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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. his death is sparking a demand for justice from coast to coast. tonight new developments in the trayvon martin case, plus d.c. making its voice heard. >> a baby is dead after a pregnant woman is stabbed by an intruder inside her own home.
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>> they play in maryland, practice in virginia, but tonight some d.c. leaders have a plan to bring the skins back to d.c. we'll begin tonight with the growing fear over the death of trayvon martin of good evening. impolite bolt. >> i'm laura evans. tonight -- i'm brian bolter. >> i'm laura evans. tonight the man charged in the investigation in the shooting death is off the death and at the same time rallies are growing across the country. fox 5's karen gray houston is following a slew of stories tonight. >> this case is provoking strong feelings and angry debates around the country. students at howard university also rallied to raise awareness and demand justice. the crowd in sanford demanded the arrest of the shooter george zimmerman, the neighborhood crime watch captain who admits to shooting trayvon martin but says he fired in self-defense. because florida has a stand
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your ground law killing in self- defense can be legal. earlier the city's police chief announced he's temporarily stepping down because he says he has become a distraction. >> i do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to the city which has been in turmoil for several weeks. i've made sure that the facts of this case have been presented to the office of the state attorney. >> what the city wants more to happen than anything else for the trayvon martin family is justice. >> but al sharpton and martin's family have reservations. >> trayvon martin represents the vol early in the of all of us that have to live being suspects rather than citizens. >> they held up packages of skillings.
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it was skittles and arizona iced tea police found on martin after he was killed and not a weapon. >> we're here today to express our concern with the justice system, the law specifically in florida and how it accommodates this type of racism. >> also on campus another group of students was shooting a video for an am i suspicious campaign? >> my name is brian graham. i'm a senior, radiation therapy major here at howard university in the college of allied health. do i look suspicious? >> racial profiling is a problem for young black men. george geurro, executive director of black men appeared on fox 5 earlier where he discuss mentoring them on how to deal with law enforcement. >> what we do is when we get opportunity, we talk to them about avoiding conflict at all costs. >> guerro tells them that includes telling them not to talk back to police officers. in this case the shooter was not law enforcement, though he apparently had an interest in
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it. george zimmerman grew up in the manassas area. one of his neighbors told us yesterday zimmerman used him as a reference when he applied to a local police academy. >> i'll take it. with the police chief in sanford having stepped down temporarily, what effect is that ultimately having? >> it takes away some of the negative stigma that's been directed at the city, but it doesn't really change much or seem to. the police chief didn't write the stand your ground law. he said his department has not arrested zimmerman based on the facts and circumstances they had at the time of the shooting. so for now a florida grand jury is meeting and the u.s. justice department and fbi are investigating the case. >> certainly not over yet. thanks for the update. >> 20 states besides florida have a version of the stand your ground law. in 30 minutes former state's attorney glenn ivey joins us with some insight. another big story tonight, the baby of a pregnant woman who was stabbed in southeast
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overnight has died. the eight month pregnant woman was stabbed in her own apartment on ninth street. fox 5's beth parker has more on this disturbing story. >> shattered glass, neighbors say a family member smashed out this window in anger minutes after an ugly incident. >> it was bad, real bad. >> around 2:30 a.m. police were called to an apartment building in the 4200 block of ninth street southeast. neighbors called 911 after waking to cries for help from a woman who was eight months pregnant. >> last night i was going to the store. that's about all. >> but other neighbors saw her later bleeding crying out for help. police say she had been stabbed in the stomach. her son kuron rashad hunt was to be delivered in a few weeks. he did not survive. >> my heart does go out to the young lady and her family. >> i'm so ready to leave. i mean, you know, we have seen a guy killed his mom over
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there. we seen a man die right there in that driveway right there on new year's eve. >> joanne lives across the street and says she doesn't feel safe in her neighborhood. >> i lay in my bed. i can look out my window and see police flying around here all night long and hear gunshots and just say lord, don't let no bullet come in my house. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we're told there were no signs of forced entry into the apartment. it's unclear if the door was locked. so far no one has been arrested. d.c. police arrested a teenage girl after three women were stabbed in northeast. investigators believe the fight started at a mcdonald, spilled onto rhode island avenue last night. the three women stabbed are expected to recover. it was a bust that has police shaking their heads. officers raided a barbershop in tacoma park and confiscated stolen and counterfeit goods. bottles of tide detergent were part of the stash. now four people face theft charges. fox 5's paul wagner joins us with more. >> prince george's county police say the nouveau hair
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barbershop wasn't just a place for a trim and shave. customers could also shop for jeans, body wash, watches and electronics, all $125,000 worth stolen were counterfeit, but an attorney who represents the shop says it's all a big mistake. when police began their search, this shop resembled a general store you might have visited back in the day. in addition to a cut, customers could also shop for jeans, body wash, phones, electronics, even detergent. >> the setup was such that in the back of the store beyond where the barbers were cutting hair, you had these elaborate glass shelving units where you could find stolen phones, dove body wash, counterfeit jeans. beyond that in the back room investigators found a locked office that was filled with additional stolen products. >> police also found toothpaste, watches and knock- off italian shoes. there were even containers for
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shipping. >> besides the fact that someone could walk in off the street and either get their hair cut or buy these stolen items, there were also large shipping containers that detectives believe were being used to ship these items to the black markets overseas. >> police arrested four men, william smith, damien marberry, girard brun and samuel athawaka, all charged with theft, but an attorney for the shop said the police have it all wrong. >> it belonged to them. i think as the investigation continues, you'll find out that there's no connection. >> police also found more than a dozen large bottles of tide liquid detergent. >> the liquid tide story has gone national. it's such a problem across the country. >> in fact, some retailers are putting anti-theft devices on containers that can retail for close to $20.
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prince george's county police say you could expect more arrests. andre horns by, the former prince george's county superintendent could be out of jail in months. after an appeal today a federal judge reduced his sentence to four years instead of six. hornsby has served 39 months of his sentence. in 2008 a jury found him guilty of steering school contracts to a girl friend and another friend. >> a mild night tonight, the temperature headed back up tomorrow. here's a live look from northeast d.c. how warm is it going to get tomorrow is the question? sue palka is in now with more. >> hi, brian. warmer than today and we got up to 76 degrees. so could we dare use the word kind of hot tomorrow? we're headed for the low 80s. first stop tonight i wanted you to see radar because we aren't seeing a lot of activity, but we have a couple hotspots here and there. i'm looking down here toward culpeper county, this storm moving very slowly potentially
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dropping some heavy rain. keep an eye on that one south of warrenton, kind of running a little west of elk run. we're really not expecting a lot of rain going through the overnight, but boy, you'll probably have thick fog in some of those areas, so a couple isolated storms around tonight and let's go ahead and look at the temperatures today. i mentioned we got up to 76 degrees, not a record, but sure feels like the middle of may, doesn't it? dulles 77 and bwi marshall 76 degrees. it is still real warm all across the region tonight, too. our current temperature still 67 degrees but dulles is 70. it is 73 at this hour in manassas and 78 quantico. so when you think about the fact that the average high for the day should be around 58 degrees, we are well above it tonight and even overnight i think most places will stay really close to 60 degrees. i mentioned there's only a couple of isolated showers here and there. you can see those passing south. things are going to get changed up as we head toward the
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weekend. you'll see a huge circulation. this is a slow moving storm. it is creeping in our direction. we're going to squeak another beautiful day out tomorrow, but it gets pretty unsettled for the weekend. by the way, let's copy and paste that fog forecast for tomorrow morning. it may slow you down a little. i'll have lots more to tell you about the weather when i join you upstairs. >> if you want the latest weather, news, fox 5 weather app puts the forecast at your fingertips. go to the app store, the android market to download it on your smartphone. we are following breaking news in the case of the army staff sergeant accused in an afghan massacre. tonight a u.s. official says robert bales will be charged with 17 pounce of murder. the charges also include -- counts of murder. the charges also include six counts of attempted murder and six counts of aggravated assault. the 38-year-old soldier is accused of gunning down nine afghan children and eight adults as they slept in their homes. the charges will be read to bales tomorrow at the military prison in kansas where he's
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being held. the medical campaigner's report is out. find out what he -- examiner's report is out. find out what he said killed whitney houston. >> plus first it was a campaign trail affair that ended with his mistress giving birth to his baby. now john edwards is embroiled in another even juicier sex scandal. >> this terrifying attack tonight at 11:00, a maryland realtor ambushed and sexually assaulted while previewing a home, details tonight on the news edge. d
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it's a problem some women have experienced while riding metro, sexual harassment and assault. tonight the issue was discussed at a forum in northwest. collective action for safe spaces and the american association of university women sponsored the event. one victim said she was harassed on a metrobus and no 1 helped her. >> it's not -- and no one helped her. >> it's not acceptable it, is not cool and no one should have to go through that on their commute to work or home or where they're going. >> metro is launching an awareness campaign to stop sexual harassment and assault. fox 5's sherri ly reports. ts. >> reporter: metro riders can
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feel squeezed, but it's no free pass to get touchy feeley. that kind of groping is a crime. metro wants to stop it. >> i've heard about a lot of females be sexually harassed on metro late night depending on the area and if people are aware of it, maybe they won't act on it. >> reporter: the transit agent plans to launch a systemwide anti-sexual harassment campaign on buses and rail stations telling riders it's not okay. last week the agency set up an e-mail and website for complaints. transit police received four reports now under investigation. >> what we're saying is we will listen to those and try to identify what is of a criminal nature and address those issues of. >> reporter: metro licensed the campaign from boston's transit system but will tailor it to the d.c. region. in boston harassment reporting increased with signs like rub against me, i'm expose you or the person handcuffed saying this is what happens to your hands when you can't keep them
10:17 pm
to yourself. >> really shouldn't happen and people, women especially, should feel safe that they can get on the train and not have these incidents occur. >> reporter: last year metro had 84 cases of sexual assault or harassment reported, but now will track cases of verbal harassment, too. >> a, it's not acceptable to make, you know, comments that are unacceptable to other people with regard to sexual comments. >> reporter: things like sexual comments or unwanted advances may not be criminal, but still cross the line. >> they'll be like come here, stuff like that. say oh, you look fat today. >> but i could feel where it could be pretty intimidating. >> reporter: sexual harassment is a crime. for metro it's time all riders get the picture. sherri ly, fox 5 news. former presidential candidate john edwards may be linked to another sex scandal, this time involving a high priced prostitution ring.
10:18 pm
a call girl working for new york's alleged millionaire madam claims she was paid to have sex with edwards when he was running for the democratic nomination in 2007. fox's lisa evers has details. >> reporter: the website dna info was first to break news of anna gristina's arrest for allegedly running a high priced call girl ring. now that same website reports a hooker who worked for her told investigators she was paid to have sex with former presidential candidate john edwards. she says it happened during a fundraising stop in 2007 when edwards was running for the democratic nomination for president. a spokesperson for the former senator says, "mr. edwards categorically denies that he was involved with any prostitute or service. these allegations are false." investigative reporter murray weiss stands by his story. >> i'm not saying whether she's telling the truth or not. what i am saying is that she told this story to the investigators and they found that her story was credible
10:19 pm
enough that they pursued it. >> reporter: meantime tonight fox 5 uncovered some striking similarities between the millionaire madam's alleged operation and an earlier call girl ring run by brazilian bombshell andrea schwartz. she's a madam who allegedly helped set up eliot spitzer. court records show like gristina she catered to wealthy and powerful men operating out of a luxury apartment building in midtown providing sex, security and secrecy. former federal prosecutor doug burns reviewed the court records we obtained. >> what strikes me is there's a certain similarity in the story line. i mean first of all, the geographic location where it's happening, the socioeconomic dimension, you know, high level, high priced, wealthy individuals patronizing the entity. >> reporter: since the millionaire madam's arrest there's been tremendous interest in her potential client list. former detective bowe deadle says we a could see more famous
10:20 pm
names linked to gristina. >> look at our former governor and on and on, they want no involvement. they want a quick relationship for a sexual favor and they want to pay for it. they don't want to develop a relationship that's going to affect one, their marriage, two, their position. >> edwards is facing a trial already for legendly using campaign donations to cover up his affair with videographer riyal hunter while he was married to his late wife elizabeth. the l.a. county coroner ruled that whitney houston's death was officially a drowning. autopsy results showed she was a strong cocaine user. houston was found in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel last month. there was no evidence of wrongdoing police say. the man suspected of opening fire at a school in france goes out in a blaze of gunfire. the incredible end to a standoff with police ahead.
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>> but first the redskins moving back to d.c.? could be a reality if the mayor get his way. find out why one neighborhood doesn't think it's such a good idea.  turn left.
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the scandal of nfl players with bounties on their heads now has a u.s. senate taking a closer look. senator dick durbin is setting up a judiciary committee hearing to find out whether the bounty system should be a crime. the nfl punished two new orleans coaches yesterday after discovering the players received extra cash for hits that hurt opponents. could the washington redskins soon return to the district at least to practice? some city leaders are making a play to make that happen and fox 5's maureen umeh has the details. >> not without some opposition and there is a lot of it. a lot of folks that live near rfk stadium say it's going to cause a lot of problems and
10:25 pm
they really don't want it. it's called reservation 13, an area largely made up of the old d.c. general hospital site and d.c. mayor vincent gray and some council members expressed interest in having a training facility for the washington redskins built here. >> i am unabashedly a washington redskins fan. it bothered me the day they walked out the door and went to rfk stadium in prince george's county. >> reporter: but it's proving a tough sell. many residents don't want it. >> i think it is absolutely a crime to consider giving it to a bunch of sweaty athletes to kill each other for bounties on the site and the city gains in financial advantage, no tax advantage -- gains no financial advantage, no tax advantage for having training facility for athletes of. >> reporter: residents say they want what was promised in a master development plan passed by the council 10 years ago, a mixed use project of retail, medical facilities and
10:26 pm
more. they packed a meeting at d.c. armory thursday night to voice their concerns. >> it's not going to benefit community in anyway. >> reporter: mayor gray and two council members recently went to tampa to visit their football team's new training complex. gray said it was simply to get ideas. he said opposition to the training facility at reservation 13 is premature. >> there is no plan. there is no deal. there's been conversations about it. >> what are some of the things that might be included? and that was, of course, training fields for the team to train on, training facility, a redskins hall of fame as well as a hotel and a medical center to study concussions and head injuries of. >> reporter: but residents say they have their doubts. they say what the site needs are projects that create jobs and enhance the neighborhood. they plan to keep fighting to keep the redskins training facility out. so mayor gray said several sites are being looked at in d.c. but didn't say where.
10:27 pm
this issue is far from over. >> still in the discussion phase. >> he calls it a conversation, mayor gray does. >> okay. we'll listen to the conversation as it develops. another local grocery store chain taking a stand on pink slime. find out if it's the meat you're bringing homecoming up. >> and anticipation building at movie theaters around the area, the first public viewing of hunger games about 90 minutes away. sarah fraser with the eager fans coming up. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪
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a standoff between a suspected serial killer and french riot police ended with a deadly shootout. the suspect claimed his attacks would bring france to its knees. he was accused of murdering members of the military, a rabbi and three children. fox's greg talcott has the story from toulouse. >> reporter: early thursday morning in toulouse the 32 hour long face-off between self- described terrorist and killer mohamed merah and french police
10:31 pm
ended with a deadly bang. that's when police commandos stormed the apartment building where merah was holed up. negotiations having failed, 300 rounds were exchanged before merah was shot dead fleeing through a ground floor window. two policemen were injured. command . -- a commando used to this sort of thing said he'd never seen such a violent attack, not the kind of thing seen in this video of merah taking a joyride in a sports car. later he goes on a shooting spree. just hours after the siege was broken police stand guard and look for evidence in the building while politicians look for lessons from this horrible crime. french president nicolas sarkozy made a nationally televised address prompting to crack down on anyone involved in terrorism online, in prison or at training camps, all
10:32 pm
things the late shooter merah allegedly did. coming together must be our priority said sarkozy. there are no signs yet sarkozy's handling of the crisis has helped him politically, but there are signs people are relieved like this father at the school targeted by the shooter. translator: it is clearly a feeling of satisfaction he says. our children can go back to school knowing that crazy man can't harm them. >> reporter: in few lewis france greg talcott accident fox -- in toulouse france, greg talcott, fox news. the head of the sanford, florida police department stepped down today. he's been criticized for not arresting george zimmerman. he has not been charged because of florida's stand your ground law which allows a person to use deadly force when threatened. joining us now to talk more
10:33 pm
about that law is former state's attorney glenn ivey. we don't have this stand your ground law in maryland, right? >> that's correct. you have a castle rule, so you can protect yourself. you have a right to self- defense without retreat in your home, but out on the street there's a duty to get away and reef treat if you can do that. >> -- and retreat if you can do that. >> do you know about d.c. and virginia as well? >> they have a variation of the castle rule in the houses that's a little softer than maryland's, but you still have a duty to retreat outside the house. >> the problem, at least gun control advocates say with this stand your ground law, is that it's essentially a shoot first ask questions later kind of law and the situation with trayvon martin seems to back up that argument. >> yeah. i mean the trayvon martin scenario sounds even worse because actually zimmerman pursued him even though the police dispatcher told him to leave him alone and let the police handle it, but i know the prosecutors in florida,
10:34 pm
especially urban areas, are having trouble with this because it creates sort of an expanded self-defense it can use in shootings that i think would be prosecuted in other states like maryland. >> it gets confusing and perhaps the stand your ground law was initially enacted because if somebody breaks into your house, it should be your right i think a lot of people would feel like toed an your ground and not let somebody taking -- like to stand your ground and not let somebody take over your house and your life, correct? >> i think in florida this happened after the hurricanes and main had moved his trailer to his -- a man had moved his trailer to his house because he was forced out, somebody broke in and he ended up shooting him. prosecutors took him to court and prosecuted him for that and the florida legislature tried to create an expanded zone for that, but clearly this case goes well beyond that scenario. >> trayvon martin a side because it seems to have some extenuating circumstances, the consequences of this stand your ground law, do you feel like
10:35 pm
george zimmerman can hide behind it or do you feel like there's so many extenuating circumstances in this case that can't protect him? >> i'm not seeing the circumstances at this point. stand your ground means if someone comes at you and you feel threatened, you have a right to defend yourself without having to retreat. zimmerman pursued trayvon martin and apparently created the situation, created the confrontation that led to the killing. so i don't know that he's going to be able to use that defense down the road, but i know the prosecutors at the state and federal level are going to look at it and take a look, hopefully pursue charges here. >> the grand jury is looking into it as well. glenn ivey, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. what would you do if someone handed you $220,000? basically what george washington university did to eight lucky d.c. students today. you can see their reaction coming up. >> plus find out why these firefighters are battling flames in drag. but first one toymaker seeing its stock jump by more
10:36 pm
than 100% in one day, fox business network's neil cavuto explains why. >> they're still low, but mortgage rates are moving past a key level, the 30 year fixed rate now rising above 4% for the first time in nearly four months. fedex is delivering good and bad news, the shipping giant seeing its profits more than double last quarter thanks to a record holiday season, but fedex lowering its outlook the rest of the year amid rising costs for energy. prices at the pump keep marching closer to four bucks a gallon jumping nearly two cents overnight. and turning a political faff into a goldmine, ohio art the -- gaffe into a goldmine, ohio art, the maker of etch a sketch seeing its stocks rise over 100%, after a key adviser of romney compared a political campaign to the classic kid's toys. the latest edition of angry
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search crews found five more bodies in the wreckage of that cruise ship off the coast of italy. the costa concordia ran aground more than two months ago. the ship was carrying more than 4,200 passengers when it hit a reef and capsized in january. that brings the total numbers of bodies found to 30. two people are missing presumed dead. in tonight's health alert three more supermarket chains have announced they will no longer sell beef that includes an additive known as pink
10:41 pm
slime. giant's, clearing and stop and shop are joining the list of stores no longer using the product. the low cost ingredient is made from fatty meat left over from other cuts. the fat is removed and treated with ammonia to kill bacteria. federal regulators say it does meet the food safety standards, but customers have expressed concern about using the product. oduct. new tonight on the news edge at 11:00, a maryland realtor prepping a home to be sold suddenly ambushed and sexually assaulted. we'll tell you how it happened and what police told neighbors tonight. >> plus new scandalous accusations at d.c. city hall. mayor vincent gray is accused of running a so-called shadow campaign. we'll explain at 11:00. 
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10:44 pm
it's a video gone viral, a pair of firefighter dressed in drag putting out a truck fire in central minnesota last weekend. firefighters got dressed up as guy for a st. patrick's day parade but then a truck exploded during the parade.
10:45 pm
the firefighters sprang into action and got the fire out quickly. no one was hurt. they were comfortable. the countdown to the hunger games is on. we're just over an hour way from the movie's premier. fans have been lining up all day long. hot 99.5 sarah fraser caught up with some of them at the uptown theater earlier tonight. >> reporter: i am down here at uptown theater on connecticut avenue and, of course, tonight is the premier of hunger games. these lady have been camped out for how long? >> since 4:30. >> reporter: since 4:30 this afternoon and i love it. are you cat nest tonight? >> i am sort of a mockingbird or an attempt at one. i have wings and an arrow and a beak. >> reporter: do you think this will be bigger than harry potter opening weekend? >> i think it's like more people know about it. i don't know. i mean i think that it could appeal to a lot more people. well, that's probably not true,
10:46 pm
but no. it has very good potential of beating harry potter. >> reporter: so mike has been sitting here as dad. you've been down here about how long? >> about three hours. >> reporter: your kids, i hope they appreciate you. >> i hope they, do too. >> reporter: you going to stay and watch it tonight? >> no. i'll see it some other time. probably on the couch. >> reporter: can you believe this dad and then he's leaving. >> i'll pick them up later to take them home. >> super dad! >> reporter: you guys are supposed to be in line at uptown theater, but you're not. you're actually here having dinner and drinking at the bar. what's up with that? >> we just abandoned all of our friends. >> if you had to kill one of them, who would it be? >> i'd kill you because i've known you the least. >> reporter: beatrice, who are you offering first? >> probably marla because i want to kill her for her hat. >> reporter: tonight is the night for hunger games. some people are team pee that. some people are team gail --
10:47 pm
peta. some people are team gail. some people don't like it at all. it's going to get crazy tonight at 12:01 it's hunger games. that make you want to take your life? >> yeah. >> reporter: popcorn courtesy of fox 5. hey, we found a look alike. >> how's it going? >> reporter: where's miley? you're looking good. i'm going to tell you right now i would save you for later. are you excited about hunger games? [ cheering ] [ cheeri >> reporter: it's going to be an exciting night down here on connecticut avenue. back to you guys. >> that girl. my gosh. she gets no sleep. i don't know how she does it. >> does she ever sleep? >> you can't sleep when it's gorgeous like this outside, another warm day to enjoy the national cherry blossom festival. a million people are expected to visit for the 100th anniversary of the gift of the cherry trees from japan. the festival started tuesday,
10:48 pm
which is also peak bloom for the blossoms. have you been down there? >> i was down there last week, so i haven't seen them at peak and if you are going, go soon. probably tomorrow because it's going to get rainy for the weekend and they've been out long enough i think some of the petals will start coming down. they're coming down in my neighborhood already. >> they're beautiful. >> they are. you don't really appreciate it till you get down there. it's such a canopy it's so overwhelming. it really is worth the trip. tomorrow is your day. you can still see them around, but they're going to start to take a little beating from rain over the weekend. it's not like we're looking for a total gully washer saturday and sunday, but that grass that's getting real green in your backyard, you'll have to think about a time to cut it after this weekend because it will definitely be growing. everything is. everything is blooming. here's another picture. these are some of the blossoms down around embassy road. keep sending us your pictures. we love to get them.
10:49 pm
everything is in bloom across the city and the pollen count is out to prove it as well. i'm sure some of you are wheezing and sneezing as we continue with these incredibly warm temperatures across the region. i'll tell you what else is going on, temperatures are mighty warm as well. our high temperature today, 78 degrees. i told you 76 earlier. that was on the climatology, but our graphics continue to insist 78. how about 82 for quantico, 83 fredericksburg, a little cooler near annapolis by the water. frederick got up to 81 degrees all and so did dulles. now across the region we're still really warm, 67 in the district, not going to be a cold night, culpeper 72 degrees, a little storm running down here between culpeper and fauquier county, might knock your temperature town a little bit later, but very mild, unusual -- down a little bit later, but very mild, unusually mild. that would be a warm day daytime high temperature on any
10:50 pm
other year. no surprise it's the warmest on record. a few more days and we'll see how it continues to trend. this is the lone storm out there. i don't think we'll see much more in this department. this has been moving slowly dropping a lot of heavy rain and will continue to push on to the south. it's very spotty activity, really think once that's out of here it's the last we see of it, but there is this huge slow moving storm. you've probably heard about it a few days now. it's sitting and spinning. it has a deep tropical kind of connection and it brings up some very heavy downpours. we had very heavy rain across louisiana and mississippi and we'll continue to see that now moving into alabama and eventually that system has to move across the mid-at lang and it's going to do that this -- the mid-atlantic and it's going to do that this weekend. it will be unsettled this weekend. not wall to wall rain, but when we do get rain, it may be some heavy downpours. a hot one tomorrow, 82 degrees,
10:51 pm
more typical of june. saturday we drop the temperature to 72 degrees. there will be some showers and thunderstorms around, scattered but a very good chance of it and check this out. on sunday it looks like an onshore wind develops, that east wind and that knocks our temperatures down more to 65 degrees. quite frankly, sunday could be wetter than saturday. here's the setup for tomorrow. we squeeze out another warm one from the same region we've, had high pressure parked off the coast, a lot of sunshine as well and any rain will hold off till pretty late tomorrow as in 11:00 or 12:00, but showers and storms are in here for saturday and will push their way through and some heavy downpours possible with that, too and maybe gusty winds as well. we bring rain in for saturday and sunday, but it looks like for monday we change the pattern up a bit. next week is not as warm as this week. it looks like it's a bit of an adjustment, still above average but more likely low 60s. so perhaps some of you who would rather not run your ac
10:52 pm
starting tomorrow will appreciate that little bit of a break, but it's been amazing, hasn't it? >> it sure has. >> march madness in the weather department. >> exactly. thanks, sue. it is sweet 16 time. >> fox 5 sports is brought to you by acura. >> don't want to step on our sponsors. in the ncaa tournament and there's only one local team still dancing, the maryland women. sports director dave feldman with more on a team that continues to achieve postseason success. >> the terps beat louisville monday to advance to the sweet 16 and head coach brenda frese feels this team is very similar to her 2006 national championship team, but as lindsay murphy reports this, team still has some big obstacles to overtime. >> they will advance to the sweet 16 as they outlast louisville. >> we're obviously on a tremendous ride, tremendous journey with this team, a team that doesn't want their season to end. >> reporter: brenda frese has done it again. for the fourth time in her 10
10:53 pm
years as maryland's head coach the terps are in the sweet 16, the only local team with its dancing shoes still on. >> i feel like they would have felt it was a failed season had they not gotten out of college park back to back years. so i feel like a burden has probably been lifted from shirr shoulders. >> reporter: the temps find -- from their shoulders of. >> reporter: the terps find themselves in a bit of an underdog role. reason being the aggies are the national champ, but vanity the temps earned the right to be -- haven't the terps earned the right to be favorite, a top 20 team all season long? >> a lot of people don't have faith in us. i believe we're going to go out and be ready to play. i think the pressure is on them. >> reporter: fight to the finish and 12 strong is the terps two team mottos. it's a belief system and it's got am them to the sweet 16. >> we're not just -- gotten them to the sweet 16.
10:54 pm
>> we're just going to try to come out and play our best. >> we need to be strong and i believe everybody in the locker room bought into that and we all believe we are 12 strong. >> reporter: 12 strong for the sweet 16 this sunday versus texas a&m at noon. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. maryland leaves tomorrow afternoon for raleigh, north carolina, not a home court but kind of familiar. they play this of year against north carolina state -- there every year against north carolina state. getting into college is exciting enough, right? how about finding out you're getting a free ride to one of the most expensive universities in the country? it was a total surprise for some students today and our cameras caught it all. we'll show you next. >> on the news edge at 11:00 you've barry settled in with the iphone 4s and there's already rumors of an iphone 5, details on the news edge. >> this fox 5 sports update is
10:55 pm
brought to you by acura, acura advance.
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we all know how expensive a college education is these days. well, imagine getting a full four year ride to one of the most expensive universities in the country. nine d.c. high school students got the surprise of a lifetime today. fox 5's john henrehan went along for part of the joyride. >> reporter: in part because of its urban setting in d.c. it costs a lot of money to attend george washington university, about $56,000 a year. university president steven knapp says it's the happiest day of his work year when he gets to drop in at various public, charter and private d.c. high schools to a announce the winners of four year full scholarships. >> so it's now my pleasure and honor to name our recipient of the scholarship from benjamin banneker appear deeming high school and that person is nia
10:59 pm
christian. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the tracktonberg scholarships at gwu amount to $220,000 scholarships over the four year period paying for tuition, room, board and books. nia christian is graduating from d.c.'s rigorous banneker academic high with a 3.8 gpa and although she was definitely headed for college, she was worried about money. >> ida plied for a lot of smaller scholarships in the -- i'd applied for a lot of smaller scholarships in the past and just hadn't really gotten any. this is a really big step from that. >> reporter: nia is not just an academic. >> she plays on the volleyball team, the softball team, does community service. so she's a well deserved student of the scholarship. >> reporter: nia will study engineering at gwu with the hopes of someday becoming an inventor. across the city at duke ellington school for the arts taylor young got the scholarship. [ cheering and applause ]


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