bed. >> and there's the tricky matter of the laptop computer that huguely took as he left love's apartment. the defense says he wanted to use it as collateral to have an excuse to talk to her again, not to destroy evidence. that computer was later found in the trash. >> it seem as if it might be difficult to find huguely innocent in the face of the medical examiner's report that says love died of blunt force
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trauma. >> we did ask scott about that. the defense said she died after taking a prescription drug combined with alcohol and he called it, positional shifting in bed that he said contributed to her death. it is possible that the drug and the booze could have killed her, but it will be interesting to see if the defense can find an expert to convince the jury about that positional shifting. >> a carjacking suspect faces charges tonight after police caught up with him. police say the man stole the car at a wal-mart in clinton this morning. officers spotted him on the beltway. the man bailed out of the car, leaving it in the median and took off running. officers arrested him and found a gun. a contractor is dead after a freak accident in bethesda this morning. the man's truck started rolling and when he tried to stop it, he was pinned against the wall. police say he was 66 years old. no one else was hurt.
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another ride on bus caught fire and went up in flames. marking the fifth ride on bus destroyed by flames over the last few years. no one knows what is causing these fires, but the buses are being used every day. fox 5's john hanrahan has the story. >> reporter: the bus system in montgomery county uses big buses and uses smaller buss to get around the narrower streets. about 50 of the smaller buses were purchased from international in 2007. the union that represents drivers has never favored the vehicle. >> i don't like the bus because the way it handles and the rough ride it gives not only the driver, but the passengers. it's a truck. you feel every bump, every little crack in the road. >> there's another reason to not like the international buses. five of them have caught fire and burned up. there have been a couple other smoke only incidents. what is causing the bus fires? >> various causes, from a
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crimped brake line to a stuck parking brake, to an electrical circuit breaker. >> at one point, the international buses off the street and the manufacture paid for repairs. but another international ride on bus caught fire december 29 and yet another caught fire on tuesday. the union that represents drivers and mechanics has had it. >> all these buses should be taken off the road. >> county officials say they have once again carefully examined all the international buses and found no obvious problems. >> again, would lend itself to believe it's as though unique mechanical failure on this particular bus. again, we don't know. >> why not take them all off? >> the problem with taking them all off is because we don't have sufficient coverage to cover all the ridership that
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the public transportation system demands. >> of the 50 international buses, about two dozen of them remain in service. officials in montgomery had it in that and planter replaced all the buses. that process may take a year and a half. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> frequent fliers can rejoice. put you in the fast lane at the airport. they are expending the precheck program. volunteer information about themselves prior to traveling. once they get to the airport, think will go through a separate lane at security, where they may not need to take off jackets or laptops. we recognize that all travelers are not alike and not all of them pose the same level of risk. what better information, we can better assess rise risk.
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we are trying to reduce the size of the hay stack. >> the precheck program will start next month. for delta passengers, it will expand later this year. it is a story you saw first on fox. a tax prep company saying they aren't getting their full refund. there are tempers flaring. plus, this dog found near death on a local road. what happened to him before he was left to die. and greeting tough on terrifying crimes, how it could have helped change maryland's state law. 
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it is the story of animal cruelty out of anne arundel county. a dog being used by bait by dog fighters. >> as you know, pit bulls often get a bad rap, that they are mean, vicious, it's the pit bull that became the victim of its owner. you'll hear this word bait come up again and i'll give explanation in the taped piece. youwho barely
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survived. >> the question is, how did this dog survive? >> it was a guy taking a walk who loves animals and would not let that dog die and an animal hospital in maryland that did all of the medical services for free. >> they call him rocky road, a pit bull left injured, abandoned. it's been a rocky road, but he is a survivor. >> the face is bite wounds. puncture marks. >> here's a photo of the dog prior to treatment. anne arundel county animal control officers believe he was used by dog fighters as bait. >> dog used to train fighting dogs. it shows them how to be vicious. they can be rewarded when they are vicious. >> in other words, this dog is the target attacked by other dogs being trained to fight. 20-year-old was taking a walk last thursday afternoon.
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that's when he discovered the wounded dog in the park across the street from his family's lincecum home. >> i love animals. i couldn't leave him the way he was. i stayed there until animal control got there. my boss called me and i told them, i'm not leaving this dog here. >> officers scoop the up the dog and brought him here to the animal hospital. >> the people that worked on him and saved his life are the heros. i was just happen to be at the right place and the right time to save him. >> hospital treated the dog at no charge. >> you use a little bit of faith in humanity when you see how they can treat a defenseless animal who loves attention. >> the doctor came up with a name, rocky road. but with a new life and a new home with a rescue group, things aren't looking so rocky anymore. >> love to see that tail wagging after all of that, don't you? total of 40 stitches. and let me tell you, most of the injuries, the top part of his body and the experts are
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saying that's consistent with a dog that is fending off other dogs trying to protect itself. >> any idea who may have done this? >> we asked officials that and they are saying the investigation is on going. because rocky road was found in a park, there's no fixed home or apartment address to tie the dog to. hopefully someone will recognize rocky road and say, i know that owner and come forward. >> let's hope so. it ended with a positive note. >> love a happy ending. >> brian. >> now to a story you saw first on fox 5. a lot of angry customers at a tax return service in northeast. the service is stealing their money. melanie says, they can't cash their return checks. >> they are checking it now. >> tax refund checks issued by their bank were kicked back wednesday. >> as you can see, pnc won't honor it. >> the manager of instant tax service on h street northeast
10:19 pm
told us the text had been printed with the wrong sequence number. >> i can't talk about this. there's a problem with the check sequence and trying -- >> with the check sequence? >> he did not want to give us a name. the other client was waiting for a refund check to clear. >> i don't have no idea. >> manager said he would bring them new checks, but down the street, instant tax service was shutting its doors. >> they put us out of a job because they stole our money. >> police were called for crowd control, and one by one, clients were led in. it's not just wednesday's check processing problem. customers are angry about what they believe are hidden fees and outrageous charges to file their tax return. >> no paperwork. this is what we charge you for doing your taxes, nothing. >> the owner of the instant
10:20 pm
tax franchise is in d.c., maryland, and virginia, told me the troubles are only with clients that came to them for holiday loans. there were some e roan nows charges. she did get her check cashed, plus a second check and the franchise owner says you're doing all the same. i also spoke with the ceo of instant tax service. and a representative of their bank tax tree. tax tree denied there were any mistake in charges involved with those holiday loans. the ceo told me many of his clients have government debt and they don't realize the government money gets taken out of their refunds in addition to any tax preparation fees and loan repayments. there are certainly more to this story and we will stay on it. melanie, fox 5 news. put this in the far from
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surprised file. harry thomas jr. failed to pay up on his embezzlement settlement. make six, $50,000 payments after he stole $100,000. his office is going after to thomas thomas. the city cowl take other action. nathan did not say what the city is doing eventually. >> a police officer is accused of drunk driving. derek was arrested in st. mary's county and charged with dui. it was off duty at the time and not drinking a department vehicle. police pours have been suspended. the response team is investigating. >> tonight, more trouble news from the same school where two teachers have been arrested. find out what one mother says came home from her child's teacher's aid, plus, a pleepped
10:22 pm
to his ex-wife. have to hear what a 911 operator tells her. 
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tonight, we're hearing a social worker's 911 call just minutes before a father brew up his house with his two young sons inside. josh powell lost custody of his children and a suspect in their mother's disappearance in 2009. eight minutes lapse between the first 911 call and when deputies were dispatched. by then, it was too late. >> have to respond to emergency life threatening situations first. the first available deputy. >> this could be life threatening. he went to court on wednesday and he didn't get his kids back and this is really, i'm afraid for their lives. there's two little boys in the house and they are five and seven and there's an adult man.
10:26 pm
he has supervised visitation and he blew up the house and the kids. >> should have sent deputies more quickly. powell wounded his children with a hatchet before all three died in the fire. seven people died in the tragedy. the company that built the platform is accused of indifference to safety standards. $53,000. it also sited the commission and the union for safety regulations. the stage collapse due to high winds in a thunderstorm. investigators in l.a. found an additional 200 photos they believe were taken by a former teacher charged with committing lewd acts on 23 students. a second teacher is charged with lewd acts on a student and a mother from the teacher's aid sent her son love letters, telling him he gave her chills.
10:27 pm
the school's entire staff is being replaced. we have been warned about her for years, americans need to cut back on the salt. plus, a santorum sweep sending shock waves through the campaign trail. how the candidates are spinning the victory next. and if you see a story we should look into, send your comments. you can also give us a call. 202-895-3000.  okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, d she wants her pen back! , alright, well. i just got one. so... easy, ok? yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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as the dust settles from rick santorum's sweep tuesday, the gop candidates are moving forward in a race that continues to be chaotic and unpredictable. voters all chose santorum over mitt romney last night. laura evans is following the fallout. laura. >> each of the four gop presidential hopefuls are spinning last night's results and trying to figure out how to capture that needed momentum. all are promising a bitter and
10:31 pm
potentially long fight. >> rick santorum's stunning sweep gives him strength going forward in this race and provided for a lighter moment during a meeting with pastors in texas wednesday. >> one of the great gifts that i've had in my political career is that no one ever thinks that i could ever win anything. >> the former pennsylvania senator has now won four of the first eight nominating contests and that puts the pressure on the other candidates for the primaries in michigan. >> romney campaign should be a little concerned here. it's just a soft front runner position. it was a very expensive setback for romney. >> he's going to have to spend a lot more money than he expected to. >> on wednesday, mitt romney stopped in georgia. >> where we compete aggressively head to head, we have done well and hopefully we can keep that up. >> some analysts believe his strong second place finish in minnesota keeps him in the race for delegates or makes him a
10:32 pm
spoiler. newt gingrich who claims to be the romney alternative did not speak after tuesday's losses and continues to focus on ohio as part of his super tuesday strategy. >> i believe us to get back on the right track, we have to have leadership that is committed to new solutions. >> more than 400 delegates are up for grabs in the ten states on supertuesday, which is march 6. and remember, it takes 1144 delegates to win the nomination. more bad news for mitt romney. in a hypothetical race against president obama. i want you to take a look at this poll on the critical swing state of virginia. according to this new survey, president obama inched ahead of mitt romney 47-43 percent. not something romney wants to see, especially on the heels of last night's losses. they have a lot of work to do
10:33 pm
in the weeks ahead. >> indeed they do. thank you. >> a lot requiring catholic institutions to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives is putting faith based organizations to go against the obama administration. talks or promise talk with catholic on how to implement that policy, but denied reports they were ready to compromise. >> what the administration has done is an unprecedented in terms of both parties have respected religious liberty. >> power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with the woman, not her boss. >> a house committee will hear opinions. they will use every tool at their disposal to block that appeal. >> talking about her stand on the organization's funding of planned parenthood. karen handle was the vice
10:34 pm
president of public policy and she decided the decision. the screening program, when komen -- >> the organization anymore, but i'm very disappointed. i think komen would have been in a stronger place had the organization stood firm. with that, i respect the decision that was their right to make. >> handle ran on a pro-life platform when she campaigned for the governor's office in georgia in 20120. >> 2010. >> charged with using foreign funds. the state department says there are 60 americans involved in the case. there are 189. one of them is the son of ray lahood. all of the americans work for nongovernment groups. if they do not resolve the matter, egypt could lose. a threat the prime minister
10:35 pm
brushes off. >> e judgment will follow and abide by the law. egypt won't back down because of some aid. >> the state department says egypt is mischaracterizing the issue. nongovernment tall organizations, not a crime. >> jim carey's daughter makes her debut. what happened? and it may be hard to make out from these under water shots, but treasure hunters think they discovered fortune off the coach. but first, some good news for the business. neil explains. >> he was hitting the jackpot on wall street. surging. 71%. but investors saying do another ipo. groupon shares crumbling after
10:36 pm
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a new study shows americans are getting too much sodium. of course can be dangerous for your health. before you swear off the salt shaker, you might be surprised where that sodium comes from. >> the cents for disease control and prevention releasing a new report that
10:40 pm
releases top sources of salt. leading the list, bread and rolls. the cdc says bread and rolls are accounting for twice as much sodium than snacks. sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure. >> if you are consuming 5- grams or 6-grams of sodium a day and a lot of folks are doing that, you are poisoning yourself, you're going to get sick. you're going to get high blood pressure and heart disease. >> other lists include cured meats, pizza, and fresh and processed poultry. fresh snacks come in at the bottom of the list. >> the sodium is in the foods that we are eating. in the cold cuts, in the frozen pizzas. all of those things basically contain 60% of all the sodium. >> no one should eat more than 2300 milligrams of sodium a day. equal to a teaspoon.
10:41 pm
the cdc reports that average consumption is around 3 3300 milligrams. what makes food taste good is salt. i got it. i love food. but we got to be careful. >> according to the cdc, 8 harks ,000 people die each year from cardiovascular diseases like heart attack or stroke. >> there are conflicting reports about the mystery illness that hit a grown up of teenagers in new york. the bizarre problems that spread to 15 girls, one boy, and a 36-year-old nurse. there's a debate about whether it's physical or psychological. one doctor thinks it's turrets. >> i just started to freak out and i had a panic attack and then i started to tick. >> remarkable thing is that there are antiinflammatories
10:42 pm
that are probably sitting in your medicine cabinet right now that you could use to treat these girls. >> whatever the diagnosis, doctors say many of the affected teenagers are starting to show signs of healing. >> news edge following a developing story, a paramedic seriously injuries after falling off 395 bridge. the latest at 11:00. plus, find out how a victim from a high profile could pass law. the scam he is able to postpone in virginia. at 11:00. ♪
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we're not going to talk about american idol just yet. an auction of elizabeth tailor's belongings fetched millions of dollars. it brought in $183 million. fine art, decorative arts and memorabilia snapped up by eager bidders.
10:46 pm
video from a similar auction in december. that auction netted nearly $157million. still, no public apology from mia from flashing her finger and madonna is upset about it. she did nothing similar in rehearsal, but got caught up in the moment. nbc and the nfl have apologized. we are down here in the web center to talk about tonight's idol episode. the moment that most people are talking about when the girl fell off the stage at the end of the show. i was stunned. >> samone falls off the stage. we don't know if she's okay. >> i'm hoping she's okay. i hope we'll find out tomorrow. >> that's the big teaser. but her voice was beautiful. and she literally look like she began to faint and fell off the front of the stage. so the biggest moment, i mean,
10:47 pm
the omg moment of the night. other things jane carey off the show. how did that happen? >> did they know she was jim carey's daughter? >> her voice was beautiful when she auditioned. they were not so wild about her this time. she was voted off. >> i'm glad to see there was no, you're in automatically because you're from hollywood royalty. >> they certainly did not do that. the gorgeous nba cheerleader, she made it through. you haven't even seen some of the top talent. they are tuesdaying that and we'll get more into it tomorrow night. hopefully everything is okay. >> absolutely. >> we will find out. hopefully she is okay. her dad was there. he had been with her. >> yeah. >> all right, we'll go back
10:48 pm
upto you. >> a sigh of relief after the snow stayed out to whenever it stayed and came to the city. >> melted it in the city. we did see a mix here in the city, brian, but it wasn't able to stick. temperature got up to 43 degrees and following months and days of warm temperatures. that was good. we didn't need anymore trouble at rush hour. thank you so much for sending your snowy picktures today. this one from western county. far to the north, almost up to the line. not quite. we have a beautiful shot. you can see it covering the kick. sticking the. a half an inch, to an inch and a half up to our north. mt. arie, this is what you're looking at. and last stop is newmarket. a dusting of snow, maybe a
10:49 pm
coating, it wasn't trying to perform. there's another folks coming, folks, we could see some flakes friday night into the overnight hours and first part of saturday morning. there goes our system, it was a disturbance. it wasn't all that cold with our temperature getting up to 44 degrees. while a lot of yows didn't see snow, roads seem to do well and a big shout out to the road crews to make sure the snow didn't cause any problems. hagertown down to 0. the problem will be, a lot of these programs were wet and some icy spots in the morning with where we didn't see any treatment. so what have your step early in the morning. e well head down to 28 degrees.
10:50 pm
29 for dulles and manassas. 26 for hagerstown. not everybody gets below freezing. we still have spots near the water that will stay above it, but there will be patchy ice here and there. fasten your seat belts for the temperature trend. we had a lot of warm days. tomorrow will be seasonal at 47. friday looks great. and some of this season rolls into town late friday night into saturday. so our high on saturday will be 39 degrees and sunday 38 degrees and while we are transitioning with this arctic front coming on thr through, we will have snow showers come up with it. a sunny day on. i think the breeze will pick up closer to sunrise. we'll start to see the signs coming late tonight. it will be very cold behind
10:51 pm
that. it could bring snow showers through in the overnight hours into saturday morning. but it's the chill we'll be talking about. a definite cold plunge. the worst of it stays of us. there will feel like winter made a return. where the temperature dips below temperature, temperature 47 degrees. you don't need your snow brush tomorrow and a lot of you didn't necessarily need it today either. the possibility of snow showers coming through friday night into saturday as that temperature really drops, but it looks like we're back to 44 degrees on monday. we want to thank everybody for the great pictures. we had over 100 pictures sent. >> great to see yours truly snow is. >> u thank you, sue.
10:52 pm
>> you wouldn't know it from this say lent video. it was hack perked by an injury. helled up. he hit the stage during the post game party. why are the patriots having a post game party? showed off his dance moves after. >> the offseason questions begin. first and foremost, well, where will quarterback, peyton manning suit up next? of course, david feldman responds. >> they are, specific to this area. there is some buzz that he could bam redskin. at the super bowl in indy, revealed he was cleared to play
10:53 pm
2012. after undergoing three operations. peyton manning played his entire 14 year career with the colts. he currently ranks third all time in completions, passing yards, and touchdowns behind dan moreno and brett favre. now the colts have a decision to make. whether to pay manning a bonus or cut his will loose. the redskins are interested if he is viable. so should the redskins take that beganable? >> hasn't been good about picking up free agents. so, i'm kind of mixed on it. i respect what he does. if he comes here, i'm going to support him and do what i do, but he's a great quarterback. i worry for more than just his career, but his life in general. >> i think lorenzo would make a
10:54 pm
good general manager. the maybe we'll have some more information. sean. >> trying to get tom inside scoop. >> please, toss it down to the sports office immediately. >> are you serious? >> yeah, i'm like, go around the corner. >> call him right now. will they do under cover stalking for us? >> maybe not. i don't from his number. >> if they see moving trucks, i'll let you know. >> give me your parents number, i'll tick kir of sign. >> 71, tons of platinum. uncut diamonds, just the beginning. and tonight on the news edge, they are the biggest planes in the world. carrying more than 500 passengers and on the there's a
10:55 pm
major alert. 
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imagine finding $3 billion at the bottom of the sea. a group of treasure hunters did just that. hitting the jackpot off the coast of massachusetts. fox's molly has details. >> i don't know what's going on here. >> the images are murky. treasure hunters believe they found a fortune. >> there's some gold and also some uncut diamonds, industrial diamonds that were there. >> the ss port nicholson sunk in 1942. the captain believes the british merchant vessel's cargo, a payment from the soviets to the united states, is now worth $3 billion. >> it will be the largest
10:59 pm
treasure ever found, yes, absolutely. >> bringing the find to the surface is no easy task. the ship lies in 700 feet of water, 50 miles from shore. in an area littered with ship wrecks known for strong currents and turbulent weather. >> how difficult is that? >> very difficult. the pressure is immense down there. it is diveable, but very scary. >> team will use a remotely operated vehicle. a robot with a claw. >> when the treasures are brought up into the light, the challenges are far from over. the legal battle over the goods may be just beginning. >> law is complicated. britain has yet to decide whether or not to file a claim on the cargo. and with so much money at stake, legal experts expect a battle. >> when you talk about how many zeros in a billion dollar claim, that is going to invite all sorts of people to come in out of the woodwork. >> a lot of money. the


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