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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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childhood was taken it looks like the 1920s. classic peel old school peel. thank you guys. >> good morning to you. >> good morning everybody and allison a sad story a day of fun on the ski slopes turns tragic. >> an avalanche near a popular washington state ski resort sweeps four adventurers down a mountain killing three of them how that one survived ahead this hour. then hopefully your car has a full tank of gas already today if not you may be in for sticker shock we set a new record for high gas prices this president's day. also ahead this morning, cody simpson stops by the teen heart throb is on tour and making a stop in maryland first he will perform for us. here is a live lookout
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side, on this president's day, monday, february 20th, and as you can see not a bit of snow in this washington area. there will be more about that later good morning i am tony perk ins. >> i am allison seymour. culpepper county schools are on a 2 hour delay. angela jones posted this on our facebook page. you can see the cars and grass all covered if you missed friday's show, i hate to bring this up so early i wanted to basically you know save it. but any way if you missed friday's show tucker and i had a friendly wager how much snow we will get and he will have to give us the results himself when he is over leer himself later this hour. >> tucker is here with a look at the weather and one thing that did stay true to the forecast is that all the talk, which had been, point south were the primary locations and those were the places that got
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the -- hey, tucker. >> thank you for making me feel better about that situation. allison bullied me into that bet friday. >> that is a lie. >> right to the forecast, let you know that the snow and or rain parts of the area got last night pushing off to the south and east and we left a little bit of cloud cover but out to the west we have clearing skyit will become a nice day, cool breeze to the north, gusting to 15 to 20. highs upper 40s it is cooler than that bring along a jacket if you are headed downtown to enjoy president's diphase tiffties, cool to start -- festivities. cool to start, 37 for you here is your forecast plenty of afternoon sunshine breezy high temperatures upper 40s, that is a quick look at the forecast i will have details on a nice springtime warm up in a couple
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minutes lauren demarco is in she has a look at traffic. >> good morning tucker. loving that 5 day we have a couple things going on on the roads canal inbound after the chain bridge report offs a wreck watch your step there. live look from sky fox over the scene, bw parkway a serious wreck car into the woods route 32 everybody getting by single file to the right again southbound, bw parkway, 295, stay to the right near route 32 to get past this accident scene. 95 looks good between belt ways if that is an option for you may be a better bet there. travelling the belt way move on to traffic land things looking good for you no real problems to report as you head from college park silver spring the outer loop cars heading away from you no problems to report your lanes are open same story travelling prince georges county virginia, 66 looks great here between route 50 fair oaks belt way, no problems 95 or 395
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and atv restrictions lifted everywhere except the john hanson highway >> our top story this monday morning rising gas prices at a time when they are typically lower the average price for a gallon of regular nationwide is 3.5 $5.40¢ higher than this time last year gas is going for $3.76 dc, $3.61 maryland, 3.5 $4 virginia, melanie has more on this winter spike. republicans hitting the president oh prices at the pump. >> the obama program is higher prices more dependency in the middle east more vulnerability iraq and iran it was $1.13 when i was speaker $1.89 when obama was sworn in. >> right now triple-a is reporting it is 3.5 5 a gallon up 25¢ since the first of the
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year the white house defending the president 's policy. >> our use of foreign oil is at a 16 year low. >> a barrel of oil above $103 we haven't seen oil this pricey since last may iran dealing a major blow to two of our nations biggest alley, cutting off oil to britain and france seen as a retaliation over tough sanctions imposed on teheran by the european union, raising fares supplies will be choked off. >> the price of oil worldwide, based on the u.s. dollar any impact in supply would impact our pricing model here and lead to price at the gas pump that would effect the average american. >> melanie reporting. new this morning another robbery in northwest dc, it happened around 8:15 p.m. last night 22nd and f street
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callerama area, there are three suspects, one woman two men. no one was hurt this is the latest of robberies that have taken places in affluent areas of the city. they include some of dcs most expensive homes. >> these come as violent crime goes way up so far this year police say it has increased 40% according to the latest crime stats there have been 478 robberies this year a 5% increase from early 2011, robberies with guns have doubled, the staggering numbers are forcing residents to change their way of life. >> well, they take phones and money so i you know try not to walk around with my phone and i am not -- i never have cash on me. >> so you are being more mindful of your safety. >> yes, i am. >> ward 3 council woman is
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organizing a community foram to get police -- forum to get police and residents together. the police chief is throwing everything she can at the problem. increase in home break-ins is also plaguing a northeast neighbourhood stories of burglars kicking down doors scaling roof tops confronting homeowners, rob later reports on brazen crimes happening in broad daylight. >> reporter: on just this one block of seaton northeast there have been at least 6 break-ins over the last month >> i heard them say they were talking about how scared they were. >> reporter: this man said he woke up thursday afternoon to find the thieves in his home, it was the second time he had been hit. >> when i walked out i happened to confront one of them out of the blue from my room and i just told them to get out, leave, i am not going to call the cops just leave. >> reporter: witnesses told
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police they scaled the front stoop climbed on to the porch next door and broke in through a second tory window most burglaries have taken place while folks are at work and they are in and out quickly. >> they are getting in skylights climbing on roofs, actually one case they kicked in the door, front door, broad daylight. >> reporter: some here now have dogs and new bars on their windows. >> the bars are an inconvenience when you are not used to them. >> some body going around breaking in a house when you ain't home, kind of make you -- i don't appreciate that at all. >> reporter: no body is certain why their block is being targeted but something needs to be done. >> we need you know police and city officials to up the visessability on this block -- visibility on this block. >> reporter: ross platter fox 5
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news. >> advisory neighbourhood commissioner plans to go door to door today to help neighbors figure out how to better protect themselves. this man, raymond gun has been arrested in montgomery county by montgomery county police accused of robbing the night dreams store on rockville pike saturday night he admitted to robbing two hair salons last month, gun has been charged with one count of armed robbery but faces additional charges. three expert skiiers well equipped and experienced are dead after tragedy hits a washington state ski resort, patty ann brown has details. the three died when an avalanche swept them a quarter mile down a canyon at a popular resort this happened around noon the four were among three groups of skiiers about a dozen people in all. >> all experienced skiiers i am told, they had proper equipment
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on began skiing in an area went into an out of bounds area at some point an avalanche happens. >> 21 inches of snow had just fall none the area this is about 80 miles northeast of seattle,. >> northwest avalanche certainty did forecast this area to be a very high avalanche danger, those skiiers, were aware of that, did have equipment, um, avalanches happen, they took that risk and were aware of it. >> at one point four skiiers were buried. >> they managed to dig themselves out of the snow at that point they realized three are in distress, they began cpr at the same point they are calling 911 to try to get help. >> survivors are said to be consoling each other. >> there is a tight knit group like i said those skiiers are local to the area, they ski this area a lot and well known. >> this brings to 16 the number of avalanche deaths out west
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this season. also sunday, a snow border was killed in a separate incident when he went over a cliff in new york, patty ann brown fox news. fourth skier who was swept down the mountain was notseriously injured is saying she deployed an air bag type device from a backpack after the avalanche hit and credits it for saving her life. 38 degrees on monday morning, another freak accident killed a maryland teen more on the seemingly innocent way he fell out of a car this weekend. john glen was honored last night in cape canaveral florida, 50 years ago today he became a first american to or bit the earth he joins us live with a look back at the space program and forward to its future ahead on fox 5 morning news we will be right back 
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>> police are trying to figure out how a body ended up in the cno canal it was discovered saturday near popular georgetown restaurants police have not identified the bomb and are still -- woman and are still trying to determine how she died. a peeping tom arrest in maryland, dominic spangler accused of taking photos of women in fitting rooms at the new goodwill store on willow dale drive frederick police tracked him down after getting a call from a witness, he is also charged with assault for knocking down someone during his get away. dramatic water rescue in st. maries county a driver was trapped in his car look at this picture n after the car went into the water at holly lane the driver was pulled out alive. police are not sure how the car ended up in the water but it is now been removed.
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wow. glad they are okay. >> so dangerous a fear of mine you are in the river can't get your windows down. >> water is cold too. >> so hey, tuck. >> good morning allison. >> how you feeling. >> fine. >> what was the amount at regan national. >> no, later. >> get it over with. >> no, 7:45 a.m. >> was it a trace. >> a trace. >> do you have my milky way. >> why can't we get it over and not talk about it. >> it is scripted. >> the way the show is fore matted. >> you are like an attack dog. >> no, i want it to be over with i kind of blew you out like the game that is 60-0 it is not fair. >> well, it was that bad,. >> yeah,. >> let's do the weather forecast. as we get in -- >> drag it out. >> we will do it at 7:45 a.m. >> that long. >> it is 30 minutes from now.
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>> are you just hungry? >> i just want to get it over with. >> it wasn't a blow out either. >> okay tuck. >> we will discuss that. >> now you want to talk about it, 21 cincinnati, 22 chicago, 28 boston, and let's see, 27 denver, i am just saying numbers. all right, we are fine our storm is out of here just off to the south and east, oh, so close, so close, just a little closer and i would be in the milky way. but we are going the clear out bright sunshine, temperatures back to upper 40s breezy late they are afternoon and nice warm up, wednesday thursday and friday, snow in your forecast absolutely not temperatures 60s around here towards the middle and end of the week more spring on the way, a little later this week. >> all right. >> thank you. >> all right let's find out what is happennology on the
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roadways, lauren demar -- happening on the roadways, lauren demarco is here. >> allison you are way too nili >> it was fair and square. >> well, we did have an accident southbound, bw parkway, sky fox over that, they have now moved on because the accident cleared out to have way they traveled further south bw parkway and the belt way see your lanes are open everyone running well so not much of an issue past 32 things should be back up to speed 95 running well between belt ways at this point so very nice easy commute in this monday morning. let's look at traffic land as you travel canal road, past cambridge, reports of an accident, inbound direction remember your road is carrying two way traffic look at this late volume across the chain bridge it shouldn't have much of an impact on you 395, as you head from the belt way up toward it is 14th street bridge no problems for you your lanes wide open 270, and 66 also
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looking good, no problems here approaching the belt way, from nuttily street. >> tragic accident over the weekend claim it is life of a maryland middle school boy. a 13-year-old fell out of a moving vehicle saturday in parkville north of baltimore the teen was leaning out of the car to vomit and that is when he fell and was hit by another car the community held a vigil honouring that boy last night as friends are shocked and devastated by what happened. the same image seeing him laying on the ground just keeps playing over. every time you close your eyes it is just there. a memorial has been set up near the sot where the teenager died. the hunt is still on for a drive whore ran off from the scene of a deadly crash -- who ran off from the scene of a deadly crash it happened in suit land. the victim's family says there have been plenty of other
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accidents at the intersection. matt reports. >> reporter: on the side of the road, evidence of a terrible accident family members tell us the vehicle ended up here, where there are now balloons. the spot where 19-year-old keisha williams the mother of a 2-year-old son died. >> i don't understand it. >> reporter: tammy is her mom, she said there were four people inside the vehicle at the time of the accident, but her daughter was the only one seriously hurt. she has been told the car was on top of her. >> what makes this even more difficult to take for her family once the car flipped over and she was ejected the driver then ran away immediately. >> i think it is horrible, heartless. you know no matter what the situation, you got to be melt accountable for your actions my baby girl was there and you just left her. >> reporter: be through were
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neighbors nearby and other drivers that rushed in and helped lift the car off tyesha but it was too late. tammy holland said she met one of the neighbors who told her this intersection is dangerous this is not the first accident here. >> she came out to tell us you know multiple accidents happened in this spot and it is the same they haven't done anything about it yet. >> her family wants to know more about this intersection hoping to prevent another tragedy, just as police try to track down the driver who fled the car after the accident. >> just tell them to come forward, if he was speeding if he was drinking whatever it is come forward. >> reporter: in prince georges county, fox 5 news. meanwhile prince georges county police say a hit and run early sunday morning left a woman dead, police say she was hit by a vehicle on branch avenue near serrats road she has not been identified yet
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police are still looking for the drive fehr you have information call police. time now 7:21 a.m. on monday morning today is president's day. >> to mark the occasion the new center for education at ford theatre is opening its doors we are there live with your first look later here on fox 5 morning news stay with us 7:22 a.m. 
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a final farewell to a legendary singer whitney houston the pop icon was buried next to her father yesterday during a private ceremony in new jersey fans gathered along the route the motorcade took paying their respects to the singer. saturday whitney houston was mourned at an invitation only funeral at her childhood church with stars in attendance including steevie wonder, clive davis, kevin costener.
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>> the colbert report will be back on the show it aired repeats for two days last week, turns out he took time to be with his sick mother, lorna colbert is on twitter, he thanked those who offered thoughts and prayers. >> now 7:26 a.m. on monday morning, if you are just waking up stay tuned we have an update on top stories when we come back. >> an amazing story out of sweden where a driver has been found alive after spending two months trapped in his car. >> can >> astounding >> amazing. john glen was honored last night in cape canaveral florida, 50 year ace go today he became the first american to or bit the earth. he joins us live when fox 5 morning news returns 7:26 a.m. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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with the lysol no-touch hand soap system healthy hands can be automatic. for healthy tips and more, visit
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7:29 a.m. gas prices continue to rise, at a time when they are typically lower. up nearly 40¢ from this time last year. experts blame the winter spike on unrest in oil rich nations, the economic trouble
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in greece, really? and because traders are pouring money into the futures market. there has been another street robbery in northwest dc, 8:15 p.m., 22nd and s street in calarama there were three suspects, one woman two men no weapon was used no one was hurt. >> three expert skiiers dead after an avalanche near a ski resort in washington state cascade mountains northeast of seattle the victims were three men between the ages of 30 and 40, a fourth skier swept down the mountain a woman was not seriously injured, it is unclear what caused the avalanche but officials think an out of bounds skier or van may have had a part in it. >> did one man stuck inside -- stuck outside in freezing conditions for two months stay alive by hibernating like a bear? that is the theory some doctors treating him are going on.
7:31 am
>> the man was trapped in his car this happened in sweden after the car became snow covered he told police he had been there since december 19th and survived by eating snow and temperatures in the region got down to 22 below 0 doctors think his temperature probably lowered to 88 degrees and that is what his body just got used to so indeed, hibernating like a bear. >> amazing. >> it is amazing. >> why do you look skeptical tucker >> i never heard of anything like it. >> neither have i maybe it was a gradual process i don't know most people would not survive that i don't know why he was able to. >> people often survive under terrible conditions when they shouldn't be able to it is possible. >> that is a lift. very good. >> what have you got for us today. >> we got rid of the snow we had across parts of the area last night. >> disappeared miraculously. >> wasn't hard to do. it will be a long morning.
7:32 am
>> you weren't alone, everybody staid remember me do you remember me last week tucker every day. >> are you going to do this? >> every day when he was all excited over there i said every day it is not going to happen. you are the one who made a bet. >> you are abandoning him. >> i am not abandoning him we have these discussions all the time in the weather center. >> this is an ugly moment here. >> some times you are on the iceberg by yourself. only if there has been an ice burg. >> what is going on tony is going very hard on you right now. >> let me mention much of the region did see snow allison. >> allison. >> yes, allison. >> tony. i will have a word with tony after the show. 34 washington, if you are south of washington regan national officially a trace that wasn't two inches as you get south of the area more impressive amounts including several
7:33 am
inches as you get down south and west of fredericksburg. i will show you snow totals in a minute, 37 quantico, 34 leonard town, increase the cloud cover winds will be with us through the next part of the day, currently to the north, gusting 20 to 25 even with high temperatures pecked to be -- expected to be upper 40s. current wind speed annapolis, looking at satellite radar the last of our storms losing that loosely off to the south and east rain showers, transitioning to a new snow showers down towards ocean city, those will slip off the coast and notice out to the west ohio and west virginia, we've got clearing skies, little bit of cloud cover to start your day mostly sunny this afternoon and breezy high temperatures upper 40s. still in the forecast today. 48 lots of sunshine nice breeze this afternoon out of the north, 10 to 15 miles per hour and then, seasonably chilly
7:34 am
tonight overnight low, 30 degrees kids headed back to school will need to bundle up temperatures below freezing, last of it several days as spring has returned officially by wednesday, well, unofficially wednesday, thursday and friday, right back into the 50s snow lovers we may have to pack up and move to the north pole. let's look at weather now traffic and lauren demarco. >> forget the north pole just move south that is where the snow is. >> richmond you got it. >> well, things are looking very good on the roads, earlier wreck, bw parkway, that is gone you are in good shape out of laurel in it towards the belt way 95, as you head southbound out of laurel making the trip in towards college park, nothing, over the scene here your lanes are wide open you can't even tell which is north which is south that is good news, inbound traffic, not seeing any slow downs at this point let's move on to traffic
7:35 am
land, in towards silver spring nothing on the belt way, the outer loop connecticut avenue disabled vehicle on the shoulder not causing any issues everybody getting past at speed inner loop looks good from the bridge all the way around into college park running well through prince georges county and virginia, 95, 395, in virginia no issues for you, hov restrictions everywhere, except john hanson highway. allison over to you. all right thank you so much. well, in addition to it being president's day the day that we honor several of our past leaders, today, also marks the 50th anniversary of the mission that made john glen the first american to or bit the earth we are about to talk to mr. glen right now, tony you are the one who wanted to be an astronaut you know and so seeing john
7:36 am
glen back then all those years ago and the world was so different do you have any recollections after that? >> not of that time i was a little baby but, you know the thing that is extraordinary about this achievement we do kind of take all this foregranted now back then it was in the middle of the space race with the soviets and all w able to get a man up there first then john glen did it and it really ignited the race and got america started on the path to landing a man on the moon july 1969 this was an extraordinary achievement this was a man who has continued to push for space exploration, even going up into space, not that long ago as a senior citizen, doing it again it is extraordinary what he accomplished way back then that really started all of this. >> wow and 50 years later, i was one of our producers passed on a message i am anxious to ask him we are waiting to talk to him now from ohio state
7:37 am
university columbus campus who are his heros when you are such an american icon who do you look up to i was reading an article earlier, of course as a true american hero. my wife. >> now let's check with john glen friendship 7 astronaut on this wonderful 50th anniversary good morning sir how are you? >> i am going fine hard to believe it has been 50 years they tell me that seems more like two weeks to me. >> congratulations on truly being an american hero 50 years ago february 20th, 1962, can you take us back to that time? we saw a little of the parade can you take us back to the time before your historic space flight. >> we had been in a competition with the russians depths of the cold war we didn't know whether communism was going to spread around the world more than it had at that time and it came at
7:38 am
that time when russians were claiming superiority to the united states the flight of friendship seven was one that helped bring us back from that and i was glad to be selected for that flight. >> do you have several or one vivid image from that day as you are about to take that flight that you can share with us? >> well, lift off is impressive you can't just pick one because all the things on at that flight were brand new and so impressive i remember them very well but that and being inserted into or bit when they told me i did have or bital speed the mission was going to go didn't have to reenter right away and then reentry at the end when you are coming through the high heat of reentry and landing those are high points to me i still remember vividly. >> we are also fascinated when we see that footage of the astronauts being weightless what was that like? was it what you expected? >> back in those day it is spacecraft was so small i
7:39 am
couldn't get out and float around like we do today in the space shut where will you have a lot more room you were in a contoured capsule all i could do was loosen the straps a little so it was more comfortable and held me in it was a very tiny spacecraft and just enough to get the job done we didn't have a huge booster that could put up a bigger craft at that time we were limited in that respect. >> we are watching video, sir of you being in the car with president johnson and your wife by your side there, at this ticker tape parade, can you just tell us the welcome you got back and i started off by saying you are an american hero, what a fitting tribute to you 50 years ago and today. >> well, when we came back, there was a lot of celebration we had a parade in washington, and then the big ticker tape parade in new york and back home in new concord ohio 1500 people town and a thousand students in addition to that,
7:40 am
at the college and so but they put about 50,000 people in my little hometown that day, and i remember that e haven't as much as i do the other bigger ones also we had a wonderful time and people had sort of an outpouring of emotion and were proud of what we had been able to accomplish as a country and we were on the way back and it was a step in the right direction for our country the american psyche at that time was low and we were on our way back today in looking back i don't like to just look back those are stepping stones back in those days that i hope will encourage our young people today to be interested in science and technology engineering and math, and in their own time do their own exploration whether it is in laboratory or going deeper into space or wherever. >> pardon me for being so cliche sir but you did then and do now have the right stuff it has been a pleasure to talk with you this morning. >> thank you, thank you much. >> all right i think i have
7:41 am
always wanted to say that to one of those guys. >> he looks great too. >> really does. >> and he remembers it like yesterday you truly believe that in talking to him. 7:41 a.m., have you looked ott your window? if not -- out your window? if not you didn't miss much no snow in the washington area >> i looked out several times and almost texted tucker but left it alone it does mean i won the bet i made with tucker friday so up next pay up tucker stay with us 
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7:44 a.m. tucker barnes is here. >> sit time tucker? >> it's time. >> let's squash it. >> we made a bet friday morning in all honesty, you bowled me into the bet allison. >> perhaps. >> i would say that >> i wanted to know. >> you insisted on aamount. >> right >> i said don't give an amount >> it was kind of a big scale now i said if it is 2 inches or
7:45 am
more, you win the bet if it is less than 2 inches, i win. so you know, it is a half inch to 2 inches, kind of a big thing here at regan national what happened. >> trace officially regan national, more impressive amounts to the south and west. >> we did have snow. >> parts had a nice coating of snow. but when all is said and done, i of course lost the bet. i was very hesitant i really want to be clear i was hesitant to give amounts. >> it is iffy. >> do you have my milky way. >> look at you. >> it is in your pocket >> i didn't know what that was >> i have here. >> you don't keep a candy bar in your pocket. >> i have a milky way for allison so i will be grateful at my loss and i want you to enjoy all 650 calories. >> right make me fatter. >> milky way >> right. >> by the way it comes in two separate bars, if you decide to share with your sidekick.
7:46 am
>> let me tell you how much confidence i have in you i bought you a milky way too so let's share. >> so nice. >> because -- >> it is smaller though. >> yes, i bought two of them for you if you had won i would give you both just a friendly wager it happens. i am glad we didn't have any snow. >> we do the best we can, here is the bottom line tony will say this if you dance with the weather gods enough you will eventually have your back turned. difficult to get its it, 60 miles away they had 4, 5 inches. >> all weather people do this, some times you miss it some times you don't. tucker is not going to mention it i will mention it to the person who wrote in with the foul language and cursing tucker i noticed you were a complete coward and didn't sign your name because if you did, we would have mentioned it. don't watch us. >> if you had gone somewhere
7:47 am
else everybody would have said somewhere else. >> i am speaking to the one person the coward who wrote in with nasty remarks away with you. >> can you do that tony? can you tell viewers to go away. >> just the foul mouthed ignoreamous. >> that is delicious thank you >> i can't chew mine. i want to start with accumulations, across parts of the area charlottesville,. >> charlottesville. >> 5 inches. >> that is impressive. >> mount vernon, not so far away, stanton, 5 inches we have viewers, our viewers sent us in pictures of snow covered drive ways porches, richmond 3.5 inches on saturday you were out playing in the sunshine, 55 it will never snow here richmond it was 50 degrees saturday and they got 3.5 inches of snow sunday. >> the warm air. >> wasn't about the air it was just the storm remained 50 to
7:48 am
80 miles south. la plata a half inch regan national there you go >> out of here south and east good riddance to this winter we will try again next year clearly the weather guys refuse to co-operate. right back into the 60s 80s and 90s before long. >> thanks tuck. >> we are done. >> now that she said that we won't be. >> don't say that >> i have been right so far we are done. >> bull wrong. >> you are right. >> i will be making a bet with you. >> lauren demarco join us to look at the roads. this is why i love working here you guys are great sticking up for each other. >> that's right you don't talk about us we talk about us >> we are family here. >> that's right. listen we have the wreck southbound, bw parkway that is gone let's take a look at traffic as you travel the outer loop near connecticut avenue a
7:49 am
disabled vehicle off on the right shoulder we will get that out of the way the good news it is not impacting traffic you are in good shape as you head from college park in toward bethesda. no problems across the american lee job bridge this belt way looks good too. nice easy trip from the belt way into the district, lanes open for the most part all around town nice light volume today that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> 7:49 a.m. on monday morning also president's day. >> today the new center for education at ford theatre is opening its doors, annie yu is there with our first look good morning. >> it is super exciting doors open to the public for the first time today it is located across from ford teeter, and peterson house -- theatre and peterson house where president lincoln died. they are expecting a busy day. they have workshops and seminars planned for you so don't go any where stay with us i can't stand these spots.
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the new center for education and leadership ford neat certificate now open. >> brings values and ideals, of president lincoln from the past into the present from special exhibits and workshops annie yu is getting an up close and personal look at this new center this morning good morning. good morning allison and tony this is such an impressive exhibit here, and when you come out you are going to find four floors of space dedicated to who abraham lincoln was, legacy, for the first time opening doors to the public today you can come out and be a part of all of it joining me now with details is lauren. >> good morning. >> so lauren when the doors open 10:00 a.m. it will be a very busy day,
7:54 am
being president's day. >> it is we are always expecting lots of visitors lincoln's birthday last weekend and then today president's day very exciting for the public to check it out. >> the best part is that it is free. >> it is we should take advantage of it that is the wonderful part about living here. >> absolutely and there will be programming both sides of the street in the historic teeter, and -- teeter and here in the center, a tour with our curators curators. i noticed this 34-foot tower of books you said earlier it took 10 days to build this. >> that's correct it is a 3 story sculpture built by our museum design firm white rock studios it is these aluminum facsimiles of books so it is
7:55 am
fire proof and they are all title that is represent the 15,000 books written by president lincoln, you will hear about his history, life presidency all sorts of things including fun children's titles and sticker book as well. >> what a fun way to display his books there. now, walking in here, talk a little bit about this gallery, what is this called what is the goal behind this one here. this is our leadership gallery and rotating exhibit space so we are welcoming washingtonians to check this out now through july and this focus right now is really looking at excellent leadership principles, guiding principles how lincoln used that through the course of his governance here in america's so we have lots of different items, guiding principles things like
7:56 am
integrity, courage, innovation. >> everything lincoln embodied. >> absolutely. >> what is cool i noticed these little post its people can come up and write a note. >> that's right each panel poses a question to visitors we invite folks to come and answer these questions in something as simple as a post it note tacking up their own opinions and issues and how we can use that he has in our daily lives. >> this is the first or second floor and then there are multiple floors which we will work our way up and really get to see some super neat thingartifacts that have never been seen before by the public you can come out today doors open 10:00 a.m. log on to it is free ticketing is required make sure you stop by the box office before you head in back to you in studio. >> thank you very much. net turner isn't mentioned in many history books those that do often get it wrong. >> according to one author
7:57 am
sharon foster who spent five years writing about this enslaved man accused of a rebellion in the late 1880s. she will join us in studio with a look at the truth she uncovered. >> at 9:00 a.m., there he is cody simpson he will stop by our studio the teen heart throb is on tour making a stop in maryland and a personal appearance in tyson's corner later today first he will perform for us live, fox 5 morning news will be right back more colors. same edge.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
8:00 am
a dc mother fighting for her life the father of her children the prime suspect in her shooting how an every day encounter ended in tragedy. >> hopefully your car has a full tank of gas if not you may be in for sticker shock we set a record high a new high for gas prices this president's day. >> also ahead, cody simpson stops by our studios, teen pop heart throb on tour making a stop performance in maryland,
8:01 am
this afternoon. but first, cody simpson will be here in our studios and he will perform for us live. morning everybody i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour man that is exciting. >> it is. i have seen him on a bunch of different tv shows he is -- he had a big hit last year so we will have him this morning cool. >> that is very great. >> all right in the meantime we also say good morning to tucker barnes here with a look at this workweek forecast good morning. >> no body is going to work today. >> true. >> a few people are going. >> we are some body. >> yep other than that. >> we are here already. >> not weather related. parts of the area, get snow showers, and snow off to the south and southwest, during the late afternoon evening yesterday, regan national, officially got a trace,. >> i saw those pictures out to the south. >> we will show those about 40
8:02 am
times allison. there is your satellite radar it is out of here in for quite the weather today and see the clear skies out to ohio and west virginia that will build in shortly and mostly a sunny day i know you have clouds hanging tough across the area. chilly, 34 regan national, winds north, 15 miles per hour wind chill feels like 20, feels like it just snowed even if it didn't pressure, 3.011 inches, beautiful afternoon high pressure upper 40s. breezy if you are headed down to the mall to celebrate presidential festivities, be ready for a rather wintery day it will feel cool even with the sunshine. >> nice warm up in the 5 day. >> thanks. lauren demarco is here the latest on this mornings traffic as it is. >> hey, lauren. >> well, not much there, looking pretty good nice light volume for the federal holiday, let's take a live look at traffic land. disabled vehicle on the belt way, off on the shoulder
8:03 am
activity there, tow truck trying to get it out of the way it really did not have any impact as far as delays, continuing down towards the american legion bridge no problems on the belt way virginia or prince georges county, 66 looks great leaving route 50, fair oaks towards the belt way, manassas and centerville inside the belt way through rossland nothing for you there. 95, 395, running incident and accident free, nice light volume, hb restrictions everywhere, john hanson highway keep your mind in dc reversible roads are carrying two way traffic, carrying metro rail you are on a saturday schedule we have closures, on the orange and red lines be sure to check that before you head out that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic allison. >> thank you very much stick being the commuter theme our -- sticking with the commuter theme our top story, soaring gas prices sticker shock seems to be growing by the day,
8:04 am
melanie alnwick is live in bethesda, and impact it could have on your warm weather travel. that's right allison absolutely not a holiday out here for you if you are one of those people unfortunately who has to stop and fill up your tank probably not the fill up maybe just a little half there. gas prices have gone up another 4¢s in just a week the national average, 3.5 5 a gallon the latest factor in this last week driving up the prices the news out of iran they are cutting off shipments to britain and france interestingly enough that is not a problem for supply demand has been way down but you know all of this is fueling speculation and traders have been pouring money into bets demand will rise and that is the biggest factor right now in this winter price spike. >> what you have is a psychological effect on the
8:05 am
part of traders and new york market exchange, and blended oil futures because of the fear of iran's nuclear intentions, and also, intentions in nigeria, and growing demand in places like india and china, demand at a 10 year low in the united states. still, in the refineries they will start switching over to the more expensive summer blends that happens every year now we have this elevated price to begin with that is where we are getting predictions we may see $4 a gallon as the national average, we always have more expensive prices here and some traders predicting we might get as high as $4.25 a gallon for the national average we want to remind you also you can go to and check right here our prices at the pump, it will give you a map there and also a list of all the prices in the dc area, always a good resource to have, whether you
8:06 am
are online or right there at your finger tips in the next hour allison, i will talk about what unemployment has to do with the increase in gas prices. >> we look forward to it thank you very much. moving on now, to the presidential campaign rick santorum appears to be taking aim at president barack obama this weekened, the candidate says his agenda based on quote some phoney theology, one that isn't based on the bible talking about the president's faith. the white house hit back and criticized santorum for unfairly attacking the president's faith. santorum clarified saying he does not question the president's faith buzz did accuse him of taking -- but did accuse him of taking a world view different from most americans. a dc mother critically hurt shot multiple times wednesday night it happened when she went to pick up her son from his father detectives are searching for that man who is now an attempted murder susus peck.
8:07 am
john talk -- suspect. john talks to the victim's family. >> family members are wearing large buttons, with her photograph they are remembering the old yolanda. >> always smiling always joking she was always there for you. and it is just so sad that this had to happen to her. you know because she was a friend, any time you needed to talk to some body, she was there. >> yolanda stone was gunned down northeast washington where she had just driven to, 7:20 p.m. wednesday evening. >> the investigation thus far revealed the victim was involved in a verbal altercation with the suspect, which ended with the suspect firing several shots and hitting her several times. >> the source familiar with the case says one of her children
8:08 am
who attends the preschool at neville thomas elementary became ill wednesday the child's father was called he picked up the 4-year-old boy yolanda stone drove to the fathers home with two other children in her car to get the child the source says the mother was hit by five bullets and may have been trying to runaway from her assail lent. >> she was in the road not in her car at the time. the suspect is the father of her children, ranard cook. >> he is 28 years old tall, 6'2", 6'3", and slim yolanda stone's family is devastated. >> she has three kids three lovable kids who needs their mom and she fighting for her life she is fighting really hard she is fighting. >> the family says yolanda stone was wounded in the back the arm and ear and one bullet penetrated her brain. she is in critical condition at an undisclosed hospital.
8:09 am
mpd fugitive squad has been aggressively seeking cook this suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. fox a news. it is 8:09 a.m. right now on this monday morning, up next in today's money monday segment tips for baby boomers how to retire happy isn't that what we all want. >> yeah. >> plus we are going to check out some other stories making headlines including why this weekend was so special, for elizabeth smart. stay with us for that, 9 minutes after 8:00 a.m. 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:12 a.m., stories making headlines another street robbery in northwest dc this happened 8:15 p.m., there are three suspects involved with this one no weapon was used and ho one was hurt. this man raymond gun
8:13 am
arrested by mob golly county police accused of -- raymond gun accused of robbing a store, so far gun has been charged with one count of armed robbery, but faces additional charges. how about a little good new as happy ending for the utah woman kidnapped at knife point when she was just 14 years old, elizabeth smart, got married in hawaii over the weekend, to her scottish boyfriend of one year the 24-year-old was planning a summer wedding after word of the engagement spread through the media, last month, the couple moved it up so they could celebrate privately. >> hmm. >> good for you. >> good for them hope everything goes well. >> i do too. tucker barnes is with us this morning, and before we get to today's weather forecast he has something else for us. >> something special show us tuck. >> good morning. the cuteness factor of the day
8:14 am
let's do it. officially, -- >> what is going on baby. >> look who is smiling everybody, cj. >> how can you not smile when you see cj. >> how old is he? >> two months old. >> that is a real smile. >> yes, it is. >> isn't that a great age when they start -- they really start smiling you can make a funny face. >> they laugh and laugh. >> you can give them sherberts. >> what? >> sherberts. >> i won't do the noise. >> super cute allison when can we expect some teeth on cj >> i for bet like 6 months is it that late? i know for a fact it is around 6 months. i won't let you know how i know but i remember 6 months. >> that is when they get the bottle in my house. too much information allison but i do appreciate you
8:15 am
letting us know. >> to send us your child's picture, go to cjs mom might want to keep notes. >> you never know what direction this will go. >> satellite picture and there is your satellite radar our storminess, what we got and parts of the area let me remind you did see snow yesterday and accumulating snow allison i want to remind you southern maryland i just had a viewer tell me she got two inches st. maries county >> i am with you tuck. i am on your side. >> how far away. >> i am joking with you. >> we got clearing skies out west virginia ohio, bright sunshine high temperatures, breeze out of the north, bring along a jacket it will feel cooler, 34 right now washington, 34 fredericks baltimore, 36 ocean city a few snowflakes at the board walk as
8:16 am
the rain transitions to snow showers there is your forecast, nice warm up 53 tomorrow mostly sunny we will be in and out of the clouds, end of the week a few showers towards the end of the week no complaining 60 wednesday, 65 by thursday afternoon that is weather let's do traffic i don't know if anyone is going to work or not lauren what is happening. >> maybe a couple people not much going on we did have an accident reported southeast dc, branch avenue southbound, alabama watch your step there a live look at traffic land you can see from the belt way, wow, nice light volume here you are inner and outer loops, route 4, pennsylvania, your lanes wide open as you head down towards the wood row wilson bridge, continuing towards college park inbound new york avenue, same story, nice trip for you, travelling route 50, john hanson highway, hov restrictions in effect that is the only road that is the case for the federal holiday, lifted
8:17 am
everywhere else. 270, out of frederick, 66 accident free as our 95 and 395 again hov restrictions lifted that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you lauren. every day another 10,000 baby boomers turn 65, and that means most of them are either getting ready to retire, or feeling a little panicky about whether they can afford to retire our next guest says you can take the finger off the panic button there are several things you can do to enhance the chance for a happy retirement, brad is the president of the retirement firm bernard r wolf thanks for coming in on president's day. the number is astounding 10,000 people a day according to research turn 65 and older, i am nowhere near that age but am in the baby boomer category and it is very concerning do you get a lot of people who come in
8:18 am
worried about this. >> we do get a lot of people who come in and are worried about it the oldst baby boomers right now are reaching age 65, and people are living longer today but not necessarily better. and through my conservations with my clients their primary concern is not out living their money. and they out live their money you are in for a big problem. >> right you've got there are several things you say people need to do first of all, panicking is never a good thing we shouldn't panic. >> you should never panic but when it comes to investing and it is very important when you look at your investment portfolio when you are working and in your prime working years that is the accumulation phase in the accumulation phase you may be able to handle stock market volatility as you get closer to the distribution phase it may be more important to reassess and re-examine your
8:19 am
portfolio you may need to make adjustments you never know when another 2008 will hit. >> you've got five financial tips you touched on them here five financial tips for every baby boomer to know number one you say we will put these up on screen you says the never too late. >> never too late if you haven't started to assess your financial situation, stop procrastinating, it is very likely you are going to live you know, if you reach age 65 it is very -- common for you to live into your late 80s early 90s at this point but there are things you can do in order to protect your portfolio against those major down turns. >> okay, you say re-examine your investment strategy what if -- we talk about this all the time hey, you know you are in the stock market, here is when you get in and out all that stuff what if you don't have an investment strategy. >> you need to get one. hope is not an investment strategy. >> that is good. >> a lot of people just do the
8:20 am
whole buy and hold type philosophy, and that is all fine and dandy until we hit a 2002 or 2008 then it is time to reassess your portfolio and there are things that can be done in order to reduce the overall volatility, aside from traditional stocks or traditional bonds. >> mm-hmm is that something -- well, i want to get through the next one then i will ask a couple specifics. the third thing you say review your risk management plan what we always hear is as you get older and close tore retirement age get more conservative is that the right way to approach it. >> generally it is but when talking about risk management i am referring to insurance policies you may have and how that might effect your estate plan when you are working you may have disability insurance life insurance for income replacement purposes and as you get closer to retirement age,
8:21 am
it may be more important to have long term care insurance those costs can derail a financial plan. >> i was just talking to someone about this the main thing we need to do is review our budgets. >> yeah, you have to review your budget it is always a good starting point taking a look at your expenses how you are spending your money during your working years hopefully you are spending less than you are making, and therefore you have cash flow surplus s you are building up that nest egg but during the retirement years, you are going to need to draw on that nest egg, the problem is if you are drawing too high a percentage from your assets it may be unsustainable and possible you are going to need to cut back on expensions and make some sacrifices. >> some of your expensions go up -- expenses go up. medical expenses and the like you say get professional help. >> it is very good to sit down with a certified financial planner go over your goals your
8:22 am
needs, your objectives s the one thing -- and the one thing that is very difficult for someone to do is provide objectivity a planner can provide that objectivity and do the hand holding especially when the markets are down, and your emotions are getting involved. >> i like what you say hope is not a financial strategy many of us have that hope like this is going to work out maybe it won't. >> yep. >> brad with bernard r wolf. >> so praying is out too. >> that's out too. >> thank you for that clarification. >> time now 8:22 a.m. on monday morning today is president's day a time that the nation officially honors george washington and abraham lincoln to mark the occasion the new acceptabilitier for education at ford theatre is opening its doors we are there live with your very first look a little later right here on fox 5
8:23 am
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continue developments in the foiled plot to bomb the tap toll. he is from -- capitol. agents posing as al qaeda operatives made the arrest at capital hill parking lot, friday morning after he was provided with what he thought was an explosive vest he will be in court wednesday for a preliminary hearing. jury hearing, murder trial of george huguely will begin deliberations wednesday they decided to hold off until then after closing arguments, wrapped up saturday evening he is the former university of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex- girlfriend may 2010. it is 34 degrees now, just about 8:26 a.m. and on this monday morning, a freak accident killed a maryland teenager more on the seemingly innocent way he fell out of a car this weekend. >> then we mentioned this earlier, net turner not mentioned in many history books those who mention him often get
8:27 am
his story wrong according to the author who spent five years researching and writing about the enslaved man accused of leading a rebellion in virginia in the 1830s she joins us in the next half hour in studio with a look at the truth she has uncovered stay with us 8:27 a.m. cheeseburger macaroni? [ female announcer ] cheeserburger macaroni hamburger helper. now even cheesier and tastier. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious.
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8:30 am
8:30 a.m., taking a look at stories making headlines, a tragic accident over the weekend leaving one middle school boy dead a 13-year-old fell out of a moving vehicle saturday in parkville maryland the teen was leaning out of the car to vomit when he fell and was hit by another car family and friends held a vigil honoring the boy last night. three expert skiiers are dead after an avalanche near a ski resort in washington state this happened in the cascade mountains northeast of seattle a fourth skier swept down the
8:31 am
mountain was not seriously injured. dramatic water rescue in st. maries county maryland a driver trapped in his car after it went into the water off holly lane you can see here, the car was almost fully submerged by the driver was pulled out alive. police are not sure how the car ended up in the water it has now been removed. thank goodness that was a happy ending 8:31 a.m., tucker joins us with another look at the weather. >> good morning happy ending here too. >> good morning. >> yes. >> happy it ended here too. >> that too. >> are you still bringing up -- >> forget all that. >> is it okay? >> we can't. >> i have to talk about it. >> thanks guys for making me look good again. snow totals, yesterday,. >> et will be better tomorrow morning. >> charlottesville 5 inches, shore lotsville 5 inches if you didn't get any snow i know most of us didn't but if you want it
8:32 am
go south, and west, you can find it, take your sled with you mount vernon, half inch stanton 5 inches, jackpot was south and west richmond 3.5 unexpected half inch regan national officially a trace we did get something regan national. we are off to a cool start 34 washington north and west below freezing a nice day sunny but breezy winds out of the north and west, at 15 to 20, 30 gaithersburg, 34 leonard town, 35 fredericksburg we got snow yesterday during the afternoon as well. 13 out of the north and northwest storm system exiting off to the south and east bringing in winds as that area of low pressure continues to deepen off the coast we will be dealing with a breezy day more and more sunshine see the cloud cover south and east and dragging with it the left over snow and or rain shower that will push off the coast out west, sunshine builds in gives us a nice afternoon enjoy your
8:33 am
holiday high temperatures later today upper 40s breezy out there, cold tonight tomorrow looks great 53 if you like springtime weather in february you will love wednesday, thursday and friday high temperatures, yeah, you are raiding it right back up near 60, to 65 here by middle and end of the week. all right. that does it for your weather forecast allison i am going to toss it ove you so much tucker. >> well, the book the resurrection of matt turner part two the testimony offers readers a new and more objective view of the real matt turner and precivil war era this arena of american history, the author of this book, it is two all together, is sharon foster she joins us to talk about her extensive research and you know the finished product we said it is two books all together part one and part two. >> yes. >> let me also just say i love how these books look. >> can i hold it up. >> please do.
8:34 am
looks historical and it is just a very nice looking book congratulations i know it took you five years of research. >> yes. >> part one comes out this last summer, and part two comes out this month,. >> yes. >> what is the objective here? >> you know i wanted to -- when i began my purpose was to write a book about mat turner that made him more human because the way he has been discussed in history he just hatched from a egg dropped down and i knew from research that he had a wife, that he had at least one child, that he had a mother, and so i just was going to write a story that made him look a little more human as i started doing the research i found out that primary historical document that we have been relying on, that it just didn't meet the muster test it didn't agree with the trial records. >> back in 1831, thomas grey the lawyer wrote the book
8:35 am
confessions of matt turner this is really been the bible if you will of this slave revolt in virginia s that basically along with another book is what you started from the starting point for book one to debunk these myths surrounding this person. >> yes because you know, i had been taught the history, based on the pamphletly thomas grey confessions of matt turner like everybody else who studied him but inside me i guess we are all built differently i have a fact checker so when i meet people if they say consistent things my fact checker goes off, if i hear inconsistency it goes crazy same way if i am reading, inside of me i felt like i needed to find the trial transcripts as i am thinking that, you are never going the find trial transcripts from 1831, but i found them i had
8:36 am
put a google alert on my computer and after some time, an article came up, called reporter she connected me with the county clerk of south hampton county and read the transcript i went there thinking i was going to read it in the record that thomas grey, matt turners attorney and there was a confession in the record and there wasn't. thomas grey wasn't his attorney his attorney's actual name was william parker and matt turner didn't confess he pled innocent i knee standing there that moment what i thought was going to be six months of writing. >> you thought book one and book two are coming out. >> that's right. >> often we take foregranted people know these stories but tell us the significance of matt turner in history and what is his legacy. >> matt turner lead a slave revolt in 1831, predawn hours
8:37 am
of august 22nd, and really one of the narratives coming out of slavery was that the slaves were content because there were other revolts, they were kind of kept quiet, matt turner just splashed all over the news, and really changed the way people looked at shavery and certainly, that narrative that slaves were content it was like a black eye to all of that. and so, virginia, which was thought to have the most mild slavery and i don't know what that means to us now, but matt turner really gave that a black eye >> he would go on to trial and the first book, does it deal mostly with that and proceedings and what happens after the pamphlet. >> the first book is really matt turners story told through the eyes of people who knew him
8:38 am
from his mother who was supposed to be ethiopian, his slave master, a woman named sally francis moore travis, and so we learned his story through them. and learned what happened at the trials, things that if i had only written from his perspective he couldn't have known because there were no black people in the the courtroom another than those who were witnesses or on trial so we learned his story in the first book through other people and the second one after the history as we know it had been debunked then i was able to write a freerhopefully truer story of who he was. >> that is so fascinating we are in the middle of the anniversary of the civil war beginning 150 years ago, this is before that of course but how does he fit in, to the civil war, if we are studying that now where does matt turner
8:39 am
fit in. >> he was 30 years before the up rising was 30 years before the beginning of the civil war really it was almost like he was warning people, that that war was coming, that if something didn't happen, if things didn't change the war was at hand and so 30 years later, what he predicted, and actually some of the african american people from that community called it profit and still calls it profit all most like he was prophesizing the coming civil war. >> could you stick around we could talk all day? >> would love to. >> you should read both books we are talking about this one with the red cover it just came out this month but the resurrection of matt turner part one and two is available at all your major book outlets. >> yes and also available e
8:40 am
book format and audio book for we oral people. >> this is my next project, sharon foster the author of both of these books thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> fascinating all right. thank you very much. 8:40 a.m. now monday morning a woman in desperate need of a kidney didn't have to look far to find a donor that story when we come back annie. >> good morning tony so the center here separated they are all about it here at ford theatre you will find a different exhibit on each floor about lincoln's life this is the actual set of teeth owned by booth, taken from his body after his capture those are the cool things you will find, coming up we will spend time in the gallery that highlights events immediately following the death of president lincoln stay with us on fox 5 morning news ñ people! look at you!
8:41 am
8:42 am
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it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. there is a new center now in our area that features exhibits of the aftermath of president lincoln's death. the center for education and leadership is located across from ford theatre that is where we find annie yu this
8:44 am
morning. >> good morning this is just an incredible resource and you should really bring the entire family out here, it will be fun, educational, and you are just going to be inspired there is so much going on here, joining me now is a very important person, tracy the curator here at the new center good morning. >> good morning. >> here we stand we are taking it back, april 16th, 1855 what is here at the entrance. >> visitors will step back into this recreated street scene of 1855 they will hear and feel what the average washingtonian would feel on that morning. >> there is so much you hear the bells ringing in the aftermath gallery. >> the horses. >> yep and what the media the newspapers were writing at the time. >> exactly really people weren't sure exactly what was going on some people thought the secretary had been killed too there was misinformation and information, and people
8:45 am
were just beginning to realize who the assassin was. >> and walk me through over here, this section is neat. >> we have done a recreation of the train car that carried abraham lincoln home to springfield illinois this funeral journey had never happened before, something like this had never happened before in the country people were very interested because the president was the first president to ever be involved they were able to do an open casket viewing all cities that the train stopped at hundreds of thousands came out to view the president's body. >> wow. and the show case in here, this is stuff that has never been seen before right? >> most of it yes and it is all on loan to us from our partner site at the national park service all deals with items directly related to the funeral or the train car, this is the cofin handle to his cofin and these metallic it is ales were
8:46 am
on the train and tools used to seal his casket, when he was buried finally in springfield and the shadow box the man who sealed the tomb made this shadow box himself. talk about the restoration process like what goes into once you get these pieces from the park service, where do we go from there? >> well, luckily the park service they are in charge of taking care of these items they had conservatories come in before it comes to our site to make sure things are mounted safely items are taken care of and conserved when it comes to us it is a matter of having them put into the cases and labels >> i see now one of the really cool things i think that the kids will like, right is this interactive touch screen you know kids love this kind of stuff, so explain how this works and what the goal is behind this. >> well, this is all about items that were -- john wilkes booth was carrying when he was
8:47 am
captured many of these are across the street in the museum basement we wanted people to get up close and personal you have the diary. >> you could read the pages up close. >> you can. >> chef technology. >> right. >> so there you go. >> and then you can also read the transcript so you can see the different pages. >> what is really funny he carried out photos of his women >> it is true. >> which is really funny any way come out enjoy this today doors open 10:00 a.m. log on to it is free to get in ticketing is required so you want to make sure you stop at the box office. back to you in studio. >> i am going to go. >> thank you so much >> each year in this country surgeons perform roughly 15,000 kidney transplants. >> one of those happened last week in dc, deepening a bond between a young woman and her
8:48 am
grandmother, bob bar in regard has their story. >> doris edwards is resting comfortably at med star washington hospital center sharing a room with her granddaughter who on wednesday gave the 66-year-old retired metro bus driver one of her kidneys. >> they asked you a million times are you sure you want to do this i had no doubt in my mind. >> dora suffers from diabetes her kidneys started failing a year ago. >> already i feel good. i felt good the second day. >> here you go. >> thank you very much. >> welcome. >> her granddaughter is 23, a mother of two children her grandmother raised her since the day she was born >> i had to do it because she did. just a fantastic strong woman
8:49 am
and she saved my life. >> hopefully by tomorrow there you go. >> all right. >> i love it. >> transplant surgeon, dr. africa says doris will benefit from having a living donor trans plant. >> we do it lap row copically, incisions are smaller. >> is that typical. >> todays especially at med star washington hospital center. >> good plug dock. doris will be in her room alone tonight, stelmyra is going home. >> for her to do what she did i can't thank her enough. >> she had one fear. >> i was scared to go under the anaethesia. i thought i wasn't going to wake back up. >> but she faced her fear and her grandmother is the better for it. >> new lease on life. now hopefully this summer i will be able to work in my yard
8:50 am
again. >> we hope so too. bob barnard fox 5 news. >> quite a story. 8:50 a.m. monday morning one sure sign winter is almost over, spring training is starting more on what is on tap for the nats when we come back. >> at 9, how you might be able to take add vantage of free tax help, stay with us  oh will you grab us some yoplait?
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it is a sign the warm weather is not far away. spring training under way for washington nationals pitchercatchers reported to their training facility in florida yesterday. the first full squad work outs begin this coming weekend. nats face georgetown university baseball team. a birthday celebration for mohammed ali he turned 70 last month he has had several
8:54 am
celebrations to help raise awareness of parkinsons and other diseases all proceeds will go to the center for brain health and mohammed ali center. alts celebrating a date of birth day today, facebook fan of the day sean broward now 41 years old. he and his wife watch the show every day they say they love everyone here but sean says if he ever runs into allison or julie he is going into groupie mode. >> bring it on. >> thank you for watching sean if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under sean's photo. >> happy birthday. >> it is of course a monday morning and we are very excited for our 9:00 a.m. hour. yep, teen pop heart throb,
8:55 am
cody simpson is here, believe it or not he is on tour right now set to perform at the phil more, silver springs this afternoon first he will be live in our studios to talk about his success and sing to us as well stay with us 8:55 a.m. q my mom knows food magic. it's like so crunchy. it has crunchy stuff all over it. i can't get over how crunchy it is. it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married and it's amazing! what they mean is, it's french's french fried onions in my crunchy onion chicken. just minutes to make, then bake! french's french fried onions. the difference is indescribable. available in the french's stay-fresh can. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.
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8:59 am
kids. >> wow. >> later pop star from down under is here, cody simpson will sing his new song, and we will chat with him about his upcoming album, he is performing live later this afternoon at the phil more so we will preview that for you as well. snowy scene to our south where a winter storm dumped snow to our south. this is the scene in hillsville, southwest virginia, parts of kentucky, tennessee, west virginia, north carolina were also hit tennessee highway patrol reported fire whitous conditions interstate 75 near the kentucky border -- reported near whitous conditions interstate 75 near the kentucky border. now, tucker barnes joining us to kick off this hour in the weather center. >> good morning it is out of here, what is left


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