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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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marriage is signed into law that same topic is at the center of a heated debate locally. and is rick santorum passing mitt romney's front runner status. new poll numbers show a two man battle in the race for republican nomination. there is a look at downtown washington you can see the national cathedral towards the middle of your shot looks like we've a fair amount of cloud cover this morning tucker barnes will have details in just a moment about what we can expect later on today good morning it is tuesday, february 14th, valentines day, happy valentines day to you and you i am tony perkins. >> you as well i am allison seymour. tucker barnes standing by he has the valentines spirit although tony does not >> i forgot to wear red i'm sorry. >> allison i don't know what to say about this.
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>> didn't get the hem row. >> let's get to it, a few light sprinkles, temperatures much warmer than yesterday, upper 30s low 40s. anything that falls will be in the form of light sprinkles. sentinel sat rad lots of clouds, to be honest most of this is not touching the ground we have a very dry atmosphere as it falls through it is evaporating you might see a sprinkle if it is well off north and west, a few snow flurries, clouds and relatively mild temperatures highs suspected upper 40s to 50. 38 washington we are cool out there, 33 dulles, 37 fredericksburg and let's see, 39 ocean city most of the area, still freezing and notably warmer than we were 24 hours ago when we were still in the teens and low 20s. lots of clouds we will go high temperature 50 degrees washington a few degrees above normal, 48 chantilly, 52
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fredericksburg. just be ready for it again most of the day just clouds that is a look at your forecast. i will have an update in a minute traffic and there she is, julie wright. well, if tony didn't wear red does that mean he brought chocolate for the rest of us. >> he better have. we will say hello to the crew in sky fox we weenough to last report. lanes open, no problems as you work your way inbound on 66 more delays, leaving fair oaks, 123 and heavier volume towards the capital belt way southbound 270, no problems to report out of gaithersburg lanes are open as you continue south, 35 miles an hour leaving new hampshire avenue, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you very much whitney houston has returned to the place where her incredible voice was first
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discovered. >> the body of the singer who died saturday was returned last night to newark new jersey and funeral plans are being worked out investigators are still working to figure out how houston died wisdom is back with more. wisdom. >> allison and tony funeral arrangements for whitney houston don't appear finalized just yet, ahorse under heavy police presence, arrived at newark airport. funeral at new hope baptist church in newark would limit the number of people who could attend there is talk about holding this service at newark's prudential center, that can hold 18,000 people. meantime the investigation into how whitney houston died continues yesterday the l.a.
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county coroner's office confirmed there were prescription drugs in her hotel room at the beverly hilton but the coroner added it was not more than any of us would have in our own medicine cabinet. houston was found under water in her hotel room bathtub saturday she was unconscious when pulled from the tub police said there were no indications of foul play. allison. so sad wisdom thank you. >> also new montgomery county police searching for a missing 8-year-old girl, london marshall last seen yesterday afternoon 4:30 p.m. when she left her home in silver spring after a family argument there is no evidence to indicate foul play in this one but police and family members are concerned because of her age again she is just 8 years old the freezing weather and amount of time she has been gone if you have information you are asked to please call police. string of armed robberies in northwest dc last night and police think two were committed
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by the same robbers the first was on warren street, north cleveland park area, 5:30 p.m. the other two happened 11:00 p.m. a mile away from friendship heights one at river road and 46th street the other on wisconsin avenue. another big story, the same- sex marriage debate the governor of washington state signed a bill into law last night it legalizes gay marriage there is movement on the push to legalize the hot button issue in new jersey, maryland, virginia, fox 5s. stacey cohan is down in the newsroom with details. >> good morning tony the gay marriage debate continues to push through several states who varying results here in our area, they are using valentines day as a way to voice support for gay marriage in washington state, same-sex marriage has now been signed into law washington joins six other states and district of columbia
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recognizing gay marriage gay and lesbian couples will be able to legally marry beginning june 7th, they are trying to gather enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot in november. >> very up lifting very emotional, very inspirational i can't -- i don't know -- i am still putting it into words. >> gay couples already have every right that adheres to marriage no additional rights they will acquire here they already have full legal equality this is as unnecessary as anything is. in new jersey the state senate the bill passed a senate to recognize gay marriage, that same bill failed two years ago. supporters called it a civil rights milestone. governor chris christy promised to veto the measure. >> proposed amendments to ban same-sex marriage on the ballots in north carolina in
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may and minnesota november. in maine voters could approve gay marriage this fall. live in the newsroom stacey cohappen tony. >> thank -- cohan. >> tony. >> thank you more on the push to legalize gay marriage in maryland. governor o'malley said his version of the bill could be voted out as early as this week but still needs the vote of a couple more lawmakers to pass the vote in the house they believe republican votes could be key to final passage there is also an effort to bring same- sex marriage to the forefront in virginia. some people of faith are using valentines day to show support for marriage equality a rally is planned outside of fairfax county courthouse in fairfax begins 1:30 p.m. this afternoon many religious professionals will be on hand. to the campaign trail, there may be a realignment in the race for presidential
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contest rick santorum nipping at the heels of mitt romney, doug luzader has more on what is shaping up to be a two man race. >> little question rick santorum is riding a wave and it may just engulf mitt romney. >> is it really down to these two now, mitt romney and rick santorum, romney has won four states so far but so too hasan tore rum even if he trails in delegates a new research poll gives santorum, a national edge. he whipped up a crowd in washington state last night and found himself the target of occupy protestors. >> this is the one reason i love doing outside events open to the public. because you get a chance to hear from everybody. >> getting this kind of attention now comes with the territory. mitt romney is playing defense trying to lock down his current lead in arizona. >> you've got four guys on the republican side all running for
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president my guess is this crowd is partial to me is that right? >> arizona may be partial to romney but his bigger concern may be michigan. it is a state he should walk away with, his father was governor there and the romney name still resonates but there are two polls that show santorum has the lead one by a whopping 15 points the other by 6. >> critical battleground if governor romney loses michigan you know it will be challenging. >> that may be true but mitt romney has been through this before he is just hoping rick santorum is another flash in the pan. >> as this becomes another two man race the other two candidates, ron paul and newt gingrich are somewhat lost in the shuffle, both pledge to stay in this race all the way to this summers convention in washington doug luzader, fox news. >> president barack obama is getting ready to meet china's vice president at the white
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house it will be the first hard look at him who is out thed to be next leader of china. mr. biden was his guest in china last year. >> on capital hill, a plan to extend the payroll tax cut is in the works gop leaders say the estimated $100 billion price tag would be added to the nations $15 trillion plus debt some democrats are concerned that will jeopardize efforts to renew unemployment benefits and prevent a big cut in medicare fees to doctors the house could vote on it this week. president obama has taken wraps off his budget recommendations to congress the 3 .8 trillion dollars plan is to create jobs through stimulus style spending, part of it will be paid for by taxes on the rich. republicans are rejecting it saying it is nothing more than a campaign tactic. >> at a time when our economy
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is growing and creating jobs at a faster clip we have to do everything in our power to keep this recovery on track. >> so this is a charade. a charade the only question is when this president's own refusele to leave will catch up to all the rest of us. a part of funding for metro could be nixed it cuts, $15 million from the federal government's contribution to metro. >> still ahead a closer look at local impact of president obama's new budget targeting hundreds of federal workers why they could soon be out of work. >> she is serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of her coworker a look at the story brittany norwood told police days after the horrific crime scene in bethesda was discovered. a drug crucial for young cancer patients is running out what lawmakers are doing to make sure that doesn't happen.
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and as we take a lookout side, before the break, we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie on the other side of the break [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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making headlines overseas, syria's tanks are assaulting the city, troops have been targeting a neighbourhood where rebels from the new syria army are holed up. this has lead to many civilian death this is month which the united nations calls indiscriminate attacks. business headlines now, the moody's rating agency down graded several european countries overnight. this morning stock markets around the world are sagging moody's cut the credit rating
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in italy, portugal and spain and down graded the future outlook of austria, france and britain the last two are among the world's biggest economies they did it because of europe's economic outlook. >> jerry sandusky has been permitted seeing most of his grandchildren those visits will be supervised the same judge also rejected requests by prosecutors that jurors be brought in from outside the state college area to hear the case. the former penn state assistant football coach faces 52 criminal counts, prosecutors say he abused 10 boys over a 15 year period, sandusky's trial could start as early as mid- may. scare for supreme court justice steven briar he and his wife were robbed at knife point last week at his vacation home in the westin dees the intruder took about a thousand dollars
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on cash on friday, the justices returned from a nearly month long recess. >> frightening stuff. >> has not the first time that has happened to a supreme court justice being robbed. >> my goodness he is relatively okay, kind of shaky. >> i am sure. >> good morning tucker barnes. >> hi. >> happy valentines day. >> thank you, sir. >> was that awkward just now. >> a little bit. >> happy valentines day. >> thank you allison. >> that was sweet of you. >> hey, let's kick off the forecast w the bus stop forecast. >> all right. >> are the kids -- >> kids are back. >> yay. >> they love jamming up at the front. >> have you ever seen happier faces on the way to school. >> especially the one way up in the front. >> can't wait to get to school. kids running out the door to the bus stop, cloudy skies a few sprinkles and flurries off
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the map, upper 30s to 40 as they hit the bus stop yesterday we were teens and 20s much warmer today, 38 in the city, 30 boston, that cold air that made a brief appearance, looks like it is heading back into canada here we will be in for more mild air, as we get into the end of the week, right now 20 international falls they were minus 7 yesterday, starting to warm up. 46 dulles, travel delays across portions of texas, eastern half is engulfed in a lot of fog this morning. i know looks like we are in for a day of rain we have two upper level disturbances coming through a possibility of a couple sprinkles, light showers, best chance later this afternoon be ready for the possibility of a shower, to be honest, kind of cloudy and mild temperatures upper 40s to 50. there is your forecast, shower or two later this afternoon
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mild tomorrow mostly cloudy thursday more showers, friday and saturday back into the sun with high temperatures look at that next 5 days, 50 degrees that is above normal. >> nice looking. >> we will take that. >> thanks tuck. >> let's go to julie wright perhaps she will enjoy my wishes are you there. >> i am here sir. >> happy valentines day to you. >> thank you tony perk opinions and a bill mwah back at you. >> so sweet. >> you look cute in your red. >> it is valentines day, we are happy about that problems to report southbound along 270, authorities checking for accident activity rockville, reported to be the left lane, it is hard to see from this camera angle left lane of 2, headed southbound 270 as you approach 28 rockville expect the mainline to stack up, south of 370 and local lanes are stacking up as well let's say hello to the crew in sky fox they were down in wood bridge
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not a lot going on down there now they are coming pack i-95 we are starting to see a slow down here north headed up into newington. you will find lanes are open on 395 continuing past duke street we will take it back inside continuing that live shot, as you work up towards seminary road no incidents reported that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> an alert for anyone who spends time in bethesda maryland starting tomorrow less places to park and the dell ray avenue lot also known as public nearby lot in the area of elm and wood mount streets will also close a total of 300 spaces will be gone while that area is developed that project, could last three years. >> yep. >> other stories topping the news testimony continues in the
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murder trial of george hughly the former university of vir jane yeah lacrosse player accused of killing his ex- girlfriend also a uva lacrosse player, yeardly love in her off campus apartment, 2010 yesterday a coroner testified love clearly died of blunt force trauma and showed signs of suffocation. fox 5s. paul wagner covering the trial and will join us as he has in the 9:00 a.m. hour. allison montgomery county judge released interview tapes of brittany norwood she brutally beat coworker jana murray to death in bethesda last march. norwood claimed she and murray were attacked by two masked men at one point she said the killers made her leave the store and move murray's car. >> people would probably ask why didn't you just keep ongoing and not go back you know. >> because --
7:22 am
>> well, -- >> because i was afade for my life. >> if you were in the car driving away. >> because i knew they knew where i lived. >> of course we now know that story was all a lie, norwood was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. 7:22 a.m., 38 degrees on tuesday morning, still ahead a consumer alert if you own a chevy trailblazer. >> hospitals nationwide sounding the alarm over a drug that treats children with cancer we will explain why lawmakers are getting involved. and our annie yu is taking care of her sweet tooth this morning live in georgetown where you and that someone special can enjoy a week for chocolate coming up later. >> looks good.  it's such a tough...
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warm out of the oven. another sweet idea for bringing families together from pillsbury. a crucial cancer drug is in
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such short supply it may run out soon the drug is the key treatment for common childhood cancer, health care officials say hospitals will run out of this important drug within weeks increasing chances patients might not live. now, a senator and three doctor groups are urging makers of this drug to try to step up production doctors say that this drug cures nearly 90% of children and teens diagnosed each and every year. could super sizing eventually be a thing of the past? scientists are tapping into the psychology of eating to find ways to trim portions without people feeling cheated researchers studied the habits of diners at a fast food chinese restaurant they were asked after their initial order if they would like a half order to save 200 calories up to a third jumped at the offer even changing the color of plate can help you eat less. consumer alert for the chevy trailblazer, federal safety regulators investigating reports of fires in the drivers
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side door the models in question are the 2006 and 2007 trailblazer similar to the one there the fires are being started by the power window switch or other electrical parts the vehicle has not been recalled yet the trailblazers used to be one of bms top selling cars but has since -- gms top selling cars but has since been phased out. >> coming up next a live report from newark new jersey outside the funeral home where her body arrived overnight. >> president obama's proposal now in the hands of congress. a closer look how it will likely hurt the local economy we will talk about that ♪ [ music ] ♪ as we head into the break here is a live lookout side, traffic of course has picked up rather heavy in some locations looking at the american legion bridge, we've got the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next 7:27 a.m., we
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will be right back  look! here she comes!
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. welcome to carmax. hi. i was on carmax dot com and i think i found the one. great car. and i think, it's right over there... (sighes)... finding your perfect car is easy at carmax because we carry only the highest quality used vehicles. and at carmax dot com, you can choose from nearly 30 thousand cars with most available for transfer to the store nearest you. so come find the one for you today... at carmax. busy day! yes it is! >> right now the death of
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whitney houston her body was returned to newark new jersey. live outside the funeral home in newark, it feels strange even saying that sentence to you but good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning yes, we are outside wigham funeral home where whitney houston's father was buried years ago fans came here in anticipation of her arrival this morning there are police outside to make sure everything is maintained in terms of order what we are hearing is that there is a large memorial planned at the end of the week possibly at the prudential center a large arena that can seat 18,000 people. >> are there people milling about there? do they expect to have to deal with any crowds of mourners orphans there at the funeral home? >> reporter: well, it would make sense there were a lot of people here last night there was a candlelight vigil,
7:32 am
singing but at this point they want to respect the family and the fact the body is now here there are police monitoring the area probably to make sure people don't hang out in the parking lot and create a scene. >> i know the death touched so many fans too any word or early word on anything preparing for the fans to attend? not just family? >> reporter: absolutely, because we've been seeing those spontaneous memorials and sing alongs pop up all across newier see and new york city -- new jersey and new york city the family wants to plan a large memorial service a source close to the family says it will be an arena close to the funeral home called prudential center seats 18,000 people and they believe it is going to happen friday, probably earlier in the day because there is a hockey game scheduled at 7:00 p.m. but early in the day friday is what we are hearing. >> all right tai thank you very much we appreciate it. >> thank you. funny in these times almost
7:33 am
like people need a chance to come out and say goodbye in a special way. >> yes. >> not private but something will be done for the fans. tucker barnes here with another look at our day good looking week. definitely warm weather all week long 50s here for the next couple days a lot of clouds in the forecast sprinkle or shower. >> okay. >> not much of a chance. >> showers of love. >> showers from mother nature. >> let's kick it off with a look at numbers, that is my way of not knowing what is coming next. >> smooth. >> 38 regan national, 39 annapolis, notice these temperatures warmer than yesterday, yesterday we had teens and low 20s now we are enjoying temperatures 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. 38 quantico, a little cooler here, it was cold off the north and west, 32 winchester martins burg but all of this back into the 40s some of us here including in washington will probably touch the 50-degree mark later this afternoon
7:34 am
another day with mild temperatures, all right the big change from yesterday a lot of clouds in the forecast and possibility of a couple light sprinkles or showers out there, during the course of the day right now suggesting you might have a few light showers montgomery county and a few more south into virginia, but to be honest with you no reports of any of this touching the ground at the moment, so, to be honest with you i think it will just be a cloudy bay, occasional -- day, occasional shower or sprinkle, upper level disturbance come through this morning a secondary disturbance later this afternoon and evening rush hour this one can give us a few during rush hour. west earn maryland could be light -- western maryland could be light snow showers for you. 50 today, lots of clouds going to be a shower winds out to have south and east, 5 to 10 miles per hour and that will give way to another cool one tonight not cold overnight low
7:35 am
35 degrees anything that does fall won't get a chance to freeze up on the roadways sprinkle or shower a possibility later tonight and a very warm 5 day forecast a mild 5 day forecast, 53 tomorrow afternoon sun, cloud up again with showers back in the forecast, thursday, friday, saturday that is nice temperatures 50 degrees, sunshine both days, all right that is your weather forecast now for your valentines day traffic report julie wright. >> all right well, getting together has a whole new means if you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic northbound 395, making your way springfield headed out towards the 14th street bridge spotty delays, lanes open, lanes open as you travel across the anacostia bridge, eastbound 66, heavy and slow that is how she rolls, 50 to 123, again the capital belt way, leaving 95 around georgia avenue, one problem to report due to a structure fire, pennsylvania avenue, blocked
7:36 am
off near washington circle, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thanks an up roar on capitol hill president obama out thing h budget plan federal reporter ed o'keefe with the cashing on the post happy valentines day. happy valentines day. >> this looks to reduce the deficit, $4 trillion over the next decade we want to look how this effects us here, what is the headline out of this budget good news bad news. >> as the federal government cuts back potentially the washington economy could slow at least some forecast maybe 2, 2.7 growth in coming years that is slower than recent years the pentagon cuts back, all these
7:37 am
federal agencies, you lose jobs, contractors, based in northern virginia will have to cut back as well and certainly, while federal employees may get a 5% pay increase they may have to pay more towards retirement so they are bringing home less pay every two weeks. there is potential for the economy to slow down. just like if box office sales are not good in hollywood, car sales slump in detroit when the federal government cuts back it could upset things. you sent over a list of what are the effects and the department you say with budget gains, agriculture, state and veterans, it may be a shifting of funding if you will. >> some shifting resources for sure i mean the gains, veterans affairs and energy for example have a lot to do with the economy with healthcare reform and growing demand for medical services after the wars in iraq
7:38 am
and afghanistan the other is picking up as well because there is a push by the obama administration, to focus on work force development that is why you see gains of commerce then you go over to the pentagon and see a few thousand jobs cut among civilian workers, airforce and army as the.gone starts to shrink in coming years as well. they might look at smaller budgets defense, education, epa homeland security hud interior justice, labor, transportation and treasury, how bad will the cuts be? >> those non-security ones may stake more painful cuts notably, depending how you look at obama'ortation homeland security may grow but year to year may not be as big transportation especially because white house is pushing for airport and construction
7:39 am
projects those wouldn't happen until 6, 10 years from now >> again this is over the next 10 years you hit on it a little bit let's talk about social security medicare, what happens under this plan with those sort of entitlement programs. >> not much in an election year you don't want to touch those things they would be cut primarily medicare to what is paid to doctors social security doesn't come up in this at all the agency this over sees social security is one of those expecting job cuts they are asking them to do a lot more with fewer employees, per happen as little more technology, really entitlement spending is not expected to get a serious conversation, in an election year, when both sides are looking to get re-elected, it is tough to have a serious conversation about it. >> talking about taxing the wealthy and more tax for corporations, that is not an easy plan to swallow >> he is pushing it again tax cuts for the wealthy would expire end of the year, but
7:40 am
republicans see it differently that is a fight that isn't going to happen until after the election at this point it is expected they will have a debate whether to extend bush era tax cuts right now the white house doesn't want it to happen republicans do once you have that election you can have a president who is about to leave or a president who just got himself four more years up against a congress that is probably going to be reshaped come january so it will be a very contentious holiday season here in washington as they try to sort that out. >> as it seems to always be. >> always be. >> it h keep the federal eye columnist, with the washington post, you spent time with us we appreciate that. >> 7:40 a.m., still ahead madson square garden is going to the dogs. >> as the world prepares to bid another farewell to don cornelius a celebration of his life in a way that only seems
7:41 am
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>> the trial of a man accused of drowning his wife on their honeymoon is under way in alabama. he already serve add brief sentence in australia where the incident happened in 2003 authorities say he turned off his wife's air supply during a diving excursion. the alleged motive, an insurance pay off. people gathered to remember the late don cornelius, hundreds came out in their 70s attire to try to get the most people to dance down a soul train line the guiness book of world records still has to
7:45 am
examine the evidence what? didn't they just count them as they came down the line. organizers believe they broke the record cornelius was the creator and host of soul train. one of the oldest sporting events in history is in full swing in midtown manhattan more than 2,000 dogs are competing in this year's westminster dog show with the debut of 6 new breeds. >> new breeds. >> yeah, like a labradoodle. >> what is that getting the shave >> look at that standard poodle >> i wonder if these dogs enjoy this. >> also the mayor of philadelphia was going down the soul train line. i hope they broke the record. >> they must have. >> nice to see everybody out there smiling and laughing. sorry you were saying dogs i cut you off to say mayor nutter was there >> i am finished just wondering if dogs enjoy that. >> i enjoy watching that. >> do you? >> i do.
7:46 am
>> yeah, they are beautiful dogs. >> they are i like to see how they should look like how my westie should look or my yorkie should have looked. >> under the most ideal circumstances. with that long silky hair. >> most dogs can't get there. >> that is why they are best in show. >> there is a live look clouds moving across the area you might see a sprinkle or light shower a ray of sunshine that will be your forecast lots of clouds around posli time to tim particularly this afternoon, 38 washington warmer than we were yesterday, 39 annapolis, 38 this morning in quantico, let's open it up, cold temperatures below freezing off to the north and west, pittsburgh 31 detroit, 28 at the moment and some snow showers north and west of the city, ohio and michigan. >> here is your future cast put in motion for you let's see what we can find together here at 1:00 p.m., mostly cloudy
7:47 am
skies could be a shower there you go a few showers here just in time for the evening rush by 10:00 p.m. tonight, mostly out of here, if you are watching well out to the west, western maryland, west virginia you have a better chance of snowfalling that is not going to be substantial but maybe an inch of snow in the mountains well out to the west, west virginia later this afternoon and tonight and then we will start to quiet things down no rain in the forecast tomorrow clouds will stick around. 5 day forecast, 50 today lots of 50s remainder of the week more showers thursday. >> thanks tuck. >> all right. >> just in time for valentines day a unique chocolate experience coming up after julie wright. >> hi. >> well done. >> i was like well that is some intro. >> and my caramel flavoured and nougat. >> yummy. >> tony would say i was nutty. >> there you go. >> all right on the roads now, it hasn't been too bad hope i
7:48 am
didn't just jinx this outer loop of the belt way, lanes are open average speed new hampshire avenue, down to 23 miles an hour that fire we mentioned southeast, eastbound pennsylvania, avenue, approaching washington circle, 295 on and off the breaks, 10 minute commute, leaving the naval research lab, average speed 30 miles an hour, and the inner loop, springfield to 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> now how about a unique chocolate experience. >> our annie yu is in georgetown with the details, annie that heart shaped cake looked good. >> oh, i know that is not the only thing that looks good look at this incredible spread i am just in heaven we are live here at serendipity in georgetown. this is the first year they have done this. basically you get this badge it gives you access to 5 of 16
7:49 am
restaurants in georgetown coming up we will learn all about it and sample some of the tasty treats coming up. >> all right we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day sarah on this valentines day she wants to tell her husband daniel how much she loves him search fox 5 morning news and post a comment under sarah's photo   the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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love letters from a pair of 19th century poets about their forbidden love are going online beginning today. the poet, elizabeth barrette and robert browning exchanged the love letters between 1845 and 1846 some of them were on display at wellsly college
7:53 am
outside boston it is teaming up with baylor in texas to digitize the letters if you want to see them there is a link on our website. >> giving your sweetie chocolate on valentines day is an age old tradition that will certainly capture his or her heart but why not give them chocolate for a whole week. >> ranks perns called week for chocolate in georgetown. happy valentines day, yes, georgetown is turning into a chocolate wonder land. it is winter too so maybe a winter wonder land hopefully it won't snow at least until sunday you can enjoy tasty treats not just today it is a clever promotion, joining me now is the brain child behind it all, zach kid the founder zach before we talk about this promotion i want to introduce your company it is new it is a daily deal site. >> we operate just in
7:54 am
washington dc and profile some of the most amazing restaurants in dc we have a great sharing mechanism where the last to share our deal wins cash we give out money every single day for the last person who shares our deal. >> so you are mainly working with businesses in the district. >> mm-hmm. >> and how are you able to hook up with them here in georgetown. >> when we started here at 1010 wisconsin 11 months ago and had an amazing opportunity to work with amazing restaurants so our roots are in georgetown, we are in dc and we love really supporting all of our merchants. >> talk about supporting now this is a really good promotion this is the first time you are doing this it is called week for chocolate how does this work. >> we have come together and brought 16 different businesses in georgetown together, and we said hey, let's do something really special let's turn valentines day into valentines
7:55 am
week what people are doing is buying a badge from our site for only $50 that badge gets you 5 tickets. >> 5 golden tickets. >> like willie won coo in the chocolate factory you can pop around and start going to different places in georgetown present your badge and get an amazing chocolate dessert, eye seen, or a couple chocolate martinis, every ticket is good for two people this is a couple thing whether you and your daughter, son or sweet heart. >> name companies participating in some of those sweet deals each company has a prepackaged deal when you show up with this golden ticket, you just hand them the ticket they already know what to give you. >> exactly all the details are on sales but we are working with sprinkles cupcakes, godiva thunder burger. certificate
7:56 am
serendipity, hagen daz. another really cool thing you are not only supporting local business but nonprofits. >> we are so lucky to partner with three amazing nonprofits, leadership washington georgetown ministries, safe shores $5 of every badge sold goes to one of those charities. >> that is great wonderful. >> so i am handing you a sweet delight. >> we will start it healthy first. >> that's right. >> we will do frozen yoghurt. >> by the time this morning is over i will be whipping around this place on a sugar high. check out for all the details how the get your hands on this tasty treat. cheers. back to you. >> looks fantastic thanks annie. >> in our next hour the story about a decade in the making a local former cop serves 8 years behind bars for police brutality. this morning she speaks for the
7:57 am
first time since her release a fox 5 exclusive in minutes. >> also ahead at 8, if you are looking to slim down, skipping dessert probably a big -- opposite. >> yeah. >> new research shows that is not always the case foxes medical team tells us why you should thing about eating dessert and eating it for breakfast. >> believe it or not úúúú
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
fox 5 exclusive a former police officer sentenced to 8 years in prison for excessive force this morning she is breaking her silence. also speaking out this morning, gospel and r&b singer kelly price she performed with whitney houston at a pregrammy party just two days before the super star's death what she says happened and didn't happen that night. we have some great news for those of us, with sweet tooths a new study shows eating dessert with breakfast may actually be good for you.
8:01 am
yeah. mm. >> some good news for you full- timely. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour you will never believe this tony i did that this morning mark had a little cupcake with a heart on it as i was leaving and i ate it on the way to work. >> we h tell you why that might be good. >> i didn't know that. >> allison i have done that every day for the past 25 years. >> picture of health. >> yeah. >> whoa sorry. >> something exploded. >> did you notice my cool demeanour? i didn't even flinch. >> you are the one who had the sugar too. >> good to know you have our back. >> all right. >> i like that reaction allison. >> cool as a cucumber, 20 years in the business baby. >> a little more nervous than you. it is where i grew up. >> right. >> let's go to radar and try to -- >> wow. >> tony you need a little
8:02 am
towel. >> i am not going to tell you what he needs. >> there is your radar, just clouds out there, i know it looks impressive most of that is not touching the ground a little upper level disturbance, it will come through later today could be a light shower a few sprinkles that will be the worst of it temperature washington, 38 degrees, 32 winchester, 39 ocean city, your forecast for today, lots of clouds, highs, 50 degrees, by 4:00 p.m., fine conditions,. >> we talked about poets, i dost suspect tony might make youtube >> i hope not. >> i am going to put him on there. julie wright can you see us? >> can i see you. >> do you know what happened? >> a light blew and tony dove under the desk. >> under the desk julie. >> it sounded like a gunshot. >> i thought tony was supposed
8:03 am
to be the big brawny man a little mouse runs across the floor. >> right. >> all right on the roads right now you are going to find lanes are open no problems to report eastbound 66th, coming out of manassas, heavy and slow as you work your way from 20 to 123. all right outer loop of the belt way on the slow side leaving new hampshire avenue, 25 miles an hour. lanes are open, south capital street, checking for accident activity travelling 295, down to 24 miles an hour, inbound 11th street bridge, 23 minute ride lanes open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thanks new this morning montgomery county police searching for that little girl she is a missing 8- year-old girl her name is london marshall and london was last seen yesterday afternoon 4:30 p.m.
8:04 am
when she left her home in silver spring after a family argument there is no evidence to indicate foul play was involved in her initial disappearence but police and family members are concerned because she is so young just 8 years old also the cold weather and amount of time she has been gone has police worried if you have any information please call police. tony. >> allison we are getting a new look at convicted murder brittany norwood, from the infamous lululemon killing a judge released interview tapes of her she pretends to be a victim of the horrific crime. >> do you know how many times they hit me in my head. i don't know why at that point i did whatever they said >> how many times did they hit you. >> oh. >> days after the murder she was spinning tales that were cold blooded lies. >> i kept falling down.
8:05 am
>> fall on top of her. >> all you can see -- >> norwood claimed she too was a victim of the murderous attack inside the lululemon store in bethesda. >> when did he have sex with you? >> after that. >> after that. >> montgomery county police detective, doing the questioning. >> how long do you thing this went on? >> forever it seems like. >> i am sure. >> i know. >> i don't know >> i think when you look at the tapes what is shocking, is her ability to cry on cue. to go back to wimper and tug at your heart strings. >> there she goes again [ crying ] >> the first time norwood spoke with detectives was from her
8:06 am
hospital bed hours after the murder scene was discovered that saturday morning last march, this was audio only. >> he had me by the hair. >> definitely two people? >> yeah, he had me by the hair and jana kept yelling and fighting. later at police headquarters investigators would photograph her head wounds and hands, cut up during the deadly struggle with jana murray prosecutors say norwood was powerful enough to strike more than 300 blows. >> did you ... >> sure. >> as you can see days later she couldn't under screw the cap off a bottle of water. we are seeing for the first time surveillance video from inside the apple store, next door to lululemon. two employees say they heard screams from the other side of
8:07 am
the wall but never called 911 the judge in the case calling that a callous indifference for human life. bob barnard fox 5 news. >> that judge robert greenburg ordered the videos released yesterday only after requests by the media, brittany norwood was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole late last month. >> now to virginia where testimony will resume in the murder trial of george hughly the former university of virginia lacrosse player is accused of killing yeardly love in her off campus apartment in 2010 yesterday, a coroner testified the cause of death was blunt force trauma the jury also saw pictures of hughly with bruises and abrasions the day his ex-girlfriend was found dead. fox 5s paul wagner will be live in charlottesville with an update on the case at 9:00 a.m. now to the latest in the death of whitney houston overnight the singers body
8:08 am
arrived in her home state of new jersey on a private jet. a hearse then traveled to newark wigham funeral home there are reports the service will take place friday at an arena in new jersey that seats 18,000. >> the 48-year-old died saturday at a hotel in beverly hills of course and officials say she was under water and unconscious when she was pulled from a bathtub in the hotel room two days before her death she performed at a pregrammy celebration with singer kelly price and r&b vocalist is speaking out about that night. >> she beat me to my own party she strolled down the red carpet and she stopped and posed with her daughter and had a great time not only did she enjoy herself but she took the time to as always complement me, encourage me, and unexpectedly showed up at the
8:09 am
party and took the time to talk to him and minister to him i say minister because she prayed with him i know a lot of people will look at this it is whether or not they believe in god that will have some effect how they believe what i am saying those are not the actions of a person who was high or intoxicated. >> kelly price says whitney houston appeared disheveled when leaving the party because everyone was tired and drained after dancing ourselves into an absolute frenzy. >> 9 minutes after 8:00 a.m. on tuesday morning in an election year disturbing news about the country's voter registration roles a new report says 24 million registrations contain significant errors. >> more on that when we check out some other stories making headlines. >> local police officer convicted of excessive force spent years behind bars now she is speaking out in a fox 5 exclusive coming your way next 9 minutes after 8 
8:10 am
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>> >> here are some sister rivers making headline as new -- stories making headlines a new report show 1.8 million dead people are still on the role many more are approved to vote in multiple states the problem is being blamed on an out dated state system. governor of washington state sign add bill into law legalizing same-sex marriage, the law takes effect june 7th opponents are already mounting challenges on multiple fronts. 8:13 a.m. tony you okay? >> i'm fine. >> okay. tucker tony says he is okay. good morning. >> i am glad he is okay. >> maybe he need as cute baby picture. >> that would be helpful. >> i can deliver tony. time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> what a sweetie. >> little valentines day
8:14 am
cuteness 3 month old riley everybody as you can gather she is all dressed up for valentines day. >> how cute is she. >> know what her favorite hobbies are? according to family, loves snuggling with her blanket and chewing on fingers. >> beyond words. >> i know someone else who loves that too. >> chewing on fingers. >> and snuggling in her blanket. >> that is true don't know about the fingers park. >> you know it would make it all better if i could get one little smooch from that baby. >> look at the look on her face perfection. >> we will have to start bringing the my first 5 kids in. >> i know and i told my parents i know now why grandparents love their grand babies so much the baby phase goes so quickly then you get another chance you recognize it. that is my theory she is adorable. >> riley is perfect. to send us your child's picture
8:15 am
go to love your outfit, have a very happy valentines day. >> temperatures, start your morning, cool. yeah, i mean warmer than yesterday, but still generally 30s. 39 right now washington most of the area mid-30s to start your morning 34 now cincinnati, starting to warm up cold air that had visited the eastern part of the country past couple days is starting to retreat back into canada, international falls, 12 degrees yesterday, this hour, minus 7, but nice warm up dallas 46, looks like we are in for a rainy day to be honest most of what you see is not touching the ground. very light rain and or wintery mix off to the north and west that will move through during the course of the day bringing up a lot of cloudpossibility for a light shower maybe a few sprinkles, showers for the evening rush hour that will be about it if you are headed off to the north and west ohio
8:16 am
portions of pennsylvania, that light wintery mix will be back in the forecast for you here is your 5 day forecast today, 50 degrees just a couple showers, tomorrow mild afternoon sun thursday, note temperatures all week long high temperatures 50 or better on the warm side next couple days that is a look at the forecast tony and allison back to you. >> thank you very much from the rodney king riots to occupy dc arrest the phrase police brew it willty bring -- brutality brings emotionally charged responses from all sides. >> this morning for the first time a local police officer, convicted for excessive force speaks out. >> former prince georges police officer, stephanie moore spent 8.5 years in prison and speaks with stacey cohappen it is a story -- cohan it is a story you will only see here on fox 5. >> it was everything i ever wanted to do. >> reporter: stephanie moore always wanted to be a cop. and in february 1993 she joined
8:17 am
the prince georges county police department. >> it was exciting. it was thrilling. >> reporter: after just 18 months on patrol, she became the first female officer in the canine unit she calls it a dream job combining her love of dogs with her love of police work. she trained with the dogs for 6 months >> i knew that i had to work harder than the average male in order to make my way but i accepted that and i welcomed that. >> reporter: it was a quick assent for the young officer but things would soon take a dramatic turn >> back in 1995, tacoma park businesses had a problem, someone was breaking into the buildings through the roof so on september 21st of that year tacoma park police set up surveillance and spotted two suspects on the roof of this building then known as the slago press building they called prince georges county canine for help what happened next is in dispute but it
8:18 am
changed the life of stephanie moore. >> reporter: the building was surrounded the men came down from the roof, where moore and her training officer were posted. >> we were issuing them commands to stop and show their hands and to get on the ground they didn't comply with those one of them made a move to turn to go down an alley way that was not covered at that point when he made that movement, i committed the dog. >> reporter: the dog bit the man on the calf puncturing his skin tearing a muscle he never filed a complaint but this night, would come back to haunt the young officer. >> it was a time of turmoil for the prince georges county police department, citizen complaints and a string of media reports prompted a federal investigation of excessive force. the investigation yielded no major convictions then on september 20th, 2000 one day before the statute of limitations was set to expire moore was charged with deprivation of civil rights
8:19 am
under color of law a federal charge in police brutality cases. >> in the first trial february 2001, moore was acquitted on one charge but the jury hung on the remaining charge, so the government tried her again. and in august of that same year she was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. her thoughts went straight to her young son adam. >> trying to imagine leaving him for 10 years and how i am going to do that and how he is going to survive. >> i remember. >> reporter: this is how moore got to know her son over the next decade every two weeks at first and then once a month, someone drove him 5.5 hours to visit mom in a west virginia federal prison. adam explains it this way. >> hard i guess, not having a mom with me, to help me, because my dad had to work a lot, and just don't have somebody to help me a lot with
8:20 am
my homework or -- >> but the most important thing to me was that he knew i was okay so i always maintained a very strong outlook and you know i was always good and i was happy, and because i needed him to be happy. >> but moore was far from happy she appealed her conviction and maintained her incense >> i did what i was told to do, trained to do what i was expected to do. >> the man who prosecuted stephanie moore disagrees. >> in this case you had a situation where two homeless hispanic men were surrounded by police officers, and in a very willful and wanton way the police decided to attack them. >> he says the bite on the man's calf caused significant damage and numerous witnesses say he did not resist. >> he explains the man did not file a complaint against the police because he was homeless and in this country illegally, and there is this response to
8:21 am
the sentence of 10 years. >> it is a case of a tragedy all around do i think the jury rendered the right verdict and the judge made the right determination and the 4th circuit sitting in richmond made the right determination i do. >> the man bitten by the police dog was brought into testify at trial but later deported were were unable the contact him for the story but moore believes her prosecution and 10 year sentence was never really about what happened to that man that day. >> the federal government was desperate to make a case against a prince georges county police officer after years and years of investigating the only person they were able to endiet and try was me. >> after serving 8.5 years moore was released late last year she describes that first christmas with her son. >> just amazing. i you know makes you realize how lucky you are. surrounded by your friends and
8:22 am
your family. >> how lucky you are? >> mm-hmm. i think most people wouldn't think of you as a lucky woman. >> i do. i have come out of this pretty strong. >> so is there a moral to this story of stephanie moore? oddly enough the former police officer and her prosecutor had surprisingly similar views on judging the actions of law enforcement. >> we need to understand the difficult circumstances police officers face now at the same time stacey, we have to understand that a crime is a crime and no body even the people who enforce the law may be especially the people who enforce the law can be above the law >> i think it is very difficult to judge the actions of police officers i think there should be checks and balances i think there should be oversight but i think the people who judge them need to be better educated, and need to
8:23 am
be more aware, of everything that goes into being a police officer. stay is he cohan fox 5 news. >> stephanie moore will continue to be on probation for two years. >> she already has a job and hopes to one day own a home her son adam says he plans on becoming a police officer one day like his mom. it is 8:23 a.m. now on tuesday morning, a health alert about a crucial drug shortage more on that when we come back. >> then a little later on this valentines day we are live with how you and your sweetie can enjoy a week of chocolate goodies in georgetown stay with us 8:23 a.m. a.m. 
8:24 am
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diseas dozens of people -- dozens of people living in a condo complex are out of their homes the problem was a furnace in the basement of that apartment 18 people were assessed for exposure to carbon monoxide, 10 had to be transported to hospital for treatment the faulty you mitt has been shut down -- unit has been shut down, leaving residents in do cold. no word how long it will take
8:27 am
to fix. we have a warning a crucial cancer drug is in short supply, it is the key treatment for common childhood cancer, all, health care officials say hospitals will run out of the drug within weeks which would increase the chances that patients could die. the fda has a worldwide search under way for a supplier to provide emergency import until approved domestic ones can meet demand. 8:27 a.m., coming up next fox medical team joins us with great news for those of us who have a sweet tooth. >> a new study shows eating dessert with your breakfast may actually be good for you. more on that plus new advancement in alzheimers research stay with us it is 8:27 a.m. ♪
8:28 am
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some stories making headlines this tuesday morning pakistan detained an american man at an airport overnight after customs agents found bullets in his luggage he is identified as an employee of the u.s. embassy there and does have diplomatic immunity the man was released and handed over to american officials. >> here in the district police think two of the three robberies in upper northwest monday night were committed by the same robbers, the first was on warren street around 5:30 p.m. the other two on river road 46th street and wisconsin avenue 11:00 p.m. president obama sent his proposal for the new years federal budget to congress a nearly $4 trillion plan seeks to cut the deficit over the next 10 years and getting a cool reception among republicans who say it has no chance of passing. >> i have a question in the era of recycling and being concerned about the environment why do they still print up
8:32 am
those big fat budgets no body reads those are they required by law to do it? >> interesting. >> can't you e-mail it. >> interesting. >> post it online. >> if you have ever done one of those big documents as i have that used to be paper and now on the cd, it is just -- >> no congress person reads that whole thing >> i think it would be more difficult to read it if it were electronic. >> easier. >> well, and it would save. >> save money and paper. >> unless you recycle. >> my suggestion for the white house hopefully they are listening. >> put it on electronic -- >> on a disk. >> okay we will get that right over there. >> ingenious. >> it is the wave of the future. >> i agree. >> we will see. >> what is going on. >> cool start to the day temperatures 30s this afternoon we will be back up near 50 another mild afternoon. >> like it. >> big difference from yesterday we have clouds. >> okay we have milder temps. >> valentines day. >> that's good that's fine. >> let's do it, 39 regan
8:33 am
national, 40 this morning quantico, overnight temperatures low 30s. about the coldest spot off to north and west, winchester 32 overnight you can see we are off to a cool start, mild afternoon expected and again our average daytime high 47 and we are expecting to be a few degrees above that this afternoon all right, this looks like a rainy day in store but bottom line is, this is a very weak vel disturbance, just doesn't have a lot of energy with it, that first wave came through early this morning, one or two sprinkles, off to the north and west, we are waiting for the second batch to get in here later today a lot of clouds in your forecast, it is possible you can see a scattered shower future cast real quick, put it in motion. 2:00 p.m., maybe a few showers out to the west just in time for rush hour spotty shower, that is about it night time hours lake-effect snow machine will kick in and if you are
8:34 am
watching western maryland, west virginia, that is about it in today's forecast generally, not a bad afternoon high temperatures 50 degrees, there you go 53 tomorrow notice the next 5 days temperatures will be on the mild side 50 or better, more showers on thursday. all right that is a look at the weather forecast i am now tossing it over to tony. all right tucker thank you very much many of us won't think twice about indulging our sweet tooth today maybe a valentines chocolate this morning perhaps dessert with your special someone tonight for many people dessert is a big no no new research shows we shouldn't give it up fox medical teams doctor joins us live from tampa to explain good morning dr. joe, they say don't skip dessert just eat it for breakfast really? >> that's right tony they are saying if you eat about a 300- calorie dessert at breakfast, you may lose more weight and
8:35 am
what they did was took individuals who were obese but not diabetic and put them on 1400 to 1600-calorie diets well, one group got a 600- calorie breakfast that included a 300-calorie dessert that might be three tiny cupcakes the other group didn't they got a 300-calorie low carb breakfast, half way through the study, they lost 30 pounds, but then the people who didn't get the dessert started to gain it back they gained back 22 pounds while the people who got dessert lost another 15 so overall, people who ate dessert lost 40 pounds more. >> fascinating let me ask you this, people with diabetes or high pope glycemia we are supposed to monitor -- hypo cry semeia we are supposed to monitor how much sugar we take in. >> they may be an exception and there are people who might be sugar addicted so some of those individuals probably wouldn't benefit from this but these were obese people, this
8:36 am
occurred in israel, again over an 8 month period of time. >> generally speaking as americans are we eating too much late in the day? >> you know that is probably the case because what they said was, at breakfast time we are more able to suppress one of the hormones that causes hunger if you give yourself a sweet treat at breakfast time it may suppress cravings later on and they said a lot of people fail on strict diets they want to go back to the sweets once they stray they just go off the board so, you know, there is a lot of rational reasons why this diet might work. >> fascinating also want to ask you about a potential big break through in the fight against alzheimers can you tell us about this? >> yes, this is a drug already on the market it is used to treat cancer called t cell lymphoma, and what they found in mice it was able to eliminate sticky beta amaloyse
8:37 am
when they did that the mice were able to nest the next step, case west earn researchers are going to try it in humans to see if it can penetrate the blood brain pair barrier if they works it might go on to alzheimers patients. >> good to see you this morning. allison back to you. >> all right tony thank you so very much. mine time, coming up -- meantime coming up after the break, we will reveal our job of the day which comes with a 20% discount as a perk melanie. gas prices hit a record the warning for what is ahead, coming up. [ dog barking ] mom! breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get.
8:38 am
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well, the national average for a gallon of regular is 3.5 1 a fallon up 13¢ in the last month. >> not going in the right direction for me any way. melanie shows us the impact high costs could have on prices during the summer driving season. >> reporter: consumer demand for gas is down prices keep climbing topping 3.5 dollars a gallon for the national average which means higher prices in dc metro area. >> i am feeling the impact in my pockets now. >> reporter: triple-a mid-
8:41 am
atlantic's done townsend said trouble in greece and unrest in oil rich nations are factors another culprit is traders pouring money into the futures market leading to the winter price spike, 12¢ a gallon higher than february 2011. >> once you get over $3.50 gas prices have a tendency to remain there for a protracted period of time. >> reporter: it is a good bet prices will stay inflated in spring then as refineries switch over to expensive summer blends the real pump could land. >> we could be looking at by early spring $3.90 gas and by summer, $4 gas and beyond. >> triple-as figures show virginia drivers are spending $428 a month on gas maryland drivers $344, independent business man james says it already costs $75 to fill up his tank he is making changes
8:42 am
to his budget. >> you have to cut somewhere, get around and balance the budget as best i can. >> reporter: if spring and summer gas prices go above $4 as predicted the pain will be in our wallet and our economy as a whole. fox 5 news. if you are looking for work don't forget to check out our job shop our job of the day is at ross dress for less in sterling virginia, they are looking for an area supervisor employees get a 20% discount,. >> what? >> yes, allison for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab on top of the home page >> i am not afraid or ashamed to say it i love me some ross dress for less. >> that is one of the benefits of a retail job. >> dave ross and wisdom martin go off the wall today they are talking about peyton manning. >> they are not the only ones talking about him possibly playing for the skins two of
8:43 am
your fox 5 favorites join in on the conversation, might be a hot mess annie. >> good morning tony and allison if you are still looking for a gift for your sweetie today i have just the thing, week for chocolate is going on now, that is days of chocolate we will tell you how you can get this in your hands coming up after the break stay with us on fox 5 morning news. the golden ticket  [ female announcncer ] fashin or food, it's all about taste.
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8:46 a.m., rumors continue to swirl as to whether red skins will go after colts quarterback peyton manning should he be released doctors say he is good to go despite being out the entire last season after neck surgery. >> dave ross and wisdom martin sat down to debate this in a very special off the wall as you will see two guests show up, and pretty much take over. off the wall dave ross, wisdom martin wisdom my friend we have a long time before the
8:47 am
nfl draft don't know what the red skins will do but know there may be a quarterback available peyton manning should red skins go after number 18. >> you mean number 18 with a fused neck. >> yes. >> three surgeries since march. >> ansate question. >> we don't even know if he will be able to throw the football. >> he is peyton manning. >> soon to be retired also 35 plus years old when the season started. >> 36. >> right along. >> 36 is old how old are you >> hey, i am vintage i am like wine. in the nfl that is an old man. >> brett favre did it at 40 >> i won that argument. >> no, you did not. he has them one step away from the super bowl. >> stop it don't make me twist my words. >> don't make me pull out more video tape. >> this along with all the other agents. >> this isn't donovan mcnabb this is peyton manning. >> draft a quarterback,.
8:48 am
>> if you can't get rd 3, colts are going to dismiss peyton manning, if peyton is healthy, why not washington red skins why not mike shanahan why not dan schneider go get him. >> keep on drinking that kool- aid the same one they drink every year to sell tickets the same kool-aid they drink. >> you are not even -- you are not looking at this the right way. >> bring a chair in here. we need to take this over now. uremiasing the point on the peyton manning thing. >> what are you doing. >> here is the deal. >> off the wall with allison and tony. >> it doesn't have to be one or the other i say develop a guy you know, draft the guy development and get peyton he can teach the guy while he is developing we get two good years out of peyton manning. >> no, peyton manning, his name is recognized he is forever encased in super bowl history
8:49 am
get a young, hot i am talking about a cam newton type quarterback. >> cam newton is not available. >> i am tired of the donovan mcnabb, al haines worth. >> with rewithout of a job. please quiet down. >> when it is peyton manning he is one of the pre mere -- >> he expects to play. >> what happened to our show? >> think about the nfl they would love it manning against manning twice a year man that is golden. >> no, we need a young hot cute sweatie quarterback. >> excuse me can we join the discussion? >> yeah, sure we are out of time. >> i agree with you wisdom. >> that is good. >> allison and tony and i think wisdom martin we are out of a show. >> this is off the wall. >> they have hijacked the show.
8:50 am
>> we hijacked the show. >> that was fun >> i love off the wall so it was a thrill to join in >> chef clearly i had no idea what i was talking about. >> i didn't want to see a retread. >> all right. >> that was fun. >> sweet display of love to show you this valentines day olympic swimmer matt. >> grievers proposing to his girlfriend on top of the medal stand. >> isn't that sweet >> he just won a gold medal for 100-meter backstroke and his girlfriend is fellow swimmer annie chandler, she presented him with that medal a moment later he got down on one knee and popped the question she said yes. both swimmers are to compete in the 2012 london olympics how wonderful. >> you say how wonderful right now before you said you thought this could put undue pressure on a woman where did he keep the ring. >> he has pockets.
8:51 am
>> okay. very good. >> how cute are they. >> nothing says i love you like box of chocolate. >> now you can give your sweetie chocolate sweets for a whole week not just i wouldn't thing like regular chocolate, fox 5s. annie yu learning more about this experience called week for chocolate in georgetown annie joins us from serendipity good morning. >> good morning allison and tony this is a spectacular way to celebrate valentines day from now until sunday you can basically get this badge which comes with five tickets and you pick five of the 16 participating businesses in georgetown all chocolate based inspired food, drinks dessert it is a wonderful thing and has a little menu so you lready know exactly what you are getting when you go to these businesses you hand them the golden ticket they will give you what you get for this like here at serendipity you get two martinis and a choice of a frozen treat. joining me now is ron newman
8:52 am
the manager here good morning. >> good morning. >> happy valentines day. so obviously, it is a well known name and when i think of it, when i hear it i think desserts and sweets but there is more to that, right? >> a lot more to it. it started originally in new york in 1954 and has evolved where we have everything here, not only wonderful dessert but everything from sandwiches to filet mignon to salmon to a full bar. it has come a long way >> i heard there is a foot long hot dog and portions are quite large. >> most portions are quite large a lot of times people share or they take it home for the next day. >> for valentines day i understand there is a special menu going on we will get into that more, but what kinds of deals off the top are you all offering. >> a special deal the adam and eve everything from salad, to dessert,. >> okay. >> couples, $75.
8:53 am
>> okay so you get the whole experience for two people for $75 >> right includes glass of champagne. >> joining me now the executive chef good morning so paul you have whipped up delicious things for us i have had my eye on this because i have seen this on tv before when they do specials on serendipity i have never been to one this is my first time talk about this drink. >> our specialty drink frozen hot chocolate blend of multiple cocoas from all over the world, with a little milk and ice we blend it, to a consistency, top it with chocolate sprinkles. >> is this one of your most popular. >> you can't get this any where >> i notice there are two straws but for me. >> one straw. >> what is this over here. >> this right here is one of our more popular desserts, famous chocolate black out cake, chocolate ice cream,
8:54 am
scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream is how it is made everything fresh made in house. >> even chocolate on the bottom. >> yes. >> heavenly so let's talk about your valentines day menu you have a lot of good stuff going on here. >> today we are opening a special valentines day menu for couples, parmigiana stacked salad, choose from three of our entrees, shrimp presto fettuccine. >> come down until sunday and enjoy a special treat. ' is whipping up martinis. this is what you will get with the golden ticket it is frozen hot chocolate. >> oh, that is so good. >> and this week we are part norring up to do some of the special items. >> of course we will link that to our website here you go my friend. >> happy valentines day.
8:55 am
>> hug. >> back to you in studio. >> yummy. all of it looks so good. >> not too much annie save some for me. >> all right. >> do you know this is a serious question do you mow who makes your iphone? >> apple, thing about that because who makes it for apple at 9, we will look into the growing convert very is he over the chinese labor -- controversy over the chinese labor used to make these. >> celebrating valentines day in song. we will be right back  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us.
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what's in your spread ? the coroner takes the stand in george hughly's murder trial. >> china's vice president and likely future leader visits the
8:59 am
white house today a key negotiator during the regan years joins us to talk about that visit and allegations of inhumane treatment of apple workers in china. >> it is valentines day if you are alone a match maker will join us later she has tips to help you find that special person plus a local chorus is here to serenade us this morning. and a free valentines date for justin bieber, with the girl he is calling mrs. bieber. >> oh. >> find out who she is and how she inspired justin in just a little bit. >> you know that is a sweet story. >> tucker barnes is in the weather center with a look at i am going to say a nice looking tuesday. >> not bad we have clouds and cool temperatures later this afternoon we will be back to upper 40s, to 50 degrees not a bad valentines day forecast when you consider it is the month of february. hey, there is your radar maybe a sprinkle or two this morning and then we will get


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