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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. live look outside right now. thursday, april 5th, the u.s. capitol dome as we get ready for the rest of the week. only today and friday remain. then it is over and the weekend is here. >> i'm audrey barnes in for sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> tucker barnes is here now to talk about today, tomorrow and the weekend. >> and all-important weekend. >> that's right. getting to the weekend. >> got to get to the weekend. it is a holiday weekend too. >> that means a lot of people are going to be traveling. >> everyone can wear their nice little easter outfit without having to put a big coat over it. >> you might need a jacket but you won't need a rain jacket. today will look beautiful as well for those of you going to work and school. some of us still doing that. temperatures right now in the upper 40s and low 50s. 52 here in washington.
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49 at dulles. 49 at bwi marshall. should be a great looking day. the general trend here is to clear things out with sunshine expected and we should be dry for your thursday. if you get down into the carolinas if you are traveling, you can see you have some rain showers down to the west and south. and those will stay south and west of us today. we'll be cooler than yesterday. yesterday in the 70s. mid-70s today. upper 50s and low 60s so noticeably cooler than yesterday but nice and dry and again, nice thursday, nice friday and we'll take a look at the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. not a forecast we can complain about. let's check in with robert rir -- hirshorn to get you out the door. >> we'll take a look at the inbound 14th street bridge which is traveling pretty well at the moment. light traffic volume as you head into the district. no major traffic problems to report. we'll take a look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue. you see the outer loop closest to your screen and that is running with pretty light
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volumes. certainly not seeing the top side delays that we usually see on the outer loop. elsewhere in maryland, 270 southbound around 121, had the report of an accident but it is reported to be over to the shoulder to know major problems to report there. traffic look to be running at speed past t we'll check in at the springfield interchange with 95 northbound traffic over to the left-hand side of your screen. headlights pointed toward the viewer. picking up some volume but no major delays as of yet. do watch for the brake lights if you are just heading out at this point. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. our top story this morning, howard university is taking drastic action with its student athletic programs. >> it is moving forward way self-imposed investigation into possible ncaa violations. fox 5's sherry ly is live at the university with how this suspension could affect all the
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students. no one have been to be happy about this. >> reporter: i can't imagine that they are. there are so many questions still to be answered. the university hasn't given a lot of specifics except to say it has removed a number of student athletes from competition while it launches this internal investigation into possible ncaa violations and it is still really too early to say just how far reaching the possible violations could be. howard university took the self- imposed action initially suspending all of its athletic programs yesterday. then it backed away from that and it temporarily removed some student athletes from participating. university isn't providing details of the possible violation but several students tell fox 5 it has to do with the misuse of textbook vouchers. for now, howard's football team, track and field, soccer and marching band will continue to practice but student athletes worry about the possibility of future sanctions. sanctions. >> no football games and way don't have anything to perform,
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i'm he on scholarship for the band and if there is no agent let ins for the band to support, are we going to have a band program next year. >> reporter: the university says it is working to try to quickly resolve this matter. no word from the ncaa whether it is launching its own probe. howard is not saying which sports teams are affected only that most of the teams will compete as scheduled. that is the latest here at howard. back to you. >> thank you. more trouble on a local college campus. police at the university of maryland are investigating two separate hate incidents. in one case, anti-semitic vandalism was found in an elevator. in the other, a supervisor discovered a noose in a space under renovation. both incidents took place in academic buildings. so far, no arrests. the school says it had five hate incidents last year and that is down from a high of 33 in 2003. a jury in frederick is warding $620,000 if a couple whose dog was shot by a
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sheriff's deputy. the jury says the shooting violated the couple's rights. dash cam video recorded the entire incident. the dog is seen bounding towards a sheriff's deputy and appearing to be friendery. the dog survived the shooting but needs a leg am pew degree. -- amputation. ation. . another big story, the bizarre megamillions mystery in maryland. we hope to get some answers when lottery fills hold a news conference this afternoon. last week, mirlande wilson said she had one of the three winning tickets to last week's historic drawing but now she and her lawyer won't confirm that claim, confusing the situation even more, wilson's coworkers believe, if she has the ticket, they may have purchased it with her. >> do you believe your client is the winner? ibelieve in my client. i always do. the deal is i practiced law long enough to know that you never say that it's so until
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you have seen it for your own eyes. >> the confusion doesn't end there. a mississippi woman says her son bought that lucky tick net maryland. at this point, no one has come forward with the winning ticket. it is worth about $21 # million before taxes. a prince george's county carjacker is going to prison for life after he hid in the back a victim's car at a gas station when she went to pay for something. >> i was going to make it to the complex, he jumped out of no. where he grabbed me by his shoulder. he was like keep driving, keep driving and he took me to this direction and when the light was red, i was able to jump out of my car. >> i see him, i hear him, i feel him. i'm just happy he is no longer near me. he is no long are near anybody
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to do this ever again. >> the man will spend life thru's 30 years in prison for carjacking and kidnapping that victim. -- life plus 30 years in prison for carjacking and kidnapping that victim. residents of northern texas just starting to clean up after a series of tornadoes riped across the region. close to 100 homes were damaged in the dallas suburb of forney on tuesday and 20 of them were destroyed. as many as 12 twisters ripped through the town of lancaster. at least 150 people were injured across the region but no one was killed in part because town officials were able to warn residents. new details in the death of whitney houston. coming up next, a final autopsy report. details of what
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authorities found in her hotel room. how did this small colorado town get through tough economic times?
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freight rail. it attracted large eating over seventeen hundred jobs. then suppliers, stores, more companies followed, creating more jobs. economists call that the ripple effect. i call it the freight rail effect. freight rail connects every rner of america, bringing jobs and economic growth along for the ride. visit
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making headlines this morning, new details on this week's shooting rampage in california. the nursing school says 43-year- old student one goh dropped out of the small christian college
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and police say he taring heed a female administrator. when told she was not at the school, they say he began shooting in classrooms killing seven. police are now searching a nearby body of water where they think goh may have thrown the gun. former new orleans police officers may be headed to prison after finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. yesterday, a group of five former officers were sentenced to prison terms ranging from six to 65 years for their roles in the deadly shootings of unarmed residents just days after hurricane katrina. the police shot six people, killing two of them on the bridge in 2005. investigators say the officers then conspired to plant a gun, fabricate witnesses and falsify reports to make the shootings appear justified. a federal jury convicted the officers of civil rights violations and a cover-up last year. the owner of the west virginia coal mine where an explosion killed 29 miners says they will begin to permanently seal that area.
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the announcement comes two years after what some are calling the worst u.s. mining disaster in decades. alpha natural resources says they will use concrete to close the large tunnel that miner used to enter the upper big branch of the mine. new details in the death of whitney houston. final report on the singer's death was just released and it says that houston was found face down in a bathtub with cocaine in her system and drug paraphernalia on the bathroom counter nearby. the report says voirvegs found a spoon and a white powdery substance on a mirror in her los angeles hotel room the night she died. the l.a. county coroner ruled that she died from accidental drowning but that heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors. -- the report says investigators found a spoon and a white powdery substance on a mirror in her los angeles hotel
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room the night she died. we have color temperatures moving on in. our highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. i'll vie all the details on your forecast and a look forward to the holiday weekend and we've got a look at your traffic coming up after the break. br -- i'll have all the details on your forecast.  the word is swapportunity.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. live look from our tower cam. you can see the washington
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monument and the u.s. capitol out there somewhere together. not together as in right beside each other. they are in the same city, how about that? >> nice and tranquil early this morning. >> peaceful, just like tucker barnes. >> like how i put two and two together and the capitol dome and washington monument are in the same city. >> what is our word for today? >> theatrical thursday. >> why in. >> because of what i just did. >> try to say that three times fast. your forecast looks just fine. much cooler today with highs in the upper 50s to about 60. cooler air on the way. otherwise, sunshine for the next couple of days. so good looking weekend coming up as well. we're now down to 50. down to 50 at reagan national. our temperature continue to cool overnight and you can see lots of 40s breaking out to the
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north and to the west of the city. 43 in gaithersburg. 42 for you in hagerstown. the cooler you're working in from the north and west and even down into southern maryland across the bay, you will likely be in the 40s here shortly. other in cambridge. looking at our satellite-radar, before a cold front that came through yesterday. that brought some cloud cover and a few showers to the region. generally the showers to the north, you can see it hanging out here to the south at the moment. an area of low pressure will develop to the south. you will be in and out of the clouds today. the rest of us, mostly sunny skies. we should be in the sunshine generally. but noticeably schooler. today, we'll be in the upper 50s and low 60s. so a good 15 degrees cooler than what we had around here yesterday. not as warm and a few clouds in
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the forecast. otherwise, nice, dry afternoon. should be a beautiful thursday, nice friday and a good-looking weekend as well. plenty of sunshine. mentioned the cooler temperatures. winds out of north at about five to 10 miles per hour. 40 your overnight low. we'll be on the brisk side the next couple of mornings. check out your early friday morning, saturday morning and sunday in the 30s. we have a freeze watch north and west of the city for saturday morning. would not be surprised if we don't get some more of those and some frost around here. upper 60s by sunday. maybe a shower on monday. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic. in for julie is robert hirshorn. >> we'll start you off on 270 southbound around falls road where the volume is increasing but no major delays as of yet. the earlier accident around 121 in clarksburg has now been cleared. watch for the increasing volume as you leave frederick and head
5:19 am
down toward 121. and watch for it again as you get south of 370 on the southbound lanes of 270. traffic across the legion bridge being looking just fine heading into and out of maryland. on 66 in virginia, can you expect the increasing volume as you travel from 234 in manassas to 29 in centreville but nothing out of the ordinary there. not seeing too much slow traffic but do watch for the brake lights. 95 northbound in virginia around springfield, much the same story. just the increasing volume. all your travel lanes open and no major delays as of right now but don't be surprised if do you run into them if you are just heading out the door at this point. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> all right. well it seems like big brother is always watching. a new report is shedding light on police tactics involving your mobile device. jonathan hunt explains. >> reporter: a warning from the american civil liberties union. police could be tracking you at
5:20 am
this very moment through your cell phone. an aclu report raising privacy fears, the result after an investigation uncovering the surveillance practices of law enforcement agencies across america. after reviewing 5500 pages of records, the aclu was police agencies large and small often obtain cell phone data without permission because not all wireless carriers demand a warrant or court order before handing over the data. >> if the government wants it, it needs a search warrant f for gets it without a search warrant, it has committed a crime, a crime in the act of getting it. >> reporter: the aclu saying in the report this has become big business for service providers, quote, cell phone companies have manuals for police explaining what data the companies store, how much they charge police to access that data and what officers need to do to get it. >> if your probable cause wasn't there to get a search warrant, you obtain information
5:21 am
that you couldn't get through a warrant or you just fail to get a warrant, everything that came afterwards is going to fawn. >> reporter: many agency saying they only use cell phone data to solve crimes and track missing persons and obtaining a warrant can slow down that process. >> if we have to ask a judge to search the cell phone records to find i missing person, call me. call me. the. >> reporter: the ac lu. says it reached out to more than 308 state and local law enforcement agencies. out of more than 200 responses, just 10 say they don't track cell phones. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. big reunion at the box office this weekend. a new spin on a classic. >> you guys are here for the reunion. >> kevin, is that what i think it is on your face? >> oh, come on. >> american pie makes way for american reunion. up next, two stars of the movie
5:22 am
sit down with kevin mccarthy. >> here is a smoking hot 1-year- old girl that used to baby sit. a smoking hot 18-year-old girl that -- a smoking hot 18-year- old girl that used to baby sit. 
5:23 am
5:24 am
no mat are what else they do after sean william scott and eddy kay thomas will also be the same to those familiar with the american identify franchise. >> kevin mccarthy talked to two of the people in the movie about their careers and if it has gone the way they thought
5:25 am
it would go. >> they are my favorite characters of all time. i want to say hypothetically f you could drop those two characters into any classic film of all time and have them interact with those actors what would it be and why? >> that is a good question. that is a really good question. >> i wish i had a good answer for a good question. >> i would say -- >> the first thing i was thinking is donnie brasco. >> yes! >> i want to be a james bonn movie. i want to be a good guy in a james bond movie in dr. no. >> what would i be then? >> we have to be in the same movie? >> yes. >> it's different. its anot american pie. >> tony brasco sound greats.
5:26 am
the 70s with those nice beautiful fur coats. >> superfly. that is where i belong. the warriors. finch and the warriors. >> you are looking at the yearbook and it is like what you guys would have been, like the wish list you would have had from your yearbook. if you could look at your first movie you ever did and did a yearbook for that first movie, what would be a quote of yours where you would say i would be 15 years down the line in my career. >> i was hoping to alive. >> the first movie i did, you was a heroin dealer who got shot so i died and i'd still be dead. i'd still be a dead heroin
5:27 am
dealer. >> the first movie was american pie. i was hoping i would -- 12 years later, i would be doing american pie reunion. >> that would be your exact quote. >> exactly. >> so far, so good. kevin joins us in studio tomorrow for his review of american reunion and also the 3- d version of titanic. so was it a huge tip to a waitress or something sinister. head in about 14 minutes, why police are holding onto hefty cash left on a restaurant table. >> sherry is following our big story this morning. >> reporter: students are stunned at howard university where the athletic programs are in question following an investigation into possible ncaa violations. the university's reaction just ahead. ahead.
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look at that. >> beautiful. >> a lot of lights. >> the tower cam is not shaking so it must not be that windy yet. we'll check to see if it will get windier on this thursday morning. >> good morning to you. >> we've got a bit of a breeze out of the north as a cold front came through. >> it doesn't feel that cold this morning.
5:31 am
>> it is not that cold. we're into april now so it won't be that cold. lot next couple of mornings, it will get cold. we'll worry about that one day at a time. even if it is thursday, it is theatrical thursday. >> one day at a time, that is a song, you know. >> are you going to sing it? >> no. >> some shower activity on our south and to our south and west. generally going to be sunny around here. the farther south you get, the more cloud cover you will encounter and likely some shower activity down into richmond as the cold front will hang up just to our south. here in washington, a mostly sunny day and a cooler day. highs will only be in the low 60s today and that is after we enjoyed mid-70s yesterday so a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. currently, 50 at reagan national. humidity, 34%. there are your breezes out of the north and east at 12. it will be breezy as we continue to watch the cooler air move in from the north.
5:32 am
here are your forecast highs for today. 59 in frederick. 60 in manassas. 62degrees in lovely la plata. >> outstanding. >> all right. time now to see what is happening on the roads. let's check in with robert hirshorn, in for julie wright. >> a look at 270 around 109 which is picking up the delays due to volume. slowing down towards 121. all the travel lanes remain open. we'll take a look at the beltway where the volume is increasing across the top side. no major delays as of right now. the outer loop traffic to the left-hand side of your screen and we'll check in as well on the springfield interchange with 95 northbound traffic and traveling here. increasing volume. watch for the delays from quantico up to dumfries. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. another big story we are following this morning, the bizarre megamillions mystery in
5:33 am
maryland. lottery officials will hold a news conference to address the confusion this afternoon. last week, mirlande wilson said she had one of the three winning tickets to last week's historic drawing. now, she and her lawyer won't won firm that claim. wilson's coworkers at a maryland mcdonald's believe that, if she does have the winning ticket, it may have been purchased with their pool money. >> at some juncture we will make a claim. our regulation requires any lottery ticket is bearer paper which means that the person who is in possession of the ticket must present it to the lottery commission for payment. >> there is even more confusion now. a mississippi woman says that her son got that lucky nd. the ticket is worth about $218 million before taxes. fore taxe
5:34 am
a woman known as the blond bandit is set to plead guilty today. stephanie schwab is charged with six count of bank robbery and stolen vehicles. the crime spree ended after she was arrested on the beltway in november. possible ncaa violations at a local college. howard university is launching a self-imposed investigation into the claims, temporarily suspending some student athletes from competition. sherry ly is live at howard with the latest on what this means for the sports program. sherry? >> reporter: well, audrey, it is hard to believe i'm saying this butt suspension of some student athletes from competition is actually better than the university's initial reaction which was to suspend all of its programs. but now the university says most of its sports teams will compete as scheduled. the university announced yesterday that it had launched an internal investigation into possible ncaa violations but isn't giving details. several students tell fox 5 it
5:35 am
has to do with the misuse of textbook vouchers. the allegations reportedly involve athletes who bought extra gifts with voucher and then returned the book for cash or used the vouchers to buy other items such as ipads or supplies. university will say it has withheld a number of student athletes from participation but isn't saying which sports are affected. one college sports expert says howard's self-imposed sanctions may be a preemptive measure against future ncaa sanctions. >> from the sounds of it, not to try to draw conclusions, but from the sounds of it, initially, by howard coming out and making such a sweeping statement to say we're going to suspend all of our athletic activities, i would imagine that that was a reflexive response to the notion that this could be really much farther sweeping than we realize. >> reporter: the university says it is working quickly to resolve this matter. many student athletes now worry
5:36 am
any knew if you are sanctions could remove scholarships from the program and force them out of college. for now, the teams continue to practice and no word from the ncaa on what sanctions or whether it has launched its own probe into the allegations. that is the latest here at howard. back to you. >> thank you. more trouble on another local college campus. police at the university of maryland are investigating two separate hate incidents. in one case, anti-semitic vandalism was found in an elevator. in the other, a supervisor discovered a news in a space under renovation. both incidents took place in academic buildings. so far, no one has been arrested. the school as a it had five hate incidents last year. that is down from a high of 33 in 2003. virginia wants a judge to keep the cap on damages in the virginia tech wrongful death lawsuit. the parents of two virginia tech students killed in the 2007 shooting massacre brought
5:37 am
the suit. their attorneys asked the courts to award each family $2 million despite a $100,000 state cap on damages. last month, jurors ruled the state was negligent when virginia tech officials delayed alerting students about the first two campus shootings. a jury in frederick county is warding $640,000 to a couple whose dog was shot by a sheriff's deputy and the whole thing was recorded by the cruiser's dash cam. the couple let one deputy come inside their home and while they were putting their dogs in a kennel, another deputy walked around the outside of the house. their dog trotted toward the deputy with her tail wagging but the deputy pulled his gun and shot the dog. it did survive but was badly damaged. its leg may eventualery l.i.e. have to be amputated. the jury awarded them $620,000 saying the couple's rights were violate when the deputies entered without permission. rmi we're following a
5:38 am
developing story this morning. people in northern texas are cleaning up following a series of tornadoes on tuesday. more than 600 homes were destroyed in the dallas suburb of lancaster. another 100 homes were damaged in the town of forney. at least 150 people were injured across the region but no one was killed. the devastation could have been much worse. of the tornadoes jumped from place to place passing many heavy populated areas. a box full of cash on the table. was it just a huge tip to a waitress or something far more sinister? >> up next, why police confiscated that money and why the waitress is suing. we are checking more headlines. stay with us. 
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5:40 am
5:41 am
for bail for the california shooter. he is accused of fatally shooting seven people at a northern california college this week. one goh and in court for the first time yesterday. he did not enter a plea to the charges of seven counts of murder and three cowntsdz of attempted murder. a school -- three counts of attempted murder. a school administrator said he was not expelled but dropped out on his open and repeatedly asked for his money back. police say goh specifically targeted one of the
5:42 am
administrators at that small christian college. the military says it is ready to continue the trial against five prisoners charged with aiding the 9-11 attacks. they will be tried together at the american base in cuba. the military has 30 days to arraign them on charges including terrorism and murder. president obama wanted them tried it civilian court. all face the death penalty if convicted. $12,000. that is how much a minnesota waitress saws was left on her table as a tip. police took the money saying it is part of an ongoing drug investigation. the waitress is suing them. lawsuit says the waitress discovered a box left at her table. the waitress says, when she went to return the box, the customer said to keep t she later discovered bundles of money inside and called police. that is when they confiscate the money saying it smalled like marijuana. >> a $12,000 tip. -- saying it smelled like marijuana. the biggest car show is
5:43 am
about to get under way. ahead in 15 minutes, we are going to new york city to take a sneak peek. >> next, we are checking your morning commute and weather. stay with us. 
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
an exciting addition to the air and space museum. the first imax cameras from the space shuttle are being added to the collection. they were taken on 17 migs. they created the first giant screen images of earth and life in zero gravity. their work their work produced a series of space films. >> i remember going to see the imax for the first time. >> they had imax when you were a kid? >> in the late '70s, early '80s. i think it was like the first one in the country. they had one movie, to fly. >> it was there for years. >> i think you can still see it today. it was in black and white. i'm not kidding. people who grew up in the area will remember. >> you had to wait in line for
5:47 am
it at the air and space museum. >> take your kids to see it. it's fun. >> they will enjoy it. >> we'll start with the easter forecast and the bunny. the bunny will deliver nice weather this year and we are expecting highs to be in the upper 60s, near 70 with lots of sunshine for your easter sunday. most of the weekend here looking great. saturday looks nice as well. sunrise, easter sunday morning, 6:41 in the morning. both saturday and sunday should be nice and dry for you this year. we are cool right now. 50 in washington. you can see those starting to develop. 41 out in gaithersburg. that cool are air moving in with the clouds that came through yesterday really is starting to settle in. 52 in annapolis. out to the west, manassas and culpeper, 46 degrees.
5:48 am
should be a fine-looking day. particularly if you are in washington, point north. farther south and south and west you get, the more cloud cover. you got a frontal system hanging up to our south and the possibility of a few showers if you are traveling gown down towards richmond and the carolina border. for us, high pressure will be knowing in here. with our wind out of the north, our trend will be plenty of sunshine and just a cooler day. highs today will top out in the upper 50s and low 60s. bring along a jacket. plenty of sunshine, much cooler today. 61 your daytime high. wind will be with us here out of the north. clear skies, chilly overnight. we'll have 30s overnight if you are outside the beltway. 40 here in town. nice and dry the next several days. we talked about the weekend forecast. you can see the trend here is generally a good one. 60 tomorrow. upper 50s to around 60 on saturday. near 70 on sunday with sunshine. could be a few showers on monday. we could actually use the rain and it looks like our next chance would be early next
5:49 am
week. let's do some traffic. in for julie, robert hirshorn with your latest. >> you are picking up some delays in the usual hot spots due to volume 95 northbound. you will be slow heading towards the franconia springfield parkway to other points north including the beltway. 66 eastbound, you will pick up the usual slow traffic there as well from 234 in manassas. in maryland, 270 southbound, it will be the volume as well slowing up down from # 0 in you are ban aheading to 121. -- from 80 in urban aheading to 121. do watch for the brake lights. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. now, was day show of confidence or foolish comments from one of the member of the washington caps. details of who said what as the caps push for the playoffs. we'll tell you who the redskins will be facing next preseason and the world's largest auto show this week in
5:50 am
new york city. we'll check out some of the hot new wheels, up next. ls, up nex the word is swapportunity. can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake
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in sports, it is opening day for the nationals. >> the team and fans are expecting big things this year. the nats enter chicago to take on the cubs this afternoon.
5:53 am
some baseball experts think the nat could be a playoff contender this year. to basketball now, they're not playoff contenders. we are talking about the wizards hosting the pacers. that means the return of roy hibaard. he had 13 points and four blocks. this one turned into another loss for the wizards, 96-109. a huge game tonight for dale hunt are and the caps. the regular season home finale against florida. some comments are causing quite a bit of a stir. the caps brooks light says he guarantees the caps will make the playoffs, a somewhat bold statement since the caps and sabers are tied for the eighth spot. >> i don't know how you can be in this business if you think otherwise. you play with confidence always and you always believe in your group and i don't know how you can be here without that. >> i don't think anybody in this locker room would go so
5:54 am
far as to start to do that. it gets to be distracting. hopefully it is a huge distraction for them. some guys don't react too well to that. guys tighten up. maybe the young goaltenders don't react well to a guaranteed victory by their veteran guy. to football now. we know who the redskins will face next pre-season. >> they released the schedule jed. the skins will open the preseason at the buffalo bills and game number two, chicago bears. the game through three against the colt and they wrap up the season with the bucks coming to next field. the biggest car show in the world opens in the big apple tomorrow. >> we can get a sneak peek of the eye-popping cars that visitors will get to see up in new york. >> reporter: it is the 112th anniversary of the new york international auto show which opens on friday here at the jacob javits center.
5:55 am
it has hundreds of cars, truck and suvs and dozens you've never seen before. >> this is the mercedes-benz gl class, all new. the largest, safest, suv we've ever produced. >> this is the world unveil so you will see it here in new york city. very it is very safe, right? >> it has collision prevention assist. it prevents you from driving drowsy. it has an all-round camera to really prevent anything from happening to anybody in the car or outside of the car. >> reporter: sleek, beautiful, contemporary and luxury. we are talking lincoln and we have the brand-new mkz, the 2013 being unveiled here. >> we are taking the classic split wing grill design inspired in some part bit image of an outspread eagle's wings. these particular lampens are active lamps. they will turn when you turn the steering wheel so illuminating the road as you turn the corner. this is the two heater hybrid which we expect will have few
5:56 am
economy in the midsize section. >> reporter: i feel the need, the need for speed. i caught up with mark sheinberg, the president aster owe show. >> this is the place to come if you want to see really fast cars. new york auto show will have some of the most exciting and fastest cars. this is the mclaren vehicle. >> if you want something more few tieristic, there is the terafugia, an actual car that flies. time now to say good morning to our facebook fan. day. >> pam renfrew says she is getting ready to celebrate her 28th wedding anniversary, april
5:57 am
13th. dave friday the 13th when she got married too. congratulations to you. s to yo [ male announcer ] it sizzles, ready for anything.
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