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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a father and soldier accused in an unthinkable crime. >> what may have led up to the shootings of 16 afghan sillville januaries. an attorney is -- 16 afghan civilians. a big match-up in illinois tomorrow. fox 5 morning news continues right now. just waiting for the
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stinger. good morning. fox 5 morning news. >> monday, march 19th. a live look over wisconsin avenue. temperatures not too bad outside. we will see how the rest of the day is going to look. good morning. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. another warm day. but we might be in for changes. let's talk all about it. >> good morning. possibility of a shower or a thunderstorm. that's a big change from yesterday and the day before. >> okay. >> nice weekend generally. >> better that it comes today and not yesterday. >> true. true. silver lining. there you go. let's take a look at that time radar. let me show you the showers and thunderstorms to west. good thunderstorm complex in west virginia. but the movement here is from north to south. so i think it will generally stay west of the mountains. headed into western maryland or west virginia, you could see showers or maybe even a thunderstorm. around here, a little fog, mist to start the day. and a lot of clouds. so more cloud cover than what we had during the day
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yesterday. kind of like yesterday, remember we had cloud for the first half and then breaks. kind of like that. we will get sunshine as well today. and the possibility of a few showers. 56 in washington. humidity way up, 90%. winds are light out of the north at zero miles per hour. technically not out of any direction at zero miles per hour. and highs in the low 70s. >> all right. we can handle it. looking good. let's see if the traffic is looking good. >> all right. good morning, guys. start off with the good news, and that is the crew in sky fox is near us near new hampshire avenue. the lanes are open westbound around 495. no trouble spots over toward university boulevard. volume increasing to the right side. continue around through silver spring. but the lanes are open, so far, so good southbound 95 coming in. back inside. and we will update the ride, eastbound 66 continuing toward
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centerville. already heavy as you work your way eastbound. lanes are open, continuing toward the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of france this morning. where a gunman opened fire in front of a jewish school. this happened shortly before classes were set to begin. four people were killed. three of them were children. police say the gunman got away on a scooter. and it comes just a few days after similar shootings. in those case, the gunman got away on a motor bike. french police are not saying if they think the three cases are related. new developments on the american soldier accused of killing 16 sillville januaries in afghanistan. >> the lawyer for robert bale says he is flying to the prison today to meet with his client for the first time.
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former-- formal charges are expected later this week. and we are learning he had financial problems just days before the shooting. senator john mccain says he doesn't know if bale suffers from ptsd. the latest from the campaign trail. mitt romney won puerto rico's primary over the weekend. he claimed victory with more than 50% of the vote. and now contenders are focus on illinois. romney's win in puerto rico means he winds all 20 delegates. with the win in puerto rico, romney has pulled further ahead in the delegate count. the associated press reports he has 521, rick santorum, 253. newt gingrich in third with 135. and ron paul with 50. other top stories, police are on the hunt for a suspect involved in a deadly stabbing yet morning at that time
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library bar on 12th street. according to police, a man in his 30s was stabbed inside the nightclub. he later died at the hospital. the police chief is reviewing a request to issue a club closure while the investigation continues. dc residents and city leaders are outraged after the violent attacks targeting gay and transgendered victims. friends are planning to march to raise awareness to what police are calling hate crimes two. gay men and a transgendered women were hurt. so far, police have not made any arrest. a close call in a diner after a mini van suddenly slammed through the dc outreach program next door. it's located on 12th street. and it does free training for people with developmental delays. no one appeared to be inside at
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the time. still ahead, a shark no match for one mom. how she fought one off when it tried to attack her daughter. the occupy protesters back in the headlines this morning. what happened in new york over the weekend that set off a police investigation. knack a moment. -- investigation. back in a moment. ♪
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more deadly violence in syria today after two people were killed in an explosion yesterday. the blast ripped through a residential area. the government is blaming what it calls terrorists, a popular term given to prodemocracy organizers. it follows a bombing that killed 27 saturday. this morning, the most violent clashes were reported. cuba has detained dozens of people from the lady in white
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as they arrived home from church. they were arrested saturday and three were released. but police detained another 19 yesterday, including the group leader. the pope is scheduled to visit cuba next week. new york city police are investigating an alleged online threat made been a occupy wall street protester against police officers. the new york daily news and the new york post reports occupy protesters tweeted they, quote, won't make a difference until they kill a cop or two. end quote. it comes after a thresh between police and protesters -- after a clash between police and protesters over the weekend. authorities say more than 70 people were arrested during that protest. and making headlines this morning, strong storms to the west. and emergency crews are making sure everyone knows what to do when a tornado strikes. and also ahead, we are checking in for your forecast. that's when fox 5 morning news continues.  ♪ that aroma calls to you
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some wild weather over the weekend. central ohio was slammed by strong storms yesterday, setting off dramatic lightning strikes over columbus. and in oklahoma, storm chasers caught video of debris flying as an apparent tornado touched down in willow. no injuries have been reported. today through wednesday, fairfax county emergency crews are putting their tornado response plans to the test. officials are hoping the three- day exercise will remine everyone to review their plans at home, work and school. virginia is holding a statewide tornado drill tomorrow. and i think the video serves as a reminder for most people as you see that, need to remember what can happen during the spring months. >> absolutely. what kind of warning are you getting from the national weather service? >> for the thunderstorms or tornadoes? >> just a couple minutes. maybe ten or 15 minutes.
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and we don't have tornadoes around here terribly often, but we're entering the season. >> so a small window. >> yeah. unfortunately, we would like more lead time, but they can develop quickly. >> true. >> okay. let's talk about today, warm weather, but other thing in store. >> another mild day, but we've got a chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. in fact, the thunderstorm complex could cause problems yesterday is just to the west in west virginia. there was cloud cover and showers not too far away. let's kick it off with a look at yesterday. daytime highs at reagan national, 68 degrees. a beautiful afternoon. the sun came out. dulles 68. cooler there at dwi, 64 degrees. still, temperatures were about ten to 15 degrees above normal yesterday. and we should be a degree or two warmer than that today. mild temperatures to start the
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morning, 57 in washington. analysis at 62 degrees. baltimore cooler at 48. and to the east, dulles 56 at the moment. we will be in the 70s later today. low 70s. i don't think we will peek out too high today. the radar, in washington, fog and mist out there at the moment. and then the showers and thunderstorms to the west. and again, this is the same complex that brought the problems to ohio yesterday. the movement here and all the energy is diving down to the south of us. i don't think we will see much in shower activity. but we're going to have a summery air mass the next couple of days. and many the summertime, we get the pop-up showers and thunderstorms, i think we will see the turn around later today. so at least the possibility of showers and thunderstorms many the forecast today. and particularly this afternoon as we continue this rather unusual weather pattern for the foreseeable future. in fact, most of the week,
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temperatures above normal. 73 today. could be a shower. maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. winds south here at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. and clouds stick around tonight. cool overnight, 55 the overnight low. the winds south and east at about 5 miles per hour. tomorrow, more clouds than sun. mostly cloudy sky, the trend is to keep theon the mild side. in fact, down right warm around here towards the end of the with highs near 80. and sunshine. good news. all right. that's a look at the forecast. let's see traffic. all right. i can't do it alone, good morning to jeff and jeremy helping us out this morning southbound along 275. the crew hovering above. making your drive this morning, no big tie-ups right now continue south towards the split. on the bottom side of 270 looking good. north of this, delays past
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route 80. back inside. a couple of things we need to map out for you. and maybe mop up as well. you never know. northbound 295 from the 11th street bridge and pennsylvania avenue, dc police checking for accident activity. heads up northbound on 295. and northbound 95, below speed, down to about 22 miles per hour. crash involving an overturned vehicle. follow police direction to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. two shark attack, all in one day in florida. the first one, a 17-year-old boy. the second, a 15-year-old girl. both victims were surfing in two different parts of the water. the boy was rushed into surgery approximate released from the hospital. the girl was with her mother who fought off the shark. and she is expected to survive. experts say it's the unseasonably warm weather that's bringing the sharks into shallow water.
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>> that's frightening. >> sure is. we're going to go live to new york. apple shareholders are hoping for good news today. >> like they have anything to worry about. and as we head to break, a group of guys sure to put anyone in a good mood, the harlem globetrotters. and guess what, they are coming to the backyard. we'll kick-off globetrotter week with a cool stunt on the memorial bridge about 1:30 this afternoon. you can catch dribbling and spinning basketballs from the bridge to the lincoln memorial. that should cause the traffic jam. >> i think so. >> that's more than a one mile stretch. they hit court this saturday and sunday. we'll be back. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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welcome back. a lot happening in the housing market. and apple shareholders are about to get a big question
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answered. the fox business network with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> this is a big week for news many the housing market. expecting positive news programs? >> reporter: we're hoping. look, we've -- news, perhaps? >> reporter: we're hoping. we're showing everybody that the job market is getting better. inflation isn't too much of a concern. retail sales have been strong. the missing link is the housing market. a lot of reports starting today with the national association of home builder's march housing market index followed throughout the week with existing home sales, new home sales, construction of new homes. hopefully they'll be positive and make people believe the heel many the recovery is no long at the u.s. housing market. >> those folks that own apple stock, all eyes on that will week. what do we expect to hear -- all eyes on apple this week? what do we expect to hear?
6:24 am
>> reporter: apple has $100 billion burning a hole in its pocket. and investors have been clamoring about what they're going to do. some is parked overseas. but northerning at 9:00 a.m., we will hear from the ceo and cfo on a conference call addressing what they plan to do with the money. there's three options on the table. number one, and the most highly anticipated, just giving it back to shareholders. if they were to give every shareholder some money, that would equal $100 a share. and a share buyback. and perhaps apple will want to go private. and no longer work as a public company. >> i don't know. >> reporter: tee minus three hours. >> i think there will be backlash if they private. give us a little money here. >> reporter: right. the dividends is probably the best option. but it's nice to know that they are listening to wall street.
6:25 am
because main street just loves their products as we saw on friday. >> yes, they do. thank you. we will check in tomorrow. >> reporter: okay. the big story, a ten-year army veteran, a father, what happened that made him snap? an attorney representing the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in afghanistan hopes to find out more later today. ♪
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this is a live look outside right now. washington truly is in bloom. the national cherry blossom festival officially starts tomorrow. the peak bloom dates are march 20th through the 23rd. that was bumped up because of the warm weather. and tomorrow happens to be the
6:29 am
first day of spring. tucker maybe we should sneeze at this point. >> yeah. looks good to me. >> definitely gorgeous. and not the only hot tick net town, saturday's rock 'n' roll marathon. pictures again. >> there we go. >> tucker there. he accomplish his goal of finishing the half-marathon. >> is that brian? >> one of the guys that we work here. and two of my trainers. autumn is on the left. and the person i worked out with for like a month. >> the one you were running and she was trying to keep you going. i would drive by and thank god i was going home instead. all right. >> well, this is the group shot. and then tony. >> i don't think he was crossing the finish line. >> that was a good 15 or 20 minutes past the finish line. i crawled across. and was doubled over for a good 15 minutes afterwards. >> a great sense of
6:30 am
accomplishment. >> a beautiful day. what a great experience. everybody in washington, everybody coming out and cheering. all the runners. >> all for you. >> all the runners. all 24,000 of. and it was a neat group experience. >> and a -- 24,000 of us. and it was neat group experience. and all bumping into each other. >> a lot of fun. >> congratulations. we spoke about it a lot. glad you did it. and a little bit of a limp, but accomplishment. >> barely makes it up here. >> yeah, i can't move. the radar, showers and thunderstorms to the west. and we're going to watch and see if any of those sneak boo the area later today. most of the city council going to stay to the west. -- most of the action is going to stay to the west.
6:31 am
some of the cloud cover will try to roll into the area. not a beautiful start, fog and low clouds. mainly cloudy the first half of the day. sunshine later. the bus stop forecast, kids going to school. it's a school day, isn't it? >> yeah, that's right. >> they look happy. >> mostly cloudy skies, low to mid-50s. and maybe a shower or two. maybe a thunderstorm later today. but most of the day should be dry. the forecast, low 70s daytime high, still running 15 to 20 degrees above normal. to say the least, unusual temperatures in the 70s this time of year. >> about the time we have a high of the 50s, we go, what is this? this isn't normal. that's going to be the high in next week we will be thinking we moved and ended up somewhere we shouldn't be. >> we are getting used to this and spoiled. and someone who knows about a bad limp. i have a fracture.
6:32 am
so i'm really going to be limping. >> welcome to my world. >> i know. >> we're going to be like the boot twins. >> i know, right? all right. well on the roads this morning, you're going to find problems out here. accident activity along 295 at pennsylvania avenue. that was tying up a lane. they are clearing that as we speaking. the accident activity at route 1. that accident has cleared. new problem in virginia southbound west ax road where we have the accident just before 7100. at least two right lanes tied up. and then of course 66 on the brakes from fair oaks eastward 123. heavy in to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you. the american accused of the mass murder of 16 afghan civilians is behind bars in kansas. >> and now we are learning more about his family and the strain
6:33 am
of deployments seems to have put on his family. we are following the latest. >> reporter: the staff sergeant robert bales joined the army shortly after the september 11th terrorist attacks. his record at home is troubled. bales and his wife were struggling to make payments on their home. they decided to put it on the market and sell it for a loss just days before the shootings two. years prior, they had a seattle area home condemned. and a 2002 arrest for allegedly assaulting a girl friend. a hit-and-run accident where court records show he ran into the woods. his attorney says he was injured twice in iraq and treated for traumatic brain injury, but cleared to return to duty. odd have cats say that doesn't mean that every soldier snaps. >> under transgendered men douse strain, but there's not necessarily a connection with
6:34 am
ptsd and behavior like this. this is the exemption. our troops are honorable. and we have to take a deep breath to make sure we don't let this man represent so many. while most folks haven't been paying attention. >> reporter: the incident led to from test in afghanistan. u.s. military officials maintain that the plan is pull all troops from the area by 2014. we will tell you what bales' attorney says his client witnessed just before the shootings and why it may be tough to prosecute him. >> thank you. a big win for mitt romney in puerto rico. he won the primary over the weekend with more than 50% of the vote. and now candidates are focusing on illinois. >> reporter: all political eyes turning now to the state of illinois where 69 delegates are at stake in tuesday's' primary. both rick santorum andment robert bales range of motion campaigning hard today.
6:35 am
the lead has been narrowing in recent days to where the margin is at 6.4%. the latest average shows romney with 37.7% to sanatorium's 3 1.3%. and gingrich far behind at 13.3% and paul at 7.3%. romney has been outspending his rival in illinois. relying on strong attack ads and pointed barbs. today at a brunch, romney linked sanatorium's economic background to tha barack obama. >> senator sanatorium as the same characteristic as the president, spent his life in government. nothing wrong with that. but right now, we need someone who understands the economy. senator sanatorium as the same economic light weight background the president has. >> reporter: and sanatorium delivered a strong pro-life speech in louisiana. describing the death of his son and the struggles of his daughter. but he found time earlier in
6:36 am
the day to return fire at the romney camp. >> i would love to get one on one with governor romney and expose the record that would be the weakest record that we could put up against president barack obama. and that's why i believe we did very well yesterday in missouri. we will do well in illinois. even though we're being outspent. >> reporter: following tuesday's big primary in illinois, the next crucial test is the louisiana primary slated for saturday, march 24th. in washington, d.c., fox news. the maryland senator is making history. she is now the longest serving female in congress after breaking the record on saturday. for more than 35 years, she has represented maryland on capitol hill, first in the house of representatives and now in the senate. >> when the day is over, put our lipstick on and have a glass of wine and keep the institutions and america going.
6:37 am
civility that i have worked with the other women to create will remain. >> she is officially the dean of the women's senators and mentor to women when they first take office. she is scheduled to be honored on the senate floor this week. sports breakfast, tournament time now. >> dave here with the sports breakfast. dave, the brackets. >> how are your brackets looking? >> i'm done. >> hers is ruined. >> she picked long beach state. >> long shot. >> had they gotten in the finals, i would have made a pilgrimage. >> picking the georgetown is not a bad idea. >> looked like a good idea. >> it did, for a while. not for long. >> no. >> and i got to give props to the president of the united states. i gave him a hard time on thursday for some of the picks. but now he is in the 98th percentile out of millions of brackets. i am not and the president
6:38 am
picked nc state over georgetown and sadly he was correct. it was a tight game. they fall back from a seven point deficit. going to knock down the three. had a game high 23. georgetown would have one last chance. nc state could put it away here. it's no good. here comes the senior. clark, he's going to stop, pop, put it doesn't drop. sadly, the season is over. they fall to nc state 66-63. and after the game, emotional. >> this year, this team, you know, spite of, you know, whatever downs we've had and losses like today, has been a really special group that i think is represented themselves, represented our institution, represented their families, represented each other very well. not a good night for the
6:39 am
caps last night chicago. but one move in particular. look, and then the goalie stands in chance! his 30th of the year. the ninth player to score 30 goals each season in the first seven of the career. the caps fall, but still lead winnipeg by two points. so still on the inside if the season ended today. we'll send it back over. and again, more about the brackets as the morning goes. tony perkins entered one and doing well. >> and his first time. >> and wouldn't you know, he might win. >> and tony was texting all weekend. >> yeah. we'll talk about that. >> thank you. gas prices may have you rethinking your ride. >> you're going to hear from the man who bought the first fully electric car in the u.s. his power bill may be higher
6:40 am
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making headlines this morning, no relief for the pain at that time pump as gas prices continue to rise. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.84. in dc, drivers are paying about $4.06. in maryland $3.87. and in virginia, $3.76 on average. he is the first owner of a fully electric car in the u.s. and not talking about a golf cart. the car, real car made for the highways. >> no doubt about it. he says it has been a great investment. still, dealers have not been seeing the sales they were hoping for. >> reporter: 15 months after buying the first affordable mass produced fully electric car sold in the u.s., he still
6:44 am
loves his nissan leaf in sun and in rain. >> it has good traction and brakes really well. >> reporter: we have been tracking him as he logged 15,000 miles cruising around without a single mechanical problem and with access to the car pool lane. >> saving half an hour every day. >> reporter: as he passes gas stations posting ever rising prices, he knows he is saving money too. charging his car nightly has raised his electric bill about $60 a month, but he pays monthly what many drives pay weekly for gas. even so, plug-in vehicles have hit bumps with poor sales causing gm to halt production for five weeks. the leaf missed sales targets last year, although it's become available in all u.s. markets. both cost about $30,000 after rebates and tax credits. but the vehicle still inspire a
6:45 am
range anxiety. the leaf gets fewer than a hundred miles on a charge. and he usually only drives about 40 miles. uncertainties about distance and where they can plug in away from home has many worried about being stranded. across the country, cities are installing more charging stations and an -s say as with any new technology, billing main stream interest takes time. >> we are going to increase. no matter what. and then how much is still a question. >> reporter: there's no question this driver is sold. and says his next car will be all electric too. >> i feel privileged to be driving it. >> reporter: fox news. >> it does sound better. >> dedicated. and you can hear from the sound, there's like no sound. >> a coworker has a chevy volt. that car is awesome. >> yeah. >> and it's quiet. you don't hear the engine.
6:46 am
>> yeah. >> a little bit not sure it's even on sometimes. >> we have the hybrids and i'm wondering, did the car start. it's quiet. >> all right. eye set the weather for this morning. >> the pattern for the entire month of march has been on the quiet and mild side. in fact, we could probably use a little rain. only about .50 so far this month. use the rain, maybe we will get it. maybe we won't. most will probably be dry. >> okay. >> plants could use a little wet weather. >> you're right. 57 right now in washington. most of the area is generally on the comfortable side. good morning. 50 in southern maryland. baltimore is cooler at 48. and off to the west, thunderstorms. i'll show new a second. winchester 57 degrees. the radar, nothing here in the immediate washington, fog and mist to your start. and cloud cover.
6:47 am
that's about it. to the west, showers and thunderstorms. they have been fairly per sis at that point in time for several hours. and the -- per sis at that point in time and the for several hours. and i think they'll continue to do so and die out during the morning hours. but just close enough that the viewers to the west might get swept with w a shower or thunder. -- swept with a shower or thunder. otherwise, sunshine during the course of the day. and for all spends and purposes, it is a summery air mass. another shower or thunderstorm bubble up this afternoon. and highs later in the today in the 70s. more clouds than sun. could be a shower, maybe a storm, 73 the high. winds south at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. and mostly cloudy tonight, cool overnight. the five-day forecast, if you like 70s, you are going to love this week because temperatures will at or above normal all
6:48 am
week long. 70s tomorrow. and right up near the 80-degree mark by thursday and friday with sunshine. and again, we could use some rain and not much in the five- day, maybe a shower or thunderstorm later today. >> i still am not used to seeing these numbers. >> i don't think any of us are. >> amazing. >> yeah. hello. >> hi there. i snuck in. >> yeah, did you. so quiet. >> just in time for the high temperatures. yeah, boy, how about that. >> i am here. so you know what it's time for you. >> and we have the music queued up. let's go. >> i love it. >> time for ask the weather guys. the segment where we put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather related or otherwise. today's question somes from allison and joshua. they want to know, why is there no sound in space? >> oh. >> is there?
6:49 am
>> i wonder if their head is there. we get a lot of space questions. >> we do. >> especially fascinating by it. >> and i have since i was a little kid. i am fascinated by space. and it's truly amazing to me. i understand why there's no sound in space. but it just seems strange. do you want to do the honors. >> why don't i start and you can take over. >> okay. >> here's the deal, in order for sound to travel, it needs matter to bump into. and here on earth, it has air molecules to move the sound away. what it is, it's waves. here on planet earth, we have an atmosphere, molecules for the sound to bounce. as i am talking to you, the sound hits one atom to another and moving through space here on planet earth here. >> the molecules themselves are what is allowing that sound
6:50 am
wave to move from vocal cords or skin or whatever vibrating in there and moving the sound across the air to your ear. and you know, if i bang my fist down and there, you know, there's air all around us. >> and moves -- >> yeah, and carries all around. in space, there is virtually no air. there's very little air. but you know, it's so spread out that the molecules aren't close together. so the sound waves can't travel from molecule to molecule. >> interesting. space stuff and you know, you look up and see the star, you would think there would be enough going on that you would. >> there's not. the weird thing and it seems, it seems like, well, that can't be, but it is. and tucker found a drawing. for example, let's say your in space and let's say there's an
6:51 am
astronaut outside of the spaceship in space and there's an astronaut inside. and let's say a meteor hit the spaceship. right? the astronaut inside would hear a boom. on the outside, he would hear nothing because there's no -- >> the molecules inside where the oxygen is to breathe. >> isn't that weird. >> that is weird. >> this is deep stuff for 7:00 in the morning. >> i said earlier, let's say you were able to set off a bomb in space. >> oh. >> so when the explosion occurred, it would just, you wouldn't hear a noise, you would just see all that stuff. >> that is fascinating. >> unless some was able to reach us, then we would hear that, i guess? >> you mean on planet earth? >> right. >> well then you wouldn't be in space. >> but it could travel this far and then we would hear it? >> i know, all this deep talk.
6:52 am
>> why are you looking at me like that for? >> we're getting -- >> you're saying if there was an explosion big enough in space -- >> yeah, to reach us. >> if, i don't think you would. because, no, i don't think. because how old the sound travel from explosion down to our atmosphere. there's nothing teen the two. >> once something was entering the atmosphere. >> yes, yes. >> sorry. >> if a flaming meteorite, well, it wouldn't be flaming because there's no air. >> sorry. wait, wait, wait, we got to wrap up. >> she told us to talk. >> okay, if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. and you can up load your video question. we may it on the air. >> yes, you got it on the air. >> take it away. >> thank you for the person who changed the prompter because i
6:53 am
thought for sure the answer was because i was on earth. good morning to the crew in sky fox. above 66 eastbound. it's heavy, slow and steady, wall to wall traffic. no accidents though. above this accident, or what was a scene along west fox road, that's been cleared. 66 is heavy and slow, no problems towards the beltway. we have a couple of things for you. we will do that on the outer loop of the beltway, delays from 95 college park headed towards 270. all of the lanes are open. the trip along southbound 270 slow. and we have accident activity along midcounty highway. you will want to follow police direction to get by in the area. >> thank you. mrs. obama will be on the late night show with david letterman tonight. the first lady is no stranger to the talk show circuit, but
6:54 am
this is her first appearance on letterman. she is going to talk about her joining forces campaign. and later on fox 5 morning news, we're talking about her new book, commander in cheek, every woman's guide to manager her style like the first lady. she has been following mrs. obama for several years now and has insider tips on how to get her look. that will be interesting. >> yeah, sounds like the name of a tv series. see it comes already. well this morning, how about some cake for breakfast? down the that sound good. we are live with a preview of one really sweet competition. we're back in just a moment. time now 6:55. @ñ
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you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. good morning everybody i am holly morris. if you are wondering why i am
6:58 am
wearing aubaded gown that is because -- a beaded gown that is because today i am about everything being highly decorated and decadent, we are live at tyson's galleria, this is an amazing wedding cake competition let me give you an idea of the concept the top pastry chefs from our area, like kate from willow are to come up with wedding cakes and decorate them inspired by the 2012 spring runway and one of the hot trends happens to be pretty pale that is the first one we are doing but the most important thing is that it raises money for an organization that helps give grantscholarships to young women entering the culinary field. we will tell you how you can be part of this all throughout the morning while showing you all the spring fashions as well. i will wear the hottest fashioneat cake it is a tough job someone has to do it. >> this is a hard one. >> and she is at the mall on
6:59 am
top of that >> i forgot about that. that is icing on the cake ha ha. >> very good. >> getting you in the mood for your wedding. >> she is. >> thanks holly. >> time to say good morning to our fox 5 fan of the day it is missy hair rod she almost lost her mind after she moved to anne arundel county not because the county is bad she thought she couldn't receive fox 5 she finally found us again on cable after a month. thank you for watching, you can be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook and comment under messy's photo. that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> let's send it to allison and tony good morning. >> good monday morning hello good morning to all of you. coming up, financial troublethe stress of war new insight into the life of a 10


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