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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ground the latest from the campaign trail and how super tuesday is in play out here in virginia. plus. >> we don't want to be forgotten. there is a lot more history >> it was a place where former slaves settled more than 30 years, a closer look at the sacred grounds once known as freedman's village. fox morning news at 7 starts now. pretty. >> that is a -- >> that deserves an applause. nice looking. now that means with the sun being up that height sunrise this morning was before 7:00 a.m., getting earlier and earlier. very nice picture. you know what allison that bodes well for the rest of this week for the most part. >> i got a glimpse of that 5 day. >> it is nice. >> exciting. >> i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour i just got a glimpse for more on what we are in for and it is good
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news tucker barnes. >> what are you standing around. >> you put pressure on me i don't have what time sunrise was in front of me i have a lot of stuff on mardi gras. good morning i think sunrise was 6:56 a.m. should be a nice day, nice start clouds this afternoon it is cold. generally temperatures below freezing outside the belt way 35 washington 23 out of dulles, 23 ocean city, 21 harrison burg, plenty of chilly temperatures off to the west and south this morning, clouds out west, rain showers as well. stay north and west of us the cloud cover will start to move in later today partly sunny mostly cloudy afternoon, dry conditions temperatures 50s. won't be bad afternoon here is your forecast today look for those out of the south 15 to 20
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miles per hour, 52 degrees. springtime temperatures on the way. stick around and see the 5 day. i will have details on that in just a minute, let's see if julie wright can deliver. >> i think so we are looking good on the roads, really just delays what we are talking about inbound 50 stacking up 410 out of river dale, 202, the crew in sky fox hanging out with us checking out the drive eastbound 66 not only does traffic flow in manassas, 234 centerville, wall to wall slow 450 fair oaks headed toward 123, taking it back inside, wrapping it up, northbound 395 on the brakes crossing over the 14th street bridge all lanes are open 95, coming across the occoquan. all right thank you. new this morning a man in serious condition after being
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stabbed early this morning in the district. it happened around 3:00 a.m. in the 1400 block of fairmont avenue, northwest no word why the man was attacked or any suspects police may be looking for. now to our big story, there is a crime wave, sweeping dc seems the target is anyone with a smart phone in plain sight. >> as melanie alnwick reports crime fighters are stepping up efforts she joins us live from northeast with an update. >> just looking at dc alerts here on the twitter account you can run through this overnight robbery with a gun, robbery with a snatch, this is the problem dc has been dealing with over and over again every night since the beginning of the year the guardian angels as you can see behind me, have stepped into the problem of the street robberies in dc wanting
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to make people more aware, making people aware if they are covering a piece of smart technology they are a target there have been more than 500 robberys in dc, 40% of them involve personal technology, while dc police increased patrols and offered rewards guardian angels are out hitting metro stations and other public places to give people tips on being street smart so far no one has been seriously injured but some have been pretty scary people struck by suspects or threatened at gun point, council woman mary che said she is concerned about the escalation. >> we are just a step away from serious injury or worse so we need to do as much as we can right away to protect ourselves. dc police upped the rewards now offering a $10,000 reward,
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to turn in someone who steals and snatches this technology but sounds like it is a big problem in dc this is also a problem in big cities in new york, chicago, philadelphia, all major police chiefs reporting this spike in these sorts of crimes and they are asking the mobile cell phone companies to partner with them and do more to allow them to disable these phones so they can't be resold if you take the profit out of it perhaps the crimes will device. all right melanie alnwick thanks. other top stories police believe speed played a factor in a deadly and violent crash a bmw careened down martin luther king highway and crash into a kentucky fried chicken store last night one person inside the car was killed four others injured. tragedy you know, for some
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body you know just happened to get hit. >> it was moving very fast as it turned over parts of the vehicle were coming loose and turning into flying debris >> it nearly took out one of the gas pumps at the sitco next door all people injured are expected to survive. the trial of five men accused in a series of deadly shootings in dc starts today, prosecutors say the violence started in march 2010, after a bracelet went missing, it resulted in the deaths of five people, three were teens, killed in a drive by shooting, south capital, brothers, broth opening statements -- opening statements get under way late they are morning. a man attempted to assault
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a woman, he entered a house while a resident was home and trying to burglarize it, he tried to assault the victim. investigators trying to pin down the cause of a deadly apartment fire in southeast washington flames broke out after 8:00 p.m. last night a woman was rushed to hospital and later died three other people were treated and released. dramatic rescue in prince georges county as residents go above and beyond to save their neighbors from a burning house the fire broke out late sunday night beaumont street temple hills three people were inside an elderly couple and their adult son the woman and her son made it out safe her husband who was bedridden was trapped inside when neighbors rushed into the home to help. >> the only thing going through my head i got to get him out of here i don't want nothing to happen to this man i knew i couldn't pick him up i said
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take one step at a time holding my shoulder. the two men are still in hospital the elderly man is being treated for smoke inheliation the couples grandson said he is grateful for everyone's help. money game is playing out this morning among republican presidential candidates mitt romney and newt gingrichs super packs are raising serious cash and have more money in the bank than the candidates own campaigns that paveed the way for extra tv ads in key primary states the latest now with just a week to go before the next big primary day. >> reporter: the contest in arizona and especially michigan next week a big debate tomorrow night and a lot of ground for mitt romney to make up. >> we are going to come out here and win here. >> reporter: he just may rick santorum making the rounds of the most conservative michigan
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enclave a strategy that is playing off. it shows the state is tilting in his favour. >> a sound heard around the world here in michigan. a santorum win would resonate because romney should walk away with michigan a state where he grew up and his father was a popular governor a gallup tracking poll shows santorum's lead is nationwide and romney is going after him by name. >> one of the people i am running against senator santorum goes to washington calls himself a budget hawk then after he has been there awhile says he is no long era budget hawk well, i am. >> santorum's lead brings new scrutiny like when he accused president obama of having a radical theology referring he says to environmental policies but something he had to defend. >> just the media beating up on santorum voters will love that the things he has said past couple days will be a problem
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for him in the general election. >> michigan set the stage for super tuesday a week later. doug just mentioned super tuesday that is when virginia holds its primary a mu poll from christopher new port university is shedding light on what virginians think two weeks out only paul and romney will be on the vote. 50% of people polled are not satisfied with those two romney leads paul in virginia. a possible november match up romney leads obama by just 3% while santorum leads the president by 4%. here is a live look now at new orleans live look thousands of people will fill thee streets later today to celebrate mardi gras right now they are cleaning the streets from last night's party today
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is fat tuesday filled with good music, good food, it is the culmination of celebrations leading up to lent the period of fasting and repenitence before easter. it is 7:10 a.m., 7:11 a.m., tuesday morning, we have a developing story out of afghanistan for you next why thousands are protesting outside a u.s. base there. heated debate on the docket in virginia a program that helps people in need, requires people taking a drug test. >> beef without the cow the latest on the test tube meat debate. >> test tube burger. >> interesting. >> i will take a pass on that. >> as we head to break a live lookout side not a bad looking start to the day it is cold out we will get the latest from tucker and julie up next it is 7:11 a.m. 
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making headlines thousands of an bring afghans protesting outside a u.s. air base upset about improper disposal of islamic religious items including the muslim holy book known as the koran this is happening near kabul, general alan who commands forces in afghanistan insists it was not intentional and has since apologized a local afghan leader said some books were burned and others were gotten out of the trash before they were burned. >> relief for greece this morning as it battles a financial crisis, the 17 country euro zone agreed to give greece more bailout loans to avoid default to the tune of $170 billion exact details are being worked out but we do know its debt will be lowered to the
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maximum level, considered sustainable the euro surged. canadians can now buy into the green bay packers the team got approval from canadian authorities to sell stock north of the border green bay is the only publicly owned nfl team shares cost $250 each, but ownership just brings bragging rights really shares pay no dividends and virtually no resale value the team says money raised will be used to expand lambeau field. hmm interesting. i don't know that is kind of weird that canadians can buy into them. >> right. >> they have canadian fans. >> yeah. >> sure. >> we are neighbors can't we just -- >> yeah, there is nothing wrong with it. >> we like canada. >> you know i have never been to canada. >> neither have i. >> i would love to go. >> and i lived in up state new york >> you never went across the border >> ridiculous. >> it is a beautiful country
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been several times, vancouver, toronto. >> it is a road trip. >> yeah. >> more fun in spring and summer well, wintertime is icy, except not so much this year. >> speaking of that. >> yeah, speaking of that, south of the area, issues with black ice this morning. >> the worst. >> there you go. bus stop forecast, it's cold notice the chilly temperatures, it is winter for a change >> i am just so excited for the warm up. >> you have had a sneak at the 5 day. >> 23 to 32 we are off to a cold start, mild afternoon temperatures back into the 50s, we will be breezy around h 33 a national, 33 washington 48 nashville, 35 if we look across the country looking, tony what is in the middle of kansas. >> wichita. >> wichita 32 thank you very
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much. >> 32 wichita >> i know,. >> i am not happy about it. >> as you can see we don't have much weather, clouds moving in later, we will be breezy as we get into wednesday, thursday, and friday, 61 tomorrow, few late day showers, 70 on thursday, 65 on friday, with a springtime thunderstorm, so it is not going to feel like february for the rest of the week. >> look at thursday. >> i had my license renewed for the first time i was looking through that little thing i was like ice? >> really? >> she is like yes. so it is the last time without contacts or something any way. meantime, julie wright standing by keeping her eyes on the road. very nice. >> thank you >> but i can't do it by myself that is why we called the crew in sky fox northbound i-95 as you work your way in through springfield, approaching 7100
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fairfax county parkway, again, not a bad commute, prince william parkway, heading across the occoquan. taking it back inside update the ride elsewhere, travelling the outer loop of the belt way, find delays heading to college park, 12 minute ride as you travel westbound 495, accident activity, heads up there. gw parkway, looking good, inner loop of the belt way springfield headed up to 66, lee highway, german town road. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks julie the battle over speed cameras in the district, opponents long said the cameras are about just making money they recently brought in over $30 million in a 7 month period there is an online petition fighting the to lower the steep fines and earlier this month protestors gathered near the camera on
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branch avenue southeast, triple- as, john town send said dc leaders may never address this issue for one big reason. >> it is most of the people getting these tickets live outside the district so we don't have to worry about them they can't vote us in or vote us out it comes down to raw politics. raw politics he says. the speed camera fine in the district $75 for drivers going up to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, it is $125 for going between 11 and 15 miles per hour over the limit, in contrast speed camera ticket in maryland will cost you a flat fee of $40. >> final vote could come this week in maryland's same-sex marriage debate at the state house there were cheers after the house of delegate passed bills allowing gay couples to
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marry. on the docket in virginia legislation to require drug testing for people on welfare the bill would require an initial drug screening followed by more testing if officials suspect illegal drug use. they want to make sure the money is being used to support families and children. virginia's house of delegates could vote on a bill that would require women to get an ultrasound before getting an abortion. yesterday a crowd of more than 1,000 people turned out at the capital to protest the bill and other proposed legislation lawmakers had to walk through the protestors, locked arm in arm in front of the capitol building. 7:21 a.m., tuesday morning, white house singing the blues with big names stopping by to serenade the president and first lady. >> taste of freedom, as we continue to celebrate black history month, a local african
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american village is being remembered today. we are celebrating mardi gras this morning, from gumbo to king cakes our annie yu is live at a local bakery cooking up traditional fat tuesday dishes we will check with her later land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ?
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newt gingrich is touching on an issue that strongly resonates with all voters high gas price it is former speaker says his policies could lower the cost of gas, dangling the idea of $2 a gallon prices if he is elected, gingrich's pro diction contrasts with what his rival rick santorum told people yesterday he said americans living in big cities should brace themselves for $5 a gallon gas. >> center cut tappedder loin, steak tartar or test tubed meat?
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the first hamburger grown in laboratory petary dishes at a vancouver science conference a dutch scientist said he is using stem cell product, from slaughter houses -- it keeps getting less appetizing, left over material from animal slaughter houses to make that happen. it could feed the world but not everyone is convinced. >> you are now producing a golf ball size of this stuff and then cook it. >> i think it is interesting they avoid some of the issues with like cruelty to animals and stuff but there is something weird about it. >> a lot of things i don't thing i would ever eat that one for sure i don't think i would ever eat. >> not when the scientist calls it stuff put the stuff in a ball and eat it. we may see the test tube burger in time for labor day it could be released by august or september of this year.
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i wonder how they would label that too. >> i'm assuming we would know. >> fda opening an investigation into the latest way to get your caffeine, inhalable caffeine went on sale last month we told you about this, on sale in massachusetts and new york each canister of aero shot contains the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of coffee there is concern about what could happen if it is over used and whether the manufacturer has the right to brand it as a dietary supplement. >> another health headline has to do with people who drink a lot of diet soda. >> their link to some serious and deadly diseases more when we check in with the fox medical team in our next hour. >> black history on hallowed ground now a place to remember the dead arlington cemetery was once a site for new life for freed slaves. as we head to break, we've got a live lookout side, david
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bowie and mick jagger haven't heard this one, dancing in the street in a while. tucker and julie will be right here ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪
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party looks like after the party. >> look in the middle of the street. are people still fighting. >> those are stragglers. >> they are walking arm in arm. >> stragglers, let's look at new orleans that is what we are checking out now thousands of people will fill the streets today to celebrate >> they are drunk. >> how can you tell? >> by their behaviour. >> right now, they are cleaning up from last night's party. today is fat tuesday a day filled with good music, good food and a lot of parades, fat tuesday is a culmination of celebrations leading up to lent, that is the period of fasting and repenitence before easter. >> are the buddies still walking down the street? they were. and the white house will also be rocking a little later honouring the blues. >> yes, jeff best, mick jagger, classic blues musicians, bb
7:32 am
king and kent mo performing for the president and first lady today is also the celebration of black history month watch it live on the white house website starting 7:00 p.m. >> in defense of mick jag era lot of stones stuff. they started as a blues band that's right. that is what they wanted. >> a lot of their songs start bluesy. >> there is a whole lot of respect there too. >> wonder if they will be prancing around on the stage. >> can he help that? >> kind of weird, mick jagger performing at the white house? >> i love it. i mean you are right i would like to watch. he cannot stand still. >> he might play harmonica he is a good blues harmonica player. >> we will see it won't we later. >> but he will be wiggling. >> see it on pbs. >> yeah, it will be. >> all right. >> when you have that much swagger you cannot contain it. >> allison that is clever. >> temperatures 20s and low
7:33 am
30s. we don't have a whole lot of weather to talk about. cold temperatures kids headed to the bus stop, going to walk the dog go for a run temperatures this is one of our coldest mornings in the past week or so as we have fallen below freezing with the exception of regan national, quantico, 28, 26 fredericksburg, 28 leonard town, closer to the water annapolis 39 area with the snow pack i know it wasn't terribly impressive snow pack south of the city could be black ice for you for another hour or so. lookout for some of those slippery spots south and southeast of the city here is your temperature trend next couple days a spring like week with high temperatures today low 50s, but this is that day of transition. thank you tony he says that every day. wednesday 61, 70 thursday, maybe a thunderstorm around here for friday, look at our satellite radar, waking up with sunshine we will get clouds
7:34 am
moving in later, clouds on the horizon, this afternoon part hi to mostly cloudy afternoon should be dry rain will stay off north and west and deliver a couple nice days around here temperature wise. 52 today, morning sun afternoon clouds breezes out to the south, instead of the north to northwest gusty 25 miles an hour breezy day mostly cloudy, not as cold overnight 38 your overnight low the all important springtime forecast, mix of clouds and sun, 61 degrees late shower and there you go thursday 70, thunderstorms a possibility around here for the cool weather before it arrives for the weekend. that is weather, let's do traffic julie. a new problem to report this time around inbound on the clara barton parkway as you try to work your way out towards the glen echo turn around crew in sky fox live over the scene if you have travelling inbound as you head out towards the glen echo turn around three vehicles involved in this crash as you can see they are off to that narrow right shoulder
7:35 am
traffic is able to get by at this point traffic definitely grid locked as you travel inbound leaving the belt way then the pace improves as you turn out towards fletchers boat house again accident a activity, headed out towards the glen echo turn around. other side of town we have delays, as you work your way inbound george washington parkway, continuing out towards 123, inner loop of the belt way, springfield, 66, 23 minute commute, lanes here are open, if you are travelling northbound on 395, we had accident activity a second accident, before the 14th street bridge now out of the roadway again traffic remains heavy and slow headed out towards pentagon park. thanks julie. well, as we continue to recognize black history month here at fox 5 we are bringing you incredible stories from our own backyard this morning a at
7:36 am
american community you may be surprised to learn not only when it came to be but where it was established. >> this is what arlington national cemetery is known for today. providing a final and fitting farewell to the thousands who honorably served our country. nestled in these immaculate green hills is also the story of a people, longing to be free and a government, ready to offer asylum. >> here in section 27 arlington national cemetery you will find remains of u.s. colored troops many of whom fought in the civil war but 3800 of these head stones mark the final resting place of freed and escaped slaves who found refuge in life not far from this very spot. >> during the civil war thousands of enslaved people found their way to union camps, seeking protection from their
7:37 am
confederate masters tens of thousands of these men, women and children known as contrabands or refugees flocked to the federal city overtime the government had nowhere to house them all >> they had over crowding and disease they decided to move the freed men into the pure fresh air of the country over in arlington. >> so in 1863, on this site of what was then the grounds of the plantation a planned community was established known as freedman's villain here the formerly enslaved would receive federal assistance opportunities for paid work and ability to learn a trade and go to school. >> village did flourish there were hospitals, two schools many permanent structures none of which are here today but it did flourish. >> this is a scale model what the village looked like made up of 50 duplex homes meant to house two families places of
7:38 am
worship, school, meeting hall, hospital, home for older and ill residents and a pond all surrounded by green space the growth of the village is noted in the growth of the student population. the settlement's first school started out with 150 students, later, there would be as many as900 students adults and children in attendance the village would thy for more than 30 years and at its most crowded time thousands of freed blacks called it home but the settlement was never meant to be permanent housing soon it would be reclaimed by the government eventually used as the nations cemetery. >> by 1890s, very very few people really left and the government was moving towards re-establishing the village many live in the local area still names prevalent in freedman's village are residents. >> this here is my great grandmother and her husband
7:39 am
charles and my grandfather. >> craig is able to trace his family's roots to his enshrived ancestors at -- enslaved ancestors at arlington house after his great grandparents received their freedom they would live out their days in freed man's villain >> i have a feeling of closeness to my family and understanding what is going on i have researched it quite a bit and understand what they were thinking and going through when they were here and their mood and things and the children that they had 13 to deal with and they all grew up to be successful people. >> the family's history is well documented but his story ans like dr. williams with the black heritage museum in arlington are looking to preserve the history of freedman's village for generations to come and currently working on long range plans to build a museum not far from the site of the old
7:40 am
village. >> we don't want it to be forgotten there is a lot more history if we don't document it in some way it will soon be forgotten. >> and that is too big of a price to pay, for the men, women and children, who escaped bondage to once call this sacred ground their home. freedman's village was arlington's first african american community when it closed in 1889 many families stayed close went on the develop community that is thrive today like knock, halls hill, drew and arlington overview and tony another interesting note the abolitionists and women's rights activist, truth lived at that villain for a year and serve as a preacher, counsellor and helped unemployed find work. >> a lot of that i never knew. >> right. >> that is amazing. >> it is amazing. >> to know some of those families are still in that area
7:41 am
and founded communities that still exist. >> right. >> that is a great piece. >> more next week i am working on a couple other pieces to talk about how neighbourhoods changed drastically that we take foregranted though this type of people this is all this demographic it is not what you thing we have a great history right here in dc. >> i do look forward to that. 7:41 a.m. still ahead, chris brown and rhianna, they are back together again? well, kind of. not what you think we've got details coming up. >> first a look at today's my fox half off deal it is a good one $59 buys you a 1 month membership plus 1 month unlimited yoga and massage or facial at mint it is a holistic fitness center with two locations in dc that package would normally run you $210 to learn more go to look for the my fox half off deal you will find it on the right side of the home page. 7:41 a.m. we will be right back
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all right we are talking about chris brown and rhianna, let me get that script together and despite their turbulent history, chris brown and rhianna are collaborating on two song remixes brown sings on the remix of her birthday cake and she is on the remix of his up beat tune, turn up the music both songs hit the internet yesterday you will recall brown attacked his then girlfriend rhianna in 2009 he did plead guilty to felony charge and serving 5 years probation last year a judger raced a restraining order after rhianna did not object to removing it. >> dunkin donuts is set to open shop in india in june the first dunkin donuts will open in new delhi, 80 to 100 more stores will open across the country in the next five years the menu will include their staples but also some dishes that appeal to indian pallet, starbucks isn't far behind they plan to open it first store in india, as early
7:46 am
as august. that is a huge growth opportunity there. >> yeah. >> for companies like that. they will make more money. >> mm-hmm. >> didn't i hear kentucky fried chicken is all the rage in china. >> they actually have parties that all around the chicken. >> really? >> yeah it is like a big deal. >> it is delicious. >> american industry. >> there you go. >> yes. >> rhianna and chris brown are they back together? >> no, right? >> no, but they are friends. >> okay. >> some say maybe more than that. >> what do we know really. >> not much of anything. >> okay here is your weather cold, i know that. going to be mild afternoon i know that. breezy later today >> wow everything. >> i know a lot. >> 33 regan national, 25 cambridge, open it up for you 34 pittsburgh, new york city good morning 33 degrees boston
7:47 am
29 cold temperatures along the eastern sea board not going to last the jet stream is going to lift to the north as we get an area of high pressure offshore this would be a bermuda high in summer time and pump in unseasonably warm temperatures, today, 52, 53, check out your high, temperatures in the 60s maybe some 70s around here. >> don't tease me tucker >> by thursday allison would i steer you wrong? don't answer that. 65 degrees,. >> funny how i don't tell everyone when it is good news. >> okay tucker whatever you say. >> julie wright is here this morning with the latest on our traffic. unfortunately we have problems virginia travelling northbound 395, accident number one, along the right side of this transition lane to merge into the mainline northbound 395 accident activity tieing up this transition line, causing an early merge mainline
7:48 am
stacking up duke street, heading north trying to work your way up past landmark and seminary road accident 2 up closer to the pentagon we have another crash tieing up the center of the roadway, v dot on the scene as well right underneath this overpass accident activity with state police in play slowing down your roll. accident land over, on the belt way near 450, along the right side, northbound george washington parkway, checking a crash near 123. well, time to indulge for a day on this fat tuesday. >> annie yu celebrating mardi gras at bayou bakery arlington hey, annie. >> hey, tony and allison we are getting you in the spirit let's start with the b these stand for something gold is for power, take a look at that, green is for faith and purple is for justice so there is a meaning behind the colors here i have earned my beads this
7:49 am
morning we are get into the spirit here, we will learn more about the history and tradition of the king cakes and delicious food here back to you. thanks annie we want to say good morning to cocoa she is our facebook fan of the day, she is on the heart transplant list and since february, is american heart month, cocoa wants to encourage everyone to become a organ donor and be heart healthy if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day post a comment under the picture of lovely cocoa ♪
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okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? like that, that's great. love that. annie yu is celebrating
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mardi gras at buy you bakery, -- bayou bakery, arlington virginia. >> she is learning more and more about the festivities including what to eat are you having a good time. >> having a blast take a look at this long row of cakes here the king cakes, david the owner here has been working away for the past few days they stopped making them three days ago they just got overwhelmed i believe they sent some to the white house, so that is quite impressive joining me now is david of course. >> hey, good morning to you. >> david you are a new orleans native now in dc. >> that's right. >> tell us about the history of this day, why the big celebration. >> you know it is one of those things it is like loading up for the winter before hibernation, we go all out from january 6th all the way to mardi gras day, ash wednesday the day before and getting ready for lent, got to put somethings away and do some sacrificing so do it new orleans style and live it up a little bit that is what we are doing here bayou bakery.
7:54 am
>> david has gotten an hour and 15 minutes sleep. >> 1 hour 20 minutes nap. >> this is a man working for you. >> this is our king cake, danish inside, pipeline of cream cheese filling, we have our justice, faith and power represented by the colors everyone gets a trinket the baby. >> what is the deal with the baby. >> i knew you were going to ask that. >> i have to. >> it started out as a gem, there was a bean for awhile and now it is sort of back down to the baby, and you know, it is about you know big jc and obviously all around the catholic calendar it is a wonderful way to celebrate and people in new orleans start buying them as early as january 6th that is when we started making them and it is the perfect thing i know you guys
7:55 am
got them down -- >> don't forget the baby. >> of course by all means. >> we had some people call us and ask us just for some babies, throwing their own party like i can't find babies you can't just buy a few of them for regular guests we give them some babies we are not into selling babies not my thing don't misunderstand what is going on here everybody gets a history card a little bit about what it is all about. >> wrap it up out the door you have sold many of the past few days chef >> quite a few. >> tell us about the specials going on. >> from 5 to 11:00 p.m. we have oyster guys coming here, they shuck for that whole night, a limited menu but still parade route food seafood yum bailie yeah, house muffalata and all beef hot dogs boiled in crab boil, something unique and different but we have these cards you can prepurchase when
7:56 am
you get here so you don't have to come to the register every 10 seconds for another beer. >> you are expecting a lot of people and a parade route for the claendon parade that kicks off 8:00 p.m. you are a short distance away start the party here you want food, gumbo in your system before you head out. log on to we have information listed there back to you. it is a party. >> let the good times roll. let the good times roll. >> you spent time down there. >> that is the only thing i know. >> did you live there? >> no, i wish i did. >> if you drink diet soda, listen up a new study reveals an alarming trend for people who drink it on a daily basis. lots of people do. also, the inside scoop into the competitive world of dog shows i had the opportunity to sit down with the young lady who is local and her dog whose name is wizard who took home
7:57 am
some serious hard ware from this year's westminster junior competition coming up in 45 minutes. what a nice dog that was too. >> cool  when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
new details about a death of a 13-year-old in maryland he opened the door of a moving car because he needed to throw up but ended up falling out and being run over. this morning what his mother says led to his sickness and her warning for other teens. then, the guardian angels are out early letting commuters know how to stay safe after a rash of robberies around the district we are on the scene live. listen up, diet soda may be better for your waistline some say, but dangerous when it comes to your heart and brain. more on that new study when the fox medical team's dr. mike joins us live in our next hour an eye opening study good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour we say good morning to you and tucker barnes, a fresh look at the weather tucker good morning. >> good morning chilly out there, low 20s.
8:01 am
30s. springtime regime later this afternoon middle of the week, it will feel like april,. >> exciting. >> honestly it will feel like april later this week let's kick it off with a look at our satellite radar you will see not much of anything clouds out there streaming through and out to the west here more cloudiness that will move in this afternoon enjoy the morning sunshine as warmer air moves in south and west, temperatures still cold at the moment regan national reporting a temperature of 33 degrees ocean city 23, 25 fredericksburg, 25 winchester good riddance to the icy cold out there, next couple days featuring very mild temperatures starting with this afternoon, 52 daytime high in washington, 54 fredericksburg middle of the weekend of the week we will be near 70 details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you sir. >> julie wright is with us she has the latest on your on time
8:02 am
traffic. hey, julie >> i thought you were going to say she is fabulous as well. >> you are too julie. >> fabulous. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> allison gets $1 i didn't have to bribe her tony. >> you are incredible. incredible. >> on the roads right now we are talking 395, problems this morning, accident number 2 occurred up here near the pentagon headed towards the 14th street bridge finally moved out of the roadway again traffic backed up northbound 395 headed up towards glieb road the accident activity tieing up that right transition lane, to go northbound 395 that is why you fies are on the brakes, outer loop of the belt way, crash at 450, on the shoulder outer loop, closed, leaving 95 college park gw parkway wreck 123 now on the shoulder that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. now efforts to put an end to a crime wave in dc, so far in
8:03 am
2012 we've seen more than double the amount of robberies than last year, fox 5s. melanie alnwick is live with more on today's top story. well, tony this is what police really want viewers to think about, think about their habits, practices have they ever walked down the street listening to their music with the ear buds in not aware of their surroundings gotten lost in a conversation on their smart phone those are the activities that are making people targets of armed robbers and thieves crimes happened all over this city but they have taken people by surprise in areas that they usually thought they would be safe. thieves are targeting the personal technology so they can turn it around and resell it for a quick $50 there have been several hundred incidents this year and guardian angels are out, hitting metro stationother public places to warn people. >> little do they know, they are making themselves a target if you have your phone out,
8:04 am
have your head phones in you can't see your surroundings. >> someone will get hurt soon a lot of these robberies occurring now are with handguns and because someone has a handgun, it is amount of time you are going to say you are not going to take my cell phone or my tablet someone is going to be shot. that is what we want to prevent. >> there has been some arrests but dc police say not all of these crimes are connected to the same people or groups of people and they continue to happen, dc police have increased patrols they have made suspicious activity calls to 911 a priority they have offered $10,000 rewards for information leading to arrests of people either stealing the phones or selling those illegal phones but it seems this is a problem that is going on in all of the big cities right now the guardian angels say they are going to be out all this week at metro stations and other public places to warn people what is going on. >> be aware and be careful
8:05 am
thank you very much. >> meanwhile the trial of five men accused in a series of deadly shootings in dc begins today violence started back in march of 2010, after a bracelet went missing, it resulted in the deaths of five people, three of the victims were teenagers killed in a drive by shooting south capital street opening statements get under way later this morning. it appears speed played a factor in a deadly car accident outside a fast food restaurant in maryland the driver of that bmw careened down martin luther king highway, and crashed into a kfc 6:30 p.m. last night one person inside the car was killed, still not known if that person was the driver or a passenger. four others were injured, they are all expected to survive. a bizarre accident involving two cars and a deer claimed the life of an arlington virginia man saturday night louden county, route 9
8:06 am
just west of route 704, a 26- year-old was in the front seat passenger in a nissan when suddenly, the deer came crashing down through the windshield he died from his injuries the driver of another car hit the deer as it was trying to cross the road the victim's best friend was driving he walked away with minor injuries. i just heard the explosion on my windshield, and i stopped my car, it was nothing i could do he just came like that to me. you know, i know i was watching my side and i didn't see anything. >> the man unfortunately killed was 26-year-old. the man driving the prius and his passenger are both all right. >> update on the teenager who
8:07 am
died last weekend after falling out of a moving car in baltimore county his name was 13-year-old michael trueluck he was unfortunate run over by another car he son had been drinking an energy drink with alcohol before the accident and she wants his friends to learn from this accident, police say he opened a car door to throw up, as his step father made a turn no charges will be filed against the driver. allison, rick santorum is surging ahead in the polls according to gallup he holds a 10% lead over mitt romney the largest lead to date just two weeks ago romney was in the lead 37-16%, gop candidates are campaigning hard for what remains but what happens rather if no republican presidential candidate has the majority of
8:08 am
delegates needed to win. aiynsley earheart has answers. >> reporter: remaining gop candidates tell us how much campaign cash they raised in january ron paul 4.5 million, so did rick santorum gingrich 5.5 million mitt romney 6.5 million since there is no candidate with momentum something they will need the cash for a bitter fight. >> we have a lot of folks running. >> if santorum wins good super tuesday and romney falls behind delegate wise something all this time and money campaigning could be a waste, it could all lead to a situation called brokered convention, this means no candidate has the majority of delegates needed to win the nomination making the republican convention in tampa more interesting they would vote for their pledged candidate after they dead lock they could vote for whom ever they want on the next ballot and then the next people who didn't run could get nominated. >> i have won four races as a
8:09 am
conservative. >> experts may be coming to a brokered conclusion too fast. >> we have a case of premature election identity we have had 5 contests that awarded ballot's. it could happen. life on pluto sure you can make up all kinds of scenarios in all likelihood once some body starts to win they keep on winning. >> chances of a brokered convention would go up if others enter the race next month >> i would not be interested i would be interested in finding someone who can present a really credible, winning alternative. >> republican convention in tampa is in late august in new york, aiynsley ear heart, fox news. >> it is 9 minutes after the hour, 33 degrees on this tuesday morning apple has settled a class action lawsuit if you own an iphone you may be getting money back more on that when fox 5 morning news continues.
8:10 am
>> we are monitoring metro, more on why you better hope your cell phone works because, pay phones may be hard to come by within metro stations. we will talk about that stay with us, 10 minutes after 8  it's where you spend a lifetime so your kids can go to collegeg. so you can actually visit that beach proudly displayed on your monitor. for that, you work through lunch.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
do you have an iphone 4? you may have some cash coming your way apple settled a class action lawsuit, promising $15 or a from case to anyone who bought the phone. soon after it went on sale in 2010 owners began to complain about dropped calls turned out to be an antenna issue users experienced reception problems when the phone was held in the first spot, 21 million customers are eligible. now i wish i had an iphone so i wish i could get that free case. >> does that offset all the dropped calls. >> no. >> tucker barnes, the latest on this mornings weather forecast and more it is that time >> i guess it is.
8:14 am
>> you got it tony, it is the warm up pack for of the day temperature -- factor of the day temperatures hanging out, my first 5 photo of the day 4- year-old. >> wow he is excited. >> 4-year-old aiden. why does he look so happy allison. >> is it santa claus maybe? >> no. >> easter bunny? >> that isn't easter bunny. >> aidens reaction upon entering georgetown cupcake the first time. >> yeah, they just told him the price of a cupcake. >> that is a great picture. >> aiden those are great cupcakes, i am sure what you mom or dad paid for it, sit back and enjoy it. >> thank you so much to send us your child's picture go to click on morning tab. all right here is your headline, the only headline you
8:15 am
need to know more like spring this week, winter temperatures after this morning and we are going to surge into the 60s maybe low 70s i will say it again 60s maybe low 70s around here as we get into the middle and end of the week it is chilly 34 regan national, humidity 75% and your winds out of the south and west, 5 miles per hour they will pick up today it will be a breezy afternoon with winds gusting, 20, 25 miles per hour later today. satellite radar one or two clouds, see more cloud cover this afternoon this radar, satellite we are not seeing the actual cloud cover there is some cloud cover out to the west and maybe a sprinkle if you are well off north and west portions of west virginia, western maryland around here just cloud cover along with these temperatures, 52, should be a dry one breezy, 61 tomorrow late day shower, 70 on thursday, 65 on friday, springtime thunderstorm hard to believe it is end of february
8:16 am
here as we get into the middle and end of the week more details on the forecast coming up in a minute. julie wright. all right tucker travelling eastbound i-70, this morning approaching 32, accident activity in your way causing significant tie ups right now eastbound along i-70. other side of town busy, outer loop of the belt way as you approach 450, accident activity on the shoulder, not so bad a little loose as you continue past 650 over towards university boulevard the lanes here are open. problems coming south george washington parkway accident activity occurred, northbound side approaching the belt way, slowing from the belt way headed out, 22 minute commute right now, claire barton parkway, recovering from that earlier crash that has cleared lanes open once again southbound 270 on the brakes, montgomery village avenue, headed for the split that is a check of your fox 5 on time
8:17 am
traffic. >> thank you very much if you are looking for a working pay phone inside a metro station that may become a very difficult search our next guest explains why she is teacher weir transportation reporter at the washington examiner, she joins us with more on the phone story and highlights on the upcoming agenda, the phone story is one you are working out soon first thanks for being here. we appreciate it. let's talk about the beginning of a new workweek a lot of commuters off for three days coming back what is going on this week any new trouble spots they need to know about. >> sure as usual there will be track work this week, stuff during the middle of the day and at night starting as early as 8:00 p.m. if you a late work day plan ahead and count for those delays if you are taking metro the only line there is not any track work is yellow line those riders get a break everyone gets a break this weekened there is not going to be any
8:18 am
shut downs, maybe some single tracking but no shut downs which is great. >> good news and it is amazing easier to report where there is no track work than where there is. no track work on yellow line everywhere else track work. >> everywhere else some kind of shut down or single tracking. >> it is an inconvenience that slows things down but this is work that needs to be done, regarding safety of the system and all that. >> right. metro says they have a huge backlog of work and they are playing catch up for riders that means a lot of catch up and weeks years months ahead, and it is going to be a lot of delays. >> you mention this weekend, you will get relief, and then is there other relief later on. >> yes, that's true during the cherry blossom festival they usually suspend track work because they have to many visitors in town they try to give everyone a break then after the festival, this year 5 weeks long, there will be a lot more track work ahead. >> after that so good. let's talk about this phone
8:19 am
story running in the examiner soon about pay phones at the stations, many of them don't work. >> yeah, so for a long time metro made money off their pay phones, they got a million dollars year everyone was putting phones in making calls now people have smart phones cell phones, last year verizon said we don't want to be in this business any more metro tried to find an alternative they said they were willing to pay someone $100,000 a year to service the phones and since july no one has been servicing them they haven't found a contract when a phone breaks it is done. >> mow the problem there obviously not everyone has a cell phone and not all the stations -- aren't we still a ways off from stations all being able, that you can use your cell phones. >> 27 stationsened ground that don't have any cell phone service and won't until october. so if you have an emergency or need someone to pick you up or someone with a disability and can't use a cell phone because
8:20 am
they are hearing impaired, you know, then you might have a little bit of a problem that is one reason the board really wanted to have one working pay phone in every single station, with tty capability so people with hearing impairment can use them right now they don't have a contract no one wants to do the job. >> because pay phones are going away. >> speaking of the metro board let's talk about things upcoming. >> sure on tomorrow, the metro is basically going for dc council to have a little bit of an oversight hearing to see how they are spending their money and get some hard questions asked by the dc con sill and then on thursday -- council and then on thursday, metro board has a regular meeting they will talk about safety and security and probably talk a little bit about the budget stuff and for riders, that is a big thing, because they are going to be fare increases in july, public meetings about that starting next monday where riders can you know have a say as to whether they -- how they feel
8:21 am
about having their pay -- their fares go up. >> there will be several of those hearings where public can weigh in. >> six of those, two each in the district, maryland and virginia, they all start 6:00 p.m. at night for some people they will not be able to get to them. you can always send written comments as well. >> good information hopefully we will see you again. keisha wair good to see you. >> allison. thank you very much tuesday morning officials in one maryland county will debate an english only ordinance today, more on their reasoning behind that, when we come back. >> then a little later we are celebrating mardi gras at the bayou bakery it is not just with king cakes and sweets, this hour we are talking about costumes and mixing up drinks. stay with us  [ female announcer ] off limits?
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in virginia the house could vote on a bill that would require women to get an ultrasound before having an abortion, the legislation passed senate earlier this month yesterday more than a thousand people turned out at at that capital, protesting the bill and other proposed legislation lawmakers had to walk through the protestors who were locked arm in arm in front
8:25 am
of the capital building. final vote could come this week in maryland's same-sex marriage debate at the state house, there were cheers after the house of delegates, passed legislation that would allow gay couples to marry. judicial proceedings committee is expected to vote on the bill today, senate approved a similar bill last year. >> proposal making english the official language of frederick county government is up for vote tonight it would require official action to be taken only in english and would help deter illegal immigrants from settling in frederick county. opponents maintain the use of other languages could protect public health and safety. 8:25 a.m., 33 degrees out there on this tuesday morning diet soda may be good for your waistline but dangerous when it comes to your heart and brain. more on that new study when fox medical team dr. mike joins us live. >> also in our next half hour
8:26 am
we will introduce you to a young maryland woman just back from the westminster dog show the 16-year-old took home an award for best junior with her english spaniel more on how this is a family affair for them later does she get the award or the dog. >> good question they both can share it. >> okay >> okay ♪
8:27 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. 8:29 a.m. taking a look at stories making headlines, operation enduring freedom claimed the life of another maryland service man. he died saturday after his plane crashed in africa, the 26- year-old was one of four men killed in that accident the cause of the accident is under investigation. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly apartment fire in southeast, the flames broke out just after 8:00 p.m. last night basement of the
8:30 am
building good hope road a woman was rushed to hospital she later died three other people were treated and released. anacostia high school will open as scheduled today days after the roof caught on fire the fire broke out friday afternoon, the building was evacuated, no students were hurt, authorities say the incident happened in an area where they were doing construction. white house will be blue tonight,. obama's hosting big names for a celebration called red white and blues, buddy guy, bb king, mick jagr among performer held in honor of black history month, to find out how to watch it live go to look under web links we don't even have to wait to watch it we can watch it live. >> how fortunate are we buddy guy and bb king are still active, still doing their thing, still playing, and mick
8:31 am
jagger for that matter. >> i was going to say what about mick he looks the oldest of that group. >> he does you are right. >> but, it is just great, just great that will be a good -- that is something i would like to go to. >> living legends, truly you don't throw that word around that phrase lightly. >> all of them. >> tucker. >> yeah. >> abba is not included. >> you are a big abba guy >> i don't know anything about abba. >> our executive producer loves abba. >> take a chance on me that's all i know. >> you know dancing queen. >> of course i saw the play. >> mama mia. >> that great blues music now dancing queen. >> you started it. >> my fault, sorry. >> it is a great song. >> it is such a great song. >> we love matt. >> what you are saying abba shouldn't go to the white house. >> not for this.
8:32 am
regan national, it will give you blues this morning, you will be cold, temperatures. >> thanks tony >> i like allison's laugh a little better, 40 annapolis, 34 leonard town it is chilly out there, could be left over ice but later today temperatures will be up in the 50s for afternoon highs we will lose that snow pack shortly high temperatures for the rest of the week we will i promise have no further snow pack in a few days your satellite radar, cloud cover move in today, sunshine to start your day and then partly to mostly cloudy later today, rain showers you see west, staying north and west will dry up as they move across the area, that cloud cover will move in this is the leading edge of warmer air up ahead, winds push out of the south here gusting to 25 today even with temperatures in the 50s it will be breezy, this afternoon jet stream will do one of those as high pressure
8:33 am
gets parked off the southeast coast with winds out of the south enjoy temperatures starting tomorrow well above normal, tomorrow 60s then as we get into thursday, we will be flirting with 70s not far away. your 5 day forecast, nice this afternoon, mild this afternoon 52, clouds around, could be late day showers tomorrow 61, 70 on thursday, maybe a thunderstorm why not, thunderstorms by friday temperatures mid-60s that is weather allison i will toss it to you. tucker thank you. diet soda may help you lose weight but a new study shows that drinking diet soda every day can lead to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke the fox medical team's dr. mike joins us with more on these dangers good morning to you i hope that is a regular coke. >> it is a diet coke. holy cow. good morning. >> good morning allison how are
8:34 am
you? >> doing well but this study will have a lot of people nervous it appeared in the journal of general internal medicine. >> basically what this showed there was increased risk for believe it or not heart attack and stroke when people would drink a lot of diet soda, so this is not the first study that has looked at diet drinkwhether it is a good thing or not there have been animal studies showing even if it is diet you can gain weight, so i tell people, and i tell my patients it is not good to mess with mother nature. i tell all my patients and myself, i drink flavoured silt certificate water with natural flavouring in -- sell sever water with natural flavouring in it. >> people 59 years or older who drank it daily what do you thing about this group?
8:35 am
there are a lot of young people who drink this diet soda was did it say about the younger people? any word on that? >> well, the thing is, what is it doing to us? there are some studies that show, drinking anything sweet even if it is a diet drink nonnutritive, can add weight, training the brain into thinking we want sweet stuff and want more that is my concern, about all of this and i love it because in america, what we do allison is we have our steak and then our cheese cake oh, and then at the end of the dinner we have our coffee with splenda and it is okay it is all right i have done my part for my obesity problem i took coffee with a nonnutritive sweetener it is not the right thing to do. >> we will look more on that study. thanks for weighing in on us.
8:36 am
>> seltzer water allison >> i like that very much tony back to you >> i am with him. 8:35 a.m., tuesday morning one presidential hopeful thinks he can get gas prices down to $2 a gallon why federal workers are upset about the future of their pay check and retirement contributions stay with us it is 8:36 a.m.
8:37 am
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looking for work don't forget to check out our job shop our job of the day is with the progressive health group columbia maryland looking for a staffing coordinator for more on this job and many others, go to click on the job shop tab on top of our home page. new federal government employees will have to contribute 3% of salaries for their retirement, that is instead of the 1% federal workers currently county brute one way congress -- contribute,one way they plan to prevent social security taxes from going up president obama wants federal workers to pick up more pension costrepublicans want to freeze their pay until 2014. how about a little good news for you, talking about gas prices now after a big jump over the weekened, prices have
8:40 am
stayed steady overnight in dc and virginia according to triple-a the average price for a gal will be of regular unleaded is 3.76 in dc and 3.5 4 virginia, unfortunately prices did go up a penny in maryland overnight 3.62. >> on the campaign trail, republican presidential hopefuls touching on the high gas prices newt gingrich says his policies could lower the cost of gas dangling the idea of $2 gas prices if elected his prediction contrast what his rival, rick santorum told an audience yesterday saying americans living in big cities should brace themselves for $5 a gallon gas prices. >> all right it is 8:40 on tuesday morning still ahead, we will introduce you to a young maryland woman just back from the westminster dog show. >> the 16-year-old took home award for best junior with her english spaniel more on how this is a family affair really when we come back annie good
8:41 am
morning. good morningallison and tony, my girlfriend simone and i are decked out in bling. how you can eastern this at the real parade. simone is david's wife, and he owns bayou bakery where we are this morning we are having a little too much fun. >> new orleans. >> stay with us on fox 5 morning news i can't stand these spots.
8:42 am
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this is so random in the morning. >> yeah. we keep going back you know it is not prime party time right now in new orleans but people are down in the french quarter, walking around, you know, this is what is going on they are pretty bare but thousands of people will be filling these streets later today to celebrate mardi gras, today of course fat tuesday time to get all the partying out of the system before the season of lent or repenitence begins. all right you can't have a mardi gras celebration without
8:45 am
some festive drinks. >> this morning annie yu is celebrating mardi gras at the bayou bakery learning more about the festive drinks i would imagine the hurricane comes on that list good morning. >> that's very good allison we will make that. there goes my hat. so to get in the spirit you need some serious bling, simone this is dave's wife the oner here hello. >> hello. >> happy mardi gras she walks in here with bags of goodies and starts just whipping it out and lays it on us what do we have here how does one earn their beads. >> look at that king cake baby bracelet. or you can really have the big shiny bright diamond ring but then this is the keeper of this year, this is really from a king in mardi gras in new orleans, you can't catch this off the float, so, i was very good friends with someone there, but the all woman parade
8:46 am
thursday night how about that. >> you had some serious bags when you walked in how did you earn them simone. >> it is having a good cocktail and screaming. >> you have to really yell. >> yell. >> that's it. >> so i am going to head over to your husband david. >> good morning. >> what are we whipping up here. >> punch called rebirth a mixture of fur or five fresh squeezed juices, rum to warm the belly and grenadine we will serve these and other fun punches and cocktails this evening we have a masked mystery mixologist who will play host tonight and we've got you know also doing some bloody maries because it wouldn't be you know, new orleans without a little of that too. so we got a little vodka of course and our house made bloody mary mix that is just a good old horseradish black
8:47 am
pepper, worcesterrer shire and we put house pickled green beans, lime and olives. >> what are other traditional drinks for mardi gras. >> cocktail, new orleans the list is very long but i think what you find most families and groups sort of making for mardi gras day are big batches of punch, bring it out to the parade route you don't want to have multiple components mixing on the parade route, easy, big, put it in a gallon jug, new orleans dak rivers are big they have drive through daker rivers in new orleans here in virginia we don't have. >> we don't even have drive through starbucks. >> anything that can come in big gallon drugs ice cold beer they bring the ice chefs out you see the motorized ice chefs, built in scooters people are riding up and down the parade route on. a lot of fun so anything that is easy and fast and do the job.
8:48 am
>> let's tack about this sandwich. >> a muffalata this will be on the menu this evening, we have a limited menu, house made sesame seed bun, hardy italian roll, salami, provolone cheese this can be yours if you buy that ticket we talked about earlier the food ticket that way we cut down on the trans actions and people sitting in line. >> super pack. >> 5 to 11 stop here before you head out to the parade which begins at 8:00 p.m. festivities here begin at 5:00 p.m. david is from new orleans he is a native you are getting real authentic cuisine. >> bringing some culture to arlington and dc. >> back to you in >> it is a pa >> well, it is hard to forget this face that is the pekinese
8:49 am
right that won crowned top dog at westminster dog show but, malachy's oner isn't the only one celebrating the winner of the top overall prize for junior showmanship is anya kelly from maryland who recently brought her english spaniel, win free's do you believe in magic they call him wizard, she brought her champion to our studios for a visit. >> tell us about this journey i am sure you had no doubt, that your dog would win. >> well, it was very exciting and i always look forward to it year round something that all juniors really prepare a long time for, and you work on obviously the coat for a long time, months and months to get ready for it that is really the main thing all year you work towards, so it was very exciting and deciding what outfits to bring and picking out your westminster suit was really exciting. >> and it all paid off and mom
8:50 am
you have been in this world when i read the bio, 40 years i was like that cannot be right but then you started as just a wee little lamb, tell me what this world is it is exciting. >> it is the best part about it you get to spend quality time with your dog and that is what it is all about loving your dog and having fun with your dog and getting to see your hard work pay off all the successes that you can earn along the way and watching my daughter carry on in this same tradition has been a thrill for me. >> my mother got us all into this she actually started us. >> right. >> she is our third generation of doing this >> i love that. >> it is a lot of fun. >> and speaking of generations, of winners and champions let's talk about your prized pooch here, dare i even call it a pooch? but tell me about him whom you affectionately call wizard i gave the akc name right tell us about wizard just getting up
8:51 am
for this whole challenge. >> he really is an amazing dog obviously we started out as a junior i wanted a dog i could groom a smaller dog, and we picked him based on just overall really affectionate breed and they are great dogs he has been a joy to have and i can't really think of anything negative to say about him this is pretty much what he does. >> he is a cuddler. >> he is english cocker. >> right. >> 6 years old. >> and i asked you before playfully is he like a regular dog? i wonder about that. they are athletes. >> he definitely is love to play with his toys his favorite game to play is soccer. >> so take him out in the backyard and take a soccer ball out he had a grand time. >> regular dog at that point. >> so dr. kelly what do you have in your lap here? this is like the equivalent of super bowl ring. >> exactly they gave her this really beautiful sash ribbon,
8:52 am
and then another very large first place ribbon, and she got a few other nice trophies and her name gets permanently engraved on the westminster trophy so forever her name is on this beautiful big trophy it is just a nice way to look back because next year she gets to be the trophy precenter for the junior who wins next year >> i see. pass on the torch. >> will you continue to do this anya? >> i will in the breed ring that is when they judge the dog not you showing the dog. i work for a professional handlers who do it for a living it is fun to learn about all did i have aren't kinds of breeds they show i get to learn all the grooming on tonnes of breeds. >> so wonderful to have that passion could we have him stand so i can see him, as he looks as he won i know he is like relaxing. >> good boy. >> and how long does it take to groom this skirt and the whole
8:53 am
thing. >> i leave myself before we go in the ring about 2 hours or maybe more depends and depends on how much i feel >> having watched the show, from afar and in my home i know that all of this matters they judge on what were they looking at specifically with your dog? >> mainly just how i presented him, with his ears being the way they are and his tail et cetera there are certain ways you have to hold it like you hold his tail at a certain level all the way up or down and his years you flip up more based on how i presented him to the judge. >> right. >> where as other dogs, may be head down or do different things. >> mom you must be proud. >> i am a very proud mom absolutely and she is a very hard worker she grooms that dog 100% by herself does all the exercising all the care for the dog, so that part of it is really rewarding to watch her
8:54 am
grow and become more responsible and take care of this dog and good time management skills she had to learn to get to the ring on time because she also was working and had to take care of the dalmation who won group 1 was her bosses dog and the weimeraner was more bosses dog as well. >> she had to get there on time and win it. >> all right. >> proud mama dr. rachel kelly thank you so much for being here and thank you may i call him wizard. >> please. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> family from dun kirk maryland. >> close encounters for players for fans at an intrastate basketball rivalry as the magic and heat battle it out e 300- pound glen davis hopped over
8:55 am
the judges -- oh, this poor little kid, third quarter lebron james ended up spilling drinks landing in the lap of the young fan the boy was not happy no serious injuries the stories taking too long to read compared to the picture. >> >> former president bill clinton, in the crowd good news no close encounters for him miami won 90-78. little kid goes i'm fine. >> he did >> i'm fine. >> well, from facebook to google and a new controversy over what the search site was doing with your information some call it a serious invasion of privacy, we will take a closer look at 9:15 a.m. >> also next hour fighting back against the high price of getting caught by a dc speed camera, you will want to hear that stay with us we will be right back [ female announcer ] ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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an effort to reduce crime a rash of robberies involving smart phones live as the guardian angels work to curb this problem. >> even if you are computer savvy one search engine may be watching you, two internet browsers pointing fingers at google claiming it bypassed privacy settings find out what this means for you. and the better end the author joins us to talk about his new book. i am allison seymour >> i am tony perkins we thank you for joining us we are celebrating mardi gras. annie yu is out and about we will get with her in a bit. >> tucker barnes joining us from down stairs not on bourbon street. >> definitely not on bourbon street. we are in for a nice


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