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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you can see the pain on her face there. tornadoes touchdown, leaving a path of destruction. surveying the holocaust a brother and sister are sharing their story with the world they will join us in studio 15 minutes from now. >> still ahead did you know april is national grilled cheese month? i did not but so happy it is we are looking at a unique twist to this classic. >> grilled cheese with the soup, tomato soup on top of that. >> so good. >> i know. >> people have a million ways to fix it we will hear from experts later. >> they have their own twist tucker barnes get the latest on weather. >> good morning we are looking at a lot of clouds out there to start your day expecting mild temperatures later this afternoon, a trade off maybe a shower later this afternoon south of the city temperatures mild, 56 regan national, comfortable start, 72%, winds out of the south, 6 miles per
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hour let's look forward to clouds, moving through as we speak and possibility of a shower or two, there is your sentinel radar a lot of this is not touching the ground no reports of anything nearby but out to the west, morgan town, showers and thunderstorms as those approach with a cold front later today at least the possibility of showers, thunderstorms but to be honest the best chances for that will again be south of washington, warm, cloudy, high temperatures mid-70s. 10 degrees above nor mall a few showers around -- normal, a few showers around by 4:00 p.m. a sneak peek at the weekened coming up. >> thank you. mitt romney won the primaries in maryland, dc and wisconsin. >> doug luzader joins us live with reaction good morning. >> reporter: good morning listen this is after all a
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numbers game mitt romney did widen his lead in the hunt for delegates. >> we won them all. >> reporter: yes, mitt romney with a clean sweep picking up wins in dc and maryland and in wisconsin the most closely watched of the three races the margin was narrower but he still edged out rick santorum he is looking ahead to another group of contests in three weeks. >> tonight i am asking the good people of pennsylvania, new york, rhode island, delaware, and connecticut to join me. >> reporter: santorum was already a step ahead, spending election night in pennsylvania, in what could be a last stand. >> the clock starts tonight, we've got three weeks to go out here in pennsylvania. and win this state, and after winning this state, the field looks a little different in may. >> reporter: but harsh reality for santorum is romney just
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picked up more than 80 delegates putting him well over half way to the nomination that is enough for the president who delivered an economic address yesterday that quickly morphed into a campaign speech talking about a republican budget plan and calling out romney. >> he even called it marvelous, which is a word you don't often hear, when it comes to describing a budget it is a word you don't often hear generally. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so the president is spending more time talking about romney, and romney in turn is about to spend a lot more time, talking about the president. sarah and allison. >> doug thank you. we are following some important local results this morning in maryland's sixth congressional district first democratic race business man john delaney scored a big upset i should say against his competitor in the democratic race, and bartlet beat strong
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challengers, he holds on to the nomination to the u.s. house seat. >> in maryland's race for u.s. senate, ben carden beat several challengers got 74% of the vote, his closest challengers won 16% whom ever wins primaries in maryland and district are likely to win in november. five council seat seats were up for grabs, vincente orange is leading with just over 500 votes, as many a 1700 absentee and provisional ballots need to be counted dc law requires a recount if the top two contenders are within 1% of each other. you will find the latest results, to all of the local races on some of our other top stories this morning now, clean up efforts under way after severe weather ripped through
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texas, multiple tornadoes touched down throughout the day yesterday, hitting dallas county hard, heavy winds peeled off roofs and lifted cars and trucks off the ground as the amount of devastation sinks in texas residents are feeling lucky to be alive. i almost left the ground. >> i have three infants with me three kids with me i just put them in the bathtub layed on top of them put a cover across them we just prayed. so far more than a dozen injuries have been reported amazingly there have been no reports of any deaths. update now on those deadly wild fires in colorado, 911 calls revealed at least two residents who placed calls died after the operator told them everything would be okay people began calling about the fire and high winds 2:00 p.m., march 26th, dispatchers told
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them firefighters were on scene and smoke and flames weren't a threat. authorities say they needed word from crews in the field that anevacuation was necessary before they sent out an alert they also say several homes not in the fires path received an evacuation notice in error. florida man who admits to shooting an unarmed teen last month may in fact have injuries on the back of his head when police brought him in for questioning. he shot trayvon martin in self- defense. martin climbed on top of him and banged his head repeatedly on the sidewalk enhanced video initially released now shows there may be wounds on the back of zimmerman's head if you look closely. >> one of the key figures in the water gate scandal is in critical condition following brain surgery, he had an operation to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain yesterday, now his prison ministry says he shows some early signs for potential
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for recovery he was special counsel to president nixon served 7 months for his role in water gate he became a christian evangelist for fellow inmates. dick cheney is back home, doctors at nova fairfax hospital released the 71-year- old yesterday following his heart transplant 10 days ago he thanked doctors there and george washington university hospital and donor of his new heart and the donors family for their precious gift sarah. montgomery county residents are signing a petition calling for improvements to the intersection of west old baltimore road and maryland 355 clarks burg a new school will be built in the area residents tell gazette newspaper traffic already a problem there will get worse they would like the county to make improvements before that school is built. there are more questions, over the money generated by those speed cameras in 2010 state of virginia, collected
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$101 million from the tickets they issued district collected $43 million the district has 7.5 million fewer people and not even 1% of the land virginia has residents are divided about whether or not dc should have the cameras. it is impossible to be on the road with a bike cars are too aggressive it is important to have speed cams are for our safety >> i think safety is probably second for city of dc i think first and foremost it is about bringing in as much revenue as possible. a virginia state senator is bringing in legislation to stop speed traps on highways, like hope well virginia that made $2 million in tickets in a town of 2200 people. >> sam knell will cases reported in mare -- salmonella cases reported in maryland and dc. 7 people had to be hospitalized
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no deaths, investigators think it may be linked to sushi they are focusing on spicy tuna rolls specifically but have not given more details >> i like spicy tuna rolls. >> just wait until the details come out >> maybe switch to california. >> just for now. >> uncommon journey. >> brother and sister flee austria, when the nazis move in their new book details how they found shelter, in an unlikely place, shanghai china and eventually made their way here to the united states they are here to share their story after the break. 9:09 a.m. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol.
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during world war ii some 18,000 jewish refugees found a temporaryhome in china's
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shanghai. two of the children who made the trip from austria to shanghai were a brother and sister who grew up to be debra and eli they have written a book about their escape from europe and unusual path that led them to america. authors of uncommon journey join us now i am so excited to meet you both to know about your story good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome to washington. >> thank you. >> mr. wax i will start with you you leave austria as children, tell us about you know i know it is hard to get this into a short answer could you tell us about your journey you and your family? >> well, we left austria in 1939, august 1939 just a week before the war broke out, and the reason we left was because we were warned by a man who worked for my father, a tailor was a member of the nazi party and told us you better leave
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now because if you don't leave now you will be deported and you should leave now and he told us earlier in the year so out of desperation we booked passage to shanghai being the only place in the entire world there was no immigration requirement of any kind all you had to do was book passage so we booked passage on the ship, and we left a week before the war started, literally the last ship out of europe, to go to shanghai. >> unbelievable we are looking at pictures of your family, on the ship, on your way you are just a little girl here how old were both of you. >> i was 3. >> just 3 years old do you remember any of that? >> well, i remember mostly my parents trying to protect me and so they painted this picture of going on this boutful boat, and -- beautiful boat and we are just going to go to fairy land some place >> as you sit here i must get
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this out of the way the horrors that would ensue in europe you sit here today, survivors, when you think of that, before i go any further do you think of it, so huge what do you think of? >> well, you think of basically how lucky we were and really, it was all a question of luck, even to survive was luck, lucky circumstances that made us leave and that was what i think mostly, how lucky we were, because the rest of our family did not leave and they did not survive, because they were not forced to leave we were, circumstances and they didn't survive >> they did not survive. so when you go to shanghai this is no paradise, as we said, this is classified as a jewish ghetto, what is life like for you? i imagine it is very different from the life you knew in austria.
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>> yes. >> very different. >> completely different i remember we were living in one room all four of us, and i remember my brother was put on a cot and i was on a bed, being called a bed and my mother cooked and my father sewed everything was in one room privacy did not exist and we lived like that for 10 years. >> 10 years. >> we didn't know anything else. >> the book, because i don't want to get too far away from this book and you will have book signings today and tomorrow at the holocaust museum it is told from two perspectives you are a younger child during this time, you know you would grow older and you, sir, were an older boy, a teenager so what was that like from your perspective? >> well, i was 12 when we got to shanghai and you know, being young, everything is more like an adventure, actually generati but needless to say, our main concern in shanghai was eating, we were always hungry, and what
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you could think of, in retrospect, japanese did not kill us. >> because china at that point was occupied. >> by the japanese. >> so it is amazing that you were even -- china was so open, that is a whole other story. >> right. >> we will leave that to the historians i want to hear your story so then i got to fast forward because time is so fleeting so you are at the holocaust museum as adults eventually you would come to the states what do you see there. >> well, the first thing i saw my brother pointed it out to me i went there reluctantly i didn't want to relive my past if i didn't have to low and behold there was a photograph of me, sitting with two children but i didn't know that was me at first and i was looking at it and all i could really see was three sad children, one in particular, i had a feeling looked right at me it was me in the eyes you could tell they were sad and
9:18 am
they were told to smile nor japanese basically a propaganda shot taken. >> are we looking at that? >> right now. >> i am the one at the other end. >> okay. look at that. >> yeah. >> how did you end up in that? >> well, my parents -- took a long time my father was romanian, we ultimately got here through canada we lived in canada two years and were able to come to united states. >> let me ask you another huge question survivors now, are as we all are getting older, the average age, mid-60s or so, is there any fear on your behalf, that this history, will be forgotten without the personal testimony of those who survived the holocaust? >> yes, the testimony has to be given, has to be remembered each generation does have to remember it, it is very important, it is remembered as
9:19 am
a lesson that should not happen gain. >> yes. >> with other people other cultures it is very important, it is not forgotten. >> we are so glad you have chosen to tell your story it was after that visit to the holocaust museum i am told. >> absolutely. >> so again the signing of the book an uncommon journey will be today and tomorrow at the museum shop, 1 to 4 there is the information on your screen, this is debra and eli, very successful i am looking to one day purchase some of your designs sir and one day be invited to one of your fabulous parties i am sure in san francisco. >> open invitation. >> thank you for stopping by. >> thank you for having us. >> fascinating story. >> coming up, a look at red skins new uniforms. >> plus last night's wounded warrior amputee softball game first good morning holly. >> good morning we are learning a lot this is a scale model of
9:20 am
the sunken bow of the titanic ship it is here at national geographic where we are live, they have a whole new exhibit marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the legendary ship nearly 1500 people died that day, imagine if it was one of your family members, such is the case for nat we will learn how you can see this exhibit live later óo
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>> there they are new uniforms for a new year. the league and nike showed off the new look tuesday with agreed iron styled fashion show, new uniforms were on display for all 32 teams. >> nice looking >> i know. >> they haven't changed that much. >> that is a good thing. >> now to real warriors, the
9:24 am
wounded warrior amputee softball team was back in action. >> all players are amputees, injured in iraq or afghanistan they travel around the country playing only able-bodied teams yesterday they took on a local all-star team that included journalists, politicians, former athletes, dave feldman had a stint on the mound, he got hammered, at times the wounded warriors went on the win, 17-4. >> there he is. >> you play a lot of softball games. >> yes, we do. >> be honest how would you assess my pitching. >> well, i liked it. >> because you hit a home run. >> absolutely. >> you crushed that ball. >> well, thank you very much, i haven't been hitting good all night but when you hit the right pitch you can do a lot of things with it >> they are going to invite him back year. >> he is great come back any time you want. >> coming up a mile high delivery.
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>> it is the most exciting thing, that has ever happened in my career. >> i imagine meet the flight attendant who helped a first time mother deliver her baby some 30,000 feet in the air. we will be right back an ordinary breakfast pastry
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annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. >> i just raised it up, it's a boy. >> that is a brave woman an international flight with an additional passenger onboard after this flight attendant helped deliver a baby. susan said. >> oh,. >> it is not that pretty if you haven't seen it up close. >> i didn't realize. >> the flight was 36,000 feet in the air the woman's water broke she was travelling alone soon had a plane full of support when a doctor onboard and susan helped the first time mom she hopes she will be invited to the first birthday party. notice how they put that delta cup in there too.
9:29 am
>> product placement never hurts. there it is. >> wow. why was she travelling? >> i don't know. >> you are not supposed to be travelling so many unanswered questions. >> yeah, the only good thing is that everybody is okay. >> yeah, that is great. >> wonder if the baby got to fly first class. >> probably >> i guess they had to land pretty quick >> did they land right away? isn't that an emergency. >> did that little guy -- >> some airlines they probably charge for the ticket >> i know they would. >> see this is tucker he has a beef with the airline industry now. >> it is hard to fly these days i just flew it is hard cramming everything into an overhead. >> everybody tries. >> congratulations. yes. >> all right let's get to your forecast looking warm nice and mild good news. >> yeah. >> a lot of clouds hanging around right now. >> oh. >> that's okay i will take the warmer temps >> i am with you.
9:30 am
>> you will take the trade off. yesterday turned into a perfect afternoon not quite as nice looking temperatures in the 70s should feel good for you 59 washington, quantico, 62 for you, off to the north and west look at that already jumping into the 60s. 60 hagerstown 63 degrees winchester, leonard town too you get the idea warm temperatures on the map at the moment should be a nice pleasant afternoon temperature wise, kind of in and out of the clouds here is the good new periods of sunshine today, as we have a cold front, that will slide through to the south and east during the course of your afternoon, so you can see the showers holding tough there in portions of west virginia, some showers could get awfully close to us later this afternoon the best dynamics here will be south of the city to get a little lift and get us some rain showers and we will see if we don't get a few rain showers later and cooler air behind that front, today 70s tomorrow, upper 50s low 60s future cast i
9:31 am
will put it in motion not terribly impressed with our system just a few showers, thunderstorm south of washington down towards fredericksburg and richmond and then clear it out tonight and nice q we get into the weekend wednesday, thursday, friday, thursday friday saturday, lots of sunshine with a warming trend into the weekend. plenty of clouds chance of a shower or storm south of the city 74 your daytime high winds out of the north 5 to 10 miles for hour partly cloudy, cool overnight 45 your overnight low winds north a to 10 all important 5 day forecast, -- 5 to 10 all important 5 day forecast, cool tomorrow conditions out front, breeze out of the north friday, saturday and sunday lots of sunshine, good weekend you know what is a good weekend? to get married what do you think allison. >> i think it is a great weekend to get married and -- don't be afraid we want to wish sarah the best this weekened hope you don't mind we are telling everybody >> i know you are
9:32 am
>> sarah is getting married of course she needs something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. >> oh, no. >> so, if we show everyone who has come up here and have a guest who holly will pitch in, we just want to send you off in the right way and you know all that good stuff who wants to start? >> who has something old. >> i am old. >> wisdom is something old. >> i am old so here is the rational, marriage is an old institution it is an old idea i am about to present you with. >> okay. >> you got a crepe myrtle in there. >> check it out. >> oh , what is this? >> life promises for couples god's promise for you and your spouse. >> i did a little autograph session on the side. there you go. >> oh,. >> again an old idea there you go. >> thank you wisdom. >> perfect. >> a little something something. >> an old idea.
9:33 am
>> i got it. >> there you go. >> i love that thank you. >> you are welcome. >> you are welcome. >> oh,. >> next something new i was in charge of something new since it is your day, here is a new tiara because you will be princess for the day. we haven't practiced this. just stay very. >> do i get to wear this the rest of the show. >> something new. >> it is your day enjoy your day. >> thank you. >> next something borrowed holly is something borrowed are you there? >> i am here and i have the something borrowed i will let you use on your wedding day sarah it was something special i used on my wedding day my husband had an english nanny growing up she is still very much a part of our lives she is 97 on my wedding day she gave me me an actual english six pence this coin here the tradition is you wear this in your shoe, on your wedding day
9:34 am
to bring you good luck. now, i got married on the beach we didn't have any shoes, so i didn't wear it in my shoe but i carried it with me in my wedding day purse and i have kept it forever it is supposed to of course bring you luck in your marriage it has been very lucky for me and i am going to give it to you to carry with you some way some how on your wedding day so you and sean also will have lots of luck forever in your blessed life so this is your something borrowed. >> so sweet. >> that is so sweet. >> she has the best ideas. >> doesn't she? >> great idea. >> finally,. >> thank you. >> good thing we had that great idea here is tucker with something blue. >> so here is the deal getting married can be a nerve wracking experience a lot of last minute running around. >> you are not going to give me underwear are you?
9:35 am
>> actually, ... so a lot of last minute running around. >> so i wanted to give you something blue, yeah, there you go. >> also it would have helped if i planned ahead of time i realized i had to do this section this morning. >> something blue. >> always food in a pinch >> the only thing that looked good in a vending machine yesterday morning. >> thank you tucker. >> i will keep it in my pocket. >> all the best. >> thank you. >> so tomorrow -- this is your last day for awhile. >> awhile we get married saturday then off to honeymoon in hawaii. >> nice. >> so i am very very excited about that. >> good get some rest you will be right back here with us very soon >> i know. don't give me too much work okay. just let me fall asleep in between breaks. >> love it. >> holly, parting words? >> oh, enjoy the day just try to take in the moment, because
9:36 am
that is such a special time and then of course enjoy the honeymoon i don't have to tell you that. enjoy that, but remember your wedding day remember all the little details because those are just so special and that is a moment in time you want to capture it and remember it forever. i will try not to ring sean's neck. >> it will be fine. >> otherwise it will be -- >> otherwise it is captured in the photos. >> right that is not good. >> oh, i don't know what i was thinking there. >> thank you congratulations we love you. >> we will be right back 
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>> justin bieber seals the deal and another baby for levi johnston. >> dax good morning. >> hey dax. >> good morning. how you doing? >> i'm good how about you. >> feeling all right today want to start with justin bieber so okay, alls well that ends well. >> so here is the deal justin bieber is one rich 18-year-old and he has signed the deal on getting a new house in calabasas same area where the kardashians live and originally the person listed the house for $7.5 million they went back and forth quite some time and justin is now walking away with a little over $6 million as a purchasing price for that mansion, it is in a very well secured location obviously he has some crazy fans out there, so you would have to pass
9:41 am
through two sets of guard gates to get to his house, sprawling mansion beautiful has its own wine cellar he won't be able to take advantage of for a little bit many many bedrooms, a gorgeous house however the weird part is it is 22 miles away from l.a. for most 18-year-olds that is in the party scene of l.a. that is a long way to drive for him. >> interesting wonder what he is going to do with all that space. >> party. >> parties. >> all right. speaking of parties let's talk about levi i saw it last night he was great he is having another baby? >> he is having another baby, we found out, that his girlfriend is 20-year-old, she is a school teacher up in wasilla alaska she is pregnant apparently it was not a planned thing he called in tmz and said it wasn't planned we are very excited for this baby he is saying, sarah and todd palin are kind of making it hard for him to see his other son trip
9:42 am
with bristol and he goes you know what they won't let me see my other child i am excited to start a new family he is looking at the positive side of everything. >> wow okay. maybe one day you will get married too. >> dax holt thank you i am not passing judgment just interesting. >> bye dax. >> what do you say about that? >> i don't think you say much about that. >> keep trying to see your other child is what you say sarah over to you. >> i am not touching that one at all. >> yeah. >> all right coming up, 100 years after the sinking of the titanic, the story still captivates people around the world coming up holly morris live at the national geographic museum to show us a new exhibit and speak with someone who had relatives on that ship. >> cheesy goodness coming up national grilled cheese month chatting with the chef putting a spin on this classic we will be right back can't wait to taste  only $79.99 for a lucid by lg ?
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national geographic museum, northwest dc has a brand new exhibition to commemorate the titanic 100 years later. holly morris to learn more about the exhibit and upcoming specials about the legendary ship holly everyone is fascinated by this very interesting. >> it is fascinating, every time you explore about this story, chances are that you will learn something new for every two people that were saved four people perished, and as for the captain, it was supposed to be his last voyage he was going to retire after this grand voyage and obviously we know what happened but it is those personal stories that really perhaps fuel this obsession and no body knows that more than bill warren who happens to be standing next to me he works here at national geographic good morning to you.
9:47 am
>> hello. >> thank for coming out. >> at what age were you told, the story you had a relative on the ill fated ship. >> it is interesting, when i think back to my childhood it was always something we were aware of at a very early age but don't specifically remember being sat down and told we had a portrait of our great great grandfather in the house in a prominent place so it was you know from a very early age, 3, 4, 4 or 5 i always remember being aware of the connection and you know it didn't come up that often because you know my parents and grandparents were fairly stoic bunch it wasn't like it was a common dinner table conversation. >> just something you knew. >> something i knew. >> and heard about. >> tell us the story >> my great great grandparents were passen injuries on the titanics maiden voyage they had been traveling in europe celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary so travelling alone they were older had already had kids which is why i am here
9:48 am
today, but, so, they had -- this was their return voyage to america, and they were in their state room sleeping when the ship struck the iceberg according to the account that my great great grandmother had given to the media a couple weeks after the sinking and you know, they like -- well, she had sent my grandfather out to the deck to see what was going on what was the matter, obviously they heard the noise and he came back down and reported what others told him the ship struck an iceberg and across the hall they heard stewards coming through the cabins and asking the passengers to go up to the deck so they went up to the deck and by all accounts, everything seemed to be orderly, there was no sense of panic, but, i think you know, seemed like my great great grand father was aware this was a pretty serious situation so he very quickly tried to get my great great grandmother into a lifeboat did that, stepped back and helped
9:49 am
other passengers on they started lowering the lifeboat, she assumed he had gotten on because she couldn't see in all the commotion. >> but they were separated at that motion. >> once the boat was on the water she called out and there was no response from him, so he went down with the ship. >> it is such a heavy story, and so you are standing here amidst can exhibit having this personal connection,. >> i was down here, looking at the exhibit for the first time last week, and you know, the first part of it is kind of interesting and very visually appealing and factual the model is a piece of itself, you talked about the statistics i have to admit it was e motional
9:50 am
it was, a little tough and you know, for body who works here, i have this connection i am on a titanic over load even when there isn't an anniversary to celebrate but it comes down here you thing you can't have another moment like that and you do, at the end of the day i understand, the great fascination people have with the sinking itself, with you know the juxtaposition of the brawn of titanic and the sinking on its maiden voyage at the end of the day, it is a story of great tragedy and human loss my sense of it from what i know of my ancestors and accounts passed down it was a very traumatic event for the family and certainly for my great great grandmother anna. >> you can tell in talking to you it still is for you even however many generations later. bob hall lard said every generation rediscovered the -- ballard, said every generation
9:51 am
rediscovered the tore toy. you can come here, national -- story. you can some here, national geographic, and experience it and don't forget about the two documentaries this sunday and monday evening on the national geographic channel. >> >> april is national grilled cheese month. >> restaurant cafe st. x in northwest is celebrating having a unique menu of grilled cheese sandwiches, billy klein joins us, if you could only smell what we are smelling. >> wonderful. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us what the restaurant is doing. >> for national grilled cheese month, we have different specials all throughout the month, lunch and dinner menu, the dinner menu i will have a little bit more interesting funky grilled cheeses like i have here and then during the daytime for lunch we will just do some kind of like classic, kind of mixing stuff up and
9:52 am
have some specials just for the whole month. >> tell us with a you are creating one looks like an egg on it as well. >> the first one is just i am calling it potato bread, cheddar and bacon what i do is cook thin slices of potato already cooked boiled whole, and then this basically works like a bread so it is like a potato skin. >> so then you fry it up. >> yep just put the cheese in the middle like any other grilled cheese. this one here is my house made corn bread with cheese and sauteed mushrooms and then this one here, this is a lot of fun really good for kids, it is french toast, embedded with fruity pebbles and sliced marscapone. >> good with maple syrup. >> are you doing the potato bread with the eggs for us live. >> yes, ma'am, i will to do one of each of these fast. >> keep in mind when you are making a grilled cheese everybody things about the
9:53 am
basic american cheese white bread or wheat bread what are some of the best cheeses you say to do a grilled cheese are some better than others? >> absolutely this one here i am using, is a real hi soft cheese so it melts easily low temperature gets really creamy and stays that way after awhile where as the cheddar here for the potato, melts slower, but you can't really argue with american cheese. always a good one. >> chef, you know, sarah and i were talking about this segment that is my issue i like to use cheddar cheese it never comes out as delicious >> oily >> as gooey american cheese. >> but this is another spin i guess you are encouraging us to be fancier. >> even the mascarponp melts super fast. >> we are talking about some tips and things you must do, if you are doing the grilled cheese and i think katie our
9:54 am
producer made a little what we call a full screen in the business. >> just ideas here. >> different soups even so how would you know like different kinds of soups to pair with the grilled cheese what would you pair with the ones here. >> well, potato would definitely of course always go well with tomato soup. >> classic. >> fruity pebble i don't know if it would go well with the soup but maple syrup and the corn bread would go well with pureed beef. >> mm. >> nice combination i like to do some times at the restaurant. >>s early but you talk about beverage pairings too. >> beer is always best. >> okay. >> he said it. >> beer is always best. >> any kind of beer? or does it matter. >> really depends on the cheese whatever balances well, you can always do a little research on the internet and look up the cheese you are using it will tell you what to pair with it >> love it. >> and just before we let you
9:55 am
go i think i counted five did i have aren't sandwiches you can order very cool they all have different names. >> yeah,. >> ashley or jd, snow grove and the ben these are all different ones. >> being named after staff members when we did the promotion i went around to a few of my staff and asked with a was your dream grilled cheese what bread, toppings so i decided to name them after them each week we will do a new one. >> that is a real honor sarah >> i know. >> we need something here. >> okay well, we are going to taste whatever we can taste and we want to also thank chef klein for coming in, tell us where your restaurant is. >> located 14th and seymour right on the big restaurant corridor. >> sure okay. >> great spot. >> very very good spot business see area >> take advantage this month, national grilled cheese month. >> we will keep cooking and eat. >> we will be right back [ man ] did we get anything good?
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fiber one. . billy klein we are about to indulge if your recipes. >> about to. >> this is excellent. >> fontina and mushrooms on corn bread >> i will try the sweet one again that is like fruity pebbles. >> it is. >> tucker you don't have one in your hand. >> because -- >> some of the most flavourful breadings you can ever use. >> fruity pebble. >> this is my dessert grilled cheese. >> five day, 74 this afternoon shower later today cooler air moves in tonight and you know what we need rain not much in the forecast. we are eating grilled cheese. >> very crunchy. >> all right. >> all month long check out the chef's grilled cheese designs if you will


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