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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 following two big stories tonight, a rash of robberies continues to plague the district. police say six more people have been robbed in just two hours tonight. but we begin with a deadly crash at a kfc restaurant. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter.
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we're learning new details about the woman behind the wheel. police say helena smith was going close to 100 miles an hour moments before her car left the road. that was just a month after she was ticketed for doing 91 on the beltway. fox 5's will thomas live at the scene of the crash with more now. >> reporter: good evening. just 24 hours ago when we were first bringing you the images of the scene we were across the street and what you could see from the footage even sky fox is that blackburned out smashed up bmw here on its side, another smashed up car right beside it. the car came careening through here right through the gas station parking lot ending up here. what some people said who actually the witnessed this, had that bmw not hit the parked car in front of the kfc, they believe that car would have flown right through the plate glass windows taking down customers. we're told it was packed because it was dinner time yesterday. >> this was again at a family function. >> reporter: remembering her niece at the very spot she lost
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her life monday evening. 29-year-old helena smith was behind the wheel of her bmw when she lost control. police say she hit the curb along mlk boulevard, went airborne, then cartwheeled 100 yards before smashing into this red suv parked in front of the kfc. >> it was just believable, what in the world would have happened that somebody lose control like that. >> this vehicle was moving at an extreme rate of speed '. >> reporter: investigators know seat was a factor and some witnesses -- speed was a factor and some witnesses believe she was traveling at least 100 miles per hour. court records show maryland police ticketed smith january 27th while driving on the beltway. fox 5 learned she received five citations which include exceeding 91 miles per hour in a 55 zone, driving on a suspended license and no current registration and tags. >> it's just shocking to me that she would even drive at that high speed '. >> reporter: smith's aunt dorothy watched the story unfold monday night not knowing
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her niece was even involved. >> i was watching fox 5 around 11 p.m. last night and i saw the fatal accident here at this location and it just -- it was just terrible. >> reporter: now knowing she lost a loved one is already hard enough to accept, but then she had to make a most difficult phone call. you spoke with her mother in raleigh, north carolina. what did she say? >> she was devastated. she just couldn't believe it. i mean she asked me, you sure? are you sure and i said i am positive and it was just a state of unbelief. >> reporter: again helena smith lost her life out here. a male passenger in her car is hospitalized along with two others on the scene. we're told they all survived. >> do we know anything more about the driver? >> reporter: yeah. her aunt says she may have been heading to a place she was staying in landover. police say her fixed address was southeast. we're told by her aunt she was a delivery driver for the
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salvation army. 23-year-old ralph sudbrook is facing several charges after police say he stabbed a man during a road rain incident. it happened yesterday in gambrills maryland. the argument happened at a stoplight. police say the suspect stabbed the driver of a ford explorer after he approached the pt cruiser sud brook was driving in. the two were fighting when police arrived. four people had minor injuries. we are following breaking news now in the district, six now robberies tonight in just two hours. it's all part of a terrifying crime wave from northwest to southeast, armed thugs targeting people with smartphones and other personal electronics. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: the guardian angels spent the morning at the new york avenue metro station alerting commuters to the dramatic increase in armed robberies of smartphones and the like all across the city. >> a lot of these robberies that are occurring now are with
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handguns and because someone has a handgun is it a matter of time when somebody says no, you're not going to take my cell phone or my tablet and someone is going to be shot. >> reporter: this day's first robbery with reported violence and force here along 16th street northeast. >> you know, holding your phone, playing games with your phone, someone can easily come in and snatch it. >> reporter: the spike in these types of crimes is alarming numbering nearly 600 so far this year. are you careful when you're out and about? >> yes. it scares me. i don't want -- i want to be able to hair what's going on around me of. >> reporter: -- to hear what's going on around me. >> reporter: so you keep your earbuds out. among the several armed robberies last night here in the 2500 block of good hope road in southeast around 9:00 three masked men doing the crime. an hour earlier it was 13th and irving vote in columbia heights. >> there is some evidence historically that when you have this rash of crimes like this,
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a, there might be some kind of fad to it or copycat. it's east of opportunity and that sort of thing, but it may also be true a few people are doing a lot of the crimes. >> reporter: police now searching for ways to make smartphones a desirable target. >> long term the solution lies with the sales service industry. the big companies have to agree to disable these phones permanently when they're stolen. >> that's what we're looking at, is there a way to improve the locks, if you will to, make this thing really good for the people who should have it and then to render it useless for those who should not have it for one reason or another. >> reporter: john walls represents the wireless industry here in washington. >> it's a double edged sword in that respect in that it's great to be involved in an industry that does have such an attractive and productive device that everybody wants and now it's a challenge to find out how can we best protect consumers so that that device doesn't put them in unnecessary
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risk or harm? >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> the guardian angels plan to keep visiting metro stations over the coming weeks to warn people about the crime wave. the murder trial for a violent crime spree that hit the district in 2010 began today. prosecutors say a cheap fake diamond bracelet led to a series of shootings leaving five dead and more than a dozen hurt. five men are on trial charged with the shootings. the prosecutor says the violence began when a young man told his brother someone had stolen his bracelet. new tonight a d.c. firefighter sent home for wearing the wrong logo on his jacket. it's a fox 5 followup to an ongoing controversy over uniforms in the d.c. fire department. laura evans has the update now. >> when changes were made to the blowing owe on the uniforms of d.c. firefighters -- logo on the uniforms of d.c. firefighters, the chief warned he would discipline anyone wearing the old logo. today the battalion chief but lieutenant robert alvarado on
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administrative leave because of the logo on his coat, but alvarado said he believes it's more about retaliation. this is the jacket, the logo on the back is what caused the uproar. lieutenant robert alvarado wore it at the training school early tuesday. >> it's about 35 degrees outside. the training school is out of public view. so i was wearing a dcfd bluecoat that i had in order to stay warm. >> reporter: alvarado says he tried to get another jacket butts the department isn't issuing them -- but says the department isn't issuing them instead telling firefighters to wear the coats they use when sent out on calls. he said his is filthy from a recent fire. >> it's got toxins and carcinogens. it's designed to be warn in structure fires, not as a winter coach the. >> reporter: the union has fought against the uniform changes calling them unnecessarily expensive. they turned their backs on the chief during his recent state of the department speech.
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lieutenant robert alvarado has been among the most outmoney about the situation. he suspected it -- outspoken about the situation. he suspected it might result in retaliation and believes he is being singled out. he says it goes to a bigger issue of a pattern of intimidation and threats from the top down. >> i want to be able to come to work and not have to be afraid of more than dying on the job, to have extra stress added onto an already stressful job by a hostile fire chief. >> we asked the fire department to respond. chief ellerbe sent us the following statement saying this is a personnel matter. the department does not make public comments regarding personnel matters. >> we have gotten off pretty easy this winter and i hear it's going to feel a lot like spring very soon. here's a live look outside tonight, chilly but wait until you hear about the warm-up coming. sue palka is in the weather center now with the details. >> i bet a lot of people are
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happy to hear it especially after last night when we dropped into the low 20s. it won't be that cold tonight which means the rebound can happen sooner tomorrow. yes, we are talking about warmer temperatures coming in. check out the temperatures today and we can track to see where the heat is now across the country. these are the high temperatures. we hit 50 degrees, actually close to average, but just to to our south you get to atlanta 62, new orleans, they loved it for fat tuesday getting up to 74 degrees and you can see there are also mid-70s through the deep south. here's what's going to change tomorrow. high pressure slips off the coast and it's going to start tapping some of those warm temperatures we see along th co it this direction. i bet we can do 10 degrees warmer than we did today, but thursday is when we'll start seeing warmer temperatures come in. got to tell you in addition to warmer temperatures, we have showers to keep an eye on. those will be mostly in the
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nighttime hours. tonight not as cold, some clouds coming in, our temperature about 39 degrees and even at that hour last night we were already seeing some 20s. now everyone is in the 40s and i think tonight we'll probably drop to the low to mid-30s in the coldest spots. we're talking more about the warm-up with the five-day forecast and i'll time out the potential for showers when i join you upstairs. you can check out the weather app any time. go to the app store or android market. download it to your smartphone, just search for d.c. weather. a profanity laced fight, it's the d.c. council. the lengths they have now gone to keep things civil. plus you've been hearing about $4 a gas this summer. buckle up. that prediction is skyrocketing. ting. tonight on the news edge a local wal-mart evacuated after a group of people started a fire inside the store. police say the flames were just part of a bigger plot. we'll explain at 11:00. 
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gas prices higher than they've ever been this time of
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year. the average price for a gallon of regular in the district is now 3.77, 3.62 in maryland and 3.55 in virginia. it looks like it could get a lot worse. some experts believe gas prices will hit the $5 mark this spring or summer. fox 5's tom fitzgerald explains why. >> reporter: at the white house president obama says the higher prices threaten to fuel economic uncertainty. >> the rising cost of gas which is on a lot of people's minds right now of. >> reporter: aaa finds the current national average of gas at $3.57. >> virginia routinely has the cheapest gas in the country or some of the cheapest gas in the country, not this time. >> reporter: but aaa's john towns end says the price is only going higher. >> it's time for the political leadership of this country to step up and say this is unconscionable. >> reporter: oil speculation sent the price of oil over $100 a barrel tuesday blaming instability in the middle east and iran. >> i think that the speculators
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are overblowing the situation. >> reporter: tyson slocum, director of public citizens energy program, says this may only be the start. >> the potential is definitely there for gas prices to get worse. >> reporter: but the second factor driving the higher prices are more expensive warm weather grades of gas hitting pumps this spring. the oil industry says it is not to blame. >> what we've seen is the price of gasoline has gone up 36 cents a gallon in the past two months. >> reporter: the chief economist for the american petroleum institute says the u.s. needs to increase its oil production. >> we have a vast amount of oil we could produce in this country if we're allowed to do it. >> reporter: but there is one thing both the oil industry and its critics agree on, that gas prices are going to get worse before they get better. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. if elected gop presidential hopeful newt gingrich is promising to lower gas prices to $2 a gallon and the white house is considering releasing some of the supply in the
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strategic petroleum reserves. rick santorum is now leading the race for the gop presidential nomination. according to two polls from real clear politics one nationwide and one in michigan santorum is leading both. that is bad news, of course, for mitt romney born and raised in michigan and his father was a popular governor of that state. santorum's socially conservative stance may be fueling his momentum. >> the question becomes is this the media beating up on rick santorum? the republican voters will love that. the things he said in the last couple days will be a problem for him in the general election if he is the nominee. >> santorum stepped back from earlier remarks attacking president obama's faith saying instead he was criticizing the president's radical world view. the d.c. council cracking down on cursing among the council members themselves. it stems from a profanity laced fight between council members david catania and marion barry at a retreat last week. fox 5's matt ackland with the story.
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>> reporter: there was no debate from council members when it came to extending their code of conduct rules to all public gatherings including retreats. the last time the council was together members catania and barry went at it. >> i felt very uncomfortable because both men were on their feet and moved wonder each offer. >> reporter: barry talked about the incident late last week. >> at that point david catania jumped up, started cursing and saying i was despicable. >> reporter: but catania has no regrets. >> i'm not apologizing for that outburst. i meant every word i said. i have been tested by the conduct of some of the members and the silence of the others and that has led to certain outbursts. >> reporter: catania didn't speak specifically about the outburst with barry but did admit his frustration with many members over the harry thomas scandal. remember, he was the first to ask thomas to resign. >> it's certainly fascinating
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we can have a code of conduct on language, but the majority of this body was silent when a member admitted to stealing from the public. >> reporter: the amendment to the code of conduct passed tuesday only applies to official council gatherings. how members treat each other other places is up to them. >> if they're talking to one another, they're grown people. they can do what they're going to do. >> what happens if the code of conduct is violated? we're told members will be warned to stop the profanity. if not a vote will be called to ask the member to leave the meeting. a same sex marriage bill is headed to the full state senate in maryland. the house of delegates approved it narrowly last week. governor o'malley said he'll sign it if it comes to his desk. the senate now is not likely to approve any amendments to the bill in case it has to go back to the house and loses support. meanwhile virginia is poised to allow private adoption agencies to deny children to gay parents. governor bob mcdonnell said he will sign the bill that gives
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private agencies the right to refuse any adoption going against the agency's moral or religious beliefs. the bill has passed the senate and house and takes effect in july. georgeing how -- george huguely could be hours away from the verdict in his murder trial. and also an update tonight on the repair of the national cathedral. 
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deliberations in the murder trial of george huguely begin tomorrow morning. the defense admits huguely played a role in yeardley love's death but claim he did not intend to kill his ex-girl friend. fox 5's paul wagner reports. >> reporter: the prosecution spent days building a case that suggested george huguely viciously attacked yeardley love the night of may 2nd, 2010. there was the damaged bedroom door, photos of a bloody pillow, the testimony from an officer who said he began
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snapping pictures of the scene because there was evidence of violent crime that occurred. prosecutors showed the jury autopsy photos of yeardley love's face, the black eye, cut lip and lacerated finger. the jury also heard from police officers who found love's computer in a dumpster across the street. a piece of evidence could cost huguely dearly, especially if they decide the dell laptop was worth more than $200. the difference between grand and petty larceny. defense attorney bernie grimm thinks the theft of the computer which huguely admitted taking may not ultimately harm him in the eyes of the jury. >> for me putting aside what he did to her inside that room, throwing the computer away is evidence to me that he wasn't intending to steal it in the traditional fashion somebody steals things, you steal, something you sell it, you use it for yourself. he threw it away. >> reporter: prosecutors presented evidence from the medical examiner and two experts showing love died from
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cardiac arrhythmia due to blunt force trauma to the head, testimony they may wrestle with after hearing two defense experts tell the court love had no significant trauma to the head and likely suffocated to death. but what may sway this jury one way or the other is the videotaped interview george huguely gave police the morning after the murder. both the defense and prosecution have implored the jury to watch that tape as much as they wanted, play it over and over again both of them said. the defense believes it shows a distraught huguely learning for the first time his on again/off again girl friend is dead. >> to me, of course, that would help him because that takes first degree premeditated murder and felony murder off the table and brings the jury down to 2nd degree, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: prosecutor dave chapman told the jury to count the lies huguely tells, he didn't steal the computer and love opened the door when he came to talk. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> the jury does have a number
10:26 pm
of charges to consider including burglary, larceny and robbery. they can find huguely guilty of first degree murder or may convict him of involuntary manslaughter with a penalty of one to 10 years in prison. mick jagger, bb king, jeff beck all in the house tonight, the white house, music legends turn out to honor the blues during black history month. we'll take you to the exclusive concert next. if you see a story you think we should look into, send your news tips to fox5tips at or call 202-895-3000. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the obama white house celebrated black history month tonight with an extraordinary concert in tribute to the blues. blues great bb king was one of the headliners. rocker mick jagger singed the blues.
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fox 5's karen gray houston listened in. how was it? >> they were rocking at the white house tonight and if you can imagine lends like bb kings, rolling stones front man mick jagger sitting in the same house under the same roof in your sitting room with a bunch of grammy winners young and old who sometimes perform hip-hop and soul and rock, but tonight it was all about the blues and the host, president and first lady obama, clearly enjoyed themselves. >> reporter: it was rocking from the jump with a less than orthodox presidential entrance. >> that sounded pretty good. might try that with ruffles and flourishes. >> reporter: the concert started off with a nod to and by the master bb king. he sang his old standards. ♪the thrill is gone. ♪ the thrill is gone away >> reporter: president obama
10:31 pm
introduced the blues set appropriately held as new orleans celebrates mardi gras. >> this is music with humble beginnings, roots in flavoring, in segregation. because this music speaks to something universal. no one goes through life without both joy and pain. triumph and sorrow. >> reporter: actress tarajit. henson could hardly contain herself. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: the president, his wife and guests were really feeling the music. with trombone shorty tooting his horn, how could you not be? ♪so sweet, so cold so fair >> in a to say a good time was had by all.
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>> trombone shorty, i'm a big fan. >> some of the other names tonight buddy guy, jeff beck, kedmo. white house streamed the concert live online on the white house website. you missed it, it was part of the in performance at the white house concert series which will air on pbs next monday night at 9:00. >> i'll look forward to it. >> it was great. >> apparently my invitation got lost. thanks, guys. tonight we are monitoring metro. in fact, metro's dulles project is taking suggestions from the public on brand-new names for the stations. there will be eight metro stops in the new silver line. to help out the public fairfax county is offering up preferred namings but are getting flack for being a little -- names but are getting flack for being too dull. tyson's mclean, 1 and 2 and spring hill road, reston wheelie avenue, town center, herndon reston west, herndon dulles east and for the stop closest to dulles airport, innovation, copper mine and
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route 28. tomorrow marks the sixth anniversary of the earthquake that shook the east coast. the 5.8 magnitude quake originated in virginia but damaged historic landmarks in the district including the national cathedral. workers are still repairing all the damage. here's a firsthand look. >> i'd say we're still processing it. it was pretty overwhelming it. just took a while to sink in because from the ground it didn't look too bad. you could see some pieces were dislodged, but as we went up, you really got a sense of wow, there's a lot to do here. most of the damage was in the upper -- the pinnacles and finials and towers of the cathedral. i'm recarving a finial that fell off the northwest tower of the cathedral. when you're carving something new, you're not restricted on how it looks. you can create whatever you want, but here at the faithful, it's original. that's another level of demand
10:34 pm
on me. you want to get the silhouettes correct and everything symmetrical. it will be close. >> it's going to take years. we'll just accept that. there's no fast way to do this. so we just got to take it one day at a time. you got to get it right for everyone else this place is special to. >> it's very daunting. it's kind of intimidating when orb people are so focused on -- other people are so focused on what you're doing. it just puts a focus on it's so important to people and i have to do a good job and be on top of my game. this cathedral is 100 years old. that's a long time for some buildings, but compared to cathedrals in europe, they're 1,000 years old some of them. it's going to be up there a long time. we got to get it right. that's most important. hopefully this one will be here for 1,000 years as well. the supreme court taking on affirmative action and the decision could impact college
10:35 pm
admissions forever. plus domonique strauss-kahn under investigation for something he allegedly did here in d.c. but first one online company making people happier than any other. fox's stuart varney has details. >> americans love their cars, don't they? now it's getting harder for drives to say good-bye, a new report -- drivers to say good- bye. a new report showing americans keeping their vehicles longer, the main reasons? uncertainty of the economy and better quality from new vehicles. people are spending money on fixing up their homes. home depot sales in profits rising last quarter, a dose of mild weather motivating homeowners to start renovation projects and lower prices for you meaning less money for wal- mart. the district retail giant reporting a drop in profits last quarter. its bottom line feeling the pinch from a big round of holiday price cuts, but sales at wal-mart stores open at least a year were up. clicking, buying and feeling
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happy, a new survey saying customer satisfaction rising last year for online shopping. topping the survey as the retail website making the most consumers smile. that's business. i'm stuart varney.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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domonique strauss-kahn has been detained by french police over accusations he joined orgies with prostitutes paid for by businessmen. investigators want to know if strauss-kahn was aware the women were prostitutes and paid for with fraudulently obtained funds from french public works companies. strauss-kahn was cleared of
10:40 pm
sexually assaulting a hotel maid in new york city last year. a horrifying story out of dreton texas, 11 children in foster care after being rescued by foster care services. some of the children ages 5 months to 11 years old were confined in a small dark bedroom tied to a filthy mattress with a piece of plywood over the window. 10 adults reportedly lived in the home including a possible sex offender. no one has been charged, but a criminal investigation is in progress. i former l.a. teacher -- a former l.a. teacher charged with committing lewd acts against 23 children pleaded not guilty today. mark berndt taught more than three decades. he's accused of taking bizarre bondage style photographs of some of his students. a second teacher from the same school also charged with groping two students. the entire staff was replaced after the arrest. the supreme court said it will consider putting limits on affirmative action for college admissions. the court was more conservative than it was in 2003 when it decided it was constitutional.
10:41 pm
the reason for this go round is a white student said she couldn't get into the university of texas because she was not a minority. so what will the new consideration mean? an? >> it's largely the status quo. colleges and universities will do what they have been doing. if they find it completely unconstitutional, they take the line advanced by justice squarely, why all admissions programs in almost every -- scalia, all admissions programs in almost every college will have to be revamped. >> there are some circumstances which say race could be a fair consideration. that would lead to consideration on when and how that applies. we have a health alert about a serious shortage of cancer drugs. the fda will allow two new suppliers to make methotrexate and doxil used to treat bone and ovarianian cancers and leukemia. the fda says it's pushed to get
10:42 pm
drugmakers alerted to the shortages. >> since then we've seen a sixfold increase in voluntary reports of potential drug shortages or descriptions in supply. supply. >> the cancer drug shortages began when a lab in ohio temporarily shut down its manufacturing facility because of a safety issue. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a fire intentionally set in the clothing section of a local wal-mart. police say the flames were part of a much bigger plan. we'll explain. also ahead. >> i love every one of my neighbors. i thank god for every one of them. >> her neighbors saved her husband from a fire, a grateful maryland woman tells her story at 11:00. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. ♪ chris brown and rihanna back together sort of. they're collaborating on each other's cds including the song birthday cake. their other song is called turn
10:46 pm
up the music. chris recorded that one, rihanna remixed it, the pair also keeping in touch via twitter. we're in the web center now with sarah fraser from hot 99.5 talking about tonight's glee episode, a lot packed into this one hour. what are people talking about tonight? >> could it have been any more insane? so intense and, of course, their get better campaign was happening. they were running commercials for that in between, but tonight we saw an attempted character take their life. luckily they made it. the cliff hanger at the end involving quinn is what everybody will be talking about and they're leaving us hanging because we're waiting to see if rachel and finn will get married. sue sylvester is pregnant. could this show get any stranger? >> a lot of content tonight. >> tons. our chat was amazing. we had lots of people talking and jenny, kay and lots of people were on there. everybody was blown away. no one expected the
10:47 pm
cliffhangers tonight and, of course, the music we didn't even get to. ry line and a cou things happening in real life we were talking about is that cory and lea michele have been caught dating again. >> they denied this rumor before? >> they denied it and they have dated other people publicly, but they've been caught going on dates and tweeting pictures of one another and taking them down. so it looks like that romance is heating up. >> reporter: interesting. >> we're waiting to hear from the creator ryan murphy as to why if you got a chance to see glee when they were here last year, they did their glee tour all summer. that's not happening which we're bummed about because you get to see the music throughout the year and that's not happening. >> reporter: you have your idea why you think they may not be going on tour. what is your thought? >> the rumor is all their careers individually are really taking off. >> reporter: you just don't have a lot of time for it. >> but i'll get you confirmation on that.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: sounds good. thanks for coming in tonight, sarah. brian, back upstairs to you. >> inching closer to that holy grail of thursday in the five- day forecast. >> i hope it's going to be as warm as we think. i noticed the guidance trending down a bit, but still in the mid-and upper 60s and with sunshine 70s very doable. there are a couple of showers around. by the way, happy fat tuesday. i know you are a huge new orleans fan. >> indeed. i'm missing plenty of mardi gras parties as we speak. >> they had a pretty good day down there i think. >> it was warm. >> temperature got up to 74 degrees in new orleans and right around here 50 degrees. live look outside and actually a look at our weather app. did you know that we have a weather app? >> i have heard. >> we have the app and it's free. you do not even have to give me a nickel. get it on your smartphone and everybody tells me they like this app, everybody because it's fast and you get a little
10:49 pm
video forecast and die it faster than here at -- i do it faster than here at fox 5 at night. let's look at some of the headlines because some 60s are in the forecast, maybe 70s and these temperatures depend on how much cloud cover versus showers or sunshine we get thursday. we'll continue to work on that, but i think you can see this is a pretty decent temperature trend when you consider average is 49 degrees. tomorrow we'll be up to 61 degrees. thursday hanging onto 68. could it be a couple degrees cooler if we have clouds and some showers during the day? yes, but it could be a couple degrees warmer if the timing is right. friday about 64 degrees, big change coming. strong front will come through. the front that is pushing the warm air our direction will finally cross. look what it does to saturday, 49 degrees and a pretty stiff wind will blow on saturday as well. meanwhile today's temperatures still above average at 50 by 1 degree, bwi 49 degrees and our temperatures aren't going to be quite as chilly as they were last night. last night we were seeing
10:50 pm
places in the 20s. now we're seeing temperatures pretty steady in the 40s. that's because of the wind direction. that south wind is kicking in and also we've had some precipitation up to our north. see the clouds filling in here. so they'll blanket the area. we're keeping an eye on this moisture through the west in the mountains, maybe a sprinkle gets through later tonight, but for most of us i think the air is simply too dry. what's been happening is high pressure was building in today. we'll have a chilly night but not as cold. we really dropped very low last night into the low 20s across the region. we'll be at least 10, if not 15 degrees warm irin most locations tonight. -- warmer in most locations tonight. heading for 33 in winchester, 35 centreville and 39 degrees in the district with clouds and winds out of the south, southwest at 10, 15 that. wind direction continues tomorrow, so we should be able to top 60 degrees in many areas. it will be a warm, breezy day. if you're out dayside with the sun up, i don't think you have
10:51 pm
to worry about showers, but sometime after the sun goes down, this could be a few showers around especially central virginia. those will mainly affect us overnight into the first part of thursday. i think our wednesday will be decent, mild, a little breezy, at 8 a.m. 42, by noon 56 degrees and by 4:00 60 degrees and again we will track a couple showers coming in our direction, but before they get here i think fredericksburg could touch 63 degrees, annapolis 60 and gaithersburg 59 degrees. it's warmth from the south that will get pulled in this direction as high pressure slipped off the coast. that's where we're getting that nice wind direction. we think thursday will be the warmest day, but we will be dodging a few showers here and there along the way mainly tomorrow night and again thursday night with the big frontal system coming through on friday. that could maybe give us a thunderstorm because when you're going from 64 down to 35 at night, sometimes you have to do that with a bit of a bang. saturday and sunday back to reality and boy, there will be
10:52 pm
some complaining about that because the windy think on saturday will be pretty significant. you don't center to -- i think on saturday will be pretty significant. you don't have to put the boots away yet. you might need them the next couple days and i mean fashion boots. it's party time in new orleans, mardi gras on bourbon street and all over the town. the colorful costumes, wigs and beads, the traditional all out celebration that ushers in the season lent which is a period of prayer and sacrifice leading up to easter. fox 5 sports brought to you by acura. >> bless you, brian. >> thank you. [ big sneeze ] >> d.c. united used to be tops in major league soccer, the black and red won three of the first mls cup titles. lately they haven't had so much success, but that could change. fox 5 sports director dave feldman explains. >> the united has won the most
10:53 pm
championships in the history of major league soccer, but since 2007 the franchise has failed to qualify post season. this year the franchise added a key piece to the puzzle. yesterday a 28-year-old albanian international that scored in 53% of the professional matches he's played in was added to team. today 33-year-old forward duane dearsaria. toronto native resigning with united to be their highest paid player. last season he scored 13 goals in 18 games named league mvp. he hopes to return to the winning tradition. >> to be in the same locker room with those guys and wearing the same shirt that they sweat and blood means a lot to me and it's something i take with a lot of pride. i'm very determined to create
10:54 pm
that same special moment and passion with the fans hopefully sooner than later. >> i'm excited for the organization and our fans to come to the james and see duane play week in, week out is a big treat. it really is and toronto sticks out in my mind and salt lake and last year really duane took the team as his own and put us on his back at times. >> d.c. united kicks off its season march 10th against sporting kansas city at rfk stadium. shawn, back to you. the golden ticket got this year's contestants to hollywood, but talent has taken the remaining on to sin city. how the judges audition on what it's like to make tough cuts. on the news edge the next steak might come from a test tube, details on lab grown meat at 11:00. 
10:55 pm
 >> this fox 5 sports update is brought to you by acura, acura advance. people! look at you!
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american idol contestants are hoping what happened in vegas gets them to hollywood. it's tears of joy and sadness for the singers as the competition heats up and dwindles down to 24. fox's adam housley has the latest. >> you four are not going anywhere. you made it through. congratulations! come on now. >> reporter: the emotional roller coaster continues in las vegas as the idol judges narrow this year's field to 24. >> this really sucks, but -- >> this is the toughest part for us because we're trying to whittle it down with the sing for your life show from 42 to 24 for the green mile show that actually make it to the public. so the talent that we've seen, jennifer steven, it's just amazing. >> reporter: sometimes there's no obvious reason for a cut,
10:59 pm
just a judge's gut call paced on their years of experience combine -- based on their years of experience combined with what they've seen so far. the competition is tough this season and the bar is set high. >> we really get to see their reality end, who really has amazing chops and who really has the range and can get up there and perform on a real stage for the first time. >> character. >> sorry, baby, you didn't make it. >> reporter: with each denial, tears and disappointment, but some will return to hollywood to perform on the live show where america gets the chance to be the judge. >> what i love about this, i call it the greatest talent show because the honesty, us and them. it's like a real honest to goodness talent show. it's us and the kids singing. there are no frills. we're not trying to do anything. we're really trying to just discover the best talent possible. that's why i love it. i think that sets us apart.


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