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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there were a few surprises to come out of this euro's oscars. we've got the red carpet recap. also ahead, republican presidential contenders are looking ahead to tomorrow's match-up in michigan and arizona. we've got a look at the latest polls. >> new developments could come today as the d.c. council tries to figure out who knew what about the misdeeds of a former councilmember who pleaded guilty to embezzling money meant for children in need. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. 6:00 on this monday. you can make out the silhouette there of the national
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cathedral. temperatures in the 30s right now but things are heading up and looking nice. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. wick welcome to fox 5 morning news. -- welcome to fox 5 morning news. time to say good morning to tucker barnes. >> we're expecting bright sunshine and after a chilly start here, temperatures -- high temperatures about 60. >> perfect. nice weather continues. >> i know. it could still turn bad but we don't see that in the future, right? >> i like how you say that hesitantly. >> there is no indication that we'll get any winter weather. >> i'm concern toad. i'm concerned about what will happen in the upcoming weeks. >> it starts messing with you. >> sarah has other reasons she wants nice weather. >> i we know about that. >> kids on the way to school. always in a good mood because what is better than getting up and going to school first thing in the morning. there is the happy bus driver and all the kids.
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it is chilly out there as mentioned. temperatures are generally in the low 30s although we have some 20s in the outlying suburbs. cool start to the day. should be a nice afternoon with sunshine and high temperature about 06 as mentioned. 38 in washington. 35 in fredericksburg. 32 in winchester. ocean city, good morning. 38-degree for yor forecast. lots of quiet conditions. should be dry. high temperatures, 60 in washington. that is about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 62 in fredericksburg. this will be the warmest day of the week. i'll have more details on our week forecast coming up in a minute. >> so far, so good. we are off to pretty much a quiet start. volume increase ago long 66 coming in from fair oaks. -- volume increasing along 66 coming in from fair oaks. top stretch of the outer loop, no accidents to report. usual suspects lining up from silver spring towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic.
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a look at the morning's top stories. two prince george's county firefighters remain in critical but stable condition. ethan sore relate and testify intool are two of seven firefighters injured during a fire in riverdale heights on friday. still no definitive ruling on what caused the fire but high wind fueled the flames. a 14-year-old boy was injured in a knife attack at metro center. this happened around of which:00 last night. metro says two groups of young people were fighting when the victim was cut. he is expected to be released from the hospital last night. aanother minor was arrested in this incident. police are searching for a suspect in a sex assault near the georgetown university campus. it happened around 2:15 sunday morning. police say a georgetown student was sexually assaulted on 36th street just north of n street. they are asking anyone in the area at the time who may have noticed something suspicious to give them a call. a square on the university of maryland campus actually female resident of cumberland hall saws she woke up early
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sunday morning to find a stranger in her room touching her leg. now, other residents say they heard someone trying to you be lock their doors during the night. police are looking for the intruder and another suspicious man spotted in the dorm. a d.c. council committee will be grilling members. a youth organization during a meeting today. >> they want it know how harry thomas jr. told hundreds of thousands of dollars slated to go to the group. >> reporter: why weren't safeguards put in place that would have prevented a councilmember and harry thomas, jr. from embezzling more than $350,000 from the district. good question and that what is councilmember jim graham wants to know later today. harry thomas,. >>, jr. pledded guilty in january to diverting that money meant for kids into his own pockets. federal officials a he used his
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influence as a councilmember to funnel the money from the children and youth investment trust corporation. it is said he spent the money on things like luxury golf vacations, a $60,000 suv and personal expenses. jim graham says basic rules of granted making with written proposals, reports and auditing should have been in place. now, wisdom and sarah, some have called for the children and youth investment trust corporation to be dissolved. councilmember graham says he is not ready to go there just yet. he is expecting to hear from officials at that investment trust corporation today in that hearing. the hearing begins at 1:30 this afternoon. >> all right. thank you very much. the latest now from the campaign trail. voters in arizona and michigan head to the polls for tomorrow's primaries. one week out from super tuesday. the latest real clear politics
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average of polls shows romney leading in both states. meantime, more proof that former senator rick santorum is becoming a serious contender. the candidate will reportedly begin receiving secret service protecting starting this week. we are following a developing story out of afghanistan in morning. at least nine people killed in a suicide bombing at the gates of an airport. seven u.s. military trainers were injured in a protest. u.s. officials have issued a series of apologies and the afghan president has and to tv calling for calm. violence has claimed the life of a virginia man too. sergeant timothy conrad, jr. of roanoke was shot by an afghan soldier in camilla parker
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new this morning, russian and ukrainian special services have arrested a group of suspects accused of attempting to assassinate prime minister sled miles an hour putin. the suspects were planning to kill putin immediately after the march 4th presidential election. station says the suspects were arrested in the uka crepe. nelson mandela is out of hospital and back home after undergoing minor diagnostic surgery. the former south african president had been complaining about stomach problems. doctors insert awed camera into his body to check his and and
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found no serious medical concerns. the 93-year-old launcheded a campaign against apartheid in the 1906s and spent 27 years in prison for treason. a federal trial over the nation's worst offshore oil disaster has been delayed for a week to allow more time to settlement talks. the bp gulf oil spill trial was suppose to the begin today actual among other things, it will determine the penalties that need to be paid by bp and other companies involved in the oil spill. the april 2010 explosion on the deep water horizon rig killed 11 workers and spilled 206 million gallons of oil which coated miles of the coastline. coming up next, we'll have a look at the big winners in this year's oscars. >> also ahead, we're checking in with tucker for your full forecast. and find out where you may have to pay more when you go out to eat all in the same of easy traffic.  people! look at you!
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the oscar goes to the artist. st. >> it was a huge night in hollywood as stars gather for the 84th annual academy awards. the silent film the artist won five oscars. the artist's leading man won best actor and meryl streep took home the statue over viola davis. we talked about this earlier off camera. a red carpet stunt stole the show before the awards were handed out. actor sasha baron cohen came dressed as a dictator character from his latest film. he was carrying an under that he joked carried the ashes of late north korean akim jong il and then i dumped it as you saw right there. a good portion of the ashes on
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the red carpet host ripe seacrest and he was quickly moved away by tux eyed owe clad security men. >> he is trying to laugh it off. can you tell, it is such an awkward moment and i know that sasha baron cohen is known for doing out landish stuff. >> the joke wasn't even funny. >> it wasn't even that funny. but it was just the shock value i think more than anything. >> now, people are going to be talking about it and well be on youtube. he ill get a lot of attention about it. >> hate that he gets rewarded for that. he didn't deserve to have that tossed on him. >> he spent the rest of the night sleeping himself off. >> he was a good sport about it. >> on camera. >> on camera. i'm sure he was a little bit heated off camera. >> i would be like throwing punches. >> you would have been giving borat the beatdown. >> i liked his assistants there, his assistants there on
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the side. you got to take another look. our forecast looks perfect. we are talking about the academy awards because i don't have any weather to talk about. >> sunshine to start the week and most the week will be very pleasant with seasonal temperatures and today, our temperatures are going to be about 10 degrees above normal so get out and enjoy your afternoon. another-- i mean just hard to believe it is the end of february with high temperatures near 60. 37 right now in washington. we are 30 in gaithersburg. let me mention, apts cold -- it is a cold start particularly to the west and north of the city. 31 at dulles. 35 in martinsburg. you get the idea we have chilly temperatures. even down in leonardtown, southern maryland this morning, 34 degrees. beautiful afternoon. winds will be out of the south here at about 15 to 20 or gusting 15 to 20. that will put a little bit of a chill out there. otherwise, sunshine and look how quiet it is. i don't even have any cloud cover to show you out to the west.
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let me mention what is happening in northern florida. we've got the daytona 500 down there. not sure they will get it in. a lot more rain in the forecast. you can see it is raining at the moment. the showers are supposed to continue during the day. that race should get going at about noon today if they can dry things out. otherwise, nice looking forecast for us. quiet start to the week. 60 your daytime high. winds out of south gusting to about 15 to 20 later this afternoon and then clear. seasonably cool tonight. 38 your overfight low. there are your winds. seasonal looking week. temperatures just about where they should be in the low 50s. cooler tomorrow, 53. show showers, you want to time out the rain showers. best chance this week will be wednesday and late friday, saturday, look like we could get some more rain with temperatures about 50 to 55. that is your weather forecast. let's do some traffic and julie wright. did you see the little bit with ryan seacrest? >> yeah, i wasn't a fan of that. that was in poor taste.
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not at the oscars. we people's choice, maybe. but i didn't like it. i would never do that to you, tucker barnesoff a already done it to me before. >> i won't do it again. >> okay. >> all right. not a lot going on. beltway at new hampshire avenue where the lanes are open as you continue westbound around 495. still spread pretty much an easy commute headed out towards 270-6789 lanes are open coming southbound along 59 and 259 working your way in out of laurel. no trouble spots to report as you you continue to work your way southbound along 270 coming in out of germantown. you will find eastbound 66 traffic starting to flow as you i don't recollect with our way past the capital beltway. going out to eat in fairfax county may soon get a little more expensive. the fairfax county board is considering a 4% tax on meals sold at all restaurants. the money raised from the tax would fund transportation projects. officials say it would make about $80 million a year. meal tax idea is not a new one though it has been brought up twice before and failed.
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coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk more about where those gas prices are ling. as we go to break, ready, set, roll. this year's white house easter rogue role will be monday, april 9th. the tick its will be distributed through an online family giving families across the nation the chance to take part. the lottery opens march 1st at 10:00 a.m. on the white house web site. back in a moment. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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the rising gas prices are showing no signs of slowing down. sandra myth has this morning's business beat i'm lot of people getting pretty worried about the rise in oil prices. is this going to continue? >> yeah, and it is that worry, sarah, that has a lot of economists saying this could throw a wrench in this rally we've seen so far this year. but yes, this is becoming a very real threat and a lot of
6:24 am
economists are alling for the prices to continue to rise. this morning, we are looking at oil prices down just a bit taking a bit of a breather from the recent climb but we have been flirting with $110 a barrel a questions saw overnight, the lundberg survey says the national average is now about $3.70 a gallon. so we all as consumers and businesses are paying significantly more than we were just two week ago. about 18 cents more than we were two weeks ago and this really starts to change the behavior of consumers. a lot of folk at home, a lot of viewers say they will have to budget a little bit differently and maybe not spend as much athoings elsewhere like new appliances for the home or a new car. it changes the dynamic of the recovery we've seen so far. there is talk of $5 a gallon. are we lacking at more possibly sometime around may or something more the summer that
6:25 am
those prices could hit us? >> well, it is a very interesting question when you consider the fact that oil and gas prices have been climbing at a time seasonally when prices tend to pull back. we haven't even entered the summer driving season or the heavy spring break period where a lot of folk hit the road. the fact that we are entering into that, to answer your question, you don't have great news. right now, analysts are calling for oil prices to continue to rise. many point out the fact that gas at the pump hasn't cut up with $110 oil yet. you will probably be likely to continue to pay a little more but as we've seen, once we near that $4 a gallon mark at the pump, we do start to see con sowmers pull back a bit and then price do start to back off a little bit. so we'll see if that is the case this time. >> maybe we can have a little
6:26 am
impact on that. thank you so much. still ahead, hollywood is always full of surprises and while some of the winners in this year's oscars didn't come as much of a surprise, there was one moment that many stargazers didn't call. first, a former d.c. council member pleads guilty to embezzling money meant for children in need. and today, we could learn more about who, if anyone, knew exactly what was going on. we're back in a moment. [ female announcer ] pillsbury presents:
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what a morning it is. welcome back, everyone. you can see the sun trying to move up there today. it will be a great day. the sun come up and things will warm up here in our area. temperatures in the 30s right now. but that will quickly change. >> you took the forecast right away from me. >> i didn't say everything. >> you said just about everything. it will be upper 50s to about
6:30 am
60 later this afternoon. that is after a chilly start. let's take a look at the satellite picture. very quiet conditions continue across the area and turn into a nice sunday. saturday was a little on the windy side. >> that is the day i saw those june snows flurries. >> they probably came right down from canada. we had so much wind around here. >> who knows what you saw blowing in the air. seemed like small animals could have been blowing in the air it was so wind i. >> one or two clouds late this afternoon and some cooler temperatures for the day tomorrow but today look great. 37 in washington. much of the area below freezing this morning. it is chilly. 2 out at bwi marshall and 31 at dulles international. highs about 06 degrees by 4:00 p.m. get out and enjoy your afternoon. coming up, ask the weather guy. it is somewhat weather-related. it is a question about the weather app that we have here
6:31 am
and an alert that comes on. >> okay. >> a good question. >> they're always good. >> i always learn moch. >> well, some of the questions are. -- >> i always learn so much. >> no trouble spots to report out towards clopper. northbound # 95 starting to see the slowdown out towards landmark. northbound i-9 is in good shape. accident activity along pohick road. follow police direction to get by. 66 bogged down with delays out of manassas fair oak to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we continue to follow developing news concerning an overnight carjacking. this actually turned into two stories about two stolen white
6:32 am
escalades. around 12:30 this morning, a group of armed men any silver van carjacked an escalade on mlk jr. avenue in southwest. they are still on the loose. then around 3:30, an officer spotted a white escalade he thinks is the one from that earlier carjacking but it turns out it was a different stolen escalade. a suspect in that vehicle got out, and with a gun in hand be ran across 295. he was eventually caught. ht. a look at the morning's other top stories now. two prince george's county firefighters remain in critical but stable condition. ethan sorrel and kevin tool are two of seven firefighters injured during a fire in riverdale heights on friday. still no defin ditchtive ruling on what caused the fire but high winds fueled the flames. a d.c. council committee is holding a hearing today on how former councilmember harry thomas jr. stole $350,000 meant for youth sports programs. most of the money came from the children and youth investment
6:33 am
corporation. officials from the organization will be grilled on how exactly this happened and why safeguards were not in place. committee chairman jim graham has not ruled out the possibility of a special hearing on the matter. the latest now from the campaign trail. voters in arizona and michigan head to the polls for tomorrow's primaries one eke out from super tuesday. latest real clear politics average of polls shows romney leading in both states. more truffe that former senator rick santorum is becoming a serious contender. the candidate will reportedly begin receiving secret service protection starting this week. now, let's go to dave and wisdom with the sports breakfast. good morning, guys. >> good morning. what's up? dave ross is here now. we'll talk a little bit about sports in particular and these all-star games. >> look, look, you and i talked about this last hour. i want to say that one of our coworkers, a big nba gay, pointed out that in the fourth
6:34 am
quarter, they played some defense. >> oh, please. >> didn't look like they played a whole lot the defense when i watched. in the first half, this is the way the all-star games go. they are putting on a show. watch blake just back away and let lebron shoot. >> this is great basketball. >> it is appear all-star game. here is kobe bryant. a little all had been star history, 27 points, has now scored more points passing michael jordan, than anybody else in the history of the all- star game. >> still not better than michael jordan. juror montrose christian is your mvp. >> get out of here. >> i didn't see the defense in that game.
6:35 am
we're hoping that tucker can get the weather taken care of down there in daytona today. i was down there last week by the way. down in this area. it was beautiful all week. and then it rained all day and guess what, for the first time in 54 years, it was postponed. will you watch the left turns? >> no. i will probably be asleep at noon. >> you don't want to see danica patrick. >> i would rather watch this. >> if the rain persists, that is what you'll be doing. what do you think about this deal for the nationals. they paid a whole lot of money to keep ryan zimmerman in for years to come. $a $100 million extension. that is wisdom martin money. >> it's close. not quite wisdom martin money but it's close. >> do you like the deal or are you worried -- i mean i guess
6:36 am
he is the second highest paid third baseman behind alec rodriguez so you are assuming he will be a present imral all- star. >> i can never fault the player for getting what he can get. -- you are assuming he will be a perennial all-star. >> let's toss it back over to sarah. >> thank you. it is hollywood's biggest night. coming up next, kevin mccarthy join with us an oscar recap. find out which of his predictions were spot on. we'll talk more about a surprise when it came to the best actress category as well. as we go to break right now, get the hollywood treatment for yourself without paying the superstar prices. today's my fox half off deal is from yvonne's day spa. $59 get you a trio of pampering services. to get in on that one, go to and look for my fox half off on the right-hand side of the page. 
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welcome back. we have we got a few prices at last night's oscars. and our expert in house, kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan. >> it is the oscars. it is like this has got to be cool. thank you for having me here. >> this is like your oscar. you sit at the desk. we've got a lot to get through. let's start this out. start off with best picture obviously. the artist. we talked about this last week. you kind of figured it might get that but that wasn't what you wanted. >> it was a told cold lock to win. if i had money, ill have bet it all on the artist last night. for me, it's black and white silent movie in 2012. sure that, sounds like a risk to take. i think it is more of a gimmick. i'm just -- i just feel like the oscars always go for that safe artsy type of film. i admired t i think it is well performed and i think it is
6:41 am
well directed. loved the music. i just don't think a year from now anybody will be talking about this movie o a saturday afternoon, i'm not going to go home on a rainy afternoon and pop this movie into my dvd player and watch this. you had the classic films back in the day. classic older films which have stayed longer and longer. king's speech felt that way last year as well. that movie is forgotten. i don't think the oscars are in touch at all with the audiences and what movies are doing today. >> what did you think about the best director category. >> i think martin scorsese
6:42 am
directed the best film of the year. hugo and the artist were out there. maybe they realized that hugo was the better film because it got five of the technical awards. he made 3-d a necessary tool in story telling. i was hoping he would one it. >> burl street. this is the biggest surprise of the evening. >> i was shocked. i was hoping for michelle william but merrill won the golden globe. she is the most nominated actor in the history of the oscars. 17 nominations, hasn't won since 1982 for sophie's choice. >> it has been a while. >> it was 30 years. i felt like this was a career award because i'm sorry to be frank here but that movie was
6:43 am
terrible. the iron lady -- >> they're talking about her. >> i know but i think an actor arrest an actress should make movie good. if you are that good in a film, the entire film should live off of you and i think viola davis that h. that presence. the movie was fantastic and she was a star and she was phenomenal in the movie. i just feel viola davis should have won. >> we have a little bit of sound. meryl streep was shocked. >> meryl streep apparently had my exact sentiments about how i felt about her winning the awards. >> when they called my name, i had this feeling i could hear half of america going oh, no. oh, come on, why her? again. you know. but whatever. i love that. >> she is one of great actresses of our time. i think she is phenomenal.
6:44 am
i think her performance in the film was great. i just think that movie -- i do feel like a movie should live up to the performance. i really do. that is my personal opinion. >> let's talk best actor real quick. jean dujardin. i just like saying the name. >> great name for an actor to say so little and emotionally connect to the audience so well. that is a tough thing do. it is all about the internal struggle of his character and what he is going through. he does give a fantastic performance. i didn't love the artist but i loved him. he is one of the most charismatic actors i've seen come out in a long time his performance in this film deserved it out of the five nominees. i would like to have seen other nominees up. clooney was great in the descendants. i thought he was fantastic. but the performance from this guy is one of the best perform ans i've seep in a long time.
6:45 am
>> on the red carpet, we sought sasha -- that guy throwing the stuff on ryan seacrest. what was your reaction to that? >> i honestly thought that ryan was mad. he looked mad. >> i'm sure he was mad. >> sasha has always done crazy stuff. you look at the mtv music awards over the years. is a brilliant marketer. that will push that movie so far over the internet for the next couple of months. that was the most brilliant marketing. i think ryan hand it would well but it was very funny. >> if you look at it in a different way than maybe some other folks who might be like what was that? >> that is the brilliance of it. that will be talked about everywhere for the next month. till within a lot of fun. >> best supporting actor, christopher plummer and best supporting actress, octavia spencer.
6:46 am
>> tony is laughing. best line. need knight because kodak is in bankruptcy and we are at the chapper 11 theater. i thought that was hilarious. and the bit he did where he cut to people and said here is what they're thinking. it was very funny. i thought the oscars were so- so. >> it was kind. quiet. >> it was different this year. >> it didn't feel exciting. >> one of the producer was saying we see these people all year long and it is almost not that exciting. >> kevin, always exciting to see you guys. >> every since piranha 3-d got shut out, i've quit watching. >> i'm still talking about purple rain back in the '80s. >> going be for a beautiful forecast. i can do this in less than a minute. we'll have plenty of time for ask the weather guys. our temperatures are cold. it will be a beautiful afternoon with a lot of
6:47 am
sunshine and temperatures about 10 degrees warm are than yesterday. 37 in washington. we are 32 degrees in gaithersburg. 34 for you in leonardtown. 20s for you off to the west. 25 in martinsburg. look how quiet our satellite- radar is. a few clouds off to the north and west. that is a weak cold front that will get it through here late this afternoon and tonight and cool us down for the day tomorrow. the forecast, straightforward and easy here later this afternoon. enjoy your afternoon. still february. temperature still above normal. winds here out of the south gusting about 0 miles per hour as you get that warmer air in and then clear and cool tonight. 38 your overnight low. winds south and west five to 10 and the all-important workweek forecast. tomorrow, a little cooler behind the front, 536789 look like we have some rain showers in the forecast for the day on wednesday. thursday, friday, temperatures pretty much where they should be. our average daytime high now is 50 and you can see most of the
6:48 am
week, we're right around 50 with the exception of today. so get out and enjoy. >> still looks good though. >> look who is here. tony per ins. >> kevin changed into me and i'm here. if i'm he here, then you know whats time for. it is time for ask the weather guys! yes, indeed. this is the second-degreement where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together -- this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions. thank you's question comes there melissa, also known as honey who asks:00. one day last woke on our new weather app, a fire weather watch came up. a little alert came up on her phone. >> it came up on my phone too so i thought we would talk
6:49 am
about what a fire weather watch is. we don't often talk about it in our morning forecast. but a fire weather watch is an alert put out by the national weather service to let people know that there is an increased risk for wildfires. so, if you are having a smoke and you throw your butt out on the street, better chance that he with could have to deal with some fires. so that is basically what is alert is about. i guess we can talk a little bit about what triggers it. >> this is something that is really common out in -- out west in arizona. we just don't get the kennys here very often if a fire weather watch or warnings. so we don't get them that much. couple of things. for a fire weather watch or warning to be issued, there are several criteria that have to be met. we have to have sustained winds
6:50 am
of 20 miles per hour or greater or wind gusts of 35 miles per hour or greater. >> so for instance, last friday and saturday, we certainly had the winds gusting over 35 for a good portion of the day. that was one of the criteria. next criteria, here in the washington area, we don't do this very often but when you humidity gets below 30%, we are very dry. so air is very dry. you get very windy conditions and those two ingredients are necessary for wildfires and we have plenty of very forested yards, not so much here in washington but some of our suburbs, we have forested areas where there would be greater risk for wildfires. >> was it the wind that made it so dry because were we really that dry before the wind kicked up. >> that is interesting you should ask. the wind dries the atmosphere when it pushes so strongly out of the west and northwest particularly this time of year. if we are going to via fire season, it is late february and
6:51 am
march and then again late september, early october when we have our driest conditions around here. so in the summertime, we are so humid and we frequently get rain around here so we don't deal with fire watches or red flag warnings very often. in addition to a fire weather watch, you might see on your weather app, a red flag warning. that must means all of the above cite anterior i can't are available for a 24 -- criteria are available for a 24-hour period. period. >> also, all three criteria must occur sim tinsley for a minute up of three hours during that watch period. >> so there you go. you see i afire weather watch on your fox 5 weather app, you will know where it came from. >> and it just means are very
6:52 am
careful out there if you are barbecuing, burning leaves, smoking, all that kind of stuff because it could spread quickly and easily. >> thank you, guys. >> you got a question you want answered, go to click on the weather tab. can you upload your video question. thank you so much for all the questions. we are trying to catch up with the questions. we'll do more lightning rounds. >> love them. >> all right. very good. >> let's go to julie wright to get a lightning round of what is happening outside on the roads. >> good morning to you all. we'll start off inbound new york avenue and as you work your way past north capital street and the big bend liquor store, we've got the accident activity tying up the left lane. the crew in sky fox over some slow traffic this morning. we haven't had a lot of that to show you but we do now. traveling inbound along 66, you are below speed headed in towards 123 from fair oaks. lanes are open continuing in to the capital beltway.
6:53 am
accident activity reported along pohick road as you work your way over to route one. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. a small piece of d.c.'s history will be in the spotlight today. to the untrained eye, they were just stones set up in seemingly random spots but they are an important part of the history of our nation's capital. the boundary stones were put in place in the early 1790s on the order of george washington. they mark the original boundaries of the district of columbia and are actually the predecessor to today's mile markers. one of the stones near the intersection of eastern avenue and chillum road is about to undergo some extensive renovations starting today. we'll have more on the significance of the project ahead coming up in our 9:00 hour. for all you history buffs out this, can you head to for the link to the locations of all the boundary stones. there are some outside of modern day d.c. including in falls church, articling tonight and in alexandria.
6:54 am
that is fascinating. i had no idea. >> we talked about that in a meeting last week but i had no idea either. we are always learning new things here. >> history right at our doorstep. coming up next in our next hour, time to tumble. >> we are live in rockville, maryland hitting the mats to find out what that takes to be part of the world of competitive acrobatic gymnastics. back after this.
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okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] 100 calori. good morning i am annie yu. we are learning about acrobatic gym facinussics, not -- gymnastics, not your typical class. we are live at one of them this morning we are live at extreme aco and cheer in rockville maryland. they have a number of acrobats and have gone into a nationally and internationally recognized program nary team brings home
6:58 am
16 national champion medals each year. how it is different from floor gymnastics and get to know some to have talented ladies here and how you can get your child involved as well. it will be a very athletic and fun morning back to you in studio. >> oh, my gosh our jaws were just dropping watching them contort and move around they look very talented we will check with you in a bit. >> that is what i need to master. time to say good morning, rainetta she is such a big fan of wisdom, wisdom is blushing she wants to know where he lives so she can catch a glimpse of him in his tank top and shorts she is willing to pay a small fee for that information. i can be bought. head to our facebook page and post a comment fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and 5. >> i have no response to that.
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very nice. that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to allison and tony. >> is he blushing? i think he is. giggling. >> good morning to both of you. coming up fox 5 morning news on a monday morning a pair of local college campuses on alert an armed robbery and two sexual assaults, all within 24 hours. >> former councilmember and theft scandal that brought him down back in the spotlight who dc council is putting on the hot seat weeks after harry thomas junior pleaded guilty to stealing from an organization that serves needy children a live report straight ahead. and michigan and arizona up next for the republican presidential candidates while they are busy on the campaign trail president barack obama is playing host to the nations governor. also coming up. chef. >> when they called my name i had this feeling i could hear half of a


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