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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  March 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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dan snyder, part of the redskins brass in attendance. can you imagine, athe nerve wracking with them in the audience. griffin was impressive during his 30-minute workout. this one as done deal. the denver broncos traded tim tebow to the new york jets for fourth and sixth round picks. the deal had hit a snag about how much of a $5 million bonus the jets would pay. the teams agreed to split the cost and tebow says he is excited to be a jet. isn't if foundy when it comes down to that $5 million, it happens all the time. >> it's like i don't want to pay it all. plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. . good morning. live look at i-395 and the people. things seem to be moving okay but in parts of our viewerring area right now, fog is rolling
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through. could make your commute just a little more dangerous. julie wright will talk about that in just a moment. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. let's get right to it. another day, another foggy day. >> yep, fog is back moving in from the south and east. it will be with us for the morning commute. dense fog advisories. visibilities reduced to nothing. >> i'm trying to lift my fog right now. >> that is a different kind of fog. i can help with you that in a minute. >> really? >> yes, i've been on this shift for many, many years. >> he knows how to do it. >> you can see the fog moving in from the south and east. notice the dark oranges and reds, visibility in some spots about 1/10 of a mile. across the bay, i probably don't need to tell you the fog is terrible. this has been moving to the north and west. i think shortly we'll get more
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reduced visibilities here in washington as the fog will ebb and flow for the next couple ever hours. >> there it is. >> yes, look out for the fog horn. here is offforecast. start the day with clouds and fog. we'll end the day with some sunshine. it will be a dry day today with temperatures eventually in the 70s. we'll have 76 in washington. >> i'm learning how to raise the fog here. it is called dark magic. >> the breakfast blend. julie wright, when is your secret, a little diet soda or are you a coffee girl? >> apple juice. only because i have blood sugar. >> we have a diabetes talk during ask the weather guys. >> no caffeine. >> no, i kind of wake up this way, will. you guys raise the dark magic. i just raise the roof. >> you've been doing this a long time. you're good at it.
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>> i do want know about good but a long time, yes. we can see you right now. be careful out there. allow extra time on the roads. northbound i-95 in the express as the main line head up towards lorton. fog still settling in here on the south side of town as well. no problems to report at the meaning. you will find travel running smoothly between montgomery county and your exits over at tyson's. -- no problems to report at the american legion bridge. police have arrested a juvenile female in connection with a triple stabbing in northeast. it happened along the 400 block of rhode island avenue last night at or near the mcdonald's. the three victims were all young women. police continue to investigate this morning. police hope new video will help them track down a man who assaulted a teenaged girl at a park in fairfax. surveillance video taken from a home shows a man jogging down mirren pond drive around the
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time of the tax on monument a map assaulted a 16-year-old girl walking home from school when she entered a path at the end of picket road. she was able to get away after a brief struggle. we talked with the woman whose cameras caught that potential suspect. junior high school so i'm glad those cameras are going to help policeman to catch their guy. it is scary. i have a whole bunch of friends here and they are scared to. >> the person they are describing as a possible suspect between 18 and 27 years old, around 5' 8", weighing about 170 pounds. he short black hair and wore a white t-shirt and dark shorts. a former mount rainier police officer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. prosecutors say gene gillette lured a 20-year-old man to his home in capital heights. they say gillet tried to make
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sexual advances and when the man refused, gillet fired shots at hymns. lure east dues is responsible for nearly 20 fires in d.c. and maryland. arrests as part of his plea agreement, dues pleaded guilty to three counts. the fires took place from 2007 to last year. he has also been linked for a fire last april that seriously hurt five firefighters. refight . our other big story, the killing of an unarmed black teenager, a 17-year-old in florida. the accused gunman actually went to high school here in our area. we'll get more now on george zimmerman from fox 5's melanie alnwick live in the newsroom. >> reporter: good morning. george zimmerman has not been detained or charged yet in the death of trayvon martin last month. so far, he said nothing publicly about the shooting except it was in self-defense.
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george zimmerman grew up in manassas. he graduated from osborne park high school in 2001. neighbors say he had dreams of becoming a police officer. they had even written a letter of recommendation to zimmerman to attend the police academy in northern virginia. they were stunned to learn the the boy they watched grow up is the man who confronted and killed trayvon martin. >> perfect gentleman. he was very smart, very intelligent, very polite, healthy. he would be your ideal child. >> i don't understand how it came to that kind of tussle that somebody would have to shoot somebody. i don't know the boy he shot and i don't know what could have gone on there. >> reporter: a florida grand jury will take up the case on april 10th. here in d.c., there will two
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trayvon martin rallies. back to you. >> our coverage continues. thank you. sanford police are standing behind their decision not on arrest zimmerman. meantime, people upset over how the case has proceeded joinnated so-called million hoodie march walking with their hoods up as a show of solidarity with martin. his father was encouraged by support he saw in new york city. >> that america is not -- that the people are not going to stand by and let this unjust go by. we can't sweep any of these crimes under the rug anymore. >> sanford city commissioners last night made a no confidence vote against the city's police chief. coming up, major punishments handed down over the nfl player bounty scandal. we'll take a closer look coming up. >> news a standoff continues between the police and the suspect.
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. we are following two developing stories overseas at this hour. first, from west africa where
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soldiers have staged a coup in the country of mali. the soldiers and on state tv which they took over to say they did not want permanent power and vowed to return power to a democratically elected president. they also have control of the airport and presidential palace. the current president, who has not been seen today, was due to step down next month. the police stand governor in france is now more than 30 hours old. more than 300 french police are surrounding the apartment of a man who is bragging about killing children and soldiers. let's take a live look at the scene right now. this thing is far from over. police actually have not heard from the man in several hours now. he admits he is a member of al- qaeda and has terrorist training along the afghan- pakistan border. he says he wants to die with guns in his hands. president sarkozy says he wants police to take the plan alive so he with face justice. the nfl levied some
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stiffious for the bounty program. the league suspended sean peyton for the entire 2012 season. the team gm got eight games and an assistant coach received six games. the team will have to forest two second round draft picks and pay a fine of $500,000. former defensive coordinator gregg williams who was with the skins at one time is banned indefinitely. his status will be reviewed after the upcoming season. ng s a lot of developments there. we'll stay on top of that. >> we'll talk to dave ross later in our show. we've been out to dulles covering these drug busts but this one is the large he have ever at dulles. nearly five pounds of heroin found in one woman's stomach and it could have killed her. >> details of what sparked the suspicion in the first place. >> we've got fog redeveloping
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. we take a live look over a foggy runway. doesn't it looks like that. this is oxon hill. it's shopping center but you'd have a hard time tempting it today. pretty nick out there, tucker. >> no hurry to get out of here. >> like close encounters and
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waiting for a spaceship to land. >> feels like it, yes. we have a dense fog advisory issued for most of the area. visibility in places like fredericksburg and annapolis, less than a quarter of a mile. >> like day two. >> slow commute. it is all part of this allergy complex of weather that we've been experiencing around here and that is a very stagnant weather pattern. >> stagnant weather pattern. i don't like that. >> nothings that changed in the past 4 hours. the lead headline is your fog. it will be here new vat the morning. it will move around and hopefully we'll get it to break up before long. again, we'll get the dense fog advisory here for much of the day. hoping to get some sun in here later in the day. can't guarantee it will be here in the morning hours. i think by afternoon, we'll start to see it break up with mild temperatures. the more sun we get, the warmer the temperatures. we're thinking mid-70s. temperatures, low 80s by
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tomorrow. then as we get into the weekend be showers, storms return and some cooler air by zipped. it won't be a washout this weekend but we will have periods of rain showers around here, maybe some thunderstorms as well as we get this frontal system out to the west finally pushing through as we get into the weekend. slow motion. here is your dense fog advisory and it encompasses more counties than it did yesterday. all the way up to pennsylvania, we've got dense fog advisory here for northern maryland today. it includes washington, baltimore, out towards annapolis, much of virginia here around your dense fog advisory and all morning long, the worst of the fog has been just to the south. so in southern maryland, your visibility are greatly reduced in some spots a tenth of a mile or less. the fog has been tracking to the north and west. here are your temperatures. 61 in washington. 61 in gaithersburg. it is not terribly cold out there. 55 in leonardtown.
5:18 am
59 in annapolis. here is our slow-moving cold front. it will take another day and a half to get here. very impressive area of low pressure in there. all of that is tracking to the east. we'll continue to bring flooding rains to the deep south and eventually will bring us some rain around here for the weekend. again, the possibility of some thunderstorms and some cooler air behind t once we get in sort of east of us by sunday, our high temperatures will only be in the 60s. fog this morning so afternoon sun. 82 tomorrow and here come the showers and thunderstorms this weekend. then cooler, only in the 60s by sunday and monday. could be some showers on sunday as well. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> so far, so good. no problems reported through all this fog. you will find southbound 270 open for business as you work your way southbound leaving hyattstown and continuing out towards 121. no problems to report continuing through rockville. lanes are open on 66 coming in
5:19 am
from the west leaving manassas headed in towards centreville. no problems to report here, light traffic volume continues on the beltway between anden dale and merrifield. you will find northbound on 395 as you work your way north of duke street, lanes are open continuing out to the 14th street bridge. allow extra time out there on the roads with the fog. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. . >> thank you. we have new details this morning about a hair win bust at dulles international. customs agents say they caught a nigerian woman with nearly five pounds of heroin in her stomach trying to sneak into the country and this one is a record breaker, folks. it is the most pellets and the heaviest amount of injested drugs the airport has ever seized. wisdom martin has more on this. >> reporter: it is one of the biggest heroin busts ever at dulles airport. an officer doing a patdown of a nigerian woman noticed her storm back as abnormally rigid.
5:20 am
david martinez is a supervisor with the u.s. customs and border protection. >> they go through her baggage. they go new her documents. they do some research. >> reporter: when they sent the 52-year-old to get x-rays at the hospital, they found she had ingested 1 # 0 pellets, nearly five pounds of heroin. >> these pellets, the way they are wrapped, they are only wrapped -- they only last for a certain amount of time. usually after 24 hours, 48 hours. >> in this case, pellets had started to unwrap so the suspect with the drugs in her stomach were in serious danger. doctors were able to get to the drugs in time. >> the quantity, that is what is unusual. i've been here almost 20 years in service and i've never seen here at this port that amount of pellets. >> reporter: the value of the hair win was about $150,000. it has become a common problem at dulles.
5:21 am
agos say since october, they've caught 10 people smuggling drugs into the country. in january, a 19-year-old coming from nigeria was caught with nearly a half million dollars worth ever heroin in his stomach. that same time, a man from ghana was busted with nearly $2 million. >> it being common, it has been coming in. we are just focused with a little bit more toward the terrorism side. now, we are getting focused again back into the narcotics side. >> reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> agents say usually the smugglers get anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to hide the drugs inside their stomachs. the suspect is now in custody of the u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement. she will be prosecuted by the u.s. attorney's office in virginia. talk about buzz.
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this one getting a lot of it and highly anticipated to say the late. the hunger games coming out. two of the stars sat down with kevin mccarthy. stay with us. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health.
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5:26 am
that you think would survive and which would not. >> i played an ex-sniper and he would probably do pretty good. >> a played a vampire once in a movie and that is an unfair advantage right there. >> probably do pretty good. >> and then probably least on the list, i played this kid in a movie called firehouse dog and he was a softie. he was like oh. he wouldn't do so well. >> you guys go through a physical transformation when preparing for this role and an emotional transformation. i think the movie has a great emotional core. is it harder to go through a physical or an emotional transformation. >> i have to say physically. emotional, it is mental. >> you have days where you will be emotionally drained from doing a scene all day and over and over and it could be a very emotional scene. but physical is tough as well.
5:27 am
he had to gain weight. i had to lose weight and the will power of just not eating food and drawning at the same time was really tough. >> when you are preparing for the expectations of people. when you are making the movie, how do you forget about the fact that people are going to say is he fitting the character? >> people all have their own sort of opinion of how it should go. i respect that 100%. for me, i got on set and it became another movie for me. obviously a really great movie and it became just another movie. >> it will be the hot movie. ## i think it is probably excite for the actors to be a part of a big blockbuster before it even opens. >> we have more of kevin's interviews with the stars of the hunger games including the young actress who plays the mori's starring role, jennifer
5:28 am
lawrence. as we continue, vandals are targeting graves at and historic cemetery in our area. >> reporter: the shooter in that florida case of trayvon martin actually has ties to this area. we'll tell you where he grew up and what neighbors have to say about george zimmerman. &d3q what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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good morning again. a live look at 395 at the tent
5:31 am
gone and what you can see in this picture besides sort of cars moving along just fine is that fog seem to be a part of our weather pattern today. -- a live look at 395 at the pentagon. >> visibility are a quarter mile or less. dense fog advisory for most of the area. that will wake you up. it will be with us all day, all morning long. of course, the fog continues across the region here and then lowering and thickening in the last hour or so. remember a few minutes ago in d.c. we did not have any yellow and now we do. >> that looks like the warning of a storm. this is just fog. >> this is just fog. we are looking at fog here in the yellows and oranges and reds and the darker colors indicating the reduced visibility. you get into current maryland, down towards fredericksburg. let's do temperatures at reagan national.
5:32 am
we are currently in the low 60s. in fact, we're 06 degrees. 59 in fredericksburg. 57 in baltimore and at patuxent naval air station. steady as she goes. the forecast will improve. it should be a dry day for you with temperatures in the mid- 70s. some sunshine in afternoon although not a perfectly sunny day. kind of of line yesterday. i'm he hoping we'll see a little more sun than yesterday. >> hopefully your yellow tie will bring us in luck. >> hopefully, we'll be lucky on the roadways. we're going to need it. >> will, if we are hoping yellow means sunshine, tomorrow, have him wear green for the winning lottery numbers. if you are traveling around town, i think the weather pattern is fog again this morning so you need to leave early and keep an eye out for things, especially the the ones waiting at the bus stop. lanes are open on 395 from duke street up and across the 14th street bridge. lanes are open as you travel south of the 109 leaving hyattstown but volume is
5:33 am
increasing. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. checking a little headlines this morning, police have arrested a juvenile female as a suspect of a triple stabbing in northeast. this happened alodge the 400 block of rhode island avenue last night at or near the mcdonald's there. police say the three victims were also young women. they were taken to local hospitals with stab wounds. still no word on their condition but police are continuing to investigate. new developments in the hunt for a man who assaulted a teenaged girl in a fairfax park. police released this surveillance video taken of a man jogging down mirren pound drive around the time of the attack on monday. these photos come from cameras set up at a home in the neighborhood. a man attacked a 16-year-old girl who was walking home from school when she entered a path at the end of picket road. she was able to get away after a brief altercation. in our other big story this morning, the self-appointed neighborhood watch man who shot and killed an unarmed black
5:34 am
teen in florida grew up here in our area. more background on george zimmerman, we turn to melanie alnwick live in the newsroom now. >> reporter: the calls for his arrest growing louder by the hour. george zimmerman remains a free man. he grew up on sweet briar street in manassas living in this house with his parents and two siblings from the time he was a toddler. the family moved to central florida soon after his grate grad situation from osborne high school in 2001. we spoke to former neighbors who say dimmer man had once asked hem to write a letter of recommendation for the police academy in northern virginia which he hoped to attend. instead, he was an active member. his neighborhood watch, licensed to own a gun which he used with deadly force three weeks ago. those neighbors are shocked. >> even though i didn't know who he was when i was seeing it on tv, i just thought to myself, look, you didn't need a pistol. you could have taken that kid
5:35 am
with your bare hands if you needed to. so why do you whip out a pistol. i was just talking that way to my wife before i knew who it was. i was floored when i found out who it was. i couldn't believe it. i just couldn't believe it. >> we hoped that that wasn't something that george did out of anger because we couldn't see him, the george we knew, doing anything like that. >> reporter: zimmerman's father wrote a letter to the or land so september nell saying the portrayal of george zimmerman are also and extremely misheeding. he is a spanish speaking minority with many black family members and friends. he would being the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever. zimmerman did surrender immediately to the police after the shooting. he has not spoken publicly about it except to say it was in self-defense. a florida grand jury will take up the case on april 10th.
5:36 am
someone in frederick county has little respect for headstones and grave markers. van de balaguers are targeting graves in and historic cemetery in the small town of new mark e in recent days, nearly 10% of the graves have been gaged. john henrehan has a closer look at what is going on. -- the graves have been damaged. >> reporter: people have been living in historic new market, maryland and dying here also for more than 200 years. in recent days, many locals have been visiting the new market cemetery to see if the vandals that have struck here over the last two weeks have desecrated or destroyed graves of their family members. shirley young is one of those visitors. who is buried in this cemetery? >> my grandmother, my great- grandmother, my great-
5:37 am
grandfather. may great-great-grandmother. she played the piano and liked make-up and she smoked cigarettes. she loved life. >> reporter: unfortunate will you, the family grave of shirley young's ancestors was one of those that vandals tipped over. some of the 20 or so head stones or markers were actually smashed by the vandalism which apparently occurred over a two- week period. the dietrich family blot included three enormous stone crosses. one that was tipped over was driven into the soil by its own weight by about eight or 9 inches. it probably too two ore more vandals to overturn the slate lid of one of the old grave sites. >> this has been picked up, flipped off of that bed of stone and is now upside down. it was not cracked before. now, it has a crack through here. this top is irreplaceable. >> reporter: michael
5:38 am
spawnseller is the treasurer of the cemetery. he can't imagine why vandals are picking on the dead. >> these people in here are come lottoly harmless. of a been involved with this since 197 # and you've never had an argument with anybody up here. >> reporter: manage right side at the nonprofit cemetery have posted a $500 reward no information leading to the vandals. in new market, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. the big buzz on the presidential campaign trail is over a comment involving a children's toy. why one candidate wants to get far way from the etch-a-sketch while it gives others something to talk about. a group of illegal immigrants is rounded up. we'll be right back. ♪
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checking headlines this morning, a group of undocumented immigrant are caught. this after getting stuck in the mud while drying to cross into texas. rescue took four hours and multiple firefighters. while the rescue was happening border patrol agent were able to track down two other men who were part of the group. a kid's toy causing a controversy on the campaign trail. it involves an etch-a-sketch. mitt romney's campaign aide is around fire for saying he can
5:42 am
easily flip-flop. his communications director was asked this, if romney has been pushed too far for the right. here is quote that got him into some hot water. ot water. both rick santorum and newt gingrich immediately pounced on the remark. >> you're not looking for someone who is the etch-a- sketch candidate. you're looking for someone who writes what they believe in in tone sand stays true to what they say j you notice that the picture aren't permanent. this is nothing locked down. you can redo it any time you want. >> the controversy is overshadowing an endorsement of romney by jeb bush. >> i'm sure it is one. those things that you're like i wish i could put those words back in. >> politics at play here.
5:43 am
they are pouncing on it. all the campaign aides for romney and certainly newt gingrich. they're going to do it. new efforts to raise money by playing the name game. up next could some local parks and r he want c centers be in for a bit of a change. >> we'll have details of a plan. we take a live look right now on 270. i style everyone. my family, my home... my boyfriend. i can't help it. i'm a fashion stylist!
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welcome back. this is all you need to know as you head outside today. it will being a thick in pleases. fog out there again. heavier in some spots. not in others. either way, it will be an issue as you head out for your commute. >> definitely some limited visibility. i think we're all just hoping the sun pops out at some point today. >> i think a saw a car moving down there somewhere through the fog. >> maybe a little sunshine this affect. a repeat where the fog holds tough here not next several hours. we start to see it and the clouds lift a little bit. >> what was it yet, about 6:00. >> hopefully a little earlier than six. i just looked at every observation place i can find and everybody is reporting fog.
5:47 am
visibility is anywhere between about 1/8 of a mile and 1/2 mile. >> that is significant. >> cambridge, southern maryland, dulles, bwi. everybody has fog now. it has been moving to the north and west. even inside the play, we are starting to get reports of the fog. the darker colors indicating reduced visibility. here in washington, we've got about a quarter mile visibility at reagan national. southern maryland, you've been getting the worst of t out towards eastern cambridge, visibility in some spots less than 1/10 of a mile. it has been creeping slowly to the north and west. you have to whisper. here in washington, we are under a dense fog advisory
5:48 am
until 10:00 this morning. so gradual improvement but if you are head the out the door right now, driving to work on the rural roadways, definitely be ready for dense thick fog here across parts of the area. here is your satellite-radar. the dense fog will hold tight for the next several hours. we'll get breaks in the cloudiness. no real weather features to speak of. we have the area of high pressure off the coast. bermuda high. i know it is march but this is a summertime air pattern and not much flow out there. we should be dry later today and we're still awaiting this frontal system, this cold front. look how impressive it is. look at the big spin there back into oklahoma. this will get in here by saturday, bring us some showers and thunderstorms. the weekend honestly doesn't look fantastic. i think we'll have rain around here by saturday afternoon and saturday night. and we'll probably get the showers out of here by early sunday. 76 today. we can get some sunshine in here. early fog, some afternoon sun, maybe partly sunny by affect but to be hobbest with you, might be a repeat from yesterday where the sun doesn't
5:49 am
come out until late in the day. not thinking we'll see as much fog overnight tonight into tomorrow morning as the dynamics will change just a little bit in the atmosphere. there is your forecast. 82 tomorrow. highs by sunday only in the mid- 60s. let's do traffic and my favorite traffic reporter in all the land, julie wright. >> i'm only one that's friends with you. >> mostly, that's it. >> on the roads, you will find a little bit of fog out there and as everybody is suggesting, leave early, keep an eye out. southbound 270, lanes are open, no problems to report south of 109 headed out to the truck scales. 66 picking up the volume and starting to slow out of manassas headed in towards centreville with lanes open. tucker said the fog would be moving inside the beltway and we are fining here at duke
5:50 am
street headed out to seminary road. this is southbound 270 where lanes are open coming in from 109 headed out towards the scales. district officials are putting together plans that could raise millions of dollars. d.c.'s department of parks and rec is looking into raising money by attracting corporate sponsors. that means parks or recreation center could get new corporate names similar to the idea behind naming sports arenas like fedex field and the verizon center. a wild 24 hours in the nfl. big time suspensions. tim tebow traded and rg iii work out. >> the redskins front and center at hit pro day. dave ross live with our sports break forecast coming up next. we'll be right back. 
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
time now for sports breakfast. dave ross here. i guess if there was any doubt about it, roger goodell is perhaps the most powerful guy. sign fist. >> that is wait he rules. >> that is what is going to happen. >> we talked about this a couple weeks ago when the story broke. we said there would be a lot more to this. the commissioner does not suffer fools lightly. he is looking at the saints as one big giant fool. what happened is sean peyton, be probably the most severe punishment of all. out for one year as the head coach of the new orleans saintsz. this is basically for covering
5:54 am
up the bounty program that gregg williams who was his defensive coordinator was running. all the commissioner wanted was the truth and he didn't get that from sean peyton. he didn't get that from mickey loomis. he didn't get it it from gregg williams. one full year, which is unprecedented for i ahead coach in the national football league to sit on the sidelines and watch. >> you should add it is one year no pay and he makes $7.5 million. >> that is gone. that is a tough one to swallow for anybody. but certainly for gregg williams who has been suspended indefinitely by the league. who knows whether he will ever be allowed to coach again in the national football league. one other point, the commissioner found no wrongdoing as far as the bounty program being run when he was in d.c. to go back to that point, joe gibbs had said weeks ago he knew nothing about t sean peyton said the same
5:55 am
thing. he knew plenty about it. that is the difference today and that is why sean peyton is out of work for a full year. it continued yesterday. there is dan snyder. there is mike shanahan. they are probably thinking don't have to talk about the saints for a while. they were watching the pro day of robert griffin iii. he looked great. this is what i call a dog and pony show. yes, he is working out. nice socks, nice shoes. baylor color coordinated there. but the redskins loved what they saw yesterday. has got speed. he has got everything you want to see ieft quarterback. today's modern day quarterback. that is, he can run. he can make every throw when you need him to make t looks like this is going to the the direction they go. you worry about the colts are saying he looks so good, maybe we'll take him at one. more than likely robert griffin at two.
5:56 am
we get the big saps news and within five minutes tim tebow goes from denver to the jets. >> you knew he was out. they took the photos down in denver. >> we get the big news. >> rex likes to cuss a lot. i hope he has earmuffs when he goes up to new york city. this will be culture shock for our guy tim tebow up there in new york t looked like the trade might not work out. it has been finalized last night. >> they are splitting like $5 million. >> right. to get that thing finalized. >> tebow will have to pray constantly if he is going to be around that. >> stephen strasbourg will start the season opener for your washington nationals. we still have plenty ahead. well like to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. this is ellis johnson who tells us he watches fox 5 news morning, noon and night.
5:57 am
we thank you. we does have a special connection to the fox family. he works at the building that houses our capitol hill bureau. >> a special hello to ellis. >> yes. cop great lags. >> if you >> congratulations. i hope you're watching. >> if you would like to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day, go to fox 5 morning news and post a comment under ellis' photo. 
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