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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the megamillions mystery taking another bizarre turn tonight. the story so strange officials at the lottery are calling a press conference to quell the rumors. they are talking first with fox 5. >> local college athletes yanked from competition. find out what students say is
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behind the dramatic move. >> and batman strikes get. hitting a hospital full of sick children. >> we're going to begin with a megamillions mystery that has everybody talking. >> claims and rumors flying so fast the lottery is about to step in and hopefully put an end to it. before officials do that, they are talking to fox 5. will thomas has the inside scoop and he's in the newsroom it start us off. will. >> a haitian immigrant, a single mother of seven said she is a winner to members of the media. she ponied up with a lawyer, but he is not confirming she has won. someone else has come forward with the claim. we did turn to the head of the maryland lottery ahead of tomorrow's press conference for his take. >> did you go back into mcdonald's? >> she's the 37-year-old shift manager at this baltimore county mcdonald's whose previously told the press she is one of the three winners in the world's biggest lottery
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jackpot. but now, wilson isn't saying much. >> you can't answer it. >> thank you for your patience. >> meet edward smith jr., he's doing the talking for wilson now, but getting a straight answer to the question of whether she has a winning ticket wasn't easy. >> will she make a claim? can you clear that up for us? >> at some juncture, we will make a claim. our regulation requires any lottery ticket, which means the person who is in possession of the ticket must present it to the lottery commission for payment. >> do you believe that your client is the winner? >> i believe in my client. i alts do. the deal is, i practice law long enough to know that you never say if that is so until you have seen it for your own eyes. >> her lawyer says he hasn't seen the winning ticket,
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doesn't know where it is, and hinted he may be preparing to fight any possible challenges against will son. you see, some of her mcdonald's coworkers believe if wilson has that winning ticket, it may have been purchased with their pooled money. wilson told the new york post and other media outlets the winning ticket was purchased separately. >> do you think she is the winner? >> i have no idea. i think that we have heard from a number of people and certainly heard from the media about different stories and you know, possibilities. >> maryland lottery director says rumors continue to fly and no one has come forward yet to make a claim. that doesn't come as a surprise. >> advice we give is financial advice and legal council and that takes time to get things organized and figure out how you'll move forward. >> now, another so-called claim. a mississippi woman says her 43- year-old son who lives in glenn bernie bought that lucky ticket. bottom line, the maryland lottery is still waiting for
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someone to come forward with that winning ticket. it is worth roughly $218 million before taxes. not exactly chump change. >> not at all. this whole thing has become so unbelievable and lottery officials are gathering to press tomorrow afternoon. what can we expect from that? >> no one has come forward, people often take time before making the claim. the lottery wants to make it very clear, a maryland winner has not been determined. the last thing they want is for anyone to assume it's over and throw away that winning ticket. so, if you bought your ticket at the 7-eleven on liberty road at 7:15, check your ticket again. laura. >> thanks, will. new tonight, an investigation into possible ncaa violations. prompted howard university to take drastic action with its student athletic program. the school initially announced it was temporarily suspending all school sports.
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later tonight, changed its tune saying some players are affected. fox 5 is working this one live from howard. karen. >> reporter: we are live outside howard's athletic complex. the university tonight has not confirmed exactly why it is investigating. however, one university official and several students we spoke to told us that they believe it has to do with the misuse of textbook vouchers by some of the student athletes. the reaction from students here on campus today was shock, disbelief, and anger. especially relating to that first statement from the university that the entire athletic program was being suspended. the later statement said only a number of student athletes were being withheld from competition as a self-imposed action. the university is now saying most teams will compete as scheduled. the school's football team, track and field, and soccer teams were out practicing today, along with the marching band from the school. we don't know if any of those
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teams are affected by this investigation. most of the athletes that we spoke to did not want to comment. some said they were told not to comment. one athlete told me he was not sure, but it might mean that he would lose his scholarship and have to lose school. there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> i would like to see my school's athletics continue. so what happened with the book vouchers is my question? why weren't they supervising what the students did with their money? that's what i want to know. >> it's very sad. it's such a prestigious university, to see bad news and tv cameras at my university on something that is so negative. it's a sad day at howard university. >> reporter: one college sports expert we spoke to said the university appears to be taking preemptive action. in that howard university's statement, the spokeswoman told
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us that the university is trying to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. but in order to protect the integrity of the review, they would not be sharing any additional information. back to you, brian. >> thank you, karen. developing in north texas tonight, residents are surveying the destruction after yesterday's tornadoes and despite the widespread damage, no one was killed. >> that is unbelievable. >> and laura, when you think about the fact that two huge tornadoes touched down at the same time in the same metropolitan area and nobody died, that is because people took the warning seriously. time of day, the fact that helicopters were out saying we're watching, there it is. we saw these kinds of pictures today. national weather service has gone out already and preliminarily said it was an ef3 east of dallas, laura, that's in the torn of forney. winds of 150 miles per hour. and two other tornadoes that were likely ef2's in arlington
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and lancaster. devastation down there and only the beginning of the season as fox 5's adam housely tells us. >> i'm a person of faith. i believe that clearly there was a higher power involved. >> the mayor of lancaster, texas, is counting his blessings after a weather system spawned numerous tornadoes. the national weather service says as many as a dozen twisters skipped across lancaster, destroying more than 6 00 homes in that town alone. they jumped into action after getting calls, telling them a tornado was headed their way. >> that's when we started sounding the sirens around 1:15. got our command center operations up shortly thereafter. but there was really very little warning. >> it was enough to alert residents and send them scrambling to find a safe spot to ride out the storm. >> i have three kids with me
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and i put them in the bathtub, layed on top of them, we prayed. >> in forney, texas, close to 100 more homes are damaged. of those, more than 20 completely destroyed. although more than 150 people were injured across the region, surprisingly, no one was killed. >> we're still assessing everything right now, but to really think about it, we are truly blessed. >> people are shifting their focus on the cleanup and rebuilding process. survivors who lost everything are dealing with mixed emotions. >> it's hard. i'm just glad to be here. >> forecasters worry this could be the beginning of a very long spring here. tornado season runs from march through june and april is typically the worst month. in arlington, texas, fox news. so in the pictures, it looks like we're dealing with calm weather today as they begin the cleanup. >> that line of storms moved out into the gulf of mexico, so it didn't bother anybody today.
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no reports of tornadoes. nothing like what we saw yesterday. settling down for now. and locally, we had a warm day, up to the mid 70s. still mild tonight, but changes for tomorrow. looks like we'll cool down a little bit. you don't have to get your winter coat out, but it's not going to be as warm. >> brian. a prince georges county carjacker is going to jail for life. listen to her 911 call and then what she told the court today. >> as soon as i was going to make my turn, he jumped out of nowhere and then that's when he grabbed me by my shoulder. he was like, keep driving, keep driving, and he took me this direction and when the light was red, i was able to jump out of my car. >> until this day, like i said, i close my eyes and i see him. i hear him. i feel him. and i'm just happy that he's no
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longer near me. he's no longer near anybody to do this ever again. >> miguel morales will spend life plus 30 years in prison for carjacking and kidnapping that victim. the final report is out on what killed whitney houston and new details are being revealed. plus, think of all the places you take your cell phone and all the information police could be learning about you if they tracked it. that's what one group says is happening to unsuspecting citizens. and tonight, this dog shot by a deputy at a maryland home. a jury said it never should have happened because of what they saw in the dash cam video. we'll show you at 11:00.
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honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. new details tonight in the death of whitney houston. the final report has just been released. investigators found a spoon, a white powdery substance on a mirror in her los angeles hotel room the night she died. last month, the l.a. county coroner revealed she died from accidental drowning, but heart disease and cocaine
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were contributing factors. closed its three campuses this week leaving students wondering what's going to happen to their money and their degrees. tonight the owner of act college in manassas is blaming the financial woes on the department of education. fox 5's paul wagner has details. >> the students who gathered outside the manassas campus of act today were there to cam pair compare notes and become aware of what will become of their tuition. can they transfer to another school? will their money be refunded? >> i'm in shock. >> so many questions with no clear answers. jeffrey moore, the owner of act did not respond to any comment. relying on this letter and pasted on the front doors of all three campuses. >> everything is up in the air. we don't know what's going to happen. we're waiting to hear answers. i'm hoping we can hear answers as early as today. maybe other schools will pick
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us up. >> the department of education placed additional requirements on the institution, following a recent audit and scud led a deal to keep the school open at the 11th hour. >> i believe it is fraud from the highest level and i find it absolutely ridiculous. and you know, i just hope that they can make it right somehow by figuring out how to get our money back or getting our credits transferred somewhere else. >> one student paid $20,000 this >> they didn't say anything about them struggling or anything about it. they were like yeah, we have a good school. it's better than any other school. >> we tried to find jeffrey moore today. he works out of the arlington campus in roslynn. although the doors were open, the lights were off and no one was home. >> our loans are in limbo. we don't know whether they are going to be transferable to another institution if someone wants to transfer, if they'll
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have to be repaid. we know nothing. >> paul wagner, fox 5 news. many of the students told paul they paid $20,000 to the school for one year of study and accreditation. we sent the owner two e-mail requests for comment. he did not respond. we have been unable to reach him. we put in a call to the department of education and have not heard anything. learning more about what led a nursing student to go on a shooting rampage. one goh had been expelled from the small christian college that was targeting a female administrator. he was told she wasn't at the school. he began shooting in classrooms killing seven people. police are searching for a nearby body where they believe goh may have thrown a weapon. new charges against a university of maryland student accused of threatening to kill people on campus. alexander song was released from the hospital and arrested yesterday. song is charged with misuse of e-mail, disturbing the peace and other offenses. investigators claim last month he posted that he would go on a
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rampage on campus. he is now banned from campus. virginia wants a judge to keep the cap on damages in the virginia tech wrongful death lawsuit in place. the parents of two virginia tech students killed in the 2007 shooting massacre brought the suit. attorneys asked the court to award each family $2 million despite a $100,000 state cap on damages. last month, jurors ruled the state was negligent when virginia tech officials delayed alerting students of the first two campus shootings. big brother is always watching, and now privacy advocates say they have the proof. a new report is shedding light on police tactics involving your mobile device. fox explains. >> reporter: a warning from the american civil liberties union. police could be tracking you at this very moment through your cell phone. an aclu report raising privacy fears. the result of an investigation uncovering the surveillance practices of law enforcement
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agencies across america. after reviewing 5500 pages of records, the aclu says police agencies large and small often obtain cell phone data without permission. that's because not all wireless carriers demand a warrant or a court order beforehanding over the data. >> if the government wants it, it needs a search warrant. if it gets it without a search warrant, it has committed a crime. a crime in the act of getting it. >> the aclu saying in the report this has become big business for service providers. quote, cell phone companies have manuals for police explaning what data the companies store, how much they charge police to access that data and what officers need to do to get it. >> if your probable cause wasn't there to get a search warrant, you obtain information that you couldn't get through a warrant or you fail to get a warrant. everything that came afterwards is going to fall. >> many agencies saying they only use cell phone data to solve crimes and track missing
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persons. and obtaining a warrant can slow down that process. >> slow the process down if we have to ask for a judge to search the cell phone records to find a missing person? call me. call me. >> the aclu reached out to more than 380 state and local law enforcement agencies. out of more than 200 responses, ten say they don't track cell phones. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. the capes crusader pops up again. but first, last night's election could oust a well known name. details on the election that is still too close to call.  [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't.
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if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited.
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♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer. there are about 500 votes separating a sitting d.c. council member and the man who wants his job. vincent orange is currently in
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the lead to keep his at large seat on the council, but biddle could gain an advantage in absentee ballots. >> reporter: it was a nail biter as the votes came in last week. on our 10:00 news, vince orange and biddle were neck in neck. >> we cannot call that election and won't be able to call it tonight with the absentees being later. >> reporter: we still can't call it today. take a look at the numbers. a 543 vote difference. both candidates, orange and biddle, trying to put a positive spin on the results. >> i'm feeling great. yesterday was a beautiful day. >> i feel pretty good right now. >> reporter: orange seems to think the numbers are in his favor. >> looking at the math, i don't think the realistic scenario where i can be over taken. i'm confident i will be victorious. >> reporter: but biddle says those absentee ballots could
10:25 pm
put him on top. >> already returned over 1700 absentee ballots, which is much larger than the margin right now. >> mayor gray was careful not no get involved in this tight race. >> i want to work with the best candidate the people send to the council of the district of columbia. i have promised to do that. by the way, i have served with both of them. matt acklin, fox 5 news. >> all the absentee ballots had to be postmarked by tuesday in order to be counted. 1700 have come in, but no one knows how long it will take for all of them to arrive. the final count will happen on friday, the 13th. a maryland primary race is turning into one of the most watched congressional races in the country. the sixth district was redrawn this year, now includes heavily democrat members. rose koa bartlett held that seat for 19 years. his democratic challenger is
10:26 pm
john delany. today, he met with u.s. senator, ben carden. >> i have spoken to everyone in the party and the one thing i'm certain about, there is terrific unity and all working together for all of our elections. >> the district now is very diverse district. it goes from the small mountain towns of garrett county to the richest part of the richest county in the united states. so it's a very different district now than it was before. >> congressman bartlett says he hopes to meet with delany. going viral, taking on a whole new meaning tonight. facebook could be the key to stopping the spread of std's. plus, a caped crime fighter visiting kids today who were fighting for their lives. we are taking you to batman's latest appearance, next. and if you see a story you think we should look into, send your tips to %
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> remember this? dash cam video of batman being pulled over by montgomery county police. his bat mobile didn't have the proper plates. they let him off the hook. today, he delivered gifts and smiles to children at the hospital up in baltimore. fox's kathleen karens has the story. >> it's the lamborghini bat mobile. >> supporting the lives of the hospital. >> he is one of them. >> he helped the hero. >> he is so excited. >> ian has leukemia.
10:31 pm
his mom wishes she had a super power. >> i want you to get better. i want you to do me a favor and get better. that will make me very happy. >> eyes open. >> inside -- >> turn towards me a little bit. >> in the pediatric play room. >> thank you, baby. >> it's a super power celebration for kids like shawn. >> i need some help fighting crime, so any help i can get, i would much appreciate that. >> he's here for a brain tumor. >> a time for sick children to be just children. >> can i shake your hand? >> what's your name? >> right in here. >> so for these kids -- >> you too are the chosen one. >> a brief rest for what can be a grueling routine. >> i think it's wonderful. it fills your spirits up.
10:32 pm
wonderful. >> i want you to look like batman, okay? one, two, and got you. thank you very much. >> it's a good thing they are doing today. >> we are following two health alerts tonight starting right here in our area. 90 people across the country have been sickened by salmonella. some are here in maryland and d.c. there is an outbreak here and in 18 other states. they believe it is linked to sushi, particularly spicey tuna roles. the agency has not known where that food has come from. no one has died. a warning for doctors that more counterfeit breast cancer drugs are on the market. the fda says it found fake avastin without the active drug ingredient inside. this is video of the authentic packaging. it discovered the counterfeits labeled as the turkish brand of the medication that is not approved for use here in the
10:33 pm
united states. do you really need antibiotics or a chest x-ray before out patient surgery? the answer is no. nine physician groups created a list of the 45 most common medical tests they say are unnecessary. the list includes bone density scans, cardiac stress tests and frequent colon cancer screenings. the problem doctors say is driving up the cost of healthcare. >> more is not always better. when an unnecessary test is done and is an extremely low chance of adding anything positive to the outcome, it can add something negative, for example, something can be seen and while it turns out to be nothing, a whole host of other tests, including surgical procedures need to be done to track that down. >> you can see the entire list of unnecessary medical procedures on choosing we posted a link on our website.
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gives a whole new meaning to the concept of going viral. the researcher thinks facebook could help stop the spread. people sleep with others in their circle of friends and he envisions an app that could alert you to your risk of getting an std. a similar app exists for the flu. the american idol contestants kicking it 80s tonight. sarah fraisher is breaking down the performances coming up. plus, it was a special delivery after a woman goes into labor on an international flight. first, one pizza chain gearing up to say no to its customers a lot more often. neil explains. creating more jobs. the private sector reporting businesses added 209,000 workers last month. more than expected. the government's key march employment report is coming out on friday. but one business is not hiring.
10:35 pm
yahoo!, the internet company laying off 2,000 workers. yahoo! says the cost cutting move will save $400 million. meantime, people are taking advantage of low interest rates. more people applying for mortgages last week. it is the first gain we've seen in nearly two months. no gain on wall street. stocks offering their second worst day of the year. coming a day after investors found out the federal reserve is not planning a new round of stimulous. and so much for the customer being right. starting on thursday, pizza chain, dominoes, is launching a new tv ad campaign, saying no to customers that customize its specialty pizzas. but, they can still make any kind of changes they want to dominoes regular pies. this is earth shattering news. that's business, i'm neil. %
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expect to pay more for cab rides in the d.c. area. the taxi cab commission chairman says the fares can jump to $2.16. up from $1.50. that can be in effect from september 1. the $1 fuel surcharge would be eliminated. homeowners and buyers are still feeling the pain from the struggling homeowner. had to change the way they work to the crash. fox's shannon shows us what realtors are doing to stay on their games. >> you can't just wait for the phone to ring. it just doesn't work that way anymore. >> beverly has been working in real estate for more than 25 years and says the current housing market is ripe with
10:40 pm
challenges. >> i would say in our area, 40% left the business since 2006. and i would say that of the people that are left in the business, probably less than 30% off full-time. >> those statistics mirror the trend nationwide. according to the labor department, the number of realtors and the amount of their wages peeked in 2007, with a steady dropoff since then. >> it's been really tough for a lot of realtors. they are working just as hard or harder than they did before and not earning as much. >> new federal laws are complicating efforts to get homes sold. >> whether there's a new bill that came in, and that bill has changed everything with the banking industry. >> appraisals are handled differently and so is the way potential buyers. that's making it tougher for customers to get the financing they need in order to achieve their goal. so how are realtors staying afloat? langly focuses on old fashion hardwork, long days, working
10:41 pm
the phones, and tackling foreclosure properties. along with the added boost of social media. using the internet and direct contact technology to spark buyer's interest. real estate professionals are small business owners. >> they can gain the rewards a lot of small business people see and that's one of the things that draw them into business. >> national association of realtors is actively working to get lawmakers to streamline government requirements. after having spent $22 million on lobbying in 2011. in washington, fox news. >> new tonight on the news edge at 11:00, disturbing discoveries at the university of maryland. the hateful messages. plus, a deputy shot this dog, now a jury decided he never should have pulled the trigger because of what they saw on his dash cam video. we'll show it to you at 11:00. 
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how many people can say they have helped deliver a baby? how about at 30,000 feet?
10:45 pm
that's exactly what happen when had a pregnant passenger went into labor on an international flight. everyone for the passengers to the flight attendants jumped into action. >> back in her south tampa home, susan is all smiles. 12 days after she helped bring this little boy into the world. >> it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my career. >> three hours into the 12 hour flight, she was alerted to a pregnant passenger. >> do you feel like your water has broken? she said yes. that's when i knew. okay, we're having a baby. >> she called out, is there a doctor on board? luckily, dr. patrick, an obgyn jumped in to help first time mom, katherine. >> she was very strong. she was very scared at first. obviously she is traveling
10:46 pm
alone. she's in a public place. obviously having a baby on an airplane. how crazy is that? >> they were 36,000 feet in the air. susan started directing other flight attendants to get supplies, gloves, paper towels, she grabbed scissors out of her gear bag and passengers began offering their help. >> and we couldn't find any twine or string or anything and this passenger across the aisle offered his shoe strings. >> he untide his running shoes to tie off the am bill call cord. one brought a vodka to sterilize the scissors. >> here comes the baby. doctor hands it to me, or the doctor said, tie it. so i got the shoe string and i tied it and tied it again and had the scissors and i snip, snip, snip.
10:47 pm
three little snips is all it took and he handed me the baby. it's like, oh my gosh. >> susan placed the tiny new passenger on his mom's chest, before bundling him up in blankets. >> i took the baby and i had to lift it up over the seats and as i did, everyone was looking at me and i just raised it up. i said it's a boy. and the whole airplane broke into applause. >> 15 minutes later, the captain landed, mom and baby were taken to the hospital. >> and it was very special and i hope i'm going to go to the first birthday. >> tonya, fox news. >> how great is that story? >> unreal. >> the back of the cabin. >> i can't hear you. >> you weren't there when your wife delivered. >> i was there in the room. >> i was in the corner. i can't hear you. >> oh, that's funny. >> oh my gosh. today was one you wanted to be present at. it was gorgeous outside. >> we missed out on the
10:48 pm
showers. they passed by to our south and skies are clearing. not cold yet, but it is going to get chillier. as we mentioned earlier, when we were downstairs, i don't think you'll need your winter coat, but you aren't going to be seeing temperatures in the 70s during the day tomorrow. if you're going to be driving around tomorrow morning, maybe near reagan or dulles or the national mall, i want to let you know that nasa is doing an intriguing flyover with a couple small jets and what they're going to be doing is taking pictures and they'll be low. two flights at 1500 feet between 9:30 and 11:00. so don't let it startle you. let me tell you what they are up to. they are photographing the area because the space shuttle is going to be coming into town, discovery, on april 17. they want to see if it will be possible to fly this space shuttle around the region. so let's keep our fingers crossed. that would be a cool thing to see. meanwhile, today's temperatures, mid 70s. dulles at 76 degrees and not
10:49 pm
chilly tonight. it is still 72 degrees at quantico. 68 at annapolis. we begin to find cooler temperatures up towards hagerstown and it's a good 20 degrees cooler than it is in d.c. when you get up towards pittsburgh. so this is the kind of air that's going to be sinking down just a little bit later tonight. so bottom line, a cooler day for you on thursday. probably near 60, maybe the low 60s. i think we'll start off with a good amount of sunshine. a chilly start in the morning because we should drop to 38 degrees. not cold enough for frost in montgomery county or fairfax or out at loudoun with dulles at 40. but get up toward frederick, maybe a patch or two of frost. what's working in our favor is the fact it's breezy in the wake of the cool front that passed us by. we have the clear skies now, but we have a parade of storms following along that frontal system. promoting more showers and storms and first round of the
10:50 pm
masters tomorrow, they may have to watch for continuation of a few more showers and thunderstorms. good news today, no reports of tornadoes. very little severe weather. this is the line that was in dallas yesterday. there was a line that continued across houston today, but they will have to watch for afternoon thunderstorms for round one of the masters. for us, we have the clear skies. it will get cool around 45 degrees in the district. some 30s north and west. and tomorrow, a cooler day as well. we'll start with a lot of sunshine, even though it will be chilly. in the afternoon, we may see some cumulouse clouds build up. that's from colder air aloft. 60, maybe 62 if we're lucky a. tiny bit below average, but not bad. frontal system is going to continue to work its way to south. a second area of low pressure. but eventually, it will pull in cooler air. not quite as worm tomorrow with afternoon clouds that will be around. but again, we're thinking it's a dry day with the frontal system to our south. that's where the showers will
10:51 pm
be tracking. we find temperatures that will be near 60 degrees. you might still get into the mid 60s down to the south of d.c., manassas about 61. martinsburg 59. a little warmer for easter at 68 degrees. so we are in good shape as we check out the five-day forecast. gradual warming trend, tomorrow being the cooler day. and maybe, just maybe breezy as we work our way through the day. but a nice bright day on friday. a little warmer on saturday and sunday. next chance of showers looks like it might be on monday, brian. >> thank you. >> here's something you don't expect to see. a water main break at the white house. construction crews were working nearby when they turned off the water and everything seems to be back to normal. first lady visited the fisher house at walter reid medical center, delivering treats and surprises. fisher house provides families a place to live while they're loved ones are recovering from serious injuries. mrs. obama delivered easter
10:52 pm
treats and tickets to the egg roll and brought out one last surprise. beau with bunny ears. a star shows us what president obama would admit is his nerdy side. there he is along michelle nichols. is that right? nobody in here knows. they are both flashing the sign. the pair met back in february, but nichols sent out the photo. the president admitted he had a crush on her character as a child. >> down in the web center with sarah fraisher and another big night on american idol. we are down to the final eight and it was all about the 80s tonight on the show. >> so 80s. >> and some awesome performances. >> amazing. and they do have a great crop this year, don't you think? >> they do. and it starts watching until just recently. >> we'll get to it. so our chonight was
10:53 pm
interactive. will thomas was on. including, you know, the low end of who we think is going home tonight is holly. >> i was surprised to hear you say that. i didn't see her performance from the very beginning, but at the end, i thought she sounded okay. >> she's adorable, but she was probably the least strongest tonight. skyler was the last to perform, so country. skyler came back, and then the favorites are jessica and joshua who is amazing. i mean. >> joshua, 19 years old. >> i always want to write, come on. he is so mature. doesn't he seem -- that's a full on man. >> they are a couple young ones. jessica sanchez, 16. they are unbelievable. deandre was super strong. the conspiracy theory is so colin came out, brought his own guitarist.
10:54 pm
randy jackson and colin is the rocker, and steven tyler was like, you're great. and everyone online is saying that randy and steven tyler want to actually steal colin's guitarist. >> you don't want anyone to outshine you. so colin has someone else a job. >> he was great. every week, i think it's really impressive. they are doing a great job. >> gwen stefani. >> i thought she gave some good advice. >> she gave some really good advice to phillip phillips about letting his song breathe and not touching the guitar and talking to the audience. >> i think it was a lot about, all around packages, which in the past, a will the of the contestants have not had. gwen said hey look, you have to become comfortable in your movement and presence on stage and not be so robotic. a lot of them had that issue. that was good advice. >> thanks very much. brian, back up to you.
10:55 pm
it was once a hit song, now it's causing controversy at one school district. find allot what has parents at odds, next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a chart topper when it came out in the early 80s and a comeback after 9/11. it's not very popular with the massachusetts school officials where parents tell us they want to take the god out of god bless the u.s.a. fox's crystal haines has more on this school song controversy. >> sing it with me. god bless the u.s.a. >> one word causing big controversy after some parents of fourth graders at bellingham elementary school find out the words god bless the u.s.a. in the song of the same name was going to be replaced with, we love the u.s.a. during a school assembly.
10:59 pm
>> god is god and he's a big part of society and we are taking him out. you see more drugs, more kids in trouble. i think it all reflects on that. >> i personally think church and state should be separated. however, with god being in that song, it has to do with the foundation of our government. so i don't think it should be removed from the song whatsoever. >> fox got this copy of a letter. some saying it violates their child's first amendment rights. some saying they are planning to have their children sing it the original way anyway. >> don't think there's anything wrong with changing the song. it's a public school. if you want to have the word god, go to a private school. >> the response from the principal, eliminate the singing all together. in a statement, she says the move will quote, maintain the focus on the original objective, though sharing the students knowledge of the u.s. states and because


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