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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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crucial contest is far from here. >> it always comes down to ohio. >> that's right. rick santorum and mitt romney running neck and neck in the buckeye state. both continue to fight for every possible vote knowing the outcome could reshape the republican presidential race actually preview of today's contests straight ahead. president barack obama stealing some of the limelight away from the gop. come this afternoon, all eyes will shift to the white house. >> it made me scared to ride the bus and be with some teenagers. why would they pick on fifth graders. why would they mess with me. >> this young girl shares her frightening experience on a metrobus that landed her in the hospital. fox 5's morning news at 7:00 starts right now. right now. there is a live look outside from our tower cam. not a bad-looking start to the day. it is cold outside but it is a
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pretty start. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. i'm allison seymour. >> happy you are with us on this tuesday morning. tucker barnes has a look at the forecast. forecast. >> bundle up as you head out the door. should be a nice day, lots of sunshine expected and a nice warming trend over the next several days. let's get going. let's take a look at our current temperatures. at reagan national, 30 degrees. you can see most of the area here is at or below freezing. 26 in fredericksburg. let me mention to the south where we got the snowpack, there is the possibility of a the black ice out there. so just be prepared for that. 23 this morning in winchester. ocean city, 28 degrees as well for you. lots of sunshine expected. we've got high pressure building through. look how quiet it is. nice quiet weather pattern and clear skies out towards chicago and atlanta. that area of high pressure will
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deliver a couple of very nice days. it will be be a little on the cool side. more details on the forecast in just a minute. let's do some traffic and see what julie wright can deliver. >> good morning to you. we are busy along southbound 270. the crew in sky fox happened upon this accident as you work your way southbound near shady grove road. the accident activity now blocking two left lanes with police on the scene. there is some activity on the left shoulder as well. coming southbound from 370 making your way south of the rio headed out towards falls rod. you you -- towards falls road. you line up to the right. we have big delays coming southbound out of gaithersburg leaving 370 headed down towards this accident scene. look like the local lanes to the far left side of the screen are rub ebb nexting past the screen as well because they too are very slow at this point coming southbound headed down in towards rockville. taking it back inside,
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we'll update the ride on the top side of 270. we have delays from 85 to 109. average speed at germantown, # germantown 32 miles per hour at father hurley boulevard. approaching route 7 inside the beltway, you are down to 17 miles per hour headed east. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
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>> reporter: one-third of the voters needed to cure the republican nomination will be warded today. >> i need your vote. get out there and vote as many times as they let you. >> reporter: mitt romney leaving no stone unturned into ohio counting on what appears to be momentum in his favor. >> of a been going back and forth quite a bit. i was looking at rick santorum by i think mitt romney has a better chance to win the presidency. >> reporter: more and more, that is the romney argument and he is poised not to just have a good day in ohio but in four other states as well, massachusetts, vermont, virginia and idaho. >> people of ohio, you all know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday. >> rick santorum may be losing stream in ohio, a state he led just a few days ago and he missed the ballot deadline in
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some of the congressional districts here. newt gingrich says he has to win georgia, the state he represented in congress, end may. ron paul may not win any state outright but is expected to pile up some delegates today in a number of contests. effect though seems to come back to ohio and not just for the primary. >> there has been no republican president, not one, who has won the white house without winning ohio. this is an absolutely critical state for mitt romney or rick santorum or whoever takes away the nomination. >> reporter: there has been a left talk about how virginia, because there is only two candidates on the ballot, it isn't going to matter very much. here what is i find interesting. virginia is an open primary. republicans, democrats and independents can come out and vote today. i think that would be an interesting key thing to see because those crossover voters are what the republicans are going to be looking for. if we do see independents and democrats coming out here today to vote for either mitt romney or ron paul, that could be a
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sign of things to come in the november general election. >> thank you. we will take a much closer look at all of today's contests coming up at 7:30. staff writer at cq roll call richard cohen will join us live as we continue our super tuesday coverage. president obama is holding the first news conference of the year this afternoon. the white house insists this that this timing is purely coincidental. this comes amid a new sense of optimism in his administration with extense of a payroll tax cut and sign of an improving economy. he is likely to face tough questions about the pace of the recovery and rising gas prices. other topics to be discussed, iran's nuclear am bigs and the latest developments in the middle east including syria's bloody crackdown. the president did not take questions when he met with israel's prime minister in the oval office yesterday. he says he favors diplomacy as a way to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb.
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the two leaders do agree that israel has right to defend itself. >> i reserve all options and my policy here is not going to be one of containment. my policy is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. >> to defend itself by itself against any threat and when it comes to israel's security, israel has the right, the sovereign right, to make its own decisions. >> prime minister netanyahu is due on capitol hill later this morning to sit down with senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell. new this morning, fairfax county police are investigating a suspicious package found at a town house. a cleaning crew discovered the unusual device at 6551 guilder street in fairfax. explosive ordinance disposal special i wants were called around 6:30 last night and
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didn't wrap up the initial investigation until 4:00 this morning. the home owner of the town house is out of the country. the scene has been cleared and no charges are being filed at this time. and here are some of our other top stories this morning. it was a squarey night for a local college campus, this after the -- a scary night no a local college campus after the secret service alerted george washington university about a gunman coming in the area of the campus. police searched the area but found nothing. a house homeland security panel is holding a hearing today on why the suspect in an alleged suicide bomb plot on the capitol had been living i legally in the united states for 12 years. he was arrested last month wearing a vest that he thought was a bomb but it was fake given to him by an undercover operative. this person is a moroccan national. the man accused of killing
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a neighbor over a dog is now charged and being held without bond. this is video of else worth colbert testifying to city council last thursday on an up represented matter. police say on sunday, he confronted robert wright with a knife about allowing a dog to get near his property in southeast. >> it is outrageous. the girl is coming to a bad thing any time somebody's dog -- because the dog doesn't know any better. so i just don't understand it. >> colbert has a history of run- ins with the law. a family member took out a protective order against him claiming he was mentally unstable and physically aggressive. he had twice been barred from the wilson building in recent years for making thefts. also in the district, and alleged attack "metrobus is under investigation. >> this after an 11-year-old girl headed home from school ended up in the hospital instead. our sarah simmons is back now with the victim's account of
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what happened. >> reporter: good morning. the fifth grader says she was tax on the metrobus by a teenaged girl and even more disturbing here, she says nobody did anything to stop it. friday afternoon, fifth grader gladys parker was on the a6 bus on her way home from school. the bus had got ton this area about a block from her home when the driver hit the brakes. >> when he threw on brakes, everybody like fell and i bumped a teenager. i told her sorry and things but she just was cursing me out and everything. >> reporter: not only did the teen start yelling and screaming at gladys, verbal attack turned physical. >> that is when she hit me and pulled me off the bus and just beat me up, beat me up. hit my head on the concrete. >> reporter: during the entire incident, she says none of people on the bus including the driver did anything to stop the tax. >> i was scared and thought i was going to get real sick and
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she might break something. >> reporter: battered, bruised and about a block from home, she called her mother. >> she says the kid, a little girl from ballou beat me up and jump me and hit me in the nose and stomped me and kicked me and i'm hurting real bad, mommy. can you please come up here and help me. >> reporter: she picked her daughter up and took her to the hospital. >> why didn't the bus driver call the police? she said she just sit there and watched them beat her. >> she doesn't know if her daughter will run in the person who beat her up again so she says she may have to start driving gladys to school to make sure she is safe. >> it make me scared to ride the bus and be with them teenagers. why would they pick on a fifth grader? why would they mess with me? >> reporter: really upsetting. we are told d.c. police are investigating this case. metro also says they will investigate. they say 75% of the buses do have video recordings so they say they will check for
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and see if they have footage of the incident. hopefully, they do. >> beyond disturbing. thank you. it is 7:11 now on a tuesday morning. >> as clean-up continues in the midwest from last week's deadly tornado outbreak, some towns hardest hit could get a little bit of good news today. >> plus, you might want to walk with a little more caution around the district. next, a list of the most dangerous intersections when it comes to accidents involving cars and pedestrians. edestrns. as we head to the break, here is a live look outside. not a bad looking morning. tucker barnes to tell us what we have in store today for our weather and julie will tell you how the drive in to work will be. stay with us. ay with us. 
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an international effort to protect key population centers in syria, especially in the north through air strikes on assads forces. >> that is senator mccain making headlines calling for air strikes in syria. there are reports of a growing refugee crisis. meanwhile the body of american journalist marie colvin is returned as the death toll climbs. many residents are facing a long road of recovery, severe weather friday left 40 people dead, thousands are without power hundreds more don't have a home or business to return to. the national weather service says one tornado in kentucky was on the ground for about an hour. tearing through neighbourhoods for 60 continuous miles, another was on the ground for 50 continuous miles. >> incredible. >> wow. >> which is unusual. >> this is from yesterday when
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they got the snow, amazing. >> eerie you don't see -- number one we don't frequently see tornado damage like that and then just a couple days later have snowfall on it strange scene. strange weather. >> very unusual weather. especially this early in the season. we have not really transitioned to spring yet. >> bus stop forecast that will put a smile on some faces. >> around here. >> it is cold. >> chilly out there. >> kids are happy you can't see it but they are wearing jackets. >> good. >> cold temperatures sunshine, generally 20s here in washington, last hour we had 30 degrees, 22 to 32 is your range but you can see area wide, below freezing as i mentioned a few minutes ago we have the snow pack to the south, watch out for the possibility of a few icy spots it is a possibility. >> the old black ice.
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>> haven't talked about that much at all this year. >> 31 washington, 20, winning number in boston. >> warmer temperatures out west, new orleans, 50 and i think st. louis if i can read it correctly, 47 degrees, warmer temperatures will start to move in here, not so much today, jet stream dipping into the mid-atlantic, as we get into tomorrow and particularly thursday, temperatures will surge well into the 60s and near 70 by thursday afternoon a lot to look forward to. sentinel radar, look how quiet it is, cloud cover texas, a few clouds off the great lakes high pressure nice and dry today, tomorrow and much of the week here looks like friday, chance for showers, enjoy a couple beautiful days later today, near 50, tomorrow mid-60s by thursday, near 70. >> we will take that. >> really kind of weird stick around you will get whatever you want in the 5 day.
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>> that's what happens in march. >> here is julie wright the latest on the morning rush hour traffic. unfortunately giving you what you don't want. >> one extreme to the other. >> southbound 270, sky fox is just over this, this camera is not the best visual fire rescue on the scene of this crash, pushing everyone over to the right southbound 270 at shady grove road, using the two right lanes only delays stacking up at german town headed south middleburg road south of nba down toward it is accident scene over here in the middle lanes they are open rubber necking combination of heavy volume again, southbound, everybody over to the right, two lanes getting by shady grove road. other side of town, nothing but red, that is what we are seeing, leaving 295, headed up towards malcolm x avenue,
7:20 am
average speed 10 miles an hour, accident activity, 10 miles an hour, lanes are ... until you leave 704, traffic again, leaving 202 river dale headed into the northeast. that is a check of your on time traffic. it happens far too often in the district people getting hit by cars. >> pow d dot has made a list -- now d dot has made a list of more than 24 intersections they say are especially dangerous for pedestrians. maureen has a list. >> reporter: cars versus pedestrians, a battle waned daily on dc roads, pedestrians and bicyclists coming up on the losing end far too often. >> drivers don't really care, pedestrians or cyclists they don't realize some might be crossing the street, they never look never turn around. >> reporter: the district
7:21 am
department of transportation identified 24 of the worst intersections for pedestrian crashes over the past three years, mlk and howard road southeast, bening in east capital, georgia avenue and kennedy northwest are just a few danger zones. 14th street northwest also has several spots, three of them are in the heart of columbia heights, at columbia, irving and park. it didn't take long for our cameras to capture the problem. >> yeah, i am not sure entirely where cars are going to come from at any given direction at any given time. >> reporter: not just drivers being careless pedestrians shared some blame for crashes with wreckless behaviour. people run the red lights, and people jay walking all the time. >> reporter: she says the district needs to do more to promote pedestrian safety. >> 650 on average per year crashes between cars and
7:22 am
pedestrian is way too high that is about two a day we have to get that number down. >> reporter: enforcement of current laws is one way of helping solve the problem. pedestrians say anything that helps improve their safety is more than welcome in their daily battle against cars on dc streets in northwest, maureen ume fox 5 news. all right d dot officials say they plan to make improvements to some intersections although they have not said what those will be in the meantime they also plan to step up enforcement and education. 30 degrees to start this tuesday morning, prove coming up the racial divide runs deep in our nations schools next a shocking new support involving race and discipline. digging for answers a big blow for people living near fort detrick who say they are living in a cancer cluster. finding the time to get back in shape after having that
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sweet little baby can be tough but thanks to a growing trend more and more moms are working out with their babies and our holly morris who of course is a new mom is learning all about post baby pilates and yoga>> ♪
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another set back for residents in fort detrick who believe they are living in a cancer cluster a new report backs up previous study that is were unable to prove residents were harmed by toxic chemicals dumped at the base. the national research council report says it is unlikely additional studies could establish a link because information on early exposure was never collected and any information gathered now would not be considered reliable. you would have to have a smoking gun, to probably get that and no one is going to say
7:27 am
we missed in how we exposed -- disposed of our chemicals and toxins. >> study opponents have taken their demanding a -- fight demanding a congressional enquiry. a new report raises questions whether students of all races are disciplined even handedly in our nations schools. that report showed more than 70% of students, referred to law enforcement are hispanic or african american black students are more than three times as likely than white students to be suspended or expelled. the education secretary say the findings are quote a sad fact. the department will release more details today. 7:27 a.m. on tuesday morning up next super tuesday.
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hundreds of delegates up for grabs how today could reshape the republican race for the white house. >> as we head to break another live lookout side not a bad start to the day rather chilly, tucker is here to tell us more about the weather julie wright will have your on time traffic. stay with us, 7:28 a.m. how did this small colorado town get
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hey, it is a big moment for oreo cookieses, yummy yum. >> they are so good. >> yes, they are. >> the brand turns 100 years old this week to celebrate craft is selling 100-year-old cookies. no they are selling limited edition birthday cake oreos they were first sold to a grocer in new jersey back in 1912. that is a great story they are now the top selling cookie in the u.s. and about 70 million are eaten each day around the world i think they are my favorite cookie. >> regular or double stuffed. >> i don't need the double stuffed i just want regular. >> mine are double stuff. you can take off the top and eat the quadruple stuffed. no, just regular and may i also say lebron james sign add multimillion dollar deal with baskin robins and dunkin donuts
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overseas, yesterday i said he signed a million dollar deal but it is multimillion. and i like the other things they do. >> now they have gone crazy. >> but i just like regular old fashioned oreos first sold in new jersey. >> to a grocer. you know what else will be easy to please. >> what? >> i tried to transition to weather there. it didn't work out. >> tucker. >> it is cold everybody. speaking of oreos i have had a lot of sugar and coffee. >> that explains it. >> 31 washington lots of cold temperatures off to the north and west, 22 dulles, chilly temperatures let me mention one more time off to the south here where we have a snow pack
7:33 am
possibility of ice. temperatures in the 20s it will take a few more hours to warm up the atmosphere, annapolis, 31 degrees this will be our coldest morning for the next 5 to 7 days guaranteed as we have a nice warming trend starting later this afternoon a little warmer than we were yesterday and then the real warm up starts during the day tomorrow. lots of quiet, one shot earlier, high conditions, high pressure, clear skies, one or two clouds off to the north and west, roll through the northern tier of our viewing area that will be about it, let's look at our surface maps and again just a few clouds expected later today high pressure will keep things nice and dry around here for the next couple days, this area will flip off the -- slip off the coast, winds in the north will ship south late this afternoon and let the warmer air in starting tomorrow nice warming trend i promise it will feel like spring starting
7:34 am
tomorrow afternoon. forecast, sunshine, 49, winds out of the north, 10 miles per hour and then later tonight chilly skies overnight not as cold as this morning 35, winds as mentioned, 5 to 10 and there is your warm up, pleasant conditions around here wednesday and thursday in fact by thursday i think we will float with 70 then a cool down, chance for showers, during the day friday and a little cooler with sunshine highs mid-50s saturday. all right that is weather let's get some traffic and julie wright. all right tucker i was just looking at the camera while you were talking they cleared accident activity off the inner loop of the belt way here at the robinson terminal. tieing up two lanes now remains of this wreck, to the right shoulder our lanes are open, delays, leaving the springfield interchange, headed up the west side, 66 eastbound continuously slow fair oaks headed in toward the capital belt way accident activity, eastbound, 50, now on the shoulder, this delay is stacking up as you travel out
7:35 am
of centerville headed in towards vienna. the wreck we had at shady grove road, winds open, headed out of german town southbound, accident activity reported westbound 50, 704, headed for a crash there. that is a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right it is a big day in the political world hundreds of delegates up for grabs in today's super tuesday, political primaries and caucuses joining us to look how the republican candidates might fair, richard cohan staff writer at cq thanks for coming in. >> nice to be with you. a lot of people salivating about this day, it is a big day a lot can happen today. there are 10 primaries and caucuses we know ohio is important there has been a lot of focus on that. which other states are key states to watch. >> let me make one starting point there are more delegates awarded today than awarded in
7:36 am
the entire 2 months that we have had the presidential contests under way there is a lot going on in addition to ohio probably the two largest states up for grabs that are being contested georgia and tennessee, where newt gingrich should do well in his home state of georgia and tennessee could be the sleeper state let's say if mitt romney won there which is possible that would be a big one for him. >> i was reading some of your notes tennessee is interesting because romney could win but santorum could win too. >> gingrich spent some time there, tennessee does border georgia, and there hasn't been all that much focus on tennessee, hasn't been much campaigning there, it is a good time state kind of a mid-south border state, been republican but has different parts of the state going in different directions political junkies have a lot to play with in
7:37 am
tennessee that may be really up for grabs. >> do any candidates have a lock on any states. >> sure massachusetts, mitt romney's home state that should be easy even though it doesn't do much for republicans in november. mitt romney should do well in our backyard here in virginia, where there is only two candidates on the ballot, gingrich and santorum did not qualify for the ballot in virginia. >> which is too bad it decreases the importance of virginia in the race. >> yes, but from romney's point of view a win is a win. >> the other state that seems like a loss is georgia, newt gingrich's home state. >> let's talk ability ohio -- about ohio today is the day we have had all the polls is it a toss up at this point? >> it is a toss up but leaning toward romney, and interestingly santorum had a big lead in polls a week or so ago as you have seen in other
7:38 am
states, romney is benefiting from the momentum of his win narrow win a week ago in neighboring michigan, so the expectation is that romney will win ohio, narrowly, but a win is a win. >> let me ask you this if santorum were to pull out ohio and let's say he were to win tennessee, is that really bad news for romney? >> well, it would be good news for santorum, but -- and obviously, better for romney to win and he wants to start to lock this up but at the end of the day, romney's people even if they don't do all that, even if he doesn't do all that well today romney may still at tend of the night, have a lead in delegates and that technically is what matters most. >> and we all talk about the significance of ohio no republican has won the
7:39 am
presidency without winning ohio, it could still be done he could lose ohio. >> it would be a down era bummer for romney's campaign especially if he is the nominee, it would leave him not very well positioned, going into the november general election. >> are any of these states winner takes all? >> yes virginia i believe is winner take all. there may be others i don't remember, because we haven't mentioned there are some caucus states out west where ron paul could do well they are not winner take all but ron paul could take them. >> really there could be something for everyone which begs the question you know after today, all right, romney may have significantly more delegates than previously but is there anything that will force any of these guys out by the end of the day. >> that is the key question a lot of republican heards, ease personalliment types want this
7:40 am
-- establishment types want this contest to run down. they will look possibly if a candidate wins no states today doesn't win any of the 10, the question will be raised why should they continue. >> very interesting we will be watching i know you will be analyzing it as well glad you came in this morning. richard cohan with cq back to you. 31 degrees on a tuesday morning still ahead new requirements effecting all navy sailors. what they will soon have to do before they report to duty. >> first, time for today's my fox half off deal, 12 dollars two tickets to washington home and garden show see the newest products in home decor, kitchens, baths, outdoor living and more go to our website and click on the my fox half off link, 7:40 a.m.
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making headlines new way to contact the police in fairfax county the department now has a
7:44 am
twitter account the agency plans to tweet out news releases and information about public meetings they also hope to use it to answer any general questions you may have. big changes coming for the navy, breathalyzer tests will soon be required for many sailors before they report to work aboard a ship and also be given random drug tests to check for synthetic marijuana. a new initiative focuses on improving the well being of sailormarines among other things it eliminates discounts on cigarettes sold at navy and marine corps exchanges. winner of last month's $336 million power ball jackpot is coming forward in rhode island the jackpot is the sixth largest in united states history, a lump sum payment will be wait for it, $210
7:45 am
million. >> and someone in our area is a new millionaire, power ball ticket sold at the sleepy hollow exxon on arlington boulevard, falls church got the first five numbers but missed power ball they don't get the whole big jackpot but still millionaire the ticket is from the march 3rd drawing the numbers are 29, 30, 45, 47, 49 and the power ball number 35. that is exciting. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> i recently won $2 on a scratch off. >> that is good tuck you can buy two more. >> that was my mentally. >> if you win anything it is like oh, i won something. >> yeah, i was excited actually doubled my money. >> did you play it again? >> i haven't turned it in yet it is that new. >> did you just scratch it over here during the show. >> that's right. >> too many weather forecasts. i understand.
7:46 am
>> let's get to the weather forecast once again yes, more weather forecasts and lottery wins that's for sure, 31 regan national, cold, 25 out in gaithersburg, 29 fed ricks burg, -- fredericksburg. the current area below freezing headed up here next hour temperatures remain cool here this morning honestly later this afternoon we will be on the cool side highs upper 40s. new york allison, 16 degrees. >> yep, that sounds right. >> cold. 31 detroit, virginia is 19 this morning, cool temperatures because of the jet stream dipping down into the mid- atlantic, it will increase to the north as it has done so for much of the winter over the next 24 hours, guess what that means, 60s and 70s on the way for a couple days our highs tomorrow well into the 60s and i think we will bump up against 70 by thursday. a lot of sunshine so look at that tuesday, wednesday,
7:47 am
thursday, sunshine through the nice warming trend a couple showers friday that won't be a big deal. >> all right thursday is a nice day. >> beautiful. >> honestly, today will be a nice day as well. >> thank you here is julie wright with the latest on this mornings on time traffic. on time, folks sit in bumper to bumper traffic with their fingers crossed southbound 270 on the brakes the entire trip, father hurly boulevard headed out to shady grove road that is the scene of our accident cleared over to the shoulder our lanes are open once again. accident activity reported southbound, for another crash reported travelling eastbound 66, accident activity, also road to the shoulder, 50 fair oaks expect delays, centerville, more stop and go traffic approaching the belt way, before we had the crash robinson terminal, delays at
7:48 am
springfield heading out towards 66. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> we are learning all about exercising for mom and baby. >> who better to demonstrate for us than our new mom, holly morris, is this hayden? no, this can't be. >> no, he's grown really fast that's andrew hi andrew. andrew is 7 months old and you know what, his mommy happens to be sarah and she is by and sarah happens to be next to me as well because we are live at mind the mat yoga and pilates, and this is the perfect way to get back in shape after having a baby we are learning how we will tell you how you can too live next, fox 5 morning news stay with us. no one is looking at us andrew it is all about you. >> see you soon holly we want to say good morning to benjamin gilbert after almost two years without a job, okay we are applauding you tomorrow he will
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start working at maryland judicial institute. >> that's great. >> yes, good. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news and post a comment under this photo. i hope benjamin gives you a little inspiration if you are one of the ones without a job. >> wish you the best  working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work, but it's a very hectic pace. strayer university met my needs in terms of my family, my work-life balance. the fact that leading companies are hiring strayer graduates is impressive, but it's not surprising. these companies want us so badly. i'm felicia blow, and i earned my mba from strayer university.
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fox 5s mommy morris is learning about some unique exercises this morning. >> i like mama morris >> i just read it as it is written. mama morris. >> holly is at the mind the mat pilates and yoga to learn about working out with your baby hi holly. >> don't worry tony, mommy, mama, mom right now it is just wah. that is what hayden calls me
7:53 am
but you know what it is a journey up until you have the baby and then after the baby even more so having the baby takes a toll on a woman's body but there is help out there, and the help is called mind the mat pilates and yoga in dell ray we are live we happen to be with both of the cofounders we will show sarah first because she trumps you with andrew megan she knows all too well about this she had andrew 7 months ago but we will start with megan brown doctor of physical therapy she has two children but they happen to be older you have been through this journey. >> yes. doing pilates while pregnant and after. >> why is it a great way to go. a great way to re-educate abnominals and pelvic floor it is not going right into working the abs or running it is about
7:54 am
stabilizing. this is a great piece of equipment that helps align your body and gives you more awareness where you are in space and also has a lot of springs on it to make resistance harder or easier depending where you are. we are going to do a little push out and in before we go we will get all aligned, so what i want you to thing about is getting your ribs engaged down here, and a good just basic cue forgetting the inner abdominals we don't want the outer abdominals yet they are confused i like to say thing about pulling your belly button into your spine without flattening your back into the mat at all. we talked about this before what i want you to do is take a deep breath in as you exhale press and lengthen the legs, as you reach reach out to squeeze the heels and weight baring on the balls of the feet good hold there for a second here is where you want to get that good squeeze whenever you squeeze the inner thighs that has an
7:55 am
effect on the pelvic floor. >> when king the post partum -- doing the post partum program what is realistic expectation, with the results you didn't gain the weight in a month you shouldn't expect to lose it in a month. >> not at all people get impatient they want to get out there and start running or doing abdominals if you take your time that is where you see the results if you go right back to what you are used to you could injury yourself >> i want to make sure we get sarah in as well. this is an introductory to pilates but there is a yoga component. tell me the advantage of the yoga side of getting your body back. >> one thing we want to be aware of is the alignment in the shoulders and back we are carrying a lot of extra weight the baby breast feeding putting the baby to bed we want to be able to keep the alignment and open the shoulder, so we are
7:56 am
just opening the chest, bringing the chest forward, this is just one example of kind of shoulder opening. >> i want to make sure we get in the other core exercises, you were saying both you and megan were saying is a favorite to do after having a baby. >> yep we come to all fours, knees under hipbring the right arm out and left leg so this is great for spinal alignment, but also core stability so we inhale as we lengthen the spine and then exhale and bring it in and get that core work >> i actually think andrew is trying to do it as well over there >> i know. >> so is our website we have a link to mind the mat pilates and yoga in dell ray we have only just begun we have talked about mommy this hour next hour, it is more about andrew because we are going to talk about the importance of exercising your infant as well. back to you in studio. i love that baby. >> all right thank you holly. in our 8:00 a.m.
7:57 am
hour a big problem in the district turns out the city paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in medicaid payments for dead people. coming up what is being done to make sure this does not happen again. >> also after 8, you eat healthy, work out but still can't seem to shed those unwanted pounds new research shows it could have something to do with the way your body deals with excess fat the closer look at the effects of environmental toxins, 7:57 a.m. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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>> bomb squad called to this virginia house they spent 9 and a half hours there after a cleaning crew called police more on what was found ahead this hour. >> then it is super tuesday voters in 10 states are going to the polls, we will take a closer look what is at stake. a new study says it may not be your diet or lack of exercise making you fat it could be environmental toxins, fox medical team joins us with more on that ahead this hour i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. it is a chilly start to your tuesday, tucker barnes is joining us now details on
8:01 am
weather day. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you sir? >> fine. it is cold out, temperatures generally, 20s 30s later we should have a lot of sunshine lighter winds than yesterday, still a little cool. but they will be about where they should be. >> close to normal. by tomorrow, right back same time temperatures let's kick it off with a look at our satellite radar, very quiet conditions, nice live shot a few times this morning and bright sunshine expected across but a few clouds particularly across the northern tier of our viewing area, a few sides western pennsylvania and great lakes temperatures they are chilly, 31 regan national, as we look at temperatures 22 dulles, 26 fredericksburg, 28 ocean city we are off to a cold start should be a pleasant afternoon, average daytime high 62 degrees, close to the high
8:02 am
upper 40s. 49 washington 50 fredericksburg, 44 -- all right if you like today you will love tomorrow and thursday. coming up in a few minutes. i expect you will love thursday. >> most people will. >> tucker thank you. >> what? >> i particularly like thursday. because i am getting right to the 70s julie wright will understand what i am trying to say. it will be 70 thursday tuck >> you stole my forecast. >> i'm sorry. >> they are attacking me because i want 70 and not 60 is that so wrong. >> don't overlook a nice day to get to the best day >> i want 85. >> no agreement here what is happening with the traffic. >> i don't think anybody is in agreement with this either eastbound 66 accident activity at the roadway, fair oaks lanes are open, centerville headed eastbound all the way in toward the capital belt way we will
8:03 am
map out a couple problems, southbound george washington parkway, 30 minute commute checking for a crash near memorial circle so far nothing has popped up in your way leaving springfield headed up 66, 18 minute ride, 3 minute ride, duke to seminary and again crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge inner loop leaving st. barn bus road to route 1, an unusual delay, 10 minutes with slow traffic as you work out of oxen hill, toward alexandria. all right julie thank you very much. the polls are open, on this super tuesday. >> it could be a game changer for republicans running for president more now on today's primaries melanie alnwick live in great falls. >> reporter: good morning allison a little less than two dozen people have showed up to vote this morning used to be candidates could sew up the nomination super tuesday and move on to the general election
8:04 am
super tuesday is half the size it used to be, with all the states, leaving their primaries, this state may not be a king maker, it may give momentum either way this political process expects to play out a whole lot longer, 10 states will hold republican primaries or caucuses ohio is considered one of the biggest pleases no republican nominee has -- prizes no republican nominee has ever won that state. 419 delegates up for grabs right now romney has the most 203, rick santorum 90, two delegates, newt gingrich 23 and ron paul 25, virginia voters will award 46 delegates super tuesday as we have been talking about turn out expected to be meeker since only mitt romney and ron paul qualified for the ballot here, no write ins are allowed candidates are battling it out in key super tuesday
8:05 am
states. ohio, oklahoma and tennessee, also to win. mitt romney, ohio and tennessee basically show that he can win over voters in blue collar states and also southern states another thing tony and allison i think people will be watching is that independent vote, independents can vote in many primary states including right here in virginia and seeing whether they come out and vote for a republican candidate could be a sign how independents vote, back to you. melanie alnwick live thank you mel. all right now to the latino vote on this super tuesday, our sister news organization fox news finds a big favorite among latino republicans. >> it also found big problems for the gop in november. foxes bill hemmer has highlights. >> the only one i think is viable is mitt romney. >> reporter: mitt romney way ahead among likely latino,
8:06 am
republican voters according to the just released fox news latino poll, 34% prefer romney, ron paul runs distant second 13% followed by gingrich and santorum turning to november none of the republicans doing well among all latinos a group that made up 9% of voters in 20308 >> i will -- in 2008. i will probably vote on obama again. >> they found president obama would beat governor romney, 70 to 14% among latinos,. in 2004 george w bush took 44% of the vote in 2008, 31% of hispanics would prefer republican john mccain this year even those latino mccain voters favour obama. >> one thing republican candidates could do is name
8:07 am
republican for the ticket, one third would vote republican, if they were latino. >> florida senator marco rubio and new mexico governor. >> one in five latino voters would be more willing to vote republican if martinez were on the ticket, one in four say the republican nominee could win their vote picking rubio as their vp for more on the poll go to fox news i am bill hemmer in new york. here at home new this morning fairfax county police are investigating a suspicious package found at a town house a cleaning crew discovered the unusual device at 6551 guilder street fairfax explosive ordinance specialists were called 6:30 p.m. last night didn't wrap up until after 4:00 a.m. this morning the homeowner of the town house is allegedly out
8:08 am
of the country, no charges being filed at this time. >> a scare on the campus of george washington university late last night the secret service alerted the school about a possible gunman headed toward campus the suspect was coming from the area of the white house the school issued a campus wide alert police searched the area, found nothing and gave the all clear around 11:00 p.m. last night. >> police investigating an alleged attack on a metro bus after an 11-year-old girl heading home from school ended up in the hospital. friday afternoon, fifth grader, gratis parker was on the bus on her way home from school a block from home when the driver hit the brakes and gladiest bumped into the girl in front of her she apologized by the teen started yelling at her then the ait can turned physical no one, not even the driver did anything to help stop it. >> that is when she hit me, and
8:09 am
pulled me off the bus and beat me up, hit my head on the concrete i was scared. and i thought i was going to get -- she might break something. >> we are told dc police are investigating this case metro also says they will investigate, they say 75% of the buses do have video recordings so they will check for video and see if they have footage of the incident. >> take a look at pictures from maryland's eastern shore this is what happened when a student lit off a flair gun inside a school bus in chester town yesterday. there were 28 kids on that bus when the flair set it on fire. 7 people went to the hospital with smoke inhalation everyone is expected to be okay. minority students say they receive harsher punishment more than 70% of students involved refer to cases are hispanic or
8:10 am
african american black students are three times more likely than white peers to be suspended. the whole report based on data from 2009/2010 expected to be released later today. >> coming up on 8:10 a.m., tuesday morning parents often say they will do anything for their kids one midwestern mother is being hailed a hero. >> find out what she did during this weekend's tornadoes to save her two little ones. >> those who enter the u.s. illegally, in los angeles, a controversial tax credit for undocumented workers 
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> israel's prime minister said his country has the right to defend itself against a nuclear threat from iran. president barack obama agrees with benjamin netanyahu at the oval office yesterday. later this morning, he was on cap till hill. residents across the midwest and south are facing a long road of recovery. a round of weather friday left a long wake of destruction, the storying comes out of the hardst hit areas are heart breaking one indiana woman lost her leg saving her children from a tornado. 36-year-old stephanie decker was alone at home with her two kids they took shelter in the basement of their three story home she covered her children with her body as the horse was torn apart she lost one leg above the knee the other above the ankle the children were not injured. hmm. >> all right >> mothers love.
8:15 am
>> yeah, that is tough we wish her and her family the best. >> certainly do. >> it is time to find out what is happening with our weather luckily calm conditions prevail, tucker has that for us and more. >> and more. >> and more. get to the more first time now for my first 5 photo of the day, this is the cuteness factor. yes, everybody guess who this is? >> anaya. >> thanks tony. >> you said guess. she looks so glamorous. >> yes, this is anaya guess what she loves to do? >> be glamorous and wears lip stick. >> oh,. >> and apparently, she put it on all by herself. >> she did a good job too. >> yeah, takes a little practice. >> yeah but she is so cute it doesn't matter. >> i think it looks great. >> you know it takes practice. >> you talking to me or allison. >> you.
8:16 am
>> oh very pretty. >> adorable. >> we love the picture thanks so much for sending it in. >> like she is dressing up looks like she has on a necklace too very accessorized. >> and her hair, braids in there. >> is that like a teddy bear beret. >> spoken like the father of a boy just now. >> and click on mornings. let's get to the weather forecast. 35 degrees right now washington, warming up, after a chilly overnight, here in washington our temperature got down to 30 at 6:00 a.m., 22 boston notice the warmer temperatures st. louis, 48, 44 little rock, warmer temperatures heading in our direction today will be a pleasant afternoon getting into tomorrow and thursday temperatures are going to sore all the way -- soar into the
8:17 am
60s. look agent the satellite radar, not a lot to talk about much quieter weather pattern than last week most of the remainder of this week should be sunshine and rather quiet conditions, until then, nice warming trend high pressure keeps us nice and dry your 5 day later today high temperature 49 degrees cool and a bit of a breeze out of the north, warmer than yesterday then wednesday and thursday looks fantastic highs mid- to upper 50s. humidity light winds and showers by friday, that is a look at the weather let's look at traffic things have been grinding to a halt, julie wright has your latest. slow traffic tucker, travelling eastbound 66, on the brakes as you work your way from centerville past fair oaks in toward it is capital belt way accident activity cleared so our lanes are open once again if you are working your way around the capital belt way, heavy, coming inbound gw parkway, leaving the parkway headed out towards memorial
8:18 am
parkway, accident activity from royal circle cleared definitely a slow go, leaving the belt way, seminary crossing the 14th street bridge. inner loop of the belt way 18 minute ride all lanes open no problems to report unusual back up as you travel across the wilson bridge st. barn bus towards route 1, 10 minute commute with all lanes open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much should the federal government cut checks to people who enter the u.s. illegally. members of congress are split, whether to end the tax break that has become an incentive for undocumented workers in america. illegal immigrants can't work in the u.s. lawfully no,rr get a social security -- nor get a social security number.
8:19 am
>> they owe nothing to the irs end of the year but they are going to send you money back. >> in 1996 congress failed to prohibit their use of the child tax credit, today, pays illegal immigrants $4.2 billion a year up 400% from five years ago. >> we all benefit by this small amount of money, helping these families, and helping them get up and out of poverty. >> the credit is worth about $1,800 per year per family 85% are latino earning about $11 an hour. >> no family is going to pick up from mexico or central america and come all the way up here, and try to get across the border for this small tax break. >> but a treasury audit says differently quote the payment of federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive for
8:20 am
aliens to enter and work in the united states without authorization. >> you have people working here illegally, taking jobs, republicans tried to end the tax break, senate democrats said no because it would hurt working families illegal or not. it is now 8:20 a.m., don't shake hands that is the doctors order for one olympic team why when we come back. >> then a little later holly's little baby hayden will join her for a look at mommy and me exercises. more on the importance of working out with your little one ahead this morning we will be right back. >> i love it [ female announcer ] pillsbury presents:
8:21 am
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welcome back greg williams met with nfl officials about the bounty program scandal williams admits to running a program that paid players to knock out opponents with injuries while in new orleans. tony dungy believes peyton manning was a victim of the system when williams was with the red skins in 2006 some red skins players said the
8:24 am
incentive for cash program in dc was more of a friendly wager among players. i wouldn't necessarily say it was a bounty system i think we like i said before, everyone -- a bounty is a negative connotation everyone keeps saying the bounty system bounty to me is like we were paid to go out and kill someone or maliciously hurt an opponent i don't think that ever was the case it was never really the case. nfl is considering severe and sweeping penalties that could include lengthy suspensions for williams, saints coach sean payton, the team's general manager and players heavily involved in the scheme. organizers of this summers olympics in london are so worried about the spread of germ the top doctor for the british team is warning athletes not to shake hands he
8:25 am
told 550 members to avoid shaking hands with rivals or dignitaries he is afraid they will get sick and cost them medals, even so, etiquette experts say it could make the host country look rude. >> use anti bacterial stuff. every time? >> like the jay leno put that stuff on your shorts,. >> go like that. >> hello. how are you. >> it is 8:25 a.m., on this tuesday morning, just a big story, dcs department of health care finance coming under fire for paying more than $600,000 to people who were already dead. >> but that is not it, clerical error is to blame for the city paying more than $5 million on a bill just $100 a look at the problems coming up in our next half hour stay with us i can't stand these e spots.
8:26 am
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with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. the all-new 2013 lexus gs. chili's $20 dinner for two has a bold new favorite -- steak. first, share an appetizer, then choose two entrees, like our 100% usda choice sirloin, available for a limited time on chili's $20 dinner for two. tuesday morning let's take
8:29 am
a look at stories making headlines a wood bridge mother facing murder charges in the death of her infant son the 3 month old died nearly two years ago she told police she was sleeping in the same bed as her son and woke up to find him unresponsive. they now say she was smoking marijuana and drinking before she went to bed. >> dc man accused of killing a neighbor over a dog is now charged and being held without bond. police say culvert, confronted robert wright with a knife on sunday, about allowing a dog to get near his yard in southeast. they argued and then fought before wright was fatally stabbed. dc department of transportation is trying to find a solution to prevent people from getting hit by cars they have put out a list identifying 24 of the worst intersections for pedestrian crashes over the past three years, d dot officials say they plan to make improvements to
8:30 am
the intersection. smart in really? >> yeah, grabbed his hand across the street just in the nick of time. >> looks a little silly. >> saved your life. >> and he screamed as well. >> ran all gerry lewis crazy. >> no,. >> hey, it's good. >> temperatures regan national. >> no offence to gerry lewis. >> 35 regan national, 31 baltimore, check out you know honestly one of our coldest mornings, well, not hard but so far this month, 30 win chester, snow pack to the south, that will melt off upper 40s to about 50, should be a nice looking day i mean it will be a beautiful day a lot of sunshine a little bit on the cool side. sentinel sat rad one or two clouds off to the north and west, clouds in the forecast for the remander of the day, out to indiana and kentucky,
8:31 am
generally, high pressure is going to move right overhead later this afternoon, nice today, comfortable tonight although cool and then as that area of high pressure gets off the coast we will see a big change in the weather pattern here. jet stream dipping down temporarily into the mid- atlantic in the wake of our system from yesterday that will keep things on the cool side later today and then that retreats to the north and just sets us up for a fantastic weather pattern wednesday and thursday, 60s and 70s on the horizon get ready to enjoy a couple spring like days during the day tomorrow nice one today 49, cool, then nice tomorrow mid-60s, there you go allison upper 60s, 70 thursday, sunshine a little cooler end of the week highs saturday, that is weather tony allison back to you. >> thank you very much a new audit has found washington dc shelled out nearly $700,000 in medicaid payments for dead people this morning, city hall
8:32 am
reporter for the washington examiner joins us to talk about this issue she wrote a big story on this i think good to see you. some numbers involved are astounding first of all let's talk in general the money in question was paid out by dc department of health care finance in 2009 so just talking about that right now. tell us what the districts office of the inspector general found >> they found about $662,000 was spent, paid out to claims for people who had died, after the claim was sent in. so this is for an appointment, or services rendered after the death of a patient the audit said according to the department of health care finance, perhaps some of those were inaccurate as most of the claims came in less than a month afterwards but several of them came in years afterwards the longest one came in 8 months in, 8 years, 10 months after the death of a payment. >> wow, this would be a medical
8:33 am
provider, sending in, to be paid for this alleged activity. >> exactly. >> now dc is on the hook if they find the department is going through all these claims now 129 i think they will be on the hook, if they do find that all of these claims are invalid or for whatever ones are invalid, and some federal money would pay for that. the city would be on the hook to pay the federal government. >> that investigation continues, this money was actually just a portion of millions of dollars that was erroneously paid out. >> exactly they found, what they said is about 3 .8 million dollars in money, not gone out from the city possibly 22.6 million that may have gone out in claims that they paid extra money basically, some of those are because the rate that came in when the patient was billed, that changed and the rate is higher so the
8:34 am
department paid for the higher rate but they are still going through those. to be fair this can be for anyone who has ever had to fill out paperwork when it comes to medical services and all that kind of stuff it can be complicated rates change and all that kind of stuff but there seems to be a problem here in terms of people keeping track of what money is being spent and how. >> definitely and the most agregious case of that was a check that almost went out the door $5.6 million on a claim that came in for $100 what happened was -- >> i don't understand. >> the worker accidentally pressed down the 5 key too long so it came down as 555 et cetera the check passed through all the appropriate people and was cut and almost out the door before someone flagged it and said hey, that is kind of a lot of money. >> wow so literally someone working at a desk and go here
8:35 am
is that one, here is that one, 5.5 million okay and pass it along. >> basically. >> this has been all of this has been discovered there is still a lot up in the air in terms of the final amounts of money that the district is on the hook for and all that stuff what happens now. >> well, the department of health care finance is going through all of these claims that are questionable, from the audit, and they have found, they are in agreement with the audit that, a few changes need to come they did implement a new system december of 2010 they say will eliminate this payment for dead people but as far as the clerical errors go they just need more oversight and haven't answered how they are going to do that >> maybe more training as well. now the other side of that, i mean obviously some problems at the department, and in the district, but there are some medical offices and other practitioners filing for money that they are not really due so is that going to be looked into. >> yeah, that is something that wasn't really in the audit i
8:36 am
spoke with some body, a reader with called in and had some experience with that yesterday and was wondering is the district on the hook for criminal charges not the district but the health care provider and in addition, that blows it up even bigger, that is a big question mark after this. >> to be fair, i mean obviously it is a big problem if you are a tax pay inner the district you don't want money going where it should be going but dc is not alone in this. >> no, this happens pretty much every time some body does an audit in any state of the department that pays out medicaid claims maryland i think last year was on the hook for a couple million dollars and i think arizona, in addition to that. pretty much every state when an audit is done they find money like this. >> if people want to read this story, can they read it still online? >> yep they can find it online at www.washington >> liz palmer fascinating infur
8:37 am
rating story thanks for coming in. >> tony 8:36 a.m. on tuesday morning, american idol top 13 still getting used to being recognized on the street and becoming household names. more how the young singers are coping. >> then legendary photographer known for capturing rock legends on camera, now make rock is taking his photographs on the road here to washington including images of modern musicians like lady gaga. i will talk to him after 9 stay with us ó
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
rush limbaugh's verbal attack on georgetown university law student, sandra fluke is costing him nine advertisers have pulled their ads from his show. limbaugh offered a weak apology some say for calling her a prostitute and more. she testified on capital hill about the need for employ injuries to cover birth control expenses. >> if you are looking for a new job, check out our job shop, our job of the day is with westin hotels they are looking for an assistant front office
8:41 am
manager in their reston location, for more on this job and others go to 8:40 a.m. on tuesday morning. >> new study says it may not just be your diet or lack of exercise that is making you over weight it could be environmental toxins. >> fox medical team joins us with more on that when we come back holly. >> good morning guys we are also talking about health stuff as we are live at mind the mat pilates and yoga in dell ray here is the deal you have the baby now how do you make sure he is developing just the right way and you are developing back to your former self-we will find out and talk about infant massage, tummy time and a lot more and why it is so important that you do it all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us now on verizon's 4g lte network.
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welcome back many new moms make it a priority to get back into shape right after their baby is born. >> now you can exercise your body and your mind, and bring
8:45 am
your baby along too, new mama holly morris joins us from mind the mat pill lat pilates and yoga at mind the mat. >> he is about done with all this exercise thing he is being great. this is sarah, certified physical therapist, one of the cofounders here at mind the mat and her beautiful son andrew who is 7 months. right. >> yep. >> and dr. megan brown the other cofounder as well. and so this hour we thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about things that you can do specifically for your baby, starting with infant massage. >> yep. >> great. >> so infant massage is great in the immediate it helps baby sleep better helps digest. >> helps them sleep better. let me listen closely. >> helps with digest, development and coordination,
8:46 am
also helps in the long term studies show babies massaged and touched a lot as teenagers and adults are more comfortable in their bodies more comfortable with touch. >> first, a few things you can do,. >> yep. >> so one of the great exercises, is bring the knees up to the shoulders and then extend the leg, so here you are getting a little intestinal massage. >> right. >> as well as eleventhenning so gas can release and you are also toning the leg. >> andrew has really kind of reached his limit here but the other thing you can do is criss- cross and then you do apple sauce rubbing the belly and that stimulating the lymphatic system, so. >> really? looks like such a small thing but makes such a big difference. >> yep criss-cross apple sauce.
8:47 am
>> talking to them the whole time. >> and see he is talking back. >> he loves to talk. >> you are a chatter box you are made for tv andrew you are. you think that is funny right and you megan were going to talk a little bit about tummy time we hear so much about tummy time you know, how do you really get it in and how do you make it work chevy a lot of moms come in and say their babies don't tolerate tummy time well so in our classes we do a lot of little techniques so they can have their upper body supported more so they can lift their heads up and look around so a lot of the things we do in our mommy and me class holding and stabilizing on elbows we teach and position the baby to hold and stabilize on their elbows so their face isn't planted into the mat. >> easily as important is the back to sleep campaign, making sure babies sleep on their back but we have to counter that because the back campaign, kids are not developing as they
8:48 am
should on their tummies. >> right so if they are not sleeping on their tummy they need to practice being on their stomach so they can develop muscles on their backs that help them lift their heads up. >> and this is really wonderful little andrew said now is my nap time so can you guys just let me sleep and not be on tv because you have babysitting here if you are doing the class, you can have a little bit of time with the baby if he or she melts down you have an option. >> exactly and we also have a lot of classes where you can't bring your baby, and when the baby starts to crawl it is really not conducive for the moms to come here and do a class and be running around trying to catch their baby. >> our website we have a link to mind the mat, pilates and yoga you have heard megan talk about the mommy and me class that is an exercise
8:49 am
class, where you exercise with baby when one baby melts down another shows up and wait this one just happens to be my little baby. look at this. major cutie so we are going to have a little team coverage of the mommy and me class. holly and hayden coming to you live i made it one day without having him at work and figured out a way to get him here >> i can't get enough of that little baby see you next time holly. >> hi hayden. >> see you soon. >> say hi aunt allison. >> so cute. >> well, american idol's top 13 adjusting to their new found fame and celebrity lifestyle, foxes adam housely talks about the media spotlight and how they plan to deal with transforming into idols. it was photo shoot time for american idol top 13 and in between smiling for cameras contestants had this to say
8:50 am
about the star treatment they got last week on the blue carpet. >> all the lights you know, whenever they were taking pictures of us i was blinded. >> i did love it it was awesome i felt like a celebrity with the lights flashing but in the back of my mind hey,. >> idol also has a way of making you famous in a hurry. >> when you are walking down the street people are waving at us all crazy and some body was going crazy my god i can't believe and then we are looking around who in the world are they talking about it was us. >> as the show shifts the theme nights, the focus is always on song choice this week the girls are honor whitney houston guys take on steevie wonder. >> the hottest thing we have so little time to pick it and so little time to work with it, so, song choice is the hardest part of the whole thing. >> a lot of the song choice you
8:51 am
get to sing a song you know you are going to feel and put a motion in it because if you don't no body is going to feel what you are feeling. >> with little room for error each week taking advantage of advice and experience may be the key to winning america's vote >> i don't really know everything, so part of that is because one, i haven't really had cable in like the last four years so i haven't been watching the show plus i am always always working during that time >> it will give us a chance to get in the full swing of things especially live audience something we are not used to having tonnes of people screaming your name ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. thank you adam. scientists recently uncovered a surprising and disturbing fact, environmental toxins are making us fat and can cause diabetes. we turn our attention to the
8:52 am
heavy burden environmental toxins put on our body, fox medical team dr. mike joins us with more on what we can do dr. mike it steams this is something we don't -- seems this is something we don't have any control over. >> we don't allison. good morning if you are out there listening and you are obese, i know where you are coming from the bottom line is a lot of this is not your fault. it has to do with a lot of things like, environmental toxins and this new research, basically proves that, the endocrine disrupters of bis phenol a this is a chemical in plastic it effects the way the body metabolizes and handles fat and insulin and all of these environmental chemicals
8:53 am
are really playing havoc with our bodies especially young children and pregnant women, leading people to become obese. >> so, what can we do, dr. mike? >> well, obesity is such a complex problem if you have a weight problem the things you can control are the calories going in, and the calories going out, and, you can control whether you are sleeping enough, whether you have sleep apnea, whether you are exercising enough, and if you do those thingsimple things you need to eat three meals a day emphasize protein it keeps you full until the next meal you want to exercise, make sure that you get plenty of rest, and if you do those things and avoid any products that have bis phenol a in them you will be okay you can't control environment and genetics but you can control how you
8:54 am
interact with the environment and what you eat and how you live your life. >> so dr. mike are some of us just more predisposed to this then is that what we are saying when we talk about genetics if not, wouldn't more of us or all of us be over weight because of these things we couldn't control. >> well, some people have a genetic predisposition, if your mother and father were obese, then there is a chance that you might be obese and so what you need to do, is say hey, look, i have been dealt this deck of cards in my life, i have an obesity problem but i am going to deal with it the way i am going to deal with it is by limiting amount of calories in, eating good calories and if you do that with exercise and sleep, and reducing your stress if you can, those things will optimize where you r. >> all right i have even started looking at labels making sure bpa isn't in my
8:55 am
plastic, but that is a whole other topic for another time. you are great take care. >> i like that dr. mike. >> i feel the same way about you tony. >> shall we hold hands? >> not now. speaking of great actress, producer, choreographer, debbie alan is in town she helped judge dc capital stars talent competition for students here in dc coming up later alan will join us live in studio with the whenner of that -- winner of that special competition ahead on fox 5 morning news 9:00 a.m. >> she is great. >> yes, she is 
8:56 am
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voters in 10 states head to the polls today. melanie alnwick is live. new this morning suspicious deaths in calvert county what killed four people in the the same community. he is the man that many celebrities have turned to over the past few decades, for a great photograph, whether it be for their album cover or magazine i sat down with a man named mick rock it is really his name to talk about his career and his exhibit now in dc. >> later this morning the dc capital stars talent competition has a new winner, nya norwood is here to talk about her big surprise and perform plus we will chat with judge debbie alan. i assume this is nya. >> is this her? >> all right well, we are going to find out. >> okay. >> i assume it is i hope it is. >> well, in the meantime let


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