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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  March 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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-- manning chose the bompg owes owe -- the broncos over san francisco and tennessee. and te maryland defeats louisville to advance to the sweet 16 and will face texas a &m. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ues right good morning. straight up 5:00 on this tuesday, march 20th. look at that. a beautiful shot right now of the cherry blossoms in all of their glory out there. peak bloom expected to start today and last through the end of the week. >> someone some the washington monument doing morse code this morning. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. rub your eyes. here he is. tony perkins in a couple of hours early this morning. >> yes, indeed. >> screwed up your mcdonald's republican, right? >> yes, it did. did not get to stop and get
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that fruit and yogurt parfait. >> come on. that is not what you get. >> it is. i've turned a corner. trying to be more healthy. if you are going to get out running this morning, be ready for some fog and maybe a couple showers here and there. to our north, we are seeing some rain. let's start by taking a look at reagan national airport where it is dry. 64degrees at reagan national. it is humid. relative humidity is up there at 87%. your winds are light out of the east. we do have rain up to our north, not here in washington but to the north. we've had it right around frederick, maryland. just to the west of columbia and some of us will be pushing into columbia, maryland starting to inch its way down into gaithersburg and there is some lightning with this and some heavy rain. also off to the east, not thunderstorm activity but some
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rain showers along interstate 50 if you are traveling between annapolis and washington. so a couple of spots where we've got some rain this morning and some of that rain could be heavy. for the day today, a mostly dry day but a lot of clouds. i cannot rule out a shower or two here or there. we'll look for highs again in the mid-70s. in d.c., a high of about 75 degrees. more on that coming up just a bit. >> not a bad idea to take a little umbrella with you. >> absolutely. let's get a check of your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. so far, so good. no problems reported around the capital beltway. you will find that your lanes are open as you work your way inbound along 66. light traffic volume coming in out of manassas headed in towards centerville. traffic flowing freely on the beltway traveling between arlington boulevard and the american legion bridge and so far, no problems to report south on 270. you will find the lanes are open as you continue south of
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121 headed out towards mva. i know sarah mentioned just a few moments ago, a funeral procession scheduled to leave around 5:00 a.m. this morning and connect to the capital beltway. you will find it working its way around the outer loop of the beltway headed over to the gw parkway. so plan accordingly. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. timetraffic. we are following a developing story, the afghan shooter. later this morning, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is testifying on capitol hill. >> general john allen is expected to tell the house armed services committee that the u.s. will not pull out of afghanistan early despite the recent killing of 16 innocent civilians by an american soldier. the lawyer for robert bales met his client yesterday. >> you couldn't imagine a more difficult case think.
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anyone who has had three or four deployments probably has some form of ptsd. form of pts now to a story you saw first on fox 5. a former montgomery county police officer is trying to clear her name. dolores comer was arrested last year accused of using her police powers to high-def her boyfriend in a drug trafficking ring. vehicle irs say she used the cash for real estate in ohio, pennsylvania and maryland and laundering money for her boyfriend. turned out up in of that was true and charges were dropped. >> it is does appointing. this is very disappointing because i look at the fact i was a police officer and i say, if this can happen to me, boy, anybody can say anything about any of us and our freedom can be taken. >> comber resigned from the
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police force. the money cars and other things federal authorities had seized have all been returned. a principal at mattawonan sent a letter home and said there was a student with possession of a gun. the child was removed from the school and could face expulse. the polls are opening in illinois this morning feet's primary. mitt romney has been leading in polls leading up to today's primary in the president's home state. rick santorum campaigned in ronald reagan's home 12:01 of dixon calling himself the candidate most faithful to reagan's principles. >> don't make it about who can best manage wash or be the ceo of the economy. we need someone who can talk and strike blows for big things like reagan did, for freedom,
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for america. >> illinois is one of the last major battle grounds before a three-week lull in primaries and caucuses next month. next saturday, louisiana hold a primary. president obama is going green today. later on this morning, he is hosting the prime minister of ireland at the white house and this afternoon, he is throwing a st. patrick's day lunch for him. tonight, there is a reception followed by a st. patty's day dinner. today, winter is fillly over ped athe national cherry blossoms festival officially kicks off. this year as special one mashing 100 jurors since the trees came to d.c. from japan. melanie alnwick is live at the tidal basin with details on the celebration and a look at the blossoms. >> an early morning spring shower just popping here. a million visitors, expected to come and take in the beauty of
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the cherry blossoms and the cherry blossom festival. 3020 cher you trees given to the united states from japan a hundred years ago. many their descendants still living here. the festival has been expanded on to five weeks for the 100th anniversary. tonight is the kickoff. the peak bloom is today and the tonight is the kickoff with the pink tie party. it is sold out tonight. there are family fun days over the weekend, the opening ceremony, the blossom kite fete value, the japanese street festival. -- the blossom fight festival. they will plant over 1,000 cher yankee trees around the country in celebration of this 100th anniversary. one of the event going on is they will ask people to vote for america's favorite cherry tree choosing from among the three most popular trees here
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at the tidal base in. they will announce the winner on april 27th which happens to be arbor day. >> all of them are beautiful. a diplomatic crisis around the globe. secretary of state hillary clinton is also adding a decades-old mystery to her plate. >> the discuss u.s.s. department is getting involved in the case of an unarmed african-american teenager shot to death by a neighborhood watch captain. we are checking more headlines as we continue. time now is 5:08. the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple.
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secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with hisser to yaps and scientists to talk about the amelia earhart mystery. earhart and her and a half gattor disappeared back in 1937 while trying to become first woman to 199around the world. a new search for the wreckage is being launched in june. clinton hopes to highlight earhart's legacy as a pioneer for women and the obama administration's interest in the pacific. also new this morning, the justice department, fbi along with other local agencies have opened an investigation into the shooting death of a florida
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teenager. >> the incident has garnered national attention since the shooter was never arrested and the teenager was unarmed. fox's ainsley earhart has the details. >> reporter: he is 17-year-old travon martin. she was shot and killed last month while walking through a neighborhood. george zimmerman claims he was acting in self-defense. some say that is not the case. >> we've had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there is a real suspicious guy. >> reporter: in a 911 call, zimmerman gives the dispatcher a description of a young black man who appears to be, quote, up to no good with his hand in his waistband. he ignores the dispatcher's ad voice to not follow the teen and ended up shooting martin in the chest touring a confrontation. >> he's running? are you following him? >> yeah. >> we don't need you to do
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that. >> reporter: marten was just walking home from a convenience store with a bag of skittles in his pocket. now, weeks later, rallies are being held on a number of college campuses calling on local law enforcement to arrest zimmerman. >> we have to stand for it. ravon because they are sitting in their chairs doing nothing right now. >> reporter: local prosecutors might not be able to charge zimmerman due for a florida law. it says a person is allowed to use deadly force if he or she believes they are facing a deadly threat. onsly earhart, fox -- ainsley earhart, fox news. julie wright will be here with a look at the morning rush hour and i'll have the weather. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  buy one spectrum by lg, and get one free ?
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severe weather is whipping through parts of the united states. forecaster says heavy rain and hail could cause major flooding in parts of oklahoma, missouri, kansas, arkansas and texas. overnight, attend touched down just outside of the san antonio. reports of overturned big rigs and downed power lines are coming out of medina county. there are no reports of any deaths. a statewide tornado drill is being held in virginia
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today. the national weather service will send a test warning at 9:45 this morning that. will trig air top alert and a message on noaa radios. last year, 51 tornadoes hit virginia alone which is the second highest number on record. so obviously, tony, we need to be prepared. >> you are going to address this later. >> we will talk to someone from the national weather service about the drill, what you are supposed to do and all that kind of thing. >> as far as today is concerned and we saw it in melanie's live shot, rain is really popping. some thunderstorm activity this morning up to our north. we have ahad that around frederick, maryland. i want to start with that. we'll start with hd radar. we'll show you where the rain is. not everyone is getting it. most of you are not. you may be wonder whattings he talking about. there it is, a pretty good a rain too. check it out. here is d.c., the man batch of rain that we are looking at is up our north because there has been some lightning in here.
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it is starting to move out of the frederick area towards columbia, maryland. portions of eastern gaithersburg and northeastern gaithersburg getting some of this activity. heavy rain along interstate 07 as well and we have seen lightning t look like i'm -- there is some latening right there. there is some lightning activity with this. we have seen the secondary scene develop along branch avenue, places like that. heavy rain there as well. a few showers, we saw melanie down at the tidal basin, a couple of light showers in the district right now. out to the west, not much going on. leesburg, a little light shower activity off to the west. in addition to that, we do have some fog across the region. we are at 63 degrees now here in washington. 60 in baltimore. 16 at dulles airport. you do have some 50s out to the
5:19 am
west. winchester is at 54 degrees. we'll take a broader look and show you. this is some of the junk capturing some of the moisture in the atmosphere. we have no fog advisory in effect but still, a couple of issues out there. lots of clouds around as well. we are going to see a lot of cloud cover during the course of the day today. regardless of that, we'll still see our temperatures in the low to mid-70s. about 75 degrees, couple of showers possible still here and there during the course of the day. for tonight, we've got to keep in the chance some of scattered rain showers here and there. not a day-long event or anything like that. again, some pop-up showers. 55 for your overnight low. five-day forecast tomorrow, we are still in the mid-70s. still a lot of clouds around. partly sunny though on thursday and for thursday and friday, we warm up to near 80 degrees. saturday, we drop off. we may have to add the chaps o f -- the chance of rain showers into late saturday into sunday. now, let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> so far, so good.
5:20 am
out on the roads no, accident to report as you work your way inbound along 66 coming in out of centerville. volume increasing but again, lanes are open as you work your way inbound towards fair oaks. nice easy ride so far on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. southbound 270, so far, so good leaving 109 headed out towards the exits for montgomery village. height traffic volume along the way. the second annual rally for roads is being held today. it begins at 11:00 a.m. on the national mall. members from 15 transportation construction industry association and lawmakers are gathering to show their support for fully funded multi-year transportation bill. the rally will also showcase the role transportation plays on simulating the economy. also maintaining the nation's global competitiveness and creating american jobs. there is a push to halt the
5:21 am
enforcement of those red top parking meters. the program that would make people with handicapped plates and placards pay for parking is supposed to be fully implemented by april 17th. there will be a public hearing on the matter because she believes elderly and disi believe ad constituents are furious. >> mostly, they just don't understand what the program is. they don't understand if there is going to be a meter or space available when they are heaving their home in ward 4 to go downtown to a from's appointment. they do need the extra time allowed man people with disabilities. they can't get around as quickly. >> controversial to say the least. the red top meter program would reserve 1500 meters for people with disabilities. violators will face $250 fines. now to a health alert this morning. instead of drinking oj for breakfast, you will get more
5:22 am
benefit apparently from eating an orange. experts say eating citrus fruits may help reduce the risk of stroke and the fruits have fewer calories and more fiber than a glass of sit trus juice. >> what if it is fresh squeezed orange juice. >> i guess there is something in the pulp. >> i smell an ask the weather guys question. how much the taxes may go up for you in the d.c. suburbs. its metro unveils what the next map will look like. we'll show you the nation name changes and look at how metro is reinventing rush hour as we continue.
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wear back now with a look at today's my fox half off deal. $99 buys you nearly $300 worth of custom flooring from unique floor in burke, virginia. this is a 66% savings. 66% savi to find out more, head to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. get working on your house. >> it seems likely income taxes on marylanders will go up but how many taxpayers will be affected. the state house committee has voted to raise taxes on far fewer people than a senate plan calls for. under the house proposal, tax
5:26 am
rates would go up a quarter percent on a single filer making more than $100,000 and joint filers making more than $150,000. the maryland house plan calls for phasing in teacher pence shifts in three instead of four years and making deeper cuts to pensions. metro is showing off what its next map will look like. it features updated station names like noma gallaudet u. that is the current new york station. other name changes include adding old town to the king street stop and ballpark to the navy yard stop. the map also indicates something called rush plus which starts in june. that will add a number of trains during rush hours on the orange line and allow some blue line service to be picked up by organization and yellow line trains. i think that is a good idea to add the names to that. okay, that is for people that
5:27 am
maybe are not from around here. >> keeping up with the times. >> we still have plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> on this first day of spring, another rope to celebrate. melanie alnwick is live from the tidal basin this morning. >> it is the very beginning of peak bloom here for the cherry trees at the tidal basin. i'll have a complete rundown for all of the events going on for the celebration over the next five weeks. rn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine top safety picks like the passat and jetta. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month. trash builds up and can make your dishwasher smell. over time, grease and residue
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we take a live look at the beltway this morning. things are picking up out there. folk getting ready to head to work this morning. it is a little bit thick out there. that will be an issue in morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. it is the first official day of spring and we are celebrating with a sweet treat. let's talk about this weather. it is thick because fog seems to be rolling in. >> we've got some fog and the national weather service has just issued a dense fog advisory in effect for parts of our region, primarily off to the east and southeast. that is in effect until 10:00 this morning for charles county, st. mary's county, calvert county, king george and that includes waldorf and st. mary's city. dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning. so wave been talking about that fog. it has become more dense in some areas. the other thing we are talking
5:31 am
about, thunderstorm activity continuing this morning. take a look at that time hd radar. we continue to see lightning flashes with this system just to the north of d.c. there you go. some thunderstorm activity now coming south towards gaithersburg. as i said earlier, just to the west of columbia. frederick, maryland was in on this a short time ago but the rain has moved out of there. if you are traveling to the north, northern portions of the beltway or up towards baltimore, places like that, you may encounter some heavy rain and some thunderstorm activity. we also have ale cell activity developing just to the south and east of the district around the beltway in prince george's county. another little spot of heavy rain. i have not even any lightning with that as of yet. here is a look at the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport. the other factor is that we've got a lot of humidity out there. 09% humidity. currently, the temperature is 63 degrees. -- 90% humidity. the forecast for today, lots of clouds around. maybe some showers here and there.
5:32 am
75degrees for your high today. that is what is happening with the weather. i'm here because tuckers outside. he is on rhode island avenue, i think, giving away the rita's water ice. great gig. >> good morning. we are going to be giving away the rita's water ice here all morning long. the best part is the price, absolutely free. 2300 block of rhode island avenue here in northeast washington. we're doing it because we are kicking off spring and we are teaming up with rita's water ice as we have for the past self years and should a lot of fun down here. we'll see what flavors we are working on and what the trends are in the world of water ice. we'll be talking to some people. so come down and visit us here at rhode island avenue. we'll be here through the 10:00 hour. no rain here to report. mild conditions. it feels more like summer. temperatures in the mid-60s with afternoon highs in the 70s. we'll kick spring off in style this year. that is a quick look from here. more coming up in just a couple
5:33 am
of minutes. let's do some traffic and julie wright. good morning. >> i'm not going to do traffic unless you bring me an italian ice. >> you need to come down here and visit me this morning. >> where are you again? >> i'm on rhode island avenue. come down whether you get off your shift. >> okay. rhode island avenue. i'm sending everybody your way. no problems to report coming inbound new york avenue leaving northeast to northwest. lanes are open. heading out towards rhode island avenue, now is the time to go. light traffic volume to accompany your commute. your lanes are open if you are continuing eastbound 66 leaving centreville headed in towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. we need to go down and get us some rita's. >> i know. cool us off a little bit. winter is officially over which that was just a bust, i think, anyway. >> what winter? >> today marks the first day of
5:34 am
spring and the start of the national cherry blossoms fete value. >> it has been #00 years since japan gave the cherry blossoms to the district of columbia as a gift. -- it has been 100 years. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: good morning. the 100th anniversary celebration kicks off tonight with the big pink tie party fundraiser. that is sold out t sold out just a couple of days ago. centennial celebration for this year, used to be 16 days and it has been expanded to five weeks. most of the festival's events are free. let's take a look at some hare coming up. family fun days at the national building museum this saturday and sunday. there is the big opening ceremony at the convention center. that is sunday evening. you do need to register for that online. the big blossom kite festival on march 31st. a fireworks festival on april 7th. there is the cherry blossom parade and the japanese street festival right smack in the
5:35 am
middle of all of the events. there will be cultural events throughout the weeks and it will wrap up with the petalfest and a block party on april 27th. there will also be a lot of the restaurants in town getting ready for this with so many visitors coming into town. there will be special restaurant promotions and free perform'ss at the outdoor statements at the washington monument and the jefferson memorial and we have so many museums here in town and the museums will be hosting special exhibits. i think it is fair to say that the city is going all out, going all cherry blossom for the next five weeks. this will be more than a million visitors coming into town for the celebration. that is a good thing for the city. last year's cherry blossom festival brought in about $120 million to the city. so you can expect that, if has been expanded to five weeks, hopefully, we'll see a little bit more in revenue from that. but certainly will be lots of
5:36 am
events going on over the next five weeks. we'll talk about road closures coming up. >> $120 million and expected more this year. that is big business for the district of columbia. >> we'll take that economic boost. >> thank you. there is a primary today in illinois and no knockout punch is expected. mitt romney is looking to build his lead in the land of lincoln. he is more and more confident about getting the republican nomination for president with today's primary. rick santorum is watching the results from gettysburg, pennsylvania trying to reconnect with lincoln who gave his gettysburg address there. new developments in the afghan shooting. the wife of the accused soldier is offering condolences for the families of the 16 afghans killed in that massacre and the lawyer for robert bales says his meeting with his client at
5:37 am
fort leavenworth military prison was the most emotional meeting of his life. the attorney says he may argue bales had diminished capacity touring the ram passenger of two villages. meanwhile, bales' wife came out with a statement through her lawyer saying she want to know what happened as well. meanwhile, the wife with her statement through her lawyer says this: ays this: she says news reports are completely out of character of the man i know and admire. on alert in france this morning. we'll have the latest on that. cog up next. >> first, a check of the markets shows wall street continues to gain.
5:38 am
something to smile about besides the cherry blossoms. the dow added over six. the nasdaq picked up 23 points and the s&p 500 index also added a few points after oil prices dropped 80 cents from a 10-month high. japan's markets are closed today for a national holiday. d we'll be right back. q at lysol, , we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands.
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the french city of due hughes remains on high alert after a deadly shooting a a jewish school leaves four dead. the killer in an incident last week used the same technique, the same motorcycle and the same gun as in monday's attack. the french president says a minute of silence will be held in all of france's schools today. we are getting reports of fresh attacks on the syrian city of homs. there is also a report that russian special force troops arrived at their base in syria last night and started offloading their equipment but the mission is not clear. chaos, panic and a s.w.a.t. team at the buffalo dpoo disco when a gorilla gets loose. officials there say the 4-year- old silver back got out of its
5:42 am
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welcome back. we are helping you get spring off for a sweet tart this morning. >> let's go live to tucker now. you could be a politician today and garnering votes. you will be a popular man. >> i certainly hope so, will. as we get into the morning hours. we got to get some sun up first. a little early maybe to have some rita's water ice. shortly, we want you to come down and join us. they will be giving it away free all day long. spring arrives at 1:14 this morning. we got some weather to talk about. let's get to that first and we'll talk about our event here. we want to mention a dense fog
5:46 am
advisory across parts of the area to the south. southern maryland, calvert county, charles county, king george county in virginia. you are under a dense fog advisory until 10:00. otherwise, steady as she goes. we'll be in the summery air mass. let's go to some maps. we'll show you some current temperatures and a very mild start. temperature at reagan national, just 63 degrees. lots of upper 50s. you can see some upper 50s off to the north and west and 60s here in town. expecting highs later today in the 70s. mid-70s for daytime highs. all right. satellite-radar, we are getting a lot of ground clutter here with our radar right now. there is some shower activity and some pretty good shower activity at that into montgomery county pushing across the north side of the beltway. let me mention here in northeast maryland, we are getting -- excuse me, northeast d.c., we are getting a couple of showers as well. a couple of early showers and then partly to mostly cloudy
5:47 am
day expected. you can see the bigger picture here, the map, and we'll continue to be under the same forecast as we have last couple of days. could be a few early showers. we could see one or two showers return this afternoon. as we get into the nighttime hours, overnight lows back into the 50s. the forecast doesn't change a whole lot. it will feel more than spring- like. i think it will feel downright sum jury for the next couple of days as our highs by the end of the week will be near 08 by thursday, friday and a little cooler there with high abouts 70. -- are will be near 08 by thursday, friday and a little cooler there with highs about 70. -- are our highs by the end of the week will be near 80 by thursday, friday and a little cooler there with highs about 70. let's get to julie.
5:48 am
>> traffic is flowing freely in each direction to and from the wilson bridge. a funeral procession is headed our way coming in our way out of baltimore for a fallen soldier. expect to find temporary closures and unusual delays early this morning. funeral procession will come south on 59, work its way around the capital beltway headed in virginia and come southbound on the gw parkway. you know it typically slows on the outer loop from 59 to georgia. this morning, it will get backed up worse than usual. be prepared for that delay. think ahead. you may want to cut through town or try an alternative route. expect the delays early this morning. you will find eastbound 66 lanes are open, no problems to report coming inbound leaving centreville headed in towards the capital beltway. lanes are open on northbound 359 leaving the beltway to the 14th street bridge. no problems to report out of woodbridge. traffic volume is increasing headed for the occoquan. oprah winfrey's network own
5:49 am
is laying off 30 employees. this is a station where -- with operations in los angeles. oprah launched own last year but viewership has not been what the network had hoped for. last week, they canceled rosie o'donnell's talk show. still to come here on fox 5 morning news. >> we are going to hear the story of a local girl's tale of bullying heard around the world when we return. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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we are back now with a cry for help from an arundel high school student who received answers from people around the world. thousands of strangers reached out to support a girl who felt she had nowhere else to turn and was even considering suicide. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: it came very late at night,en internet post and an e-mail. the high school student used words like cyberbullying and kill myself. >> it said that she had been bullied and she was contemplating killing herself. >> reporter: on a web site, the student asked how to i get my story out and make this stop? and from around the worldwide web, the answers came rolling in. >> it was from canada and there was one from hong kong. >> reporter: strangers wrote
5:53 am
things like did not kill yourself. keep up the good fight. you are worth it. anne arundel school spokesman bob more thanker explains that the situation required speedy detective work. >> didn't have a student's name. didn't even have a school. >> reporter: they figured out it was arun del high school where, in the very well early- morning hours wednesday, the principal and others jumped into action. >> the school got to work on who the student may be. >> reporter: they figured that out too when the student named sarah agot to school wednesday, she was immediately met by administrators and a counselor. >> we take it very seriously. you mean you have a student who is contemplating a life-ending act. >> reporter: sarah wrote online that she had made a prior complaint to the school about the alleged bully. she says that on social media he wrote things like go kill yourself. no one would care if you died. also, sarah has a boyfriend and i'm still single, time to die. while the school can't comment on specifics, sarah writes he has been suspended.
5:54 am
>> appropriate disciplinary action has been taken that day. >> reporter: back on, sarah writes there is no need for anyone to e-mail the school any further. she says i feel amazing knowing that even if people dislike me for it, i stood up for my own safety. i don't think i can say thank you enough. we wanted to speak directly with the students involved in the incident. that was not possible. we can tell you that the anne arundel county school system has made something called digital sit zebship a part of the social studies curriculum. it's chance for students to learn and talk about what sort of behavior online is appropriate and what is inappropriate. beth parker, fox 5 news. time if i acheck of the sports headlines. two redskin who suited up last year with the team are moving on. dante stallworth returning to the patriots and laron landry is a new york jet after agreeing to a one-year deal
5:55 am
worth a whopping $4 million. he was the redskins' sixth overall pick in 2007. really the biggest new to come out of the nfl yesterday, peyton manning will suit up as a bronco this coming season. he has instructed his agent to complete negotiations with denver. manning and general manager john elway have hay five-year, $95 million deal on the table since march 9th. now, they are just hammering out the details. manning who chose the broncos over san francisco and tennessee is looking forward to. that means tim tebow will likely be traded out of the mile high city. to the highs now, just 10 games left in the regular season for the caps and the big question is will they make the playoffs? -- to the ice now. they produced some of their best hockey of the season. ovechkin scored twice and washington held on if a 5-3 win. the caps now lead the sabers by two points for the final
5:56 am
playoff spot in the east. the terps facing louisville. to the final seconds now. maryland lead is three. becky burke with a chance to tie it is blocked if we could take a look here is block bid lauren minty and comes up short. maryland defeats louisville 72- 68 to advance to the sweet 16 and will face texas a & m. texa time now to say good morning to our fox 5 facebook fan of the day, ashley says she and her baby watch fox 5 every morning. hi, little zoey. that is her name. she is turning one year old on thursday and she has been watching since she was born, even in the hospital. >> got to get them started
5:57 am
early. >> she is saying i want my rita's ice. rita's ice. congratulations. while gas prices keep going up, up, up, so do the prys somewhere else. you will see on the road a lot these days. we are checking your morning commute. also, your weather when we return. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right back. 
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