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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> right off the top tonight, a story you saw first on fox. dc officials are months away from using breathalyzers to nail drunk drivers. >> the military admitting some of the remains of victims killed at the pentagon on september 11 were dumped in a landfill. >> and tracking a weather
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alert tonight. rain is on the way. sue is checking out the latest data for us right now. good evening, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the city is leaving its own citizens at risk because it can't prosecute dwi's. bob is working the story we broke first on fox. >> it sounds like drunk drivers are getting a free ride in the district, but d.c. police chief says that's not the case. as for when her officers will be able to use breath tests to fight drunk driving again, well it may be another six months or so. >> it's been more than a year since drivers in the nation's capital have had to take breath tests, but the city's police chief says that shouldn't give you the wrong message. >> don't drink and drive in the district. because we are out there. we are making a will the of arrests. i think 900 arrests for dui last year.
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>> records obtained by fox 5 news show arrests for driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence have steadily fallen since 2009. and those records show the attorney general's office is not taking dwi cases to court. >> we have diminished enforcement capabilities. we have diminished prosecutorial capabilities and that's not how you deter crime, specifically crime like drunk driving. >> dc police are having to rely on field sobriety tests. >> it's frustrating. because breathalyzer is the most efficient and the least costly way of enforcing drunk driving. every city does it. we aught to be doing it. it aught to be up and running. >> in a document sent to phil mendelson, in october of 2010, the criminal section changed the way it charges impaired driverring offenses and no longer charges dwi as a
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separate offense. the police officers union president blames lawmakers like mendleson for not doing enough. >> he's not asking questions. he's not holding anybody accountable and we don't have a way to enforce our drunk driving laws, which means the city is less safe. people who come to visit the city or live in the city are less safe. >> not so says police chief, kathy lanier. >> it is going to be the best in the country. it will be run out of the chief medical examiner's office in terms of the science and analysis. but that takes time. and we don't want to rush that. >> chief lanier will be testifying at city council tomorrow. the council member says this issue of breathalyzer test will certainly come up, shawn. >> so bob, the city is not prosecuting dwi cases, but police are making dui arrests? >> that's right. the urine test to support the dui cases will show whether somebody has been drinking, just not how much. those breath tests are more
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specific. but chief lanier says it has proven helpful in it can tell whether somebody is on drugs and that has been revealed in a number of dui cases. >> we will stay on top of this. thank you. >> our other big story tonight, disturbing news out of the pentagon that the remains of some victims of the terrorist attacks were cremated and dumped in a landfill. the findings in a report by investigators looking into the mishandling of unidentifyable remains at dover air force base. joins us now with more on the story. >> it's not the first time the military has had to answer to charges that it mishandled remains. the findings are still unsettling. the families of the victim, the general public, and members of congress who are all demanding answers. the unidentifyable partial remains came from the terrorist attacks on the pentagon and from the plane that crashed to the ground in shanksville, pennsylvania. the husband of a woman who was a budget analyst at the
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pentagon died on 9/11 was surprised to learn that some of the remains were cremated and ended up in a landfill. i spoke to herman tonight by telephone. >> hellman was married to his wife for nearly 30 years. they had planned to retire together in a condo they bought in south carolina. where he now lives without her. >> i feel sad, but one thing i can say, i got her ring, her necklace, and stuff like that. >> the outside study by the defense found portions of the unidentified remains were mixed with medical waste incinerated, turned over to a medical waste contractor and left in a landfill. >> we don't think it should have happened. we think that our fallen deserve what they are getting
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now, which is the fallen remains are taken out to sea and buried at sea. >> the chairman of a house arm services subcommittee is equally as outraged. >> i believe that our house arm service committee needs to look further into this to understand what happened, why it happened, why weren't families potentially notified? >> there are recommendations to address the problems, including correcting the lack of oversight by command staff. shawn. >> karen, thank you. we are following a news alert now from the campaign trail. the polls are now closed in both arizona and michigan. today voters show the candidates they'd like to see on the republican presidential ballot. and in arizona, they chose mitt romney. here's a look at the latest numbers out of michigan tonight. if you can see right now, mitt romney leading with 42% of the vote. rick santorum trailing. ron paul 12%. laura evans is in the newsroom with a closer look.
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>> mitt romney took the win in arizona tonight, 29 delegates there. it's a winner take all state. different story in michigan, though, as you just said. the race still incredibly tight at this hour. is this romney here earlier today visiting his headquarters in michigan. this is a home state for romney. his father was governor here. romney has fought very, very hard in the state, spending a ton of money on political ads. rick santorum hoping to pull off an upset win in michigan. that would be a huge embarrassment for romney. worst case, it could turn this race upside down for romney. 30 delegates are up for grabs in michigan. newt gingrich, ron paul in the race, but they are not actively campaigning in michigan or arizona. instead, thare focused on super tuesday. want to bring in fox 5 political analyst on this for some insight on tonight's results and mark, i was struck to see in the exit polling today out of michigan, the voters expect a lack of
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enthusiasm over their choices. only 45% said they strongly favor the candidate they voted for. so in the end, wouldn't you say this bodes well for president obama? >> absolutely. in front of the united auto workers. i have never seen him so confident and kidding back and forth and i think it's because he realizes that the republican field is very much impaired and what you pointed out in terms of the poll numbers, enthusiasm gap. the intensity gap in a general election that is devastating. if your party faithful are not even in heaven for you, that poses a real problem in the general election. >> and mark, romney does have the most. but this race, of course, that does not indicate in any way that he's a strong candidate. >> no, there's definitely an intensity deficiency.
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you need 1,444 delegates. and believe me, in romney doesn't have that amount going into tampa in august on the first ballot, other people will say, i can become president, or i need to be drafted. and when you have george will, a very conservative republican columnist talking about the field as being very weak and not really very suitable for a general election, then i think you're really in trouble. >> is romney out of touch? he had some gaps. he realizes that. in a press conference today, he said i realize it, let's move on. is he that out of touch? >> where do you start? $374,000. my wife has a couple cadillacs, does that mean more than two nascar, i don't know any nascar people, but i know the nascar owners. it just seems, i'll bet you
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$10,000. the list goes on and on and on. unfortunately, this personifies somebody and believe me, the debates have not helped the republicans. i think familiarity has bread contempt. >> exit polling right now, or the latest numbers out of michigan show that rick santorum is number 2 opposed to, excuse me. >> mitt romney. >> thank you very much. mitt romney is in the lead right now. but is this still too close to call and we'll have the late -- we're going to continue to follow this and have the latest at 11:00. >> thank you mark, back up to brian. >> we have all been talking about the spring-like weather we've been having lately and it's time for spring-like showers. sue in the weather center with the rainy details. sue. >> if we're going to get rain, how about the middle of the week? some people may say bring it on. there's a lot of tree pollen out there and we need to wash
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it out. this is not going to be bringing snow to our area before they are getting snow across the northern plains. the center of that big storm is going to stay away from us. it will be sending rain in our direction. we'll start with a local look. there's not much to see as we check out our radar. you'll be able to see what we are watching is the clouds beginning to increase, just a little bit, and i think we just had a little partial eclipse here in the weather center. apparently the weather maps aren't showing up. we don't think it will be very rainy for the morning commute, but as the day progresses, we are going to get rain. perhaps that rain will come down moderately. and maybe, just maybe, slight chance of a thunderstorm late tomorrow night. it's an isolated chance, but we'll get it all out of here by the time we prepare for rain, pack the umbrellas. probably be around 50 degrees. but i have to say, february has been kind to us and now it's time for april-like showers.
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they'll be here by mid-morning at the latest. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. >> virginia lawmakers take a crucial step to requiring women to get ultrasounds and their decision lit up our facebook page. also ahead, new details about how the teenager arrested in the shooting allegedly picked his victim. >> and tonight at 11:00, a local council member caught speeding. like 105 miles an hour. wait until you hear what kind of ticket the officer gave her. the story on the news edge at 11:00. 
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the death toll stands at 3 in monday's school shooting in ohio. today the student accused of pulling the trigger made his first court appearance. jonathan hunt has the latest. >> the ohio teen held in the fatal lunchroom shooting of his peers escorted into court this afternoon. he is protected by the judge not seen because of his age. >> you understand, t.j., that you have the right to remain silent, you understand that? >> yes, sir.
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>> a prosecutor saying 17-year- old d.j. lane is quote, not well and told authorities he fired those ten shots shots. >> he chose them randomly. >> the frantic 911 calls to police released today. >> we got shots fired. gun shots. multiple gun shots. >> yes. >> you know where? >> i want to say by the gym? >> gym. that's where it sounded like it came from. >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> okay, ma'am, we got a school shooting. >> ma'am. what school? >> chardon high school. >> chardon high school. >> this community holding to a bright spot today as a female victim was released from hospital. prosecutors set on charging t.j. lane as an adult. >> committing an act like this,
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most likely be three counts of aggravated murder as well as other counts. provided the juvenile court judge finds that there is probable cause. >> learning more about t.j. lane's troubled past. his father has an extensive court record, including the charge of attempted murder. the younger lane will be back in court in one week. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. and we are down in the web center right now talking about virginia's senate passing a controversial abortion bill. the measure requires women to have external ultrasounds before they are allowed to get an abortion. it's a new version of a previous bill that would have required an invicive, a transvaginal ultrasound. the bill will go back to the house before it heads on to the governor to sign. the ultrasound mandate has been a hot topic. in fact, 92 messages within the first hour of us posting the information and you guys are all fired up about this on both
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sides of the debate. cynthia writes this is only the beginning, but we must go forward. terri writes, i don't see a problem with external ultrasounds. perhaps some women swrowld a change of heart after hearing their child's heartbeat. maria says consider it another level of informed consent. there are people fired up about this one on both sides. we invite you to go to our facebook page and leave your thoughts on this issue. now also today in virginia, governor bob signed a bill repealing an 18-year-old handgun law. it limited individuals to one handgun purchase every 30 days, but did not apply to rifles or shotguns. met with families of the virginia tech massacre. the april 2007 shooting left a gunman and 32 others dead. the families were hoping to persuade the governor to veto the bill. >> i don't want what my family experienced that day to happen
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to anybody else. no matter how it happened. so this law needs to stay in place. it's a shame that the governor chose to write it away. >> law passed back in 1993 when virginia was a haven for gun runners. brian. the pain at the gas pump turning into a political football. aaa reports we're now paying the highest average price ever for the end of february. the national average, $3.72 a gallon. up 30 cents from a month ago. d.c. is $3.85. virginia a few pennys less. republicans are stepping up their attacks. >> just about time, have a national energy policy and do something the american people want us to do. >> he, being honest with the american people, makes clear there are no silver bullets here. there are no quick fixes. we need an all of the above approach. >> president obama is planning
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another speech on his energy plan this week in new hampshire. d.c. government agencies are feeling the pain at the pump. now many are taking the lead to cut fuel costs and clean up the environment. fox 5's matt acklin has more on the new initiatives. >> reporter: it's not every day you see the mayor of d.c. driving himself. much less driving a snowplow. but today, mayor gray wanted to show off the city's ten new alternative fuel vehicles, which include street sweepers and trash trucks. >> not only lower emissions, but somewhere between $600 and $1,000 a year in fuel costs to operate these vehicles. >> that's even better news as gas prices rise at the pump. these days many folks are starting to look for other ways to power their vehicles. >> nothing turns people off more than extremely high gas prices. >> john townsend says last
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time fuel surged, demand for hybrids and electric cars surged as well. >> once gas prices began to recede, we go back to our old ways and driving styles. and jump back into the suv. jump back into the pickup. >> local governments in our area are taking the lead when it comes to finding a way around big oil. along with alternative fuel vehicles, here along 14th street, d.c. installed charging stations to encourage electric cars. and the impact of these improvements are not only financial. >> all of this is moving increasingly toward being the most sustainable and green city of that state in the nation. >> fox 5 news. >> now to a traffic nightmare, one of the busiest spots around the city. why all the lights went dark in dupont circle. fox 5 investigates an infamous cold case. two women with the same name living in the same town
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murdered by the same killer. we're taking you inside the marion murders coming up. 
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all right, we have a fox 5 news alert. the associated press calling mitt romney the winner of the republican primary in michigan. as we said earlier, a tight race between romney and rick santorum. michigan is romney's home state. he also won arizona's primary tonight. >> a surprise protest aimed at board members today. hundreds of people gathered for an unannounced demonstration at a bethesda office. they are angry about a rate hike. protesters are planning more surprised demonstration for more pepco board members. the traffic lights are back on power to one of the rcle.
10:26 pm
busiest circles in the district. so crews could perform upgrades. as you can imagine, it caused a traffic nightmare during the rush out there, but the lights were back on in time for the evening rush. >> walking in a northwest d.c. neighborhood this afternoon. police believe the victim may have a head injury, but haven't released much information on how he is doing. he was walking near new mexico avenue. the driver did leave the scene. a cyclist was taken to the hospital after colliding with a truck. the victim is expected to recover. he was on a bike, u street shut down, but opened later in the morning. >> millions take them every single day, but tonight, a new warning that your cholesterol lowering drugs could be bringing on a whole new round of trouble. also ahead, the same killer linked to the murders of two women, the case has gone cold. the marion murders, next. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. two elderly women with the same name, both living in springfield and both murdered by the same killer. nearly six years later, the case of the marion murders remains unsolved. sherry lee has tonight's fox 5 investigation. was it a case of mistaken identity or just a coincidence the two victims share the same name? marion. friends and neighbors have their own theories, but years later, the only connection there seems to be between the two women is their killer. >> we just come out and sit down. >> reba and marion were going to come out here the night newman died. they were friends and next door neighbors for more than 30 years. the chairs are still there, but one is noticeably empty. >> i wonder what happened to her and why somebody would kill her like that, you know. >> it was a sunday night in
10:31 pm
november 2006, newman was beaten to death inside her home. her body not discovered until two days later. >> i think about it every day. >> marion newman's death came three months after another woman was murdered two miles away. her name was marion marshall. >> they looked like sisters. >> the names weren't the only similarities. both were in their 70s, lived alone and had no children. investigators found no sign of forced entry. both women were beaten. at first, it seemed like an erie coincidence, but the evidence later showed whoever killed marion marshall also killed marion newman. at the time, the clues were few. >> with an investigation of this magnitude, we use all our resources because we want to find out who did this crime. >> surveillance video showed marshal at the grocery store hours before she died. police passed out fliers throughout the shopping center. >> we are looking for any information about what
10:32 pm
happened. >> and along the route, newman drove home. then, there was the ring, perhaps the biggest lead. newman wore it every day. a custom made white gold ring with three diamonds, side by side, and a unique leaf design on the band. >> the only thing they took was her ring. that's all. nothing else. and i don't know. it was weird. >> still, the trail went cold. >> the calls stopped coming in. you are at a standstill. >> wendell is a criminal expert with the national crime museum. he spent more than 30 years with d.c. police commanding the homicide branch and cold case squad. >> police don't have the resources to do a sustained lengthy investigation. >> fairfax county police say there have been no new leads in the marion murders. in 2009, hope surfaced of a possible break when 48-year-old andy was arrested and later
10:33 pm
convicted in the beating of an elderly woodbridge woman. prince william county police were looking at a possible connection to the marion cases, but investigators have not disclosed any link. like other leads, it seems to have faded. >> one thing that generally breaks them is loose lips. people love talking about themselves and the things they have done. >> the two cases linked by evidence, but no clear motive. both women were patients at a fairfax hospital at the same time, but in different areas of the hospital. police found no connection. neighbors had their own theories. >> i thought gee, they must have got the wrong lady. they killed one of them and didn't think it was the right one, they got the other one. i mean, they look alike. >> sometimes they play a cat and mouse game to see that i'm smarter than the police. >> nearly six years later, the killer continues to elude police. >> reba and others left to
10:34 pm
wonder what really happened to the two marions. who killed them? >> reba says she knew something was wrong when she noticed her car hadn't moved all day. that was unusual because newman went to visit her 92-year-old mother every day in a nearby nursing home. police now say that's the last place she went before being killed. but her body wasn't discovered until two days later when someone went to check on her. sherry lee, fox 5 news. fairfax county police have not revealed the evidence linking these two cases. plies police say the killer knows the area well. the health alert for women tonight. another birth control recall. we'll have details next. plus, he put his life on the line for his country, now karma is giving back. we're introducing you to this millionaire marine. plus, the dow hitting a milestone. plus, the ipad 3 coming to a store near you. fox business network has
10:35 pm
details. >> two words, dow wow, blue chip closing 13,000 for the first time since may 2008. right before the financial crisis. stocks are surging. since the lows hit almost three years ago. maybe all that green has americans feeling less blue, because consumer confidence is hit handgun its highest level in a year. shoppers are feeling better about the job market, shaking off higher gas price as well. the national average spiking again overnight. now up 21 straight days. home prices still are not looking up. a key report saying that prices in major cities falling in december to their lowest level since the start of the housing crisis. and investors keep on taking bites from apple. the company stock hitting a new all-time high today. apple with an event in san francisco. next wednesday, speculation it will introduce the ipad 3. that's business, i'm neil.
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the health alert tonight involving a widely prescribed group of cholesterol lowering medications. federal health officials are adding new safety warnings to stattens, such as lipatore and crestor. they may cause memory loss and elevated blood sugar. a link between statten use and type 2 diabetes. problems were generally not serious and went away after patients stopped taking the drugs. another health alert now. this one involves birth control
10:40 pm
pills. recalling pills manufactured in india. they were packaged in the wrong order. the pills were distributed between september and december. the company says the recall applies to any package where the lot number and expiration date are not visible. one form of vitamin d may help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. the women in group one were given a single dose of 300,000iu's of vitamin d three. the average pain score for the women on the vitamin d dropped 40%. there was no difference in the placebo group. there could be the medical breakthrough that fertility doctors have been hoping for. challenging the idea that a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have in a lifetime. they discover the ovaries of young women harbor very rare stem cells capable of producing new eggs. if that is true, those stem cells might one day lead to better treatments for infertile
10:41 pm
women. >> i think it should be looked at as hopeful, also the fact that this is research. the time it takes from research looking at mouse ovaries to some type of a clinical application is measured in terms of decades. >> they have a long way to go. the next step is to see if other labs can verify their work. it could be 20 to 30 years before women will be able to use this option. new tonight, a local council member caught driving 105 miles an hour on the beltway. what happened next has some outraged. plus, we heard of the dangers of sexting. how to keep your kids phones clean at 11:00. dan can easily d money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ male announcecer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. it's a moment that is being seen by thousands of people. welcomed home on the tarmac, but a kiss from his boyfriend.
10:45 pm
the couple posted the picture on facebook for their friends to see. a friend asked if he could post it to the gay marines page and it has taken on a life of its own. >> it is a homecoming picture. gay, straight, lesbian, no matter who you are, love is love. i'm very shy, private person. the only reason i would be doing something this crazy is because of that. and if this saves one kid who says look at this guy, he went and joined the marines, his life is great, then maybe that will give them the courage to hang on. >> all of his superiors are very supportive. talk about good karma. military members put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe. a 26-year-old marine stationed in maryland recently ran across some good luck. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> not bad to be marching in
10:46 pm
alex shoes after a training exercise in nevada, he and his unit were dropped off for a bit of r and r in las vegas. >> they said hey, you guys have 12 hours you can have in vegas from 1:00 in the afternoon until 1:00 in the morning. so make sure you aren't late for the bus. >> a lot of people would have been after his experience playing slots. >> spin the wheel. wait and come on, come on, and oop, stops right there on the dollar sign. what does that mean? oh my gosh, you won. >> he won $2.8 million. >> my mind was blown. i don't think i was saying it. >> a marine with the chemical biological response force at indian head, maryland. >> we are the ones that go in there and clean up the mess. >> it's the team that cleaned up anthrax on capitol hill. >> i'm single, i live on base. >> you think this is going to get you some dates? >> i hope not. i don't want people to like me
10:47 pm
for my money. i really want to invest it. this is something i want to last. >> he hasn't spent any of the money yet. >> my car has 250,000 miles on it and i don't think it's going to pass inspection. >> for other than a new station wagon, he doesn't think his life will change all that much. he loves shopping at thrift stores, including this one just off base. >> my favorite, because i get sweaters for like $3. >> he is taking a little rivetting from his buddies. >> the normal. >> he wonders if this win is karma. he agreed to be a bone marrow donor and found a stranger with leukemia who is a match. >> they told me it will be a painful process, are you sure you'll go through with it? it's someone's life is at risk, why would i not go through pain to save someone's life? >> especially when life has been good to you. fox 5 news. >> what an incredible attitude he has, you know. >> that is good karma.
10:48 pm
>> i'm sure of it. >> good discipline. >> absolutely. can you imagine? $2.8million and not boughten anything yet? you're going to get a lot of calls. another beautiful day weather wise today. >> it was nice, wasn't it? a little cool, but 55 degrees with that hot sun now. hard to believe we are saying good-bye to february tomorrow. on a leap day. i don't know if we have any leap babies around here, but happy birthday tomorrow if that is yours. and hey, we have a present for you. down load our free fox 5 weather app. you can get it at the app store and we get a will the of compliments. it's a great app. we had 60,000 down loads already and it's only been out a few weeks. it's very fast. you can get a video forecast and a ten-day forecast. and follow us on twitter at fox 5 weather. all right, let's take a look at some of the temperatures we hit today. certainly 55 is a bargain for this time of year. our average is 51 degrees now as we start closing the books on february and bringing in march. temperatures by the end of the
10:49 pm
march climb into the upper 50s and tonight is not bad at all. we have a lot of mid 40s around. the clouds have held off just a little bit. perhaps a chance to see venus and jupiter in the western sky. venus is that nice bright one. 37 degrees frederick under those clear skies. they is gotten chilly. a few other spots down there in the 30s. i think later tonight, those clouds are going to come in and won't get too much colder in some of those suburban areas, although low 30s, not the coldest night we've had. definitely the clouds coming in later tonight will help out. the rain is going to hold off. the rain will be here sometime just after the morning commute con collude from west to east. our temperature only 50. it will feel chilly tomorrow and we think this is a decent soaking we're going to get out of this system. thursday looks like a really nice day. sunny, 65 degrees. i think right now looks like the nicest day of the week. friday also not bad, but late in the day, rain coming in and that rain is going to linger for part of saturday.
10:50 pm
make sure you peg saturday to get outdoor stuff done. high pressure that was in control brought us a beautiful blue sky. that moved off the coast and now we have room for that big system, which i'm going to show you the area of low pressure producing snow in the northern plains. it will be moving into the area that has been vacated by that high pressure and get showers from this warm front tomorrow. this warm front, always interesting this time of year to see if they can get on through. right now, it will be showers and a temperature near 50. i got to tell you, some of the new information shows a few hours of a break in which we'll get sunshine. that could mean warmer temperatures. it could also mean that we have a better chance of seeing late night thunderstorms as the front comes through tomorrow night. we'll keep that in mind as well. look as though we are seeing showers around here. nothing is hitting the ground yet. we're going to have to wait longer, but not long. probably 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning for some of this moisture to get in here. big area of low pressure that will produce near blizzard
10:51 pm
conditions. not in our direction, but it will drag a couple fronts in our direction. i'm going to pause this at 8:00 in the morning and not everyone is getting wet. we begin to see some showers in the western suburbs at 8:00 in the morning. perhaps toward the tail end of the rush hour, the rest of us, pausing this at 10:00, you can see moderate downpours coming through. that's what the oranges are representing. by 1:00, most of that is gone and a few hours of a break according to our future cast. what that might do is heat us up enough that the next round might have a rumble of thunder. that's pushing south and east and it will be out of here for the day on thursday. the five-day forecast, temperature around 50, but again, wouldn't be surprised if some spots get warmer if we get a break in the afternoon without rain and the sun pops out. looking the love of thursday, friday 56. more rain in the forecast for saturday and all of a sudden,
10:52 pm
doesn't this look like a spring five-day? with 65 on thursday, you know what that mean, march is coming in liang a lamb. i can do so much better. something must be wrong. >> thank you, sue. fox 5 sports is brought to you by acura. >> speaking of spring. spring training is in full bloom. there was another team in florida last week using the same facilities. they are really exeersing expectations. george feldman joins us with the story. >> this is a softball team that will play 75 games this season. they usually play against police departments, military, and colleges. for these young men, winning is defined by more than just the final score. at first glance, it might look like any ordinary softball practice. and it is. same for this important
10:53 pm
distinction. the members of this team are all veterans of the wars in afghanistan and iraq. and all are amputees. >> they went over to iraq or afghanistan and suffer add veer injury. that resulted in an amputation. they didn't know if they were going to live, walk, or play a sport. now that they have gone through extensive treatments, you can see the repetitions they are taking. that's not enough. >> the wounded warrior amputee softball team is con prized of 14 vets. most that played softball or baseball at a high level before they were wounded. they play two to three grams, pack it up and play somewhere else. last september they played at nationals park and play there again on april 3. their opponents, always an able bodied teen. it's often the wounded warrior team that feels the show. >> do you always win? >> we don't always win.
10:54 pm
we have a winning record, but we don't always win. they are living the life. >> they have done more than that, they thrived. >> when you were first injured, did you think you would become a competitive athlete again? >> i had my leg, but i haven't felt good about it. especially with the amputation. you has made things better. >> you don't take things for granted. you get real pulmoable, real fast. >> it's exciting to watch. the coach deserves special reck anymore, he has been working with athletics since 1981. he is living his dream because he's driving his two passions, which is working with amputees and softball. and you know what? you get out there and spent five minutes with these guys.
10:55 pm
you have nothing to complain about. all they want to do is compete and reminds them of being in the arm services. they are giving each other grief and reminds them of the comradely. >> it reminds me that i say i can't do something, that's ridiculous. >> they are a good team. they win more than they lose. >> there you go. >> thank you. still to come, well you have seen the boys. we're behind the scenes as they prepare for their first idol show. that's next. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet, cleaning better, doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm going to... drink this... on the porch! ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] mops can be a hassle, but swiffer wetjet's spray cleaner and absorbent pads can clean better in half the time
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is a lot like being welcomed into their home. ♪ sure, the decorating isn't always as nice, but the sentiment's the same. [ dog barking ] [ male announcer ] so, thank you for making chevy america's top-selling car brand in 2011. wait till you see what's next. from our factory to your home, chevy runs deep. tonight the guys had their turn. tomorrow the top 12 female american idol hopefuls are preparing to hit the stage.
10:59 pm
>> the 12 girls take the stage on american idol and after weeks of grueling auditions, the chance to perform live in front of a studio audience will present a whole new set of challenges. >> they are so much more involved now. it's so much more than a song. i feel like we are trying to please america. we really have to be crowd pleasers now. >> to persuade the audience, i have to persuade myself. >> people of all ages are watching the show. you have to pick a song that will please everyone. you can do new radio stuff. so, i feel no matter what you are, still stressful picking a song. >> while being nervous is okay, showing it is not. >>


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