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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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so you don't miss a thing. hi mary! morning! gladys. gladys! [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. an investigation is underway into a police shooting in a normally quiet community that left a woman dead. >> those who knew the victims say she is the last person they would suspect to be involved in something like this. and details of a multi- billion dollar mortgage settlement are out. who will benefit the most. fox 5 morning news continues right now. happy friday everyone. february10th, 2012. taking a live look outside on the chilly friday. but it's going to warm up and be much nicer later on today. good morning, friday, february
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10th. >> thank you for waking up with us. and we're going to talk to tucker to get a scoop on what's happening this weekend. i'm manning up. >> it's about time. been hearing the crying and whimpererring -- hearing the crying and wimperring, it's time. temperatures cold start to your day, back in up ther 20s and low 30s. in fact, here in washington, reagan national 34 this morning. freezing temperatures in places like fredricks burk. 28 right now in ocean city. chilly start at the board walk. radar, nothing going on right now. in fact, you should see sunshine at about 7:06 this morning. sunrise earlier today. and clouds are moving quickly, should be mostly cloudy by afternoon. could be a few showers around here as early as 7:00, 8:00 tonight. and then slowly transition over to winter weather, particularly north and west during the nighttime hours as we watch the
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complicated weather pattern. in fact, i don't have time to explain it all in the brief weather forecast. but more information in a minute. 50s today, clouds increasing and again, nice and dry for the friday. >> i will have more minutes to tell you. >> thank you. >> all right. time now to check in with the roads this early in the morning. happy friday to you. >> indeed. major tie-ups to report. to the west on 66, earlier there was the fender-bender, it was in the service roadway. tying up the commute onto 66 and east head. and now the crew back with us this morning, checking out the drive eastbound on 66 about a mile after 123. in the main line, an accident activity that is squeezing the left lane. coming in from fair oak, this is a rude awakening this morning, traffic by to the right, but wall-to-wall traffic is bumper-to-bumper headed eastbound trying to work your
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way in. if you can, bail out early. 50 to the beltway a good option for you. if you are continuing your trip along the beltway, lanes are open, college park towards 270. lanes open inbound new york avenue past florida toward the 3 you are the street -- toward the 3rd street tunnel. we are following a developing story in virginia this morning where an investigation into a police shooting still continues. a 54-year-old was shot and killed by a police officer just after 10:00 a.m. yesterday. investigators say the officer was responding to a call about a suspicious person. virginia state police say the officer fired shots during a altercation. witnesses say after shots were first fired, cook drove up northeast street, took out a street sign and hit a light pole. neighbors say they're shocked by it all. >> just a little lady. she couldn't hurt a fly.
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you know, it's, just crazy. and she's always talked really nice. and always smiling and laughing with you. just a shock. >> the officer involved in the shooting has been on the force for five years and is now on paid administrative leave. a look at the morning's other top stories. a paramedic seriously injured wednesday night has died. he was spontaneousing to a car fire on 395. he tried to climb over a guardrail to get to the vehicle and fell off the bridge at least 20 feet into four mile run there. is the fire department's first death in the line of duty in more than a hundred years. >> just walking around numb. we can't believe that it happened. it just, you almost expect a fire, a death from a fire because that's, just, something like this, wow, just we're in shock. >> he had been a paramedic for
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seven years. outside fire station 206, there's a memorial set up in his honor. he lived in virginia with his wife. he was just 33 years old. testimony cons today in the trial of a former -- testimonies continues today in the trial of a former lacrosse star accused in the murder of his exgirlfriend. yesterday jurors heard testimony about a confrontation between the two at a party three months before she died. the witness says he saw him choking her. two high school students shot and killed in separate incidents less than a week apart. on monday night, someone killed chris smith near the metro stop. he was a june i don't know at flowers high school. on wednesday, a 19-year-old died. officers say the student was shot and killed on his front porch. police are investigating both of the cases and still no word on suspects or motives in
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either one. another top story this morning, a teacher at a private school many rockville charged with having sex with a student. 27-year-old ashly campbell taught at the school. police say the abuse wednesday on for over a year. >> investigation determined that between 2010 and january of 2012, the teacher had been driving the student to a park in montgomery county. during the occasion, they would have sexual intercourse in the vehicle and then she would drive him home. >> the school called police last week when officials got an anonymous tip about the teacher and. say none of them t encounters happened -- none of the encounters happened on campus. a lawsuit has been filed over the obama administration's mandate that roman catholic employers cover contraception in their health care plans. they say the policy
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unconstitutional because it would require the company to violate a core belief of the church. they say they had no choice but to sue because the requirements force it to use donations to pay for services the church says are moralely wrong. private adoption agencies may soon be given the right to deny adoption to gay couples. supporter say it protechs the religious rights of the organization. opponents say it's discrimination. another big story this morning, a $25 billion settlement between the nation's five biggest mortgage lenders and 49 states. president barack obama calls it a start in the recovery of the housing market. homeowners in maryland, virginia and the district will benefit. maryland will get nearly $1 billion out of the deal. virginia, more than $479 million.
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and dc $40 million. it will be used to lower mortgage balances and pay some homeowners who went through foreclosure. why this weekend may not be a bad time to buy a power ball ticket. first, the approval of the first nuclear plant since three mile island. back in a moment. 
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the killing in syria continues and now president barack obama is condemning the bombardment as, quote, outrageous bloodshed. amateur video shows heavy weapons fire pouring into the city. protesters say on average a hundred people a day have died since the army started pounding the city last -- pounding the city last saturday. the government gives the go ahead to expand nuclear power in the u.s. the regulatory commission has approved a licensing request for two nuclear reactors in georgia. no new plants have been built
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in the u.s. since the partial melt down at three mile island in 1979. also making headlines this morning, prince georges county is conning the push to bring the fbi headquarters to the county. they are looking into potential sites and a firm has been hired to lobby the federal government. site selection could start sometime this year. coming up next, more on a link between the fbi and apple co-founder steve jobs. first though, checking in with tucker for your full forecast and some snow. some snow could be headed our way this weekend. we'll tell you how much. back in a moment. ♪
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well, feeling lucky lately? you may want to pick up a power ball ticket. the jackpot for tomorrow's drawing is $310 million. the largest ever was back in
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2006 at $364. eight winners split that jackpot. yeah. let's get a few tickets. >> sure, why not. i would split it. >> the deal around here, we always get the jackpot tickets, but i feel pressure because i don't want everyone else to win. >> because you would hate to be the one left out while everyone else was leaving the building. >> you got it. >> catching planes. forecast is cold, chilly this morning, temperatures up 20s, lower 30s. mild friday afternoon. and then things get interesting tonight. >> interesting. >> again, we're not looking at a major winter event, but the pole of a little wintery mix overnight. >> all right. not too bad. >> yeah, a closer call than a few days ago as we will have a coastal component. and anybody that's lived in washington for a while, traditionally, that's where we get the bigger winter storms
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is. >> it's a little bit unpredictable. yeah, still about 24 hours away. but looks like the brunt will be off to the others of us. >> okay. -- to the east of us. >> okay. let's hope it stays that way. >> for people who don't want snow, yeah. right now, cold, temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. reagan national, 33 degrees now. and you can see that much of the area is at or below freezing. 28 this morning for you. chilly start to the day. we should warm up quickly. sunshine to start the day. and the clouds move in. and mostly cloudy afternoon. there you go. quiet conditions right now. but you can see off to the west and to the south. a lot of moisture. and that's going to kind of come together here with an area of low pressure that's going to develop off to the south. and then reemerge off the coast and take the energy that i mentioned off to the north and
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east. again, we look like we're going to be on the western edge of it. that being said, if enough cold air can get in this afternoon and tonight, we could see somewhat of a wintery mix. the time willing be later tonight. it will start as rain, and then during the day tomorrow, pers of rain, maybe rain mixed with snow here across the washington area. the futurecast, a nice job showing what's happening, clouds move in and then at 11:00 tonight. and we got the storminess and off to the ought and east. and this is the arctic front trying to get in here. could bring snow off to the north and west. and comes together by 4:00 a.m. rain south and east. and then just like a few days ago, off to the north and west. snow redeveloping. we'll see if enough can fall into cold air. and by saturday afternoon, not done with it. still getting mix around here. either way, once we get it out of here saturday, the wins are going to pick up and temperatures are going to do one of those.
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and our high temperatures on sunday will only be about freezing. much cooler air this weekend. early sunshine, afternoon clouds, wins north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. dry all day today. rain likely on the, changing to snow overnight or a mix overnight. light accumulations possible. 34 for the overnight low. and the five-day forecast, the winner remick sticks around tomorrow. and there the cold temperatures for sun, windy too. high temperature only freezing. a nice rebound early next week. that's weather. let's do traffic. aye been tweeting. >> i know. you tweeted me. so excited. >> i did. you got it. >> i did get it. >> okay, good. >> well the current sky fox getting it right for you, inbound 66 towards 123, indiana and beyond. it was tying up the left side of the roadway, no long they are case. over to the shoulder. state police on the scene causing delays eastbound. expect it to be slow towards
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centerville. slow from 7100 past fair oaks. politics now. three republican candidates will be in washington, d.c. today. mitt romney, newt gingrich and rick santorum are all on today's schedule at the conference in northwest. meantime, the candidates are focusing on maine which has been focusing the caucus all week. ron paul has been campaigning on the campaign trail. arizona and michigan's primaries are at the end of the month. we know everybody's got something interesting in their past. and now the fbi released its file on apple co-founder steve jobs. he was at one time being considered by former george h. bush which is why the investigation was done. the file referenced his past drug use and interviews from colleagues who called him deceptive.
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and list his high school gpa, a 2.6. although we know he went on to do well for himself. >> he did okay. live to new york to talk about the latest rumors surrounding the ipad 3. and before they land in the hands of award winners, they have to be flown in. they arrived in los angeles yesterday on a united airlines flight from chicago. they are made in chicago. oscar, this sunday night.
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welcome back. we got a lot of rumors going around about the ipad this morning. more on that in a minute. first, the market. fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> happy friday to you. you know, and it's a good friday because we are on a good
6:25 am
run fueled by good news. >> reporter: yeah, the news is good. unfortunately, the stock reaction is pretty muted. yesterday we found out that the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in nearly four years and greece seemed to have a deal, yet we didn't move much in the end. the dow up by about six points. we are down big time here in the premarket. we thought we had the debt deal in place. looks like we don't. the 17 finance ministers want more spending cuts from greece. and they want them to put it in writing that they are willing to go onboard with the demands. we're still talking about it. >> all right. and rumors, ipad 3 is coming out soon. and what are your thoughts on this? >> reporter: perhaps an early march. we have been saying this all along with different reports in between. but the wall street journal is saying apple will announce the
6:26 am
ipad 3 in early march in san francisco. okay. we'll say that's true, right. but is it going to look like the ipad 2, a better screen, maybe a smaller screen, perhaps a 7-inch screen. and then i want to know, is the ipad 2 going to go down in price, maybe $300? lots of news coming. >> that's what everybody is waiting for. ipad 2 still nice. if we can get a few bucks shaved off, we'll take it. thank you so much. we will check in next week. >> reporter: have a great weekend. bye. still ahead, more on the mass i mortgage settlement that will put money back into the bank accounts of more than a million homeowners. how much money our area will see. first, a normally quiet community shocked by a police shooting. what neighbors say makes the crime even more difficult to believe. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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welcome back. coming up on 6:30. and sun coming up within an hour. you got it. nice bright start to your day. temperatures warming up to about 50. so not a bad friday. >> very nice. >> excellent. >> all fridays are good -- >> you can't have a bad friday. even with snow on the grown. >> that's right. >> we will have the morning sunshine, but the clouds move in soon after. and mostly cloudy afternoon. and then things get more interesting tonight as the moisture you see south and west will start to move in our direction. 33 right now in the city at reagan national. wins north at 7 miles per hour. the pressure is up. that means fair conditions. mild, cloudy by this afternoon, temperatures in upper 40s to about 50.
6:31 am
no problems with the friday morning commute. the afternoon commute should be dry. and probably rain moving in this evening. >> okay. >> a little bit of rain, snow perhaps. and coming up, weather related ask the weather guy question today. >> you don't give us anymore more than. tony would give us a tease. i'm not tony, i captain give it away early. >> all right. -- i can't give it away early. >> all right. i'm a straight shooter, toss it right up at you. >> hit it. >> inbound new york avenue, no accidents to report, traffic light delays. no problems to report. toward the tunnel, inbound 50 starting to slow. 66, on the slow side east toward the beltway. the big jam up is at 7100 and 23 with the accident activity on the shoulder. university boulevard trying to get past georgia avenue. >> all right.
6:32 am
thank you. a developing story out of virginia after a woman was killed in a police shooting. >> we are live in the news room with details on what happened and the many questions that remain in the case. >> reporter: police say the office and the woman got into a physical altercation before she was shot can killed. but those who know her say that just isn't like her. the police officer was responding to a call yesterday morning for a suspicious person. police say there was a confrontation, but aren't saying what happened between that and the officer opening fire. the jeep crashed into a light pole. witnesses told a newspaper they heard yelling and the officer saying, stop or i'm going to shoot. and then gunshots as the jeep drove away. virginia state police are investigating. she was married, but had no children. neighbors described her as a petite woman and still find it hard to believe something like
6:33 am
this could happen. >> a little lady. couldn't hurt a fly. you know, just crazy. she's always talked really nice. and always smiling and laughing with you. just a shock. >> reporter: the officer has been with the police department for five years and he is on administrative leave which is standard procedure in these cases. investigators aren't saying how many times cook was shot. and it happened just feet from the church that she attended. >> all right. live in the news room. thank you so much. a look at the morning's other top stories. a paramedic injured while responding to a call wednesday night has died. he was responding to a car fire on 395. he tried to climb over a guardrail to get to the vehicle and fell off the bridge at least 20 feet into four mile run. this is the fire department's first death in the line of duty in more than a hundred years. outside the fire station this morning, there's a memorial set up in his honor.
6:34 am
he lived in virginia with his wife. he was just 33 years old. testimony continues today in the trial of a former university of virginia lacrosse star accused of killing his exgirlfriend. she is charged in the murder. yesterday jurors heard testimony about a violent confrontation even the two at a party three months before she died. the witness says he saw him choking her. another big story this morning. a $25 billion settlement between the nation's five biggest mortgage lenders in 49 states. president barack obama calls it a start had the recovery of the housing market. home inners will benefit from this. maryland will get nearly $1 billion. virginia more than $479 million. and dc $40 million. it will be used to lower mortgage balances and pay some homeowners who went through foreclosure. all right. well we know the super bowl is over, but there's plenty to talk about in sports.
6:35 am
>> yeah, always. >> we do it all the time many the news room. >> but i'm sure no agreement here. >> of course not. never agree on anything. there's something else going on and the washington capitals there. is how you want to make your play-off push. and last nigh, looked like a really good opportunity for winnipeg. the jets came to town. watch, the bad angle goal. 1-0 zip right there. and looks better on the power play again. watch him wait for simmon, wait, wait, wait, perfect pass. 2-0. this game is over right? >> you think. >> wrong, winnipeg scores twice in 12 seconds. a shootout. needed this to extend the game, and no, winnipeg wins. they are now tied with 16 points in the southeast division. basically, you better win the division or you might not make
6:36 am
the play-offs. tiger woods made his pga tour yesterday in the pro am. tiger woods on the third hole, look at the approach. the pacific ocean, beautiful. i mean what is not to like? not exactly his best effort, but tiger can be the best in the world. the putter goes up, and that means it's going in. tiger, we don't know if he likes playing the pro am. >> it's going to be a long, you have to be patient. there are going to be delays. and like the old u.s. open, always around six hours. so it's no different. just got to be patient. it's going to be slower and just enjoy the walk. as politically correct as you can get.
6:37 am
ie, no. a six-hour round of golf. it's like your full day. i mean, plague five small virginias out there. bill murray, guys are clowning. i don't think tiger truly enjoys the experience. but playing with tony romo who is a very good golfer, i think it keeps going more than the clint eastwoods of the world. >> could you imagine, they're like, can you take a look at my swing, hey, i'm trying to win a tournament. >> i could see that. >> yeah, thank you. what's new at the movies this weekend. >> the vow sets out to answer an interesting question. what would you do if you had to convince your spouse to fall in love with you all over again? would that happen? back in a moment. across the golden state,
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well an interesting premise at that time movies -- premise at the movies this weekend. we are live in new york with more on that. and what else is knew at the box office. >> reporter: how are you doing? i'm doing well. real quick, you know, usually you're in the studio, but you're in new york. you had big stars you were interviewing. >> reporter: yes, nicholas cage this morning and if you're watch, i am getting ready to interview your favorite person in the world, elva, so i will tell him how much you love him. definitely tell him today talking to him this morning as well as nicholas cage. and flying to los angeles the talk to tyler perry. and so all these interviews will be right here on fox 5 morning news over the next
6:42 am
couple of weeks. >> such a jet setter. get to it then. first off, let's talk about safe house. densely washington, ryan reynolds, we just saw a pro moe for it. another cia movie here. >> reporter: i love densely in these awesome roles. you go back and look at man on fire, training day, he has such a great range. you look back over his whole career. and he is one of the best actors working today. the idea behind this fill system the young ago, working in a safe house. and densely's character is brought as a rogue agent. and reynolds have to protect densely and bring him back in. it's an interesting film in that it has visual music. the director did a great job of keeping the pace going with the
6:43 am
editing technique. the movie is extremely violent. one of the more violent. i was shocked at how many gun battles and fight see consequences there were. so people, parents, this is not a kid movie whatsoever. what do you give this one? >> reporter: three out of five. i think it's a well done film in the action department. i don't think the characters were interesting enough. and it was very, very predictable. but there's an actor in the film, one of the most underrated actors today. rent that movie if you have a chance. but it's a good matinee. on the weekend, don't spend the full ticket price. >> the vow, this one has a sad premise to it. it's maybe good around valentine's day. what did you think? >> reporter: you mention the tragic element. the movie comes off more like a sweet romantic film after the tragedy. the beginning of the interview
6:44 am
is that, she loses her memory after a terrible car accident. and he has to get her to refall in love with him again. so after being married for years, they have go to go on their first date again. could you imagine that. and it has like a notebook-type feel, but ends up going down a sweet romantic path. and i think he is really starting to come through as an actor. starting to show that emotional depth that i wanted to see. because he was a really bad actor in the step-up movies, but he is coming to now. she is one of the best actresseses working. i love watching her. i can fall in love with her characters no matter who she plays. >> what did you give senate. >> reporter: 3.5 out of 5. i found myself emotionally engaged in the film. it might have cheesy dialogue every once in a while, but i walked out, by the way, interesting fact, inspired by a
6:45 am
true story. the real people in real life are called crime and cricket. and it's a real couple. the wife did lose her memory. never regain it in real life, but got remarried and had two kids. >> that's a great story. makes me want to see it more now. >> reporter: yeah. >> very little time left. journey 2, you call this mindless fun. >> reporter: it's total mindless fun. if you look from a script standpoint, you get garbage. but a special effects stand point, the 3d is fun, a fun family adventure. the rock is such a character, makes it a fun movie. you enjoy yourself. the special effects are good. the 3d is fantastic. you don't really care about the characters or what you saw. but if you want to see me peck top with the rock, go to my website. he taught me the peck pop. >> i can't wait.
6:46 am
the peck pop. >> reporter: he taught me how. >> what did you give the movie. >> reporter: three out of five. good matinee for a family. stay home, rent the movie, not a kid movie. very adult film, but very good. >> so good to see you. even though it has to be from skype. we can't wait to see your interviews. and i'm going to talk to him today. i promise. >> we'll pass it along for her. >> that's great. >> taking requests for people here at fox 5, i got a list. i got a list. >> they have to have a movie coming out. >> okay. >> but you know,. >> i still got a list. all right. what's going on? >> it's coal. temperatures in 20s, low 30s. a chilly start, bay mild
6:47 am
afternoon. and then things get, well, get interesting later tonight. and we get a storm that will be developing off the coast. any comments? >> nope. i'm ready. bring it on. >> 39 in washington. i know you are. off to the north and west, lots of 20s. 27 in fredrick. and warmer closer to the bay, starting with 37 degrees. all right, clear skies for your sunrise. and then clouds start to move in quickly by early afternoon. mostly cloudy as we've got a lot of moisture off to the south and west. look at that time rain falling across the southern tier of the country. this is going to get its act together and develop low pressure. and then going to slide up the coast. low pressure going the slide up the coast and away from the washington area. at the same time, a cold front off to the north and west that's going to try to get in
6:48 am
here. and how they team up will determine exactly what kind of precipitation get. right now, we're thinking this is mostly a rain event. and as the colder air gets in tonight and tomorrow, it will change to a mix particularly north and west of the city. best chance of the mix will be north west as we get into the overnight hours and during the day tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a cloudy day, with pers of mixed winter weather. a little snow. and switching over to rain. and then back and for you during the day. and then the bottom drops out by late saturday and early sunday as temperatures are expected to only be about freezing for your daytime high on sunday. other today. early sun, afternoon clouds, mile temperatures expected. wins north here at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. rain likely tonight. changing to snow overnight. best chance will be north and west of the city. could be light accumulations toward morning. maybe an inch north and west of the city. 34degrees here. so this will not be a major winter storm for us. it will be a major storm on the
6:49 am
eastern seaboard towards new york. boston, providence, they could get maybe 6 to 10 inches of snow. so i think we will be impressive. and we haven't done a lot of winter weather this year. hardly any i would say. >> the forecast could change just a little bit. so stay tuned later today. >> thank you. time for ask the weather guy. >> woo other. >> that's where we put our large heads together, weather related or other wise. today's question, a great question, i love this question. he writes, all right so, today i thought i saw two levels of clouds moving in two different directions. is that a possibility? or just an illusion? >> i don't think i have noticed that. >> you guys ever look to the sky. >> yeah, but i don't see them moving in different directions. yeah, the clouds, but not that deep. >> i encourage everybody later today and tonight and tomorrow
6:50 am
to get out and look at that time clouds because they actually travel in different directions. >> really? >> maybe we can go to the video. we're going to show you video of it occurring. as you go up in altitude, the clouds, there you go, the clouds are being pushed by wind coming at different directions. imagine if sort of rivers of air. different rivers of, a different altitudes. so the clouds absolutely depending on how high up will move in different directions. today a cold front from the north and west. so some moving in from the north and west. and then some off to the south and west, some coming in from the south this afternoon. and it's fascinating to watch if you go out in a grassy field, you can see the clouds moving in different directions. sometimes, depending on the air mass, clouds will all move in the same direction. not all the tile.
6:51 am
but particularly when you start to get disturbances and see stormy weather, you can see them moving in different directions. >> we could see that today maybe or tomorrow? >> certainly tomorrow. and i think late they are afternoon, probably get a taste of it. want to mention to you, tim, that this often occurs in the spring months and talking about severe weather. and one of the markers we looked for in the weather world for the possibility of tornadic activity is wind sheer. and that's when the wins are changing directions at different hughes. winds coming out of the west at 80 miles per hour and then wins out of the south at 60 miles per hour. and it's those wins coming together that start to create a spin in the atmosphere and creatorred inic conditions. so absolutely positively not your imagination there. happens all the time. >> but you can go out today. >> yeah. >> nice enough, well put your coat on. and look up.
6:52 am
wisdom. >> well, i ain't going to lay down many the grass. i may look, take a peak. look out the windshield. >> there you go. turn the heater on. and look out the window. >> yeah, that's interesting. i will have to pay more attention now while i'm not crossing the street or something. in a safe place. yeah, in a safe place. happens all the time. and not your imagination. not an illusion. good question. glad to answer it for you. if you got a question, you know where to go. we're working on new pictures for ask the weather guy profiles. >> why is that? >> well, those are from like 8. >> tony has more gray hair now. >> oh, oh. >> i didn't say it. >> neither did i. >> he's here. did you hear him? >> couldn't help myself. >> i can't close my mouth, my jaw hit the ground on that one.
6:53 am
i gasped. see, you have it good with me, don't you babe? real good with me. see how you like that. all right, the crew at sky fox working hard, check out 6 and have now 5, northbound. no trouble spots at this time. lanes are open. the pace is congested. and then below speed about 48 miles per hour toward the capital beltway. back inside, outer loop, not so busy leaving new hampshire avenue. traffic slows towards georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. a look at today's tap off deals. the theater company, a tickets to the new twist of the two gentlemen for 50% off. to get in, go to our website and look for my fox half off on the right side of the page.
6:54 am
a new twist on military dining. he was at a little rock air force base yesterday promoting the program adding more fruit, vegetables and dishes to the mess hall menu. >> when you make healthy eating a priority in your lives, the rest of us are more likely to make it a priority in our lives. >> this is the first time in two deck kays that the pentagon revise its nutrition standards. coming up next, strike up the band everyone, get ready for some free family fun. we are live this morning with more on a big event happening this weekend bringing a big name in music to town. they sound good. we'll check in after the break. 
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we're learning about this band, we hope you stick around with us this morning. back to you in the studio. >> nothing like smooth jazz to get us going and easing us in. we'll talk with you later on. let's say hello to woody. he's the facebook fan of the day. he works for red, hot and blue
6:59 am
dogs and he said that ten people downloaded his app. we're getting people on board the fox5 weather net train. >> also, you can post a comment under his photo on facebook. >> red hot blues. that sounds good. good morning to you. spoken like a through person from mississippi. coming up on a friday morning, under investigation, a woman shot dead by a police officer. this morning, residents in culpeper are questioning how it happened. and president obama announces what he hopes is a long term fix for the housing market. will it cause more pain in the short term. the rumor mill is heating up.


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