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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a check on weather now. >> good morning tuck. >> lots of clouds a few light showers in the morning hours then the rain becomes steadier this afternoon as a cold front approaches from the west. kind of hit and miss all over the area and there you go you can see most of the action still out, we do have a few showers slipping across the potomac into montgomery county most of your morning commute should be fine later this afternoon be ready for a period of rain showers. temperature regan national, 43 degrees. 43 regan national off to a relatively mild start, 35 hagerstown 39 ocean city this event will be all rain for us later today highs upper 40s to 50. clouds around showers particularly this afternoon high temperatures 50 degrees by 4:00 p.m. more details on the forecast hook at the weekend coming up in a couple minutes, traffic with julie wright good morning. >> good morning tucker right
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now the lanes open as you travel around the capital belt way you will find it is heavy, slow and steady, leaving i-95 and head over towards georgia avenue. no incidents to report, southbound 95, 295, delays on the bw parkway headed out towards the kennel worth split. you will find delays northbound i-95 as you work your way out of dale city trying to get past earlier. lanes open as you head past the springfield interchange you will find traffic heavy and steady, duke street towards seminary road. major traffic delays expected in alexandria, as paramedic, joshua ice man is laid to rest he fell from an overpass responding to a car fire last week more details on how he is being remembered and a live report in 15 minutes.
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in our other big story this morning the payroll tax cut extension is a done deal. >> lawmakers worked late into the night to try to come up with an agreement on renewing the tax cut for 160 million americans, doug luzader live for more on what congress agreed to. doug. good morning guys, it is not clear when congress will schedule a vote early this morning negotiators announced they do in fact have a deal. >> we've reached an agreement i will call you back. >> one phone call that summed it all up congress didn't have much time to play with here but after a day of intense negotiations on capital hill the chief negotiators emerged just after midnight. >> thank you all for staying late. senator boxer and i are here to say we have reached an agreement. >> here is the broad outlook, extension of the payroll tax cut through the end of the
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yearlong term unemployment benefits extended as well but maxed out at 73 weeks and the dock fix preventing a drop in medicare reimbursements. the president is expected to quickly sign off. >> as soon as congress sends me that extension of tax cuts and unemployment insurance to my desk i will sign it right away. we are going to get that signed. >> the deal means nearly all workers will keep getting boosted pay checks about $1,000 a year on a $50,000 salary money that would have gone to fund social security the price tag is a staggering $150 billion just to get us through december and the lions share of that will just get tacked on to the national debt. congress may have reached a deal but didn't figure out a way to foot the bill. now this deal came together surprisingly fast and it is really about the only legislative item on the
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president's to do list this year. tony and al on. doug thank you very much. >> in other stories topping the news the murder trial of former uva student george hughly accused of killing his ex- girlfriend, yeardly love. today. his lawyers will continue to defend the charges against him yesterday a doctor said it was his medical opinion she suffocated, laying face down in a pillow. norrow virus outbreak. 85 students at george washington university are sick with the highly contagious stomach illness. the university issued a campus alert they say the cases occurred among students who spent time on the foggy bottom and mount vernon campuses. advisory encourages everyone to take preventative measures
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including frequent hand washing and disinfecting services. a case of tb at university of maryland. allison. thanks tony now a developing story overseas in iran officials say they are open to talk about their nuclear program but that offer comes at the same time that iran's president is photographed or videoed see him there, visiting a research reactor in teheran and as tensions between iran and israel continue to worsen joining us this morning, national security correspondent for wtop radio good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about those pictures first. what message is that supposed to send to the world? >> two, one, we are going to continue with this program, with iran and two, we can wait you out we will tell you what
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we need to tell you to get you to the table to talk to you but that doesn't mean we are going to change our mind about anything iran's big concern is being perceived as a leader in the region, and the way to do it they believe is to have nuclear weapons another part of their issue too is their fights with some of their neighbors. they want to be seen as a dominant power not just there but around the world and as the country to deal with in that region the message they are saying we are iran, we are here we are going to be here we will talk to you but will wait you out. >> at the same time, talking out both sides of your neck that is what we used to say around the way they are saying we are willing to talk but here is the president walking around this nuclear facility are they really ready to talk? what does that mean? >> no, what that means is they will come to the table and they will listen, and they will say
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some nice things, and they will listen to what the west has to say, but the bottom line on it, iran is pressing forward, daily, with its nuclear program, claiming it is for peaceful purposes but all the evidence seems to suggest it is for weapons and make no mistake about it, once they get a weapon developed the whole region is going to change. saudi arabia is already looking around to see where it can buy or purchase nuclear weapons off the shelf so this is just iran being iran under this regime. >> interesting though, i dot to tell you when you hear -- i got to tell you when you hear nuclear weapons, everything stops, it changes we know how devastating this could be what is the real threat here. >> the real threat here is if some rogue element gets a hold of some of this nuclear technology, gets into a
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position to make it work, and to use it against peaceful -- to use it against anyone that is the real threat here the other part of this equation too is when you look at the hard liners that run iran, how far are they willing to go, to continue in power, or are they willing to take that power with them to the grave using this nuclear weapon. that is the thing a lot of folks worry about how crazy would they be in a dire situation. >> right. >> would they push the buttons just because of that. just because they want to remain in power. >> okay. here comes israel, will israel put on end to this crazy? what action from israel be, they are talking about taking some sort of action. >> israel has been talking about the options that are on the table for several years now. thing back to i think it was 2007 or 2008 when there was this secret attack on syria no one knew about it later on we
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discovered there was a devastating attack on a nuclear facility, in syria. israel has that capability, israel has allies the u.s. is one of those allies, and israel is not just thinking in terms of a kinetic military strike they have been working as well even though no one confirmed this, with computer generated deterrents there has also been a number of assassination that have taken the brain power out of the program israel has a lot of options on the table the thing that is important about this each day tickets away there is less time to use those options and iran is a bit closer to being much more of a nuisance than they are right now. >> jj green, wtops national security correspondent friend of the show here. tony over to you. >> thank you very much.
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an all out battle in michigan ahead of the state's primary late they are month republican presidential hopeful, mitt romney continues to woo tea partiers with a potentially risky strategy he is blasting the auto bailout many claim helped the michigan industry. romney's biggest rival, rick santorum released his tax returns they cover the years 2007 to 2010 and show a steady rise in personal wealth for the most partisan tore rum made $660,000 in 2007 he spiked in 2009 with 1.1 million dollars then made more than $900,000 in 2010 he paid an average of 27% taxes, he made the money working as a corporate consultant and media commentator after losing a bid for senate in 2006.
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>> dash for campaign cash for president obama fresh off a trip to wisconsin he is waking up in california later this morning, later today he will speak at a private home outside los angeles then in san francisco later tonight he is expected to raise more than $8 million from events today and seattle area tomorrow. >> 7:11 a.m. still ahead new jersey's governor's decision to lower flags in honor of whitney houston. >> thousands expected to attend the paramedics funeral. more after the break. >> after a two year absence of the kennedy dynasty the family name makes a come back but are the floors of congress ready. as we head to break we've got a live lookout side not a bad looking picture there, we are going to have weather and traffic in a couple moments stay with us, fox 5 morning
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7:15 a.m., making headlines, sentencing day for the nigerian man, dubbed the underwear bomber he faces a mandatory life sentence he pleaded guilty to trying to blow up a detroit bound airliner, two years ago at least three passengers on that flight will speak in court. >> another kennedy entering politics, joe kennedy the third will announce a run for congress in massachusetts he is going after the seat held by barney frank he is the grandson of rfk, son of former congressman joe kennedy the 2nd he has never run for office and hadn't had to answer questions where he stands on issues but is already leading in the polls
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and receivedendorsements from two unions. >> i guess just based on the name. >> that look, that is a strong look it really is he has the look. >> all right. >> that is a big name in massachusetts. >> of course. >> tucker barnes is here not feeling too well >> i am doing all right. a lot of us have to go to work when we are not feeling great. >> i did that is probably why you don't feel well. >> that is the down side of doing that >> i know i try to stay home >> i love when people share but they don't need to share everything >> you didn't think we were a close family up here now you know. >> let's get to the maps rain showers back in the forecast, a few showers this morning most action will be later today temperatures 43 washington here is the good news if you don't love winter weather we will be too warm for it today. new york state down to carolinas this is just going to be a rain event unseasonably warm air here, 70 new orleans colder weather off to the west, denver 20 degrees look at l.a.
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48 nice and cool there. want to show you a couple features look at the rain headed in our direction steady showers this afternoon, heaviest period of shower activity will be between about 1:00 p.m. and 6 or 7 tonight, also, notice the feature out near las vegas, los angeles see that twist in the atmosphere that will travel along the border with mexico, northern gulf, it looks innocent at the moment but later this weekend, that will develop into a weekend storm event. it is looking more likely we will have some kind of storm system around here during the day sunday with cold temperatures. there is your 5 day 51 showers developing, looks like we have another storm to deal with, highs only 40s. >> we ain't scared of another rain snow mix.
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>> okay. >> we will say that too. >> here is julie with an update on traffic. >> well, speak for yourself allison. [ laughter ] >> all right, i went out and got the milk bread, toilet paper i am prepared. leaving the belt way towards duke street and seminary road no incidents to report trouble in lees burg accident activity reported as you approach the bypass two right lanes closed at 15th because of accident activity slowing down your role out of lees burg. as you can continue eastbound to 50, fair oaks down to 18 miles an hour in towards vienna, heavy, slow, steady, northeast washington a slow ride out of there, delays 410, river dale, headed to 402. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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expect traffic delays in parts of alexandria today a paramedic who died in the line of duty is being laid to rest and there will be rolling road closures for the procession. stacey cohan is live with more. >> reporter: this is just such a sad story tony. this paramedic you will remember died last week it was just a freak accident on 395, where he fell through a pes of the roadway on to -- piece of the roadway on to a creek bed below, 33 years old massive outpouring of support for his funeral that will lead to those road closures let's get to a list of those closures, extensive they begin 10:00 a.m. and go through 4:00 p.m., king street seminary road, van dooren street, braddock road, t and they will be closed at various intersections for that 6 hour span for a full list and details go to meantime, the young paramedics name is joshua weisman he is 33
7:20 am
years old was responding to a car fire when he was killed yesterday there was a 7 hour period of visitation at a funeral home, and lines were lined up outside all day they are expecting 5,000 people to attend this service today. >> we have guys coming down from vancouver for this, so they don't know josh but they are coming down because that is part of what we do we lookout for each other. you are looking live, at a picture of an ambulance outside the fire house, where he worked it has been draped in black and there is memorial, flowers, uniform, helmet out there to remember this paramedic he is the first to be killed in the line of duty for alexandria fire department in over 100 years you may see firefighters over there they are not with alexandria, all 265 members of their fire department are given
7:21 am
today and tomorrow off duty to mourn, fairfax county firefighters will attend to this station they are responding to give this crew and these folks the break they need to properly mourn this young man who they have lost. reporting live stacey cohan back to you. >> all right thank you. >> it is 7:20 a.m. 43 degrees on thursday morning driving on a local toll road may soon cost you three times more than you pay now. we will explain why coming up next. >> plus nearly three years after this deadly metro train crash the transit agency settles with several victims families but for some, the fight is far from over. >> that is disney on ice everybody celebrating 100 years of magic with the most unforgettable story the largest cast ever gearing up for a show this morning at the verizon center annie yu is standing by with details we will check with her a little later 7:21 a.m.  people! look at you!
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breaking news a rash of armed robberies happening in just the past few hours, dupont circle and downtown. the first one reportedly just after 3:00 a.m. this morning at connecticut avenue and q street northwest, shortly after 6:00 a.m., two robberies one at 20th and n streets northwest and next at 16th and m. in all, three this morning the suspect had a gun this follows similar sprees in friendship heights monday evening. >> tensions sure to be running high in maryland state house today a bill to legalize gay marriage is up for debate. a final vote is possible this week as of last night advocates were trying to lock down the last of 71 votes needed to pass the legislation. metro is admitting legal responsibility for the 2009 red
7:26 am
line crash and is settling most of the death lawsuits filed on behave of the 9 families who lost loved ones but two of them are not accepting the settlement we don't know what the exact terms of the settlement is or are and the amount is secret the trial for the two remains cases is set for next month. a commuter alert for dulles toll road rates could triple by 2018 the one way rate could increase to $6.75 to help fund dulles metro rail the toll projections were released at an airports authority board yesterday, the current rate of $2.25 may need to double next year but officials are working on a way to stagger tin crease. >> you know what is crazy about that, that forces traffic back on the other secondary non-toll roads, and just jams them up again people can't afford to pay that increase in tolls. >> that is a mighty big jump.
7:27 am
>> ridiculous. >> 7:26 a.m. coming up change of plans for whitney houston's funeral fans will now be able to watch it live. >> plus, from bench warmer to star of the court, another win for jeremy lin, dave ross is back with more on all the linsanity. >> that wasn't really -- >> as we head to break what is going on out there looks hazy, cloudy, something if you have questions tucker barnes is the man to ask he has the latest coming up and julie will be here with a look at traffic. >> lots of sea gull activity. >> there is 
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chris christy is strongly defending his decision to have state flags lowered in honor of whitney houston. flags in new jersey will fly at half staff saturday the day of her funeral despite negative reaction from some of the public some people are arguing the honor should be reserved for military personnel, elected officials and first responders others feel it is wrong because the singer struggles with substance abuse. still no plans for a public memorial for whitney houston fans will be able to watch her private funeral on the internet a camera will show saturday's
7:31 am
service on live tmz is reporting her ex- husband, bobby brown may not be invited to the funeral apparently the family still has bad feelings over the couples 2007 divorce. that is unfortunate. >> it is unfortunate. >> 7:31 a.m. tucker barnes joins us with the latest on weather. >> showers back in the forecast after a beautiful day yesterday clouds moved in overnight and 1 or 2 showers out there at the moment the main event will be today. not pouring rain but good steady rain shower activity. >> nuisance rain. >> yeah, that evening commute things will be on the wet side. it doesn't take much thursday afternoon at 5, a little rain, to slow things down. >> ac radar, shower activity and for the most part it is out to the west at the moment though we have had a few light showers move through, during the overnight hours, front royal, winchester, martins burg starting to see light shower activity and all of this is
7:32 am
generally headed in our direction. again i think the rain will start to fill in by late morning early afternoon and with us for a period of time probably through the evening commute things will start to quiet down later this evening, just a one day event let me show you the bigger picture, all the rain on the horizon out to the west, cold front combination of a warm front and cold front later this afternoon and tonight behind it drier air not much cooler daytime highs for friday, back into the 50s. sunshine, not a lot of cold air across the eastern sea board that will play a part in the forecast. things will start to clear out, we should be in for a nice looking friday temperatures, in washington not terribly cold, 43 regan national, washington, 39 gaithersburg, 44 quantico, let's see, off to northwest, a little cooler, 36 hagerstown rain showers for you. here is our forecast today, cloudy showers, likely, 51 your daytime high winds out of the
7:33 am
south, 10 to 15 shifting out of the north and west tonight early showers clearing overnight your overnight low 38 degrees keep it above freezing overnight hours, good news tomorrow morning we won't have an icy commute your 5 day, 53 tomorrow sunshine saturday starts off with sunshine, cloud up later in the day the big change from yesterday, this storm system looking more likely for the day on sunday, will it be rain, snow, combination there of we are not sure we got to watch that forecast late saturday early sunday will be the timing on that coastal storm let's look at weather do some traffic and julie wright has your latest are you there? there you are. i didn't know where you were. >> did you thing i went out for a coffee break. >> never can be sure with you julie. >> all right tucker on the road, travelling northbound, i- 95, leaving norton out towards wood bridge, lanes open, starting to loosen up just a bit on the northbound stretch,
7:34 am
eastbound 7, accident activity cleared lanes are open once again travelling the inner loop of the belt way springfield towards 66, 15 minute commute as you travel out of annandale southbound along 270, making your way past montgomery village avenue, headed into rockville northbound checking for a crash near 124th. all right thank you very much. linsanity continues to spread this morning albert haines worth news. >> not good news >> was it ever. >> dave ross is here. >> can you get enough of this jeremy lin story it is tebow like in many ways you didn't see it coming and then all of a sudden here comes this kid no body heard of are you not lintertained. >> what do you thing? it is a pregame ritual. >> what does it mean. >> no idea. a little linvolved.
7:35 am
we throw one up. >> very choreographed but his game has been choreographed look at that beautiful pass last night a career high, 13 assists, only 10 points again the nix went for the 7th straight time since he was inserted in the starting line up people are saying they wouldn't be talking about him if he wasn't asian. no, they would be talking about him because they are winning in new york. there is always going to be flak, always something people want to point out the fact remains the guy is winning when you win in new york city it doesn't matter if you are white, black, asian, hispanic it does not matter if you are winning in the big apple they will love you right now they absolutely love jeremy lin why not the nix have been resurrected because of his play last night wizards, out west taking on the clippers, tough game because this is not your fathers l.a. clippers this is the blake griffin show watch this kid allison we know he can jump well, he got it up all night
7:36 am
long every time i flipped over he was dunking 23 points i think he had at least 7 dunks and he is a monster he is -- >> don't let him get the rebound. >> no, they call it lob city in l.a. they just lob it up and go and get it one more for good measure. >> are people talking about him because he is red headed? >> no, good point very good -- way to segue. >> very good now, one thing quickly the nationals, they -- interesting thing called take back the park an initiative they basically said last friday if you are a phillys fan and want to go to a game in may when phillys come to town you had to have an area code -- the credit card had to be registered in maryland, or the district. phillys fans were like what are you talking about phillys say they can do this this is -- nats say they can do this this is a way for them to keep their fans here.
7:37 am
>> hometown pride >> i wonder if this will extend to new york when the mets come to down. now, we alluded to it allison and tony, big albert hainesworth back in the news he has been cut once again the third team in less than a year saying bye bye to big al, remember the skins had them then patriots, picked him up, now buccaneers said thank you no thank you. why did they pick him up >> your services are no longer required. >> why did they pick him up? >> you see the size and frame and thing wow this guy is your prototypical defensive end or tackle, whatever you, lack of heart, will, he just doesn't seem like he wants to play football teams pick up on that and don't want him to play like randy moss. once you quit, as hainesworth has done a couple times it is
7:38 am
hard to work. randy moss is trying to do the same thing terrell owens is trying to get back it is not good to put on your resume i quit in three places he didn't necessarily quit in tampa bay but did in the red skins and new england you can read into that. >> just rehire i wouldn't think they would. >> certainly never make $100 million ever accompany. >> i have a great endorsement for him, lazy boy recliner. >> big al, big chair. >> there you go. >> love it. >> marketing genius. >> all right. it is 7:38 a.m. still ahead, a former republican presidential contender puts the dancing rumors to rest. and your favorite shade of red, my signature color, may con tin a potentially dangerous chemical a warning to everyone who rocks red lip stick coming up next. first my fox half off deal for all you dog lovers $10 buys you a 1 year prescription to
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nova dog magazine get the inside scoop on everything from dog friendly meet ups to training tips go to click on the my fox half off icon dogs love it too >> they read it? >> yes, they do.
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attention ladies, your kisses could be toxic. that is is the warning from cosmetic safety groups after looking at lip stick tested data from the government fda found lead in 400 lip sticks, the agency says the very small quantities are not a safety concern but others are not so sure. melanie is breaking it all down for us. >> reporter: the two lip stick s with the most lead found in fda testing both made by l oreal. maybe lean color sensational pink metal and color riche volcanic. safety groups think it is a problem. >> this should be addressed by the fda. >> reporter: it is a powerful
7:43 am
neurotoxin that is why there are strict standards for it in toys, cook ware, drinking water but think have not set lead limits for lip stick they recommend children avoid cosmetics that contain lead. >> the truth is, no level of lead exposure is safe for humans particularly pregnant women or women who are planning on becoming pregnant. >> reporter: of the 400 lip sticks tested more than half only had trace amounts of lead, the rest fall somewhere in between the lowest include chinook, black honey, -- clinique, black honey, bahamas mama showing price doesn't make a difference. >> there is really no telling as far as price, color, application type, none of that will give way for a consumer to understand there is lead in the lip stick or not. >> fda says it has no safety concerns ability lead in lip
7:44 am
stick -- about lead in lip stick right now but there are online cosmetics data bases you can check if you want to be careful. >> fda considering standards, canada has a limit of 10 parts per million in products applied to the skin. california does have a stricter standard allowing only 5 parts per million, just two of these 400 samples tested by the fda exceeded that mark. melanie, fox 5 news. >> wow that is pretty startling. >> always controversy about that they say one thing everybody else says the other. >> okay. but i wouldn't put it on every day. >> no. >> well, with all the different choices of shades. >> what are you wearing today? >> i normally rock a nude color here. >> okay. >> tucker. >> not as much lead in that. >> i know kisses that have been toxic to my bank account.
7:45 am
>> wow. boy you went there [ laughter ] >> confessions on fox 5. >> that is very honest. >> tucker is a lover. >> quiet right now rain showers moving from the west, showery afternoon bring along an umbrella, rain this afternoon right to that evening commute, future cast good job showing you what is taking place, notice at 2:00 p.m., shower activity, more widespread 100% chance of rain, at 5, that evening commute still rain left over i want to focus on what is going to happen this weekend still a lot of questions we will have this area of low pressure across the gulf, all indications are it will track across the southeast, toward the mid-atlantic by early sunday, rain, snow, combination there of, well, it is all in the track and how much cold air
7:46 am
we can get in place potential is there for more wintery event than any thing we have had by sunday. we've got to watch it as we get into the weekened. 51 today, 53 tomorrow, sunday's daytime high 40 degrees. >> anything else? >> i've shared enough today >> i like it. >> thanks tuck. >> let's find out what is happening on area roadways, julie. >> the kicker about all that there was no breaking news montage before he said it. >> he just put it out there. >> we will have that later. on the roads, lanes are open if you are travelling out in lees burg coming inbound, route 7 approaching the bypass there, accident activity out of the roadway, eastbound 66, 18 miles per hour fair oaks, lanes are open headed in towards the capital belt way, george washington parkway, key bridge, inner loop of the belt way,annandale, springfield, 15 minute commute, springfield headed out towards 66, 395,
7:47 am
duke street towards seminary road and southbound 270, german town, gaithersburg headed out towards rockville, down to 32 miles per hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. ♪ [ music ] nicki minaj reacting to back lash sunday some people offended by the theatrics that included dancing priests and fake exorcism. >> she said the live version of her song will be part of a movie she is writing. >> can't wait for that. >> sort of a funny scary type movie. >> we won't be seeing former presidential candidate michelle bachmann in a ball gown she is not going to be on dance being the stars next season she called the rumors false but did admit she does love ballroom
7:48 am
dancing she won a polka competition in the 10th grade. >> that was important to mention >> i did win the polka competition i will not be on tv but want you to no i can bring it >> i am a champion of sorts. >> century of classic and new disney stars taking to the ice here in dc. >> annie yu is live at verizon center with cast members. >> good morning tony and allison, i have my lamp we will be talking to genie. hello i rubbed my lamp here he s. disney on ice 100 years of magic in town again. hey, watch that hand we will tell you how you can come out and experience it all after the break. i am kidding here you go. >> all right we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, chrissy is our fan and this is a photo of her and her husband alex good morning to both of you he is in the army stationed at dc
7:49 am
armoury today, hey, he is getting promoted from first lieutenant to captain there you go. >> yeah. >> congratulations to both of you if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning newpost a comment under chrissy and captain alexs photo. 7:48 a.m. thursday morning we will be right back 
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there is it is the world's hottest pepper. it is called a trinidad moruga stop i don't know chilly experts at the chili pepper institute say this is the spiciest pepper on the planet so hot one researcher said it was able to pierce through her rubber gloves, yep despite the heat they claim it is tasty in
7:53 am
very small amounts. >> sounded like a saturday night live news story. >> can i tell you something, one reverend, lafayette seymour is the pepper expert. >> disney on ice skating back into dc. >> annie yu is learning more about the big show, 100 years of magic she joins us now from verizon center what did you wish for can you tell us? >> reporter: no, because then it won't come true. >> all right keep it to yourself. >> reporter: yes, i have been out to one of these shows it is spectacular anything disney does is out of this world. joining us now is nathan who plays gaston thank you for waking up early with us. >> no problem. >> how long have you been with the show. >> it is my first year with disney it is really exciting. >> you are obviously a professional skater why disney. >> it is disney.
7:54 am
i mean you get to a certain stage in skating you are like wow i want to go a little bit father for me performance was it -- farther for me performance was it that was the next step i was like who should i go to who should i talk to. disney does this great show so i was like i will ask them and yeah. >> what is it like for you when you are performing to see the little faces looking up at you with such joy you are creating memories. >> that is my favorite part actually people talk a lot about oh, i love the applause. the applause is great, attention is great but for me seeing at that little kid in the front row just watching their face light up when we are out here, is the reward for me. >> not only the kids but parents too i mean i haven't stopped smiling the whole time i have been out here just something about the characterses and the costumes and the skating that just lights up everyone's faces. >> you are right i just recently had some family that came and there is you know a 12- year-old and a 16-year-old and they had a ball. they had an absolutely
7:55 am
wonderful times the great for kids of all ages everybody come down see 100 years of magic we are here all week long until monday. >> he is doing my job for me. >> and now back to ... >> all right, without further adoe genie is in the house y'all so we will step out of the way here he comes with friend like me ♪[ music ]
7:56 am
if you want to come out and experience disney on ice 100 years of magic, going on here at verizon center now until monday log on to for details there are multiple show times each day and tickets start as low as $20 back to you in studio. >> all right thanks annie. >> so many genies. >> i know. >> all right in this tough economy, one industry is booming we are talking about mobile aps and ahead at 8, find out how to get in on the action in today's smart phone zone. >> plus if you have been to the pharmacy lately you have probably noticed the prices on
7:57 am
the rise. well, even with health insurance drugs can be pricey before you toss out that prescription there are a few things you should know. fox's medical team offers up cost cutting tips in our 8:00 a.m. hour more colors. same edge.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning i am tony perkins,. >> i am allison seymour. >> family friends, coworkers, complete strangers will come together to honor a paramedic that died in the line of duty live with what you need to know. plus the price of prescription drugs going up. the market is tough but demand for aps is high.
8:01 am
good morning to all of you, tucker is here with the latest on weather. >> showers moving in out to our west at the moment but late morning early afternoon we will have showers that will stick around for the evening commute so, good news temperatures upper 40s, low 50s not worried about anything frozen but a rather gloomy looking day in store >> and rush hour home. >> yeah, probably slow down with the rain showers around. particularly yeah, second half of the day here. >> radar, we are quiet at the moment you can see showers moving in from the west and sort of looking more impressive here in the past hour. lees burg. sterling, manassas, you will get rain next few hours the prime time for the rain showers will be noon and 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> regan national, 43, 43 dulles, 42 fredericksburg cooler there, north and west
8:02 am
hagerstown 36 degrees, afternoon highs expected to be upper 40s. to 50s. we are not concerned with anything wintery cloudy showers in the forecast, 50 degrees, 4:00 p.m., sunshine returns tomorrow and more mild temperatures on the way to start the weekend and then things get interesting, we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> look forward to it tuck. hey, julie. >> all right guys, getting busy if you are travelling virginia, not only is it a 20 minute commute annandale towards 66 with lanes open, we have problems to report travelling inbound, clara barton parkway, approaching the bridge. southbound george washington parkway continuing towards the key bridge authorities checking for accident activity, slow going inside the belt way, toward potomac crossing, 395 open for business slow the belt way, king street. 495 clearing out nicely that is a check of your fox 5 on time
8:03 am
traffic. we are following breaking news right now from the district. excuse me a rash of armed robberies happening in just the past few hours in dupont circle and downtown the first one reported just after 3:00 a.m. this morning, at connecticut avenue, q street northwest, then shortly after 6, two robberies one at 20th and n streets, northwest, the next at 16th and m in all, 3 this morning the suspect did have a gun we are told and this follows similar crime sprees in the friendship heights area, monday evening. >> traffic alert for those of you driving alexandria today, rolling road closures for the funeral procession of a paramedic who died in the line of duty. stacey cohappen is live with more. good -- cohan is live with more. >> reporter: good morning we are outside the fire house where joshua weissman worked.
8:04 am
let's get to those road closures going to be in alexandria area, later today i have a list for you, includes major intersections that may be closed some time between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. that includes king street, quaker lane, van dooren, bradock road. take a look if you are travelling and examine these road closures more carefully to see how they might effect your travelling today, joshua weissman was just 33 years old he previously worked in up state new york he was killed last week along 395, he and his crew were responding to a car on fire, when he accidentally fell through a gap in the highway down to a creek bed below. there were a long line of mourners yesterday, outside a funeral home for a visitation that lasted several hours, 5,000 are expected to attend the funeral today. >> we have guys coming down from vancouver for this, so
8:05 am
they don't know josh but you know they are coming down because that is part of what we do. we lookout for each other. >> i have a nephew who is an ent outside seattle washington he does the same job it could be him some day good everybody is supporting it. outside the fire house you can see that they have an ambulance draped with a black cloth they have a uniform and helmet hanging there as well as numerous arrangements of flowers folks have been stopping by this morning, it is staffed by annona and other firefighters if you have a child at tc williams schools, or douglas carter they close at 12:35 p.m. today because of this funeral and all elementary schools are closing at 1:20 p.m. all because of the traffic, surrounding this funeral. reporting live stacey cohan back to you. >> thank you very much.
8:06 am
it has taken almost three years metro is admitting legal liability for the 2009 red line crash. 7 of the 9 wrongful death lawsuits are settled for an undisclosed amount it is about a million dollars for each surviving family member, however, one mother tells will thomas, what metro is offering, is nothing close to what her two grand kids deserve. >> i thought it was disrespectful and such a low ball figure for two young kids that have lost the most significant person in their lives. >> she spoke with her daughter less than 10 minutes before the collision, 23-year-old nicki king left work and boarded a red line train at the fort tauton station on her way to pick up her boys. andre is now 6, emanuel 4 this photo shows their mother on a metro train a few days earlier it was taken by andre. their grandmother who is now
8:07 am
raising them says andre feels responsible for his mothers death because he asked her to pick him up that day >> i wish i could do something to just take that away from him because it really is sad to hear him say that. >> monday, metro and four manufacturers, filed documents in the court scheduled to hear the two remaining wrongful death case it is one filed on behalf of nicki king's children and another on behalf of anna fernandez's six children. metro and the manufacturers, admitted legal responsibility for the accident on paper but it is not enough for this grieving mother >> i think they should stand before the cameras and brave men and women and admit, their liability and admit to the public that they have a false sense of security, riding those trains right now and they are working extremely hard to make it safer for them. >> a stack of photos from the scene of the crash most too graphic to show, they include
8:08 am
images of nicki's body. >> her mother sleeps with them every night under her pillow. >> that is the closest that i can get to her. i couldn't be there but this is the closest i can get to her >> will thomas, fox 5 news. the lead attorney for the families says in general a wrongful death cases, in which a young child loses a parent a settlement figure in the case of $5 million per child would be appropriate the trial would begin the second week of march. whitney houston's fans will be able to witness her funeral after all via the internet, one camera will be allowed inside the private ceremony, streaming saturday's service live a compromise made by the family after many of the singers fans expressed dispointment out of being shut out of the invitation only memorial
8:09 am
service. tmz is reporting the singers ex- husband bobby brown may not be invited to the funeral apparently the family still has bad feelings over the couples 2007 divorce. bobby brown and his group new addition is due to perform at show place arena upper marlboro no word yet whether brown will be at that show. time now, 8:09 a.m., a thursday morning nasty outbreak on a local college cam pa what is -- campus what is making students sick. then dave ross joins us with a closer look at the lin- sanity surrounding the new york nicks. stay with us it is very exciting we will be right back. 8:09 a.m. save them.
8:10 am
8:11 am
presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans, and won't torture your tanks. so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe. breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread
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that's perfect on multigrain toast and even whole-wheat waffles. it's a quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they'll want to eat. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. they love the taste and i feel good that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. the latest in the uva murder trial defense witness countered claims yeardley love died as a result of a battering at the hands of george huguely. a medical expert testified love
8:13 am
suffocated lying face down on a pillow in her bedroom. prosecutors who rested their case yesterday claimed love died as a result of blunt force trauma. >> 85 students at george washington university are sick with noro virus a highly contagious stomach illness. they have issue add campus advisory, the school is scrubbing common areas like student centers, and libraries. maryland's house of delegates will consider a bill to legalize gay marriage today as of last night add rekates were trying to lock -- advocates were trying to lock down the votes needed to pass this legislation, lawmakers are expected to vote by tomorrow if it passes, maryland would join dc and 7 other states. interacial marriages in the u.s. are at a record, 4 .8
8:14 am
million, 1 in 12 marriages these days are interrational and points a steady flow of new asian and hispanic immigrants, and blacks are more likely to marry whites than ever before. >> tucker barnes just waiting to give us this thursday weather. >> and a little bit more tucker. >> tony. >> cuteness factor the day. our first 5 photo of the day,. >> hello young man. >> this is israel. >> good morning. >> handsome young man. >> very serious. >> he is 5 years old, and the gentleman he is standing next to he met at the air and space museum when he got to meet one to have few tuskegee airmen still alive. >> that is great. the best picture. >> how cool is that. >> beyond cool. >> a very dapper fellow in his jacket. >> mm-hmm. >> and another gentleman on the left is a little too old for
8:15 am
this category but good morning to him too. >> he is very dapper in his jacket as well. >> oh, boy. >> great picture. >> thank you we love the picture love the story. sunday us your child's picture go to and click observing the morning tab we will try to get them on the air. >> weather and we've got rain showers moving in from the west and south, and they will be with us here on and off during the course of the day, i think the heaviest rain showers and there will be moderate rain moving through, during the mid- to late afternoon, so, probably just in time for the evening rush hour pretty good rains around here. let's push on i want to show you the bigger picture, you can see the whole storm system approaching the mid-atlantic again this will be with us, combination of a warm front and cold front notice how much of it is rain very little frozen wintery weather, embedded in these showers, all liquid, toronto, to the carolinas, georgia, getting thunderstorm
8:16 am
activities, rain event up and down the eastern sea board if you get a chance to focus out towards las vegas and los angeles, see that spin in the atmosphere that is the area of storminess we got to watch for the weekend that will redevelop into the area of northern pressure and push toward it is washington area, late saturday early sunday if the track is just right we get enough cold air in here we may get a rain snow mix by sunday s it has potential to be a pretty good coastal storm we got to watch that carefully as we get into the end of the weekend. shower 51 degrees, your coastal event sunday will it be rain, snow, question mark high temperature 40 degrees and for president's day 45, so we will get a chance to dry out by monday more details in a minute, julie wright. all right tucker barnes travelling along 66 inside of the belt way, here is the trouble spot approaching
8:17 am
sycamore look past this tree here past the rail overpass that is where the accident occurred, all the lanes are blocked some traffic is able to squeeze by using the shoulder only, inbound, 66th inside of the belt way, headed towards falls church slow go heading across the chain bridge. out towards arizona avenue, that is where all this traffic is coming inbound to make that right turn to head out towards arizona heavy, slow, steady got a feeling this traffic here is headed over to the gw parkway the problem, southbound on the parkway checking for an accident near the key bridge watch out for fire rescue units responding. all right thank you there wasn't any game winning shot drama, still more lin sanity in the apple, they hosted jeremy lin nice move to the basket scored 10 points dished out 13 assists nix win their 7th in a row dave ross joins us with more on basketball's newest star.
8:18 am
>> fascinating tony you are a new york guy lived there for some time you know how that town is right now they are just buzzing. >> i am sure he is all over the tabloids. >> he really is. >> can't get enough jeremy lin he has taken the entire nba by storm he is the king of new york city last night after leading the nix to yet another win,ty know caught up with him on the court. >> since his amazing run started you kept crediting your coaches forgiving you the opportunity but the assistant coaches what are somethings they have worked on with you, that you have been able to do what do you think about all this? >> it is crazy we work a lot on film take a look at film and see what defense gives us obviously a huge shout out to all the fans, we love playing here.
8:19 am
>> hard to be humble joining us now, live from new york, is the nix reporter, tina, i guess it is all the rave right now lin sanity in new york what is he like? you talked to him after the game what is he like as an individual. >> a very humble young man and you could almost see he is so uncomfortable when he hears those chants of mvp he is a smart young man he graduated from harvard he knows he is playing on a team with to the mier and carmello anthony. so he is humble and he is very uncomfortable with the attention but loves his teammates and knows he is making them better and he has applied his skills along with learning to run mike's interesting offence about pushing the ball and moving the ball and spacing, and everything is finally clicked for this team, they are firing on all cylinders and have now
8:20 am
you know, sparked this incredible 7 game winning streak because lin is running the points. >> it is almost by default that he became the go to guy with all the injuries the nix had and mike had to insert him in the starting line up does he look at it as a second lease on life he might have gotten fired rumors are if not for jeremy lin. >> absolutely he talks about him glowingly every night and even referred to the lin sanity, when he made the 3 point shot with 5/10ths of a second against toronto tuesday night this is a player picked up, opening night christmas day they were heading into golden state, san francisco he lives in the bay area they needed an emergency point guard, they picked up lin while they made their stop at golden state and he did play a minute here a minute there basically garbage time, he was sent to the d league, played two games there.
8:21 am
did have a triple double at one of the games up in eerie then played 20 minutes against the houston rockets it was garbage time the nix were out of that game had 6 assists in that game you could see him penetrating, moving the ball he is attacking the basket and those are the elements the qualities you need in this offence from your point guard and nix didn't have that, so as the nix were waiting for baron to come back from herniated disks, they were looking for a spark something to get their offence going and found it in lin, 7 games ago. >> leet's talk about the game the other night in core on toe, what we saw there -- toronto, what we saw there, they are celebrating, like it was madson square garden we are seeing how lin sanity is not just in the united states, it has gone up north to canada can you see this continuing? >> yes, it has become
8:22 am
lintternational the place did explode lin was asian heritage night they scheduled it last year when lin was in town with the golden state warriors they originally scheduled it against golden state when he was picked up by the houston rockets and moved it again to when the nix were coming into town 10% of toronto population is chinese speaking or asian decent it was important to have them that night, he had the whole place going the place roared when he made that shot it was incredible or lincredible some places like miami he will get booed in min sew so at that there were -- minnesota there were chants of over rated. what is bigger giants winning the super bowl or
8:23 am
linsanity in new york city >> it was big when the giants won the super bowl but next day linsanity continued now he has taken over the front and back pages of the new york papers. >> that is huge. thank you so much for your time in new york city we appreciate it enjoy the lin show every night. >> thank you for having me on. >> you got it. it is an incredible story one i don't think will go away we can't wait to see him come back here to dc and play the wizards that will probably be sold out in a game. >> he will start selling tickets around the league. >> sure. >> it is 43 degrees on this thursday morning, 8:23 a.m., coming up the latest from the campaign trail including an expected endorsement for one candidate >> later live at verizon center where disney on ice is celebrating, 100 years of magic stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
michigan governor schneider is expected to formerly endorse mitt romney for president during a lunch event today. snider recently wrote a column published by detroit news, emphasizing romney's michigan roots and experience outside of washington and governor of
8:27 am
massachusetts he said he believes romney has what it takes to build a foundation for america's success in the global economy. allison a bitterly divided congress is agreeing to extend the payroll tax cuts for the rest of the year lawmakers say they will vote on it tomorrow they burned the midnight oil working late into the night to iron out details they needed to get it done before congress leaves town for the president's day week long break. the deal also renews jobless benefits for long term unemployed and protects doctors, from cuts in medicare, reimbursement chef. >> it is 8:27 a.m. thursday morning the job market is still tough but demand for mobile ap devealer wills is high. >> in to -- developers is high. >> in today's smart phone zone how you can get into this field stay with us okay, people, let's get started.
8:28 am
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8:30 a.m., taking a look at stories making headlines this
8:31 am
thursday morning, gaithersburg police, held a town hall meeting, to talk about two armed robberies in the kent lands community last month both happened at hair salons as they were closing. the chief of police, the chief of police told the crowd the case was maybe linked. northeast dc a driver through bricks on the overpass on to her car the victim sent us these pictures of the damage she says police told her this isn't the first time this has happened, she was not able to get a description of the suspects. well, hold on to your hats, and your wallets driving the dulles toll road could eventually cost three times as much as you pay now. airport authority predicted drivers will pay $6.75 per trip 2018, the current rate is $2.25
8:32 am
but could double next year. >> mm-hmm. >> yep. >> a lot of money that is all i am saying. >> hello tucker barnes. >> good morning how are you? >> i am doing okay. moving in from the west, some viewers out to the west, west virginia, western maryland, moving through, becoming more numerous, not a wash out but you know, grey, rather doorry day. wait until -- dreary day. >> wait until tomorrow you will get another repeat performance we like to make people happy in the weather department. >> radar, shower activity immed way but not far now, south and west down towards manassas, front royal, lees burg, sterling getting showers shortly, frederick as well all of this is just going to wash across the area during the course of the late morning early afternoon we will all be enduring periods of rain
8:33 am
showers during the course of today along with a lot of clouds and temperatures, you can see it moving upper 40s. low 50s regan national, not terribly cold, 43 degrees, 45 quantico, cooler north and west, frederick 36 degrees, want to show you a couple features, 8:00 a.m. this morning watch the rain showers fill in, by 2, 3 today, widespread showers you can see they are not terribly heavy and they will continue right through the 5:00 a.m. rush hour but we are cleaning it out clear it out and back into bright sunshine, temperatures back in the 50s for you allison then you will focus on this system by early saturday morning area of early saturday morning looks like it will track close enough to washington area, late saturday and sunday, could be dealing with a coastal storm still too early to call it a night, but this storm is looking more and more likely to happen now as we get into the weekend. your weekend forecast, saturday
8:34 am
not bad, sunday not good rain or snow, definitely a possibility and then 45 for president's day on monday. all right that is weather allison and tony i will toss it back to you guys. >> thank you sir it is a tough economy these days there are some industries seeing a boom one of them mobile technology. >> smart phone tablets, mobile aps becoming more and more popular, if you want to get into this market where do you start lauren demarco has more. >> there are so many people out of work or under employed right now and also you've got military service members just back from overseas plus all of the graduating college students entering the work force if you or someone you know is interested in the tech field, mobile development seems to be the way to go. here to talk about that chris brink man with robert half technology and peter eriksson with a development meet up group here in dc region. good morning.
8:35 am
you recently did a survey, robert half about cios in the country, nationwide that are looking for mobile developers, what is the big focus on mobile. >> we surveyed 1400 cios across north america, companies had more than 100 employees we found two things first, 27% of companies this was across industry, have mobile aps deployed. we are expecting 22% of them to deploy aps in 2012. so it is in high demand right now. >> and a growing field at this point. it is a growing field i read in an article or study, just recently, by a group called tech net a consumer advocacy group based in washington dc they estimated that since 2007, 500,000 jobs have been created in this
8:36 am
space. >> are you able to tell the story about the guy you just had in who is turning down jobs. >> well, sure i was in one of our offices recently this is a college graduate without any practical working experience however we had him in our office for skill evaluation and he tested off the charts, so he has real world experience he was given an offer as a starting salary of $60,000 turned it down. so you know i certainly graduating college wasn't offered something like that but that is how hot this market is right now >> maizing pete want to bring you in you have this group in dc region that meets and it is all about we call it the meeting of the mobile minds, we've done the story before what are you seeing. >> that is right we are a group of 1700 developers today. the local market in dc is hiring the major companies,
8:37 am
like gannett and capitol one it is not just developers these days people are looking for they are looking for folks with marketing skills, project management skills in mobile, so there is a lot of ways into this industry, and -- >> the big question we are asking where do you begin right so say you don't have any experience you are watching this from home, you want to learn how to develop aps what would you do. >> well, my advice to folks is just get involved, there are a lot of different meet up groups marketing to development like our group there are conferences to go to we have a conference april 20th, it is all about user experience in design my advice is get into the industry where where you already are. if you are marketing person go into markets if your developer hone your skills around mobile development there are a lot of good universitys to go to university maryland has great programs george mason george
8:38 am
washington. but also check your listings at your local community college. >> real quick salary what is ballpark what do you earn starting off entry level. >> we told that story just a second ago about that person what we've seen starting salaries without experience are in the 50s, but certainly anyone who has multiple years of experience leading up to the architect level can demand salarys in the 100s. 150 or higher >> amazing thank you both so much for coming in i hop it helps some of you at home we will of course post links to both of you guys, both at robert half and anyone who would like more information at home, check out thanks for joining us allison tony back to you >> i think it would be an exciting field to be involved in. >> me too. >> 8:38 a.m. on thursday morning, a price hike for airline tickets up next a look at what is fueling the rise. and this morning, adele's
8:39 am
mystery man the man that could have had it all, right, okay revealed find out who inspired her to right rolling in the deep, coming up later this hour 
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
a lot of music this morning welcome back, 8:42 a.m. live look at regan national this morning, am i seeing regan national? yes, we are. next time you go to buy an airplane ticket you may be paying more southwest airlines raised round trip prices by $10 yesterday american airlines quickly followed suit more airlines are expected to do so today. oil prices up nearly 20% over last year that is believed to be fueling the price hike. gas prices also going up, according to triple-as fuel gauge report the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in the district is $3.74 up 20¢ over the last month average price in maryland, $3.59 virginia 3.5 1. >> here is one more the price of prescriptions also going up. >> everything is going up.
8:43 am
>> in 6 minutes the fox medical team joins us live with tips how to cut costs but smilegood times still free. annie yu is bringing us a look at what she will talk about today, full of smiles and dreams. >> good morning allison, your favorite disney characterses are here in town at verizon center in hours they will be putting on their second show, they are in town until monday and you know there are 12 numbers in this show that is a lot to get through and coming up we will talk to the creative director and he will tell us all about what you can expect when you come out to verizon center, back to you  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
do kids know that? if you say what is this song? >> i don't know. >> disney on ice presents, 100 years of magic. annie good morning. >> talk about fun, look at this we have mickey and the gang
8:47 am
goofy, miniand donald and of course a lot of work goes on to put on this show. corey that is a lot of pressure on you. >> yeah, my official title is performance director so i over see performances i site in the audience every night i listen along to what the kids are saying and how everyone is responding and then also putting the show together rehearsing getting everybody into their right spots and keeping integrity of the show clean and precise every night so everyone sees the best production. >> how do you come up with new ways of presenting classic tales in. >> well, we have an incredible creative team with our whole production staff, we have creative director gerry and patty vincente our creative development director they are the brain childs behind all this i work along them as we put the show together and rehearse it for 6 weeks and then i live with it and take it on the road around the world we
8:48 am
have literally been all around the world with this production. >> tell me about that you have done ice shows all around the world what was your toughest challenge. >> in different areas we bring our own ice so we are putting ice in the middle of latin america or over in an auditor rum in europe we load all that in -- auditorium, in europe we load all that as well as the 20,000-pound set it is challenging but we have it down to a science >> i saw you working out here all morning long with the characterses of course and you are just wonderful. >> thank you. >> talk about the numbers in the show and what people can expect. >> this is 2 hours of high energy high impact, skating and performance we have like i said 47 performers from 10 countries all world class performers like you are seeing national championships or olympics in the numbers we have, we have a
8:49 am
great opening number from aladden, all the genies come out we go into finding nemo a great piece from beauty and the best, princesses show up small world number, mulan. lion king everybody comes back out for a grand finale. i still get overwhelmed and i have seen it so many times judging by last night's audience here, i think, the crowd here in dc really enjoyed it. >> let's get to know you a little better how did you get involved with disney. >> well, i have been on skates since i was about 3 years old, growing up in canada, played a little hockey and as i was nearing the end of my amateur competitive career my coach, choreographer said i think ice shows would be a good choice for you so i decided to come for 3 years and that was about 20 years ago. so i am still here >> look at you so great. >> don't do the math. >> people at home might be
8:50 am
doing it we got to thank donald who has been driving us around. >> high five donald. >> you do have your drivers license right? >> and thank you to everybody if you want to come out to verizon center, the show is going on now until monday. multiple show times each day, tickets start as low as $20 say bye everybody back to you in studio. >> bay annie thank you. >> allison. >> thanks tony if you have been to pharmacy lately you probably experienced a little sticker shock even with health insurance and copays prescription drugs can be pricey so what can we do to cut costs fox medical team's beth galvin joins us live with some ideas good morning beth. >> good morning allison. and i think this is a big issue for a lot of people especially in this economy but there are definitely ways that you can save money or your drug costs, before you toss out that medication or prescription your doctor has just written for you
8:51 am
here are things you can try. >> hey how are you today? >> fine. >> judy peters knows she is lucky she likes her doctor and has health insurance. but paying for medication that is where things get tight. >> you have to thing about it before you call in your refills and all that, well, maybe i can last until next week or whatever. >> if you need a medication but don't have the money for it, obgyn dr. garcia says tell your doctor. >> most understand that if you say look i can just not afford this. >> next see if you can switch to a cheaper medication,. >> some times it is easy to make a switch like in birth control pills some times your doctor is going to say well, i understand this is cheaper but the other medication is what i want you to have. >> another cost cutter ask for generic. walgreens pharmacist says, most pharmacies charge as little as
8:52 am
4 to $5 for generics while brand names can cost up to 10 times that much. >> generics are extremely safe they are the same exact ingredients. >> another money saver ask your doctor for a 90 day supply of your meds so you play only one copay not three or if your physician is willing to double your dose split your pill this works only for scored tablets with a little line in the middle making them easier to break-in half it will not work for capsules, coated extended relief medications. >> finally, if you need an expensive drug there is no generic equivalent find out who makes it and ask if they have a patient assistance program. >> it is not always hopeless there are ways to help you. ways pharmaceutical companies have been trying to help ways the pharmacist and the pharmacy can help also. the next time you are headed in for a check up sit down and make a list of the medications you are taking and take that list with you and sit down with your doctor and say
8:53 am
why am i taking this medication is it necessary, that i keep taking this medication, that allison may be able to help you whittle down some medications you are on and save money there but talk to your doctor before you stop taking any drug. >> great advice, beth galvin tank you. >> thank you. weekly jobless claims released minutes ago number of people seeking unemployment benefits fell to lowest point in almost 4 years last week it is the latest signal the job market is steadily improving the labor department says weekly applications for unemployment benefits dropped 13,000 to a seasonally adjusted 348,000. if you are looking for work don't forget to check out our job shop our job of the day is with k neil international trucks incorporated hyattsville they are looking for a diesel mechanic with strong electronic, engine repair skills, for more on this job and others go to
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click on the job shop tab, on top of our home page. well, one of our idle chatter panel lists may be looking for or planning a new gig, genie jones announced she is no longer with wkyx radio she said quote keep your eyes and ears open for my next move she was the midday radio personality on 93.9. >> she was is bell of the grammy ball. >> now we know who inspired adele's hit 21 album ♪ we could have had it all, rolling in the deep ♪ >> if you were hoping for the exact name so you could google him we are not going to get that she has not officially revealed who caused the heart break that inspired the hit song but said she is singing about two former boyfriends. new york post though, is
8:55 am
reporting a musician known as shrinky sun beam is one of them, the two apparently became involved after being introduced by friends their break up lead to her writing rolling in the deep and someone like you. sources say their break up was fueled to his attraction to a burr berry model. >> that will do it because i don't think she was a burrberry model. >> shrinky sun beam i am not familiar with him. >> you are not? >> our weird and warm weather that is like -- could you say it like johnny carson would say it. >> shrinky sun beam. >> our warm and weird weather. >> our warm and weird weather may have caused some of your garden favorites to poke through the ground already >> derek thomas our garden guy is here to talk about saving plants that already think it is spring this is a problem we will be back. 8:55 a.m. dinner's ready.
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right now at 9, virginia paramedic who lost his life in the line of duty will be layed to rest today. stacey cohan is live with how the service will effect traffic. congress compromises late night deal to extend the payroll tax cut what this means for you plus we will chat with one woman who visited the white house to explain why americans need this extra money. >> and your lovely lip stick lady may have toxins, we will take a look at the fda test results plus its response to the level in the lip stick. >> all right. tucker barnes standing by in the weather center keeping an eye on rainmaking its way towards us hey tucker. >> hey, tony rain showers out to our west moving through


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