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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. the fight to legalize same- sex marriage in maryland moves forward. >> the governor supports it and couples could be taking their vows by this time next year. but another battle is brewing. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning everyone. it is 6:00. we are starting you off with this look this morning on this friday. this is sky fox. live over the mall at prince georges where long lines are
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outside the footlocker there. these folks are waiting for the release of nike new shoe. we are going to be live in just 18 minutes. a lot of police out there trying to keep the situation under control. good morning everyone. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning. we're going to start first now by talking about what's going on weather-wise. and tucker is here to get into that. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> yeah, good morning. mild temperatures start the day, but a crazy weather day. very warm temperatures, potential for thunderstorms and then gusty winds this afternoon. in fact, a high wind warning north and west of the city. >> we're excited because there's weather activity. >> yeah, but as far as the winds, they could be dangerous, so play close attention this afternoon. let's do it. radar showing right showers north and west the city. and associated with a warm front lifting through. and it will allow the temperatures to punch into the
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mid-70s for afternoon highs. i can't believe i'm saying that. enjoy the warm-up. it won't last even all day. a coal front is further out to the west. and that will -- a coal front is further out to the west. and a potential for thunderstorms later today. temperatures right now, mild reagan national, 52 degrees. 53 in ocean city. little cooler north and west. 41 in winchester. our forecast for today, honestly all over the place. the bottom line, warm and windy with high temperatures, i can't believe i had to put this in this morning, about 75 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and again, getting windy. i will show the wind advisories in a few minutes. >> i think i'm clear to pack away the big puffy coat. >> yeah, as soon as you do that, you'll need it again. >> bring it back out, we don't need drama. i tweeted tucker and told him the banana boat singers are
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ready to sing. i can smell the banana boat. >> let's do it. >> it's a deal. on the roads, lanes are open along 66 for the beltway. no trouble spots right now towards 495. you will find traveling the outer loop, traffic slow leaving college park toward university boulevard. delays there are if you are continuing towards georgia avenue. 270 looks good. outbound 5, accident reported. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. maryland is on the way to state in the country to recognize same- sex marriages. the senate approved a bill that will legalize gay marriage. for now, the bill is headed to the governor's desk and he is expected to sign it into law within the next few days. he said in part, i would like to thank the senate president for his leadership and our
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legislation -- for and our law makers. the bill was sent back to committee yesterday before a vote of 24-14. it will be carried over to next year. a freak robbery last night ends in a homicide. the victim refused to hand over his necklace and was shot in the head in michigan park. now it's the latest street robbery in a rash of crimes so far this year. hundreds have been reported in the last two months, that's way up from the last two years. an unfortunate iron re, that killing happened while dc police were meeting to address an increase in violent crimes there. have been 885 violents crimes since the beginning to year. that's more than 100 more
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during the same time period last year. law enforcement officer spoke about what the chief has done in response. >> she has redirected 300 police officers dedicated strictly committed to reducing the robberies in the city. and how are we doing that? through decoy and bait operations throughout the city. targeting fencing operations. we're targeting repeat offenders. >> all right. now last night's meeting was organized by a dc counsel member. she will join us live to talk about stopping the rash of crimes. hundred of people are up and out of the door standing in line for the release of the new nike tennis shoe. >> now some have been camped out for hour, even days waiting for the shoe. we are live at the mall to explain what all this hype is about. >> reporter: good morning. you know, that hype is all abhaving the it shoe of the
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moment. and right now, that is nike's galaxy. hundreds of people are crowded outside the door here at the mall waiting to get their hands on the nike sneaker. the company upped the hype this week when it announced through the twitter feed that, quote, due to extremely limited quantities, they'll not be selling that shoe through the nike store online. and that has led to larger crowds outside stores like this one and in some place, even riots. what is this shoe? well, it's a $220 glow in the dark basketball shoe. and across the country, people are literally going insane just to get this. here in prince george's county, police are doing crowd control where hundreds of people are jammed against the doors at the mall. according to mall officials, store employees started giving out tickets about an hour ago and people will only be allowed
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in at this one entrance. now at pentagon city, large crowds there as well forming for the shoe. each store according to nike is only getting a limited number of these shoes. and like the limited release of the air jordan back in december, those shoes are expected to run out fast and the demand is so high that in orlando, thousands of people flooded a mall there, leading to riots. crowds rushed a store. police reportedly used tear gas to try and settle the crowd. others reported on twitter that police fired warning shots into the air. clearly there's a lot going on all around the country with people trying to get the shoes. so far, we haven't heard of any reports of any violence or outburst like what happened in orlando around the washington region. but clearly, a lot of high demand. now here at the mall, mall
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officials have given us a detailed list of how they are handling this sale. they clearly thought this out. in addition to giving out the tickets, employees are asking each person what shoe size they want. it is being written on the ticket. and starting at 7:00 this morning, they'll be allowed to start going inside in small groups and they'll only be allowed to get the shoe size that is written on their ticket. that's the latest here, back to you. >> all right. thank you. we'll check in later on. still shaking our heads. >> yeah, don't get it. making headlines this morning, some violent anti- american protest spreading in afghanistan. president barack obama apologizing for the unintentional burning of korans at a u.s. air base. but the wores are not enough to calm the growing crowds. and words of warning for syria's president as calls for an end to the deadly attacks go unanswered.
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the united states and arab alleys are about to deliver a stern warning to syria's president. a major international con fence is getting underway this morning and the united nations just appointed its former chief to be the special envoy to deal with the syrian crisis. violent anti-american protest continue in afghanistan and stems from the burning of korans at an air base. president barack obama apologized in a letter to the afghan president. the white house says the burning was not intentional. at least 13 people have been killed in three days of protest, including two u.s. sold yes, sir. later today, officials from the pentagon will meet with leaders of the muslim community to discuss the investigation into the incident. an update to the story we first reported as breaking news
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yesterday morning. about seven marines killed on two choppers. two choppers collided late wednesday night during a training exercise in arizona. six were from camp penndleton and was from the air station in uma. coming up next, a break room bust, wait until you hear who was caught stealing from the office refrigerator. someone here? >> could be. we've got some issues here. also ahead, checking in with tucker for a full look at the forecast. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. 
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you know, nobody likes it when somebody steals from the break room refrigerator. well police in texas got so fed up they set up a sting operation at their own station. a camera caught one of their own officers repeatedly stealing from his co-workers.
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he was taking their food and drinks. he was suspensed without pay for 30 days. >> wow, that's bad, it was a police officer too. >> look at this. >> wow. gives us some ideas here though, doesn't it. >> i wouldn't touch anything in our refrigerator. >> that is so true. >> when you smell. >> that is true. >> one of a kind. >> it gets cleaned on a regular basis. >> put your stuff in there right after it's cleaned. >> have you ever had anything take lightning. >> i put bad notes. -- taken? >> i put bad notes on it. >> interesting weather too by the way. yeah, the weather is going to be down right wild during the course of the day. warm, windy, maybe thunderstorms. and it's all in february. >> oh my gosh. >> yeah, all in february. rain showers at the moment. north of the city.
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working up to 270 into howard county. maryland showers moving through 70. maybe one or two sprinkles down 270. this is actually the warm front. a warm front comes through today. and then a cold front this afternoon. and conditions are going to get extremely windy, i mean 50, 60 miles per hour gusts this afternoon and early this evening. all right, a bigger picture of the cold front. and off to the north and to the west. thank you. yep, there's the cold front. and severe thunderstorms this morning in south western virginia. that will get through mid- to late afternoon. could give us more showers and the possibility of strong thunderstorms along the front. so be ready for that possibility as well. behind it, i mentioned the windy conditions and look out, a wind advisory and a high wind warning that's been issued for entire area here. in fact, much of the mid- atlantic and eastern seaboard under a wind advisory this afternoon and tonight.
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and again, winds here in the light tan, 50 miles per hour plus later this afternoon and tonight. off to the north and west, that's a high win warning, we don't see those often, gusting to about 60 miles per hour. fredrick county, under a high wind warning. through us through the evening hours. so things will get wild around here later today. futurecast, real quick, 10:00 this morning, we should see partial sunshine for the midpart of the day. and there are the thunderstorms this afternoon. already down along the eastern shore. look out for the winds. futurecast tonight showing winds. partly sunny, early shower, afternoon storm. mentioned the wind. i didn't mention the high temperature, 75 degrees. there's the bonus. hard to believe it's february. our record by the way is 78. 38 tonight. much cooler and the breezes will start to subside overnight. breezy tomorrow with high temperature about 50. 48 on sunday. monday and tuesday, back into
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the 50s. who knew it was february. all right. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic and see if people are getting to work on time. problems southbound 95 in maryland approaching i-5. out of baltimore, two right lanes blocked off at the scene of this crash. eastbound 66, no problems to report. lincoln headed in, beltway running well. southbound 270 looks good. germantown towards the split looks good. >> all right. up next, live to fox business network in new york. if you think gas prices are bad here, find out who is paying more than $9 a gallon. >> have to park the car. probably sell the car. break though, get ready, trivia geek, jeopardy is coming to dc. 15 people will square off. political figure, journalists, are you involved in this? >> no, did i not get the
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the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. gas prices are climbing here at home. but it could be worse. fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good to see you. >> good morning. let's talk about the mortgage rates rising. a good thing or what's the deal here? >> well, you know, you think no, it's not good, but i think it reflects optimism in the housing industry right now. as far as the home sales goes, the fixed mortgage up to 3.95%. i say up to that. that's still very, very low.
6:25 am
and we have seen some encouraging signs if the housing industry. we've seen saleses of existing homes starting to rise. inventories going down. the number of people behind on payments dropping to the lowest level since 2009. however, most obviousers say it's going to be a longtime, many, many years because home prices are still at ten-year lows before we can say the housing market has turned around. >> now the big thing that serve talking about coming up is this whole gas price thing. and we're talking about gas prices going up to 4, maybe $5 here. but it could be worse. it is worse in other parts of the world. >> it is. people dream about $4 a gallon. take a look. i took a look around the world. check this out f you find yourself in -- this out, if you find yourself in africa, $9.58 a gallon. norway, paying $9.33. rome, this is why they drive
6:26 am
vespa's, 8:48. monte carlo, $8.56. >> have a good weekend. >> too. a whole lot of hype over a -- >> have a good weekend. >> you too. >> a whole lot of hype over a shoe. ask the big story, the push to legalize gay marriage in maryland takes a big step forward. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment.  oh will you grab us some yoplait?
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found her! [ female announcer ] yoplait original. 25 flavors for you to love. it is so good. take a look at what is happening outside the mall at prince george's. these are live pictures of hundreds of people waiting in line for the release of a limited edition of nike sneaker. it's a shoe that as you can see is causing major hype.
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a live report from the mall in a few minutes. >> a lot of hype. would you wear those? >> yeah, absolutely. >> you would? >> why not? >> just because of how much they cost. >> yeah. >> i wouldn't wear those. >> but some men have taste. >> i got to keep moving on. up and down kind of day. temperatures way up. but dealing with the potential for thunderstorms. and very, very blustery, windy conditions late this afternoon behind the front. so we've got a high wind warning and advisory. i'll show you that in the next forecast. a live look, shower activity up north toward the board. and then a cold front to the west, bringing showers and thunderstorms into southwest virginia. got to keep an eye out for the cold front. and as i mentioned, very windy conditions. temperatures, this is the good news, right now, 52. how about an afternoon high in the mid-70s.
6:31 am
fredricksburg, you will be near 80 later today. 80degrees in february. so it's going to be, amazing afternoon here. filled with a lot of fireworks. 75 in washington. 78 in fredricksburg. the winds later today. the advisories coming up. and we've got ask the weather lightning run. several questions -- lightning round. several questions in a short amount of time. >> because we could see thunder and lightning later today? >> pretty much. let's get a quick check of the roads. we trying to get zoomed in along 95. just lost the shot. maybe by the enof the report, we can get it back up and running for you. southbound 270 work your way south headed toward the lane divide. lanes are open. no problems to report south toward boulevard. all lanes are open. westbound 7 at the beltway, reports of an accident activity. eastbound 66, lanes are open. still a good pace headed
6:32 am
towards centerville. no trouble spots to 123. the camera shot is still dark right now. but southbound 95, the accident activity 195 on shoulder. but expect back-ups south out of baltimore. the big story this morning, a victory for same-sex couples in maryland. the state senate approved a bill that will legalize gay marriage. for now, the bill is headed to the governor's desk. he is xerox copied to sign it into law -- he is expected to sign it into law within the next few days. he said in part, i would like to thank senator miller for their hard work and vote today. the virginia senate has killed the personhood bill. it would define life as starting at conception. it was sent back yesterday by a vote of 4-14. it will be carried over to next
6:33 am
year. a mad dash in orlando, florida as police in riot gear force hundreds of people from a mall parking lot overnight. this comes after fights broke out in a crowd waiting for the release of a new mike see sneaker. and people in our area are feeling the excitement too. hundreds of people are already lined up and they're out this morning standing in line for the release of the shoe. >> some have been camped out for hours, even days waiting for the limited edition. we are live at the mall to explain what the hype is about. >> reporter: well, all that excitement has now turned to anger here at that time mall. people here waiting tell me that the store manager for the footlocker has told them that the shoe will not be released this morning. they are canceling the launch of the shoe this morning. when it will go on sale, that is later today, another day,
6:34 am
that's not clear at this point. but a lot of people are still waiting despot what the mall told us -- waiting despite what the mall told us that they would give out tickets at 5:00 this morning. that did not happen. and according to the people here, they say the launch has been canceled at this particular location. and all of this of course is over the galaxy shoe. here is what it is all about there. is a $220 glow in the dark shoe. there is so much hype surrounding it, it's in such limited quantities as far as the release across the quantity that on ebay and other websites, it is already being put up for 2, 3, 4, $5,000. if you take a look at the mall, hundred of people were out early this morning trying to get in to the mall to get that shoe. it was supposed to go on sale at 7:00 this morning. one of the things we're being told is that the shoe is being
6:35 am
released what they call a house of hoops exclusive. limited stores across the country. that would explain why people are coming from other states to try and get these shoes at various locations across the country. we also have seen lines forming over at pentagon city for people trying to get shoes over there. it's unclear whether that store actually has the shoe. what i am being told is that there are a number of shoes being released today, part of the all star line-up, all shoes such as lebron james and kobe bryant shoes and people are waiting for those shoes as well. the situation here, still confusing. we have been told that the launch of that much south after nike galaxy shoe will not be happening at this particular location. that's the latest here, back to you. >> all right.
6:36 am
thank you very much. a robbery gone bad last night ins with a hmm. a young -- night ends with a homicide. a young man was killed for refusing to give up a necklace. and now police searched for the suspect on the grown. and police were talking about rob ribs at a meeting -- robberies at a meeting in northwest at the same time. so far this year, there have been hundreds of street crimes reported, that's up from the last two years. the killing happened right before the assistant chief talked about the concern of escalating violence. >> we believe a robbery to be that one step prior to a homicide because if a victim might want to fight back or sometimes these guys are under the influence. and you know, they pull the trigger or they actually beat someone severely that could cause death. >> police say the young man shot can killed was in his late
6:37 am
teens or early 20s. they have not identified him just yet. later, we will be talking live with the dc counsel member about the rising crime rate in the district. and up next, it's oscar time. >> that's right. his prediction for best picture and what else is knew at the movies this weekend. stay with us. 
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6:40 am
welcome back. some real life navy seals take to the big screen. >> how are you? >> hi, good to see you. >> the bowl of movies this weekend. i am so excited there. is like my favorite time of the year. favorite time. >> we'll talk about that many a bit. first, we want to talk about two movies you have been able to see. active valor.
6:41 am
about the navy seals and they're real seals in there. >> real active duty seals. it's turned into this feature length film. there is a plot line. they did throw in real actors and film as well. basically it comes down to it, they're trying to stop a terrorist attack. what makes the movie so special besides the active navy seals in the film is they use actual live fire. >> my gosh. >> that's the first time since the 1920s that we have seen live fire used in a movie. i'm talking about mini guns releasing 3,000 runs a minute. you are right there in the action. and i understand people are going to be a little picky about the acting. you can't expect good acting from real active duty seals. but if you want to see realistic action, i'll sacrifice some of the acting to
6:42 am
get there. this is so cool, they put camera, little cameras inside their helmets so in the action scene, the gun is in front of the screen and you are the pov, the first person shooting. like a video game. going through the see consequences, some of the most action ever caught on film in my opinion. 12 cameras shooting and the directors would say, here's what's going to happen and they would take a piece of paper, write down how they would fill out the mission and the directors would direct the scene around how they would actually do it. and i think it's fascinating that we are put into this world. and we also see them on the home front, their wifes and kids, -- their wifes and kids, it's a fascinating fill. how much? >> 3.5 out of 5. the acting is a little off. the only problem they threw in real actors with the non-actors
6:43 am
and i kept going, that guy's an to be, not an actor. >> so it was distracting. >> yeah, but see it in theaters. it is so loud. my heart was pumping. so loud. check it out. >> wannerlust now. jennifer anniston in it, a lot of people like to watch them. i'm fans of both of them. >> here's the thing, comedy is one of the hardest things to do and if you can make your audience laugh out loud at least five times, like screaming, that to me is a success. the film itself deals with paul and jennifer, their character, basically a married couple, lose their jobs, they have drive down to georgia to live with paul's brother. stop at a bed and breakfast who is essentially hippies and it creates an issue in their marriage. >> i've seen the trailers. it is so funny.
6:44 am
for the first hour. here's the thing, the first hour is beautiful. the script is great. the chemistry is great, jokes hitting on time. and then this weird scene and the entire film is thrown off balance. the last 40 minutes, i'm scratching my head, like what happened, did a different director step in. but i found myself laughing out loud at certain elements is. >> still worth senate. >> i think it's a good matinee, just know that it gets a little off after the first hour. but there's a scene in front of the mirror, that's all i will say, i was crying laughing. that's how funny. you know how hard you laugh, at least five times in this movie. three out of five. because it is a little off after the first hour. >> and a lot of people are expecting to hear about good deeds. but it's something you were not able to review. there's a reason. >> yeah, i interviewed tyler perry and the cast. he does not screen his films to
6:45 am
critics and if you want to know why he doesn't do that, go to my website and you can watch his answer. it's a pretty legitimate answer why he doesn't do it. i'm a fan of his films, but you can see the answer there. >> real quick, we want to talk about the others cars of course. there's a preview, something coming up at 8:00. but let's give your pick of what will win best picture verses what should win. >> yeah, the oscars this year, i'm very upset with the nominations this year and one in particular, why would they give nine nominations, why not give the extra tenth. they had room for ten. and drive i thought should have been in there. but in the category, the race between hugo and the artist. i want hugo to win. i think it deserves it. they're both love letters to film making. but his voice is on the movie. the artist, in my opinion, only
6:46 am
echos what happened in the early silent era. that's the movie that's going to win and has momentum. >> again in the 8:00 hour. >> and follow me on twitter. love you identifies. >> thank you. back tow guys. all right. weather now. >> yeah, exciting weekend. weather, we've got wind to talk about and possibility of thunderstorms and very warm temperatures. mid-70s for the daytime highs. a lot to talk about. a lot of changes here. going to happen in a quick period of time. >> more to the story. >> no, just starts with the 70s. and then go from there. let me show you the radar and into the next couple hour, a combination of a warm front and then a cold front bounding through the area. that's a warm front north of city at the moment up towards, up into montgomery county. that's the warm front there. is the cold front. when this comes through late they are afternoon, a few more hours to get through. but i promise you will know it. possibility of thunderstorms
6:47 am
and very, very dangerous winds late this afternoon and tonight. in fact, winds gust 50 miles per hour in washington. maybe 60 off to the north and west. and we already have wind warnings. an advisory. and we've got a high wind warning here. look how much the region is under a wind advisory and warning. wind advisory in washington goes into effect at 3:00. and we could have gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour behind the front later today. and off to the north and west, the high wind warning. let's talk temperatures, enjoying unseasonably warm air ahead of the front. mid-70s here in washington. afternoon highs, 80. currently 52 in wash 48 in annapolis. these temperatures well above normal. 43 in martinsburg. 57 today. chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. some of the storms could be strong. yes. windy later.
6:48 am
very windy later. tomorrow, 50, sunshine. sunday looks great. monday and tuesday, back into the 50s. feels like march. >> it's not. >> i know. >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you? >> i was out like everybody yesterday, no coat on. this is so weird. it's february. i went outside with shorts and a tank top. >> did you really? >> really. >> some viewers might want to know where you did that. >> we'll talk about that off- camera. >> time now for ask the weather guy. >> yes, it is. >> ask the weather guy. all right. because it's friday, we're going to bring you a special lightning round edition today. >> oh, that's why we're seeing that. >> that's why we answer many questions as fast as we can. four minutes to answer four questions. >> okay. >> so let's go. >> can we just say one reason we're doing this is because we have a backlog of questions. >> okay. >> we may do it more often.
6:49 am
>> first question from eve who saw flowers and is confused. is it still wintertime. what the flowers are and she sent us a picture. let's go to the picture. all right, these are called chickweeds. >> well, are they flowers or weeds? >> well, it's a flowering weed. thank you for asking. you know why it's called chickweed? >> chicks like them? >> well -- >> i don't like them. >> and if you look closely, they're beautiful little blue flowers. chickens love to eat it. >> she wans to know what's going on with winter, we may have to call it quits. this is, what it likes to do is bloom when we get a winter thaw. >> so it's doing its thing. ashly wants to know if the world is going to end on
6:50 am
december 21st, 2012? you remember the calendar thing. and a lot of people were worried on this year, the world will come to an end? >> well, it is not going to end on december 2 1st of this year. what's happening, the networks, november is sweeps. big ratings month. they have asked to move the end of the world. so it will be ending on november 10th during sweeps. >> that will be good for ratings. >> a lot of live shots until the very end. >> and we will put a count down clock behind us. >> clearly, we don't know. >> the next question from madison who wants to snow why there was no snow last weekend. >> this should be your question. >> yeah, i did just had nothing
6:51 am
to do with that forecast. >> the bottom line is, well, we got that run wrong. we thought there would be, it stayed south of us. and of course, parts of the area got up to 2 inches. >> some people got it. >> yeah, southern maryland. the valley was not one -- look at that shot, a little bit of snow. >> oh, yeah, a trace there. >> so you were right on some level. on a small level. >> thank you. >> you were right. >> i still trust tuck we are the forecast. >> and you -- tuck we are the forecast. >> and you absolutely should. >> things change. >> here we go, done with that one. ring the bell. and now, our last question, listen closely to this question, the last question is from jack wallace. jack, okay, he has a question about our website. he writes, where on here do you go to submit an ask the weather
6:52 am
guy question? that's the greatest question i've ever heard. >> you just did. he found it apparently. >> he found it. the end. >> okay, i can't find where to send it in. but it was there. we looked at it. so jack, i don't know, you figured it out. your question got in. kind of a wasted question. >> feel free to ask a real question. >> actually jack asked several questions. they're all too sensitive to answer on-air. >> okay. >> think up another question. >> this is rated e, jack. it's family programming. >> lightning round comes to an end. if you've got a question you want to answer, go to and up load your video and send it to us and we will try to play it on the air. >> ill like jack to send in a
6:53 am
-- i would like jack to send in a video. november 15th, a big special that day. >> are you paying attention to all this? >> no, i got stuck on the tank top and shorts. >> see, i told you. >> all of a sudden, my twitter blew up. >> i told you. i knew it. >> i got no answer for you. >> i know, right? southbound 270, activity on the shoulder as you work your way southbound. expect delays headed for the exit. outer loop of the beltway, leaving 95 towards georgia avenue. lanes are open. problems to report, the analysis, southbound 97 approaching 50, accident off to the shoulder, but traffic gridlocked headed south. and delays westbound 7 over the beltway, activity the left lane. >> all right.
6:54 am
now still ahead, we've got the supremes, alicia keys. >> yep, big names turning up all in one place all to help children learn about history. we're live to explain what's going on when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands. with the lysol no-touch hand soap system healthy hands can be automatic. for healthy tips and more, visit
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good morning, everybody. i'm annie yu. happy friday. we are live at the southeast tennis and learning center where people in the area are learning for a great show. it's called wax. it's amazing to see some of the young students portraying some of the most iconic figures in black history. youngsters take the role of of a can americans and bringing them to life. these youngsters are working
6:58 am
very hard. this morning, they are taking some timeout to come on the show. dobeautiful? >> they are. they look glam. let's say hello to the facebook fan of the day. she watches us as she makes breakfast for her and her husband. >> thinks her twins' birthday. twin sister's birthday. >> so happy birthday to her and her sister. >> post a comment below sabrina's picture on the facebook page. >> congratulations, sabrina. >> time to accepted it to allison and toniable i like your new it nike high top.
6:59 am
>> i didn't stand in line to get these. >> no $20 shoes for me. >> hi, sarah. chaos at a local shopping mall and malls across the country. some local malls across the country. hundreds of people have been standing in line, some for days waiting to get their hands on nike's latest shoes. there is concern at one security malls. >> this is a landmark days in the history of maryland. >> it's a victory for same sex couples. the governor about to say i do to same sex couples. >> and high gas prices some of the challenges that president barack obama will f


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