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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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south the pentagon laying out its plans for what is next in afghanistan. >> top leaders expected to say today there will be no changes for a time line for withdrawal despite recent events fueling anti-american sentiment. the most recent, a soldier accused of silling 16 innocent afghan i have illians. we are learning more about what may have been going through his mind. here at home, we didn't have much of a winter here but now it is official. spring has arrived and it is the first day of the cherry blossom festival, also marking
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a big milestone this year too. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. straight up 6:00 on this tuesday march 20th taking a live look at the beltway out there. traffic moving along quite well. some areas will have some issues to deal with. some fog in some areas. good morning. i'm he sarah simmons i'm will thomas. fog, a little rain, soupy kind of muggy weather out there. what winter? what you said winter, i'm like it kind of was here and left before we reason realized in. >> more like sum engineer but officially, it is the first day of spring and we are celebrating this morning and can you too with a sweet treat and best of all, it is free. tucker barnes at rita's rice in northeast. >> we are giving away fidel castro rita's rice all morning long. who will be our first customer. we are waiting for you, 2300 block of rhode island avenue. temperatures will eventually
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reach the mid-70s later this afternoon. so we are off and running with our springtime weather. let's get to it. we have a couple of things to talk about. we've had a line of showers and even a thunderstorm into central portions of montgomery county. you can see the showers are very slowly pushing off to the south and east in prince george's county. and i think these will be with us here for another hour or two. it might slow your commute on the eastern side of the beltway. let me also mention some fog. our wind are light. we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we have a dense fog advisory for you in southern maryland. charles county, king george county, you are under the dense fog advisory. fog advisory. temperatures right now at reagan national are in the 60s. we are 63 degrees and expecting an afternoon high in the mid- 70s. should be a beautiful affect here with some clouds around. more coming up from rita's ice in just a minute. let's talk to julie wright with
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the latest on your morning traffic. >> good morning. we'll take it inside. we'll update the ride around town. we mentioned this earlier. funeral procession taking place for a fallen soldier coming out of baltimore. this is a funeral procession working south on i-59 working your way south of 216 headed down into laurel. the funeral procession will connect to outer loop of the beltway and continue westbound 495 headed over towards the george washington parkway and continue out towards arlington. you can expect temporary closures so they can alou the funeral procession to stay intact and continue with their journey. southbound 95 is where the funeral procession is at this point. traffic is temporarily stopped. they will continue around towards the george washington parkway. on the other side of town, your lanes are open if you are working your way northbound along i-95. no trouble spots to report right now. volume increasing out of woodbridge.
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traffic on 395 slowing at duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. a big story, the sacagaweaent accused of murdering 16 innocent civilians in afghanistan says he can't remember much of the shootings. >> staff sergeant robert bales talked to his lawyer for the first time. attorney john henry brown says his client as only a sketchy memorandum rift rampage. meanwhile, the sergeant's wife put out a statement saying this, quote: this, quote: she says news reports are come letly out of character of the man i know and admire. illinois is holding its primary today. there is a lot at stake in today's contest. 54 delegates up for grabs. the latest numbers favor romney
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with the real clear politics average of polls giving him a more than eight-point lead over rick santorum. romney is focusing his attacks on president obama's economic policies. santorum meanwhile is going after romney. he says health care should be the focus of the campaign. while the gop contenders face off on president obama's home turf, he will be at the white house today meeting with the prime minister of ireland. a look at the morning's other top stories now. it seems like i income taxes on marylanders will go up but just how many taxpayers will be affected? a state house committee has voted to raise taxes on far fewer people than a senate plan calls for. under the house proposal, tax rates would go up by a quarter percent on single filers making more than $100,000 and joint filers making more than $150,000 a year. to make up for the drop of revenue called for by the senate, the maryland house plan calls for phasing in a teacher pension shift in three years instead of four and making
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deeper cuts to pensions. city leaders and d.c. residents alike will attend a march and benefit tonight raising awareness to violent attacks on members of the gay community in washington. the events are being organized by friends ever victims. last week, two gay men and a transgender woman were all seriously hurt in three separate attacks. police are clarifying the attacks as hate crimes. the march begins at the ihop restaurant in columbia heights at 7:00. virginia is holing a statewide tornado trail today. 10 people were killed in tornadoes last year. today's drill is set for 9:45 this morning. everyone is encouraged to practice their tornado safety plan. a live look outside at the scene where melanie alnwick is bringing us her reports about the cherry blossom festival getting under way. just a beautiful scene along the tidal basin. the national cherry blossom
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festival does start today and it marks its 100th year since the original trees were gibb to the -- given to the u.s. by japan. the peak block starts today and wraps occupy friday. we were just telling you about the statewide tornado drill in virginia today and to our west, a reminder that the dangerous weather is gearing up this time of year. >> also ahead, the justice department investigating the death of an african-american teenager in florida shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain. we're back in just a moment. ju ♪ that aroma calls to you
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the u.s. justice department opened appear investigation into the deadly shooting after an unarmed african-american teen by a neighborhood watch captain. george zimmerman claims he shot travon martin in self-defense.
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zimmerman called 911 about a suspicious young black man. turned out, martin was walking home from ate convenience store. france still in shock and the big of the manhunt in decades is under way in the southern part of that country. police are looking for the man or men who are behind yesterday's shooting at a jewish school in toulouse. they are poring over surveillance vid yost killings. a man on the motorcycle shot and killed a rabbi and then his 3-year-old and 6-year-old sons before chasing down another little girl and killing her. -- poring over surveillance video of the killings. there could be major flooding in parts of oklahoma, missouri, kansas, arkansas and texas. a tornado touched down justout side of the san antonio. reports of overturned big rigs and downed power lines are coming out of medina county. >> that story from france, doesn't it just turn your stomach. it is so horrible. work is under way to build
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a new memorial in honor of a former president. sounds good, right? you think the family would be happy. not this family. >> first, we are checking in with tucker for your full forecast. he is celebrating the first day of spring sw some tasty treats outer -- courtesy of our friends at rita's italian ice -- he is celebrating the first day of spring with some tasty treats courtesy of our friend at rita's italian ice. ♪
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we are helping you get spring off if a sweet start. >> we are. let's go out live to tucker barnes. he is helping rita's water ice in northeast today. any takers yet? >> he got our first customers officially, will. check it out. this kenny and taco. >> good morning. >> taco has something he wants to say too. you guys are down for the free
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rita's ice? >> yes, we are down for the free rita's water ice this morning. looking forward to a strawberry freesy if we could. >> is that your favorite? >> actually mango strawberry is my favorite. >> your wife have any problems with you having water ice at 6:00 in the morning. >> no, not really. >> temperatures in the 70s today. we got our first official customers down here in the 2300 block of rhode island avenue. we encourage you to come down all morning and we'll be here until 10:00. i got to do? weather. you want to do some weather with me. >> sure. >> he said yes. let's get right to the hd radar. we have some showers and even a thunderstorm off to the north in montgomery county. that is going to slow mover. that will be with us here for the next hour or two. a little rain here in northeast washington as well.
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we'll get the rain out of here and it will be a partly to mostly cloudy day. a fog advisory for southern maryland including charles county, calvert county, st. mary's county in maryland and king george county in virginia until 10:00 this morning. visibility for you about a quarter mile. that will be with us for the morning hours. temperatures in the 60s. nice and mile. count have to wear too much of a sweater. we are in the upper 50s. at last look, 55 in winchester. here is your forecast. partial sunshine, temperatures in the mid-70s. could be a another shower or storm a little later on as well. later tonight, mostly cloudy and temperatures in the mid-50s as well. your five-day forecast, it is not going to be just spring- like around here, kenny and taco. we'll have high temperatures in
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the upper 70s to about 80 as we get into friday and saturday. we'll toss to julie. >> hey, julie, good to see you. i know you love the spring weather. >> she says hi. >> take it away, julie. >> that is usually how we have tucker. we hold tucker up in our arms when we do the traffic sometimes. you will find wet pavement and delays if you are traveling southbound along 270. lanes are open right now. no problems to report as you continue to work your way southbound making your way in from 109 headed out towards montgomery village avenue. the lanes here are open but it is heavy, slow and steady. the funeral procession is south of laurel, south of 212 making its way to the outer loop. authorities tell me they are doing temporary closures to allow the funeral procession to continue around the outer loop
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of the beltway to the southbound george washington parkway. expect additional delays on the outer loop westbound 495 leaving college park and continuing around towards 270. traveling eastbound on the freeway headed to the third street tunnel, accident activity here. some traffic is able to get by in the center of the roadway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it has been closed to the public since the august earthquake but this weekend, the national cathedral's central stour will reopen for the traditional tower climb. the tower pinnacles were damaged during the quake. the central tower has been teamed structurally sound. -- the national cathedral's central tower will reopen for the traditional tower climb. the granddaughter of president dwight eisenhower is due to tell congress that a memorial to the president is offensive. it was supposed to be built on
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the national mall. the iceen hour family says the main theme of the memorial depicting eisenhower as barefoot boy from kansas is offensive to his legacy as a two-term president and commander during world war ii. we are monitoring metro this morning with more on a new look for its new map. fee you ares updated stations and name like nona gallaudet u. that is the current new york avenue station. it will change to noma sometime next year to reflect the area know of of mass avenue. and they will add ballpark to the navy yard stop. the map also indicates something called rush plus which starts in june. that will add a number of trains during rush hours during the orange line and allow some blue line service to be picked up by orange and yellow line trains. we may change the graphics on our show to the kenny and taco show, right? >> that was cute. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in
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new york. high gas prices mean a hike in something else you will find on the roads these days. >> and as we go to break, ashton kutcher is going to space. he is going to catch i aflight on virg ingalactic. the venture started by billionaire businessman richard branson. he happens to be the 500th customer. i wonder if he has to pay. virgin galactic plans to start commercial space flights next year. maybe sarah and i, 501 and 502? >> yeah, trip to space.
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some modest gains on the market and, as gas prices keep climbing, so do sticker price on fuel efficient cars. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> some modest gowanus yesterday in the markets. one of the headlines, big
6:25 am
surprise here, apple closing over $600 a share, right? >> yes, well apple is about a fifth of the nasdaq so it really helped fuel the nasdaq's gains yesterday but we saw up arrows across the board, not by much. you need to know for the dow and the s&p 500 higher now in eight of the past two weeks of trading. so eight days of gains. stepping on the brake in morning, we have futures down pretty sharply across the board. housing information comes out today so we're paying attention on that. >> home construction data expected today. how might that affect the markets potentially? >> everybody just wants a sign right now that the housing market is improving. we saw that builder sentiment in march yesterday was at a five-year high t sounds amazing. but the level is still pretty poor. nothing close to being healthy but still the highest level in five years. whether builders are optimistic and consumers and potential home buyers are too remains to
6:26 am
be seen. if we find out that new homes were actually groundbreaking began on them, that means that contracts were probably signed and it shows you the potential home owners are confident. >> the d.c. housing market so strong according to so many experts and you get out into parts of maryland, foreclosure rates are so high. we were teasing this is a we went to break. it is kind of a cause and effect, as gas prices so have fuel efficient cars, right? >> we see this every single time. moral of this story is high gas prices, small car gets a big ticket price and that is exactly what we are seeing this time as gas prices are up for the 11th day in a row. kelly blue book preditle that maul car prices so we are talking fuel efficient compacts as well as hybrids, their price tag set to rise by 20% at least over the next few months.
6:27 am
it is probably not going to stay that high but will so long as gas price are moving up. the average used car price last month, the last week of last month actually was up by more than 1% to 12,286. >> always good to have you on the morning program. today is the first official day of spring and you can see it down on the tidal basin. we will go there as we continue here on fox 5 morning news. 
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good morning. a live look outside right now. see how it looks a bit hazy. i think some of that is fog. it may be the first day of spring but boy, mother nature has brought us a little change from yesterday. tony perkins, tell us all about it j it is rather summer-like out there this morning. this is kind of an indication of how this year is going
6:31 am
during the winter, we've had spring. today, the first day of spring, it is rather summer-like. wow! >> ooh, did you hear that? >> we just had -- >> everything kind of went black. >> that is some lightning and thunder. >> nerves are rattling along with our tv monitors in the studio. >> and our teeth. >> a little ominous here. we are getting some strong thunderstorm activity occurring as we speak. >> out of precautions, we've tape the mast down. >> the same with melanie alnwick out at the tidal basin. they have giant tv antennas. >> let me show you hd radar. we'll show you what is going on as we do continue to see some thunderstorms moving through the area. you can see the lightning flashes there. this is showing in the district just rain but we just heard a huge rumble of thunder and i suspect there was lightning with that. you saw the hit that we took. up to our north around
6:32 am
bethesda, see that purple, that is some very heavy rain right there and some strong to severe thunderstorm activity and we're hearing it again here in northwest washington. college park, you're getting this. bethesda, it has moved south of gaithersburg. this is very slow moving across southeast washington inside the beltway now and then out towards largo and mitchellville, some heavy rain there too. so we are going to continue to track this through the course of these morning hours on top of that, let's go to max 2. i don't really have what i wanted to have there. let me tell you this. we have a dense fog advisory that is in effect for some counties to our south and east there. we go, thank you very much. these are the counties covered by the fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. we have had some problems with dense fog during the early- morning hours.
6:33 am
frankly, some of this rain will wipe some of that away. we have a temperature of 63 degrees. we will see a hi today in the low to and mid-70s with a lot of clouds around around maybe some more thunderstorm activity as well. we've got to keep our eyes open for that. we'll continue to monitor this as long as we need to. >> ominous sounds coming from the system. >> let me mention. if we have time, we will talk about this tornado drill that is supposed to take place later on for ask the weather guys. now, i'm just thinking, if we've got bad weather, they may not do that because they don't want to alarm anybody. we'll wait and see. >> thank you. a check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. a little ominous as we heard some thunder and lightning. >> i'm hearing it too right here in silver spring. we are getting the thunder and all that comes with it. it will make for a very tricky report as far as traffic goes. it just take a little bit of
6:34 am
rain and we have serious tie- ups. it looks like we are having problems with our traffic cameras as well. there we go. southbound along 270, stoney was saying this storm was moving south of gaithersburg. this is up in hyattstown and right now no, no problems have been reported. traffic slow in. cog from 109 headed out towards germantown and then your stop and go slow beginning near montgomery village avenue headed down towards rockville. outer loop of the beltway, that is already slow for a couple of reasons. one is volume and two, the funeral row session is continuing around through silver spring and bethesda and doing so in this rain. if you are continuing south on the gw park way, right now, lanes are open. no problems to report headed down towards the key bridge. this is downtown eastbound freeway as you approach the third street tunnel. accident activity tying up the left side and the right side of the roadway. some traffic is able to get by but it will be slow coming across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic.
6:35 am
the latest now from the campaign trail. illinois is holing its primary today. lot at stake in today's contests. 54 delegates are up for grabs. latest numbers favor romney with the real clear politics average of polls giving him a more than eight-point lead over rick santorum. romney is focusing his attacks on president obama's economic policies. santorum is going after romney. he says health care should be the focus of the campaign. en en a look at the morning's other top stories now. seem likely income taxes on marylanders will go up but the question is just how many taxpayers will be affected by this. a state house committee has voted to raise taxes on far fewer people than a senate plan calls for. under the house proposal, tax rates would go up by a quarter percent on single filers making more than $100,000 and joint filers making more than
6:36 am
$150,000 a year. to make up for the drop in revenue called for by the senate, the maryland house plan calls for peasing in a teacher pence shift in three years instead of four and also making deeper cuts to pensions. city leader and d.c. residents will attend a march and benefit tonight raising awareness to the violent attacks on members of gay community into d.c. events are being organized by friends of the victims. last week, you may remember two gay men and a transgender woman were all seriously hurt in three separate attacks. police are classifying the attacks as hate crimes. a former montgomery county police officer is trying to clear her name. dolores comber was arrested last year and accused of using her police powers to help her boyfriend in a drug traffic being ring. investigators say she used the cash for real estate in ohio,
6:37 am
pennsylvania and maryland. it turns out none of the charges were true and they were dropped. >> i look at the fact that i was a police officer and i say if this can happen to me, boy, anybody can say anything about any of us and our freedom can be taken. >> comber resigned from the police force. all the belongs that were seized are all being returned. a guilty plea from two former metro employ ayes who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from fare machines. prosecutors say they used bag of stolen coins to buy lottery tickets since 2010. rotly records show heal won more than $60,000 in reportable winnings since 2008. the men will be sentenced june 15th. both of them are facing 30 years in prison. virginia is planning to hold a statewide tornado drill today. 51 tornadoes hit virginia last year. that is the second highest number on record.
6:38 am
ten people were killed and today's scheduled drill is expected for 9:45 this morning. we'll keep an eye on that. everyone is encouraged to practice a tornado safety plan. to find out more about this, head to and look under web links. this morning's big story, the american general in charge of afghanistan is expected to tell congress later this morning that the u.s. will not pull out early despite the massacre of afghan civilians. >> the soldier accused in those shootings met with his attorney yesterday. robert bales says he can't remember much about the rampage and we are learning more about alleged troubles from his past. an elderly couple in ohio claims he scammed them out of their life savings. yesterday, his wife karr lib bales released a statement. she says: she says: -- his wife karilyn bales released a statement. she says: she says: coming up next, finding a
6:39 am
place to park in d.c., you know is already a challenge if not impossible some days. >> to say the least. a now move to make sure those who are handicapped have a place to park is running into a whole lot of criticism. it is enough to put the program on hold at lost for now. fox 5 morning news continues right after this as thunderstorms howl over the studios. 
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authorities are investigating a dangerous discovery at a charles county middle school. the principal at mattawoman sent a letter home to parents saying a 12-year-old student brought a gunpoint to school. the student says he brought the unloaded gun from home and was planning to sell it during his walk home from the bus. school officials say he was charged with possession of the weapon and was removed from the school. he could also face expulsion. all making headlines, enrollment in prince george's county schools is dropping. more than any other system in
6:43 am
the d.c. region. "washington post" reports prince george's county schools has seen a 10% drop in enrollment since the 2003-2004 school year and the system is seeing an influx of students who qualify for free or reduced price meals. one bright note though. test scores are improving there. the prince george's county school system is the third largest in the city area. there is a push to halted the enforcement of those red top mashing meters. the program that would make people with handicapped plates and black ardz pay for parking, it is supposed to be fully implemented by april 14th. there is a plan to introduce an emergency bill today. she want a public hearing because her elderly and disabled constituents are furious. >> they just don't understand what the program is if there will be a meter or space when they're lifing their home to go downtown to a doctor's appointment. appointment.
6:44 am
they do need the extra time allowed. wed. we are recovering from a little rattling here at the station. got some storms hitting us hard. >> sure do. we've got quite a bit of thunder and lightning occurring. not all of you are getting it. let let me show you hd radar. there is a line of storms there in northwest and northeast washington. that is why we've lost our live shots in northwest and northeast at this point as we continue to see heavy rain and lightning with this system and want to show you it extend down towards chesapeake beach and we'll get in closer. here we go, cleveland park,
6:45 am
chevy chase, bethesda, silver spring, takoma park, hyattsville, there are some of the lightning flashes we are seeing. we continue soo see in lightning here and there with this storm system as it moves ever so lowly. out to your west, industry anti, nothing happening there. you have some clouds and some fog. arlington, nothing yet but i do think you will get the heavy rain coming through and it will come through the rest of the district during the course of the next hour or so. in addition, the eastern side of the beltway out route 50 near largo, upper marlboro, you are getting some heavy rain and likely seeing some lightning and hearing some thunder as well so we continue to deal with that this morning. we have a dense fog advisory. this is in effect until 10:00 this morning that. may change touring the morning with the storms coming through. this is all south of washington and off to the south and east and south and west as well, not in washington, d.c. itself. here is a look at the current
6:46 am
temperatures around the region. 63degrees this morning. even at 4:30 this morning when we started, we were you canning about how it feels summery outside with the dense fog, the warmer temperatures, the humidity up around 90% and now we've got the thunderstorms to go with it. 60degrees in baltimore. lots of clouds around today. we have these morning storms. i think later on this afternoon, we have a chance of a few more showers popping up here and there. 75degrees for your high today. for tonight, mostly cloudy skies. can't rule out more showers popping up here and there. 55degrees for your overnight low. five-day forecast, we stay warm for this week. temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. thursday, friday, temperatures near 80 degrees. by saturday, we drop off. some of you in the 60s. maybe downtown, 70 degrees and i do think we'll add the chance of rain showers to that forecast for late saturday into sunday.
6:47 am
that is a look at what is happening with the weather. right now, it is time for ask the weather guys. this is the segment where tucker and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. i have today's question. wrote this one. i had to write it, send it in and pick it out. here is my question. i want to know what can we expect during today's statewide tornado drill in virginia? joining us on the phone now to talk about that is our good friend chris strong. he is a meteorologist with the national weather service. are you there? >> that is an excellent question, tony. >> are you there or what is going to happen today. good to talk to you. before we get to the tornado drill, since we have weather happening right now, what the latest on the storms coming through as we speak? >> yeah, what a welcome to spring. we finally got the spring moniker to go along with the weather we've been having
6:48 am
recently. we'll have some heavy rain and some lightning but i don't think anything is going to severe or damaging winds or anything like that that would preclude the test today. >> so you just addressed my other question. i mechanic a few moments ago i didn't know if you all would continue the drill. i know it is statewide, not just northern virginia. i didn't know if this bad weather would throw this off. >> we do have a rain day if we get to the point where we are issuing warnings and things like that and really bad storms are raking of the area, we can push it off to the next day. i think we'll get some heavy rain and lightning but i don't think it will be -- also, i think by the time we get to the test time around 9:4 5, this stuff will be on the downswing. >> tell us what happens during this test today at 9:45. >> we'll issue a tornado warning -- a test tornado warning over noaa weather radio which will get picked up by broadcasters and pushed through the state basically and it is a
6:49 am
way for people to test their tornado plans. what would they do in an actual tornado warning or if they see a tornado heading towards their house, what is the plan going to be. trying to get people to think about where their shelter is where they're going to go if there is a strong damaging storm or tornado and go to the places like to have their family plan together to know what they are going to do. >> you do this in conjunction y the virginia department after michelle -- of emergency management. are the schools going to participate? yeah, we're doing it in conjunction with the state of virginia. it has been worked through the schools. most if not all of the schools in virginia will be activating their tornado plan. virginia has been doing this for a number of years now. it that to be pretty route teen
6:50 am
for the school kids to have this time to practice what they would do in an actual tornado. >> will here. just curious, what is the lead time that you can provide a warning for a tornado these days with the advancements that you all have now? >> the average lead time is getting to be about 15 minutes. that is a pretty broad average. some tornadoes, especiallilet the wacker ones which tend for form and fall apart more quickly are tend to have a little bit less and just on the order of minutes where as oftentimes of course stronger ones, especially forker down on the ground longer, you can have much more than that. tornadoes are very quick acting. it is important to be able to get a tornado warning quickly. if you have to wait for some sort of system or to check things that will take you a long time to get notice, it will be a problem. you need to get it through text alerting or noaa weather radio
6:51 am
or things like that, you have to get the message quickly. >> if people have smart phones set up for alerts they may get an alert today at 9:45. it is a test. no alarms are going to go off or anything like that, we don't have sirens in this area? >> there are some communities that do have sirens. it is not as common a thing as it is further out into the midwest and in tornado alley. but each community has their own control of those. i wouldn't expect that to be a big thing but don't be surprised if you hare a siren around 9:45 this morning. >> very good. chris, it is good to talk to you. thank you for everything that you do every day as a matter of fact. we work closely with chris at the national weather service. >> you guys are great partners. great to talk to you this morning. >> thank you. chris strong with the national weather service. >> it's really good thing to think about. with over a dozen virginia had
6:52 am
last year alone. so it's threat. >> that is our segment for today. if you have a question you want answered, i'll get out of the box and let you ask another question this time. just go to, click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on the air. >> julie wright is going, well, if tony can ask a question, why can't i? so julie, send one in just like the viewers. >> my question stays the same. when's lunch? >> there you go. >> that is her question all the time. >> we are counting it down. >> we still haven't answered it. it is amazing. >> and i'm still paying when we do go. >> all right. on the roads, tony has been talking about this weather, the severe storms coming through our area. we've hay mixed bag out on our roads. not only are we troubled with the weather but there was a funeral procession that began in baltimore around 5:00 this morning for the fallen soldier and is now continuing across the american legion bridge and headed down towards the gw
6:53 am
parkway. i believe all of the funeral procession has been confined to the gw parkway and will continue down to arlington cemetery. heavy volume where you wouldn't expect it at this hour coming across the american legion bridge headed out towards the george washington parkway. we had callers telling me they were sitting still southbound on 270 back at 270 leavin traffic is moving once gun as you continue to the american legion bridge. we were also troubled with accident activity eastbound on the friday here at third street tunnel. d.c. police still out with the crash along the left side of the road. look at that lightning. traveling across the 14th street bridge and across the potomac, headed over to the southeast-southwest freeway. be cautious out there on the roads right now f you have a little bit of time, can you stay at home and stay put, let the storm pass, do it. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. now, you walk all over them every day, now, it is time to
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it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. good morning everybody i am holly morris on this tuesday first day of spring my question is how is your house looking are you getting the itch to do some spring cleaning? well, you are in luck this morning we are live at the home
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of the seleckys. they are a typical family, mom, dad, 4-year-old princess and an 8 month old cutie but here is the deal they like to maybe do a few things with their home they have the same challenges a lot of us do they have cluttered closets, toys everywhere they would like to spruce up with new decorating we brought in the experts this morning we will start with someone from simple storage we are indeed going to tackle a closet and the office. we are also going to have an interior decorator, amy is here talk about painting spring accessories finally it is all about the clutter buskers we are going to -- busters we are going to go into a kids room and see how to organize toys just in time for spring. we have a busy morning but we are going to get things done today. productive on a tuesday. >> good get those dust bunnies out of there.
6:59 am
time to say good morning to the facebook fan of the day ashley says she and her baby watch fox 5 every morning that is her daughter zoe she is turning 1-year-old on thursday and she has been watching since she was born even in the hospital. zoe is cute we need to get her a napkin. >> she is adorable to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under ashley's photo of zoe that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> now to tony and allison. yesterday it was cake to make us jealous today maybe kitchen ensurrey with those kitchen cab -- envy with those kitchen cabinets. >> i know i can't even look. >> amnesia that is what the lawyer for the u.s. soldier accused of killing afghan civilians says his client has when it comes to what happened two weeks ago this as the


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