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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 14, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. it is 4:25 on this tuesday, february 14th. happy valentine's day, everyone. it is a chilly start to your valentine's day. hopefully, you can get things to warm up today. i'm sarah simmons. >> as you get out and get the rest of your items for valentine's day. >> right. >> good morning. i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. good morning to tucker barnes. happy valentine's day. >> wisdom, same to you. do we do that?
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>> i guess we can do that to everyone. >> happy valentine's day, everyone. could be a frozen mix off to the north and west, maybe few snow pellets. no reports of any of this touching the ground. little possible you could encounter a light snow shower if you are well north and west of the city. up toward haggerstowns and southern pennsylvania, it is possible there could be a light wintry mix there. at reagan national, it is currently 39 degrees. humidity, 67%. winds are out of the south at five miles per hour. looking at the forecast for today, lots of clouds around. could be a shower around here later today with high temperatures in the 40s. more details on the forecast in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. some of the top stories we're following, a major movement in the push to
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legalize gay marriage. washington state signed a bill into law last night and new jersey's state senate approved a similar measure. here in our area, some people of faith are rallying today in support of gay marriage in virginia. maryland governor martin o'malley says his same-sex marriage bill could be approved by a house committee this week. in montgomery county, a judge releases interview tapes of brittany norwood who was convicted of murdering her coworker inside a lululemon store in bethesda. in the tapes, she is seen crying and is emotional. she pretended to be the victim a horrific crime that he she blames on fictional attackers. testimony will continue in the trial of george huguely accused of killing yeardley love in her apartment in 2010. yesterday, a coroner testified
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that the cause of death was was blunt force trauma. whitney houston's body is back on the east coast this morning, arriving in her home state of new jersey late last night. that is where her family is making funeral arrangements. a service is expected to take place later on this week. her body was released to the family yesterday after authorities completed an autopsy. the pop icon was found dead in her beverly hilton hotel room on saturday. uncertainty perhaps is the biggest challenge facing the apparel industry. >> nowhere is that more on display than at new york's fashion week. it is under way in the big apple as designers attempt to outdo each other. lauren simonetti has more. >> reporter: one week, 350 shows, twice a year. new york fashion week is all about showing a designer collection to the world. with the help of editors, bloggers and photographers who share the vibrant images
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strutting down the runway. you know christian siriano from project runway. >> i was inspired by backs, all parts about them, everything from the wing shape to the idea of flight. >> reporter: some of the newer designers choose to show at alternate spaces like this one. >> we are very fortunate. we are showing as part of a group called style 360. ments a collective group of designers where we share the runway costs, lighting costs and hair and make-up costs. for $10,000, we have the entire venue. >> reporter: thea is just about throw years old. this fall fashion week brings its creative director a rush of striement and anxiety. >> so exciting to be finally showing among my peers. but at the same time, i'm
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showing with my peers. i'm be judged on the same level as they are. >> every designer needs women to wear their clothes at the end of the day. it is the most important thing. we still have plenty ated, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. right now. good morning and welcome to tuesday, february 14th, also known as valentine's day. good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with talker.
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>> we have clouds, maybe a few sprinkles or snow flurries. >> all right. >> you're going to take what you're going to get. >> perfect cuddling weather. >> sarah is right. perfect if you don't have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. my apologies if you're watching me right now. we like chilly for valentine's day because that is good cuddling weather. winchester, 32 degrees. we should see highs back in the upper 40s and 50s. the possibility there could be a sprinkle or shower during the course of the day. if you are well off to the north and west, it could be a little bit of light snow or mix here. you can see it is out there, at least the possibility. most of this not touching the ground. we have the possibility of a for you light showers in the forecast today. mostly just a cloudy day with mild temperatures, highs about
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50. could be a shower later this afternoon. maybe a 10 or 20% chance. >> thank you. time now to check in with julie wright if our first look at the morning traffic. good morning to you, julie wright. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. do i not see any red on that desk today. >> we were early yesterday. we couldn't help ourselves. still really excited for it. we have tucker here. >> his nose is red but that's for a different reason. it is early in the morning. we know how tucker barnes lives. sarah, think about it. wisdom got it. as you work your way in from fair oaks towards 123, lanes are open, overnight construction cleared. no problems as you travel through the hot lane zone. southbound 270, easy commute right now from montrose road headed out to the lane divide.
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no trouble spots to report on the beltway between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. whitney houston's body is back on the east coast this morning, arriving in her home state of new jersey late last night. that is where her family is making funeral arrangements. a service is expected to take place later on this week. authorities say houston's body was found under water in a bathtub but will not release cause of death until toxicology test results are in. here in our area, montgomery county police are searching for a missing 8-year- old girl. london marshall was last seen yesterday afternoon around 4:30 when she left her home in silver spring after a family argument. there is no evidence to indicate foul play was involved in her initial disappearance but police and family members are concerned because of her age and also the treating weather and the amount of time she's been gone. if you have any information fo
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, please cull police. george huguely is accused of killing yeardley love in 2010. yesterday, a coroner testified the cause of death was blunt force trauma and that there is evidence an attempt to smother yeardley. the jury also saw pictures of huguely with bruises and abrasions the day his ex-girl friend was found dead. huguely told investigators during an interview that the injuries were the result of a la crosse game and practice. today, some people of faith are gathering in support of same-sex marriage in virginia. stacy co-has all the developments. >> reporter: the guy marriage debate continues to push through several states with varying results. here in our area, the unitarian universal aft church of burke,
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virginia is using valentine's day as a way to voice support for gay marriage. they will gather for a rally outside the fairfax courthouse. that happens at 1:00 this afternoon. in new jersey, the state senate passed a bill to recognize same- sex marriages, the very same measure failed two years ago. those supporters of gay marriage called the vote a civil rights milestone. governor chris christie has promised to veto the measure. in washington state, same- sex marriage has now been signed into law. washington joins six other states and the district of columbia in recognizing gay marriage. gay and lesbian couples will be allowed to legally marry in washington state beginning on june 7th. opponents there are trying to gather enough petition signatures to put the issue on the ballot for the november election. meantime, several other states are also in the midst of same- sex marriage debates including maryland. governor martin o'malley's bill to legalize such unions could be voted out of the house
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committee as early as this week. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. president barack obama has taken the wraps off his budget recommendations to congress. the $3.8 trillion plan is to create jobs through stimulus- style spending on roads and schools. part it was would be paid for by taxes on the rich but republicans are rejecting it out of hand saying it is nothing more than a campaign tactic and pointing to the fact that the democratic-controlled senate rejected his budget last year by a vote of 97-0. on the campaign trail, obama's upcoming west coast fundraising trip will feature a musical line-up worthy of grammy gold. the foo fighters will perform at the fundraiser in los angeles tomorrow o thurks the president's supporters will hear dress cornell and on friday, seattle band, the head and the heart will play in washington. -- on thursday, the president's
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supporters will hear chris cornell. cornell. republican candidate rick santorum trying to give his first campaign speech in tacoma, washington. but a nearby crowd of occupy protestors kept chanting for a half hour. santorum is surging in the national polls and is now in a dead heat with mitt romney just week before primaries in michigan, arizona and washington. some disturbing new details that could have an effect on upcoming elections actually new report shows that about 24 million voter registrations in the u.s. contain significant errors. researchers at the pugh center say about 1.8 million dead people are still on the rolls. they say they don't see any evidence on widespread fraud. the problem is being blamed on outdated state systems. more violence in square as the u.n. warns of civil civil
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war. an update on the case against jerry sandusky. we'll share the latest on the scandal coming up next. q save them.
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beginning overseas in syria where government tanks are renewing their assault, this morning, troops have been shelling a neighborhood where rebels from the free syria army are holed up. the le lentle bombardment has led to hundreds of civilian deaths which the united nations calls indiscriminate attacks. shock in europe after moody's cut the ratings of six countries n downgraded italy, portugal and spain while dropping the outlook of france, britain and austria to negative from stable. cards, gifts and valentine's items are banned in
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iran. but that is not stopping people from celebrating. although stores are not allowed to explicitly promote valentine's gifts, many places are quietly selling love-themed gifts. however, not all iranians are in favor of the western idea. some are choosing to observe iran's traditional day of love. jeer any sandusky is allowed to have supervised visits with his grandchildren while awaiting trial on child sex abuse allegations. former penn state assistant football coach says he is relieved and thrilled with the judge's ruling. judge also ruled in favor of the defense saying the jury for the trial can be local. the prosecution was trying to get a jury from outside state college to hear that case. we've got new details on a chilling story that rocked the bethesda area. >> coming up next, a first look at the evidence in the lululemon murder trial. the killer, brittany norwood, caught on camera lying to
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detectives. we'll have more on that story coming up. first, let's check in with talker. >> chilly conditions to start your morning, lots of clouds out there. could be a sprinkle or light snow shower if you are watching off to the north and west. i'll have the forecast. and julie wright is in with a look at your on-time traffic as well as your valentine's day right after the break. the brq at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health.
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welcome back. taking a live look at the washington monument. talking about how we're so sick of love songs. we are kind of, a little bit. but we did come up with our favorite ones this morning. here is a shout out to the valentine's day idea today. we do have some favorite love songs. >> i can't wait to hear tucker's. >> tucker won't tell us his. >> got to wait a little bit. it's memorable. i'm sure you're going to like it. guess what. we've got a few light showers and maybe a few light snow flurries in the forecast this morning. nothing we can't handle. >> right, on valentine's day. >> in some ways romantic. >> snow, inside, like sarah said, cuddling. so it's good. >> not good when you got to get up and go to work in the
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morning. >> you got to pay for the valentine's stuff. >> it is getting more and more expensive. >> i have noticed that. i'm he not a fan of increasing prices. >> a dozen roses is all of a sudden like $60 today. i could have had it for $12 last week. >> let me get right to the radar. got a couple of light showers, sprinkles maybe, a snow flurry off to the north and west. there you go. the bottom line is most of this is not touching the ground. i know it looks rather impresident-elect e. pressive but really, it is not as the atmosphere here in the -- the althougher part of the atmosphere very dry. it is possible there could be some light showers, a little light wintry mix here north and west to start your morning. if you are out watching, off to the north and west, you are getting any of this touching the ground and i will report it. here in washington, we're
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quiet. just a lot of cloud cover. we have a couple of weak upper level disturbances. we will have a lot of clouds in the forecast today and the possibility with highs later this afternoon in the upper 40s to about 50 that we could have a few showers. it will be in the form of liquid around here later today as our high temperatures will be a good 10 degrees or so, 15 degrees above freezing here later this afternoon. temperatures right now, we are on the chilly side but not terribly cold. not nearly as cold as yesterday morning. 39 in washington. 33 out at dulles. 41 for you at patuxent naval air station. 35 in baltimore. forecast for today. a lot of clouds in return. could be a shower, 50-degree your daytime high. another mild one, winds out of the south and east at about five to 10. sprinkle or shower possible tonight with 35 being your overnight low. we'll stay above freezing. there is your five-day forecast. 50 today, 53 tomorrow with some afternoon sunshine. showers return on thursday. look at that. we're in the 50s through the
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beginning of the weekend. 53 on friday. now, let's get onto my favorite work valentine, julie wright. >> my funny valentine, that's you. >> oh, you're sweet. >> now, where is my chocolate? >> where is my candy heart? >> i tell you what, we'll exchange later. southbound 270 coming in from clopper this morning, the lanes are open, you are rolling at speed. no trouble spots to report in virginia are, northbound i-95 good to go leaving woodbridge headed out towards the beltway. now to some chilling video of the woman convicted of killing her coworker inside the lululemon store in bethesda. brittany norwood was first vefd after she was found bound and bleeding inside the store. four days later, she was well enough for the video interview with detectives. bob archbishop arrested has the
4:49 am
story now. >> reporter: she was a free woman, voluntarily speaking with police, five days after the vicious murder of her coworker, jayna murray inside the lululemon store on bethesda row. >> he strike me on my head. >> he strikes you on your head. your forehead? >> uh-huh. >> do you know with what? >> i don't know. >> what was it his fist or an object? >> it was hard. >> reporter: brittany norwood was not yet a suspect. claimed she was a victim herself, taxed by two masked men inside the store late on a friday night last march. >> how long do you think this went on? >> forever it seems like. >> i'm sure. >> i don't know. >> reporter: of course, we now know it was all a lie. >> she is a great actress. that is just absolutely apparent. as judge greenberg said, she thought she was in control. she thought she was calling the
4:50 am
shots. for several days, she was, but that was not the case. >> they knew where i lived. they know where i live. >> reporter: two days later after the first interview, brittany was back at police headquarters. >> they said if i was to pass anyone and open my mouth, i could consider myself dead. >> reporter: norwood said the killers had made her leave the store and move jayna murray's car. police had found her blood in jayna's car. >> the whole point of this is trying to come to a successful conclusion. >> reporter: detective jim drury at this point knows some of the forensic evidence isn't matching up with her story. people would probably ask, well, why didn't you just keep going and not go back, you know. >> because i was scared for my life. >> if you were in the car and drive ago with a -- >> i knew they knew where i lived. >> reporter: later that day, nor wad was arrested and
4:51 am
charged with jayna murray's murder. we are now see for the first time the actions of two apple store employees who say they heard screams from the other side of the wall in their store, hearing jayna murray's screams for help but did nothing. >> it is not legal a a requirement to report a crime. again, morally, would we hope that people con fronted with the same situation would do what we hope people do in a community to look after each other and make a phone call, absolutely. but there is no legal requirement to do that. you can walk away if you choose to do so. >> brittany norwood was eventually convicted of murdering he coworker and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. a crucial cancer drug in such short supply, it may soon run out. what is being done about it? the details coming up next on fox 5 morning news. then, pop superstar justin bieber is making one 6-year-old
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a health alert about a crucial cancer drug in such short fly it may soon run out. it is the key treatment for a common childhood cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. hospitals will run out of the drug in weeks increasing chances that patients will die. a senator and three doctors' groups are urging makers of the drug to try is it step up their production. >> of the few manufacturers still making this drug, one of the main ones hay factory that had to be closed down. the whole system is fragile. we ow we've been skating on thin ice for two to three years. >> the fda has a worldwide search under way for a supplier for provide emergency imports
4:55 am
until at proved domestic ones can meet demands. doctors say the drug can cure nearly 09% of the roughly 3500 american children and teens diagnosed with this kind of cancer each year. a heads up for pet owners. valentine's day can be hazardous to your animal's health. popular flowers like lilies, tulips, carnations and baby's breath can be toxic to your pets along with the silica packets that come with the floral bouquet is you get at the store. experts warn candy, chocolate and wrappers can also be hazardous to your pets. keep that in mind. we'll take a look at the top sports stories coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> including another departure of the university of maryland football program and this is the biggest name so far. fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ female announcecer ] with swiffer wet
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the caps brought up goaltender braden holtby to make a surprise start. >> the number one goalie was kill and the number two goalie played sunday and lost to the rangers. this was holtby's first start since march 26th of last year. this shot gets past him. take a look at the deflection at the blue line. the sharks would add two more goals in the second period. the caps would said a late goal before the intermission. but still fall for the sharks 5- 3. san jose has one 16 of the last 17 meetings between the two teams. here is coach dale hunter on the tough night for his new goalie. >> he made some good stops before that. and then the one that bounced over him definitely -- a veteran goalie would rideen a bit but he bobbled back and
4:59 am
made some good stops. maryland football has granted quarterback danny o'brien's request for a release from the program for play elsewhere. >> also being granted a release, two others. two other >> he told me that he still felt the same way and from another day when he told me that he wasn't committed to the program and it wasn't all in. if-- i just want to make sure i do what is best for owl of our players h


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