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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 13, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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listened and shared their grief reaction to her death and the latest on the investigation straight ahead. in other news the president unvailed his new budget with trillions in play sure to set off another battle on capital hill. a closer look at what is on the chopping block. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there is a live shot and a look at this cold morning as you look at downtown washington the national mall and washington monument we will find out whether or not those temperatures will rebound this is monday february 13th good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. tucker barnes standing by with a look at our workweek forecast. >> good morning. we have very cold temperatures to start the day. teenlow 20s, hang in there by the afternoon definitely warmer
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than yesterday, all in all not a bad looking monday forecast. temperature at regan national, 24 degrees you can see teens on the map still in fredericksburg, 19 degrees, naval air station 19 degrees very chilly temperatures as kids head out to the bus stop. satellite radar, looking quiet. no satellite or radars to mention no cloud, rain showers or snow in the forecast today should be a bright and sunny day just a passing cloud or two the same to time as we get into the afternoon gain warmer than yesterday, winds lighter temperatures in the 40s should feel better than yesterday your day planner by this afternoon, highs back where they should be, mid-40s. that is a quick look at the forecast more details on the workweek coming up let's do morning traffic with the one and only julie wright. well, i can tell you what is not happening we are not doing the double nickel around town we have a couple cold spots on the road 395, take you
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there live, leaving duke street heavy, slow and steady no accidents to report just volume delays you will find travelling eastbound, delays coming in out of vienna, earlier we mentioned a accident whatever has been there is cleaned up out of the roadway travelling into the district, inbound 50, john hanson highway, no problems out of river day, 35 miles per hour, leaving 202 headed towards new york avenue. heavenly father, we thank you for sharing our sister whitney with us ♪ and i will always love you, i will always
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love you ♪ >> an emotional night at the grammy awards from a heart felt prayer to a touching performance the music industry spent the evening paying tribute to whitney houston. >> she was found dead in her beverly hilton hotel room saturday one day before the grammy awards and this morning we are getting new details surrounding her death fox 5s stacey cohan is live with the latest. >> good morning whitney houston's autopsy results are on hold as the music world comes together at this year's grammy awards while the investigation into her death continues her peers continue to mourn the loss of a legendary voice. >> her gift of song remembered. late whitney houston's presence felt in a big way at this year's grammy awards this video her last known performance taken thursday night singing yes, jesus loves me at a pregrammy party. the 48-year-old musician, once
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the golden girl of the industry died saturday. houston's colleagues on the red carpet remembering the 6 time grammy winner gone too soon. >> she was hands down the standard for any vocalist. >> all of her hits but i will always love you that was it i still tear up when i hear it. >> houston a guest of the beverly hilton hotel was found lifeless in the room's bathtub saturday afternoon the l.a. county coroner completed an autopsy but cause of death has not been released. >> could be 6 to 8 weeks. >> meantime her only child 18- year-old bobbi christina was hospitalized reportedly twice since her mothers death she is seen being taken from the beverly hilton sunday afternoon for stress and grief she was treated and released. for now industry friends and family are coping with the loss. >> just a tragedy one of those
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things that you don't believe is going to happen you hear people have ups and downs but come on you can't die and then it happens and it is like wow. it is a wake up call. >> now whitney houston's daughter is reportedly with her ex-husband bobby brown has requested privacy for his daughter and himself so the family can have time to grieve. live, stacey cohan back to you. >> thank you stacey. >> whitney houston graced the stannels in and around dc many time -- stages in and around dc many times over the years many remember two nights of concerts back in 1997 at constitution hall ♪ i decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow, if i fail, if i succeed ♪ >> the shows were called classic whitney live from washington dc the second night was a live special on hbo concerts raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the children's defense fund. some of you were at the show
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and you are sharing your memories on our facebook page angela posted quote i remember seeing her 14 years ago at dar what an amazing show she coffered the diva's song. >> also, absolutely amazing voice, true talent. as music fans mourn whitney houston's death her beautiful voice is what most are remembering local radio station, wpgc dedicated it to the star making it whitney houston day they played her music all day long people from the area called in requesting their favorite songs the singers sudden death shocked everyone coming up next hour whitney houston's friend and wpgc soul host done knee simpson will be live in studio sharing some of his memories. other top stories now, jury selection begins in the trial of a man accused of killing an
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off duty, state trooper. sarah williams gunned him down in forestville back in 2010. moments after being escorted out of that restaurant. brown worked a second job as a security job to help support his mentoring organization. >> university of virginia murder trial enters its second week today, george hughly accused of killing his ex- girlfriend yeardly love in 2010. both played lacrosse at the university. the prosecution called witnesses, accusing hughly of having a drinking problem. defense says love's death was accidental. we will be joined live in the 9:00 a.m. hour with a look ahead what we can expect today. new this morning, dramatic video of a house fire in frederick county maryland. it happened last night 8:30
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p.m., ryan morrison posted this video of the house ablaze on youtube no one was hurt in the fire no word how it started. virginia couple had to be rescued after strong winds knocked a huge tree into their home. that house is in the 5000 block the labory court fairfax. firefighters were able to shore up the tree and get them out. this incident is a wake up call for other homeowners. >> we just ask residents, there has been a lot of rain you know there has been a lot of wind, go in the yard, check the trees, check the ground make sure they are pretty lodged in the ground make sure everything is okay. >> impact knocked the house off its foundation it has since been condemned three other people inside the home at the time were not hurt.
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developing overseas right now rioters in greece on a rampage burn buildings and fighting street battles with riot police, protesting against harsh budget cuts to government jobs and minimum wage passed by parliament, 40 lawmakers who voted against their party were kicked out. president obama going back to the community college in an non-dale. he will outline a proposed fun of $8 billion to help community colleges work with businesses to train 2 million workers in high growth industries train them in areas like healthcare, transportation, advance manufacturing and aims to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reductions by restraining government spending and raising taxes on the wealthy. we set out beginning and
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last year, $4 trillion in savings this plan gets us there. >> unfortunately the president and party leaders are not part of this conversation that. so me is dispointing. the president's budget pow proposals bush proposals may -- proposals may not go far. meanwhile on the campaign trail mitt romney is regaining momentum this morning after two big wins over the weekend the republican presidential candidate came out on top in the main caucuses and cpac straw poll, ron paul came in a close second in maine he is concerned about romney's conservative credentials. a message sarah palin also echoed. >> i am not convinced i don't think the majority offend pendent voters are convinced. the overall count puts him ahead of the rest to have pack.
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next up arizona and michigan on the 28th the real test will be super tuesday march 6th, 419 delegates are up for grabs a candidate needs just over 1100 to clinch the nomination. >> today is the last day to register to vote, the state board of elections is giving virginians until 5:00 p.m. this evening to update voter information mitt romney and ron paul are the only candidates on the ballot several others failed to get enough signatures to qualify. the death of whitney houston was on everyone's mind at last night's grammy awards but the night belonged to adele she also performed at the show months after under going vocal surgery. plus that is nicki minaj giving an eyebrow raising performance your complete grammy wrap coming up ♪ [
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music ] ♪ >> as we head to the break, here is a live lookout side, not a bad looking start to the day, i will tell you this, it is cold the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, coming up this of course is adele. rolling in the deep ♪ baby i have no story to be told ♪ ♪
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♪[ music ] was it ll who sang don't call it a come back it is adele an amazing night for her at the grammys she performed for the first time since having vocal cord surgery. she took home 6 grammys including record of the year for rolling in the deep. >> quite the -- hi tucker. tucker barnes. >> hi tuck.
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>> a lot of people thought -- i thought she was sweet and with winning all six. >> if popular radio play is any indication. >> and in record sales. >> right. >> in terms of number of people if you watch any of these talent shows everyone is singing her music. >> there you go, also i want to show you -- i thought ll cool j did a good job in that first half hour talking about whitney, doing the prayer and transitioning into now let's celebrate here is a bit of him do we have a bit of the prayer? >> the only thing that feels right is to begin with a prayer for a woman who we loved, for our fallen sister, whitney houston. [ applause ] >> yeah, i thought it was very fitting a good way i was interested to see how they would do it for me i thought that bruce springsteen, i felt that was a little jarring a
7:17 am
weird way to get into it i thought this was nice to get back into it and go full throttle. imagine where he started from and now he is hosting grammys. >> here is what i had hoped they would do last night i hoped they would start the show, the lights down with the announcer saying ladies and gentlemen whitney houston and show an entire performance, one of her gramperformances and let it run you want to see whitney hear whitney let that run and as she gets applause at the end then cross fade it to the live audience. let's show you, jennifer hudson sang i will always love you ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> i thought jennifer hudson did a beautiful job she looked gorgeous sounded great it was
7:18 am
beautiful, tribute. i thought they would do a little more i thought maybe they would have a couple more of her songs with different artists she influenced so heavily, greatly this was beautiful. >> the night was not without some controversy, nicki minaj i have not seen this whole thing >> i saw it. >> well, i didn't see the performance i saw her when she arrived with the pope it looked like. >> and there was a whole little movie, he was basically exorcised. >> she arrived with a man dressed as a pope. >> i think she confessed to him in the beginning. >> it was interesting. i hasn't heard this song before she has so many popular hits, i was like really this is a strange direction. >> a lot of people did new stuff mccartney did his new song not nominated this year springsteen did a new song it is becoming a vehicle to
7:19 am
promote your upcoming releases. >> how was the finale? >> i couldn't stay up i hear paul performed with a few. >> he did valentines like an orchestra in back, white tuxedos. i mean i don't know i guess -- well, they look great. >> all right well, we will see more later on. that is your grammy wrap up. >> did he wear that in the girl is mine video? that shirt? it looked familiar. >> with the suspenders? >> got to love paul mccartney. >> he is now the new eternal teenager. >> he is. >> speaking of teenagers, people going to school,. >> yeah. >> you know where i am going with this. >> bus stop forecast. >> right to the bus stop forecast. allison look carefully tony, hard at work in the weather center we never rest. >> new bust stop graphic. >> yes. >> love it. >> allison what is that face
7:20 am
about? >> well, i want them to sit down. >> they do need to sit down the bus is crowded i am not going to deny it. >> the bus is popping a wheelly. >> that is like the magic school bus. >> i like it better than the limo bus. >> i have been hard at work. sunshine cold temperatures 18 to 26. we are now 25 washington i am going the breeze through this forecast get it. breeze through the forecast. 17 chicago, out to the west, getting rain showers in san francisco 49 degrees, all right that is not the right satellite radar but accurate and we are very quiet, swim out to the west. that will give us a chance for rain showers, it will be rain when it gets in here temperatures in the 40s. 44 your daytime high, rain showers tomorrow, icy out to the west tomorrow morning and highs in the 50s by wednesday and friday, so here we go temperatures warming up. >> all right >> magic school bu
7:21 am
for kids. >> i was thinking of the magic bus by the hill >> i know. >> it won a grammy in like 1970. >> very different. >> hey, julie. >> he just got off the bus from the part ridge family and that is a whole different ride. >> here we go outer loop of the belt way bogged down with delays as you work your way around, college park to 270 average speed, down to 30 miles per hour, lanes are open coming south 270 we mapped out the delay german town out towards old georgetown road. meanwhile travelling inbound 66 grid lock traffic, from vienna, in towards the capital belt way all your lanes are open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> 7:21 a.m. on monday morning the wizards win. >> wow. >> yeah, pull off a win on a road. no less. >> plus a melt down at pebble beach, dave ross is back with a
7:22 am
look at tiger wood's not so good performance on the green. and we are getting you ready for valentines day this morning our annie yu is live, at the brand new c alan signature salon northwest later how to keep your skin looking and feeling great. we will be right back ? not yet. i want to buy used but how do you know what you're really getting. check out carmax. all their used cars are guaranteed. that's where henderson found the one for him. way to go, henderson. finding the perfect car is easy at carmax because each car is carefully selected, inspected, thoroughly reconditioned and backed with a five-day money back guarantee
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wizards looking good on the road and a tiger woods break down. it is kind of weird if you told me friday we would be saying wizards win and tiger breaks down i thought it would be reverse. good news for the washington wizards they only had coming into play one road win all season, went to detroit, they are not that great but wizards looked good and tony what i liked the best about this this is a team with a lot of decisions to make with one
7:26 am
month to go before the trade deadline. nick young is another guy knocking down the three here maybe they've got some movable parts trying to show hey, we can play, for a championship contender that sort of thing maybe if wizards do dismantle this team think can get some real guys to play with john wall yesterday a nice step, in the right direction. now we have to talk about tiger woodwhat happened in pebble beach, charlie was the leader this is the first hole he four putted the first green tony so he was pretty much bye bye you thought it would come down to tiger and phil paired together doesn't get any better than this, right phil mickelson absolutely destroyed tiger woods he beat him face to face by 11 strokes. this is something you just never saw before tiger used to
7:27 am
relish these competitions especially with phil who was looked at as his number one challenger yesterday phil ran away. tiger looked great here, and you think this is game on, the very next put for phil put it right back in tigers face if you will and it was a dismantling tony i don't think i have ever seen face to face, phil mickelson dismantling tiger woods and i do think this could have a lasting impression, if you will on tiger as they get close to augusta national in april down in florida. tiger back to the drawing board, i thought we had kind of gotten past this i guess we haven't we just don't know what we are going to see from tiger come sunday. >> i thick i hear some rocky music he will get stronger. >> you are hearing that from lamont peterson. >> lots of stuff going on in
7:28 am
here. >> we will see you later on. right now 7:27 a.m. on monday morning the money battle between president obama and republicans in congress heats up and an update from the campaign trail next. >> and soul train coming to philadelphia, how people there, plan to honor don cornelius today. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, 7:28 a.m., we will be right back ] for some reason
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in a tribute to don cornelius, people in philadelphia will attempt to break the record for the world's longest soul train dance line. the current record is 211 dancers ands held by a berkeley california high school i think they will beat that. cornelius died earlier the month at his home in los angeles he will be layed to rest today. like the best tribute right. >> it is. >> there is a record for everything now. >> yes, there is the guiness book of world records when i was growing up was a great authoritative. now it is a bunch of sloppy ridiculous, world's biggest
7:32 am
popsicle. >> i like that. he remembers back when records were records. >> yeah, records were meaningful. >> did you see the paul mccartney thing >> i didn't stay up that late i watched the red carpet the first hour. saw bruno mars. >> he was good. >> we can talk about it after the show you are the authority. >> we apologize we can't stay up late we got to do this show. >> did the best i can. interesting outfit. >> yes. >> we weren't cut out for that world. >> no, we were not. >> i liked the blue hair on katie perry. the outfit nice the hair not so much. >> it did match. >> it definitely matched. 33 daytime high in washington i don't know why i know about that, 31 dulles, 32 degrees. that was our coldst day so far this month, we are going to warm up 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. back in the seasonal range, mid- 40s. 25 now, still cold, 20
7:33 am
quantico, 19 fredericksburg. leonard town, 23, in the teens an hour ago, 22 baltimore, again this is one of our chilliest starts here for this month and our temperature so far this month has been generally trending well above normal there is your radar, lots of quiet satellite picture lots of high pressure out of kentucky, tennessee will build during the day. sunshine, less wind get into tonight and tomorrow clouds increase this is a very weak system it could bring a few showers, maybe a little mixed presip if you are watching well in the mountains out to the west of west virginia, but that is the only weather fee which are of note. -- feature of note. winds out of the west, 5 to 10 miles per hour cold tonight not as cold, 32 your overnight low winds light here out of the west and southwest during the overnight hours, clouds increase, and we have mostly chow diday tomorrow, a few
7:34 am
showers, we will get it all out of here temperatures back into the 50s by wednesday that is weather let's do traffic and julie wright who stayed up late to watch the grammys you can tell. >> wait a minute what does that mean? >> you are an expert you saw the whole thing. >> i pretty much did yeah. >> there is a lot of wind sky fox is telling me that is why it is taking so long to get from point a to point b. >> that will dispoint during the day. >> it is taking awhile but 66 eastbound, working in towards vienna, towards the belt way, lanes are open, no accidents to report, in toward it is capital belt way, just sitting in the bumper to bumper traffic headed eastbound to 495, back inside, a better ride, northbound i-95, no trouble spots out of wood bridge traffic 395, congested duke street out towards seminary road. thank you very much what a
7:35 am
difference a day can make in politics mitt romney on the rebound edging out ron paul, winning the cpac here in washington joining us now bob cusack managing editor of the hill >> let's talk about this romney win the straw poll, the caucuses in maine, is he becoming unstoppable now? >> every time you say that, then he loses i mean, the three states, santorum won, stopped his momentum then he got this big win in maine and cpac can he close the deal that is a question we have all been asking and santorum is planning to campaign in michigan. romney has to win michigan that is where he grew up if he doesn't that would be a political earthquake the question is can he close it has been a roller coaster race will we ever get one of those santorum or gingrich drop out then the race will become that much more interesting clearly
7:36 am
santorum is on the rise. gingrich dropping. >> let's drop a little bit about romney for example cpac he gave this speech, i call it the i'm a real conservative speech, he won the straw poll so was that speech effective? was he convincing? some people we saw over the weekened she is not convinced. >> he doesn't have a lot of fervour it was a big win that he won this cpac contest but santorum got much more of a rousing applause and response, so the question still remains, is he a conservative and sarah palin is taking a shot at him certainly didn't help. >> let's shift gears new budget talks beginning this week the president is proposing a new budget, $1.5 trillion on new taxes and corporations and rich money for a new education program, will this budget fly. >> it is not going to be passing any time soon democrats in the senate will not pass a
7:37 am
budget resolution. a january obama state of the union, well received democrats won the last couple months republicans think they can get back on track in february because they feel that is their strong hold the house will pass a budget resolution republicans will go on attack and mitch mcconnell said sure you want the vote on the obama budget we will bring it to the floor last year they did the same thing it went down. so there is the republicans believe they have a bit of an edge. what are some of the big -- obviously one of the big areas of different medicare, medicaid, they want more cuts to that, they want cuts. >> right. >> what are areas where there is a big difference. >> taxes that is how he pays for his budget republicans refuse to raise taxes they are open to closing some tax loopholes, possibly oil and gas industry, but if they increase taxes there, they want to lower
7:38 am
taxeselsewhere such as on the capital gains rate >> on friday, we saw the president kind of shift gears, on the whole forced coverage for birth control issue, i have to say, i don't myself fully understand exactly what this shift means i don't know if you do, and does this shift impact him or hurt him? >> it was all righting him i mean this issue was a misstep the white house was i think surprised by the backlash it got, where you had the government mandating coverage to these catholic health organizations now they have offered a compromise it is not the church has been very critical of it after initially saying this is a step in the right direction but there is enough political cover from some that it muddies the situation and the white house thinks it can ride this out but republicans will hold hearings on this it will not end. >> just not going to end but go
7:39 am
on for awhile. >> you will hear presidential candidates talk about it a lot. >> thanks for coming in. >> all right allison, back to you. >> 25 degrees. 7:38 a.m., authoritys in china are going apple picking we will explain that. >> an update on the ship wrecked cruise liner in italy progress at sea on the 1 month anniversary of this disaster. >> first a look at today's my fox half off deal, this one is a 3 hour guided bus tour for just $24 you get to see the white house washington monument, united states mint spy museum and other attractions go to my fox half off icon. we will be right back 7:39 a.m. 
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seven members of a midwest militia set to stand trial members of are accused of conspiring to over throw the
7:43 am
government they plotted to kill a police officer and then attack the funeral, defense attorneys claim the fbi made too much of the anti government talk. today marks one month since the costa concordia ran aground off the coast of italy at least 17 passengers were killed 15 more never found. over the weekened crews finally started pumping fuel from the cruise ship to prevent a spill it will take 28 days to empty the 15 tanks believed to hold the majority of the fuel that is onboard. police in china seizing ipads from stores, because of a trademark dispute they started taking apples smart phones from retailers last week after a chinese company accused apple of violating the ipad name it claims it registered the trademark in 2001 last year a chinese court agreed apple is not commenting on this dispute. >> 7:43 a.m.
7:44 am
tucker barnes. >> cold. you know it is cold. >> you were away this weekend this was a coldest weekend we have had this was a wintery weekend, snow off and on. >> bitter cold. >> i was not far away and where i was, it was just as cold i was in new york city cold and windy there too. taste of winter we just haven't had a lot. >> reminded me i didn't miss it. >> i know. >> because i am one of those guys who has been saying we need some winter it is winter time i was at an event saturday, it was snowing, icy, accidents i was like my goodness this is ridiculous. >> all right. well, it is out of here. later today still cold right here at the moment let's go to the map. take over. >> i can take over. well, things are going to improve today here is a look at current temperatures around the region i haven't done this in a long time. >> benefits. >> keep going. >> 25 degrees washington 27
7:45 am
gaithersburg teens out there south and west, manassas, 16 degrees and there is the colder air off to the north and west, eventually that will -- will that get in here tucker. >> warmer later today. >> that is what i meant to say tucker you ready? >> yeah, you are too good at this tony. sunshine today high pressure will build in, here is why it will get warmer winds will shift very windy conditions all weekened today a lot less wind, sunshine, temperatures mid-40s it will feel better that is where we should be for your afternoon forecast high pressure keeps us nice and dry today as we get into tomorrow maybe a shower in the the forecast just a few showers weak system highs upper 2000. so we are not looking at much in the way of winter weather, 50s wednesday and friday. >> close to seasonal. >> thank you. thank you. julie time now. all right julie good morning. >> it is always julie time. >> i know are you going to
7:46 am
dance for us julie? ♪ [ music ] >> oh, i like this song. yeah. oh, my god allison remember that when you did that thing? >> i still do that. >> back to her early 20s. >> whoa tucker come on now. i am considerably younger than you. i was in junior high school tuck. all right, on the roads now, lanes are open, travelling south along 270, delays leaving montrose road, headed out toward the lane divide no accidents, just volume delays, leaving 95, towards georgia avenue here is the problem spot, an non-dale accident outer loop of the belt way tieing up two right lanes, inner loop, springfield towards 6620 minute commute with the lanes open. >> thank you well, from dry winter skin to fun in the sun
7:47 am
protecting your kin is essential. annie yu with some basic skin care tips. >> good morning basic skin care is the great foundation to beautifying yourself and florists are not the only ones busy the time of year, because the beauty team here is working away they will be very busy tomorrow as women from all around the area, get pretty for the big romantic night. we will talk to members here about tips and ways you can get ready for the romantic night. it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, the 5 starred tilly haired specialist wants to give a shout out to all the style listbarbers around the nation they enhance beauty every day i could not agree with you more. to be tomorrow's fan of the
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someone out there is getting a multimillion dollars boost to their bank account the winning ticket was sold in rhode island the jackpot, $336.4 million that larger jackpot is thanks in part to the fact power ball tickets are $2 now the winner has not come forward yet no word on exactly where they won the winning ticket other than, the fact that it was in rhode island. hmm. somebody so happy later today. >> wonderful. >> valentines day quickly approaching, tomorrow. >> yeah. >> whether you are going on a romantic date spending it with friends or flying solo you deserve to look your very best. >> annie yu is spending the
7:52 am
morning at c alan signature salon northwest dc where she is getting tips from the experts good morning. >> good morning tony and allison we all deserve to look our very best no matter how you are celebrating valentines day the one time out of the year you can get dolled up and enjoy a romantic night or a fun evening with the girls or guys, joining me now, ted alan bennett, the owner here dcs newest salon. >> yes, indeed. >> it is quite busy in here this is what it will be like tomorrow. >> exactly the great thing about valentines day here at the signature salon valentines day is every day. because we want to make sure that people of all ethnicities can come here and be beautified. >> and look their very best. >> exactly. >> what are somethings you do here. >> okay here annie it is all about hair, all textures but the most important thing is natural hair we love natural hair, bringing back that great
7:53 am
fiber, bringing back the moisture to the hair we do great hair, skin care, make up art industry, men's -- artistry. we do men's hair. >> you have a career institute a lot of these ladies are graduates from your school. >> that's right we are celebrating the 15th year. >> congratulations. >> that is exciting. >> very exciting we will celebrate this year march 25th, university district of columbia our 15th anniversary gala, so we are very excited we want everyone to come out one of the things we love most is how we work for the community we work in the community, for the community. >> there is a lot of great opportunities for the ladies here, i know you are working on taking them to milan which is like beauty central. >> yes, this year is hair world in milano italy we are looking for donations to take the
7:54 am
students to milan italy. one important thing mr. bennett is obviously skin care. >> that's correct >> i will join my friend seven brown here hello how are you? >> great how are you? >> doing very well. one of the very important things about beautifying yourself, the whole process begins with great skin. >> that's right >> what are you doing now. >> this process is called micro dermabrasion i am exfoliating the top layer of her skin so we can bring it back to life and make it radiant and glowing. >> i heard of this process before it is a little intimidating because it involving a machine what does it do for the skin >> that you will dead skin that accumulates it takes it straight off and then, you know, if you have dead skin you can't get newtry cents inside to feed it, this takes it off,
7:55 am
helps with acne, multipurpose. >> what is the difference between using this process and just your every day cleanser at home that you can buy at the drugstore. >> the cleanser will only clean this is super official this will allow something to penetrate like i have an oxygen sere rum this will go into the deeper layers of her skin and start the repair process. >> how many times do you need to under go this? >> it is age dependent i would probably say 6 sessions is good for everybody plus, we usually try and do 8 so you get that extra two. >> how much would something like this cost for the average consumer. >> it is very reasonable,. >> when it comes to beauty right? >> between 80 and $200. >> per session. >> per session. >> so i am sure if you go to a lot of thessaly loans they offer package deals >> absolutely this is a pack
7:56 am
can when you do six you pay for five get the sixth one free great bonus >> skin is very important there is no price on that if you are still looking for a place to get beautified log on to the c alan signature salon will be busy but i am sure they with squeeze you in. >> busy early this morning. >> thank you he is blind, living with type one die bow bee tees -- diabetes and a vietnam war veteran. >> maizing story. also, lamont peterson sits down with dave ross to talk about a much anticipated rematch with amir khan his trainer will also be with him in 15 minutes. >> we wanted to do some more whitney talk because i think our hearts are broken today so we wanted to talk about our
7:57 am
favorite songs for me, whitney did a lot of acting too. people know the bodyguard, the preachers wife, waiting to exhale, i don't know if we have it. >> no, we don't we have the bodyguard sound track instead but i love that, afterwards you are crying and you are laughing,. >> we will talk more the death of whitney houston, donnie simpson will be here he knew whitney from the beginning and we will talk with him he will be here live in studio. in just a little bit and more 7:55 a.m.  [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
7:58 am
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there is no way around this, we've had a death in our family. ♪ [ music ] a somber evening to begin and special prayer and tribute performance to the late, great whitney houston more on that, and the investigation into her shocking death. straight ahead. plus, former radio and tv
8:01 am
host donnie simpson who interviewed houston during the height of her musical career and was friends with her throughout her career, will shed more light on her life and legacy good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour that legacy is safe and secure as far as the music goes. >> absolutely is. >> looking forward to that. one of the things that -- there is a lot said about her but she was one of the most successful recording artists of all time we will talk about that coming up. in the meantime tucker barnes joining us now, you had a trip down memory lane listening to whitney. >> taking me back to high school. >> back in the 80s especially. >> hard to believe. here today, a cold one in dc. >> you got it cold temperatures to start the day, lots of sunshine daytime highs back in the mid-40s. after a week chinned featured a little snow and -- featured a little snow and cold wind. 25 degrees now in washington,
8:02 am
and that is one of the warmer spots, but the entire area at or below freezing including fredericksburg still in the teens, chilly start, nice afternoon, bright sunshine, less wind that yesterday, as you can see clear skies stretching all the way from new york to washington down into richmond and carolinas with high pressure building across, should be a nice quiet day here mid-atlantic. i will bring more details, sunshine, chilly start nice afternoon, seasonal temperatures, mid-40s by 4:00 p.m. and again, maybe a few showers in the forecast, details on that coming up. >> a dry one today. >> guaranteed. >> very good. >> here is julie wright the latest on this mornings rush hour traffic. >> we have a lot happening on the inner loop of the belt way, as you work your way over to route 4, pennsylvania avenue, south of that, m dot tells me they are on the scene of a
8:03 am
crash, as you travel south, toward the wilson bridge the other side of town, accident activity, brad dock road tieing up two right lanes, headed down towards springfield, 27 minute commute springfield towards 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. ♪ [ music ] >> of course our big story, the tragic death of pop icon whitney houston she was found dead saturday in her beverly hilton hotel room the los angeles county coroner's office completed an autopsy but officials are waiting to deliver her cause of death, pending toxology reports, those results could take 6 to 8 weeks to get back as to whether she drowned or over dosed --
8:04 am
>> i will just comment, she was found in the bathtub that was put out by beverly hills pd someone removed her from the bathtub and paramedics did cpr on her. in the meantime her 18-year- old daughter bobbi christina, rushed to hospital yesterday, treated for stress and anxiety after she was released her father arrived in los angeles to be with her he is asking the public to give the family privacy and time to grieve. >> a touching tribute to houston by jennifer hudson at last night's grammy awards the loss coincided with garage my weekend and talk of her legacy -- grammy weekend and talk of her legacy dominated the carpet. >> reporter: known for its outrageous and eccentric fashion statements, it was a
8:05 am
more subdued affair. >> it is just a tragedy one of those things that you don't believe is going to happen you hear people have ups and downs but come on you can't die and then it happens and it is like wow. it is a wake up call. >> the night brought out the biggest and brightest of the music industry all touched by houston's voice and talent. >> absolutely huge her voice her style she was classy, never raunchy. >> when she came out of the box in the 80s it was like lena horne with the sensibility of a soul singer she could act like that as well. >> i only met her once at a grammy 1986 she was 21 years old with her mother and i ended up signature next to her so her mother was on one side i was on the other we watched the whole show together she was so young and beautiful and talented and that wonderful voice she was a lot of fun too ♪ i decided long ago never to walk in
8:06 am
anyone's shadow ♪ >> as one of the world's best selling artists, whitney sets a standard with her hits and vocals. >> it is not about her career it is her voice the light of her voice that is what remains. >> amazing, before her there was not a whitney since whitney there has not been she was hands down the standard. >> the tributes will continue for weeks despite this year's toned down red carpet those feeling more festive couldn't resist their moment to express themselves with a few interesting fashion choices >> i feel tonight is the night that celebrates music. and what better way to celebrate whitney houston than to be at the grammys. >> in hollywood, fox news. we wanted to know a little bit more about the personal side of whitney houston she has a lasting -- has made a lasting impact in the world of
8:07 am
entertainment, one man who has known her throw out that entire time is donnie simpson good to see you man. >> always good to see you. >> sorry about the circumstances a rough couple weeks. >> my goodness. >> the passing of don cornelius and now whitney houston. >> two, true legends it is sad but i guess that is part of life you know, it is sad the older you get, feels like the more contemporaries you lose. >> i was saying to a friend this weekend, it is very strange the people we have seen, the entire left-hand turn of their careers people we expected -- entire length of their careers, michael jackson, whitney houston we have seen their complete stories you first met whitney 1985. >> roughly, i guess that was it, did her first interview on television it was with me.
8:08 am
>> i know you were excited about it i don't know if this is the first interview looks like it could be but this is on video soul for you back in the day and this was something, the fact that she, her first interview was with you i know you were proud of but she and her people were proud of too. >> yeah, one of the producers of video soul, called merged to remind me of that because when you are doing your thing you don't thing about it and he said yeah, that was the first interview and the record company was always proud of that, that the first interview was with you on video soul they gave you a copy of you give good love before it was released to radio i said wow then i know you know this, from our days back at wkys we had a gold record hanging on the wall that said thanks for being the first in the world to play whitney houston. how cool is that. and again something you wouldn't thing about but now with this moment, it is pretty cool. >> what i am struck by was just
8:09 am
how young she was there and how free spirited and open and all of that at the beginning of her career. >> yeah. >> tack about the whitney you knew you had the opportunity to spend time with her at her house, a number of venues tell us about whitney houston as a person. >> just cool man just really down to earth, sweet i was at a birthday party i may not remember this correctly but seems that was the night she met bobby, and because bobby and i were out back in the yard walking around and bobby says man, can you believe this donnie look at this, this is from two albums, she has all this just from two albums. i want a piece of this no, he didn't. just kidding but, then later on i find myself in the kitchen and she calls me over, and she is on the phone she says you got to hear this so she shares the phone with me like this we
8:10 am
are listening cheek to cheek and it is take 6 the group take 6 called her to sing happy birthday to her in their six part harmony how cool is this. who gets take 6 to call them to sing happy birthday to them. to share that, the point is she was just like anyone else, we are in the kitchen just hey, check this out this is pretty cool just very sweet like that. >> you mention bobby brown i remember at the time she and bobby hooked up and got married and troubles that came later on there was a lot of concern about wit thee by those of -- whitney by those of us who were her fans everyone loved her so much a lot of people were surprised by the relationship and problems that developed were there two whitneys was there the public whitney was the real whitney different from her image? >> well, not in my opinion.
8:11 am
i think a lot of people felt it was a strange pairing you know bobby brown had this bad boy image and whitney was just america's sweet heart she was apple pie. but cupid shoots his arrow in funny ways never for us to understand why two hearts connect they do because they do god intended it to be, i hear people try to blame bobby for the downward spiral in her career in life to me that is wrong you know, you are responsible for you always no one else is responsible for the decisions you make you can't hang that on bobby someone the other day was telling me well, implying bobby wouldn't even be sorry for this. how ridiculous can that be. this was his wife, you know i am sure he still loves her she is the mother of his child. >> they both used to talk about how deep that love was.
8:12 am
>> yeah. >> so i want to show a picture, one of my most cherished possessions i had the opportunity to meet whitney because of you at an event in the late 80s in new york, it was for you i don't remember what the event was but whitney came and performed. >> she was cool like that she used to do that for you. >> yeah. >> that was the launch of my weekend syndicated radio show, america's top 30 i think it was called something like that and she came out for you know, i looked for -- i have had some keel pictures of that night -- cool pictures of that night too i don't hang stuff on the wall they are all in boxes in the basement man. >> that's true. >> i found a picture of you this morning i was looking for this framed autographed picture to my wife says pam thanks for watching television and not listening to radio in the morning. [ laughter ] >> yeah, that used to cause a
8:13 am
little thing here. >> i don't think i ever saw it which made me wonder why this was hidden in the basement. >> well, we are done for now donnie. as always. >> always tony. >> donnie simpson allison back to you. >> 8:13 a.m., check on weather, traffic and today's top stories clean up under way after violent riots in greece the latest on the situation there. >> plus president barack obama outlining his plan for trimming the deficit here in the u.s. then also ahead, this hour, big rematch plans las vegas between lamont peterson and amir khan they will join us live to talk about this fight, fox 5 morning news will be right back 8:13 a.m.  look! here she comes!
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bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> tucker barnes is standing by with the latest on our weather and more. >> time for our my first 5 photo of the day 4 month old
8:17 am
ashton. >> look at him. >> hello sweetie. >> 4 months old. >> cute as can be he is in his puppy robe. yep. >> ashton is going to be making that face a lot everything is new. you are 4 months old it is like what? what is that. that is a tree? caddy? >> right. >> got to love the outfit. >> puppy robe. >> funny this weekend when everybody was so cold they had on great hats. to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. love the face love the puppy robe. >> temperatures quick look across the country, 26 now washington, cincinnati 18 degrees, plenty cold on the map, 16 chicago, minus 7 wow, international falls and even down in dallas, 36 plenty of cold, will be a warmer day for us gradually going to warm up
8:18 am
we will be chilly a few more hours by this afternoon high pressure starts to bring us winds out of the west and south we should start enjoying temperatures back in the 40s. that is our weather maker tomorrow out towards st. louis and memphis when it arrives in washington area, a lot of clouds weak, a few showers in here tomorrow. is day sunshine warmer temperatures tomorrow mild clouds and could be a few showers, in the afternoon and evening there is your 5 day. 44 today, 32 tonight, gradually warmer here with highs returning into the 50s by wednesday. all right that is weather let's do some traffic julie wright has your latest. >> what is going on? >> not a lot travelling north of town but we have some problems on the inner loop south of route 4 pennsylvania avenue, accident activity right side of the road crash involves the over turned vehicle, inner loop after 4, right side of the roadway closed off outer loop of the belt way where we have more problems to report
8:19 am
accident activity, bradock tieing up the two right lanes direction of the springfield interchange, slow go springfield towards 66 down to a 27 minute ride that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. making headline it is clean up begins after a night of rioting in the capital of greece protestors threw fire bombs, at riot police who responded with stun grenades and tear gas inside parliament, lawmakers passed tough austerity measures, the european union is demanding in order for greece to get another bailout, if it does not it will default sending europe into recession. >> murder trial of former university of virginia lacrosse player continues today. george hughly is accused of killing yeardly love in 2010 in
8:20 am
her off campus apartment. a former student said he saw hughly choke love months before she was killed. paul wagner will join us live for an update in the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> president obama's budget was just delivered and the president will outline his proposals when he speaks at northern virginia community college later today. he seek $4 trillion in deficit reduction. >> mitt romney coming off big wins in the maine caucuses and conservative cpac conference in the district. ron paul who has not won any state primary or caucus, spent a lot of time in maine, rick santorum is promising an aggressive campaign in the next contest end of the month, arizona and michigan romney's home state. now 8:20 a.m. on a monday morning. want to make it wednesday apple ipads being seized from
8:21 am
retailers in one part of china find out why when we continue. do you have a big date for valentines day? we have you covered. annie is hanging out with beauty experts for tips on make up [ female announcer ] pillsbury presents: how to solve a brother-sister standoff.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
a new jersey father and son still being held captive in angola over a concert, a concert promo tore and his son were kidnapped after he and another rapper skipped out on a new years show in the south african nation they have since been held at hotel the two rappers reportedly pocketed $314,000 in advance, naz repaid his performance last month but the an go happen promo tore, still wants $75,000. apple ipads are being seized from retailers in a city in northern china the chinese company maintains it owns the ipad name and that it registered it in 2001. apple bought rights to the name from a taiwan affiliate that registered it the year before a chinese court rejected apples
8:25 am
complaint in december its rights were violated there is a push to have the devices seized in more than 20 other cities. at least four states are looking into bills that would make kids repeat grades for failing state reading tests the states are colorado, iowa, new mexico, tennessee if passed the school districts would be able to hold back children if they don't meet state reading requirements the bills are aimed at addressing literacy problems that exist nationwide. now 8:25 a.m. monday morning a big focus on the loss of whitney houston at last night's grammys but also big winners getting a lot of buzz we will look on the other side of the break. >> plus rematch, lamont peterson will once again take on amir khan the fight is scheduled may in las vegas. he sits down with dave ross coming up
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:29 am
we are getting the first glen of the new edition to the family, look at that head of hair she is cute. >> this is blue ivy carter born january 7th weighing in at 7 pounds. >> in a short candid written statementings, the proud mom and day say we welcome you to share our joy thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives, signed the carter family and proud papa jay z holding at that baby. ♪ [ music ] >> an amazing night for adele at this year's grammys she performed for the first time since having vocal cord surgery three months ago she took home 6 grammys including record of the year for rolling in the deep. >> some other big winners, foo fighters won five awards, best
8:30 am
new artist, beat nicki minaj and lady antebellum won. is nicki minaj still new? >> she has been all over the charts for the last few years how new is she? >> i noticed a lot of abouts i had never heard of before. >> i never heard of bon hiver. >> that is not a group just one >> i think it is a guy is that a buy or a group? >> a couple people -- a guy or a group >> a couple people. >> it is a soap we are told >> i think it is a group. >> okay. >> not a guy. >> no. >> cold temperatures, temperatures in the 20s, enjoying afternoon highs mid- 40s that is where we should be for february the 13th. so we are going to be right
8:31 am
where we should be. >> toward it is big valentines day. >> i have friends who don't celebrate they says the made up we are not going to do it. >> that would be shawn. way to bust her out. winds out of the south at 8, warmer aeroon the way, not a mild afternoon but milder than what we had for the weekend. 26 right now in the city regan national, 19 manassas off to the north and west, frederick, 30 degrees in leonard town, 19 degrees, now 28 again chilly start, temperatures should be above the freezing mark with bright sunshine and again enjoying temperatures mid-40s for afternoon highs high pressure going to be in charge that will keep us nice and dry, this area, looks ominous but trust me when it gets here tomorrow it will be on the weak side clouds move in later tonight mostly cloudy day tomorrow possibly of a few
8:32 am
showers, early enough we might have a wintery mix well out to the west, west virginia and western maryland, early tomorrow morning milder temperatures on the way highs back into the 50s our brief arctic blast this weekend will quickly give way to temperatures back in the 50s and 60s. two showers, 48, that is with the weather, allison and tony back to you guys at the desk. >> i think bon hiver is a guy. >> well, this says it was a folk band but i do see only one gentleman. >> who cares. >> lamont peterson and amir khan by gearing up for a rematch. >> i feel sad for you amir khan. >> so do i. >> peterson is here in studio joining dave ross. >> these two guys to my right don't feel sorry for amir khan
8:33 am
at all it is going down once again may 19th, lamont peterson, mandalay bayou have a lot of hard ware it is hard to prop up 4 belts when you have all this here we have a couple new editions from the last time tell us about the new belts. >> well, this ivf belt here i just won from khan the super champion belt and the wba belt, these are the three i won from khan. >> december 10th. >> so lamont when you got those, they used to be amirs they are now yours. barry hunter tiner extraordinary to your right. barry i know the business of boxing is not that easy to do with this whole rematch d you decide to s had other fight him again may 19th. >> well, we had to again like you said it is a business
8:34 am
decision, at the end of the day, we had our reason for fighting both we had our reason for not wanting to fight both at this time, and this amir thing outweighed the situation as far as fighting between amir at this time. >> lamont is this the fight you wanted to get back in there he has been running off at the month since december 10th saying basically i want a rematch i was robbed in dc. do you get kind of to put up and shut up once in for all now. >> yeah, from the day we met outside the ring in are press conference i knew i wanted to fight him it had nothing to do with what he said or things he was saying, i just wanted to fight him again it was a great fight, fans wanted to see the fight again >> when you say that, with golden boy who obviously promotes amir khan is this something with the business of
8:35 am
boxing you look before he is allowed to sign, he is going to fight tim think bradly and marquis is a possible other opponent if you beat amir now again, then do you get a shot at one of those two mega stars. >> yeah. at that point it is really nowhere else to go. your win big fights you go up the ladder and at this point, there is nowhere else to go. >> let's talk about you right now we haven't started training yet. tell people what you are walking around at right now weight wise you are going to fight amir khan 140 what are you weighing now. >> probably 164. >> 164? barry hunter trainer extraordinary you got to get 24 pounds off this guy how do you do it. >> man i got a bat, no, we going to -- today is the first day we are going in there and start shaking off the cobwebs, got to go back to your regiment
8:36 am
your vitamins, your food, getting up at a certain time so mentally you have to prepare first before you go back into training. >> this is day one when you leave fox 5 you go work out >> right back to start working out >> let's talk about the life changes event december 10th was, you got the key to the city it has been extraordinary the way people welcomed you i guess, what has this experience been like for you? >> it has been an experience i liked it though. you know something i have to get used to i am more of a personal type of person you know, but when i go out now even to the grocery store, hey, champ, this and that, so it is just cool and i like it. it takes some getting used to. >> barry i don't think this will be a hard question to answer how do you keep a guy like lamont grounded now he has been to the mountain top, you
8:37 am
guys have come from having nothing and now you are going to make a huge payday for the first time ever a real life changing payday how do you stay grounded? >> give him one of those new tvs. 3d tvs and his daughter you will have no problem. those two things he take away that is when he start to kick a little bit. >> lamont do you put the money aside and say i am still fighting just like i always fought. >> yep forget what people thing i should be driving or where i should be living i will just do what i feel comfortable with, what i like just try to put the money away because i like to thing that i work hard for it. i definitely don't want to blow it. >> no pension in boxing. >> no pension. >> let me ask you why are you going to win may 19th why do people of dc what can you tell them and assure them why you are going to retain all these belts before you today >> man you can see first fight, he had problems with my
8:38 am
fighting style i went to it late well, it wasn't from the beginning i h continue to do that but will do it better this time the problems he had, he cannot fix them in 5 months. >> and barry hunter is going to make sure he cannot solve the problem thank you so much for coming back in >> i need to give you something. >> who, what is this? >> an official member of team peterson. >> oh, my goodness i will wear it proudly gentlemen thank you very very much now you are making me run i see what you are doing here. may 19th. thank you and we will be out there in vegas tony perkins you and i need to road trip for this fight. >> we are going to make that happen. i will root for you at home but rooting for you. >> thank you 8:38 a.m.
8:39 am
monday morning fox 5 job of the day coming up next on the other side of the break plus following news of the death of whitney houston friends are remembering her life through some of her best known songs. fox 5 morning news will be right back, 8:39 a.m. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
8:40 am
in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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8:42 am
whitney houston's hue sick topping the -- music topping the downloads, sony music executives are figuring out how to market her many comely laces her signature single, i will always love you was the top download on itunes. >> definitely, i went through and downloaded some myself yesterday. >> if you are looking for work a quick reminder about the fox 5 job shop today's job with whole foods they are looking for a grocery retail worker at the store in fairfax for more information head to click on job shop. now 8:42 a.m. a man with a very inspirational story is joining us in studio this morning to talk about a
8:43 am
condition that many people struggle with. diabetes. >> urban meyers is a blind business man and sports enthusiast and said his diabetes saved his life. we will meet him after the break. >> then we are helping you look your best for valuen times day, annie yu is getting hair and make up tips stay with us 
8:44 am
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8:46 am
well, of course we have all had days when we didn't want to get out of bed our next guest faced more challenges than most of us will in a lifetime and not only kept getting out of bed but became a competitive skiier, sailor and successful business man he was a soldier fighting in vietnam when he went into diabetic coma, and lost his sight he lives on the west coast but came here for clarity the company is not a sponsor to have diabetes conference but please welcome
8:47 am
urban meyer to the studio. >> your trusty companion rocket. >> always with me. >> good to see both of you you say diabetes saved your life can you take us back to vietnam and tell us why you say that? >> i was an infantry platoon, 9th infantry, 1967, 68 vietnam and started getting sick and kept ongoing to sick call when we came back from the field they diagnosed battle fatigue, pep sick ulcers and they came in and said you better stop going to sick hall i am only 20 years old they thought i was trying to get out of the bat and my role as in-- combat and my role as infantry platoon. then one day really sick, losing weight, vomiting, enemy hit us, i remember falling over into a rice paddy hitting the
8:48 am
water two days later i woke up in saigon hospital discovering they thought i was dead, put me in a body bag, where an alert medic two days later who was told to open up the body bags, to toe tag or identify all the dead soldiers, just felt a pulse and rushed me to hospital and saved my life. >> my goodness. >> from what i heard i am the only one who came back alive from my platoon. devastating operation when i heard about it later. >> yes, sir, diagnosed then with diabetes had no idea. >> no idea. it was a diabetic coma i had been sick so long with type one diabetes i just went unconscious in the battlefield and you know to me it saved my life and changed -- directed how i look at life and everything from there, so you know, it is a gift i have even being with you today.
8:49 am
>> you have certainly gone through other health challenges, hearing loss, thyroid, stroke, kidney transplant you sit here an inspiration what is your advice to others, diabetes, going through this condition, what would you say to others who just want to say you know what i give up i can't do this. >> i would -- i go deaf when i hear that, i can't do that i shut off the hearing aid you know 1968, diabetes was not that well known i had never heard of the disease until i was diagnosed today with all the medications and advancements i am healthier today than 44 years ago. >> you do use an insulin pump >> i do it gives me freedom to be flexible so i can compete in today's work place, without -- with those not having diabetes it doesn't effect -- it is not a factor in my case it helped
8:50 am
me control my diabetes from medical condition which helps with other medical issues i have. >> you said business man you are nationally recognized. business man and president of disabled persons business association but you are a competitive sailor and skiier and these are physically exhaustive and you are doing it. >> it is part of living a full life if you had been given a second chance what would you do i came back from vietnam, they say most you have is 20 years left to live my wife and i got married just before going we lived one day at a time and are still doing it every day is rewarding and exciting happy to be here in washington i come out here often the conference this week there was over a thousand people, at the conference on saturday, at the convention center, taking control of your diabetes conference, just a wonderful time you know talking about living life i live and you know, if i can do it why can't
8:51 am
you. >> yes. >> again that conference was take control of your diabetes i am sure your message resonated with each and every person in there. we appreciate you coming in thanks for coming back and bringing this beautiful crockett who is the most mellow seeing eye dog ever. if you are planning a night out on valentines day, annie yu is hanging out with the beauty gurus, c alan signature salon. hey, annie. >> hey, tony i am in my element loving it here, and you know valentines day falls on a tuesday so a lot of the ladies will be going on that romantic evening date right after work we will show you ways to turn that day look into a sultry evening look some ladies here have already had their hair done elizabeth richardson is the salon manager here and what
8:52 am
are some looks we are going for today. >> we are going for a nice romantic ave luscious curls, easy blow out. >> what is in this season? the natural look or curls? i am seeing a lot of curls. >> a lot of curls are in but natural looking maybe waves, you know, natural where you can go from tight and bouncy to long. >> longer hair is in. >> longer hair is in. >> yeah, ladies grow that hair out long. >> some want a little funkness. >> your hair is very cute. >> thank you. we have earless here. >> well, elsa is going for a nice smooth silk blow out she has light layers,. >> her make up is beautiful. >> right. >> something she can go from going out straight to work. >> what about our ladies here? >> yes this is carissa she has
8:53 am
a nice romantic wave this is really hot. >> same with rachel her hair is a lot longer did you achieve this with a curling iron or flat iron >> wand. >> a wand >> nice medium sides wand you can also do it with a curling iron. a nice small barrel. >> medium sized barrel. >> wrapping it around. >> if you have shorter hair use a smaller barrel. >> yes. >> and longer you want to go bigger. >> got you. >> thank you very much and we have tana working on the make up. >> good morning how are you? >> doing well. >> she is my model you are going to help me turn her into a sultry evening look. >> you got it. >> what i am working on now is rachel and these are for the looks this season are really a lot of pinks and browns as well as like a very soft tape color so we are going to make --
8:54 am
taupe color so we are going to make her the romantic date we are going to help celebrate the princess in her we will give her this soft romantic look so she is really saying something with her eyes here this really kind of makes it a smoky look if you want a nice romantic look think romantic and elegant we created this on the eyes, we made her skin look very dewy and approachable. >> she looks beautiful. >> is a gorgeous girl any way it made my job easy but for trying to achieve this look at home seek the help of any cosmetic counter that will give you that taupy look. you want the lips to be soft play up the eye area keep the lynns soft and pouty you want to make sure you have some
8:55 am
highlights. so you want to highlight the cheek bones, right down the bridge of the nose to give it that extra night look but still keeping it elegant. >> rachel is going on a date tomorrow evening she will try to recreate this look i just applied some blush but go to for c alan signature they do hair, make up everything coming up i thinkly get my hair done by the ladies here i am looking forward to that and we will have our own minifashion show back to you in studio. >> get your hair real spiky. >> okay. i will. >> okay very good. >> 8:55 a.m. now straight ahead at 9 more on the life. >> i have no ideaer go ahead. >> legacy of whitney houston. >> fox 5 producer shares with us her experiences at last night's grammy awards we will be right back  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer,
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♪[ music ] remembering legendary singer whitney houston she died suddenly just a day before the grammy awards right now at 9 a look how she was remembered last night at those awards plus a fox 5 producer shares with us her experience at the awards show. ticket trouble if you are hoping to score those good seats to madonna's show at verizon center be prepared to pay, tickets go on sale in an hour but there is an ongoing battle to keep scalpers from snatching them up in minutes find out if you can beat the rush. >> later, an early valentines treat a local boutique bakery serving up winning sweets on a national tv show the owners of the sweet lobby will join us. >> i hope they brought some love to share od


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