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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 16, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning on this thursday, february 16th, 2012. take a live look over northwest washington, d.c. you will see a few sprinkles out there as you head out on this early morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> time to get a check on our weather with tucker barnes. >> good morning. let's get to a quick look at the forecast. a couple of rain showers moving
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through at the moment. more showers this afternoon. so bottom line, lots of clouds in the forecast with rain showers particularly this afternoon. i think the evening commute will likely be a wet one. 42degrees at reagan national. wind are light out of the south at 10 to 15 miles per hour. here is your day planner for today. clouds will start your morning. showers move in this afternoon. high temperatures about 50 degrees. so once again, another mild afternoon. more details on that forecast. we'll look at more radar coming up in a few minutes. a messy situation on interstate 95 through baltimore. the southbound lanes are shut down between the baltimore beltway and the fort mchenry tunnel. the problem here, a semi truck
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carrying ink flipped over. it leaked onto the overpass and below. alexandria pair metic joshua weissman will be laid to rest -- paramedic joshua weissman will be laid to rest this afternoon. mourners from all over the country and canada attended yesterday's visitation. weissman fell from an overpass while responding to a car fire on i-395 last week. an illness is sweeping through the george washington university campus. 85 students have gotten sick with the norovirus. the university has issued a campus advisory telling students to keep washing their hands and disinfecting surfaces. the school is also scrubbing common areas like student centers and libraries. on capitol hill, the payroll tax cut extension is a done deal and lawmaker say they
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will vote on this tomorrow. they burned the midnight oil working late into the night last night to iron out the details. they needed to get it done before congress leaves town for the president's day weekend, which is a long break. final preparations are now being made for whitney houston's funeral. after fans complained about being shut out of the late singer's memorial service, her family made a concession. they have decided to make the private service available to the public by streaming it live on the web. >> reporter: the memorial to whitney houston is growing downsited new hope baptist church in newark, new jersey. this is where a private funeral will be held for the star on saturday. the pastor marvin wynans has
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been chose phone give the eulogy. >> she wore fame and she was wonderful in it but she was always that little girl from new jersey. i think that is what they'll reflect. >> reporter: the opener of the funeral home handling the entertainer's body confirms the family wanted the funeral to be invitation only. houston's familiar list staying out of the public eye until the funeral. >> there is no viewing here. there is no service here. there is no reason for the family to be here. next time you see the family will be saturday. >> reporter: the sinning legend was found dead in a bathtub last saturday at the beverly hilton hotel hours before she was set to appear at a pre- grammy party. rocker gene simmons with some harsh words about drug use in the wake of whitney houston's death. he says death is a tragedy that
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she brought on by her self- -admitted drug use. >> when you start to use drugs that way, it is not a tragedy, it's a choice. it's pathetic. >> bobby brown may not be invited to the funeral. apparently, the family still has bad feelings about the divorce. tucker will join us in just a few seconds with the weather. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes joining us now. >> good morning. >> you feeling better today? >> okay. i feel okay. >> you seem all right. >> better than the norovirus. >> when we were talking about
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that story, i was thinking what does tucker have. >> a cold. thank you, sarah and allison, for giving it to me. a few sprinkles out there as we are getting the first bands of rain moving in with the system from the west. much of the area is dry. i think when all is said and done, the morning commute will be a dry one. most of the shower activity will get in here late this morning and early this afternoon as the system continues to develop here out to the west. we'll be in for moderate rain showers. 38 in baltimore. 34 in hagerstown. notice the entire area is above freezing. that is important because, with rain showers falling across the area, we don't want to be dealing with areas of black ice, that kind of thing. that is good news. here is your forecast for today. rain showers, best chance this afternoon. it will be cloudy all day with high temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. we have about 51 in washington. lots of chains.
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lots to talk about in the five- day. details coming up in just a minute. before we get to traffic, we have a traffic alert for the baltimore area this morning. the southbound lanes of i-95 are shut down near 895. that is prior to the fort mchenry tunnel. the problem is a semi truck carrying ink flipped over late last night. i have ink spilled all over the highway and leaked from the overpass to the road below. julie wright has more. >> good morning. what a mess in baltimore. the good news is that 95 was just reopened a few moments ago. we do have lanes open both north and southbound on i-95. that is a big improvement as we head into our morning commute. around town, southbound 3 at rydell traffic able to get
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through now. lanes are open across the american legion bridge. nice and easy headed in towards fairfax. no trouble spots on 395 up and across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a deal on capitol hill to renew the payroll tax cut is now done. negotiators announced an agreement late last night on extending the cut for 160 million americans. it means about an extra $20 a week will stay in your paycheck. the keel will cut back the maximum time the unemployed can get benefits from 99 weeks to 73 weeks in the hardest-hit states. this is a reversal for republicans that dropped demands that the ebb tensions be paid for. instead, the cost will be added to the deficit. a final vote is expected tomorrow. checking other headlines, a norovirus outbreak on a local college campus. at least 85 students at the
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george washington university campus are sick with the highly contagious stomach illness. gw officials and the d.c. health department confirm the cases an the university issued a campus alert. students who have not been infected are concerned but a doctor we spoke to says there is nothing to worry about. >> one in 14 americans will get norovirus every year and there are probably 100,000 visits to the emergency room. so it is very common. it is extremely uncomfortable but the good news is after 48 toe 72 hours of very unpleasant news i can't, vomiting, diarrhea, it goes away. >> the university says the cases have occurred among the cases living on the foggy bottom campus. om campus. an alexandria paramedic who died in the line of duty will be laid to rest today. the service expected to have a
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huge impact on traffic and parking near the funeral home and cemetery. fox 5's stacy cohan is live in alexandria with the details now. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the firehouse where joshua weissman worked. they have an ambulance that is draped in black. there are flowers and a fireman's uniform hanging all in memory of this young paramedic who lost his life last week. we'll get to what happened. i want to first address some very serious traffic concerns that will happen and road closures surrounding this funeral because they are expecting thousands to attend. if you take a look at this list, these are roads that will be closed from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. they include main roads like van dorn, braddock and king street. please go to if you are in that area between 10:00 a.m. and 4:30:00 p.m. so you can bet the full list of road closures. joshua weissman was just 33 years old. he was killed on the job last
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week along 395. a long line of mourners stretched around a funeral home yesterday for a seven-hour long visitation. 5,000 are expected to attend today's funeral. >> we have guys coming down from vancouver for this. they don't know josh but they're coming down because that is part of what we do. we look out for each other. >> reporter: weissman was respond tog acar fire on 395 last week when investigators say he jumped over a three-foot gap in the highway and fell 30 feet below to a creek bed. the members of the zandtery fire department of out of service for the funeral. neighboring jurisdictions will respond while they are attending the funeral. >> thank you. metro has settled lawsuits with seven families resulting from the horrific red line crash back in 2009. the terms of the settlement are
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secret but two families are rejecting it. towanda brown lost her 23-year- old daughter nicky king, who had two little boys. metro and the manufacturers admitted legal responsibility for the accident on paper but it is not enough for this grieving mother. >> i thought it was very disrespectful and such a low ball figure for two young kids that have lost the most significant person in their lives. >> the trial is sphoat march and, since metro admitted liability in court, the trial is not expected to drag on. -- the trial is set for march. remembering whitney houston. it turns out you will be able to view the private ceremony. hundreds of people killed in a prison fire. day set of missing keys make the situation even worse? we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break. 
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over 350 people killed in a prison fire in honduras. the guards reportedly could not fine the keys to the cells. there are also conflicting reports on the cause. the prison first said it started as an electrical fire and said an inmate started it by setting a mattress on fire. later today, the united nations general assembly is voting on a resolution condemning syria for its brutal crackdown on civilians. in sir yitzhak rabin the government is stepping up assaults on rebellious cities in the 11-month uprising. nth u final preparations are under way for whitney houston's funeral which will be held saturday at the church she atenned as a child. the family has decided to share the private ceremony with fans by streaming it live on the internet.
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tmz is reporting the singer's ex-husband, bobby brown, may not be invite to the funeral a apparently the family still has bad feelings over the couple's 2007 divorce. everyone loves the smell of a new car. but up next, that smell may be hazardous to your health. >> interesting. plus, new talks of getting rid of paper money. up next, bills versus coins. plus, tucker is talking weather and julie is talking traffic. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. taking a look at reagan national airport this morning. nice and quiet but i'm sure things will pick up there later on this morning. we have a little bit of rain to contend with here in the area. you might run into some of that as you head out this morning. how much do we have sticking around here? >> we've got nothing sticking around here. >> nothing sticking around? >> no, just some showers in forecast today. most of it this afternoon. we do have a few light sprinkles. that will be the worst of the morning commute. most of rain gets here after about noon. temperatures will be in the upper 40s to about 50 so we're not worried about anything sticking. >> just some rain to cause some confusion on the roads. >> i'm having a little fun with
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you. >> let's get right to it. we'll look at the first map. you can see the light shower activity. most of what we've got here is not touching the ground but we're moistening up the atmosphere for the event later today. there is the rain shower as you can see working into washington and out to the west. you've got a lot more rain on the way today. again, when this whole thing moves through later this afternoon, maybe a half inch of rain so it won't be -- it won't be heavy rain later today but it will be a god steady rain starting about 1:00 this afternoon. out to the west, a cold front. that will get through here later tonight and that will start to move in some trier air but as we get into tomorrow, the sunshine will return and our temperatures will once again bounce back near about 50. so this will just be a one-day event. a lot of clouds in the forecast. bring along an umbrella. be ready for showers this afternoon. temperatures right now generally on the mild side. 42 in washington. 39 in gaithersburg. 44 this morning in quantico. 42 in fredericksburg. another day with temperatures expected to be in the low 50s.
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so it should be a comfortable afternoon at least temperature- wise. cloudy skies, showers likely, particularly second half of the day for you. 51degrees your daytime high. early showers tonight. we'll get clearing overnight. start to cool off as well. 38 your overnight low. wind shifting out of the north and west starting to allow the cooler air to move in. tomorrow, sunshine, 53 degrees. tomorrow looks beautiful. saturday starts fine. clouds moving in in the afternoon. this coastal storm looks more likely today than it did yesterday. i think there is a good chance we'll see a sunday event. whether it is rain, snow or some combination, still a lot of questions. we don't know the exact track of the storm but it does look like the mid-atlantic will be impacted by a storm here by late saturday night, early sunday. high temperatures on sunday will probably only get to about 40 degrees. >> you sound like barry white. >> you love it, don't you?
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you want me to sing for you. >> no, i don't want you to sing. better news for our friends traveling to and practice baltimore. we had major tie-ups along 95. it has been reopened in each direction approaching and passing o'donnell street. 395 in good shape as well traveling across the 14th street bridge. no trouble spots to report coming across the potomac. nice, easy drive right now. the beltway at speed leaving new hampshire avenue headed through silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. here is a question for you. would you give up your dollar bills for coins, dollar coins? a report by the general accountability office sphowpped replacing the dollar bill with a dollar coin could save the federal government about $30 billion.
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officials know there may be an an increased risk of counterfeiting associated with switching to coins. a new study from the ecology center claims the new car smell could be from toxic chemicals. according to web, researchers identified 275 different chemicals used in the manufacturing process. some are linked to cancer and birth defects. the ecology cent are rank the 2012 honda civic and the 2007 toyota prius as the healthiest car interiors. r interiors. since we're talking about health and all thins clean, atms, ipads, self check-outs, we live in a touch screen world. >> all that touching also means germs. germs. >> can you imagine how many fingers and hands have touched those screens?
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>> yes. >> next in a fox 5 investigation, just how filthy are the touch screens. this one may have you washing your hands a by bit more today. stay with us. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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if you are a germophobe, you may never touch anything again. >> from using an iphone to an atm, all are covered with germs. sherry ly puts touch screens to the test. very one touch is like a thousand. your germs and everyone else's touching screens in stores at the atm all to make life more convenient. >> it is to the point where, when i use something that is not a touch screen, i'm almost aggravated. it is what we expect now.
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>> reporter: these touch screens are everywhere but jonathan enriquez is leery. >> for the gas station, i use a napkin. for the atm, i use 199knuckles. >> reporter: fox 5 set out to find what is the worst. touch screen phones and tablets, atms, self checkouts, movie kiosks and gas stations. from d.c. to maryland and virginia, we swabbed 25 different surfaces. >> these were surfaces that we wanted to see what kinds of microorganisms might be present and if we have to worry about that. >> reporter: using a sterile swab, we wiped it on the surface of the touch pad or screen, dropped it in a sterile solution and brought it to american university
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microbiologist nancy zeller for testing. the samples were tested two ways. both show bacterial growth but the red one contains sheep's blood. >> we can see if there is any bacteria that might have a pathogenic potential. in other words, could cause disease because they will actually break down the blood cells. >> reporter: that will be important later. first, let's look at atms. we already know money is notoriously filthy because it changes hands so much but getting that money out may be just as bad. tests on five different atms showed three with bacteria. >> you might be able to see it a little bit better if i turn it over. >> reporter: on a scale of zero to four, two samples ranked a four plus. >> if you have bacteria on these surfaces, you could also have viruses. >> reporter: our tests only indicate if bacteria are present, germ that can cause things like pink eye, staph infections or strep throat. >> i go to the
4:54 am
twice eye week and the grocery store once a week. i'm in school so i'm touching something all the time. >> reporter: how about the store? shoppers in a hurry can k. now scan and pay for items themselves. >> can you imagine how many fingers and hands have touched those screens. >> reporter: we sampled save check-outs. four showed the highest level of bacteria count. other two, nothing. >> this is a sample that didn't have any bacterial growth and this is a sample where we had a left growth. >> reporter: now, imagine all those germs on your fingers touching your cell phone or tablet. so we put them to the test. i got four people we interviewed to let us swap their cell phones and i tested my ipad. >> there really is quite a lot of bacterial growth here. >> there is a lot of bacteria on my ipad.
4:55 am
>> so sharing my ipad with the kids may be a hazard. >> but have multiple kids or ipads that are shared in a public place, it is definitely a vehicle for exchanging germs. as for our volunteers, their phones came up clean to some surprise. >> personal device gets in some pretty nasty places too. >> reporter: the idea of date night and a movie may be stomach turning after one movie rental key affect tested positive. that machine is inside. but in a man is outside, the weather make a difference. >> bacteria can't survive in temperatures that are below freezing. >> reporter: at the gas pump, those germs are thriving. remember the test with the sheep's blood that would show possible pathogens? we found them at the gas pump. >> two of the samples had items that might be path generallic. >> the gas station, the dirtiest of all of them? >> i guess as a group they were
4:56 am
dirtier than the other ones. >> reporter: jennifer summerville told us she just got over appear illness. >> probably because my phone is dirty. >> maybe not but knowing so 1999 many of these things can be germ fact -- so many of these things can be germ factories might make you want to wash your hands again. >> no wonder we've all been sick here. the washington nationals have come up with a creative way to make sure the park isn't overrun by fans from one team this season. is season. sports is coming up next. x
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the wizards face the clippers soaking a third straight road win for the first time since march 2008 but this
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one stayed close in the beginning. the clippers took a three-point lead into the break and then it was a slamfest. l.a. opened things up in the second half. all of their starters scored double digits. the wizards fall 102-84. still more lin-sanity in the big apple. jeremy lip way nice move to the basket. knicks win the seventh in a row now 100-58. >> i love that guy. the washington nationals are tired of philly fans invading their park so now the team is doing something about. it the take back the park initiative went into effect last friday. faps must use a credit card that is linked to an address in the district, virginia or maryland to buy a single ticket for the phillies series in d.c. in early may. if you live outside the region, have you to


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