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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there's no going back. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. former uva la crosse star found guilty of second degree murder. >> the jury in the high profile case handing down its recommend ration for the favorite george huguely just hours after reaching a verdict. how much time could he face for the death of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. straight up 6:00 on this thursday, february 23rd. taking a look outside right now. and you are used to those chilly temperatures in the 30s. we've been experiencing that kind of thing. not so today.
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get ready for that warm-up. it is february 23rd. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> a warm-up is good. i have avenue washed my car only once this year so now is a good time it make it time number two. >> that's it. >> once this euro. >> my car is covered in salt. >> from all the times they thought -- >> you just left it on there and thinking it was going to change but now it is time, tucker. today is the day. >> it is fill. >> today is the day. >> you go or you do it by yourself. >> i'm going to do it myself. >> are you going to wax it too? >> let's not get carried away. >> can i bring my car by? >> sure. >> it will an nice day to wash your car later this afternoon. there is your radar. a few showers moving through overnight gave your car sort of a pre-wash there, wisdom. out to the west, we got a few light sprinkles in west virginia. not thinking those will make it here into the washington area but if you are a viewer out to
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the north and west, you might encounter another light shower or sprinkle early this morning. let's do the mild temperatures. right now in washington, 48 degrees. baltimore, 50. win chester, 45. hard to believe two mornings ago, we were taking up to temperatures in the teen and 20s. >> i know. >> just a memory. >> here is your forecast. highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. partly sunny but we should be dry this afternoon. get out and enjoy because we have cooler temperatures on the way for the weekend. >> this will be a distant memory very soon probably. >> let's he hope not. >> in our current memory right now in the future rather, julie wright. tell us what is going on outside. >> and we all know the only reason is because every 15 minutes, the the guy hold up
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the sign and that is who we go to. >> good to be thought of though. >> southbound 270 coming now of germantown. for problems to report as you head south from 118. a nice good morning to jeff and jeremy working your way southbound on 270, an an easy commute for you as well. the ride at the american legion bridge, traffic continues to flow with ease across the american legion bridge headed in towards fairfax. no trouble spots to report right now northbound on 395 as you leave duke street. there was a fender bender on the shoulder. very little delay at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. this morning's big story, a verdict in the trial of george huguely. >> the jury convicted the former university of virginia la crosse player of second degree murder. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom with more. >> the jury recommended that george huguely spend 25 years in prison for the murder of yeardley love and a another for
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stealing love's laptop computer. judge will hold a preliminary sentencing hearing with formal sentencing scheduled for sometime this summer. 24-year-old george huguely stood stoic while the jury red the veered, guilty of second -- read the verdict, guilty of second degree murder. jurors deliberated for about nine hours deciding that the death was intentional but not premeditated. love's family testified during the sentencing phase describing yeardley's death as unbearable and leave a large hole that nothing will fill. >> what we do in court is a very rough approximation of justice in any given case. we hope that they feel some solace from the outcome that has been achieved here. >> we are, of course, disappointed with this verdict. we look forward to some corrections in what happened here tonight. >> reporter: the family of
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yeardley love did issue a statement. it reads in part, quote: , quot >> the judge could agree to the jury's 26-year recommended sentence or lower it. huguely will have to serve all of the time he is sentenced to. >> thank you. another big story we are following this morning. republican lawmakers in virginia have dropped a controversial portion of a new bill that would have required women seeking an abortion to have an invasive form of ultrasound first. the amended version will now only require an abdominal ultrasound. governor bob mcdonnell initially supported the original version of the bill but in a at the same time yesterday, he said, quote, no person should be directed to undergo an invasive procedure
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by the state without their consent as a precondition to another medical procedure. the change comes following protests and reports that some lawrkdz were unaware of how invasive the ultrasound in question actually is. the amended bill has now headed to the senate for debate. a final vote on same-sex marriage could come tomorrow in maryland's senate. yesterday, the republicans asked for debate to be delayed until today. opponents are pushing for an opinion from maryland's attorney general on the constitutionality of amendments add toyed house version that narrowly passed last week. st w -- added to a house version that narrowly passed last week. a fiery republican debate last night. the first after rick santorum's surge in the polls. eand mitt romney traded shots at each other over health care, earmarks, spending and federal bailouts. santorum got booed though when he talked about why he opposed
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no child left behind but still voted for it. we are also following a developing story out of iraq where at least 50 people are dead in a string of attacks in baghdad and 11 other cities. most of the bombings and shooting appear to target police. the worst blast was in a shiite neighborhood during rush hour shaking buildings and windows blocks away. other headlines this morning, some big companies have agreed to stop keeping tabs on what you are looking at online but not in all cases. we'll explain that coming up next. also ahead, first, an 8- year-old girl shot at school after a third grader bring as a gun in his backpack. the latest on the investigation when fox 5 morning news continues. land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil
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washington state, an 8-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot at school. police say the gun was brought in by a classmate and it went
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offer in his backpack. the school was put on immediate lock job. the third grader who brought the gun was booked into a juvenile detention center. investigators believe the shooting was an accident. they are now trying to figure out how he got the weapon. le army private accused of leaking thousands of documents to the media will here the charges in court today. bradley manning will be rained later this affect. he is facing a general court martial on more than 20 charges including aiding the enemy. the do not call list has become a common way to protect your phone line and now the do not track button is gaining traction for internet browsing. a coalition of internet giants including google has agreed to support the button. it is already available on the most recent versions of fire fox, internet explorer and apple's mountain lion. the butt don doesn't stop all web tracking but the company have agreed to stop using data about your web browsing habits
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for employment, cede, health care or insurance purposes -- credit, health care or insurance purposes or to customize ads. one man's comic book collection really pays off. >> we are also checking in with tucker barnes for your full forecast. you got to love it when you hear that kind of music and we're talking about wemplet the official start of the spring isn't -- and we're talking about spring. the official start of spring isn't until next month. >> i feel like i should be seating on the beach.  the droid razr by motorola,
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clearing out clutter with be a good thing. some things are just worth keeping. a comic book just sold for more than half a million dollars at an auction in new york. billy wright played just 10 cents for detectivics in 1929.
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it is a prize item because it featured the debut of batman. >> that is huge. >> wright passed away in 1994. the family found his comic book collection while cleaning out his wife's virginia home last year. there were 345 well preserved comics he bought as a kid. the whole direction collect sold for about $3.5 million. >> oh, my gosh. that is incredible. >> that kind of sun yet me because i used to collect comic books and i used to read them. my mom threw them all away when i moved out. >> i used to have all the mad magazines. remember those in. >> i do. >> did you have baseball cards? >> i had basketball and football cards. i still have those. >> you got to see how those will help you out. >> i leaned out my basement recently. i have nothing of value. >> nothing? >> i had nothing. there is nothing down there at all. >> there was a reason it was all down there because there is no value at all.
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yeah. i was disapointed. i thought maybe i had some treasures in there. >> we have some a treasured forecast today. >> we'll be back in the upper 60s, low 70s so even warmer today. we have one or two showers. they are really falling apart west of frederick. one or two showers west of frederick and south and west of hair sopburg, we have a for you more showers as well. otherwise, we should be dry today. not going to be perfectly sunny but a partly sunny day. we are expecting mild temperatures to continue for the afternoon. let's do the satellite-radar. let me show what you is happening. never going to make it through the area during the course of the day. the main event is out to the west and that will get in here later tonight and bring us a round round of showers and very windy conditions behind it. during the day tomorrow, our wind will pick up out of the west and north and west as that
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cooler air starts to filter in. we should have a nice one today. the cooler air starts to get into here during the day friday. 48degrees in washington. 51 in quantico. 50 out in winchester. hard to believe it is february. annapolis, 50 degrees. baltimore, 49. very comfortable start to your day. should be a beautiful afternoon. get out and enjoy it. a little spring preview there. 6 # degrees, partly sunny skies. unseasonably warm. wind here out of the west gusting to about 25. it will be another breezy afternoon for you. we cloud up tonight as that cold front gets in here. >> a for you showers overnight 50 degrees. winds will pick up tomorrow morning. tomorrow morn, we could have winds maybe 40, 50 miles per hour? in some spots as the cold front moves in. we'll be breezy during the afternoon with falling temperatures. you want to do some gardening, golf, whatever it is outdoors this weekend should be just fine. upper 40s with sunshine. we'll be cooler both saturday and sunday. that is a look at the weather. let's do some traffic. julie has got your latest.
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>> all right. you're traveling northbound along 395. the accident activity moved over to the right shoulder here just as you approach seminary road. big delays coming northbound from at least duke street. we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they are traveling southbound along 270. now, they made their way about 13 mills south out of germantown. lanes are open. no problems to report along the six-mile -- or the six-lane stretch as you continue out towards the lane divide. no incidents to report coming southbound out of rockville. you will find if you are traveling on the other side of town, we do find that the lanes are open if you are inbound on route 50 coming in out of riverdale and cheverly. average speed at 202 land overroad now down to about 47 miles per hour headed into northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. today mark six months since an earthquake damaged the national cathedral and officials say they still need more than $18 million to restore the building. that is not including the $7 million they've already raised.
6:20 am
the money would be to fix four main pinnacles and cracks in the flying buttresss. the cathedral suffered more damage than any other building in d.c. during the magnitude 5.8 earthquake in august. agroundbreaking ceremony for the national museum of african-american history and culture brought out some pretty big names including premier you saw there. the ceremony took place yesterday. this will be the smithsonian's 19th museum and will be built on the national mall near the washington monument. it will be a place where visitors can learn about both the struggles and achievements of african-americans. >> i want my daughters to seat shackles that bound slaves on their voyage across the ocean and the shards of glass that flew from the 16th street baptist church and understand that injustice and evil exist in the world. but i also want them to hear louis armstrong's horn and learn about the negro league and read the poems of phyllis
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whitley. >> the museum is expected to open in 2015. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in now, for more on the hopeful signs of the economy courtesy of the home sales. >> valentine's day is over but if you want to impress your lady next year, how about this rock. are you listening? >> i'm listening? >> a 12.76carat pink diamond was recently found in a western australian mine. experts say it is too early to know how much it will sell for. so get your checkbook ready. >> i'm still listening until you come up with a number. >> i wouldn't place a bet on that.  [ dog barking in distance ]
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♪ [ guitar: power chord ] ♪ [ hard rock ]
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[ snarls ] ♪ [ continues ] [ thunderclaps ] [ announcer ] the van beckons like no van before. the technology-packed honda odyssey. the sec cracks down on a common trading pra. din dennis neil with fox business network is live in new
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york with this morning's business beat. people would like to play the stock market a lot every day are about to see the rules change. >> they are. you are talking about the high frequency traders. the sec may want to give them a speeding ticket. these are the super pros out there in the mark e. they put in thousands upon thousands of buy and sell orders every day. they are collecting these tiny crumbs of the spread between what you can buy it at and what you can sell it at. they don't hold anything for a long time. they don't even execute or actually take ownership of stock. the sec chairwoman saying that worries me and what can we do to rein that in? so they are thinking about charging a if he for every one of those trades. that could put high freqs out of business. on the other hand, they make a lot of stock available because they are in there trading. when there was a sudden drop of
6:26 am
hundreds of point in a matter of minutes, one reason is because they got skerred and withdrew from the market instantly. they all -- they say if you crack down on them here, they will just move their servers overseas and do it overseas and still be able to move the markets. it is questionable whether you can do anything that will worm. home sales are up. >> they are. and home sales, existing home sales in january, they were at their highest level in almost two years. they were up 4.2% from december to an annual rate of 4 1/2 million homes sold. the third increase in four months. highest level since may 2010. here is another kyle thing. unsold homes on the market. that keeps prices with a low because you have a glut of them. down to 2.3 million and that is the lowest level since march 2005. >> wow! all right. some good news here. dennis neil, thank you so much
6:27 am
in new york for us. thank you. >> all right. coming up next, virginia lawmakers back down from one key element of a controversial abortion bill. what was behind the change? >> also ahead, a verdict in the murder trial of a former uva la crosse star. george huguely found guilty in the death of his girlfriend, yeardley love. we'll have details in a moment. 
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& it's a beautiful morning &&. >> yes, it is. >> live look outside right now. >> when does the sun come up? >> about 6:50. >> that is beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> we have abeen having these like it teams like almost every day. we had it yesterday. these beautiful sunrises. >> gorgeous weather. >> it is that time of year. >> no, it is not. >> it is actually the time of year for nice sunrises because the air is relatively dry so
6:31 am
you get nicer sunrises. >> you expect to see that in the summer and spring. >> in the summer, we get the humidity and the pollutants. >> you had me until you said pollutants. i was good until you said pollute ands. the air gets more stagnant. >> i understand. >> so enjoy these while we can. >> exactly. going be for a beautiful day. absolutely gorgeous with high temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. 48 in washington. 48 is the winning number in a lot of places. look at all the 48s out there. you don't seem that impress judi it is incredible. >> look at the 37 though. they are way out there in harrisonburg. >> dulles is 44. >> okay. you didn't say everybody was 4. i said most the places are 48. >> it is just a common theme like consistent in the winter time that we've had so far. >> i'm thinking about my future lottery numbers. 48 might be a number to go with. one or two showers north and
6:32 am
west. i have to focus on my retirement, wisdom. we will lose the showers and we'll be partly sunny this afternoon and very mild. high temperatures about 15, 20, 25 degrees above normal. upper 60s to about 70. in fact, much of the area here will be in the the low 70s this afternoon. so enjoy today. cooler weather on the way. windy and cooler as we get into the weekend. i'll have details on that. a great ask the weather guy question. of a learned a lot about this question. it has to do with fortunes. i'll leave it at that. >> thank you for just a little tease there. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> check my pockets. not much fortune there, unfortunately. >> you and me both. >> let's say good morning to the crew? chi fox coming southbound along 270. s that where we had accident activity before you commit to 370. the accident activity now confined to the shoulder so our lanes are open. got a big back-up coming southbound.
6:33 am
a good two, two and a half mile back-up right now. approaching duke street, the remains of the accident off the road to the shoulder. delays leaded northbound. accident activity at seminary road. that has been moved over to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. this morning's big story, a guilty verdict in the murder trial former uva la crosse star george huguely. melanie alnwick is in the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: in returning a verdict of second degree murder, the jury found that yeardley love's death was intentional but not planned or premeditated. second degree murder can carry a sentence of 40 years. instead, the jury recommended a 25-year sentence plus one year for stealing love's laptop computer. it took nine hours of deliberations for the jury to decide 24-year-old george huguely's fate. the former uva la crosse player stood but did for the react when the verdict was read.
6:34 am
jury heard from nearly 60 witnesses over nine days in this very emotional trial. love's family testified how her death has devastated them. huguely's attorney had hoped jury would settle on involuntary manslaughter. >> there are no winners in this case. there is nothing but loss everywhere. our hearts go out to the love family. they've suffered enormously. >> we are, of course, disappointed with this verdict. but we've been proud to represent george in his fight for fairness over the last couple of years. >> reporter: the family of yeardley love september us a statement. it reads: it reads:
6:35 am
>> reporter: the judge will decide the final sentencing. the case has had a lasting impact in virginia. last year, state lawmakers passed a measure that allows people in a dating relationship or in a threatening workplace situation to more easily obtain a protective order. >> thank you. also in virginia, a shift in the debate over a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion. republican lawmakers have dropped a controversial portion of that bill that would have required a more invasive form of ultrasound. fox 5's bob barnard has more on this. >> reporter: on the streets of arlington county, there are strong opinions about virginia's controversial abortion bill. >> forcing women to have an ultrasound probe? that is obscene. >> reporter: even some pro- lifers say they are outraged. >> i think that we have too much government in our life and that the government should allow us to make our decisions
6:36 am
privately based on our belief and not dictator force mandates. >> reporter: the abortion bill has even been marked by late night comedians. >> governor bob mcdonnell, he is for the mandatory ultrasounds. is there anything he considers too intrusive? >> reporter: governor mcdonnell has now had a change of heart in a statement writing, i am asking the general assembly to state in this legislation that only a trans-abdominal or external ultrasound will be required to satisfy the requirements to determine gestational age. the house of delegates quickly amended the bill. >> this process has to start all over again and nobody seems to be satisfied at this point. >> reporter: delegate bob marshall of prince will item county, a republican and ardent supporter of the controversial legislation says he is not giving up. >> we are for the forcing the woman to have at abortion. when she decides to have at abortion, she accepts that the doctor will do certain things to her to achieve that goal including insert instruments
6:37 am
into her body that go far deeper than a probe. >> reporter: marshall says seeing the ultrasound image of the fetus might affect a woman's decision to go ahead with the abortion. >> this is not something we are inventing. this wasn't devised by the pope or some religious figure. the medical doctors do this themselves but they don't always do it. they don't uniformly do t we are saying as a stan darted of medical care this should be what is done. >> hundreds of those opposed to the invasive ultrasound stood in protest outside the state house in richmond earlier this jesus christ these are the same politician that ran on jobs in the economy, showed up in richmond, showed up here in washington d.c. and have been attacking women's reproductive rights from the get-go. the push to require ultrasounds before abortions is not over. a house version of the bill will be debated by a senate committee later on today. a final vote on same-sex marriage could come tomorrow in maryland's senate. yesterday, republicans asked for the debate to be delayed until today.
6:38 am
opponent are pushing for an opinion from maryland's attorney general on the constitutionality of amendments added to a house version that narrowly passed last week. new this morning, police in montgomery county need your help finding two missing people in two separate cases. they are looking for this man, 21-year-old darryl brown of germantown. he was last seen at his house on kitchen house court yesterday evening. they say he might not be wearing shoes and they are concerned because he functions at the level of a 10-year-old. they are also looking for this young woman, 19-year-old alexis allston of wheaton. she was last seen at her house on pliewj avenue night. she doesn't talk, suffers from several medical conditions and walks with a limp -- her house on blue ridge avenue last night. tonight, council member mary cheh is hosting a community safety meeting. police chief cathy lanier will there be to address the problem giving people a chance to hear
6:39 am
what is being done. the meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and it will be held at the cafeteria of alice deale middle school. republican presidential candidates clashed in the final debate before next week's primaries in michigan and arizona. rick santorum, newt gingrich, mitt romney and ron paul taxed each other on everything from earmark spending to taxes and social issues. but they also criticized president obama's policies. santorum and romney are currently battling for the lead ahead of tuesday's primaries. well, it is girl scout cookie time. we all love that. >> we can smell the cookies in the air. these ladies are going high- tech. coming up in this morning's smart phone zone, check out an easy way to track where cookies are being sold near you. see how you can find out what
6:40 am
your cookie choice says about you. what is yours? >> tagalongs. >> and samoas and about four or five others. >> i'm right there withyou.  [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing.
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how good are you at predicting oscar winners. >> i can till right now i'm not good. >> if after he got a craving for girl scout cookies, i am an expert that area. there is an easy way to track some down. lauren demarco joins us to talk about all of that in today's smart phone zone. >> you are an expert? >> in the cookie part, not the oscar part. >> we'll get to the cookies in just a second. i do want to talk about the oscars first. sunday is the biggest night in hollywood and movie buffs will love this app. it is called awards heroes, oscars edition. you can scroll through the categories and see who is nominated this year.
6:44 am
its you can start a pool and predict would you think will win. there is some oscar history, of course. you will not only find a list of wins are for each category in past years. the awards hero is free and available for the iphone and ipad. >> okay. enough of that. let's get to the food. >> we have plenty of girl scout cookies here. they created this app this year so the girlouts, as we said, are getting into the tech. what if you don't know a girl scout in there is a girl scout cookie locator. the app by kellogg lets you search by zip code or your current location to find when there will be cookie sales near you. you will find themout side of grocery stores. look at that little samoa icon. there are some other little features including recipes and you can find out what your
6:45 am
cookie choice says about you. >> what are your favorite cookies. >> mine is the thin mints. >> it means you are popular, strong and confident. >> i'll go with samoas. >> okay. brainy, complex and mysterious. >> well, that seems pretty accurate. >> i like them all but i guess the tagalong is the current favorite. >> yours says you are childlike and greedy. >> it is accurate. >> it is so accurate. >> these are the tagalongs. >> this is what happened. >> i saw you. they are over there at your desk, aren't they. >> childlike and greedy. >> that is not fair. >> i've got a present for you. >> i'm going to pass this. i'm not share with the childlike greedy one. >> i got set up on that.
6:46 am
>> yours is empty. >> i had to secure a couple of cookies early. >> because you're childlook and greedy. >> that is why you wanted to secure the cookies early. >> and i paid for those. >> you didn't pay for anything. >> all right. >> well, all of that is available on all of the information. >> thank you. >> i've never had a problem fining girl scouts selling the cookies. they're like outside the grocery store. >> you will find them. or they'll find you. >> they're around. >> let's take a look outside. spring spread view with all the nice weather we've been having, wouldn't you say? am you supposed to talk now? >> i don't know. isn't he? >> it is absolutely beautiful. >> come on, mr. childlike and greedy. talk. >> there is your tidal basin. what a beautiful morning it will be. >> yes, it is, tucker. >> yeah, it will be an enjoyable afternoon. i'm still mad about that
6:47 am
comment. >> you can go outside and eat your tagalongs all by yourself under a tree. >> sadly, i think i will be. i know who will eat cookies with me. julie wright will be there with me. going to be a beautiful day. >> 50s in some areas. >> and we'll be in the 70s later this afternoon. these temperatures starting off on the mild side. we'll be absolutely warm later today. 48 now in washington. 51 in quantico. 45 for you in leonardtown. temperatures, i mean just two mornings ago, we were welcome backing up with temperatures in the teens and low 20s. what i a difference a couple of days makes. sunrise at about 6:50 this morning. and it should be beautiful as we had some overnight showers but they are pushing now well east of the city. here is your sent smell radar and a few light showers that moved through overnight. i think those will stay south and west of those during the day. we will see some cloudiness
6:48 am
during the course of the day. not going finance a perfectly sunny day but when all is said and done and you are talking about temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s in february. out to the west, we've got our next area of low pressure and this will bring us a cold front later tonight. we'll cloud up tonight. we'll have showers overnight and early tomorrow, i think for the morning commute friday, some showers around and then a lot of wind behind the front during the day tomorrow with some cooler temperatures moving in. enjoy today because, by tomorrow, even with temperatures tomorrow in the 60s, it will start to feel a lot cooler. 68 your daytime high. in fact, parts of the area probably in the low 70s later this afternoon. unseasonably warm. there are your winds out of the west. five to 10, gusting to about 25. mostly cloudy skies tonight. 50 your overnight low. the showers will be with us for the morning commute tomorrow and the 65 you see will be early in the day. the temperatures will be falling during the afternoon as we'll have windy conditions around here during the first part of the day with winds gusting to about 40 miles per hour. right now, the weekend looks
6:49 am
great. sunshine, temperatures where they should be in the upper 40s. the outdoor plans, biking, golfing, working, grilling, go for it. should be a nice weekend. >> you could do it for the whole five-day forecast. >> you could be outside and do all that stuff. >> absolutely. >> and it's february. i'm just saying, again, you know. >> look who is here. >> tope perkins. >> almost wearing matching ties. >> gold. >> yes, good morning to you all. >> if i'm here, you know what time it is. >> what time is it, tony? >> it is time for ask the weather guys. >> this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. we love this question. today's question comes from sara white in alexandria. she says she has a question that just popped into her head.
6:50 am
sarah writes who started the fortune cookie and why. why does only the chinese culture have it? >> very interesting. i like that question. it is interesting when she says why does only the chinese culture have it. >> you want to start this. >> what wh a great question. i learned more than i ever knew about the fortune cookie. lets he go back to its origins. the origins are not in shine actual the thinking is that the origins are from japan back in the middle 1850s and '60s. they a similar cookie. it wasn't i fortune cookie but a similar cookie that was larger that had a little fortune in it. it was made of sesame and miso. the thinking is from those original ins came our modern day fortune cookie. >> the modern day fortune cookie was born in the united states of america. it is not of chinese culture. this is some debate as to whether or not they first and
6:51 am
in san francisco in 1915 or in los angeles in 1918. however, it seems to me, if we know that they were in san francisco in 1915, then san francisco wins. there was a guy -- do you know the japanese tea garden in san francisco? >> very famous. >> the japanese immigrant actually -- he was fired from his job and he was rehired. as a thank you to those who supported him, he created theseling fortune cookies largely the same as we know now but instead of fortunes, he would put on the little piece of paper, thank yous for the people who -- and then that evolved into putting biblical verses as other people began to make these or sayings. i remember very young they would always be a saying from
6:52 am
confucius. they became popular in chinese- american restaurants. why was that? >> so after world war ii -- up until world war ii, they were mostly just seep in japanese restaurants. after world war ii, the chinese restaurants started to take them on. i did not know this. in chinese culture, they don't typically have dessert with their meals so they wanted to have something, sort of americanize it. that is why they introduced the fortune cookie. today, three billion fortune cookies are made every year. biggest fortune cookie company is called won ton food and where are most fortune cookies produced? brooklyn, new york. won ton food tried to introduce the fortune cookie to the chinese mainland back in the '80s and '90s and it was generally rejected. the chinese didn't quite understand why this were getting fortune cookies with
6:53 am
their meals. >> isn't that interesting? they are not chinese. there was a version in japan early on but the ones we know came from america. >> veryfor the question. if you have a question that you -- c is for cookie &&. >> oh, cookie monster. >> if you have a question you want answered, go for and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on air. >> julie wright, all this talk of cookies is getting us hungry. sure it has you hungry too. >> did i hear tucker say he was going to share cookies. >> i'll share with with youable only you. >> you missed the part about the saying in the -- when lauren looked up that he was greedy and childlike when it comes to the cookies. i don't think he is going to share with you. >> oh, great, thanks. all right. here is the crew in sky fox. we'll share with them this morning. the beltway outer loop approaching georgia avenue,
6:54 am
lanes are open. no problems to report as you work your way around y around from college park in through silver spring. expect delays headed northbound from at least the beltway headed up to the accident scene. accident number two, up at seminary road, off the road to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. believe it or not, if you have not started already, now is the time to pick the perfect summer camp. the camp and summer fun expo is making things easier for parents with one-stop shopping and plenty of entertainment for the kids. we are live next with a preview.
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hello, everyone. if you haven't figured out what your kids are doing this summer, don't worry, we're live at the dulles town center. they're throwing the big summer
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fun camp expo. this morning, they'll be getting with the camp. we're talking about 70 camps and parents get to chat one-on- one with the camp directors and find out about them. we have cooking, arts, marshall arts and more. the list goes on. throughout the morning, we'll discover everything that the camp has to offer and how to enroll. coming up, we'll learn about cookology. >> it's amazing, we'retalking about summer camp already. we want to say congratulations to haley. she just got engaged. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find
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us on facebook. you're supposed to comment under her photo. that's it for the 6:00 hour. now, it's time to send it to tony and allison. good morning to you. coming up in the 7:00 hour, breaking news, reports that at least two u.s. soldiers were gunned down in anger over the burning of the muslim holy book. also, george huguely faces decades behind bars. we'll have a live report. government service shouldn't get paid more than the people paying taxes. >> i never voted to raise taxes. >> it was the last republican debate before supertuesday and it was heated. a completed recap and a look ahead, straight ahead. and an alert


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