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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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howthrough toughll coloeconomic times? freight rail. it attracted large eating over seventeen hundred jobs. then suppliers, stores, more companies followed, creating more jobs. economists call that the ripple effect. i call it the freight rail effect. freight rail connects every rner of america, bringing jobs and economic growth along for the ride. visit voters in 10 states will have their say today and the results could make a much clearer picture of who will win the republican presidential nomination. fox 5 morning news continues right now.
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it is tuesday, march 6th. look at that sunrise. about this time yesterday, some wintry weather was moving in, sort of making the beautiful orange skies look a bit gray. not so much today. just get ready for the cold. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tucker barnes now and get the latest. what a gorgeous picture that was. >> beautiful. >> oranges, red, all kinds ever colors out there in the sky. >> don't be fooled. it is cold out there with temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. you no whats time for. will has not seen it yet. it is time for the bus stop forecast. >> this is new for me. >> our big jolly bus full of kids. -- you know what it's time for? >> that is amazing artwork. >> thank you. we like to fake full credit for all the hard work we do in the weather center. kids headed to school, brr. ! cold temperatures. sunshine with temperatures generally below freezing. they will need a jacket, maybe even the gloves and hat today.
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>> the scarf, i think so. >> temperatures are on the chilly side where we've got the snowpack off to the south. we are now 30 degrees at reagan national. 23 in gaithersburg. 26 this morning in fredericksburg. if you hope it up a little bit, temperatures, look at that, we have teens to the north. 14degrees and 20 in boston. for a change, we are talking about cool temperatures along the eastern seaboard. it will remain on the cool side today with highs about 49 in washington. should be a dry tuesday afternoon for you and starting tomorrow, our temperatures will jump into the unseasonably warm category. i'll have more details coming up in a minute. >> no complaints there. >> start to finally feel more like spring because it is technically spring now. >> no, it is not. >> i thought it was -- >> no, meteorological spring but real spring doesn't start for two more weeks. >> thank you for setting me straight.
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>> julie wright is standing by with your on-time traffic brought to you by ford. good morning to you. >> rainbows are made out of skittles. >> all right. >> it all sounds good. >> the crew in sky fox joining us eastbound along 66 where the lanes are open. no problems to report coming nowft vienna. volume increasing as you work your way east of nutley street. -- no problems to report coming in out of vienna. northbound i-95, a stalled car that looks like it is in the process of being moved out of the roadway. volume increasing in both the express lanes and main line as you travel from 7100 headed up towards the capital beltway. you will find lanes are open here at the american legion bridge. no trouble spots to report traveling between 270 and
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tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is super tuesday. and polls are open now in virginia through 7:00 tonight. today, 10 states are holding republican primaries or caucuses and it is a crucial moment in the race for the republican nomination. only two ever the candidates are on the ballot in virginia. >> ron paul and mitt romney were the only ones to get enough signatures last fall. let's get a live report now at the top of the six from melanie alnwick in great falls at a polling place. >> reporter: good morning, will. the polls are officially open here in great falls. we are here at the great falls library. but we have not seen our first voter come in yet to vote as you mentioned. there are only two candidates on the ballot here in virginia, mitt romney and ron paul. rick santorum and newt gingrich failed for qualify with virginiaance pretty strict --
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failed to qualify with virginia and pretty strict rules about the ballot. the ballot. santorum once held the lead in the buck sigh state but romney was able to pull that closer in the last few days. gingrich is focusing on georgia. that state is delivering the most delegates today. it is gingrich's home state and he says it's must-win. ron paul is looking to the caucus states to try to pick up some delegates. virginia is an open primary state. you do not have to be a republican to come out and vote today. could be a democrat, an independent, as long as you are a registered voter. so ron paul supporters and on ron paul's web site, they have been reminding democrats and independents here in virginia that they can come out and vote today. they would like them to come out and vote for ron paul so it will be interesting to see how that plays out and we'll have to wait until at least 7:00 tonight to see if it actually happens. >> thank you. another big story we are
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following is israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning of what he calls a threat of a nuclear armed iran. he spoke to the apec conference last night after meeting with president obama at the white house. >> my policy is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. >> we are determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. we leave all options on the table and containment is definitely not an option. >> netanyahu is due on capitol hill later this morning to sit down with senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell. ch mcco some of our other top stories this morning, a scary night for a local college campus. this after the secret service alerted the george washington university bay possible gunman heading in the direction of campus. they said the suspect was coming from the area of the white house. the school issued a campus-wide alert and police searched the
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area but found nothing. ate machine accused of killing a neighbor over a dog is being held this morning without bond. just last thursday, ellsworth colbert testified before the decity council on an unrelated matter. police say he confronted robert wright with a knife about allow a doing to get near his yard. they argued and fought before wright was stabbed. colbert is now charged with that stabbing rnlgt. a new report backed up previous studies that were unable to prove residents at fort detrick were harmed by toxic chemicals dumbed at the army base. it is unlinely additional studies could establish a link because information on early exposure was never collected and any information gathered now would not be considered reliable. coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, startling new numbers about race and discipline in schools. also ahead, an incredible
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story of survival out of last week's deadly storms. what one mother lost to save her children's lives. we're back in just a moment.  ah. so much better than last year. [ both screaming ] food out the window! throw the food out the window! [ roaring ] never again. everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get onboard a carnival cruise and get more fun for all. [ horn blares ]
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resident across the midwest and south are facing a long road to recovery. forty people were killed and their stories are just heart breaking. one indiana woman lost her legs saving her children from the tornado. 36-year-old stephanie decker was home alone with her two kids when it struck. they took setter in the basement of the three-story home. decker covered the children with her body to shield them as the house was torn apart around her and deprefell on top of her. she lost one leg above the knee and the other above the ankle. the children were not injured as she protected them. former redskins defensive coordinator greg williams met with nfl security officials about the boundy program
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scandal. williams admits to running a program that paid players to knock out opponents with injuries while he was with the normens saints. former colts head coach tony dungy believes peyton manning was the vic ti. bounty system when williamss with withed redskins back for 2006. some have come poor ward and said the program was more of a friendly wager among the players. new numbers from the demeanor of education offer a revealing picture of how race and discipline is involved in public schools. 18% of the students were african-american. black students made up 39% of all expulsions. the "new york times" reports the survey shows black students were more than three times as likely to be suspended or expelled compared to the white peers. education secretary arne duncan will talk more about this study during an event at howard university later on today. >> i'm still reeling from that story about the mother. the mother will stop at nothing to protect her children.
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>> i know. >> still ahead here on fox 5 morning news, driving in d.c. can be a real challenge. but some roads are worse than others. we know that. which ones are on the top of the new list? >> first, another taste of string is on the way here. just take a look at the sky. you can see how beautiful it is out there. don't let it fool you though. it is still a little cool out there. tucker will have your full forecast when fox 5 morning news continues. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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it is tuesday morning. it is 6:16. a live look outside at 459 at the american legion bridge area. traffic seems to be moving okay. but we'll get a check with
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julie wright in just a moment. >> you like the beat to that. >> i was going to start dancing. >> it sounded like vanilla ice for a moment there. >> it will be beautiful with sunshine and with tee 20s. we got to be concerned about some slippery spots on the roadways down towards fredericksburg. a little bit of snowpack. >> going to be chiseling out a little bit if there is any refreeze. >> what did you just say. >> chiseling out. >> chiseling out. all right. >> i don't know what you thought i said. >> let's get right to that. i thought you said something completely different. reagan national, 30 degrees. 20s generally outside the beltway particularly off to the north and west. it is cold out. frederick, 21 for you. 21 in martinsburg. we get for the south a little
6:18 am
bit. quantico is 30-degree. in fredericksburg, i mentioned the snowpack. 26. we've had a hard freeze down here where we have the snow from yesterday. again, the possibility of some black ice out there for the next couple of hours. good news, lots of sunshine in the forecast. our temperatures are going to be in the upper 40s to about 50 degrees. there you go. satellite-radar, very, very quiet. you saw the live shot just a few minutes ago. we'll be some no bright sunshine throughout the day. there will be a few clouds spilling into the region a little later particularly across the northern tier of the viewing area. that will be about it. temperatures just a few degrees below normal and with high pressure building overhead, we should be in for dry weather this afternoon. let's talk about the jet stream. cold conditions this morning. we are not the only ones up into new england, temperatures in the teens. and that is going -- the jet stream has temporarily dipped down into the mid-atlantic. it will start to retreat here to the north and east with high
6:19 am
pressure off the coast, we'll get a return flow. 60s return tomorrow and i think we will be close to 70 degrees on thursday with plenty of sunshine. so if you want springtime weather, hang o let me just go over here. if you want spring time weather, it is back in the forecast in a big way here for the next couple of days. mostly sunny skies. still cool out there. 49degrees. winds out of the north at about 10 miles per hour. all right. i'll go back here. clear skies and chilly overnight. wind out of the south at about five to 10. here is your five-day forecast. 64degrees tomorrow, lots of sunshine. highs on thursday near 70. we will cool it down for the weekend but let's join the next couple of days particularly tomorrow and thursday. that is weather. let's do traffic and there she is -- she doesn't look very interested. julie wright. >> i'm still hearing i like the way you move in my head. >> there you go. >> words that debbie allen will
6:20 am
not say to you later on this morning. >> all right. that's payback from earlier. we're even now. >> you deserve it. on the roads, the crew in sky fox checking out northbound i- 95 as you work your way northbound. stalled car, we had reported earlier off the road to the shoulder with v-d.o.t. on the scene. our lanes are open. typical slowdown coming in out of woodbridge coming across the occoquan. we are slowing here north of lorton. lanes are open. you are below speed duke to seminary. southbound 270 coming in out of germantown. lanes are open leaving father hurley boulevard headed out towards mva the pace is starting to slow university boulevard as you work your way around the corner from new hampshire avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the d.c. department of transportation is trying to find a solution to prevent people from getting hit by cars. they have put out a list identifying 24 of the worst intersections for pedestrian crashes over the past three
6:21 am
years. mlk and howard road seat. benning road and east capital and georgia avenue and kennedy northwest are just a few of those danger zones that they list. d-d.o.t. officials say they plan to make improvements to the intersection. >> can be dicey. that is for sure. you have to make your your eyes lock on with the driver. >> you never know. up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york city to talk about how your credit history could actually hurt your job prospects and what some states are doing about it including maryland. as we go to break, if you bought a trawl tick net falls church recently, you may not have to worry about working for a while at all. a $1 million winning ticket was sold at the sleepy hollow exxon. those numbers are right there on the screen.
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a not so great day on the market. if you have bad credit, you may have a tough time fining a job. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good morning. >> we begin with yesterday's trading. the worst day of the year so far with the nasdaq falling 25 points what is going on here? >> it is getting eastbound worse this morning. we have three things that are making investors very anxious. shine as slowing down. number two, this recent run-up in gas prices is really concerning a lot of investors and an hsbc economist actually says this is more severe than greece but we can't forget about grease which is number three and a banking trade group this morning saying that, if there is a disorderly greek default which could happen march 20th, so just days away,
6:26 am
we can see $1.3 trillion in damage to the 17 nations. >> some companies use credit checks as part of the screen is progress sees. some won't allow it. what is the debate on this. >> we are in a bad job market. many employers feel more secure hiring people with good credit histories and with solid credit scores but unfontly in 2012 after all we've been through, it is hard to keep i'm good credit score. many people will tell you that creditworthiness does not determine work ethic. we are seeing more states saying that we will for gid bid the company to check your credit score before hiring you.
6:27 am
it is super tuesday and voter will have their say on who they think will be the republican presidential nominee. we'll take a look at the numbers. also head, we'll tell you what happened on a school -- on board a bus in maryland yesterday. just incredible photos coming out of here. it had something to do with a flare gun. it sent seven students to the hospital. we'll run right after this. stay with us.   -- we'll return right after this. stay with us. 
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some incredible pictures out of chester up two on maryland's eastern shore. a student set off a flare inside a school bus. sent students ended up in the hospital for smoke inhalation. child who fired off the flare gun is being questioned. >> miraculous the kids weren't more seriously hurt. a care on the campus of
6:31 am
george washington university last night. the secret service alerted the school about a possible gunman heading in the direction of campus from the white house area. they said the suspect was on the way. the school issued a campus-wide alert. police searched the area but found no one suspicious and gave the all-clear about 11:00 last night. >> the skies are clear today. >> a chilly start. temperature in the 20s to about 30 here in washington. the sun is coming up a couple of minutes earlier every day. >> i caught that. >> we'll spring forward next weekend. >> it is already here. >> my question is you were up that late? >> i watched sue at 6:00. i didn't watch at 10:00. >> i was worried. >> beautiful sunrise. it will be a gorgeous day. we'll have bright sunshine all
6:32 am
day. it will be on the cool side. >> we have to embrace the cold. >> and you know what? we haven't done a lot of it. this might be it here for the next couple of weeks. our temperatures will be above normal. there is satellite-radar. look how quiet it is. up to chicago and atlanta, we have clear skies. high pressure will build through the area for the next several days. we'll be nice and dry here right through the middle and end of the week. i think by friday, we'll have more showers in the forecast. 30 right now in washington. 26 in fredericksburg. the areas that got the snow during the day yesterday, you could have a little black ice this morning. be ready for that. otherwise, sunshine, cool temperatures, highs as mentioned approaching 50 later this afternoon. >> good to see it really quiet. we need some quiet time across the country. yes, we do. >> coming up in a couple of minutes, we've got a great ask the weather guys question. it is not weather-related. >> he won't tell us what it is. >> he likes to keep the suspense going. >> keep us on our toes. >> a little quiet in the air
6:33 am
above us. what about the roads. julie wright with your on-time traffic brought to you by ford. >> we have a couple of problems to report out there on the roads as far as volume goes. >> it is starting to get a little slow if you are traveling south on 270 approaching and passing route 08 in urbana. out in winchester, accident activity along i-81 north of winchester. the left lane blocked off in each direction. crew in sky fox with us right now. checking out the drive along eastbound 66. as you work your way in from fair oaks, lanes are open but the gang is all here. no accidents, just volume delays to accompany that trip all the way in towards the capital beltway. the beltway itself between braddock road and 66, some spotty tea lays at 266 arlington boulevard and with the merge at 66. back inside, outer loop of the beltway, the lanes are open. traffic starts to slow leaving 59 headed past university boulevard. inbound 50 still in the clear out of bowie to beltway. you will find delays out of 202
6:34 am
leaving cheverly headed into northeast. >> thank you. the polls are open in virginia and across the country right now and a total of 10 states are voting on this super tuesday. 419 delegates at stake in this. rick santorum is battling mitt romney for ohio. >> he is not eligible for 18 of ohio's 66 nominating delegates because of filing problems. melanie alnwick is live in great falls. good morning. >> reporter: i guess filing problems also plaguing rick santorum here in virginia as he failed for qualify for the ballot. only two candidates here that voters can mark down today, either mitt romney or ron paul. no write-in candidates are allowed which may be part of the reason for the light turnout. it is still early though here, 6:30. 46 delegates in all are up for grabs in virginia today. in all, super tuesday will deliver one-third of the total
6:35 am
delegates needed to secure the republican nomination. the candidates were making their final pushes with the voteers yesterday. mitt romney is expected to do well in massachusetts, vermont, here in virginia around idaho. rick santorum is hoping to hang on in ohio, i astate where he once led in the polls. newt gingrich has said he must win in his state of georgia. ron paul is hoping to pick up votes from democrats an independents in tuesday's open primary. >> other people have debated ec the economy, talked about it in subcommittee meetings but of a actually been in it. i have worked in business. >> one of the most basic issues in this campaign is trust. can you trust someone when they say they will be a strong principled conservative y i will challenge the other three candidates to join me in either mississippi or alabama for a debate next week. >> i don't think that romney can just hide behind millions of dollars of paid ads. >> reporter: in all, the "wall street journal" is reporting
6:36 am
that $10 million have been spent on come pain ads for super tuesday. but oddly enough, we haven't seen that much in virginia. perhaps not that odd because the stakant rnt that high here. most of that money has been going to ohio, tennessee, oklahoma and georgia. the republican party mere in virginia is urging people to come out and vote. they want to energize people and get them ready to vote for a republican candidate when it comes to the november elections. back to you. >> all that money spent on the primary. just wait until the general election. >> thank you. it looks like d.c. councilman marion barry will be a delegate at the democratic national convention this summer after all. barry tells fox 5 he was elected as a delegate during a party vote this weekend. last week, chuck fees argued barry should be disqualified because of his tax troubles and past behavior. barry says he has been atending conventions since 1972 and shouldn't have to make a case that he deserves to go. this super tuesday, president obama plans to hold
6:37 am
his first news conference of the year. this will be his first full news conference since november. aides say the timing is quince accidental and the preis expected to touch on the economy and his latest victories including the extension of a payroll tax cut. gas prices and growing tensions between iran and israel will also likely be on tap. it will take place around 1:00 this afternoon. israel's prime minister says his country as patiently waited for diplomacy and for sank shops to work. but says israel can't afford to wait much longer. he told the pro israeli lobby that was of last night in washington that he won't, quote, gamble with the security of israel. israel. coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, players paid to carry out game-ending hits against opponents. >> nfl officials met with greg williams yesterday. he admits to running a bounty system when he worked for the saints. and now there is word that some
6:38 am
star players may have been taken out. >> and cue the music. there you go. later this morning, debbie allen joins us live in studio. the actress and producer is in town. you don't want to miss t it is coming up with tony and allison in our 9:00 hour. :00 hour.  dinner's ready.
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greg williams says while he was with the saints, paid
6:42 am
players for game ending hits. >> i wouldn't say it was a bounty system. a bounty is a shock to me. i think bounty is a negative connotation and everyone keeps saying the bounty system. bounty means like we were paid to go out and kill someone or maliciously hurt an opponent. i don't think that ever was the case. it was never really the case. >> now, the scandal has everyone talking from fans for form players and joining us now with more information is john kime, sports staff writer at the washington examiner. thank you for. coming in today. >> my pleasure. >> there is a lot of attention that is paid to this. you take a look at what is going o there are players that are downplaying this. is that i culture thing that can change. >> i don't know if you can completely change t football by its in a tares violent sport. the guys who play it or drawn by that violence. i have talked to guys even on the offensive side of the ball who told me, this stuff is fun.
6:43 am
so i don't know how you can change that because those are the kind of guys that are drawn to the sport. i think you can -- roger gudel is trying to make this game a little bit safer. not sure how safe you can make it. it is at the end of the day vile end and it is football. by its in a tore, it is violent. he trying to change the culture to a degree. i think you can get rid of the upony system and if you penalize the guys harshly, i think you will do that. players are routinely rewarded by the big hits. the redskins have a big stick award for the special teams big hit of the week. guys try to win the big stick. that is what guys like to do. >> the investigation had shown that there had been some nfl rules that were violated. right this, i mean they know they're not supposed to be doing this. so why isn't there i guess maybe harsher punishments or
6:44 am
maybe there will be coming out of it. >> i think this probably will be. you're right. they knew what they were doing was wrong because they tried to keep it quiet. greg williams would say don't tell people about this. they tried to keep it quiet from the rest of the team, from the media. they knew that what they were doing was inherently wrong because they are playing guys to maybe hurt players. i think greg williams -- i think that what you're hearing is that maybe a one-year suspension. that is pretty harsh. some people say he should be gone for life. there will be harsh penalties. >> do you think any heads will roll over this? >> i think possibly. i wouldn't be stunned if the saiptsz organization that the general manager or seen peyton that something happens to them. in terms of maybe getting fired, it depends on how long the suspension is but i would not be stunned. >> all right. thank you so much for coming in
6:45 am
today. we'll continue to watch it and sigh what happens out of it. >> back to you guys. >> thank you. if you like it cold, this is the day for you. it is clear, the sun is coming out. there is no wintry weather moving through like it did yesterday but you better have a coat handy, right? >> you go the that right. picture perfect weather though. look at that beautiful sunrise. we have lots of blue sky across the area. we'll be in for a dry afternoon. it will be absolutely gorgeous the next several days. we are told. by thursday, right into springtime temperatures with highs, i'll make you wait. >> you are talking about unseasonably warm temperatures. >> about 20 degrees above normal. >> we love it. >> let's look at our temperatures at reagan national. we are currently 30 degrees. we are on the chilly side. as i've been mentioned all morning, with the possibility of black ice here to the south and to the east, as we're
6:46 am
looking at the potential for some very chilly temperatures here and again the black ice possibility in maces like fredericksburg, culpeper to the west, thank you very much, mr. perkins. couldn't have done it without you. high temperatures later today, upper 40s. a few degree below normal. bright sunshine and the wind will lighten up after breezy conditions yesterday afternoon with the exiting storm system. there you go, lots of quiet and high pressure will build across the area. it will anchor itself off the coast as we get into the nighttime hours and during the day tomorrow. our flow will be out of the south. so our temperatures will start to jump above normal and as mentioned by thursday with sunshine, our highs in upper 60s and low 70s. something to look forward to. o winds shifting out of the south at five to 10. the quiet weather pattern continues for the next couple
6:47 am
of days with the warming trend. 64 on wednesday. near 07 on thursday with bright sunshine. we cloud up late in the day on thursday. a few showers late thursday night and during the first half of friday with highs in the 50s. generally the weekend looks dry with temperatures in the mid- 50s on saturday. so if you don't want winter weather, it looks like we're done with it for the time being. >> sweet. time to start planting. >> i think we already have a head start on that. look who is here. >> it's me. fame here, you no what means it is time for. >> ask the weather guys! >> there you go. >> yes, it is the most popular segment in local television. >> why are you laughing at that, will? >> it is a segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question, great question, comes from alicia brown in rockville, maryland. she writes, why do retailers
6:48 am
use prices like $9.99 or $14.99 instead of $10 or $15. she also wanted to tell holly welcome back. we'll pass that message on for you. that is a great question. do you have any thought about it. >> i always thought it was just -- whether this is right or not, they just wanted you to think you were paying less than you really were and it is a mind game. >> in college, worked for years at safeway so i kind of have some inside knowledge here. >> i used to be the guy that would put the 99 on there. >> can we have the winner bell, please. >> you are right. it is called psychological pricing. this is something that has gone on for a long time. i think tucker knows some of the history as to when this may have started but you're essentially right. i know for a fact that it works because i know people who will say to me i just bought this
6:49 am
shirt and it is fantastic, 19 bucks. it wail say $19.99 and i'll say 20 bucks. they will think 19. the mind just kind of drops the last couple of numbers. >> we read left to right so you notice the number on the left first. so if something is 4.99, you will notice the four first and if it were $5, you will notice the 5 first. the penny, just in your mind, $4.99 sound cheaper than $5. >> init is even true in real estate that when the numbers are so much higher, if your real estate is trying to price your property and you say i really want to say $500,000. they will come in and say let's do $499, 900.
6:50 am
>> i want to read you something real question lick. accord tog a 1997 study published in marketing bulletin, approximately 60% of prices in advertising material ended in the digit nine. 30% ended in the digit 5, like $19.95. that right there is 90% of prices. >> that is incredible. >> amazing. >> doesn't wal-mart try to end in like 98. >> because it is even a little bit lower. >> have you guys notice the new trend. when i go to restaurants sometimes and the prices, pick a number, 22, 35. they won't give me back the change. >> then you feel cheap if you're like i want that -- >> with -- when did that policy change i don't something else that factors in is you will see a price sometimes on a
6:51 am
sign that looks like that with the 99 even smaller and that just re- emphasizes the 19. >> people don't real size they are probably paying around $21 for that but they think it was a $19 shirt. >> i have started rounding up in my head. i'm leak okay. that is $5 or that is $20. but it is because somebody told me that this is why they do it. >> get your coffee at starbucks or something like that, as possessed to the actual price you pay, it is like 15, 16 cents over the dollar and you take the change and you look at the little thing and you drop it in. it adds up. >> they should average the price of coffee down. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the
6:52 am
weather tab and you can upload your video. we got a couple of video submissions yesterday. we always encourage it. >> love it. >> very good. >> let's say hello to julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> i know exactly when that not getting your change back thing started. that is when tucker was tony's intern and tony would send him out for breakfast at bowie's up the street and you never get change. >> that is true. >> i'm not even denying that, julie. >> missing a bite too. >> on the roads this morning, we are checking out the drive along southbound 270. no problems to report courtesy of sky fox coming in from montrose road to the lane divide. also heavy and busy on the top side of 270 as you work your way out towards urbana leaving 85 headed out towards
6:53 am
hyattstown. about a 20-minute commute here and down to germantown, about a 30-minute commute passing father hurley boulevard. inside of the beltway, below speed here. all of the lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. how is this for a sweet treat for you. sprinkles cupcakes is launching a line of vending machines. the first one debuts this week outside the original bakery in beverly hills. they are calling it a cupcake atm. just in case the store is not open yet. they will cost you $4 each and will only take debit or credit cards. this plans to set i'm cupcake atm here in tease. i just want to mow how fresh they are though. >> sprinkles, i'm sure be. >> but also very dangerous, right. >> it is. starbucks, caribou, dunkin donuts, they have become household names but a local coffee shop that is nearly a century old is getting national
6:54 am
attention this morning. facebook users have voted m. e. swing company one of the best coffee shops. they go home and log on for facebook. they are part of this whole poll. it is located at 17th and g just across from the old executive office building. it all started back in 1916 when p. he swing and his son edward set up shop on e street. >> i hear a lot of stories about people going downtown to get fresh roasted product from that with their parents or grandparents so there is kind of a love affair with the company. we've meant a lot from a legacy perspective. >> it is delicious, dark and rich. i think it is the best coffee downtown. >> they say the key to success here is freshness. >> we'll have to stop by. coming up in our next hour, what is good for mom is good for baby. >> holly is hitting the mats
6:55 am
this morning. we'll show you how new exercises can help you build up the energy they need to keep up with the baby. we are back in a moment. looking good. i trained in medical school. at the time, there was very little business training. ♪ so hurry up, let's go, don't want to miss... ♪ i had my own practice, so i went looking for the knowledge to be successful running my own business. the courses were challenging. we had excellent instructors, and it was fun at the same time. i'm dr. william reha. i earned my mba from strayer university. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design?
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this morning, we have come to mind the mat in del ray because here, it is all about getting the family back in shape and so we've got some fun stuff planned this morning. the first hour, we'll talk about mom. what does she need to do to get her body back and strength back. here, they do yoga. in the 8:00 hour, it is important to make sure you start your little one off on the right path. we'll talk about infant massage
6:59 am
and tummy time. how do you do that with your wee little bundle of joy. in the 9:00 hour, you don't want to go to the gym and be way from your child yet again. so here, they have what is called mommy and me classes, how you and your knew son or daughter can get in shape together. we'll talk all about that, guys. back to you. we might have a few surprise guests. >> okay. we'll see. we'll see new the later hours. that is it for the 6:00 hour. >> lets -- let's send it to tony and allison. can you believe holly just had a child. >> no! thank you, will and sarah. coming up, more than 400 delegates up to grabs on this super tuesday. >> polling stations are now open in virginia but the


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