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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now. it's going to look like another beautiful day out there. good morning. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. and tucker barns is joining us now to talk about some of our weather situations. >> yeah, fine right now. >> into the weekend. >> well, the weekend looks cold. and maybe winter wealth around here during -- winter weather around here during the day on saturday. >> enjoy today. >> maybe new york and boston, maybe a major storm. and a close call for u but not a terribly big deal. >> wow, i hope somebody traveling over the weekend doesn't get stranded. >> well, not like that. several inches. maybe 6 in new york and 10 in boston. >> scenic. >> a little bit. and we had a lot to talk about all winter long, so it will be a big story. but around here, light accumulation's north and west of the city. >> okay. let's get to it. >> okay. and the right now, we're fine. no problems this morning. in fact, sunshine. and then the clouds move in
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shortly there after. look to the west, a lot of clouds. st. louis and atlanta, and eventually that will cause a area of low pressure to develop off the carolina coast and cold air on the way. it's exciting in the weather department for a change. 28 in ocean city. chilly temperatures out there. wind chester 25 degrees. so jacket, gloves, mittens for the kids walking to school. mild temperatures today, near 50. and that will be a factor overnight. there you go, highs in the upper 40s. cloudy by late this afternoon. could be a sprinkle late today. >> all right. thank you. >> but sunshine early in the morning. >> you got it. speaking of sunshine. >> isn't he cute. >> see, this is why we like having him in the morning. >> so i can suck up to you. >> yeah. you know, gently, you know, wake up the bear.
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you don't puck the bear tucker. you gently wake the bear. on the roads this morning, i think you will like this, beltway at river road, traffic flowing freely. no problems toward the american legend bridge. an easy go for those on 66. you will find that lanes are open, overnight construction has cleared and the pace is good towards 123. overnight construction in the hot lane zone already cleared. off to a good start. northbound 95, quiet across the bridge. no trouble spots as you continue to work your way inbound. and again, south side of the beltway, not too many people out and about. no one stretching their legs. easy commute southbound. that's a check of your fox 5 morning traffic. >> thank you. shock in a small virginia town. after a woman is killed by police. this morning, there are many questions that remain. we are live in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: well,
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investigators say the police officer and woman got into a confrontation, but what happened next in the time between that and the shooting remains unclear. it happened yesterday morning, killing the 54-year-old. the police officer was responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle. witnesses told a local newspaper the officer had been talking to the woman and then heard him warning her to stop or he would fire. the officer has been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure. virginia state police are investigating, but won't confirm how many times she was shot or what prompted the officer to open fire. >> some sort of altercation took place. and some shots were fired. and vehicle traveled south on northeast street about 75-yards and ended up striking a telephone pole. >> a witness told the newspaper the first shot was fired at point blank range and that the
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officer kept firing as the jeep drove away. cook was married, but had no children. neighbors are stunned describing her as a petite woman who wouldn't hurt a fly. the shooting happened just feet from the church that she attended. >> a lot of questions in that one. thank you very much. a memorial set up at a fire department this morning honoring their co-worker who died from injuries suffered in the line of duty. the paramedic's unit was responding to a car fire wednesday night. that's when he fell over a guardrail trying to get to the burning vehicle. he landed below. >> just walking around numb. we can't believe that it happened. it just, you almost expect a fire, a death from a fire. but something like this just, wow. we just, we're in shock. >> he was a seven-year veteran of the fire department. he was just 33 years old.
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he leaves behind a wife. a teacher at a catholic school is charged with having sex with a student. the 27-year-old ashly campbell taught at the school. police say the abuse of the 16- year-old boy went on for over a year. the school says none of the abuse happened on campus. fairfax county police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted a 15-year- old girl wednesday morning. it happened near the intersection of monument drive. the girl says the man followed her, made comments of a sexual nature and touched her inappropriately. she said she has seen him in the bushes before. testimony will resume today in the murder trial. the former university of virginia student accused of killing his exgirlfriend. thursday, jurors heard
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testimony about a violent confrontation they had months before she was killed. a fellow student testified he saw him choke her in his bedroom. he says he ran into the room when he heard screaming. the $25 billion mortgage settlement will help homeowners here in our area. it was worked out with 49 states. only oklahoma is holing out. the district of columbia is getting $40 million. and maryland will get about $960 million and many say it's long overdue. >> the money will go directly to those who need it, need it now. >> for all of virginia and our economy, it will help us finally start to clear the market so we can get out of this, what we hope is the bottom of this housing plunge. >> now if your loan was
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serviced through freddie mac or fannie mae, you will not qualify. checks won't begin going out for the next six to nine months. another photo controversy for the u.s. military. up next, what the marine corp is calling unacceptable. plus, mass illnesses onboard several cruiseships. what is making passengers sick coming up. 
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in the race for the republican nomination next on the list for candidates is a low from file caucus in maine. ron roman catholic paul has been campaigning there. after that, the candidates have a break until arizona and michigan at the end of the month. newt gingrich, rick santorum and mitt romney are speaking today, the conservative political action conference in washington, d.c. this weekend. some are calling it another black eye for the marine corp after photos show a sniper team posing in front of a flag with
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a logo. it is the nazi's symbol. the marines will not be punished because they believe the ss symbol stood for sniper scout. crews at the cruiseship crash in italy are working overtime to avoid a disaster. they moved to pump thousands of gallons of oil from the wrecked ship, but they can't remove the fuel until the seas are calm. 17 people were killed and 15 others are missing. cruiseships here in the u.s. are having troubles of their own. the crown princess was forced to turn around yesterday for the second time. after passenger got ill with a stomach virus. this could be the weekend that you strike it rich. details of one of the largest lottery jackpots in u.s.
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history. >> got to get in on that. and more possible winter weather. hi tucker. >> good morning. not today, later tonight and tomorrow, we could have another wintery mix. details on the weather forecast. and julie the bear will be in after the break. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet, cleaning better, doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna... drink this... on the porch! ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] mops can be a hassle, but swiffer wetjet's spray cleaner and absorbent pads can clean better in half the time,
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just look for the white check, only on general mills big g kid cereals, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. now with more whole grain than any other ingredient. live look outside right now from the tower cam, the u.s. capitol dome and the washington
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monument on this friday, the day before the weekend. and if you had all of this money, you would have a great, great weekend. did you get your power back ticket yet? it's up to $310 million. >> well, perfect for us then. we can get in on that. that would make at this time 11th biggest jackpot in u.s. history and the fourth largest power ball jackpot. the drawing will be saturday night. >> we got the get tickets. >> what am i going to do with $250 million? i'm waiting for 310. >> i've got suggestions either way you go. you can't go wrong. i'll help you out. >> only tucker would say, 250 not enough, i'm waiting for 310. >> that and i didn't know until right now. >> but snow would not matter if i had that. >> really? >> days and days of snow. >> i could careless if it snowed up the ankles. >> would you live in the north pole for the rest of your life
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for $300 million? >> oh, no. >> already a winner. thank. >> all right. okay. 34 in washington. we're told. 32 in fredricksburg. and these temperatures are going to continue to fall for another hour or two. so, you know, kids headed to the bus stop, definitely a chillier start here in the past week. we should be near 50s this afternoon. nice wins out of the south and west. temporarily ahead of the frontal system. up near 50. and that will be a factor in the weather later. complicated weather pattern shaping up. moisture to the south and west. and a arctic front here. and it's all going to come together at once here off of the south east coast across the carolinas with an area of low pressure and that's going to ride to the north and east. sunshine to start the day. clouds into the afternoon.
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and transition into a period of rain that may transition into winter weather, maybe snow north and west of the city during the overnight hours. the futurecast together, and we will put in motion, there you go, 5:00 this morning, sunshine to start the day. at midnight, starting to see the rain break out, the area of low pressure to the south is developing. and looks like we're getting light snow. this is off to the north and west. and overnight, looks like the rain and snow line like a couple afternoons ago gets close to the immediate washington areas. light accumulation possible. best chance north and west of the city. i think we will see snow flakes mixing on saturday. here we are saturday at 4:00. suggesting some mixed winter weather and then kicks out of here. and the second big story, very cold temperatures, going to plummet saturday night into early sunday. and daytime highs on sunday will only be about 30 to 33 degrees. so chilly around here for the
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weekend. 50 today, sunshine. again, dry for the afternoon commute. mild temperatures, winds north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. rain likely tonight. best chance north and west. could be light accumulations and we're looking at about an inch right now. winds east at 5 miles per hour as the storm cranks up off the coast. and tomorrow is a fun winter day, wintery mix, not doing something every minute, but rain and snow from time to time. and then a lot of wind at the end of the day. high temperature on sun, 33 degrees. that is not running weather. that's a look at the forecast. before we do traffic, the fox 5 weather app, if you need an update, go there. it's absolutely free. go to the marketplace for a droid or the apple store if you've got an iphone. and download it. and we've been hearing great reviews. i promise. that's a welcome at weather and the fox 5 weather app. and now the latest on traffic.
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we're already tweeting at you this morning, haven't heard back. >> getting on right now. >> it's not a horse, just twitter. social media. all right. on the roads, tucker talking about the nasty stuff over the weekend. not right now. not on our friday commute. no way, dry pavement and looking good. 355 coming in, no problems to report at 28. light traffic volume in each direction northbound 95 in good shape as well. 395 good to go, beltway across the bridge, live shot of traffic on the beltway on the outer loop, leaving georgia avenue toward connecticut avenue. nice and easy, no signs of overnight road work. 295 in good shape south of 198. 50s in good shape coming in inbound. a live shot of traffic south on 270 out of my neck of the woods into rockville. two thumbs up doing the double nick toll the split.
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-- nickel to the split. two protesters are arrested accused of attacking police officers. here's more. >> reporter: on saturday, a large number of park police officers including mounted police and scores of officers in full riot gear gathered before dawn at the square to inspect the tents the protesters have had erected there for months. the tents had sleeping gear and personal possessions were removed for violating anti- camping regulations. later in the day, police and protesters scuffled many times. during one scuffle, a protester police say threw a coke bottle at police and hit a police officer in the face. according to court documents, he still has blurred vision in
5:21 am
one eye. another defendant is charged with throwing a three-foot long pole which allegedly bounced off a police sergeant's helmet. both men are facing felony charges of assaulting a police officer. occupy nonstraiters say both -- occupy demonstrators say both sides suffered. >> this is from a police officer. they were very, very violent with us. and i'm, i really don't think that there was the intention for us to be violent back at any point. >> reporter: at that time square, a majority of the tents are gone. large areas of the park are once again open space. some tents remain. by in large, they're empty of possessions. and the same is true at freedom plaza where the inspection process was less contentious. they are using the tens as a symbolic part of the protest.
5:22 am
police officers are checking the tents overnight to make sure no one is sleeping there. he will remain in custody at a halfway house that he will not be allowed to leave. the second suspect who allegedly threw the bamboo has been released, but he has been ordered to stay completely away from the square. both men still face felony charges. >> thank you. a mysterious journey at the box office this weekend. that's coming up next. >> if we get torn, i'm blaming you. >> she talks to kim about her feisty character in journey 2. stay with us.  -dad, why are you getting g th? -that's my cereal.
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ welcome back. it is 5:25 on this friday. a live look at that time washington monument right now. and we will check in with tucker in a bit. a chilly start to your day, but we will keep an eye on the weekend for you as well. she stars in journey 2, the mysterious island playing the daughter of a helicopter pilot who wines up on a unchartered island with giant elephants and tiny bees. >> it is the movies after all.
5:26 am
she talked about the challenges of being in an action role. >> i think you mastered this one, i think it's awesome. >> thank you. >> reporter: and he's like, no. how do i look cool in slow motion? >> don't tense up. relax. just relax. play it cool. yeah. that's key. >> reporter: do you actually get the slow yourself down? >> no, we have cameras. and they are just like the highest of highest definition and shoot so many frames per second so they can slow it down and it's like flawless. >> reporter: what would be a daily activity that you would like to do in slow motion. >> every time i get out of my car. >> reporter: what song would play when you get out of the car? >> probably a gangster song. it's ridiculous, it's a massive stage that's full of green screen which is the most unnerving color. gives me a headache.
5:27 am
and basically these mechanical bulls that are brand in green screen on a train with four people in the back trying to move it and make you go side to side. so a lot of movie magic. definitely using your imagination, but the pay-off is so great. >> reporter: when you watch the film, are you able to suspend your disbelief or are you criticizing yourself? >> normally i always criticize myself, but with this one, i can completely watch and enjoy everything. it really does take you on such a fun ride. >> all right. and we're going to talk with kevin in the next hour. live from new york in the next hour of fox 5 morning news with the reviews of this week's new movies. can't wait to see him. still plenty ahead. tucker is talking possible winter weather for the weekend. and another top story this
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morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a woman shot and killed by police. what led up to the deadly shooting. we will have the details for you coming up. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims!
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welcome back. it is 5:30 on this friday. a look over northwest dc right now. clear it looks like at least. temperature 34 degrees here in our area. but it's going to be cold this weekend too as well.
5:31 am
right? >> yeah, really cold. yeah, i high temperature on sunday maybe 34. >> oh. high. >> yeah, high temperature. and windy too. >> oh, wow, well that combination is going to be stellar. >> yeah, real deal for a change. bundle up. a nice start, cold, chilly temperatures this morning. in up ther 20s and low 30s. should see sunshine for the friday morning and then clouds move in. and then things get more interesting into the nighttime hours. although to be honest, it's going to be a close call as we have a lot coming together at once. it's going to stay just far enough east that the brunt will be farther to the north and east, maybe southern new england. >> okay. >> you can see the cloud frustration the west. and if i could open this up further, you would see the storm is starting to develop off to the north and west. 34 in washington. around the freezing mark to
5:32 am
start your day. that's the cold spot, 2 9 degrees, marshall. forecast for today, surprisingly good considering we're talking about the possibility of winter weather. high temperature about 50 degrees today. and again, those temperatures are going to be a factor later tonight because we're expecting temperatures to be slow to fall. >> yeah, maybe it will turn wintery in times for like valentine's day. >> that would be perfect. >> i guess so. >> yeah, it would be, i guess. i won't get into that anymore. you know, she is all about being in love and getting married and she wants to snuggle on valentine's day. the only thing i have looking at my face is a beagle with bad breath. >> beagle bayly. >> the most loyal man i have yet to meet.the service roadway 66, the accident blocking the service road with them on the
5:33 am
scene. a message sign scooting you over, although there's no place the go. again, service roadway is blocked. that would merge onto eastbound 66 and continue out toward the beltway. the main line open for business. rubber necking. northbound 95, betters for you toward the beltway. outer loop at georgia avenue, no problems to report around towards 270. one more camera, inbound new york avenue at florida, traffic flowing freely to and from the 3rd street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. making headlines this morning. a teacher arrested for sex with a student. she worked at a christian school in montgomery county. ashly campbell is accused of having an 18-month sexual relationship with her student. she is charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and a fourth degree sex offense. police say it started in the
5:34 am
fall of 2010. she turned herself into police yesterday and was released on bond. firefighters and first responders setting up a memorial at the fire department. this is honor of their co- worker who died from injuries he suffered in the line of duty. he was responding to a car fire friday night when he fell over a guardrail trying to get to the burning vehicle. he landed below. he was a seven-year veteran of the fire department. he was just 33 years old and leaves behind a wife. shock in a small virginia town after a woman was killed by police. the shooting has stunned those who knew her. we are live in the news room now with details on what happened and the many questions that remain in the case. good morning. >> good morning. that officer was responding to a call of a suspicious person near the church that she attended when investigators say the two got into a confrontation. cook was shot dead in her jeep on east north street yesterday
5:35 am
morning. the police officer opened fire, killing the 54-year-old woman. witnesses say they heard yelling and the officer warning to stop or he would shoot, but the jeep drove off. the officer is a five-year veteran of the department and has been place on administrative leave which is standard procedure in cases like this. virginia state police are investigating. her neighbors say she was the type of person who made gifts for neighbors, calling the shooting and confrontation out of character. >> a little lady. she couldn't hurt a fly. you know, it's just crazy. always talked really nice. and always smiling and laughing with you. it was just a shock. >> cook was married, but neighbors say had no children. her friends and family re, have a lot of questions unanswered. and police aren't saying how many times cook was shot. >> thank you for that report.
5:36 am
the $25 billion mortgage settlement will help some struggling homeowners in the area. the mortgage deal announced yesterday with five of the biggest banks was worked out with 49 states. only oklahoma is holing out. the district of columbia is getting $40 million. $480million will go to virginia. and maryland will get about $960 million. if your loan was serviced through freddie mac, you do not qualify. if you have questions, check out the website, checks will not begin going out for six to nine months and you will get an official letter in the mail before you receive the payment. well a deal in the debt crisis in greece, but the problems are far from over. up next, details of what set off a neuron of protests. -- a new round of protests.
5:37 am
how u.s. investors react to news that greece may not be going far enough. the dow and nasdaq picked up small gains thursday, but in asia, stocks are mostly down. japan's nikkei was down 55 points. back in a moment. 
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making headlines, finally a deal on greece's debt crisis, but it's not enough. degrees has been negotiating a bailout for months. yet greece agreed to severe cuts like cutting the minimum wage by 20%. but last nigh, they demanded more cuts and unions are now out on the streets of athens protesting against the cuts. big changes to the no child left behind act. president barack obama is giving ten states waivers freeing them of the strict requires of the act. it require all students be proefficient in reading and math by 2014. the president's action strips that for a more viable alternative. republicans criticized saying that by granting the waiver, he is overstepping his authority. 28 other states have indicated they may also seek waivers. for the first time in 30
5:41 am
year, federal regulators are giving the green light for the construction of a nuclear power plant. the regulatory commission voted yesterday to approve a licensing request for two nuclear reactors in georgia. no new plants have been built in the u.s. since the partial meltdown in 1979. a lot of people do thisser in -- do this early in the morning. detail of a popular coffee making being recalled. and we have possible winter weather headed our way. tucker keeps an eye on it to make sure we don't blow it up too much. a look at the weekend forcast. plus, we will check in for a look at traffic. stay with us.  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving.
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live look outside in northwest dc on a chilly friday. interesting things coming our way in the weather department for the weekend. as we finish up here on a friday. >> yeah. all right, tucker. so the worst of it will be later tonight and early tomorrow morning. not a major storm again. a close call. and it will be saturday morning. so no matter what happens, it won't be, no friday morning commute. >> so no complaining, in
5:45 am
whining, no reason the freak out. >> yeah, people screaming at me telling me to stop whining at that time snow. >> yeah, man up. >> man up. i'm going to man up from now on. >> this is washington, d.c., it gets cold in the wintertime. bring it on winter. get to the maps, weekend snow is a possibility later tonight and tomorrow. the best chance north and west of the city. in southern maryland, lower eastern shore, mostly a rain event for you. it might mix with a little snow from time to time. but temperatures as you know all winter long, it's been too warm to support anything other than rain. 34 in washington. we're fine this morning. the morning commute will be dry. the afternoon commute will be fine. high temperatures today about 50. so on the mild side this afternoon.
5:46 am
and let's see, fredrick, 32 degrees. chilly start to the day. doing fine right now across the mid-atlantic. clear skies to start the day. the clouds roll in this afternoon. and a combination, look at the moisture to the west and south. this is going to get cool less here. the area of low pressure and then slide off to the north and east. at the same time, an arctic front towards chicago that is going to slide in. and how they come together will determine exactly what happens around here. but the thinking is the cold air will not get here in time to transition the moisture from rain to snow. what snow we do get generally be north and west of the city. let's take a look. there you go, bitter cold behind it. area of low pressure slides off to the north and east. and we will be in the wintery mix tomorrow. saturday not a great looking day. and cold by saturday afternoon
5:47 am
as the temperatures start to fall. 50s again today. no issues for the friday forecast. winds north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. early sun, afternoon clouds. rain likely changing to snow late. light accumulations possible. maybe an inch north and west of the city. 34 the overnight low. the accumulations subject to change. still coming together here. and there's the day on saturday. not going to be, we're not going the see rain and snow all day, but we will the mix. 33 the daytime high. windy as well and back near 50 by next tuesday. before i talk to traffic, let me remind you about the fox 5 weather app. it is crazy. if you haven't downloaded it yet, we recommend you do so because we will give you great information including a live look at radar. put in your zip code and take a look at your town or community and see what's happening 7 helpful for later tonight -- what's happening. very helpful for later tonight
5:48 am
and tomorrow. tucker. really s this going to keep, really? is this going to keep going back and forth? on the roads, lanes are open along new york avenue. traffic light delays slowing down the roll toward tunnel. lanes are open toward the tunnel. and inbound on the baltimore washington parkway as well as route 50, traffic running smoothly inbound this morning. no problems to report continuing through southeast washington coming across the bridges. meanwhile on the other side of town, the remains of the incident inbound on 66, the activity out of the roadway. traffic is getting by once again. very little delay at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. more than a million popular coffee makers are being recalled after reports that the brewers spraying hot liquid
5:49 am
onto people. there have been 140 reports of problems with the single cup brewers. that includes 37 cases of second degree burns. they say the plastic disk that holes the coffee or tea can burst while brewing. again, those being recalled. talk sports coming up, a topic that has red skins fans debating, could manning be wearing burgundy and goal next season? ♪
5:50 am
[ male announcer ] no success is overnight. ♪ it's about working harder. ♪ and smarter. ♪ it's the culmination of a million decisions. it's where you see yourself going and how you choose to get there. the all-new 2013 gs. our boldest response ever. there's no going back. ♪
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a heart breaker for the capitals. they led 2-0 with about 2.5 minutes remaining in the game when the jets scored twice in 12 seconds to force overtime. no one scored in the extra frame, so a shootout and the jets won. the caps slip back into a tie for first place in the southeast division. off the mall, this is live, are you here right now? >> i am here. >> this is not a virtual wisdom. >> live on friday. >> let's get to it. i want to ask you a question, should the washington redskins
5:53 am
pursue manning, yes or no and why? >> a man, three neck surgeries since march. >> you haven't answered the question. >> hasn't played a football -- because his performance has always been in question. >> the per pheromones of the team is in question -- the performance of the teem is -- of the team is in question. does that sound like a winning combination to you? >> are you saying, no, not pursue manning? >> the man did not work, so what makes you think this is going to work. >> because manning is not mcnab and he's not mark, he's manning. >> but the washington redskins are still the washington redskin, don't have an offensive line, don't have a plan. >> let me tell you this, if you bring in number 18, that offensive line will be better. the wide receivers will be better. >> right. >> that coaching staff that
5:54 am
might not have a game plan, it will be a better game plan because it will be his game plan. the mount. >> the picture that they put on him will be him without the fused neck. >> the redskins would be foolish if they don't get number 18 if he's available. and they might not be able to get him because he will be the most wanted free agent if the coals cut him. >> he says manning can throw the ball about 30-yards and he is improving. do you want that guy on your team. 36 years ole, what is your game plan. it's based on one thing. >> his past? what about your great past? >> the clean bill of health. if he gets the clean bill of health, you get 18 and don't think twice about it and love him on sunday. more of the same. more of the same. >> move on.
5:55 am
tiger woods made his pga view this week. do you think he enjoys playing pro ams and i would be the pro, you would be the am. >> you know, anything he can do would be a win. >> really? you want to play with michael bollton. well, tony is no good. >> i don't know how tiger can enjoy this. i don't think he does. this is the first name the pro am in 12 year -- first time he's played the pro in 12 years. playing with guys like you and me. the guys clowning tall time. tiger woods is serious. i don't know that he can enjoy that. played quite well yesterday because tony romo is actually a pretty good golfer. >> probably everprobably a better golfer than a quarterback for the cowboys. >> we have got the rematch of all rematches, on part two, --
5:56 am
>> go ahead. >> they are going out to las vegas on may 19th. do you love a good rematch? >> i love a good rematch. not a big fan of boxing at this stage. >> what is wrong -- >> well, it's turned into share- mocracy. to enjoy a nice boxing match. >> you said it, not me. >> live and inperson, we'll do it again soon. >> pretty. the only way to have it guys. all right. straight ahead, rumors that the new ipad 3 could be on the way and soon. that's coming up. plus, tracking possible winter weather for the weekend. tucker is going to have the latest. but first, excuse me, woody i did is today's facebook fan of the day.
5:57 am
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