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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> reporter: in hollywood adam housley, fox news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge starts off in maryland tonight, a busy wal- mart the target of a suspected arson. the fire broke out at the store on frederick road in germantown this afternoon, but there's more to the story than just the fire. fox 5's karen gray houston here to explain. >> it was a fast moving smoky fire. police are questioning three boys tonight all 13 years old. they have not formally charged them with setting that fire but believe the fire was a diversion tactic so they could shoplift. it all started in a section of the store that sells clothes. a quick thinking manager was able to put the flames out with a fire extinguisher before firefighters arrives on the scene. nobody was injured, but shoppers and employees had to be evacuated. with the help of surveillance cameras officials quickly track
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down three suspects they believe set the fire. >> fire investigators responded right behind, worked with wal- mart security division and obtained surveillance where they found three juveniles in the area of the fire at the time it started and followed them out of the store through surveillance through the parking lot into an adjacent store. >> adjacent store was a target. the wal-mart was closed for about two hours while the health department officials conducted an inspection of the areas that sell food. the three juveniles are being questioned tonight. formal charges are expected in the morning. police in anne arundel county asking for the public's help to track that guy down accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl. the alleged incident happened in pasadena last tuesday afternoon. the girl told police the man grabbed her while she was walking home from school, pulled her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. new tonight we're hearing from a 79-year-old grandmother after a terrifying house fire. she says if you want to see the good in people, look no further
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than beaumont street in temple hills. her neighbors helped save lives this weekend. beth parker has the story now. >> donna and jim musser were high school sweethearts married 59 years, so when their house caught on fire sunday night, there was no way donna was going to leave the burning home without making sure her husband was safe, too. donna musser is 5' 3 tall just shy of 100 pounds, but when she needs to yell -- >> i got a man in here and my upstairs is on fire. help me! >> reporter: that's her calling 911 sunday night. the house in temple hills where the couple has lived nearly 50 years was on fire. her husband jim who can barely walk trapped upstairs. >> get us out of this, lord. >> help us! help us! >> reporter: from his house next-door gene ward heard the cries. he jumped the fence and ran right into the burning house. >> the only thing in my head i
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want to get them out of here because i don't want nothing to happen to this man. >> reporter: ward and another gentleman got the man down the stairs. >> i call ward my guardian angel for how long now and that's just what he is. any time i needed help gene was there. if my car was down and i needed to go to the doctor or the grocery store, he threw his keys at me of. >> reporter: sunday night as they sat on the steps in the cold and watched their house burn, the neighbors provided warmth. >> somebody brought a jacket and it was in the snowstorm and the first thing i notice there's an umbrellas held over us. people were just standing there just holding umbrellas. >> reporter: don't assume those braces on donna's arms are a result of the fire. this past november she fell down some steps, broke both arms and multiple bones in her face. >> it's just a little much, one thing after another. >> reporter: she said faith helped her recover from the
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fall. do you think maybe you're due for some good luck or something? >> i could use some. >> reporter: luck because donna doesn't think of herself as all that brave. what do you think of your mom? >> oh, my goodness, that's where i learned it from. she is the toughest person i know. >> reporter: back at the house on beaumont street lots of damage. >> brand-new washer and dryer and a computer down there and all my cross stuff. no more angels for christmas of. >> reporter: luckily she has angels all around her. >> now donna's husband and son are still in the hospital, but they are getting better. investigators have not announced an official cause of that fire. meanwhile donna is trying to find a way to thank her neighbors. she's thinking she might bake them some of her favorite raisin cookies. >> i'm sure they would love that. new details in that deadly crash at a kfc restaurant. we're learning more about the woman behind the wheel. police say helena smith was going close to 100 miles an
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hour moments before her car left the road. fox 5's will thomas has more. >> reporter: as bad as the accident was, there are a lot of folks who believe it could have been worse. that car came careening through this gas station parking lot at a very high rate of speed. it actually hit a parked car in front of the seed pleasanpeople actually saw it happen, believed had it not hit that suv that was parked here, it may have gone flying through the plate glass window of the kfc taking down customers. it was packed in there at dinner time monday. about 6:30 monday night police say a bmw driven by 29-year-old helena smith hits the curb along mlk boulevard in seed pleasant, went airborne, then cartwheeled about 100 yards before smashing into this red suv parked right in front of the kfc. investigators have no doubt speed was a factor. fox 5 has learned maryland state police ticketed smith january 22nd on the beltway and
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she received five citations including exceeding 91 miles per hour in a 55 zone, driving on a suspended license and no current registration and tags. we spoke with her mother in raleigh, north carolina. what did she say? >> she was devastated. she just couldn't believe it. i mean she asked me are you sure? are you sure? and i said i am positive and it was just a state of unbelief. >> she was just really kindhearted and sweet, just whatever you ask for she would give it to you no matter what. >> reporter: take a look at the top part of the building of kfc. there's an indentation in the building from a piece of flying debris. three people were hurt out here monday. there was an adult male inside that bmw and two others. we're told they are hospitalized but all survived. in seed pleasant, maryland, i'm will thomas. back to you. outrage and protest outside the main military base in
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afghanistan after reports muslim books including the qur'an were being burned there. fox's jennifer griffin has the story. >> reporter: not a justification but an explanation, a senior u.s. official confirms to fox that the muslim holy books burned in a pile of garbage at a military base were removed from a library at the adjoining detention center because they contained extremist messages or inscriptions. the official explaining materials of extremist nature were housed in this library and used for clandestine communications between detainees. the official says the books were going to be burned until afghans stepped in and explained this was not the proper way to dispose of them, but some books had already been damaged in the process along with relations with the afghan people. the news sparking outrage and anger among local afghans who protested outside the base. u.s. general john allen, the top commander of american and nato forces in afghanistan, apologizing to the afghan people. >> and i offer my sincere
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apologies for any offense this may have caused. >> reporter: defense secretary leon panetta echoing the apology in a statement released later. the state department wanting to send a message not just to the people of afghanistan, but to muslims around the world. >> the concern is that some around the world will think that this represents an affirmative statement by the united states and it does not represent our values or our view of how the qur'an ought to be treated. >> reporter: the international security assistance force and afghan government are carrying out a joint investigation into the entire incident. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news. the gop presidential contest once again a two-man race with the arizona and michigan primaries next week and a debate time, the stakes are high for mitt romney. a poll shows romney's homestate tilting rick santorum's way and
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a gallup poll showing santorum holding the lead by 10%. president obama's team is targeting both saying both presidential hopefuls have proposed irresponsible and reckless tax plans that would drive the deficit up by trillions of dollars. the obama's team's focus on both candidates suggests momentum has shifted towards santorum nationwide. a developing story? the district, with a rash of new robberies -- story in the district with a rash of new robberies, six just tonight. >> those six robberies came in the span of two hours tonight. police say men armed with guns are targeting people carrying smartphones and other personal electronics. they're happening from northwest to southeast and in some cases the systems are violent. stop the profanity, it's official, the d.c. council passing an amendment to the code of conduct banning swearing among council members at council gatherings. it all stems from a profanity
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laced fight between david cha venezuelan and marion barry at a retreat last week -- catania and marion barry at a retreat last week. amine el khalifi was arrested friday. an agent posing as al-qaeda gave ill khalifi a vest -- el khalifi a vest packed with inoperable explosives and a gun. he took those items to the capitol. metro wants your help to name the new silver line stations. plus is this the future of food, hamburger grown in a test tube, details behind the experiment. check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news at 11:00. [ male announcer ]  technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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a heads up if you're a baby boomer. you might need to be required, at least might be required and need to get tested for hepatitis c. federal health officials are considering the one time check. the reason, 2/3 of people with the virus are born between 1945 and 1965. it often takes decades to reveal itself and the health problems that come with it can be very dangerous. there are now two new drugs that can cure hepatitis c. would you eat a burger made from meat grown in a test tube? it could soon be on your plate. a dutch biologist revealed the details of his lab grown meat at a science conference in
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vancouver. mark post used stem cells harvested from leftover animal material from slaughterhouses and nurtured them with a feed and has been able to produce small pieces so far. >> this is still very small pieces and too small to actually cook it right now. so we are now gearing up to produce let's say a golf ball size of this stuff and then cook it. >> i think it's interesting that they avoid some of the issues with like cruelty to animals and stuff, but i think there's something weird about it. >> something weird about calling it stuff. the biologist is financed by an anonymous private funder and hopes to hand the world its first manmade hamburger later this year, get lots of ketchup. a major groundbreaking event tomorrow on the national mall plus get ready for more ads on facebook, shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> we're starting off with big news for gay rights advocates. no. 5, maryland is a step closer to
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legalizing same step marriage. the bill is headed to the full state senate. opponents claim it does not protect religious freedoms. the senate president expects a final vote this week. no. 4, get ready for facebook ads on your mobile device. industry insiders say it could happen as soon as next week. the social networking giant has 425 million mobile users and says that's not making any money off that untapped market. no. 3, good news for patients waiting for cancer drugs in short supply. the government is now allowing two new suppliers to make doxil and methotrexate at critically low levels used to treat ovarian cancer, leukemia and other illnesses. no. 2, help name the eight new metro stations along the dulles corridor, tysons mclean, 1 and 2, central, spring hill road, reston wheelie avenue, town center, herndon reston west or dulles east and the stop
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closest to dulles innovation, copper mine and route 28 are the suggestions so far. no. 1, groundbreaking for the brand- new national museum of african american history and culture set for tomorrow. the museum will be built between the washington monument and national museum of american history. the museum is scheduled to open by 2015. the groundbreaking tomorrow is not open to the public and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we got a two-day special coming up sounds like. >> yes. nice temperatures and friday will be pretty warm, too. a couple showers, but i think conveniently they may be mostly at night. i don't think you have toker to too much about packing that umbrella -- to worry too much about packing that umbrella tomorrow. tonight the clouds are coming in and the warmer air. it won't be as bone chilling as last night when we dropped rapidly down to the low 20s. we were already in the 20s in many areas by this time last night. today's high temperature, got
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up to 50 degrees. we are talking about a warm-up. one of the ways we spot that is by checking the other high temperatures around the nation. new orleans was so happy with their warm day for fat tuesday, 74 degrees. dallas was 69, little rock 67 and st. louis 55. we think a little of this warmth down in the south will get tapped tomorrow by the southwest wind. we certainly know the jet stream is kind of holding at bay some cold air up to our north with all that mild air to the south. once that dips down and that's beginning the process now, it will grab a little warmer air and send it in our direction. warmest day will be thursday. we'll get well into the 60s. there could be some 70s, perhaps we could get close in our southern suburbs. a lot depends on cloud cover and whether or not we're chasing showers around on thursday. here's a look at the next three days, all of them in the 60s, how nice. tomorrow's showers i think hold off until after dark and especially across central virginia which means we should be cleared to hit 60 or 61 degrees. thursday we should be closing
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in on 68 degrees. there will likely be a little bit of shower activity again, very spotty late thursday into friday. friday we'll have to watch precipitation. there could be a thunderstorm in the mix, not sure about that. it doesn't look quite as explosive in terms of development as it did yesterday and certainly nothing we couldn't handle, no severe weather expected, but this is a strong front that will come through friday and drop our temperatures heading into the weekend. it will kick up the winds as well. tonight here's the futurecast. we have some clouds coming in. there's been some moisture up to our north. it does not look like that gets in here. tomorrow 6:00, 7:00 we begin to see some of the showers down through central virginia, maybe heavier downpours especially around richmond that. continues to slide out, but we may still be chasing showers as late as 10:00 across southern maryland in the northern neck of virginia. heading into thursday keep an eye on cloud cover because that will be important. we get a lot of sunshine, that's where temperatures could sore, but futurecast wants to
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give us a couple showers again especially across maryland around 6:00. we'll see if the timing changes. then it clears out as we get later into the evening thursday. one more chance of showers comes on friday, shower or thunderstorm possible, but look at these temperatures tomorrow night, warm and thursday night into friday, but we drop to 35. it brings us into the weekend with temperatures in the 40s and a pretty stiff breeze with the cooler temperatures on saturday and part of sunday. that's your up and down five- day forecast. i'll tell you. what dave feldman has got some great news for terps fans, his sports report right now. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave feldman. >> what if i were to tell you tonight maryland jumped out to a 13-3 lead over miami and the 13 points scored in just 4 1/2 minutes equaled their entire output for the 2nd half in saturday's blowout loss to virginia? is that something that might interest you? mark turgeon and the terps hoping to avenge a february 1st
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loss at miami, 2nd half terps down 1. rebound goes to nick faust whether or not drives, splits the d, got fouled, missed the free throw. terps first lead of the 2nd half. miami took over. duran scott comes up with the loose ball, drives in the lane. he's going to hit the runner. canes in front by 7. under two minutes left. the deficit 5 until shawn mosley drains the three-pointer to cut the deficit to two. he had 15. now the terps trail 66-64. inside to ashton panky. he misses. it's cleaned up and the foul, maded free throw, indicative terps the lead for good -- made the the free. gave the terps the lead for good. -- free-throw. gave the terps the lead for good. georgetown taking on seton hall, 2nd half, hollis thomas
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drives, missions the baby hook. henry sims does not. georgetown down by 5. no hoyas reached double figures. seton hall takes over jordan theodore, hit the fade-away, a career high 29, pirate up 13, deficit now 18. georgetown with another turnover. fuquan edwin with the steal and lays it in, georgetown dominated. they lose 73-55. hoyas are now 10-5 in big east play. virginia tech hosting virginia, the cavaliers trail by as many as 9 in the 1st half. three minutes left virginia leads by 5. shot clock wiping down. to jonqel evans, bank was open, don't know if he called it. virginia edges virginia tech 61- 59. don't go anywhere because we're not and when we're back, so is tiger woods at a venue he plays the best at.
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remember back at the 2006 match play champion schimpfs when tiger woods' first round opponent was steven ames who said prior to his match with woods anything could happen and added especially where tiger's hitting it? tiger went on to beat him 9-8, the most lopsided score in tournament history, a big time butt kicking. of course, back then tiger was no. 1 in the world. this week he's the 19th seed. castanno is doing his best ames
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imitation saying woods is beatable. >> here is not only one day, was one round and sometimes not even 18 holes. so anybody can beat anybody at this level and that's what makes it so interesting for us as players. sure, for the fans as well is that you can see guys go out there, play well and go home. today 33-year-old forward duane d. rosario back on the training field with his team, toronto native resigned with united. he'll be their highest paid player. last seven dell rosario joined -- season degrees l rosario joined the team and was named league mvp. >> i'm honored to be attached with such a club with such rich history, a club that wants to relive some of that history and i'm very excited to help this club see this in the near future. >> i believe purely and simply that at this time he's the best player in major league soccer. >> and we have him. i'm dave feldman. have a good night. brian is back. 
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taking the edge off, it's not your ordinary 21st century flower. it's from the stone age. russian biologists were able to resurrect this 30,000-year-old flower thanks to a squirrel. the team found the ancient seed in an old squirrel burrow in siberia 120 feet under the surface and date it back to the
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paleolithic age. now you have the news edge. back here tomorrow, hope you will be, too. see you.   >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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