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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. caught going more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway. tonight, this prince georges county council member finally breaks her silence. >> some local college students get the scare of a lifetime after masked gunmen burst into their home and make off with
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thousands of electronics. >> and apple unveils the new ipad. the picture will be better than any htv out there. we begin tonight with the councilwoman charged with reckless driving. good evening, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. councilwoman karen toles spoke today, reading a brief prepared statement. when we tried to answer questions, she turned and walked away. wisdom martin was there. >> reporter: she takes this citation very seriously and her attorneys are dealing with this particular issue. she also issued an apology and says she wants to get back to the business of running the county. >> prince georges county councilwoman, karen toles, made her first public comment, a day after getting a citation for reckless driving back in february. >> i sincerely regret the events that have transpired, which have proven to be a distraction to the business of
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the county council. i offer my utmost and sincere apologies to my constituents and colleagues and all county residents. i trust we can move guard with the very important business of the county and i thank you for your cooperation and support. >> just like that, toles finished her brief statement and walked away without answering any questions. february 22, toles was stopped by a police officer on the beltway after allegedly driving more than 100 miles per hour in a county vehicle. the officer gave her a citation for unsafe lane change. but nothing for speeding. a review panel looked into the incident and yesterday, announced toles was issued a second citation for reckless driving. >> i take no pleasure in this additional action, but know it is the right thing to do. >> toles asked that people reserve judgment and allow the legal process to run its course. but is that response good enough for some of the residents of prince georges county? >> i think it's fair.
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the way things are going nowadays, i think it's fair. >> i really don't care. i think it was wrong in the beginning that she got away with it. >> i think that's wonderful that she apologized. everybody deserves a second chance. >> move on. other things we need to deal with. >> now the next step in this process for it to go to court to see if the councilwoman will get any points on her license. >> does this affect her driving record? >> she has two points for a previous driving infractions. this lane change, the citation is worth one or two points and reckless driving is worth six points and in maryland, it takes 8 points to get your license suspended. so, if she gets all these points, it's a possibility she could lose her license. >> we will wait and see. wisdom, thank you. now to a news alert, police say they believe a race between two cars ended up killing an innocent driver. sky 5 over the scene this
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afternoon on randolph road. the nissan being driven by 31- year-old garcia, was changing lanes, hitting garcia's car, sending it across traffic and on to a sidewalk. died a short time later. investigators think that was racing a green and white mini. to developing story in maryland where tonight, police are questioning a possible suspect in a deadly shooting inside a home in aspen hill. the victim, a young man. fox 5 has been working the scene all day. bob. >> well, this remains quite the mystery tonight, at least to us. was the young man shot dead inside this house a victim of horseplay or a determined killer? if it was murder, what was it all about? >> montgomery county police were called to the neighborhood and this house on superior street in aspen hill around 3:20 this afternoon. the report of a shooting. when they got here, officers
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found a young man shot dead inside the home. and down the street, a car with four young people inside. >> there was one hispanic male. guns were all pointed at him. they were ordering him to back up. and he was backing up with his hands on his head. >> at the same time, police and canine teams and a park police helicopter were launching an intense man hunt throughout the neighborhood and along the matthew henson trail, for what we were told was the apparent gunman. a hispanic man seen fleeing the house in a dark blue north face jacket. >> investigators are working as fast as they can and they told me they believe there may be some connection between the suspect and the victim. this is not a random event. >> neighbors tell us a young man and his mother live in the house. the father recently moved out and older brother is away at college playing basketball. only after darkness did police tell us they had called off the
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search. >> investigators have recently told me they believe that they have the suspect that we previously gave a description. he is in custody. he's not been charged. just talking with him at headquarters now. >> police will only tell us there were three people in the house at the time of the shooting. neighbors say one of the three was the young man who lives here, but he was not the gunman or the young man shot dead. now police say they have recovered the murder weapon. it was inside the house. they have not identified the two men, either the man being questioned tonight or the young man shot dead here today. brian. >> d.c. police investigating the homicide of a 20 month old boy. police say the toddler was brought to the hospital early monday morning in extremely critical condition and he later died. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. no word who brought the baby to the hospital. police have not made any arrests. this rockville man, daniel
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mendoza is behind bars after police say he tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife and one of her friends. offering $200,000 and the title of his car to an under cover officer. his wife had a protective order against him. police are looking for a gunman. the gunmen got away with computers and other electronics. this is not the first time this house has been targeted. john hanrahan explains. >> a townhouse community within walking distance of the campus of george mason university. four students live in this townhouse and on tuesday night, they left the back door to their home unlocked. two masked intruders with handguns came in that back door and ordered the residents to lie down on the floor. >> we thought it was a joke at first. came in pointing guns at us. when are you going to take your masks off and tell us who you
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are? after ten seconds of looking at them in the face and being like, who are you, we finally realized when they started yelling, maybe we should get down on the ground. maybe something is wrong. >> sophomore, pat evans, locked himself in a bathroom and called 911. the two gunman quickly collected laptop computers, smart phones, and ipads from the students. after three minutes in the house, they sprinted out the front door, leaving these footprints as they ran to nearby bradock road. there was an ugly incident involving students from other universities. >> during a college break, a group of intoxicated male students came to the door smashing beer bottles and actually ripping out this iron railing. they failed to get inside, but a fight broke out and during the fight, a bottle was thrown smashing into someone's head. he required stitches at a local hospital. >> the victims wonder if the
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incidents are connected. >> when someone is leaving your house screaming, threatening, cursing, the cops are on their way because neighbors hear the commotion, we don't figure that something like this is a retaliation. but it's an extreme measure. >> these robbers were not career criminals. at nearby gutter after sunrise, a reporter found packaging for a brand-new ski mask. it was turned over to police who collected it as evidence. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> police in laurel, maryland, are offering up a $3,000 reward for information in a hit-and- run case. this is video from last wednesday. the white pickup hit a pedestrian and kept going. it happened on route 198. if you have any information. if you recognize this truck, call prince georges county police. what a wonderful spring peek we got today. flowers are blooming, not a bad day to be outside. open up the windows and let the fresh air in. tell us tomorrow may be warmer.
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>> yeah, it looks pretty good. it's metrological spring, so technically, we could say it is spring out there. we have big plans this weekend. it will be cooler, but it's spring ahead, so we get more sunshine and you'll get at least one hour less sleep saturday night and sunday. listen, here we go, high temperatures today, pretty good. 67 for reagan national. dulles 68. tomorrow we should do just a little bit better. it's really the last day of this real nice warm stuff. at least for this week. back to the west tomorrow, we do have a cold front coming on through and once that front swings on through, there could be some showers tomorrow night into early friday morning and this cool air mass settles in, just for a couple days. we start cooling off on friday. we are chilly on saturday. and then looks like a little rebound coming in on sunday and monday. as we quickly get back up into
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the 60s. so one more really nice day and it looks like for tomorrow, we will be able to make it up into the 70s. by the way, right now here at the station, our temperatures 59 degrees. temperature at reagan national is 55. very mild out there this evening. it's going to be a very mild overnight. we'll be starting off in the mid 50s tomorrow morning, allow that temperature to quickly warm right up to around 70, maybe a little bit warmer than that. >> sounds great. we can bring you the weather to your fingertips any time you want. go to the apple app store on your smart phone and search for d.c. weather. he's been out of a job for a few hours and speculation is running wild. find out where peyton manning touched down just hours after parting ways with the colts. also ahead tonight, apple debuts its new ipad. the screen could be better than the tv you're watching right now. more on the new amazing features coming up next. >> the largest solar storm to hit in more than five years is hours away. find out how it could scramble
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your electronics. and tonight at 11:00, new questions raised about d.c.'s fire chief and his record. they include allegations of sexual harassment during his time on the job in florida. details on tonight's edge. 
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we have a news alert now. the largest solar storm is racing towards earth. forecasters say the sun erupted last night. those particles are expected to hit the earth tomorrow morning at a speed of 4 million miles per hour. the effects the flair could affect gps and airplane flights. so that means, you know, navigation, error with your devices. that might require resetting them in future. my expectation is that it's of that level. it's moderate level storm as far as we can tell right now.
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>> forecasters say the solar storm could last through friday. some people in north america could see aroar rays, also known as the northern lights. we are downstairs in the web center talking about what else, the biggest technology news of the day. the ipad release. it didn't necessarily light the world on fire, but it's an apple release. >> and an exciting day for anyone who loves these new gadgets. one of the most surprising things is the name. not the new ipad 3 or the new hd ipad, but the new ipad. it's a simplistic approach to the latest technology. take a look. >> apple's tim cook takes the stage for the first time since becoming ceo. the company's first device launch without steve jobs. the new ipad has a so-called retina display. technology columnist says it's a feast for the eyes. >> a sharper display, four times the number of pixels that
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they had before. sharper than an hdtv. >> 3.1 million pixels on a screen. i saw it in person. honestly, it is stunning. it looks gorgeous. >> you have speech recognition to an extent with a program called siri. you can ask your ipad to find a sushi restaurant. >> it also features a faster processer. >> all the big changes are inside. we have an a5x quad court ship and that's driving a lot of graphics power. >> the company is also releasing an updated apple tv box with hd capabilities as well. both available to preorder as of wednesday and available in stores on march 16. the launch of the new ipad could be the start of something really transformative in the way we work, live, and share data. >> apple said today, more ipads were sold last year than any computer company sold individual desktop and notebook
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computers. that tells me we have a real change coming in the way people use technology. >> in fact, apple likes to call this the post pc world. that makes sense. they are trying to move everybody along. what about the pricing? >> the basic new ipad model will cost you $629. but if you don't care about the new bells and whistles, then you can get a bargain with the older models. >> all right, thanks a lot. from the technology world to the sports world now. everybody is talking about peyton manning and the colts releasing him today and what that could mean for us here in washington. >> and you know what he meant to that community. he spent his entire career there. 14 years. they don't want $28 million, that's a lot. plus, this guy had a neck situation. we all had cink necks, he had three surgeries in 19 months. what the colts determined was that he was a risk. too pricey, too risky, and had to let him go.
10:19 pm
but he's one of four players with more than 50,000 yards passing. one of two quarterbacks with more than 200 starts in a row. he missed all of last season after having his third neck surgery. without him, the colts were an nfl worst. they get the number one overall pick in april. here's peyton manning's final public words as an indianapolis colt. >> i sure love playing football for the indianapolis colts. for 14 wonderful years, the only professional football i've known has been colts football. our team won a lot of games here. i played with so many great teammates and i've been a part of a great organization here. an organization and owner who i respect and continue to respect. i have been a colt for almost all of my adult life. but i guess in life and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts for ever. >> it's a difficult day here
10:20 pm
of shared pain between payton, myself, the fans, everyone. i think, you know, in that as well, the 18 jersey will never be worn again by a colt on the field. >> nor should it. >> i agree with that. he is such a class act. but a lot of people are asking what does this mean for the redskins? >> the redskins are interested. they would like to have peyton manning here. as much as they want him here, i think number one s they want robert griffin iii. the baylor quarterback is going to be selected second after andrew luck goes to the colts. the rams have that pick. the redskins have the sixth pick. they are trying to trade up and get the second pick. evidently, they have enough to inties the rams to make that trade. they haven't done that yet, so that's their first choice, maybe manning a slight second choice, but an insider said
10:21 pm
they wouldn't rule out having both. you have manning for a year. you have rj3 behind him. you need some offensive lineman and other things, but the guy, the insider told me they were not ruling that out. >> let me ask you quickly. peyton manning spotted in south florida today in miami. that doesn't mean he's going to the dolphins. >> the dolphins are interested and the team is struggling. they could use a healthy peyton manning. he has a condo in miami. he was there. he is getting to chill out. he has the press conferences, i think he is relaxing. doesn't mean he's going to miami. doesn't mean he's not. >> we will wait and see. well, in tonight's text poll. should the redskins go after peyton manning or robert griffin iii? well, right now 82% of you say rg3. text 1 for payton, 2 for rg3. standard text messaging rates
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apply. the fbi fighting terrorism on a new front. new details on the cyber crimes being pulled off by rogue governments coming up. plus, three members of a family all killed by the same infection. the underlying condition that caused the virus to explode. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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three people and one family all dead in just two weeks and tonight we're learning more about what killed them. we now know at least two members of the family in calvert county had the flu and a staff infection. more tonight from beth parker. >> crews dressed in hazmat suits entering a house. it may look alarming to you, but to ashley, this is grandma's house. >> my grandmother was a very special lady to me. she helped me mom raise me and take care of me. >> long's grandmother died at her home march 1. she was
10:26 pm
suffering from a severe respiratory illness. >> she started getting sick and the family was coming around to take care of her more, but around that time, we didn't think it was that serious. you know, but as a family, we all pitched in and helped to take care of my grandmother. >> now two of those who helped ruth blake are gone. ashley's 58-year-old uncle and her 56-year-old aunt got sick and died, too. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene confirms they had influenza a, now in just a few weeks, ashley lost her grandmother, aunt, and uncle. >> we are pulling together. >> ashley's mom was the primary care giver when the grandmother got sick. she is recovering in the hospital. >> right now, my mom is coming along slowly, but surely. they took out the breathing tube and she's breathing on her own. she's doing well. >> now the health department wants people here in calvert
10:27 pm
county to know that if someone else were going to get sick, that probably would have already happened. >> given that the three children who were taking care of their mom got sick within three or four days after they came in contact with her and you would think that if other people are going to get sick from having contact with these people, it would have been apparent by now. >> the calvert county health department and the state of maryland are continuing to investigate. >> i don't know how this happened. i don't know where it came from. but it took a toll on this family. >> ashley is seeing a doctor and making sure her own four- year-old daughter gets checked out too, just to be safe. in calvert county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the river dale volunteer firefighter who suffered burns underwent surgery this morning. kevin had surgery on his left hand, which appears to have the most serious injuries. he is one of seven firefighters hurt in a house fire nearly two
10:28 pm
weeks ago. investigators say the fire was set intentionally, no arrests have been made. >> well, it will be down to the top 12 on american idol. tonight, we caught up with some of the people who know what it's like to be in that group. also, this little girl left at a chuck e. cheese. wait until you hear how her parents figured out she was missing. i was shocked to find out how many couples don't sleep in the same bedroom. but in the sleep number store, we hear it all the time. yeah, nine out of ten couples disagree on the firmness they want in a mattress.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> sums up his campaign so far. some good news and bad news for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor continued to pick up delegates. but his opponents, rick santorum, did too. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> what a great night. >> wednesday after supertuesday, mitt romney has a lot to celebrate. but his goal of locking up the nomination is still unfulfilled. >> your support means everything to ann and me and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination.
10:32 pm
>> mitt romney won six of the ten supertuesday states including virginia. but rick santorum won tennessee and oklahoma and only lost ohio by 1%. >> this was a big night tonight. lots of states. we're going to win a few, we're going to lose a few. >> newt gingrich won his home state of georgia and once again, aimed a election night speech right at mitt romney. >> i don't believe the romney technique of outspending your opponent four or five to one with negative ads will work against barack obama. >> for his part, ron paul meanwhile, still has not won a single state. >> the american people are way ahead of washington. washington is sound asleep. >> it's romney who has been unable to put his opponents to sleep. now forced to spend more time and more money fighting fellow republicans. >> and this isn't over. none oaf these folks are getting that. he is the kind of country club
10:33 pm
republican candidate. >> strategist, peter fin, and republican strategist say super tuesday's finishes ensure the republican race is not over. >> this is not going to happen overnight. they would like it to happen overnight, but it's not going to happen overnight. they're prepared for it. >> having captured nearly half of the 400 delegates at stake tuesday, mitt romney heads to kansas, which holds its caucus on saturday. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the scenario that romney does not want to see is arriving at the republican national con convention in tampa. if that happens, you'd have to start bargaining with the other candidates to secure delegates. new jobs and new energy. the two topics president obama pushing to keep at the battleground state. it was in north carolina. because new jobs and energy translate to fuel efficient vehicles. >> we have to develop every
10:34 pm
source of energy. wind power and solar power, nuclear power, biofuels. we need to invest in the technology that will help us use less oil in our cars and our trucks. >> north carolina will host the national convention in september. >> it's being called a borderless crime. cyber terrorism is becoming a new front for the war on terror. katherine has the latest. >> the war on terror has a new battlefield and it's on the web. defense secretary sharing his concerns this week. >> we have a new threat. the threat of cyber intrusions and attacks. >> last month, senator and services committee hearing, senator mccain mentioning a report that china had hacked the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> sophistication on cyber attacks on american attacks by chinese actors likely with chinese government involvement is growing increasingly severe
10:35 pm
and damaging. >> computer breeches by foreign governments have become a focus for the fbi. >> long-term threat is by nation states that are finding ways to exfull trait information that will give them a jump ahead in terms of developing new technology for any future conflict or on the other hand, enabling them to disable our technology in a time of war. >> fbi director says there has been a sharp increase in the number of attacks. a group of expert hackers broke enough after its ring leader became an informent for the fbi. his agency must be ready to police activity on many fronts. >> our ability to work nationally is essential in order to address the cyber arena. >> wednesday's testimony from the fbi director came with an increased sense of urgency only hours of muller was on the hill, held the secret briefing on the growing cyber threat.
10:36 pm
in washington, katherine, fox news. >> skin cream dangerous for your health. we have the fda warning you need to hear. plus, they know exactly what these idols are going through. sarah frazier chats it up. but nearly 210,000 cars on the road are under a new recall. fox business network has the details. more americans are finding work, tracking private sector jobs, employers at its 216,000 new workers in february. the monthly employment report is due out on friday. and some of its smaller suv's. nearly 210,000 jeep liberties from 2004 and 2005 are being called back for potential corrosion problems todd rear suspension. and easing some pension tension at american airlines. that's part of its plan to get out of bankruptcy. the airline is proposing to freeze pension plans for most
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a maryland girl's parents had no idea she was left behind at a restaurant until they saw her picture on the news. whoever she was with left her there. her parents live apart and share custody and each of them assumed harmony was with the other. when they saw her on the news, they called police who will not file charges. now to a health bout your skin cream. there is concern it could
10:41 pm
contain mercury. the creams in question claim to lighten dark spots on your skin or help you look younger. most of them are offbrand sold illegally. check the labels if you see the words, chloride, or mercury, stop using the creams and call your doctor. the fda says the company that makes inhaleable forms of caffeine is misleading consumers. the product lets you breathe in energy, but the fda does not think there's enough evidence. the product is marketed to teenagers. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00, controversy surrounding d.c.'s fire chief. the allegations of sexual harassment during his time in florida. plus, he was a gunman at one of the worst mass shootings in d.c. history. find out what happened in court when he took the stand at 11:00. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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well, just in case you haven't heard, snooki is pregnant. the jersey shore star confirms she is having a baby and engaged. she wanted to make sure the baby was okay before telling the world. she says she is 15 weeks along and she and her boyfriend are happy. she is sporting a 5-carat, $55,000 engagement ring. she says she wants to wait until the baby is born to tie the knott. all right. anyway, we are here in the web center for a big night on american idol. the top 13 contestants. we are joined with sarah fraisher. the men took on stevey wonder. the top women took on whitney houston. when you watched tonight, who came out on top? >> two big names, colton and jessica sanchez. amazing. >> i saw the recap. everyone brought tears, and
10:46 pm
jessica has been a front runner, but colton pulled away. jermaine was great, jeremy was huge. phillip is a big fan favorite regardless. skylar did great for the ladies. >> at the end of the show, i heard them ask jennifer lopez, did she think anyone maybe didn't do so well tonight and she said there were so many strong performances, she was strong to say one person didn't do so well. what did you think? who was on the bottom? >> the problem with these judges is they are so politically correct. i wasn't a huge fan of jermaine's and i think skylar, i actually thought it was one of the worst because she is so country and i think trying to do a whitney houston song didn't fit her well. you either have it or you don't. >> who was the girl, she had a dress that was a print dress, strapless, orangey, you have no idea who i'm talking about.
10:47 pm
i heard her. i didn't think she was so hot. i shouldn't talk about people if i didn't see the show and don't know what her name is. >> it's all right. >> you had a chance to talk to former idols. >> tonight was really an interesting night. a campaign that a lot of idol gives back teamed up with former idols and elliot was there. jason castro and melinda doolittle. take a look, it was great. >> the educational look. >> are you quitting singing and becoming a teacher? be honest. >> no. i wouldn't be good at teaching anything. you don't want me to be a teacher. >> no patience? >> no patience and not a lot of knowledge. >> are you a fan today? do you still watch? or am i going to stump you? >> i watch religionly. >> i don't know if the judges are being as real as they can. >> are you not liking this nice thing? they are really nice.
10:48 pm
simon, they were brutally honest. you're not a nice fan, are you? >> i'm a nice person. i'm a fan of niceness, don't get it twisted. in our business, you hear a lot more no's than you will hear yes'. and i think they need to prepare some of these contestants for that. >> who i like and who are the top two don't go together. >> love elise. >> i have a feeling it will be jessica sanchez. >> how much do you think this show holds now? >> you know, i think it depends on the talent. for the beginning, that's what it was about. >> i actually do a web show with >> i know you do. so do i. we're going to have an idol chat off. >> i would love to chat off.
10:49 pm
>> oh really? >> yes , ma'am. >> who do you think is the faster typier? >> yeah, i don't type. i just do the video thing. >> a little competition set up right there. >> it was a fun night. >> great. a lot of fun. and a good cause. >> indeed. thank you so much for coming in. tomorrow, one of the folks will be booted off the show. >> yes, tomorrow night. we'll be back chatting. my john >> brian, back up to you. all right gary is here and he brought some treats. >> we always like, i got to work today, i found this on my desk. what a way to come to work. the crew left their hands off of it for now. this is the 24th annual luncheon and it runs basically today. it started today and runs through the night. 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. this is just off wisconsin. 42nd street in northwest and again, it runs tomorrow and it runs on friday and it will be
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from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and look how good that looks. real, real good. st. mary's and you'll find some just like this. they do a great job. not just in the sweet department. they have a whole spread for you. so if you have time tomorrow and you're close, it will be nice for lunch. thank you craig little. look at this beautiful moon out there tonight. i'm going to go, he said it was full. i didn't check. it looks perfectly full to me and it's gorgeous. maybe some of you can see it, some of you can't. but it will be just as nice tomorrow night, but we'll have more clouds out there tomorrow night and some showers, too. so real good night to enjoy that. look at the temperatures really staying mild. dulles is 58 at this hour. manassas 59. culpeper 59. frederick 55. gaithersburg 57. we do have some clouds coming
10:51 pm
across. i should mention fredericksburg. high today, national 67. dulles 68. bwi marshall at 67. we will probably, probably be a little bit warmer than those temperatures for tomorrow. definitely, we will be warm again tomorrow as we have this nice southerly flow coming up. winds winds out of the south. might get us up to that 70- degree reading for tomorrow. cougar on friday, we'll have a frontal system come through, we'll feel that cool air on saturday. high temperature upper 30s and lower 40s. we are close to 60 degrees on sunday. so it's just a little temporary cooldown. average this time of year should be 53 degrees. so we're going to be well above that, except it looks like on saturday. 70 degrees tomorrow. some showers tomorrow night into early morning on friday. again, the funnel system comes through and that will cool things down.
10:52 pm
the clouds have been coming across tonight. no rain in these clouds and not going to have any rain tomorrow. it will be tomorrow night before the rain gets here. the clouds will continue. it's going to be mild. it's going to be breezy. temperature here in town only down in the lower 50s. we start off 8:00 a.m., 54 degrees. clouds and sun at noon, 65. tomorrow, warmer than today, but it does look like we'll have a little bit more in the way of clouds than what we had today. it will be very, very nice out there. five-day forecast, 70 tomorrow. again, showers tomorrow night. does not look like a lot of rain. maybe a quarter of an inch. an early morning shower on friday and break into sunshine. again, cooler on saturday. saturday night early stunned morning, fox springs forward. >> lose an hour of sleep. >> as brian was so kind to
10:53 pm
mention, we gained an hour of icing. >> thanks gary. >> fox 5 sports is brought to you by alaska ray. >> kobe bryant and the layingers came to town. they lost in overtime the night before. dave feldman is here to explain how it went down. >> lakers owned the wizards. beat a streak dating back six years. so you can say the wizards were doomed. third quarter, lakers up 17. and kobe makes the end. lakers would lead by as many as 21. kobe finished. he was 1-10 in the 4th. john mall made one field goal, but it's a good one. on the 11-4 run. they are down two after three. kevin off the bench and off the ground. pis sadrs bench has 55 points.
10:54 pm
nick young, also off the bench. now the game losing streak to the late show, over. >> when we got down 21, we were going the right things. we were doing the right way. we were doing them hard and stayed in the game. that's all we did. then we started making some shots and the crowd got into it. all of a sudden there was no more laker fans. and the momentum shifted. that's what hopefully, you know, this can go a long way for us. >> booker had 18 points. a career high 17 boards. saturday the wizards host the trailblazers. february 12, they beat detroit in motown. >> the start of a trend, we hope. >> she is at the top of her class and about to be kicked
10:55 pm
out of the country. tonight, a new twist coming up. >> and google launching an itunes rival. details at 11:00.  whatcha lookin' for hon?
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good news for a high school valedictorian. she will be able to stay here for now. >> it's crazy. it's been a roller coaster of emotions. >> danielle is at a high point. she'll get to stay in the united states at least for now. >> it's a huge relief i get to stay for graduation. >> she is the valedictorian and both she and her sister were facing deportation to their native columbia within a month. but ever since their story went public last week, students and
10:59 pm
the community have rallied to their defense. and on tuesday, immigrations and customs enforcement decided to allow the sisters to stay for two more years. >> y grateful. i told my sister, we are so blessed. >> the decision is bittersweet because the women are here illegally and face deportation in 2014. >> it is a good step. however, that is the not the goal. >> their lawyer will ask them to grant the sisters permanent residence. the women had take the decision as the temporary win. >> i came here since i was four yeas old. i was raised here. this is all i know. >> i don't think it's not enough. we'll be in the same spot again. >> while their lawyer works down the hurdles, she must got back to the bikes to maintain her 6


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