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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  March 24, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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former point guard and his florida gators and looked like students would talk teacher. and florida built an 11 1/2, second- 11 1/2 point, second- half lead and give the cardinals a one-point lead in the final minute. the final seconds, florida down 3 and with some two good looks. and punching the final four tickets, and they beat florida 72-68. and on to that team still alive. the maryland women o. monday, they beat to advance to the sweet 16. and the head coach feels this team is similar to the 2006 national championship team and this week, this year's team has big obstacles to overcome starting tomorrow. >> and -- . >> we're obviously on a tremendous ride, tremendous journey with the team, a team
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that doesn't want their season to end. >> reporter: brenda has done it again and for the fourth time in her 10 years, the terps are in the sweet 16. the only local team to have its dancing shoes on. >> and like they would have felt it was a failed tease had they not gotten out of college park and i feel like a burden is lifted. >> reporter: the terps find themselves in an underdog role leading up to the matchup with texas a&m. the reason being, the aggies are the reigning national champs. haven't they earned the right to be the favorite? a number two seed, not to mention a top 20 team all season long. >> and there are a lot of people who don't have face faith in us and i think the pressure is on them. >> reporter: the terps have two team mottos, fight to the finish and 12 strong. that is a belief system and got them to the sweet 16. >> we're not just a one-
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dimensional team and we have multiple scorers and some other players key go to and so, i know going there we're going to come on out. >> and that is what we need and to know strong. i believe everyone in the locker room bought into that. >> reporter: 12 strong this sunday versus texas a&m at noon. we have to take a quick break. when we come back, tiger woods is moving and grooving at the arnold palmer invitational. high and low lights coming up. 
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. >> welcome back. the capitals gotted if good news today. nicholas back strom cleared for practice the first time in three months and he's missed 37 games with a concussion and there is no time table for his return to gameak. buffalo won taking a two- point lead for the final play- off spot. and the wizards hosting the hawks and the second straight game, they look great earlyo and with that single role, the 21 points and added 11 rebounds as well and with that 16-point
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lead. the final minutes within two. this is joe johnson with the clutch 3 and that took atlanta up 1 with 46 seconds to go. and move to the final seconds. with seven to go, he gets a great look for the tie and no good off of the back of the rim and the wiz blow a sec-half double-digit lead at home and fallling to atlanta, 95-92e. opening day is less than two weeks away. the nationals may have to start their season without closer interview drew storein. and he won't be beginning playing catch until tuesday. an mri revealed no structural damage in the elbow. for now,-by-on the shelf. and this afternoon, a rough outing for him and 3-2/3 for jackson, gave up 11 hits, 10 runs and seven those earned and adam jones with the infield
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edge is and with the score on the error here, by the 3rd baseman and with that wound out at the plate. the os blast the nats, dwell-3, they're 0, 10, and 1 in the last 11 games. the arnold palmer invitational and that is looking like tiger woods is blowing him away and with that four-shot lead. on 15 and you know what this means, it means it's never good and that is going across to the pools and would land in someone's backyard and they taking pictures and in the crutches, you can't leave her out and out of the corner and tiger is not amused by this and double bogies the hole and ends at 1-under and good enough for a one-shot lead overgm mcdole. and -- over graham mcdowel. march madness and talking
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. >> off of the wall. dave ross, and martin and wiz. it might be march. >> and talking about march madness. >> and some college hoop. >> and that is in the nfl. payton manning landing in den vex were you surprised about that in. >> not surprised. i figured he would end up in denver. >> no, this is why. john fox will let him do what he wants to do offensively. >> sure. >> he can run the show. >> anyone's going to let him do that and john fox will let him deal with that while he deals with the defense. john elway has -- it's a kindred spirit kind of thing. hall of fame quarterback with a future hall of fame quarterback. >> yeah. >> and brothers there. >> right. >> and there is that connection there and. >> the connection is greatness. he has two super bowl rings. >> and this is the other thing. he's in a weak division. >> that is true. >> oakland, kansas city, and san diego. all weaker teams and that means the odds of winning are bet
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jeer and i didn't see him go to denver initially. makes sense. my question, will he win there? >> of course he will. >> i agree. i think they will, too. >> because of that division. >> right. >> and that was not great last year and into the play-offs. >> and next wok. >> by tom brady. >> right. >> and did that with tim tebow. >> bringing us to our next subject. >> yes. >> and getting traded to the new york jets. >> i can't see how this is good. you think denver has a lot of people look at him. >> and that is robert griffin 3. and tim tebow. >> who is not -- . >> and you not robert griffin, but he does, a mobile quarterback, like rg-3 and did it had a -- does it in a different way. if i'm mark sankez in new york, i'm going why are you bringing in 15? >> and this is going to be a
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big issue for sanchez. as soon as he throws an interception. >> right. >> and people will say -- . >> and to bring tebow. >> this wildcat stuff from last year. >> yeah. >> to some extent and this waiting three quarters and waiting for a miracle at the end of the game, that is not going to work. >> and do you think they'll figure out how to put him in their in. >> and that is not going to work. you saw signs of it last year. >> and they caught on to it. >> i have two words for tim the bow. >> okay. >> earmuffs. [ laughter ] >> and the man likes the four- letter words. >> yes. >> and that is a whole other issue. >> i know. >> and the new york media. >> and the new york media. >> oh, my goodness. >> and the honeymoon -- . >> welcome to new york. >> and we're out of here, wisdom martin. we'll see you next week. for another rousing edition of
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off the wall. the wall. thank you, ross and wisdom. d.c. united and vancouver, scoreless in the second half. thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. good night. od night. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪


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