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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  March 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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comply. >> during the course of the contact with the individual, there was a course where the individual pulled a gun on the officers, shots were fired, and the suspect was shot. >> you mentioned trouble in the block. what kind of trouble on the block? >> we're not sure what the call was for, but we know the officers were here investigating a complaint. >> reporter: what is going to happen new? is this a veteran officer involved in the shooting? >> two of our veteran officers involved in the shooting. >> reporter: and law enforcement sources tell fox 5 news that police did recover a weapon here at the scene. shawn? back to you. >> we know you're going to keep working the story. we'll come back to you if you get more information. thank you. we're tracking a weather alert. the radar picking up rain. gary mcgrady is monitoring the latest from the weather center. gary? >> reporter: thank you, laura. right now, there is no active warnings or anything like that, and we'll go to our live doppler radar so you can see what is going on and really, to be perfectly honest with you,
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most of this activity is weakening. earlier, there was a lot of lightning in it, but basically now, we have some heavier showers down to the south. southern charles county down around la plata. and to southern sections of fauquier county. parts of prince william county as l. and most of this is basically moving on off to the south and to the southeast. there is a couple of showers northwest inside the beltway. they from 66 up around to the george washington parkway. basically, they're sitting on top of the river there and that is all we're seeing right now and looks like this is cruising to the south-southeast. how long will this stay with us? well, it's not going to be here much longer. we have nicer stuff behind it. the complete forecast is coming up. and we'll see you soon. thank you. a tsa manager is out of a job tonight after police busted him on prostitution-related charges. he's apparently been investigated for similar complaints in the past.
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fox 5s john henrehan has details from the newsroom. john. >> reporter: the prostitution incident, which may have involved as many as 11 people, happened in february. the police in montgomery county investigated for nearly a month resulting in the arrest of a ts assign visor while he was on the job at dulles airport. he was a supervisor in charge of the morning shift of tsa employees at dulles international airport. brian germane livingston was employed by the transportation security administration for nine years. on wednesday, february 15th, according to charging documents, he used cash to rent a room at the crown plaza hotel in silver spring, maryland. >> hotel management suspected there may be some sort of a prostitution going on in one of the rooms. rented by the defendant. management had recognized him as being in the hotel before and observed a lot of traffic, males and females, going up the
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elevator, down and in and out of the room. >> reporter: the manager and police knocked on the door of the fifth floor room when that were invited in, police say they observed three naked females and four men who were attempting to get dressed. a total of 11 people were in the room. bryant livingston was interviewed in the hallway and told police he runs the security at dulles airport. in a subsequent police interview, one of the men in the roomel to the investigators he had paid livingston $100 to engage in sexual activities. livingston was charged with five prostitution-related counts. the tsa said bryant livingston is no longer employed at the agency and the allegations against him -- against him amount to unacceptable conduct. the chargings document quotes a tsa investigator saying the federal agency received in 2009, a similar complaint. and that livingston was running a prostitution ring at the time charging individuals $25 for
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sexual acts. we reached livingston by home at -- phone at his home and he said he's innocent of the charges. his attorney declined to elaborate on the case. we asked the tsa to explain why the agency didn't act after the 2009 complaint about prostitution and they have yet to get back to us and livingston will be tried to may 8th in maryland, the judges can sentence a person with a fine or up to a year in jail. >> and thank you. two men kidnapped a man from in front of his home on 59th avenue and riverdale last night and they forced him into his vehicle, drove to an atm on kennelworth avenue to withdraw money. the victim was not hurt and investigators said one of the men shot at police as they tried to get away. the big story tonight, now information in the trayvon martin case. abc news is reporting the lead investigator in the shooting of
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the unarmed teen wanted neighborhood watchmen george zimmerman arrested and charged with manslaughter the night of the shooting. but he was instructed not to press charges because the state's attorneys office said there was not enough evidence to lead to a conviction. and tonight, trayvon martin's parents are reacting to the news. the special prosecutor in the case tells the miami herald the detectives asked the state's attorney for a war a rapt after completing their investigation. zimmerman said he shot martin in self-defense after the teen attacked him. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: a police report categorized it as homicide/self- defense. the police wanted to go forward with charges. what is unclear is the exact charge the detectives wanted. homicide or manslaughter? the special prosecutor said she didn't know and this afternoon, we spoke briefly with trayvon
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martin's parents about the latest developments. >> that is the same feeling we were feeling, something was not right with the case and we appreciate some of the things coming out now. >> reporter: sabrina fullton and her ex-husband martin have been in washington this week meeting with lawmakers and testifying on capitol hill. while here they have had to defend their son on news he was in sanford the night he was killed after being suspended from his miami-area school for having traces of marijuana in his backpack. >> that is totally irrelevant to the case. the things leaked out had nothing to do with zimmerman's actions. it didn't have anything to do with him murdering our son. >> reporter: as for the trip to washington, sabrina fullton and tracy martin say they appreciate the support. >> we're thinking about next steps and the plans we need to take right now to try to get some justice for our son. >> a grand jury is set to convene april 10th. earlier this week, the orlando sentinel said zimmerman told
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police trayvon martin attacked him, punching him into the -- in the news and pounding him on the ground. he said he was crying out for help. on the 911 tapes, can you hear someone crying out for help, but it's unclear who. >> will the arrester? >> well, it's 32 days now and no arrest. >> reporter: florida's governor appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the case. this afternoon at the high school in the district, hundreds of students wearing hoods and carrying skittles held a rally in support of the teen. he was carrying the candy when he was killed, laura? >> paul wagner, thank you. george zimmerman's childhood friend anthony woodson came to talk with me at fox 5 last night and defended zimmerman saying he's not the slightest bit racist. woodson didn't want us to show his face but didn't mind us using his name. he said the racially charged atmosphere of the scazon fair and that his own community is reacting without knowing all of
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the facts. >> the african-american community is allowing ourselves to drop our standard of integrity for the moment because we feel, or we think that it was about race. had i shot trayvon, would this be on the news? would it be such, oh, let's march, let's start this rally. no. >> can you watch my entire interview on our website. now the developing story from the supreme court. the third and final day of hearings on president obama's heel -- healthcare law is over. all week, the justices argued with arguments -- wrestled with arguments over whether the law opponents believe is unconstitutional. and he's the latest from the supreme court. >> reporter: the issue's today before the supreme court were twofold. first, the court had to decide if the individual mandate, which forces americans to buy health insurance is, in fact,
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unconstitutional and does that throw out the entire healthcare law? secondly, they had to look at whether or not the government's expansion of the medicaid program, which sends money to the state to give health insurance to the very poor is an unconstitutional expansion of the program. in court today, in sessions in both the morning and the afternoon, the nine justice supreme court took up the questions. the arguments fell along familiar lines. liberals on the court taking up the first question and said that rather than throw out the entire healthcare law, they would simply rather, if it had to be, take the mandate out and return the law to congress and the president to work out the remainder of the details. later on, the debate over the medicade principle, the chief justice john roberts wondered if the government had gone too far in exercising its control and what he said amounted to a situation that the states could
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not have refused. >> others adjusted some of the other perdigs. why shouldn't we let congress do that if, in fact, the economists prove, some of the economists prove right, that prices will spiral? what is wrong with leaving it to -- in the hands of the people who should be fixing this? not us? >> and there is no way that this court's decision is not going to distort the congressional process. whether we strike it all down or leave some of it in place, the congressional process will never be the same. one a or another. >> reporter: with the arguments, the court now concludes its look at the president's healthcare law and is not expected the decision will be rendered until the court's term ends in june. at the u.s. supreme court, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. should bars stay open an hour later to raise revenue in the district? coming up, city leaders react
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to a controversial plan that could bring in millions. and monitoring metro. why the transit agency pulling dozens of hope rid buses off of the road. >> and jet blue takes action after a pilot has a midair meltdown. the details are next. ar
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. >> dozens of metro buses are being recalled do you to a potential safety hazard. they arrived last summer and turns out they are prone to
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potential electrical shortages, and it's not the first problem that metro's had with the new hybrid buses. sherri ly joining us with the latest. >> reporter: the manufacturer sent in a voluntary recall. in some cases, metro tells fox 5 the batteries got sohood hot, the enquarter-- enjep started smoking. they were recalled because of a potential electrical short in the motor's lithium ion battery. and they trying to eliminate the problem. in extreme cases, metro said the battery overheated causing smoke and minor damage inside the engine and this is months after fox 5 reported a rise in engine failures on metro's diesel electric hybrid buses made by the same company. metro reported the problem in june after seeing an increase in some breakdowns in those buses and reliability. the problems with the cools
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system were blamed for those engine failures, and metro said it was working to resolve that problem and despite this, the hybrid buses continue to outperform the diesel-only buses. in the latest case, they will stay in service. metro said that they are safe and will step up inspections until the retrofitting is completed in may. and the buses are among 152 new hybrids ordered for $89 million not all of them have the same energy stored system. metro is still waiting for five more buses and said they will be fixed before metro receives them. >> thank you. and fox 5 is monitoring metro for you. if you have a story idea, send an e-mail to fox5 five ride-on buses caught fire in recent years in montgomery county, maryland and the union said that the county failed to sufficiently prevent danger to drivers and the rite
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riding public. the union wants to 2 bus models to get out of circulation immediately. the county responded saying they can check every bus for safety before going on the road, and the riders would be stranded and pulled at one time. they're being replaced over the next six months. and the jet blue pilot who had a meltdown on a flight to vegas yesterday has been suspended. and there are other developments in that mid-air incident, leading to frightening moments for passengers. karen grayhouston has been monitoring the situation and joins us from the newsroom. karen? >> reporter: we have gotten word that that suspended pilot has been charged, charged with enterfiring with a flight crew. he was identified as clayton osbaum from georgia. he's a great guy, said the neighbors and they're shocked. he has worked for the company for 12 years and is a cons mat professional. >> 22 clear land. >> clear land, jet blue one, 91 emergency.
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we're going to need authorities and medical assistance at the airport. >> that jet blue flight this had to be diverted to amarillo, texas, when osbourne went on a rant and started shouting about a bomb on board. the fbi is coordinating the investigation. passengers on board have been questioned and they're telling an almost unbelievable story about how they had to wrestle the pilot to the ground and restrain him and that a copilot and offduty pilot who happened to be on board, locked osbourne out of the cockpit and landed the plane. >> and he said something like open the door, there this is an emergency, there is a bomb. >> and the captain wrestled a bit and i got him turned around. other passengers jumped on and we got on top of him. >> the pilot was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition, but he has been charged with interfering with a flight crew. aviation experts say it's rare that pilots become
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incapacitated during a flight. in 2008, an air canada copilot on a flight from toronto to london, had to be restrained and sedated after having a mental breakdown. >> and there is more to come. witnesses say a passenger on board's u.s. airways flight attacked crew members and according to the arrest report, the woman was drunk when she kicked, scratched, and hit the flight attendants. the plane was headed from charlotte, north carolina, to fort myers, florida and the woman was wrestled to the floor and restrained with hand ties. the witnesses say the woman was screaming and crying as police later took her from the airport. and dulles international is showing its facility. it will make it easier for passengers to get through customs -- customs. another bonus, public art is on display. a spokesperson said the airport has a high percentage of international passengers making the expansion necessary. and it was really a
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beautiful day. and things turned down hill. >> yeah, around 2 something? >> yeah. >> and seems like the skies got gray and the raindrops started coming down. >> yeah. >> and it was hot. >> what can we expect? >> and this is passing through. i think the rest of the evening for most of us, and that is lyle looking nice. we have some readings in the 8ys earlier this afternoon around down south and officially, so far at national, the temperature made it up to 72 and we won't be this warm tomorrow and look at live doppler radar, that is going round and round and towards alexandrea, arlingtonway and most of this is to the south. we'll am. >> zoom in and some of this is basically from the split there and to 495 and to 95. still showers there for the
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evening commute and that is going to slow it on down and all of this, basically, is headed to the south and southeast. and the bigger picture, that satellite and radar, a couple of things to look through here. the strongest of the storms, the severe thunderstorms is with well to the west of us and there is a watch out there for most of west virginia. and that is not the case for us. the temperatures cooled off of the he's, gaithersburg, 72 and in the city, rain cooled at 70 and that is hard to believe. 72, fredericksburg, they were up around 80 degrees and down south earlier this afternoon. at 7:00, the shower lingers or store, most of that southern sections of metro and to the southern counties and breezy at 9:00 and 11:00, the frontal system is approaching and passing through. as that happens, the wins will be kicking up and that will be getting cooler overnight and not cold but chilly tonight and
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tomorrow, we'll be in the 60s and opposed to the 70s and 80s and toward the weekend, there is a lot to talk about. >> about&we'll see you soon. and a remindder, check the weather any time. go to the app store on your smartphone to download it. and firefighters in colorado are hoping re- enforcements will help them stop a deadly wildfire. the flames have killd two people and destroyed dozens of homes. more firefighters arrived near the town of conoford to help contain the fire there and crews are also searching for a woman who is missing in the fire zone. and the flames destroyed her home. new details are emerging after a missing mother is found dead. coming up, find out how police say a husband and wife lured her to her death. a journalist in danger of losing her job after the double life is reveald. we'll have details. and if you have a story idea, call fox 5 tipline at 202- 895-3,000, or send us an e-mail
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. >> a teenager accused of a deadly ramp age at his high school will have tests to see if he's mentally competent. a judge ordered the evaluation of 17-year-old tj lane. he is accused of walking into the cafeteria at chardon high school last month, killing three students and wounding two others. the ruling postpones the hearing scheduled next week to see if he should be treed as an adult. a husband and wife are accused of luring a school teacher from her home and then killing her and throwing her bod into a vermont river. melissa jenkins' body was found monday, a day after a friend found her two-year-old son alone in the suv. according to the court documents, allan prue and his wife patricia called her sunday night saying they needed help. apparently, he had asked her on a date in the past. the only motive reported in the documents was that allen prue told police he wanted to, quote, get a girl on sunday
5:26 pm
night. a journalist for a houston newspaper may lose her job because show moonlighted as a stripper. she covered high society for the "houston chronicle" by day and stripped in a club by night and wrote about it in a blog called diary of an angry stripper, wrote under the pen name sarah truss and posted pictures of herself. the chronicle suspended her and may new fire her. keeping bars open later could bring millions to the district. some leaders don't think this is how the city should be raising revenue. we'll hear from both sides of the issue next. and also ahead, what happens if the supreme court strikes down the mandate of president obama's healthcare law and we'll go in-depth at the b. hour. and megamillions mania. the jackpot swells to record levels. we will have details coming up. 
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. >> d.c.'s mayor wants to keep the party going. mayor gray proposed allowing bars to stay open an hour later and allowing liquor stores to open up earlier. the reason? it could make the city $5 million in local taxes. matt ackland has more on the details. >> reporter: as it stands, the bars and night clubs can serve alcohol until 2:00 a.m. during the week, and three a.m. during the weekends. and under the mayor's plans, they would be extended an hour. and some believe that may not be the best idea. mobile lounge is a popular new spot off of 49th street, catering to the late night crowd. management said keeping the bar open an hour later could be good for business. >> for the community, and having that choice for larger events that occur. >> reporter: selling them means -- means more extra revenue for the district, one reason why the mayor is shaking things up.
5:31 pm
>> people more and more are saying they want the city to be open longer hours. >> reporter: council member jim graham, whose board includes mobile link and other drinking spots in adams morgan doesn't think last call should come later and colleagues have similar concerns. >> and want tout for mischief and crime is extended. if someone thinks that is not, there they should think again. >> clearly, i'm not interested to keeping the bars open until 4:00 in the morning. the question is how do you replace the revenue coming in? >> reporter: back at mobile lounge, management said being a good neighbor is important. the bar hours are extended by the city, that won't change. >> and we're out in the community and making sure that everyone is happy. >> reporter: all right, switching gears a little bit. another issue getting a lot of talk at the wilson building is a cost-of-living increase for all council members. this comes after a report in the examiner today. the raise is about $2,800.
5:32 pm
the council as a whole decided to wave their increases the last few years, but not all are on board this year. the couple chairman brown is one that said he won't accept an increase this year either. >> and i signed a waiver to not have a cost-of-living increase. when the employees work for me and the government are not getting the cost-of-living increase, i can't have a cost- of-living increase. >> reporter: what about the other council members? i called around. the council members catania, chay, michael brown have also signed the waiver to avoid any increases. council members alexander and mendelson have not decided what they will do. council member graham said he would sign a waiver, but he thinks that it's too late to do so. and council member wells' office told me today he will take the increase. jack evans is on vacation and we left messages for council member bowser and barry; thank
5:33 pm
you. the supreme court wrapped up the fine am day of historic oral arguments on the obama administration's healthcare law. the big question is what happens if the health insurance mandate is ruled unconstitutional? the senior fellow at the potomac institute for policy studies and a writer and consultant on healthcare and domestic policy. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me, laura. >> you were the deputy secretary of the department of health and human services under the bush administration. in that role, you oversaw operations, including medicare, medicaid, and public health and you have a good idea how this would work or not work. if the it is overturned. what do you believe happens if the mandate is overturnd? can the law survive without it? >> reporter: well, as we saw in the arguments today, partings of the law are unrelated to the mandate. but the key parts of the law, the essential parts, meaning the changes in insurance known as guaranteed issue, would be affected by the loss of the mandate and in a way that could
5:34 pm
not be fixed. so, if the mandate goes away, the changes to the insurance companies would not work anymore. >> do you so an alternative? >> well, there are alternatives in congress as well as working on it. the kind of partisan way in which the obama administration pursued this means there is not a lot of bipartisan reaching across the aisles. i don't see a lot of cooperation from congress for the next six months until after the elect. i don't so a short-term fix. long-term, we'll have to revisit healthcare, anyway. >> the obama administration said requiring people to get health insurance is necessary for the success of the two necessary regulations of the law, a rule that insurance can't deny people with pre- existing conditions and limits on how much to vary the rates among customers. you agree that is the case? >> well, the environment administration announced it was necessary when they talked about the need to uphold the mandate; however, today, when they were talking about the severability issue, they were like we can keep the rest of the law if the mandate can go
5:35 pm
away and argued different levels of convenience. >> many of the supporters insist without the mandate, the rules would impose a how long burden on insurers, causing the market to implode and as i understand it, there is a precedent for a healthcare plan that didn't include a requirement for residents to get coverage in new jersey, new york, washington state, and kentucky. they tried it and it didn't work. >> i think that 179ers and the o own the -- that supporters and the opponents agree on. that without the mandate, the rules that you describe on the insurance companies don't work, spiral costs upward and would lead to disastrous repercussions throughout the healthcare system. >> the question is, where do we go from here? >> we'll see what the supreme court does at the end of june. >> and thank you for being with us. appreciate your insight. >> thank you. mitt romney's camp said he may get an endorsement from a former u.s. president. a spokesperson said that president george h.w. bush would welcome romney to the houston office some time
5:36 pm
today. the former first lady barbara bush endorsed romney and recorded robo calls for him. the former florida governor jeb bush endorsed romney last week. the pope met with fidel castro a half hour on this final day of the visit and drew hundreds of thousands of people to revolution square. the pope demanded greater freedom for the catholic church in cuba and called for an end to the country's isolation. >> reporter: if you have kids who are still in school, they're going to love this next story. coming up. why some researchers say homework is overrated. a student waiting for her dad to return from home from overseas gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> stay with us. ay with us. 
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>> a brand new study is that should have brought a lot of interest from parents, teachers, and students. researchers from australia find that homework offers the benefit to students. the study from sidney university's education faculty claims that elementary school homework offers no beg your pardon fit and junior high school students received limited results from the extra work. the study called for high school seniors to get, at most, a couple of hours of work per night. >> i wanted to take a moment to honor a special audience member. he has been -- the last year. >> and -- to welcome here. >> oh, my gosh. awesome. >> and an unforgettable surprise for an 18-year-old high school student. she's the president of the
5:41 pm
speech team and had given a 10- minute performance when this happened. my goodness. not a dry eye in the house. >> and what an emotional moment and what a great event for him to be there to support her. >> what a reaction from her, too. >> yeah. >> and coming up. first it was christy brinkley. now her ex-husband attacking -- talking publicly about their divorce drama. and kind of sounds weird. kind of disgusting. is that part of a certain ritual? [ laughter ] >> find out why placenta pills are growing in popularity. and i think -- . >> all right, i have to so that one. and stick around. gary's back with the latest on the rainy forecast. we'll be right back. right we love gardening...
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my plants grew bigger... more beautiful... with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. everything changed with miracle-gro. for you are these flowers, like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro. . >> a celeb riel-- celebrity announcement is bringing a lot of attention into something many people have not heard of. some new mothers swear by placenta pills to help their moods and give them energy.
5:45 pm
lauren cone has the story. >> reporter: ever since mad men actress january jones announced she ate her own placenta after childbirth, it's been the talk of the town. >> it sounds weird. >> and kind of disgusting. >> is that part of a certain ritual? >> reporter: local placenta encapsulator amy berelli said more women are convinced it's the best way to get the essential nourishment in their bodies. >> it helps them with postpartum depression, anemia stores, breast-feeding to help the milk come in faster. >> reporter: the placenta allows nutrients to be passed from the mother to the baby and comes out after childbirth. this delaware resident decided to hire amy to encapsulate her placenta after the third child. >> when i heard it, i thought you have to be crazy to do this. >> reporter: after a lot of research. >> take something that is yours, wholly yours with your exact brand of hormone and, you know, balance and energy and everything that you have spent nine months creating, and seems
5:46 pm
like a waste to throw it away. >> i steam the placenta first and theit up and dehideiate it and after it's totally dehydrated it, i grind it up and put it into capsules. >> reporter: and they have lasted megan a whole year. >> there was a huge difference in my energy level and my general evenness of mood. >> whatever works. >> there is no scientific evidence showing that placenta pills prevent postpartum depression, but supporters claim it dates back to ancient chinese medicine. >> it works, it works. >> and -- >> you know what? it might be the whole placebo effect. >> the placenta effect. >> you know what i meant. i meant the placebo effect. and a huge gift to the capitol area gift bank will see thousands of families. they donated 200,000 of the eggs. the truck arrived carrying the
5:47 pm
donations. nationwide, united egg donation producers will donate 10 million eggs before eater. and the placenta story. i think it's the placebo effect that makes them believe that. >> and whatever works. >> to each of them. >> i can't speak to this. >> please don't. let's move ---- . >> and take the placenta pills. and let's talk about -- . >> where do you get them? >> and do -- you know. >> should i stop? >> just can we talk about is it going to rain? >> sunny again. >> all right. >> great. how about that? >> and there you go. >> right? awkward. you looking through the mall, the washington monument there in the showers and they're moving to the south of us. they're style there is some for some of you in the district. here in the metro, we're clear and the skies are breaking up and the sun is coming out. this was a kind of a short-lied effect with the rain moving on through. let's start with our live doppler radar here going around and around. i wanted to show you the
5:48 pm
thunderstorms are broke up. this is a little one here, faulkier county to the southwest of manasses there and there is dix. you get your bearings there, and you can see that right, there the one lonely cell has a bit of a lightning strike to it and they're still lingering to the south of us. look at sue, thank you very much for zooming in and this is warrenton and this is moving to the south-southeast. you are probably hearing this off in the distance to the north of you and you see how the movement s. the last 10 minutes or so from the radar reflectist and this will move to the south-southeast, things will be getting better overnight tonight. at least, should say, drier overnight tonight and the winds will pick up and some numbers for you. look at martinsburg, 76 degrees and the sun is coming back out and the temperatures have jumped up, cumberland in the mid-70s. earlier today, we noticed
5:49 pm
culpeper and fredericksburg up to 80 degrees and they have cooled down with the clouds and shouters. at 7:00, where there is a shower or storm, that is to the south and breezy at 9:00 as the front moves on through, temperatures in the 60s, and still the lower 60s at 11:00 and that is going to be breezy. winds gusting at 20 to 25 miles per hour and some showers and thunderstorms moving to the south of us and breaking into the sunshine and there is no more rain to the north- northwest and the front through western p.a. and that is going to the mason- dixon line and as it moves out, again, the winds will pick up and that forecast for tonight, fairly mild and down to about
5:50 pm
54 degrees and that is because the winds are picking up. it tends to keep the atmosphere rolled up and nest up and keeps it from -- it from cooling. and that is like temperatures tonight, fairly mild. the front will move to the south of us. and tomorrow, looks like loads of sunshine and will stay breezy. winds tomorrow, 15 to 25 miles an hour and with that occasional gust around 30 or so. the cool start tomorrow morning, 44 and not bad. breezy at noon, 66 and then we're talking about that -- and i am going to go through that. that is wrong. i forgot to update the graphic and start with the five-day, winds out of the west- northwest, 25 and gusty and 63 on friday and this week, friday was my pick of the week and i had to change it and looks like more clouds friday afternoon. and that is after 6:00.
5:51 pm
showers on saturday, sunday looks gorgeous, close to 70 and monday into the upper 70s and lower 80s. >> all right, thank you very much. >> thanks, gary. the megamillions jackpot is no the largest in u.s. lottery history. no one had the winning numbers in last night's drawing. >> friday's drawing, shawn's here today. it's worth $500 million. the winner could get $19 million a year for 26 years or just take it all in a single payment worth $359 million. worth dreaming b right? the jackpot rolled over 18 times since january 24th. >> and what she was saying is you know i didn't win. i'm here at work. if i won, i wouldn't be here. and speaking of millions, mtv star rob drydeck dropped $700 on lottery tickets. harvey levine joins us new from l.a. $700 on lottery tickets? doesn't he have enough money?
5:52 pm
>> and -- where's a big mtv star, his estimated worth is $15 million. this would have been $365 million for him. the way he views it is this is a guy who views the money as sea money. she wants to -- he wants to be a billionaire and figures if he can get 365 million, he could turn it into a billion and he's the only person in america who bought lottery tickets and almost like you would vow a starter home. >> and i guess if you're wealthy already, you see it that way. let's talk about christy bridgely. first she was talking and now her ex-husband was talking. the introduce she did about their whole divorce. what did he have to say about it? >> nothing good. i have to say. you know, she was dissolved, she dissolve into tears telling matt lauer that peter cook was trying to grey destroy any joy
5:53 pm
in her life and was living to make her miserable. he went on the "today show" today and responded saying she was a liar and that it was crocodile tears, none of it was real and that she is defail -- defaming him. look, this is the classic situation of two people divorced on paper but are not divorced in their heads. and that is look like he's hell- bent on searching and destroying can and hurting her emotionally. he said she's trying to do that to him, too. maybe that is true, maybe it's not, we don't know what is going on and what you know is when parents fight like, this the kids suffer and that is why this is horrible and this lanes millions of times every year. >> and that is a nice combination. and we'll see you guys for tmz on tv at 6:30.
5:54 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> a popular television series is getting speed ofality over the internet. he's been a huge hit on pbs and yahoo!'s skippy comedy web show repoliced -- released this gag video, turning the high-society british characters into fast foot strained workers and it's called -- side night live spoofed the show as well and youtube users. andly look at what is coming up at 6. ron paul trailing in the polls and will join us live at 6 as he fights for much-needed maryland delegates. >>. and i a maryland congressman gets kicked off of the house floor because of his wardrobe. did it to make a point. plus. [ indiscernible ]
5:55 pm
>> i think it's pathetic. >> hundreds of justin bieber fans bombard a grandmother's phone. why she's blaming bieber himself. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes
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. >> former los angeles laker magic johnson is getting into baseball. he's part a group purchasing the dodgers. the group agreed to buy the team for $2 billion that is the highest price paid. the sale of the miami dolphins was in 2009. and the basketball star make headlines tonight. dennis rodman said he's broke and can't pay his child support. he was scheduled to appear before a judge yesterday for failure to pay more than $800,000 in back child support and owes another $50,000 in spousal support. he was extremely sick and his marketability is diminishing because of his age and illness. thanks for joining us
5:59 pm
tonight at 5. >> and the news edge at 6 starts now. now information on the shooting of an unarmed teen in florida. trayvon martin's parents are reacting to news out of florida. sanford police wanted to arrest george zimmerman but the state's attorney denied the request pending further review. the special prosecutor in the case tells the miami herald the detectives asked the state's attorney for a warrant after completing the investigation. zimmerman said she he shot martin in drill defense after the teen attacked him. paul wagner has more on the story. paul? >> reporter: special prosecutor angela corey tells the miami herald the police in sanford asked the state's attorney for a warrant to charge george zimmerman but is unclear for what: homicide or manslaughter. the special prosecutor tells the paper that a grand jury investigation was underway when the governor stopped the process and turned the


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