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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the early morning hours bright sunshine warmer temperatures upper 40s that said bring jackets it will be cool with winds out of the north, 10 to 15 during the course of the day, let's take a look here at radar and you can see, the cloud cover s slowly dissipating here i will put it in motion south and east and taking with it the storminess from late yesterday afternoon during the evening and out west, into kentucky and ohio and virginia, you can see clear skies taking hold, if you have cloud cover at your house at the moment we should look at more and more sunshine seasonably cool for your afternoon highs, 34 washington, humidity 61%, winds north, 15 miles per hour gusting 20 to 25 bring along a jacket your forecast, sneak peek of our springtime temperatures for middle of the week more details on that in a couple minutes. back up to you.
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appreciate it tucker new this morning there has been another robbery in northwest dc this happened 8:15 p.m. last night 22nd and s street kalarama area there are three suspects involved no weapon was used no one was hurt this is the latest in a slew of robberies that have taken place in affluent areas of the city the location between connecticut avenue and massachusetts avenue include some of dcs most expensive homes. peeping tom arrest in maryland dominic spangler accused of taking photos of women in fitting rooms at the new goodwill store frederick police tracked him down, spangler is charged with assault for knocking down someone during his get away. >> sticker shock continues at the pump. >> pass prices 40¢ higher than this time last year the average price for a gallon of regular
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is 3.5 5. $3.76 dc, $3.61 maryland, 3.5 4 virginia. melanie alnwick is live with more in bethesda. what is driving this spike in prices? >> well, there is a number of factors tony here is the thing that seems incon grew wows, demand is at a 10 year low right now but then think about the economic picture we were in a recession before things are starting to come back unemployment is lower, we have manufacturers and factories starting back up china is boosting its money supply expecting economic growth and greece was a problem for awhile now they are talking there is a debt deal there perhaps they won't go bankrupt it is easy to see why traders and people who put money into the futures market would bet demand would increase so at this point right now with this big spike there is a large speculative factor driving the prices up now. >> a switch that happens when
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we go with summer gas how does this play into this. >> this happens every year in winter time gas is cheaper it has to be more volatile it is cold you have to get that spark and you don't have to worry so much about evaporation in summer it is hot outside you northeast need gas that is less -- need gas that is less volatile it is more expensive to make there are several refineries off line and those are the refineries capable of making summer gas and also refineries closest to us here on the east coast so you add that to speculation going on right now plus the bet it will be more expensive to make those summer fuels and you can see why they are predicting gas prices will go above $4 at the nash that will average this summer. -- nash that will average this summer >> -- national average next this summer. >> you just answered my question. >> a lot of people are saying
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$4 a gallon others are saying maybe $4.25 there is a lot of speculation on the internet are we going to get 5 dollars a gallon gas most analysts say highly unlikely remember we were $4.10 national average 2008 that went down in that december of that year to $1.68 so prices do peek and then come down i want to leave you with a quote from an oil analyst i follow who said basically his name is tom he is with the oil price information service he said that basically, he thinks chance of of gas going to $5 a gallon are as likely as the spice girls performing a tribute to demi moore at the oscars this year. >> wow. >> he really went there. >> really odd okay. >> in our next story the spice girls just kidding. thank you melanie. in other news, britain and france the latest countries to be cut off from iran's oil experts iran made the announcement this weekend the
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move is in retaliation to eus decision to boycott iranian oil beginning in june. also the weekend iranian naval ships moved through the suez canal into the mediterranean sea the u.s. has been trying to pressure israel not to attack iran. u.s. believes iran is a year away from developing a nuclear bomb. let's look now at top stories morrock can man police say planned to bomb the capital will appear in court wednesday friday 29-year-old man of alexandria was arrested by thefbi following a lengthy under cover investigation, agents posed as al qaeda opera tiffmade the arrest friday morning after he was provided with what he thought was an explosive vest he was living in the united states illegally. >> also on wednesday, the jury in george huguely's murder
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trial will begin deliberations closing arguments ended saturday the former lacrosse player is accused of killing yeardley love in her off campus apartment back in play 2010. fox 5 has been following the murder trial in charlottesville, paul wagner will have the latest on deliberations beginning wednesday. to the presidential campaign some latino mormons are speaking out against mitt romney saying he is breaking a basic mormon principle with his stand against immigration and there are many pro immigration storys in the book of mormon they also believe his immigration view is hypocritical since his great grandfather moved to mexico after the passage of the 1882 law making polygamy illegal. >> rick santorum is in a war of words, this weekend he said the president's agenda is based on quote, some phoney theology,
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one not based on the bible end quote. the white house fought back. santorum clarified saying he doesn't question the president's faith but accused him of taking a world view different from most americans. across the nation americans are celebrating our president's grandson of our 10th didn't president, john tyler is alive and well, harrison tyler lives in virginia and joins us live by phone happy president's day. >> good morning. >> indeed you are the grandson there are two grandchildren we are told of the 10th president it is truly amazing and pardon us when we try to wrap our minds around it can you tell us how to connect the dots here? >> well, it is not easy because my grandfather was born in
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1790, was married in 1813, to leticia christian, had 8 children she died in the white house in 1842, he then married my grandmother in 1844 julia gardener and had 7 more children my father was the 5th child of that second wife born in 1853. then my father, not to be out done was married had three children served as president william and mary college for 51 years 1888 until 1990 and was responsible for the reopening and retired at 65 in 1919 his wife annie baker tucker great granddaughter of george tucker, had a stroke and had several strokes and died in 1922 he
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married my mother, sue harrison in 1923, my brother was born in 1924, and i was born in 1928. >> here we are. >> and here we are today. >> a wonderful -- so are you speaking to us from sherwood forest plantation. >> i am on the property but it is the house on the river called milton on the james. part of the sherwood forest but that house itself is a museum house. >> yes, sir and i mention that just to say that that was the home of course of president tyler from 1842 until his death in 1862 and remained within the family and maintained we are looking at a picture of its stately grounds simply beautiful. >> yes, it is we try to keep it that way. >> okay i could talk to you all day about history while i have you on the phone i would be remiss not to ask you about politics today.
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>> oh, dear. >> well, i will give you the big ballpark you know it could get ugly back then it is getting ugly right now give us your perspective. >> politics has never really changed, today you have you know even members of the same party calling each other names and the same thing happened back in those days john tylers opposite was henry clay, he had no claims other than he wanted to be president and did everything he could to undermine john tyler things have not changed. >> he referred to your grand father, robin hood living in sherwood forest he turned the name of his home to sherwood forest. >> when he found out john tyler was leaving washington, he said the outlaw is retiring, like robin hood is retiring to his sherwood forest at that time
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sherwood forest was named walnut grove because of all the magnificent and beautiful walnuts planted in the early 1700s that surrounded the house and john tyler changed the name from walnut grove to sherwood forest. >> a competitive spirit there. it has been a pleasure to talk to you today, the grandson of our 10th president, john tyler happy president's day again to you sir. >> i thank you bye. i love that accent. >> extraordinary. >> amazing. >> he could run it all down i have it all here. >> he made it very clear because when you are reading it is like what? essentially his grandfather and father had children late in life. >> with younger women and just in case you are wondering president tyler was president of our great country from 1841 to 1845. >> amazing. >> thank you. >> how to get free tax help. >> and the latest on a
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deadlyavalanche in washington state 9:11 a.m. we will be right back 
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three expert cityiers have died after an avalanche -- skiiers have died after an avalanche in washington state they were among three groups of people skiing out of bounds in the stevens pass cascade area. the other skiiers pulled the men out and performed cpr but were unable to save them another skiier says an air bag like safety device saved her life. >> whitney houston now at her final resting place buried next to her father at a cemetery in new jersey the ceremony was private dozens of fanon lookers gathered in several places along the route to grant grab a glimpse of the motorcade some
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people ran alongside the hear yelling we love you whitney. allison, lower and middle income families can get free help preparing their taxes this week and next week it is a program set up to be a partnership among united way worldwide, wal-mart foundation, one economy and national disability institute joining us now with more on this is laura, national director of income capacity building united way worldwide thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> when we heard about this we thought really free tax help? it is not just you know, call up on the phone and say hey what do i do about this. in person help tell us a little bit about what y'all are offering. >> sure well, a few years ago a number of nonprofit organizations realized lots of families were leaving money on the table because they weren't filing their taxes and making use of a number of different tax credits available for working families our
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partnership with the partners one economy and the national disability institute we offer free tax preparation filing services across the country and here in washington dc area as well. >> this -- we mention low income middle income who qualifies for this? >> in you earn less than $57,000 you can go online and file for free if you earn less than $50,000 you would like help filing your taxes go to any number of community based organizations across maryland, virginia, dc area have a trained irs certified volunteer prepare and file your taxes for free. >> before we go any where else i want to show some information about where people can do n as we are showing that info we will put it on screen and have it available on our website let me ask do you have to have an
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appointment or walk in. >> walk in. if you go to my free they will give you a list of documents to bring and eligibility requirements for tax credits. >> the first one was columbia pike acca child development center arlington this one is a convention center washington this saturday, and department of employee services minnesota avenue, northeast, february 27th through march 2nd, one at columbia pike is today through friday what is the benefit of filing early? >> the benefit of filing early is getting your refund faster if you file -- e file online and you use direct deposit to get your refund you can get it in as little as 7 to 10 business days really fast. >> again when we are saying this, people can go to these different sessions and get free help is it just like if someone would go into an h and r block or some other tax preparation service and pay some times
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hundreds of dollars. >> some times hundreds of dollars it is similar there is an intake process you will fill out a short questionnaire that will answer questions about your dependents, income level they will prepare and file your taxes for free. generally speaking, i know the information is online if people are seeing this and saying i need this now what are the kinds of things they want to bring with them. >> income statements, w 2 or 1099 if you have children information about dependents so you can be sure to get all those tax credits particularly the earned income tax credit, child care tax credit and then any other documentation you have about identification folks have verify you are who you say you are. >> bottom line people you know people with the right help can get bigger refunds. >> absolutely the earned income tax credit is up to $5,000 that is a significant amount of money, especially today when a lot of folks have had hours
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reduced working less a lot of folks are unemployed, so, you know, you qualify for these credits it is a significant amount of money. >> the website my free you can go to our website and we will link you to that website as well thank you very much. >> thanks for helping us get the word out. >> coming up 50 years since john glen became the first american the or bit earth he received a special honor this weekend i have the pleasure of speaking with him earlier about the historic mission hear what he has to say soming up next -- coming up next. first, today esotery yeah question what was the name of the --'s trivia question what was the name of the organization founded in 1957 the answer coming up later if you want to guess now head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news is back after the break 9:20 a.m. 
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scary moment for visitors at kansas city zoo when two gorillas escaped from their habitat. apparently, a gate that separates the gorillas from the zoo keepers was left open by a staff member allowing the two, 19-year-old half brothers to escape zoo keepers were able to climb their way to safety visitors were take on the a safe area until staff was able to get the gorillas back into their habitat i don't know if there is anything more frightening than that. >> that is crazy. >> i wonder if that person was newly disgruntled. >> probably. oh, i forgot. >> mardi gras. >> new orleans preparing the the biggest part of the year tomorrow a big celebration, precelebrations took place this weekend despite rainy weather please is that going to stop them? maroon 5 joined the parade, festivities are expected to
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bring in big bucks, and organizers say they will begin working on floats for next year's parade wednesday. >> hmm. >> i have never been to the big easy for that celebration. >> i have only been in the lead up to it and the aftermath,. >> i think it intimidates me. >> today mark it is 50th anniversary to have first manned flight to or bit the earth. >> the mission was part of project mercury space flight program, nasa honored all 125 members of the crew during a ceremony yesterday including john glen and scott carpenter astronauts they are the only surviving acetonaughts from that mission, -- astronauts from that mission, earlier this glen. >> i think before the flight we had been in competition with the russians either the depths of the cold war we didn't know whether communism would spread around the world more than it had that time and it came at that time when the russians were claiming superiority to the united states the flight of
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friendship 7 was one that helped bring us back from that and i was glad to be selected for that flight. >> it was a very different time in our history. you had the chance to talk to him pretty special. >> fascinating. >> coming up nearly two dozen dogs dropped off at a shelter in western maryland. well, this morning they are in the good loving hands of a virginia shelter and they are looking for their forever homes, so, how can you help? we will have it for you in this mornings pet project. >> look at that face. >> cody simpson is standing by, the pop star is in the area for a performance this afternoon in 15 minutes he will sing his hit, so listen. stay with us, 9:26 a.m. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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tom to your tv screen look at this picture photographers are waiting to catch a unique sight at yosemite national park
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take a look this is the sunsetting illuminating for a brief time horse tail fall it looks like lava running down the stone, this phenomenon happens in a flash at sunset middle of february, if the winter weather co-operates, so a limited period the first color photo ever was taken in 1973 the fire can light up for about 2 minutes a night for 2 week period. the last day is typically right around february 24th. isn't that interesting. >> hmm. >> makes it look like lava. >> right. >> it is water. gorgeous. >> amazing. >> okay. nature is just phenomenal isn't it >> i mean i guess photographers line up it is 2 minutes a night for 2 weeks. >> amazing. >> nice shot. >> beautiful. >> nice shots from -- >> more nice shots. >> >> folks who did get snow. >> let's talk about it look at that, we've got good snow
9:31 am
>> info. >> christina brown right and we want to thank our facebook fans who sent these in fredericksburg, felicia, look at her deck covered in snow not far south of regan national. >> let it go tucker let it go. >> we had several viewers, st. maries county told me they had an inch or two, parts of the area, people waking up to a nice coating of snow. >> in our bet i carefully chose regan national. >> which was smart on your part >> yeah, it was what it was. >> it was what we thought it was. >> well, it wasn't what i thought it was. >> it was what i thought it was. >> why are you hating me >> i am not. >> i was right. >> all last week i kept saying it is not going to happen i was right. >> how do you feel about tony separating himself. >> i am not abandoning. >> since he started this anchoring gig >> he thinks he is one of us.
9:32 am
>> tucker we didn't get the snow we thought at regan. >> he doesn't have time to come back to the weather center a whole lot any more. >> we will talk about that another time. >> temperatures, 36 regan national, gradually warm up into the upper 40s so, once we get that sunshine, full and bright this afternoon should be a nice afternoon breezy that will make it cooler than actual air temperatures, fredericksburg, culpepper south and west of the city southern maryland, leonard town light snow accumulations, 36 the cut off point was 66 regan national north of that just cloud cover during the overnight hours cool temperatures to start your day, 32 hagerstown mention the winds out of the north, and north and west gusting to 24 miles per hour that will sort of lock in that cool feel for the day feel like february, even with afternoon sunshine temperatures upper 40s winds will take
9:33 am
awhile to subside here cloud cover dissipating off to the south and east it goes and dragging with it the rain and or snow showers a few snow showers down at the board walk as rain transitioned to snow there you can see it is well off south and east and starting to break out sun, nice sunny afternoon and cold one tonight later this week a warm up, i think it will feel like spring around here, by wednesday and thursday, high temperature will be right back into the 60s no more signs of winter on the 5 day forecast, 48 today mostly sunny and breezy winds out of the north, 10 to 15 miles per hour cold tonight, clear skies 30 your overnight low winds out of the north 5 miles per hour and your 5 day forecast, mention the overnight low 30s. people need to bundle up on their way to school, 53 tomorrow sunshine, check out your forecast wednesday thursday and friday, right back in the 60s. 65 thursday and maybe some showers turn late thursday early friday that is a look at the weather forecast, allison, i am going to toss it over to
9:34 am
you very very cute. >> i am just in love other here i am in love. we recently told you about 20 poodles dropped off at a shelter in western maryland the virginia rescue group, called a forever home took these dogs in now they are hoping to find these cutie pies a forever home joining this morning patty our friend from a forever home who is not slick you knew that once i held lacy i would be in love with her. >> okay i will admit it was by design. >> well, your evil plan is working. >> good. >> congratulations to you guys on another wonderful rescue. >> thank you. >> of these dogs in distress can you tell us the sad part of this story. >> well, briefly we got an e- mail 9:00 a.m. in the morning, 20 poodle mixes dumped at a shelter they couldn't take care of them by 8:00 p.m. that night we had all 20 some odd dogs in foster care the
9:35 am
woman was unable to care for them any more she dumped them we thing because a lot of these dogs later developed parvo we suspect a lot of them maybe started dying on her and she dumped them so of course we took them all in and thank god our foster homes are just on the ball they noticed signs of illness right away, we started taking everyone to the vet and 11 came down with parvo. >> this is a very serious and can be deadly add you alluded to, -- as you alluded to vaccinate your own pets but you were able to save everybody? >> i think we lost one. just recently, but for people who don't know, i kind of compare it to mrsa in people, as far as the severity in how fatal it can be. very expensive to treat any where from 3 to $5,000 per pup unless something else goes wrong and i know on this bunch we spent close to $50,000 so far and back to back before
9:36 am
this we had two other outbreaks of parvo which we spent $100,000 on but look at that face how do you not do what you have to do. >> because you probably won't do this let me say and make an appeal if you are watching a forever home could use your donations a couple bucks or something. >> i always tell people we don't expect a lot but hope for a little if everybody kicks in a few bucks, give up one cup of coffee, you know we can get these guys treated and they are also looking for homes. >> i was going to say, the next part of this is a need that forever home. >> unless that one is spoken for is she allison? >> she might be patty. >> she might be patty yes. she thinks she is funny. >> okay. you are so funny today. any way, let me ask you when will they be ready for adoption. >> they are ready to go. >> are they? >> they are 9 weeks old they will i believe they will all be
9:37 am
at our adoption fair sunday but certainly people should check our website if you are interested in a particular animal send us an e-mail we will let you know they will go fast. >> you know they will. >> there is 20 of them and they are all small and cute and i mean you know look at that face. >> you don't have to tell me to look at that face. >> funny lady patty simpson from a forever home also, i just want to remind you that your second annual casino night in august. >> guess who our special super duper guest mc hostess is. >> i am going to be there even if you didn't invite me. >> i know we will have more in our next appearance. my goodness going to be a fun night. >> it is. >> patty simpson go on the website if you are interested in one of these little poodle mixes and again they will be at chantilly petco, every sunday. >> okay. >> tony, patty is a friend of the show and thinks she is funny because she knows i have been looking for a little one. >> i didn't lie i admitted it.
9:38 am
>> very cute allison you look good together. >> you do. >> all right thank you patty. coming up in a little bit how you can take part in the next season of the x factor plus we will take you to a special birthday celebration for legendary mohammed ali li first today's black history month question. >> the answer is coming up later if you want the guess now head to our facebook page. fox 5 mornling news back after the break consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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steven colbert is expected to address his absence last
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week when he returns to his show today his show ran two reruns as he reportedly was helping his 91-year-old ailing mother. his father james colbert and two brothers were killed in an airplane crash in 1974. well, if you think you have the x factor now is your chance to prove it online auditions for second season begin march 1st, the first open call auditions will be held in march, on march 14th, in kansas city the competition is open to singers vocal groups over the age of 12 with the $5 million recording contract of course the show will premier in the fall, melanie took home the price in the first season. mohammed ali celebrated his birthday in las vegas to bring
9:43 am
awareness to parkinsons and other diseases ♪ [ music ] steevie wonder sang a special song for his 70th birthday which was last month proceeds from the event will go to the center for brain health and mohammed ali center. don't mind me coming up lincoln's legacy annie yu is taking us inside the new center for education and leadership where special exhibits and workshops look at the life and legacy of president lincoln. >> that is a cute puppy i have to say. >> speaking of cute there he is girls pop star cody simpson performing at the phil more tonight but he stopped by to sing his latest hit so listen, don't miss his performance coming up next as you can see, i'm in a tricky situation here.
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welcome back our annie yu has been checking out the new center for education and leadership building northwest this morning that is where you will find permanent exhibits addressing immediate aftermath of president lincoln's death and evolution of his legacy. annie good morning. good morning allison. finally it is open the new center is opening its doors for the first time to the public, and it is free basically you go to the box office pick up your ticket and you will go to ford theatre first then on to the peterson house where president lincoln died and then over to the new center for education and leadership, it will be a very busy day here joining me is the curator here at the new center. >> good morning. >> here we are in legacy gallery this is where you will feel what lincoln was all about and how he influenced younger generation leader, the world
9:48 am
really. >> yeah, really we started looking at early memorialization of lincoln and monuments that were built to him and we move into looking into how he influenced leaders and every day people, and how his legacy is really still alive. >> so, talk about some of the things that you are going to find in this exhibit this is a cool interactive video. >> yes, this is really a piece that we wanted to people to walk away from, thinking about why lincoln's words still matter all the words in this piece are from lincoln's speeches and writings, and put together with images it makes everyone think about how demock ray is is still -- democracy is still a work in progress and how lincoln set us on the road and how it is our job to make the u.s. a better place. >> it catches your attention the moment you walk in another thing that caught my eye, this section here and talk a little
9:49 am
bit about this stuff you see instant disguise kit which is funny. >> yes, this looks at the way different generations have used lincoln, to sell products, or just in a way, he is so personable to everybody people used him in cartoons and made dolls of him. shoes, what is interesting, all the stuff on this side of the case was bought by our designers most on ebay or online these things are out there available classic things like the lincoln log and then the other side of the case really are items from national park service from early 20s, 19th century, people were using him to shell shoe polish, -- sell shoe polish, gloves, tobacco his face is a presence people enjoy, honest abe sells products. >> what is this tribute in this room tell us about our 16th president. >> one thing it talks about
9:50 am
lincoln and his writings have been able to transcend all generations and eras everybody finds their own lincoln and here, for president's day we have presidents and many president's both republican and democratic president's looked to lincoln for inspiration, leadership, they've used lincoln's words to support arguments. >> thank you very much tracy. log on to our website again the doors open 10:00 a.m. today you want to come out here back to you tony. all right annie thank you. >> singer and song writer cody simpson is a true pop phenomenon more than 114 million youtube views 2.5 million facebook likes. simpson is a busy young man as the australia born singer tours across country he will perform in our area later this afternoon first he performs live in our studios please
9:51 am
welcome cody simpson good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> impressive bus you have out there as you tour around that is what you travel in. >> yeah, it is much easier than planes. >> i am sure it is. >> most shows are sold out there are still some tickets available today. >> yeah. >> it is a matinee show at the phil more if you want tickets go to cody best way to get tickets. >> yes, sir. >> tell us about how the tour is going. >> fantastic so far. like i said it has been very successful, performing definitely one of the perks of this whole music career i love performing for my fans you know it is always a good time and man, it has been an amazing journey. >> and the journey is interesting you are one of this new breed of stars that comes to us, i mention youtube and facebook, out here in the states that is how it all
9:52 am
started are you able to connect with the fans? i guess when you go out in concert that is when you make the personal connection. >> yeah, i also think the internet and social networking side of it is all very important and essential thing to have you know, i try to talk to my fans as much as i can i think it is important to be able to have that personal relationship with them i think it is this new way of the world. >> some ways easier. >> exactly. >> you can just go on and chat on someone on twitter and facebook. >> we mention you are a busy young man you have the concert this afternoon 4:00 p.m. making an appearance at tyson's this morning,. >> yeah. >> after you leave here. >> yeah. >> that will be at tie sens corner -- tysons conner you are working on a new album. >> yeah, i had a break over
9:53 am
christmas but i am back in it will come out may june this year. >> what are you doing this morning. >> performing a new single coming out in a couple weeks featuring t payne so you get to preview it. >> cody simpson glad to have you here ♪ [ music ] ♪ i have been trying to find the right words, ♪ ♪ [ music ] ♪
9:54 am
♪[ music ] 
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>> back now with the answer to our trivia question of the day this morning we asked you what was the name of the organization founded by dr. martin luther king junior 1957, scls southern christian leadership conference. to protest groups throughout the south, the organization grew power and independence of black churches to support activities.
9:59 am
first and foremost a preacher. >> very good. >> tucker you want to do the honors? >> absolutely 48 this afternoon, breezy out there, with winds gusting to 20 miles per hour later today bring along a jacket, it should feel pleasant if you like springtime weather check out wednesday, thursday and friday right back into the 60s. 65 degrees. >> yummy. >> live shot, should be a sunny afternoon. >> want to mention cody simpson man what a schedule he has today he got up early to do this show which we appreciate he has a media -- not a media appearance a meet and greet going on today at tyson's corner center, i know claires is sponsoring a lot of this but because of the expected crowd they moved the meet and greet to fashion court there at tyson's corner and then in concert this afternoon at the phil more silver spring, doors open 3:00 p.m. show is at 4:00 p.m., go to ticket master or cody fic


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