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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a growptd breaking moment in history on the national mall today. >> president obama will be among those on hand when construction fillly gets under way on the smithsonian's new national museum of african- american history and culture. we are live this morning with a preview. -- a groundbreaking moment in history on the national mall today. the fate of george huguely is now in the hands of the jury. deliberations begin today in the murder trial of george huguely. huguely. good morning to you as we start off this wednesday morning, hump day. 6:00. chilly this morning. going to get better as the day progresses. going to get better as the week progresses. not bad at all for february. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. thank you for joining us. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to
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tucker barnes who is dancing way over here. >> it will be nice. 50s, 60s and beyond! >> and beyond! we should be up near 60s this afternoon. should be pleasant. >> love the 60s, 70s and 80s. >> i love the music from the 60s -- >> i do too. >> that's another story. >> julie wright loves it too. >> here you go with the satellite-radar. we are not terribly concerned with any rain later this morning. you see the shower activity out towards chicago and western tennessee. not well organized. we could see a late-day shower. the best chance will be later tonight with a frontal system. and then our temperatures tomorrow will be even warmer than today. bottom line, the pattern here for the next couple of days, very conducive to spring fever. >> i agree. >> it will be a little breezy with winds out of the south and west just like yesterday
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gusting at time to 20 to 25. a beautiful day, 60-degree your daytime high this afternoon. >> it will that be time when the restaurants start to pull out their outdoor furniture, you get for sit outside. >> of a seep hints of that -- of a he seen hints of that -- of a seen hints of that the last couple of days. >> it is nice. you get your sippy drink. >> a little sippy sippy. we know what you mean. >> we have a couple of tie-ups. the crew in sky fox joining us right now talking about the accident activity along route 40 at talbot road. the traffic coming from the left side of your screen, the headlights are coming southbound. they are take all that southbound traffic, diverting it into the service roadway at lower pindale road as the work yarned because they had to land a medevac helicopter at the scene of this crash. the southbound stretch of route 4 is what is tried up right now. -- that is the work yard
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because they had to land a medevac helicopter at the scene -- that is the workaround because they had to land a medevac helicopter at the scene. eastbound along st. barnabas road, that is shut down between temple hill road and route 5 because of accident activity. coming inbound towards the district, you find that your loans are open. eastbound 66, accident activity before 123 has everybody squeezing by to the left. if you are traveling eastbound leaving fair oaks headed inbound towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. the big story here in washington this morning, a historic day on the national mall. >> president obama will speak at the groundbreaking for the new national museum of african- american history and culture. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the mall with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. former first lady laura bush will be joining president obama
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along with several other dignitaries and musical guests as well. it has been 10 years since this museum was approved by an act of congress and soon we're going to start to see this five acre museum rise just across constitution avenue here on the national mall. construction is expected to take about three years with the museum opening to the public in 2015. artifacts are already being collected from donations from the public. they are already some of them at the american history museum. they will tell the stories that are sometimes overlooked in other museums. there will be areas that are there for quiet reflection. the museum will be the 19th in the known institution and is expected to be last on the national mall. coming up in just about a half hour, we'll tell you more about the ceremony. who is going to be there and where you are going to be able to see it live. we will be speaking live with the associate director of the museum. that is coming up in just about
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a half hour. >> an exciting event indeed. thank you. >> a look now at the morning's other top stories. the jury in the george huguely murder trial begins tblisi ration today. the former university of -- begins deliberation today. the former university of virginia la crosse player is accused in the murder of yardley love. stay tuned to fox 5 and also for the latest updates in this. the man accused of plotting the attack on the u.s. capitol will be in court today for a bond hearing. he was arrested friday after an extensive undercover investigation. friday's arrest went down after an agent posing as a member of al-qaeda gave him a vest packed with fake explosives and an inoperable gun. the debate over abortion legislation continues in virginia. previously, governor bob mcdonnell said he would sign a bill mandating that women have
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an ultrasound before having an abortion. but now concerns are being raised over the invasiveness of the type of ultrasound involved and his office now says he will review the bill if it passes. legislation giving adoption agencies the right to deny children to gay parents has cleared the house and senate. the governor says he will sign that bill. maryland moves closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. the bill backed by governor martin o'malley cleared the judicial proceedings committee yesterday. now it heads to the full senate where a final vote could come sometime this week. a week before the primaries in arizona and michigan and republican candidate rick santorum continues to surge in the polls. mitt romney was expected to win michigan. he grew up there and his father was a popular governor. tonight, all four candidates will object the establish in arizona for the first tv debate in almost a month. it will be rick santorum's
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first big test since gaining in the opinion polls. developing in syria this morning, two western journalists have been killed in the city there. american reporter marie colvin and a french photographer died when rockets hit the garden of a house used by activists and journalists. protesters say yesterday was one of the worst days of shelling since the crackdown as a resulted one year ago. the united states is changing its position somewhat where the white house and state department now supporting sending humanitarian aid to the rebels fighting the syrian regime. the future of affirmative action could be in question. still ahead, why the supreme court has decided to take up the issue for the first time in nearly a decade. also, making headlines this morning. five people killed at a health spa outside atlanta. we'll have the latest on that investigation coming up. time now is 6:07 on this wednesday. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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five people found dead in an apparent murder-suicide at a health spa outside atlanta. police first responded to the scene after getting a call for someone shot last night. the shooter is among the dead. officers are currently trying to figure out the relationship between the shooter and the victims. in afghanistan right now, officials say anti-american protests continue outside bog ram air base. the protests were spark bid reports that korans were burned at the u.s. air base. hundreds of other protests are gathered outside camp phoenix in kabul province. the muslim holy books were mistakenly incinerated in a pile of garbage. age. the supreme court is going to revisit the issue of affirmative action in college admission. the latest challenge is from a white student who was denied admission to the university of
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texas in 2003. the supreme court ruled that colleges could use race as a factor when deciding whether to accept a prospective student. coming up next, president obama holds his open with some of the biggest names in blues showing off his singing skills at the white house last night. >> also up ahead, we are checking in with tucker for your full forecast. get ready for a really nice warm-up. >> we mean like a lovely day. >> we're back in a moment. omenq
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♪ ain't no place, sweet home chicago && president obama jamming with bb king at the white house last night. mick jagger on a long list of legends who were there. all to honor the influence of blues music this black history month. >> and like so many of the men and women who sang them, the blues refused to be limit by the circumstances of their birth. the music migrated north from the mississippi delta to memphis to my hometown of chicago. it helped lay the foundation for rock and roll and r & b and hip-hop. >> can you catch the concert february 27th on pbs. on pbs. >> you can't help but just be dancing a little bit. every time we've heard that this morning. >> the president didn't sound too bad right there. >> he is pretty good. >> a pretty good singer. >> impressive. speaking of impressive, the weather forecast for the next
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couple of days will be very impressive. we'll be enjoying temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above normal. >> a lot of people will be dancing about that. >> including the flowers. i think we'll be in full bloom here in the next couple of days. right now, we're comfortable. when you head out the door this morning, you will notice it's lot warmer than yesterday when we were in the upper 20s and low 30s. across the bay, cambridge, 45 degrees. 47 in salsbury. frederick is currently 36 degrees. out at dulles, 39. so we mentioned manassas, 30 degrees. a few spots that are on the chilly side. should be a great day for all of us. lots of sunshine. you saw the live shot a few minutes ago of the sun coming up at 6:50 this morning. earlier and earlier, after a nice start, we will see some clouds move in this afternoon. satellite-radar, cloud cover out to the west. at least some cloud deck here out towards cincinnati that will try to move in this afternoon. the possibility of a few showers as we get into the late afternoon and particularly this
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evening as we get a little frontal system coming through. later tonight, if you will be out and about, you will need an umbrella. generally today, sunshine giving way to late afternoon clouds and warm temperatures. let me also mention the bries here out of the south and west later this afternoon gusting to about 25. put futurecast in motion quickly and here we are at 5:00. one or two sprinkles or showers across the area. best chance look like it is south of city down towards richmond. later tonight, the showers become more numerous overnight way frontal passage but don't worry. it won't be cooler behind that front. temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper 60s to about 70 tomorrow with bright sunshine. so a nice afternoon expected on thursday as well. 60 today, sun and clouds. could be a late shower. there are your wind south and south and west gusting to about 25. not terribly cold tonight. showers will move in during the overnight hours. winds south and west five to 10. a gorgeous forecast for the end
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of the week. 68 tomorrow. you know what? i think we'll probably do 70 if we can get some sunshine in here during the day tomorrow. a good chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. cooler this weekend with highs about 50 by sunday. let's do some traffic with julie wright. >> busy morning out here, tucker. we have accident activity closing a portion of outbound st. barnabas road between temple hill road and route 5. jeff and jeremy in sky fox hovering above the accident scene that is tying up your commute along route 4. route 4 blocked off each way between 258 and 260 because of this accident activity. the left side of your screen is where the accident occurred. what they are doing is difterring traffic off on to the lower -- diverting traffic off on to the lower pindale road. they are trying to get everybody off of northbound 4.
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we are told a medevac helicopter is en route to the keen of. this it is dark so we can't see the chopper at this point. we are focusing in on how to get you around the scene. the northbound commute off of 4 being did i haveed onto lower pindale and onto the service road. southbound traffic, some is able to get through as well. they are vague to alternate through this intersection here. what you need to know is that route 4 remains blocked off between 258 and 260. accident activity occurred at talbot road. we'll update the ride eastbound along 66. heavy slow and steady from 7100 trying to get past fair oaks. northbound 95 slowing from triangle to dumfries or from 610 garrisonville road up towards triangle. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. the stock market hit a milestone yesterday.
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the dow crossed the 13,000 mark for the first time since may 2008. it was an encouraging sign even though stocks can't manage to close up there. market ended the day at 12,965. so we'll go live to fox business network in new york for more on that milestone coming up in just a few minutes. also ahead in this morning's business beat, a look at what nike is rolling out for this year's olympics in london. speaking of shoes, the smithsonian is shelving dorothy's ruby slippers for a few weeks. they will be taken off display so they can be prepared a new exhibit called american story. today is the last day to see the shoes until the new museum opens on april 5th. don't worry, tucker. it won't be that long. ♪
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the dow hits 13,000 and new jersey turnpike rerolls out some new looks for the upcoming olympic games. robert gray with fox business
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network is live with us in new york with business beat. good morning to you, robert. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the dow. it crossed the 13,000 mark for the first time since may of 2008. what went on? >> well, you definitely had the news out of greece early yesterday and some bull elisa hahn earnings reports from the like of home depot, macy's, saks helping out in the consumer sector. it pushed above 13,000 just a couple of times. if you blinked, you might have missed it but generating a lot of psychological boost here. it doesn't mean anything fundamentally but clearly these round numbers generate a lot of interest. the futures are veryling changed. we are waiting for more earnings reports later on this afternoon. >> nike is making headline as they get ready for the olympics. >> yeah, they are unveiling rare new technology.
6:26 am
they comb ought with a lot of new sleek gear four years ago. they have new stuff for the london olympics. that is the proturbo speed, the sprinter shoe they say is lighter than your skin. and the fly knit shoes. it is all one thread that they are going to build out their new shoe line with. the lightest running shoes they've ever made. they came out with new basketball stuff as well. i asked him if he could jump higher. he said they are about a pound lighter. he may not be able to run faster are, jump higher but they do hold up better than some of the shoes he had when he was younger. he says he has test run the new look and they are getting ready and these will hit shelves by the way just in time for the olympics, of course, coming out this summer. >> i wonder if he had the shoes on the other night when he scored all those points. >> i think he must have. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. this morning, we are live
6:27 am
on the national mall as history is made. a groundbreaking ceremony is happening later today for the smithsonian's new national museum of african-american history and culture. we're live with more on the mission and what the world will see when its doors open for the first time. 
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thousands of people came out for the partying and parades. but this morning, it is clean- up time in the big easy. mardi gras officially wraps up at midnight bringing the carnival season to an end. now, help begins and today is ash wednesday. it should be a decent ash wednesday here in our area. >> always a good time. >> beautiful. >> what is that song? >> that's my way of saying i don't know. >> that is a great shot from our tower cam though.
6:31 am
>> when is the official sunrise? 6:51 this morning. >> okay. about 20 minutes away. but in the meantime, we'll enjoy the gorgeous view outside. it will warm up and be a wonderful day again. >> beautiful day, beautiful couple of days. in fact, tomorrow, we'll be near 70. today, about 10 degrees warm he than yesterday which turned into a decent day. it was nice outside. we won't even get to tomorrow. we'll kick it off with the bus stop forecast. let's roll out the bus. kids look happy in the bus. >> they know it will be nice. >> they look happy every morning but they look particularly happy this morning because the warmer temperatures are on the way. >> that is probably where they are right now. they are not on the bus. they are getting ready for school. >> you saw the bus go cruising by. 34 to 45 degrees. we do via few chilly spots but generally we're mild this morning. you saw in the live shot, we have a lot of sunshine to start your day.
6:32 am
44 in washington. 36 in winchester. 37 in ocean city. you will probably notice these temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. yesterday, we were dealing with freezing temperatures. today, we'll be dealing with very mild temperatures this afternoon. how about highs near 60. it could be a late day shower. better chance for showers tonight. i'll show you why in just a couple of minutes. we have a great ask the weather guy question pertaining to the warm winter. does that mean we'll have a scorching hot, sweltering summer. >> you may have the answer. >> i might have the answer. >> ' still studying. >> pretty much. still researching. >> let's get the latest from julie wright on the roadways. >> a lot going on right now. northbound 5 we do have reports of accident activity there. this is the accident aactivity along route 4 between 258 and
6:33 am
260. they just cleared the accident scene. lanes are open once again. traffic is flowing north and southbound along route 4 but we have gridlocked traffic to deal with along the northbound stretch of route 4 because for a while, that traffic was diverted. land are open now and the lanes are clear. a quick peek at 66. this is still on the slow side coming from 7100 headed in towards 123. accident activity on the shoulder. 59 cop yeted from 610 leaving aquia harbor headed up towards triangle with an incident on the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. on the national mall today, president obama will speak at the groundbreaking for the new museum for african-american history and culture. it win built between the washington montreal monument and the national museum of american history. it is expected to open by 2015. today's groundbreaking is not open to the public. but we are live at the site this morning talking to museum officials and seeing all the years of work put into this
6:34 am
project coming into this day. we'll check in melanie alnwick for a preview in less than 10 minutes and don't forget, you can watch the entire ceremony on the web starting at 9:00 a.m. there is a link on jury deliberation will begin in the murder trial of george huguely this morning. jury saw a damaged bedroom door, pictures of a bloody pillow and autopsy photos of love's battered face. the defense maintains huguely did not intend to kill love and is mushing for a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. the man accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol will be in court today for a bond hearing. he was arrested friday after an extensive undercover investigation. friday's arrest went down after an agent posing as a member of al-qaeda gave him a vest packed
6:35 am
with fake explosives and an inoperable gun. the debate over abortion legislation continues in virginia. previously, governor bob mcdonnell said he would sign a bill mandating that women have an ultrasound before having an abortion. now, concerns are being raised over the invasiveness of the type of ultrasound involved. maryland moving closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. the bill backed by governor martin o'malley cleared the judicial proceedings committee yesterday. now, it heads to the full senate where a final vote could come this week. a warning going out about another rash of robberies in the district. there have been nine more robberies since six last night including two early this morning. armed thugs are targeting people with smart phones and other personal electronics. there have been about 600 of these crimes so far this year.
6:36 am
police are now searching for ways to make smart phones a less desirable target. >> long term, the solution to this lies with the service industry, the cell service industry, the big companies have to agree to disable these phones permanently when they are stolen. police in anne arundel county are asking for the pub's help to track down a man accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl. it happened last tuesday afternoon. the girl told police a man grabbed her when she was walking home from school, pulled her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. new details this morning about the driver would died in a car crash at a kfc in landover. witnesses say hellena smith was going close to 100 miles per hour moments before the crash. police believe her car hit the curb and went airborne before smashing into a red suv parked
6:37 am
in front of the restaurant. we've also learned smith was ticketed last month for driving 91 miles per hour on the beltway. still ahead, the fda make a decision it hopes will end a serious shortage of two cancer drugs. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. 
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now to the national mall where ground breaking set for today at the site of the new museum of african-american history and culture. president obama will speak at the event. for more on the ceremony, we head out now live to fox 5's melanie alnwick. >> good morning, wisdom. everything is starting to kind of pop here as the sun is coming up. you will see more activity behind me where the tent where the president will be speaking laura bush. there will be musical guests,
6:41 am
musical programs that will begin around 9:00 a.m. and the actual groundbreaking ceremony which has been such a long time coming, about 10 years since the museum was approved by an act of congress it 2003. joining me now is kinsasha conwell who is the deputy director of the museum. how are you feeling this morning? >> very excited. a little chilly right now but so thrilled. it is a long awaited moment. it is the cull minutation of 10 years since the legislation, six years since our director was hired and all of us joined but also really a hundred years since this was a notion to memorialize the contributions of african-americans on the national mall. so long awaited moment finally here. >> some people might say we have the american history museum. we have other museums. why do we need this? >> this is such a rich story that it is hard to tell it in one place. for instance, at the smithsonian, we have an air and space museum. we could say tell that story in
6:42 am
the american history museum but the story of americans in space is so huge so the african- american story is huge as well. so if you go to every smithsonian and the museums in your own community, you get that full story and to honor a contribution of a people that were essential to america and that touched the lives of every american. >> give me a sense of what it will lock like as we look out from the terrace here. >> where you see this beautiful tent will be a three-tiered building with a corona of bronze -- a. >> a corona is like a crown. >> and we talk about the crown that frm women wear at church but also -- african-american women wear at church and also the sense of uplift and spirituality and optimism. it will be rife with wonderful exhibitions on history,
6:43 am
science, sports, art. the valiant story of the tuskegee airmen and many other african-americans who served in every war from clonial times to the present. >> and perhaps stories that no one has heard before. any one particular exhibit or soree that touches you. >> there are so many. i think a little bit about the rosenwald schools. those were schools built by julius rosenwald who was the principal owner of sears roebuck. he decided to give fellowships to african-americans and others but he also built schools around the country. there are major historians, scholars, lawyers whose family would not have been educated had these schools throughout the south not been build so we've got objects from that school. it is a little-known story but very important one. so we'll tell the famous stories, dr. king, rosa park but we'll also tell the stories that shine a light in the hidden corners of our history. >> how can people participate
6:44 am
and be a part of it until the museum opens in about three years? >> you can like us on facebook. fine us on twitter. but can you come to the museum of american history. we are standing there now and see our gallery. we have an exhibition on monticello, jefferson and slavery that has already gotten great public and critical aclimb. you can join the museum too. we have thousands of members in every state of the union. >> fundraising will be important as well. >> indeed. a public-private partnership. it will be truly a museum that everyone can participate in. >> all right. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be checking back with you guys later. >> wonderful. >> the ceremony begins at 9:00 and a.m. and president obama and other officials will start the actual groundbreaking at 10:00 a.m. it will be streamed live so you can check it out on >> we will be watching that for sure. that is going to be such an event. thank you so much. we'll check in with you later
6:45 am
on. it will an beautiful day. i love this song. temperatures in the 50s, 60s some mace today. look at that. >> it is beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> it looks like a postcard. >> we're so lucky. >> sunrise in about seven minutes. >> we could get the sunrise countdown clock going. >> you need a few clouds for a good sunrise. >> true. >> that's good. >> i watched what is considered the perfect sunset on youtube last night just to go to sleep. >> you watched the perfect sunset on youtube. >> i had to be in bed. >> i've never heard of that. this is a first for me. >> i was bored. >> okay. okay. >> it was great. helped put me to sleep. >> our bedtime is usually around sunset. >> you'll show me later. >> it was perfect? >> was it perfect.
6:46 am
>> you could hear the waves crashing. it was wonderful. >> sunset and waves. >> it helps. >> your temperatures in washington, 44 degrees. we'll have the perfect sunrise this morning if you look outside. 46 in quantico. tico. culpeper is 32. frederick is 32. we should be in for i great day. we've been mentioning the nice sunrise and once these temperatures get a chance to warm up, we'll be in the upper 50s to about 60 later today with some first half sunshine and later today, some clouds move back in. there is your temperature trend the next couple of days. 60 today. near 70 tomorrow. if we get sunshine tomorrow instead of cloud cover, i think we'll punch into the low 70s. 62 on friday and then back to normal by friday. still, nothing terribly bad with highs in upper 40s to about 50 for the weekend. there is your cloud cover. so morning sunshine. a for you clouds mixed in. then we'll get more clouds this afternoon. still will an great looking gay
6:47 am
and a possibility of some showers late today and -- day and a possibility of some showers late today. 60 today. mix of sun and clouds. could be a late shower today. about a 20% chance. i think most of the day will be dry. winds here will be a little gusty at time out of the south and west gusting to about 25. mostly cloudy tonight. showers back in the forecast. just a couple during the overnight hours. they might linger into the morning commute tomorrow. we'll get them out of here by tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, highs in the upper 60s. rain showers return late in the day. day. highs to about 50 degrees this
6:48 am
weekend. it is time for ask weather guys. tony perkins and i put her heads together to answer your questions. this question is from casey corbin. casey writes, i was wondering since the winter has been so mild, will this make for a hotter summer, you know where the air conditioner is humming, it is 9 # degrees and the humidity is 97%. >> i never want to leave my house. >> the only place you will see a great sunset is on youtube and the waves crashing. you know those summers? >> i know them too well. >> nobody knows for sure what the summer will hold. but i did go become and look at the record books. lots and lots of records. i love these kind questions by the way. good question.
6:49 am
the bottom line is this. i went back and looked at the previous four mildest winters in recent history. i could have gone back 100 years but i went back about 25 years. there are some warm winners including 2001-2002. the very famous el nino year for those of you that study weather history, 1997-98. went back to 1990 and 1975. bottom lupe is there is no discern july pattern to a warm winter followed by a hot summer. i don't think that, just because we are having mild conditions now, that means we'll have a hot summer. just locking back at the records, that el nino year after a very warm winter. as we got into the summer months, temperatures are below normal. looking back into 1989 and
6:50 am
1990, same precedent. we had a very mild, very warm winter even warmer than this winter. and temperatures during the summer months were on the cool side. there is no correlation. let's just leave it at that. >> is there any kind of name for the weather pattern or anything that is causing what we're going through right now. >> it is rather complicated. i couldn't possibly do it justice in two minutes tmplet has for to with what we call the arctic oscillation, the north atlantic oscillation and la nina. and the combination of three is playing havoc. not just here that has had a mild winner. we are starting to see i drut in california. they typically get rain in the winter months. they haven't had much of anything. -- we are starring to see a drought in california. >> so la nina is part of the problem. >> we'll brame it on -- we'll
6:51 am
blame if on that for this year. over the next three months, temperatures will be close to normal. maybe as we get into the hot summer months, we went have to despair and be sweating every day. >> i have an early april wedding. i just hope it stays like above normal during that time. i'm taking a chance here on an outdoor wedding. we'll see what happens. i know the date of your wedding and you are rolling the backup plan y you have a backup plan. >> it is still outside but it's covered tent. what was i thinking? >> we'll go very quickly. the last two summer have been unbelievably hot around here. let's hope we don't have what we had last summer when we had record heat all summer. if you want to ask a question, go to and click on the weather tab.
6:52 am
>> what group is that? >> nick guilder. i have a cheat sheet. >> that's okay. >> in case you wonder what the computer is for. >> that's all right. let's check julie some questions about how the roads are going right now. >> i just want to volunteer my serves for cake testing for sarah's wedding cake. >> sure. >> i just want to say that it is available. >> it is delicious. it is going to be delicious. >> i thought you said keg testing. >> you thought i said keg testing. >> she's having a keg at her we hadding. >> i'm in the at a frat party. that is why you don't get to hang with me. you can't hang. southbound 270, accident activity here at the end ever the hov lanes as you guys continue out towards old georgetown road. the accident activity is tying up the left side of the roadway. we do have delays stacking up from montrose road headed out to the split. the outer loop is congested leaving 95 towards georgia avenue. lanes are open. and if you are conning along
6:53 am
66, will find delays -- and if you are continuing along 66, you will find delays at manassas. ssas. inbound 50 stacking up from riverdale headed in from northeast. time for a look at today's my fox half off deal from sunrise wellness center in annandale. $39 will get you one hour of customized therapeutic massage. to find out more, go to and look for my fox half off on the right side of page. we have a health alert right now about a serious shortage of cancer drugs. the fda will allow two new suppliers to make doxle and methotrexate. there are critically low levels of those drugs right now. the fda says its push to get
6:54 am
drug makers to alert them about drug shortages as made a big difference. >> since then, we've seep a six- fold increase in voluntary reports of potential drug shortages or disruptions in supply. >> the shortages started when a lab in ohio temporarily shut down its manufacturing facility because of a safety circumstance. coming up next, secrets revealed here on fox amorning news. >> : we are live at the national aquarium in d.c. checking out its new secrets of the swamp exhibit. we'll show you some of the coolest features and tell you all about a special event coming up soon. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪
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to be successful running my own business. the courses were challenging. we had excellent instructors, and it was fun at the same time. i'm dr. william reha. i earned my mba from strayer university. . look at the sun out there. it will keep getting better as
6:58 am
the week progresses. we've also been talking about allergies. the spring allergy season got started early. that's why we're suffering, the mild winter. >> the atlanta asthma clinic hasn't seen pollen counts this high in 20 years. maryland, southern ohio and some states out west are getting affected. >> we're feeling cranky -- >> well, we like the temperatures. >> also, we would like to say good morning to shannon laviner. she's the facebook fan of the day. she would like to see julie's tucker more often. she thinks he's cute when he
6:59 am
squirms. >> he's making a squirmy face now. find us on facebook if you want to be the facebook fan of the day. >> we'll have to get that message to julie. >> we'll have to help. >> easy to do. guess what? time to turn it to allison and tony. >> they're both cute without squirming. >> good morning, guys. coming up, two stories developing overseas. first, more fallouts in afghanistan after american forces are caught burning the muslim holy book. the u.s. embassy is on lockdown. in syria, two americans, both journalists were killed.


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