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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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day coming up in just minutes back to you. all right tucker thank you very much new this morning a second student gunned down during that school shooting in ohio has died. >> in all five teens were shot witnesses say tj lane appeared to target some students sitting together in the cafeteria the boy who died was shot trying to hide under a table another victim is still in critical condition police arrested the shooter outside the school a short time litter motive still a mystery, some students -- later the motive still a mystery some students describe lane as an out cast who had been bullied some other kids dispute that. >> the people in the cafeteria i knew some of them. they were really like nice they didn't -- they just were nice people. >> it is sickening i am tired of hearing of kids getting killed and kids killing kids it is just sad.
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>> lane attended a nearby school for at risk students, today's classes have been cancelled grief counsellors will be on hand. turning now to the race for the republican nomination polls are open in michigan and arizona, republican presidential candidate mitt romney was neck and neck with rick santorum head into today's crucial primaries if santorum wins in romney's home state of michigan it could drastically change the race for the republican nomination. >> presidential primaries in michigan and arizona aren't the only political topics in the news the senate returns this week to issue of whether companies and insurers can opt out of covering birth control that should lead to quotable exchanges on capital hill. before we talk about the birth control issue lets talk
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about the primaries, polls are open, michigan, perhaps a more interesting of the two right now, because it is neck and neck there. tell me a little bit about what some expectations may be at this point. >> romney is the native son he grew up in michigan his dad was governor there you would expect him to do well there but he has had an unusually tough contest against rick santorum the polls heading in are neck and neck one advantage romney has he has had people on the ground getting people to vote, absentee ballot he may have an advantage heading into today's voting that could be crucial for him. >> his campaign there is very organized we have to say that right and he has more money than the other candidates. >> one thing we reported at roll call of the four nominees only romney really has the kind of national organization that you would expect to see for a presidential candidate at this stage in the game. >> does -- whoever the nominee is, there is some -- i am reading there is some concern
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now among gop folks that, whoever the nominee is, they are not going to be ready for the obama machine, when the time comes is that a real concern? >> there is a sense of alarm within the kind of elite republicans in dc that the party is hurting itself in this quote unquote knife fight the nominees are having, it happened with the democrats in the last time with hillary and obama, but in that case, they had an easier election contest coming up because bush was so unpopular, this time obama is a very formidable opponent in the general and when you have romney or santorum, coming out weakened by the primary fight that is a significant worry for republicans. >> it is interesting when you say the president is a formidable opponent numbers have been you know relatively low, over an extended period of time now they are trending up again as the economy we see some better numbers coming out of the economy, do you also
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take into the fact that his organization is very organized? and the fact that he is a very shrewd and excellent debater. >> there couple factors one the incumbent president has the advantage he can fly around the country and have a speech in the swing state. tax payers are paying for the trip. he already appears presidential as he is in fact the president, you talked about his organization his campaign organization is expected to raise up to $1 billion, to spend on the campaign which would break all kinds of records and then, so you have these different factors why he is formidable it is not necessarily his skills as a politician he is up in the polls lately been down before the economy will still see how the economy is when it gets to november but you know, it is going to be tough. >> let's talk about the birth control issue we thought that's
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done for now, it may be coming back according to you guys because the democrats now, they are kind of republicans are going to bring this up again and democrats are kind of salivating over this they think they have an advantage here. >> now let's just to step back one second the issue here was the president's health care law they had a regulation that went with that that required catholic hospitals and other institutions to pay for contra representation that is against their religious -- contraception, that is against their religious beliefs they cried foul politically this is over how this gets framed is this access to contraception if that is what we are talking about democrats win or is this about first amendment right to exercise of free religion in that case republicans will come out on top they are jockeying for how this gets framed that is what we are seeing play out. >> that is a very good point the framing of the argument. >> very interesting we could talk for some time but we are
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out of time we thank you for coming in. >> sure. >> johnson strong with roll call newspaper thanks. >> thanks. >> allison. >> israel says it will not warn the united states before any strike on iran's nuclear site the warning comes as the defense minister travelling to visit the white house this week and israel's prime minister arrives next week the reason israel will keep the u.s. in the dark so the obama administration cannot be held responsible for stopping an attack. syria, the un human rights council in switzerland is calling for syria to allow aid there has been no let up after more than 3 weeks of constant shelling. >> one of the wounded western journalists struck there, just popped up in lebanon, rebels smuggled photo journalist paul
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conroy out overnight. to afghanistan the u.s. military is committed to afghan strategy even after the murder of two officers inside the interior ministry the taliban is claiming responsibility and also a supposed poisoning at a u.s. base the nato command denies poisoning and said it was just bleach left in coffee pots. closer to home, fox 5 is monitoring metro. >> metro's general manager proposing fare increases that could hike rates by 5%, the public has the opportunity to weigh in melanie alnwick is live in dupont circle with more details on that. >> me metro's board wants to bump up -- metro's board wants to bump up next year's operating budget by
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$116,000,000.66 million would come from metro bus and rail riders, metro's gm says the extra money is needed to invest in the future here is a look how some of those fares might go. rail fares, with a smart card trip would go up between 10¢ and $1 depending on distance traveled paper fare cards could become flat rates $4 one way off peak, $6 peak another way is add a surcharge to those cards instead. bus fares up 10¢ smart trips, 30¢ cash riders are being given opportunity to give input at public forums many want to make sure any money that comes from their pockets really does go for better service. this is a bummer of an esculator to walk up it is broken so if it is for you know making things a little more workable i am all for that. >> not good at all. you have a certain amount of money to get to school, it should be the same rate or
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lower it. a lot of varied opinionpeople taking the brunt of this are our people who are just like you saw students and teachers and their budgets for commuting are tight, metro says money will go to good use they will hire more police officers, get that silver line up and running, they are also going to make safety improvements and take care of esculators that have been so problematic one thing in this budget is that pension costs increased pension costs will take up the bulk of the fare increases riders are being asked to kick in and a lot of local officials are saying they want to make sure those pension costs those rising pension costs are addressed before they ask riders to dig deeper in their pocket. >> very complicated we will see what they wind up doing. >> more now commuter alert traffic signals dupont circle will be shut off for a few hours starting 10:00 a.m. this morning crews upgrading this system at that time police will be directing traffic
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expect delays new hampshire massachusetts connect cut avenue. >> if you -- connecticut avenue. >> if you travel the belt way alexandria you may want to find a different route lane closures will take place today through thursday for construction associated with the wood row wilson bridge project today one lane of the inner loop near telegraph road will be closed 9:30 a.m., to 2:00 p.m. one lane outer loop eisenhower connector will be closed. all right 9:10 a.m. coming up police hope new surveillance video will help you identify a serial bank robber. a sale today called outlaw platoon it takes us to front line of war and depicts the incredible bond of soldiers the author and army captain joins us after the break  wow,
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welcome back a man suspected in a 5-year-old sexual assault case in montgomery county will appear in court for a bond review hearing. he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in gaithersburg december 2007 investigators say dna collected at the crime scene was recently matched to marshall. the hunt is on for a serial bank rob inner prince georges county he has been stealing money since late december the suspect struck again yesterday robbing an m and t bank in clinton maryland. police have released video of some of those hoping someone recognizes the suspect. he passes notes to tellers saying he has a nuclear bomb strapped to his body and will blow up the building if he doesn't get money. prosecutors in the jack johnson case wants his wife to pay the full fine before she
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reports for prison. she has to pay a $15,000 fine they want the former prince georges county council woman to pay it ahead of arriving at prison next month. >> at an age when many young adults may be struggling to find an entry level job shawn parnell was commanding an elite platoon in pakistan. it turned into a battle that lasted nearly a year and a half, former army air bourn ranger, shawn parnell writes about his platoon's mission he joins us now from new york thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> wow what a powerful story the book goes on sale today again outlaw platoon can you tell us about what readers are going to experience when they pick up this new book >> i think readers are going to experience the emotional roller coaster ride that is combat. i don't think there are enough stories out there, like this
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one and i think what outlaw platoon or what i really tried to accomplish are outlaw platoon was show how the war effects each individual soldier it effects everybody differently. >> you join us dressed in a suit the day your attire was different during this time can you please tell us about your military experience. >> yeah, well, i joined the army after september 11th that was my calling, like so many other americans, shortly there after i found myself in ranger school i went in 215 pounds and i calm out 160, and a few months later i found myself in command of 40 light infantry soldiers and their lives and it was an enormous responsibility. >> unbelievable at the time you were 24 years old am i right? >> yes. >> you know this is such a young time for anybody, but i
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am sure you changed very quickly. >> absolutely combat does that to you. i was scared. i was scared i was scared i would lose a man scared my decisions would lead to losing a man i was scared of the impact that combat would have on me and i try to write that in the book and be as honest about that as humanly possible but eventually i over came that fear and became a combat leader that i think my men trusted me. >> i know it is hard but tell us a little bit about this 16 month mission, it became an or deal for lack of a better word. >> yeah, absolutely a lot of people don't know this but the way i typically put it in context there is 101st air bourn jumped into norman diand fought the hitlers eagles nest in less than 85 days we were on the front towards enemy for 485
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days and we, 32 out of the 38 men i had in my platoon were wounded 32 purple hearts were awarded to my men we fought day in and day out for 16 months. and when that happens, you come home a different person. >> you talk about some of the small casualties of war and by small i mean the children and other vulnerable populations it is very hard to read some of that but you lived that. >> i did. you know, combat effects the children too. and in our western culture where we are used to protecting children, children aren't supposed to get hurt when that happens in combat a part of you dies that part of me died my first day i was there and it will be out there in the hindu kush mountains probably for the rest of my life. >> you must sit back and watch the news a little differently
9:19 am
from some other people, when you see say the koran burning or you see the tensions sort of heating up, again, what is your feeling about the u.s. relationship with afghanistan and pakistan as we speak today? >> well, i can tell you, that in my time in afghanistan my soldiers every mission we went on was a humanitarian mission in addition to combat patrol we made it our business to protect, support and feed local national afghans, we took pride in that mission never once did i see a u.s. soldier disrespect the islamic faith or desecrate the koran and we fought, bled and died next to afghans and we have been doing it for the better part of 10 years. so, it frustrates me a little bit to see the afghan sort question our commitment and intentions to say the least. >> cap tan shawn parnell
9:20 am
retired war veteran author of outlaw platoon it is out there today, compelling story about life on the front lines we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. >> all right. >> you know, i have not yet read the book you showed me a portion of the book and just what i read is compelling so to get it from the point of view of someone actually there i am sure it is a good and moving read >> i would agree whole heartedly. >> coming up how a virginia charity is helping japanese fishermen effected by last year's tsunami. >> more problems for the cruise line that ran ashore or one of the ships in the cruise line that ran ashore, we will tell you more about the problem and the fire leaves more than a thousand passengers stranded. part of it the latest straight ahead. first, here is today's trivia question after a long career as an actress and singer, this woman earned a bachelors in theology from
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georgetown, in 1985 who is she? pearl bailey, della reese, diane caroll, lena horn if you want to guess now head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news is back after the break !
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making headlines, an italian cruise ship floating adrift in the indian ocean is heading back to shore a french vessel reached the costa alleg graph overnight and is toeing it to a nearby island. the cruise liner was stranded without power after a fire damaged the generator more than 1,000 people were onboard no one was hurt the area is heavily targeted by somali pirates however this accident comes 6 weeks after the costa alleg a's sister ship the concordia, capsized off the coast of italy. researchers in hawaii say 1
9:25 am
to 5% to have debris from last year's tsunami, may reach hawaii, oregon, washington and british columbia that is washington state the debris forecast will be announced later today they believe lumber, refrigerators and fishing boats are among the objects drifting in the pacific. a virginia based charity wants to replace those lost fishing boats they are to deliver 10 new fishing boats to communities hit hard by the 2011 quake and tsunami they will be delivered on march 10th. >> coming up after a few bumps in the road, daytona 500 makes history a recap of the race straight ahead. >> plus an unlikely candidate for senate why hank, seen here is running and how his campaign money is helping others. >> all right before we head to break take a look at this a slippery job for yeah, one
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waiter, who spilled five glasses of beer did we miss it. five glasses of beer on the german chancellor after the initial shock he told the waiter it wasn't a big deal, the chancellor said not a big deal the waiter claims someone bumped into him. >> well, you kind of see that pgh >> no, he spilled it before the guy bumped him. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i?
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daytona 500 finally went off, multicar accident with 40 laps to go, juan pablo montoya loses control and slam into a safety truck that holds jet kerosene perhaps safety trucks should not hold jet kerosene.
9:30 am
no one was seriously injured, matt kensip held off dale earnhardt junior for his second daytona win that didn't end until 1:00 a.m. >> wow. >> that is a long. >> everything we just saw i have seen on the belt way jockeying for position. >> yeah. >> fire on the side of the road seen it all >> a little slower we hope. >> generally we do get all that. >> you are a baseball fan right tucker. >> yes. >> are you allison. >> sure why not. >> nationals colors on. >> a jersey worn by babe ruth will soon be up for auction looks like it is in good shape babe ruth's grey uniform from the 1920 season is expected to go for at least $1 million could challenge the auction record of 1 piece of baseball memorbilia, wagner's trading card that sold for 2 .8 million in 2007 the online auction begins
9:31 am
april 30th. >> you are right it does look super clean >> it does. >> and also looks rather small. >> small for the babe. >> hu. all right. 1920s what a treasure. >> would it be worth more if it had tobacco it and and sweat stains on it? >> i would think so if it was his it is his. >> you collect memorbilia tell us >> not that kind of thing but would it be -- no, generally you want stuff cleaned up. >> okay. >> wow that will go. i bet it goes for more than a million dollars >> i bet $2 million. >> we will report that to you >> a little out of my price range. >> mine too. >> mine too. >> now wagnerly get the money for that. >> let's -- weather nice and easy this afternoon cooler than yesterday but, with a little breeze out of the north and west and sunshine, pleasant
9:32 am
afternoon for you, 43 degrees, 43 washington, warming up, 47 now quantico, overnight our temperatures generally mid-30s low 40s. and we are in for a nice one today in fact i think it will be one of our nicest days for the remainder of the week showers back in the forecast, clouds toward the end of the week sentinel radar very quiet conditions high pressure parked west and that will stroll overhead during the course of the afternoon and offshore later tonight nice and dry later tonight, we did have a weak cold front come through and winds shifted out of the north and north and west, we had winds gusting to 20 at regan national it will be breezy particularly the first half of the day. area of low pressure dragged up into the great lakes several inches of snow and back to north and west chicago, that is winter time for us it will be spring like as it moves through temperatures upper 40s. overnight tonight, upper 30s
9:33 am
and tomorrow upper 40s rain showers back in the forecast. here is your future cast put it in motion for you clouds out there late this afternoon high thin clouds, 5, 6, 7 tonight we will see rain showers develop i think the morning commute should be dry tomorrow by tomorrow around noon showers moving in with us sporadically throughout the day as we kick it out of here by early thursday morning a couple changes to talk about, 54, one change cooler than yesterday, 5 to 10 bring along a jacket, it will be chilly later today, becoming cloudy, 40 your overnight low temperatures remain above freezing not concerned with mixed presip as we get into the day tomorrow 48, showers around 12 rather gloomy, thursday, friday and saturday we turned the corner we are into march it will feel spring like, lamb like whatever it does early march, 61 your daytime high saturday that is weather allison and tony i got to work on my wording back to
9:34 am
you. >> presidential hopeful mitt romney starts almost every campaign event with kid rock's song born free and he got him to play it in his michigan finale last night. >> a guy who introduces me by dvd everywhere i go kid rock. ♪ [ music ] >> well, romney thanked members of our military who attended the event one by one. >> okay mitt romney that candidacy makes sense, human being unlikely candidate, vying for a senate seat in virginia. >> as beth parker explains his campaign is beginning to catch on not because of what he stands for but who is what he is. >> reporter: the perfect candidate can be tough to find with just the right ideas, proper wardrobe, candidate who cannot be bought >> if any sort of lobbiest
9:35 am
needs to get to him -- >> reporter: is he fairly easily bribed? >> he might be but it would have to be food. >> reporter: he is a 9-year-old maine coon he has signs and stickers, that make you a friend of hank. >> cats know how to handle that sort of thing. >> campaign headquarters is his family's town house in springfield virginia a house full of obama supporters but he is not a democat. >> i would read left leaning books at night and in the morning he would tear up just the political books. >> mathew says that is when they knew they had a conservative on their hands he is running as an independent no surprise a cat who is independent he wants to snap to it and start creating jobs. >> thank you. >> and he is tired of politics who always have their claws out. >> now hank is running against
9:36 am
george alan and tim cane two veteran politicians some think the fact that he is an outside the belt way cat could be an advantage. >> hank did live, a good part of his life inside the belt way now we live just west of it. >> hank ran for virginia state senate awhile back and got 9 write in votes he is a rescue cat from a place called animal allies. >> he was 5 weeks old when we got him rescued from a kill shelter that was going to put him down >> he has been a delightful pet just a few flaws not the best manners, a little lazy and. >> he can be scared of things that you know normally doesn't scare anyone if there is a grocery bag or something, he will freak out and attack it but, you know, so he can be a little on edge. >> nothing a nice nose rub won't cure >> in springfield virginia, beth parker fox 5 news. is he the most laid back
9:37 am
well behaved animal ever? >> just sitting there next to him while he is talking. >> he is talking about me and my candidacy. what i love is the shot of him on the ballot, you have two serious candidates and hank the cat. the money donated on hanks website goes to animal rescue groups as beth said if you would like to learn more visit hank for or go to we will link you to hank. >> that beth parker tells a good story. >> yes, she does. >> an oscar precenter raising questions after a new ring spotted on her finger. >> american idol, goes live tonight plus the judges are adding another contestant into the mix, is it a cat. >> hank the cat? >> who knows. >> we will explain 9:37 a.m. consumers todaday have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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actress natalie portman is raising questioning after sunday night's oscar show she and her fiance were both spotted wearing new rings did they get married secretly? her rep has not commented on the speculation the pair has a 7 month old child together. it is a man's world on american idol tonight. the top male contestants >> i should have known by that inflection >> they face the nation in the first live episode the judges are expected to give one of the gives eliminated last week a second chance always exciting that means there will be 13 guys singing hoping to win america's vote. i bet i know who it is. it will be nerve wracking performances of course in front of millions but finalists say they are ready for the live studio audience. >> crowds are so much more easier, to perform in front of instead of just three people staring you down. >> i love being in front of people, big crowds that is what
9:42 am
i love to do i am so pumped because three super stars like, 20 feet away from you, is like so much worse,. >> american idol airs tonight at 8 on fox 5. i will have to watch. >> coming up another brand of birth control pill on the recall list what is wrong with the pack. >> we all know benefits of sleep glorious sleep tony but if you rely on a sleep aid you could be decreasing your life span that is not good news result of a new study next. >> annie yu is telling us how to get free breakfast this morning looks like these folks are taking up on the offer, taking the offer up whatever they are eating, she will explain after this break. 9:42 a.m. .  the droid razr by motorola, now with amazing tools like the hd station.
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an important health alert, glen mark generics is recalling 7 lots of birth control pills in women who take the medication could be at risk of unwanted pregnancy the pills were packaged backwards women may take the wrong pills on the wrong day they are labeled this case is not linked to a recent birth control advisory. if you are one of a million americans who turn to a sleeping pill at night, the pill could more than quadruple your risk for a premature death, those who take between 18 and 132 doses per year, but less than 18 pills a year were also effected 3.6 times more likely to die than those who did not take a sleeping pill
9:47 am
research which ares still don't know what is causing the -- research which ares still don't know what is causing the link between the pill and early death. >> americans are ditching the dentist office, heading elsewhere for treatment, more americans are heading to the emergency room for dental care despite a study that showed going to the er is more expensive and doesn't offer as many treatment options part of the reason a shortage of dentists including those who treat medicaid patients. >> if you love those butter milk pancakes from ihop you better skip breakfast at home this morning for today only you can enjoy free pancakes and help the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> annie yu has been learning more about national pancake day at ihop in southeast dc good morning annie. >> good morning allison and tony this ihop is bustling, a
9:48 am
lot of people are dropping off a kind donation and taking advantage of the free deal. what you might not know this location is owned by three very special men two join me now, clarence jackson junior, retired engineer and a retired nhl defensive end. i will ask you mr. jackson what inspired you to open this up with your son. >> my son inspired me to open it up with him once they started talking about it i became very excited about it because i grew up in this area i know that when i was growing up we didn't have a family sit down restaurant my mom had to take me out of the city so i got very excited about it and it motivated everything and we found out it was going to be the first i hop ever in washington dc i didn't know that at first. >> y'all just recently opened
9:49 am
up the location in columbia heights it has an historic meaning to it it was the 1,500th location worldwide. >> obviously we are tickled to death to open the first ihop in the city we follow up with the 1,500th or so. we have been blessed with the community embracing us we are 90% both combined employment work force is dc residents. that is the best to be able to create jobs really important to our families. >> yeah, and i noticed just being here all morning long both of you are really walking around and hugging people saying hello, and it is a real family environment here and some of your customers were telling me they just love coming here that is the kind of environment y'all are trying to create >> we like to have that neighbourhood environment make them feel this ihop is their ihop they support us we need people to come from other parts of the city but these people
9:50 am
support us and support us so i have to show them the respect and appreciation. the multinational brands, we are a small, family owned business family run community support,. >> speaking of support and community you have teamed up with the lymphoma, leukemia society. >> there are 1500 ihops around the country everywhere you are there is an ihop in your neighbourhood. all around the dc area, maryland, virginia, you can find an ihop come on in get a free short stack of pancakes best pancakes in the world but also drop a couple dollars in it is a great cause every 4 seconds someone is diagnosed with a bloody seize, every 10 seconds someone loses the battle. we are just trying to help. >> clearly you can see the passion in both of you thank
9:51 am
you very much for letting us come here and enjoy some of those delicious pancakes. >> unfortunately my other partner is not here he was on the way here rushing and had an accident >> he will be okay right? we don't want the audience to worry about that some log on to our website this is going on today, come through, alabama avenue you will have great company here believe me. >> all right. good food for good cause. >> thanks annie. >> tucker is hitting the pavement this st. patricks day to run a marathon he is sharing some of his training tips. >> not so much at this point but rock and roll marathon on st. patricks day i took a sort of a new years resolution a little too far and decided i was going to get in shape i have never run a marathon before my longst distance is maybe 3 miles. >> but you are a runner. >> i played sports my whole life but never run in any
9:52 am
capacity, never run the marine corps marathon or the susan g komen 3-mile might be as far as i run. i knew i couldn't do it myself i enlisted the help of a trainer after the first session i realized i wasn't going to run the full marathon but the half this is my first running day with autumn spence. >> how many do you run? >> this will be my fifth. >> she has run five i have run zero any tips for people getting out running for the first time? doesn't have to be the first marathon or half marathon but just want to get out and get moving. >> the best is to go outside and put some good tennis shoes on and start walking and jogging and before you know it you are running to find yourself a nice big goal always helps like we found you a nice half marathon to run. >> yeah. >> and a running partner.
9:53 am
>> and a running partner and a great play list helps. >> you can put on when you don't want to listen to your running partner yell at you about running. you are telling me these aren't working let's talk equipment these are my shoes i am going to be honest i have no previous running experience i pulled these out of the closet. i can't force you to go to the store and buy a new pair of shoes. >> you want comfortable shoes made for your fool. >> preferably new. >> -- foot. >> preferably new. >> not brand new, nothing that squeaks when you run. >> we ran earlier a year ago half way through i got treated to this. that is going to give me enough energy to get back to you have to power up on longer runs. >> yes when we do not have any gel packs or gator aid or anything with us and we are
9:54 am
going for a 7-mile run i brought us treats half way threw knowing we needed -- through knowing we needed a burst of sugar. >> you should hear the yell she let go, like something reenergized her. today we will run a couple miles get town 13 miles by march 17th we have about a month to get in shape in a month we will be in good enough shape to make this race. >> you will do awesome. >> let's do it. >> ready. >> got our fancy clock here too. >> ready set go. >> all right how much longer. >> are we almost done. >> my gosh. it will be a long run. >> off you go. >> yeah. >> that's great tucker. >> i am regularly running 4 or 5 miles i ran one further distance but honestly i am not close yet but i have a couple weeks i plan to go running today with the nice weather and it really co-operates i want to encourage people who might not
9:55 am
be running marathons, get out. >> you complain a lot but you go out every day he is out every day. can i ask you a question are those little socks customary for men to wear? >> ankle churchiers. >> now they are i was -- chompers. >> now they are i was wearing a longer pair. >> not up to your knees. >> not up to my knees but more traditional tube socks. >> those are out? >> ask allison. >> ask me friday in the mighty 9:00 a.m. hour. >> don't wear them. >> just wear the little ones. >> i thought those were girly >> i did too you used to have like a little bunny >> they have that for little girls chef >> we will be back with the 5 day in just a moment  [ male announcer ] for some reason
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those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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let's answer the trivia question this morning we asked after a long career as an actress and singer this woman earned a bachelors in therology from georgetown 1985, who was she, pearl bailey she did this at 67 years old graduated with that degree and wrote several books on her life, cooking and educational experiences and back in 1975 she served as special ambassador to the un in 1988 received the presidential medal of freedom >> i remember when she graduated. >> you knew it right away. >> tucker. >> nice afternoon bright sunshine across the area beautiful day dry this afternoon temperatures in the mid-50s so it will be cooler than yesterday but still above normal average daytime high, 50. rain showers move in tomorrow. >> wednesday is the only bad


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