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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the man arrested was amine el khalifl. he was in the u.s. illegally. law enforcement officials say he was picked up. fake explosive vest, both given to him by the fbi. terrorist suspect supposedly thought he was dealing with al- qaeda associates. not undercover fbi agents. >> at 11:30 -- >> what were they doing? >> i don't know. >> it's not known when the washington field office started its investigation. but el khalifl came to their attention after making inquiries about launching a suicide terrorist attack on the u.s. capital building. >> we had a friend that got back from a hearing and trying to walk through the alley and he couldn't get through. >> shortly before 11:30 this morning,fbi agents met el
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khalifl at this garage in an alley way on capitol hill. the suspect allegedly accepted a fake gun and fake explosive vest before the fbi arrested him. >> no, we didn't hear anything. somebody said there's something going on in the back. >> u.s. capital police issued a statement friday saying that at no time was the public in any danger. the arrest was the culmination of a lengthy and controlled investigation. back live now, this is the parking garage on capitol hill. the arrest took place today. this investigation bears many of the same traces as some of the recent arrests the fbi made next with the so-called loan wolf attacks. you'll remember there was a plot uncovered by the fbi against the metro system two years ago and most recently in september when a man in boston was charged with trying to use a large model airplane to crash explosives into the pentagon.
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we'll send it back to you. >> we're getting video into the newsroom of police raiding the suspect's condo. what do you know about this? what have you been hearing? >> well, being here on capitol hill and not being in alexandria, i would be a little bit reluctant to what that may or may not be, shawn, as you may imagine. one of the things many people are taking notice here is the being was just arrest. yesterday, mohammad, many know as the underwear bomber was sentenced to life in prison. he was one of the premier examples of the so-called lone wolf terror suspects. many law enforcement officials that while the united states government made a great wiping out large segments of the al- qaeda network, there may be recruited individuals throughout the united states that will be much more difficult to rule out.
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>> any significance to the timing of this? >> clearly that arrest yesterday, you know, the arrest that they made today has been the result of a long investigation, shawn. as we find out more and what is exactly in these court documents, we'll get a better picture on how long the fbi was on to the suspect before they moved in. >> thank you, tom. according to the affidavit, last january, a confidential source reported that el khalifl met with people at an arlington house. fbi agents raided that home. she joins us live on the phone. what are you hearing? >> well, we are out in front of this rather normal looking family home in arlington where there's playground equipment in the back and neighbors tell us families live here. according to the investigation information we are getting, these may be relatives.
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this may be a spot where they were meeting and planning. it's about noon today, they heard two loud bangs. not sure what that was, but they looked out their windows and saw a number of police officers followed by fbi agents decent on this property. they have been going through this home and going through the outside. right now, the agents are out on the backyard going through the contents of a shed. 15 to 20 minutes ago, put up a blue tarp to shade our view from what they were carrying out and doing in the backyard. but again, folks here very surprised. no indication if anybody here might be connected to somebody who was a terror suspect. as they said, people coming and going, a family appears to be small children, so they were all taken by surprise when this happened about noon or so today. >> all right, thanks for the update. we'll have more on fox 5 news. thank you. >> thank you. the suspect appeared inside a federal courtroom just moments ago and maurine is there live with more on that
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part of the story. maurine. >> well laura, it was a very brief court appearance. this was his initial court appearance. he stood up in court, didn't say anything. had his hands behind his back. almost in a military stance. he looked defiant, if you ask me. 29 years old, we did get the charging documents that detail a little more about this plot and appears authorities had their eyes on khalifl for over a year now. they say he wanted to carry out that attack on the u.s. capital. he wanted to be a suicide attack because he wanted to be a mortr. let's go to video we shot of the car transporting el khalifl to the courthouse this afternoon. apparently last december, that's when this all started. el khalifl told an under cover officer that he wanted to detonate a bomb at an office building in alexandria that was occupied by the u.s. military. he changed his target several times, from a synagogue to a
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restaurant frequented by military officials. he settled on the u.s. capital where he wanted to carry out a suicide attack. he wanted to be a marter and take out people. were under cover agents. he tested out a bomb which he thought was too small and re requested a larger bomb. that's according to charging documents. he finally was given a vest, he thought was loaded with explosives, but those explosives were rendered inoperable by authorities. he was arrested this afternoon at the garage near the u.s. capital where authorities say he was never a threat and never going to harm anyone as far as they were concerned because they had their eyes on him for quite some time. he is expected to be back in court here on wednesday at 2:00 p.m. for a preliminary and a bond hearing. and until then, you know, we won't learn about what his motivation was. he was not associated with al-
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qaeda. that is the very latest from the courthouse, back to you. >> maurine, thanks for bringing us up to date. here with us in our studio to talk about this attempted suicide bomb plot, at the george washington university, thank you very much for being with us here tonight. i understand this investigation, as you heard, that was going on for about a year. how difficult is it to thwart these plots? >> we don't have all the specifics on this particular plot, but it shouldn't be all that surprising since 9/11, there have been 58 home grown plots in the united states. a pretty big number. and actually, we have seen a major spike since may of 2009. so between 9/11 and 2009, there were 21 cases. we have seen a spike in activity. the good news here is that the fbi and especially their under cover operations are getting better and better and better,
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tactics are getting more efficient. the joint terrorism task force, obviously, is much more efficient. the bad news, we have a threat and no chance to be complacent. >> and how serious a threat was this guy based on what you do know? do we know if he was trained? it sounds like he does not have an affiliation to al-qaeda. >> not an affiliation. he thought he did. i get caution about the term loan wolf, because he thought he was part of a larger operation. but yes, in this case, it looks like he did not, he was not part of a larger network and originally strung up by the fbi themselves. that said, those are very difficult to get on the radar screen and unfortunately, there are people who wish us harm. while our tactics are getting better, we have to address the under pinnings that motivate and advance some of these causes. >> so what kind of case can be made? apparently was wearing the
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vest. >> this one is cut and dry. i mean, not only did they wait until the very end until he was actually ready to take action, but he's been under investigation for a long time. so i think the evidence here is going to be very strong and in all likelihood, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> frank from george washington university, thanks for being with us. we invite you to stay with fox 5 for the latest on this developing story. we are also following a weather alert tonight. the forecast is expected to change dramatically over the weekend. in fact, snow is possible in some areas. gary is live in the weather center with the latest. gary. >> thanks a lot. radar picture right there, the thunderstorms in texas, that represents the storm. the center of the storm right now is basically over el paso, text.
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tomorrow is going to be good. we're going to be close to 60. we are talking sunday snow. here is what we know. does look like snow starts sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and right now all indications are it will be all snow. heaviest amounts, this is a little unusual for us. it will be south and to the west. by the way, a winter storm watch has been posted. late sunday into early monday morning, and of course most of us don't have to worry about a commute monday morning or going to school. it should be a little impact storm. now this storm track still could shift to the north or to the south and that will have a dramatic impact on what will eventually end up with. there's the winter storm watch. culpeper, warren county, that's for sunday. we'll have more details, a look at your full forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, the latest from the uva lacrosse murder trial. one of the last people to see yeardley love alive takes the stand in charlottesville.
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>> plus, congress votes to extend the payroll tax cut. the vote didn't come without opposition. what has lawmakers on both sides concerned tonight. >> and a fiery debate is underway as gay marriage legislation takes center stage in annapolis. we'll take you there live. 
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lawmakers in the house and senate have voted on the extension of the payroll tax cut. the road to the passage has been bumpy to say the least with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle concerned over the
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funding of the bill. what did congress decide today and how will it affect your wallet? jennifer davis has the answers. >> as lawmakers pour out of capitol hill, headed home for the holiday week, they do so knowing they finally resolved, for now, the bitter battle over payroll tax cuts. >> the measure passed both chambers and back. >> 60-36. >> back to back votes. >> with our economy gaining steam, still fragile. these are working americans. >> final bill extends both the 2% payroll tax cut for 160 million americans and long-term unemployment benefits until the end of the year. it lowers 99 week to 73. a victory for republicans. still, many in the gop and some democrats remain frustrated with how much will be added to the federal deficit. >> we are taking the money out
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of your social security trust fund to extend the program here to give you a so-called tax break. it is a shell game and it is going to have to be repaid. >> one fact is clear. this is a big win for the president. >> on this issue, democrats won today and republicans made the decision. let's just end it, pass it, and fight another day. >> congress is sending the legislation to the white house and the president plans to sign it into law once he's back from his west coast fund raising trip. jennifer davis, fox news. >> a historic vote could be on its way at the maryland state house. the house of delegates may vote in the next hour or two on whether to legalize same sex marriage. john hanrahan is live with the very latest on this one. john. >> a good part of the afternoon, the floor of the house of delegates was consumed with a series of amendments about a half dozen amendments. most of them by opponents of
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the law, the proposed law that would legalize same sex marriage in maryland. most of those amendments were rejected. one was accepted and that may swing a vote in favor of this legislation. we asked a couple of the delegates to outline the big arguments in front of them. here's a taste of the overall debate. >> we should do this because it's the right thing to do. it's the right thing to do for all the families in maryland that have same sex parents with children that need these rights and protections. >> same sex marriage goes against every major religion in the world. and so what we're doing is taking one step really towards not reserving traditional marriage. >> now, the debate, as those portions of interviews, actually very serious, very somber. there's no pounding on the desks and so forth.
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one waiverring delegate, democrat tiffany who last year was a supporter of same sex marriage and then changed her mind put forth an amendment that the proponents of same sex marriage accepted, basically will ensure that maryland voters get to decide this issue before it goes into effect. proponents think they have the votes, could happen in the next few hours in the house. likely happen in the senate in the next few days. governor o'malley will sign it. but under maryland law, if you get enough signatures, voters get to decide this issue and the law doesn't go into effect. everyone's best guess is, the voters of maryland will ultimately decide this and it will probably happen on november 6. shawn. >> john, as soon as you hear something, let us know. thank you. >> boy, this is the winter of bounce back. >> i mean, you know, who would know we're talking about the possibility of snow this weekend.
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another beautiful day out there. how are we going to end this evening? >> it's going to be nice. now, i'm surprised that either of you did not hear me close to 60 tomorrow. did you hear that? >> we're focusing on today. >> that's true. but think about tomorrow. i just want everybody to know, i don't think here in the district, but i think parts south and southwest, if the clouds don't come in real quick with sunshine, they could be pushing 60 degrees. that's pretty good. and then snow on sunday for just about everybody. here's temperatures right now. it's still sitting in the 50s for us here in the city. it is 52 degrees gaithersburg, usually. almost always the cold spot at 48 degrees. winchester is the same and up there in hagerstown, 48 degrees for washington county and fredericksburg, they are pushing 60 today. right now they are 56. they have been in the upper 50s today. with sunshine, who wouldn't say they would be right up to 60 for tomorrow?
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nice this everyoning. get out and about. cool at 9:00, 45, chilly at 11:00. now, here's the set up. you can see that we may have a cloud or two, but really now it looks like we're going to get some sunshine for tomorrow. as we're watching this storm kind of move in our direction, it may be slowing down just a little bit. at least that's what the latest indications are. that will hold back some of the clouds tomorrow. we may have half a day of good sunshine and that will help us with the temperatures. the center of the storm right now over el paso. it's putting snow down in the mountains of new mexico and thunderstorms into southeast texas. over the next couple of days, of course, we are worrying about snow here for sunday. but there is going to be a severe weather outbreak for tomorrow and into sunday down in the south and they are talking about the possibility of some tornadoes in the storms prediction center in norman, oklahoma. very woird about what could be happening the next couple of
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days down through the southern states. i mean, that is louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and into georgia. of course here, we're talking about whether or not we get accumulating snow here on sunday. i'll be back with a full forecast and talk more about what we think will happen on sunday. >> all right, we think. >> it's always that. it's always what we think. >> i'm just messing with you. >> set in stone is not a term i know. >> especially considering the winter we've had. >> and just a quick reminder, you can check the weather any time with fox 5's weather app. you can also text fox 5 weather to 29473. >> coming up, frantically to clean up an oil spill in the mississippi river. we have the details. >> triple a raises the red flag about work zone speed cameras. wait until you hear how much they are generating in maryland. >> and if you have a story idea, we'd like you to call the
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tip line. 202-895-3000 or send us an e- mail to 
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an oil spill is forcing the u.s. coast guard to close a five mile stretch. the spill happened when two barges collided 50 miles up river from new orleans. st. charles parish shut down both of its water intakes, but there is no threat to the public. cleanup company has been hired to deal with the spill. >> we are seeing the rising crisis at the pump right now and now there's evidence they could go higher. oil prices are now at the highest we've seen in a month. that's because of concerns that supplies will tighten this spring. investors believe the european economy and tensions with iran will cut down on available oil. the winter months are usually when the gas prices start to drop due to lower demand. >> and gas prices aren't the only rising costs we are coping with right now. food, rent, clothing, also up.
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consumer prices posted a small increase in january. economists believe this is temporary and inflation will likely ease in the next few months as prices for raw materials level off. coming up, one of the last people to see yeardley love alive testifies at the murder trial. the latest at the bottom of the hour. plus, the verdict is in for a man accused of shooting and killing a maryland state trooper. . welcome to carmax. hi. i was on carmax dot com and i think i found the one. great car. and i think, it's right over there... (sighes)... finding your perfect car is easy at carmax because we carry only the highest quality used vehicles.
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it was a short day of testimony in the uva lacrosse murder trial. one of the defense attorneys is still sick and the judge agreed to postpone the remainder of the case until tomorrow. one of the witnesses who did testify today told the jury that george huguely and yeardley love were seen holding hands at a social function the night before love died. fox 5's paul wagner joins us live from charlottesville with more on the story. paul. >> laura, that person was called to the stand by the
5:29 pm
defense. her name was elena. she was in town for a lacrosse game. she was called to the stand to show the jury a video that was recorded that night in an offcampus bar and it was surveillance video that was turned over to the defense. and it shows the couple inside this bar and eleina was there and she was asked to tell the jury exactly what she saw. >> there was no sound on the tape, just the images of george huguely and yeardley love socializing with others at the off campus bar. it's a surveillance tape obtained by police and turned over to the defense. huguely's aunt was there that night with two of her daughters, standing in the well of the court holding a laser pointer, she described who was who and what they were doing. only the jury could see the video as she said there's george holding hands with yeardley. it was around midnight, may 1,
5:30 pm
2010. the day after yeardley told love in an angry e-mail, i should have killed you. and the day before he is accused of attacking her. a total of five witnesses were called to the stand. two of them young women who testified seeing yeardley love and george huguely in an argument in the days leading up to the murder. one of them told the court she saw love strike huguely with her purse before the defendant asked love to leave. the defense called two other witnesses to testify about the value of love's laptop computer. as well as the condition of a wall inside her apartment. dr. michael woodhouse, an expert in biomechanics told the jury he examined a portion of yeardley's bedroom wall and determined it had not been struck with any type of force. prosecutors showed the jury a section of the wall where they believe love suffered blunt force trauma to the head. another witness, a computer
5:31 pm
expert, told the court he believes the value of yeardley love's computer at the time of her death was between $100 and $150. it's important to the defense because one of the charges against huguely is felony theft over $200. the jury was sent home for the day after being told defense attorney, rhonda qig quagliana was sick. >> george huguely admits taking the computer from yeardley love's apartment that night and throwing it in a dumpster. and we're expecting testimony here in this courthouse tomorrow to last all day long. laura. >> paul wagner, thank you. a jury today convicted a man accused of shooting and killing a maryland state trooper at a restaurant. terrell williams was found guilty on all charges, including first-degree murder. back in 2010, wesley brown ordered brown to leave because he was being disruptive. brown was working offduty as a
5:32 pm
security guard. he shot trooper brown. brown's family and friends were relieved to hear the guilty verdict. >> we are still holding on to his dreams and helping the community. he was an excellent brother. we miss him dearly. my son is going to miss his role model, his mentor. our family will never, ever be the same. he was the best brother anyone could ever imagine. >> brown says her brother's dream was to protect and serve the community and he did that. >> a news alert out of the district tonight. anacostia high school was evacuated earlier today after a fire broke out there. the blaze started in an area of the school that was under construction. no students were injured, but two firefighters did get hurt. no word yet exactly on what caused the fire or if anacostia will reopen after the president's day holiday. >> firefighters and police risk their lives to reach a two-
5:33 pm
year-old girl in a burning home. tonight that little girl is in critical condition. the fire began around 1:45 this morning. three adults and a nine-year- old boy made it out of the townhouse, but they could not get to the little girl. a police officer set up a ladder to help firefighters get into the house more quickly to rescue her. rescuers performed cpr on the toddler once they got her outside of the house. >> one person was killed in a crash in the beltway. a car and tractor trailer collided. happened around 3:00 a.m. the car caught fire. two lanes of the inner loop were closed for the morning rush hour and the on and off ramps of connecticut were blocked. everything is back open tonight. maryland's work zone speed cameras are generating big money for the state. nearly half a million tickets were issued, bringing the state $18.9 million in revenue. but not everyone is happy with those cameras, especially because they are issuing tickets. john townsend joins us now. it's always good to see you. >> how are you doing today?
5:34 pm
>> i'm doing good. the state of maryland would call this a huge success. how does aaa see it? >> it is a huge success and it's saving lives and saving the limbs of drivers and workers. and the fact that you haven't had many injuries or fatalities and work zones in maryland proves that the program is working, but there's a controversial side. 63% of the tickets are issued when there are no workers present in the work zone and that is a source of -- >> we are all supposed to follow the speed limit at all times. what's the problem with operating speed cameras whether there are workers present in the zones or not? >> you raise a great point. you have it be driving 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. let's talk about the capital beltway. so that's 55 posted miles per hour. so that means you're going 67,
5:35 pm
68 before you can get a ticket. that is a narrow strip of road. there are barriers up, and it's very dangerous and treacherous. if you get a ticket, then you have to suffer and bear the consequences. >> bottom line, do you think these work zone speed cameras should continue? >> they should continue. >> let me say this, despite this controversy, there's legislation that has been introduced to change the hours of which you can operate or give tickets, especially when workers are not present and especially when no one is present on holidays. but the fact of the matter is, this is the least controversial of all the automated programs in the area. people know they save lives. >> indeed, thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. >> coming up, a deadly shooting inside a federal building. find out what may have sparked the violence. >> to me, it was a miracle.
5:36 pm
everything turned out the way it did. >> plus, a woman in desperate need of a kidney didn't have to look very far to find a donor. her amazing story is still ahead. 
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a deadly shooting inside a federal building in long beach, california. another agent pulled his gun to stop that attack. >> the fbi says this all happened during a job performance evaluation. more on the investigation. >> an immigration and customs enforcement agent pulls a gun and fires at a colleague in the california federal office building. a third agent is forced to get involved. >> this situation begins with an incident of workplace violence involving two federal agents in their office space. when the incident escalated,
5:40 pm
one agent fired several rounds at the other agent. at that time, when that incident occurred, another agent working nearby intervened and fired his weapon to prevent additional rounds being fired. this resulted in the death of the shooter. >> the victim is being treated at a local hospital while officials are trying to make sense of it all. >> at this time, we believe this was an isolated incident and we believe the shooter was acting alone. >> names of the officers are not being released. news is hitting the department pretty hard. >> we are like a family in this agency in law enforcement. when something like this happens, it impacts us all. there are many questions that remain to be answered about what unfolded here earlier today. but i can tell you with certainties that we will emerge. >> federal building where this shooting took place also houses the internal revenue service and the u.s. probation and parole office. >> coming up tonight, a health
5:41 pm
alert concerning liquid tylenol. >> google has been keeping a close eye on apple users. and will you see snow this weekend? the forecast is changing rapidly. gary is back with the latest. 
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5:44 pm
fox 5 health alert tonight, johnson and johnson is voluntarily recalling more than a half million bottles of its grape flavored liquid infant tylenol. it comes with a dosing syringe and when they inserted it, it pushed the protective cover on top of the bottle inside of it. you can request a refund by visiting the tylenol website. >> each year in this country, surgeons perform roughly 15,000
5:45 pm
kidney transplants. for one of those operations happened this week in the district. deepening a strong bond between a young woman and her grandmother. fox 5 has their story. >> it's the biggest lesson one could have. >> doris edwards is resting comfortably. on wednesday, gave the 66-year- old retired metro bus driver one of her kidneys. >> they asked a million times, are you sure you want to do this? i had no doubt in my mind. >> she suffers from diabetes, her kidneys started failing a year ago. >> and i feel good. i felt good the second day. >> here you go. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> edwards is 23, a mother of two young children, who was thrilled to be a perfect match who raised her since the day she was born. >> i had to do it.
5:46 pm
because she was dead. just a fantastic, strong woman. and she saved my life. >> hopefully by tomorrow, home you'll go. >> i love it. >> transplant surgeon says doris will benefit from having what's called a living donor transplant. >> we do it lap scopicly. >> is that typical? >> very typical nowadays. >> doris will be in her room alone tonight. elmira is going home. >> to do what she did, i can't thank her enough. >> she had one fear going into this. >> i was scared to go under anesthesia. i thought i wasn't going to wake back up. >> but she faced her fear and
5:47 pm
her grandmother is the bet ter for it. >> new lease on life. now hopefully this summer i'll be able to work in my yard again. >> we hope so, too. fox 5 news. >> what a wonderful gift from granddaughter to grandmother. >> absolutely. we wish them both the best. >> tough recovery for both of them. g you know, today nice weather, tomorrow nice weather. they get to peek their heads outside, they'll enjoy it. >> absolutely. and of course we're watching sunday, you know, potential for snow. so close to 60 in places tomorrow and then maybe some of the white stuff on sunday. >> crazy weather. >> and go back into the mid to upper 50s next week. >> what in the world? >> a little bit of something for everybody. >> i would think so. and hopefully this will just be quick. the snow will get in and out of here. that's just speaking from me. that's my personal opinion. i mean, a little is fine. a lot of it is not. here's where we are right now.
5:48 pm
temperatures sitting at 48, 46 now for gaithersburg. again, generally the cold spot. 52 here in town. 48 for frederick. close to 60 down south. did you see that 56 for quantico? nice this evening. temperatures holding in the 40s by 11:00. here in town, lower 40s. a little colder than that out in the suburbs. in the suburbs, they'll be in the 30s by 10:00, 11:00. we have been cleared. lake effect snow. the lakes unfrozen. they get some lake effects. still for lake michigan, too. that's the only snow in sight right now. this is the building storm down to the south of us. this is the center of it over el paso. it is moving to the east. thunderstorms in texas tonight and they will spill out into the deep south the next couple of days. we're talking tomorrow and sunday, severe weather outbreak
5:49 pm
to the deep south and they will be worried about the potential of tornadoes down there. of course, we're up in the colder air. the colder side of this storm. we have the threat of not severe weather, but snow. winter storm watch has already been issued by the weather service and this is generally issued when they are thinking in excess of 5 inches of snow. don't get all excited. we aren't talking about 5 inches of snow here. again tomorrow, we're talking 50s for just about everybody. now, i'm going to show you future cast, but just to let you know, future cast today has been all over the place trying to track this storm. so have the other models, trying to pin down the exact track here. it's looking like tomorrow evening. but this gives you an idea of what we are looking at here. this is sunday morning at 8:00
5:50 pm
a.m. rain well to the south of us. we'll be barely into the cold air. as we take this into sunday afternoon, sunday evening at 6:00, what i want to tell you here is look how quickly the snow and the mix shuts off to the north of us. if this were the scenario exactly, frederick county, you're dry, you're not getting any snow. carol county, you're not getting any snow. everybody along i-70, no snow. and all the snow is metro down to the south and to the southwest. it snows here for a few hours and then by 2:00 sunday morning, it is all moving to the east and the southeast of us. so, we have been talking about the last several days. track, track, track is the key here. move the track by 60 miles to the north and you can see how rapidly it changes things. move the track 60 miles to the south and we could end up in the metro with nothing. so right now, here's what we're going to go with in terms of potential snowfall.
5:51 pm
pretty good bulls eye of snow coming through parts of kentucky and west virginia and the higher elevations of virginia and that's where the winter storm watch has been issued. right now, here for the district, we're talking maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow. lesser amounts the further you travel up to the north. more the further you travel back out to the east of us. or to the west of us. that's what we know right now. mostly clear tonight, 20s to the suburbs. tomorrow looks good. some clouds, mostly cloudy by noon and it's going to be cloudy by 5:00 tomorrow. but again, temperatures up into the middle 50s down south. if you guys have enough sunshine, you could be close to 60. we'll go through snow and sunday, 40 degrees and then washington, whatever you want to call it. 43 degrees there and 50s by next week again. >> so this is one to watch. most important track we have seen all season. probably in the last few years.
5:52 pm
>> all right. >> thank you, gary. >> thanks gary. >> now to the talk of the town on tmz. whitney houston made three trips to the doctor in the week prior to her death. harvey joins us live from l.a. so harvey, tell us about these visits. >> well, there have been a lot of reports that she was doctor shopping. all these kind of illicit visits. it's not true. she went three times twice for teeth whitening because of a commercial she was shooting and a third time because she had a sore throat and she got amoxacillin. they found nothing suggesting she went doctor shopping. nothing suggested she used aliases and in fact, that the pills were not of any large quantity and they weren't surprising at all. this is probably, i'm going to give you speculation, but it's based on what i'm hearing from
5:53 pm
everything from the family and investigators. that it's looking more and more like this is a combination of zanax and alcohol. >> a tragic accident. harvey, it looks also like bobby brown will be attending houston's funeral. what changed? >> what changed was the family realized that even though they detest him and believe that he was largely responsible for whitney's problems, this is a funeral honoring her, he was married to her and they felt that they just didn't want a war. they didn't want the bad publicity and it's probably better to do. he had a show last night and did not miss a beat. he thanked whitney, saying he loved her like god and went on to call himself bad, you know what bobby brown and he is going to perform again tomorrow night after the funeral. >> very interesting. i know a will the of people will be watching that. harvey, thanks so much. we'll see you at 6:30 right here on fox 5. >> let's head over to brian
5:54 pm
bolter for a look at what's next on the news edge at 6:00. >> we are seeing a suicide mission scare on capitol hill. the suspect heads to federal court. we have the first images from his court appearance. and the lone wolf attack seems to be the most feared by terror experts. some of the top cases in the last year and talking with a former cia agent. stay with us. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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if you use google on an iphone. the search engine was watching your online move. google quickly cut off its tracking. >> you better listen up. turns out that google has been keeping a close eye on you. the wall street journal reports that google was bypassing privacy settings on apple's safari browser to monitor your information.
5:58 pm
specifically on the iphone. and it was doing it without permission. >> in this particular case, google went around the protections of the browser and told information. their defense has been at least so far this morning that we're not doing anything that apple doesn't do. >> why would google pull your information without apple's permission? it comes down to advertising. the more the search giant knows about you, it can target you with ads that appeal to your interests. those accurate ads turn into clicks and for google, those clicks mean dollars. according to experts, it isn't just google doing it. when you log on, you better watch out. >> google recognized it was wrong, which is why they turned it off. at the end of the day, people shouldn't have an expectation to privacy on the web. we are exposed. >> yes, google disabled the suspect code after the journey report. but the company denies doing anything without permission. google says it was only activated when users voluntarily opt in to one of
5:59 pm
its services. log on to for more. we're watching your money on fox business, giving you the power to prosper. in new york, i'm tracy burns. >> thanks so much for joining us at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> a suicide mission busted on capitol hill. federal agents arrested a man who they say was heading to the capital building with the intent to blow himself up. fbi agents arrested 29-year-old amine el khalifl near the u.s. capital. he went immediately to federal court. maurine. >> reporter: el khalifl was in court today. he was calm, almost defiant in his disposition. he was wearing a t-shirt and sat in a military style with his hands collapsed behind his c


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