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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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easter egg roll. holly morris has your backstage pass. we'll be checking in with her in just a few minutes. there is a live shot outside a very pretty start to the day. it is cool out. this is monday, april 9, 2012. easter monday. there you go. many of you out of school today. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. >> not a bad looking start to this easter monday. tucker barnes is standing by. haze a look at all the details. >> good morning. looks fine. a lot of wind across the area expected as well. let's kick it off with a look at our current conditions. diti winchester, hagerstown too, as you start out. should see high temperatures, upper 60s, maybe a few low 70s
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later today. we'll be in for a cooldown later tonight starting today. we have a come naiftion warm front and cold front heading through. we can expect winds to gust maybe 25, 30 miles per hour. er >> i mentioned the breezes for you. highs in upper 60s to about 70. could be a shower at 4:00 p.m. more details on the forecast including a mid-week cooldown. that coming up. let's do some traffic. >> traffic heading into the district across the 14th street bridge looks like it is moving at a pretty good clip at the moment. delays are further south where
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you will be slow from the beltway. no major problems to report on any of the inbound bridges or roadways. metro, marc and vre continue to run on schedule. 66 eastbound jammed up with the formal volume delays. don't forget the top side of the beltway delays, but you are slow from the new hampshire over over to georgia avenue as the traffic volume continue to be pretty crowded. >> thank you. we begin with an annual holiday tradition, the white house easter egg roll. >> this year's theme is let's go, let's play, let's move. our holly morris is on the south lawn live for us with the inside scoop about today's big event. good morning. >> good morning. can you really feel the excitement on the lawn here now because the first rollers will be coming in at just about 7:30. if you can see behind me, they are already putting the egg out. this is where they will officially roll the egg with
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the wooden spoon. the volunteers are getting their last-minute instruction. it takes some 1200 volunteers to help coordinate this day. you can see a lot of costume characters are are out there. there are supposed to be 50 costumed characters. all the kids that are 12 and under will enjoy what they have planned. they have do have a left activities that go along with that theme to get kids active, to get them eating healthy. they will have cooking stations, they will have activity stations. they have different celebrities that will be coming out. the big deal is here is that everyone walk away with the coveted wooden egg. it has taken me this long but you finally got my hands on the one that everybody really wants this year because there is one that has beau the dog on t his picture is on the front and if i turn it around, you will see that it has got his signature and his paw print on the back.
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the next time we check in with you guys, everything will be officially under way and so we'll see how things are rolling so to speak in just about 30 minutes. >> that is beyond cool, holly. >> she will have to give that egg back in 30 seconds. very tight with the eggs. >> this is where i interview all those magicians and a say, okay! sometimes that comes in handy. >> thank you. a check of the morning's top stories now. d.c. police still looking for whomever shot three people on q street near first in southwest -- excuse me, northwest, saturday afternoon. one of the victims was a juvenile. police believe they are hooking for more than one person here, possibly as many as four based on what witnesses have told them. national news now. there may be a big development in the trayvon martin case this week. a special prosecutor is
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expected to decide whether george zimmerman should face charges in the teen's death. she could direct file the charges or recommend that a grand jury indict him. in the meantime, if martin's family decides to sue over his death, they could target the homeowners association of the neighbor where the shooting happened and not george zimmerman. that is because zimmerman's claim of self-defense, if that is upheld, florida's stand your ground law will protect him from the lawsuit. in d.c., people are planning to march in trayvon martin's honor again today. the march is scheduled to start at 4:00 p.m. at gallery place. the group will walk from there to freedom plaza as part of the national day of absence, action and solidarity. and another big story this morning. maryland's general assembly is scheduled to close tonight at mid night. there are hundreds of bills that still hang in the balance. fox 5's melanie alnwick is in the newsroom with a breakdown
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of some of the more high- profile ones that are still unresolved. >> reporter: among the measures still on the table, subsidies for offshore wind farms and steps to limit development on land with septic systems but the budge budget and gambling are by far the biggest battles and new tax increases are coming. there ill with be conferences to iron out differences in income tax increases that will be used to help balance the state budget. a bill to build a casino in prince george's county and legalize table games in the state has a hearing at 9:30 this morning. late saturday night, the senate approved a bill to increase the flush tax. the house and senate over the weekend agreed on income tax increases for residents making more than $100,000 a year. they still have to decide on reducing and eliminating personal exceptions and how to shift teacher pence costs to counties. the doubling of the flush tax approved by both the house and senate will bring in $3 # 0 million in additional revenue to the bay restoration fund. money is supposed to be used to
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upgrade sewage treatment plants in the state. >> go from basically two fifty a move for five buck a month. this is one proposal that governor o'malley has pushed hard. it looks like he will get that. >> reporter: it will amount to about $60 a year for the average household. critics say the bay restoration fund is still wide open for lawmakers to divert money from for other purposes and an amendment to prevent future borrowing from the flush tax be has failed. the fee hike goes into effect july 1st. >> thank you. to campaign trail now. the plot thickens in the race for the republican nomination. it appears at least one candidate is ready to bow out perhaps before the next round of contests later this month. fox's doug luzader as the latest from capitol hill. fife contests coming up on april 4th and there may be a
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growing acknowledgement now that mitt romney is going to wrap this up. his up. mitt romney looking more and more like the republican nominee, something even newt gingrich is beginning to talk about. >> well, i think you have to be realistic. given the size of his organization and the number of primaries he has won, he is far and way the most likely republican nominee. >> reporter: rick santorum is scheduled to be back on the campaign trail this week. he took several days off over easter to spend time with his sick daughter in the hospital. but there are real questions about how long he can hold out and whether he wants to endure what could be an ugly contest later this month in his home state of pennsylvania where romney is about to begin a massive ad blitz. president obama meantime is spending more and more of his time lashing out at romney specifically. both of them honing general election messages on the economy. >> they could be very interesting dualing visions in the sense that in campaigns, we
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often see arguments about small things but these are about starkly different visions. >> reporter: for republicans, many eyes or rick santorum wondering if his improbable campaign will end or keep fighting to pennsylvania and beyond. the romney campaign is trying to wayne wage war on two fronts trying to wrap up the nomination while at the same time laying the groundwork for the general election. it is nine minutes after the hour on a monday morning. still ahead, a shooting spree in tulsa has police investigating the possibility that's racially motivated. he earned the reputation of a no holds barred interviewer of everyone of from presidents to entertainers. we remember mike wallace this morning. jordan zimmerman had a good day on the mound yesterday but
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was it enough for a series sweep of the cubs. there's live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic coming up next. right now, it is coming up on 7:10. we'll be right back. isan" mean? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today.
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dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. two oklahoma men in court today after a shooting rampage left three people dead and two others injuried. the suspects are both white while all five victims are black. they say england may have been trying to avenge his shooting death two years ago by a black man. in a facebook post last week he used a racial slur. still, authorities say it is too soon to say whether the attacks were racially
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motivated. helping pakistan surge by massive apple. it swallowed a military complex near the indian border on saturday. at least 240 troops have been struggling to dig through some 80 feet of snow, boulders and mud. it is not clear whether any of the people who were buried are still alive. march turned out to be a history making month for heat. the average temperature was 51.1 degrees. that is 8.6 degrees above normal. it is 6 degrees higher than the average for the first three months of the year. it far exceeds the old records. it has things warming up here. >> we shattered the records around here. >> and? >> and records -- >> hence the spoiling of the people. >> you are absolutely right. >> yes.
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>> myself included. >> yes. it makes temperatures below normal. you're like what? >> we had 80s and my 70s. >> anchorage had record snowfall. >> all right. let's get to it. at reagan national we are at 53 degrees. you can see the cooler air off to the north. buffalo 37. it is 45 in chicago. this air is not typical. cincinnati 39. we'll be a little below normal for a few days. the cold front moves through later this afternoon. all right. 60 in dallas. holding onto cold air across the northern plains. 28 in international falls, minnesota this morning. clear skies to start our morning. it will be a windy day today and mild day with highs expected to be in the upper 60s to around 70. see the rain showers in ohio
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and eastern indiana. hopefully we'll get shower activity. it will help our gardens as well. we could get a few rain showers. behind that we'll cool things down. it is 59 today and 59 tomorrow. a few more showers in the forecast wednesday. even thursday temperatures stay cool. >> have hope that the next five days will be nice. >> you know it will be. all right. let's find out what's happening with traffic for that. we go to robert. >> yeah. >> all right. how are you? [ laughter ] >> i am doing well. we'll start at 395. traffic is still pretty jammed heading to the earlier accident in the hov lanes. it is now cleared. delays continue.
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270 southbound with off and on delays heading down here. delays certainly in place. as you make the trip over to georgia avenue let's check your traffic. nationals wrap up their series. we are back with our sports. >> admittedly you're not a huge golf guy? >> no. >> but you watched yesterday? is. >> yes. i watched yesterday. >> what was your impression? >> where is tiger? i thought it -- was exciting. i thought the african guy, i thought he would win. >> how many double eagles have ever been reported? >> i believe i heard this yesterday, none. >> four. >> four.
7:18 am
>> before that was in 1935. they say that's the shot that put the masters on the map back in 35. it shows you how incredible this was. we'll take a look at this right now. this is the shot. it is from 238-yards. what he does, he will hit it to the front. it funnels. there is a ridge. once its hit that ridge it picks up steam and speed. you can't imagine. this has never happened in the history of this hole. >> look at this. >> watch the celebration with the caddy. do they nail a high five? not bad. >> he could see it from there? >> yeah. >> the ball was in the woods he tried to hit it and he hits it in. it lead to a triple bogey. this is the shot of the
7:19 am
tournament. >> how does he hook that? >> i don't know. i don't know how you envision the shot let alone hit the shot. >> if you don't make it you're hitting someone in the crowd. >> but -- he didn't. it lead to this. his hands were shaking because he realized i am now getting a tailored green jacket. watson is your champion. incredible golf yesterday. >> congratulations. >> you're watching the nationals so far this year they are 2-1. they lost yesterday. they are showing tenacity. the cub got two runs here in the eight inning to go up 4-1. top of the night they go. that are two in the top of the ninth. this team keeps clawing and fighting. they came from behind from the first two games to win.
7:20 am
you got to like what you see so far. your washington capitals begin the play offs ton -- on the road thursday at boston. it is going to be an epic series if you can knock off the defending champs. make they have a chance. only time will tell. >> i was away. i forgot about it. i didn't even know. that is great. >> yeah. it is not great. not bad. just get in. they got in. >> absolutely. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and we have the wwe champion coming in. >> i thought you were calling me a name [ laughter ] >> thank you.
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>> thanks. it is 7:20. still ahead, a new study linked obesity and pregnancy to autism. we'll take a closer look at the findings next. it has been in the works for over a year now. today a restored theater opens to the public. >> and it's an annual springtime tradition near, the white house easter egg roll. >> as always, holly is in the middle of the action. >> reporter: there is a lot of action to be in the middle of. all of fun activities stretch from the white house. you can see they are getting ready for this annual tradition. coming up we'll talk about what makes this year so special. ♪
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welcome back. new research says obesity during pregnancy may increase chances of having a child with autism. the results raise public health concerns because of high levels of obesity in the united states. they say the possible link between obesity and autism adds another to maintain a healthy weight. long time of 0 minutes correspondent is being remembered by friends and colleague as a fiercely aggressive interviewer. he passed away at the age of 93. fox news sunday sat down with his father on his own show. >> and you don't retire because? >> because i love -- it is not work what i do. i love what i do. when i get up in the morning and i think i am going to have
7:26 am
the opportunity to -- i am happy about waking up in the morning. >> a special program dedicated to wallace will be dedicated next sunday. >> how special is that interview? >> yeah. it helped launch -- they will cut thely bonn on the re -- cut ribbon. it opened in 1910 as a first of its kind showcase. today's vo unveil a new duke near by. >> my mom took myself and my brother to see james brown. it was amazing. i didn't know anything about the history. i just remember being there and hearing james brown it was
7:27 am
great. >> yes. all right. it is now 7:26 on the this monday morning. bad news for drivers. no relief in site at the pump. gambling at the forefront as the maryland general assembly session comes to a close. still ahead, what else is on the agenda as time does wind down. >> here is a live look outside. not a bad start to the day. a little bit cool. we'll have more coming up next. stay with us. it is 7:27.  [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof,
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here is a picture of the south lawn of the white house. all of the fun takes off. >> i thought mike was being creative. >> he was. >> all of the fun kicks off in about two and a half hours. this year's theme is let's go, let's play, let's move. it will help educate smart waying to incorporate healthy eating into their daily routine. >> all right. if you don't have a ticket to the egg roll on the white house lawn there is another way to celebrate spring today, the national zoo.
7:31 am
it runs until 4:00 p.m it is free. anybody can come. the easter monday tradition has been in place since 1891. >> all right. there you go. >> all right. we have to get her down here. >> i try to do the lottery. >> this are no special privileges. they don't do anything special for anybody. we saw you wanted to come. they don't do it. go go to white and get in the lottery. >> only way i have ever gone is covering. >> yeah. i don't think holly is giving up that gig. . we have a nice day on tap. humidity is very low. we with haven't had much rain in the last several weeks. we have a red flag warning.
7:32 am
you might have noticed that little red dot. that is letting you know about the fire danger today. bottom line, if you will be working with anything fire related be cautious today. in western maryland they have to be concerned ant possibly wild fires. >> very easy for it to start and red spread. currently 53 in washington. we are falling back a bit. 40s breaking out to the west. winchester at 48. so these temperatures aren't terribly cold. nice mild afternoon expected. upper 60s to ability 70. it will be windy and a possibility of a few rain showers as well. i mentioned the breezes, nothing here in washington. off to the north and west for
7:33 am
20s. 35 miles per hour wind gusts. it will be breezy around here. up aof the next -- up ahead of the next frontal system a nice break sunday morning. clouds will move in. a possibility of a few showers that are out in ohio. it is the cold front that will be moving through. we'll bring you cooler and drier air starting tomorrow. by late this afternoon possibly a few showers as the front approaches from the west. mentioned the clouds later today. 69 is your daytime high. gusting to about 30 this afternoon. it will be breezy and kind of cloudy and cool over night. we'll wake up with sunshine. partly sunny day tomorrow. check out your highs tuesday, wednesday and thursday actually below normal. we haven't done that a lot this
7:34 am
year. back in the mid-60s by friday. a few more showers on friday. aren't has the latest. how is it going? >> it is going pretty well. we are seeing the normal involve delays across the beltway. it is heading over to georgia avenue. you're slow on the inner loop heading over to the green belt. no accidents or incidents in the roadway. in virginia 66 eastbound. volume slowing you down heading to 123. delays continue as you leave and head up to king street. your accident in the hov lane has cleared. that's a check. >> thanks. this is the last day of the maryland general assembly. joining us for what has been
7:35 am
established and whether there is new gambling in the near future is ben, staff writer. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having us. >> okay. so you covered the maryland general assembly. today is the last day. what do you see as the big unresolved issues for today? >> they still have to come into come kind of agreement on the budget. still disagreements over tax exemptions of residents making less than $100,000. they have come to some agreements for most and a plan to shift the teacher cost, half of those, onto local jurisdictions. >> do you think it will get done today? >> i think they will get it wrapped up. they have a lot of other bills left to handle especially the
7:36 am
gambling bill. the governor's gas tax. there seems to be a last effort but only after a budget negotiation is complete. >> the governor said he would like to get that resolved sooner rather than later. there has been talk specifically for the gas tax. it is something they would like to see debated if there is time. there are only so many hours left today. >> and we also see the casino and it could double. let's talk about the casino first. it has been putting time on this. will he get his wish to get gambling? >> it is tough to say. the house and senate seem far apart. i have been told by members of the house there don't seem to be enough votes to pass some kind referendum to go through the november ballot, for voters
7:37 am
to decide if there should be a prince george's casino. i know the members of the senate including mike miller are really pushing to try to get that to be a ballot issue this fall. >> would it be the same issue as the national casino or is it two separate issues. >> it is exactly the same issue. >> okay. >> it would be to allow voters to decide if at someone in time they would like to have a casino. if it were the case they made it clear it would need to be at national harbor. >> that is where it would be. okay. >> can we talk about any sort of big milestones that the assembly reached this year or this legislative session? >> there was honoring of michael bush earlier this session. it the is the longest serving speaker in the house.
7:38 am
they need to wrap things up on time. they do have a midnight deadline. it might be the first time in two decades they have to extend the session. >> not a good one. >> one they are hoping to avoid. >> okay. ben is a staff writer. i suspect you two will be putting in time today. >> good deal late night. >> okay. over to you. >> okay. thank you very much. 7:38. coming up next, metro rider could see smaller hikes. there is potential good news. we'll fill you in on that. >> pope benedict is looking even more weak than usual. what is vatican is doing to help stabilize his health. >> here is a look at the my fox half all deal. for just $24 you can get a shampoo, cut and style.
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it is a $65 value. to get in on this deal look for the my fox half off. it will be on the right side of the page. 7:30. we'll be right back. ♪
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pope benedict is cutting back now. his brother said he doesn't think he will travel that much anymore. the 84-year-old walks with a cane, relies on a wheeled platform to navigate the aisle of saint peter. gasoline prices keep on climbing. the average price of a gallon nationwide jumped nearly 4- cents to $3.97. they say gas prices may have hit a high point. tulsa, oklahoma said to have the lowest prices at $3.66. chicago has the highest at
7:43 am
$4.45 a gallon. >> wow. good news for metro riders. proposed fare hikes could be lower than first thought. the original proposal called for an increase on rail and bus peak fares. options to amend that will be discussed at a meeting on thursday. >> so the price is still going up but not as much as we thought. that's the good news? >> that's the good news. >> got to take it. it is 7:43 right now. >> still cheaper than a gallon of gas. >> that's are right. we are off to a nice start. if you want to walk to work and save a couple of dollars. [ laughter ] >> if you can. >> i may have to shortly. >> or bike to work. >> that's a great idea. >> yeah. >> my neighbor bikes all the
7:44 am
way downtown. >> don't they get their sweat the i? >> probably have to shower. you can see the camera bounce a little bit. we have some breezes. we have 40s out to the west. across the bay it is a very good morning. all right. cooler air off to the west and the north. it will filter in here later tonight. an area of low pressure we'll actually see temperatures a few degrees below normal for early april. we'll be having a cooling trend later this afternoon. it is 35 in columbus. watch the cloud cover start to move in a little later. i think by 3:00 or 4:00 we'll be mostly cloudy. the possibility of a couple of showers breaking out. possibility of showerings late this afternoon and through the
7:45 am
evening. cooler and drier air moves in late tonight. there is your five day. cube late day shower and 50s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. burr. >> look at friday. >> and right back in the mid- 60s by friday. >> very good. we'll take it. it. all right. we have robert standing by with the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic. >> we are keeping an eye on some of our trouble spots this morning. 395 northbound heading towards king street it is still a bit slow. 66 eastbound and then again as you leave and head to 123 inside the beltway delays heading down. your main problem remains, the topside of the beltway near 95 and college park. inner loop slow to the green
7:46 am
belt. that's a check of your traffic. >> thank you. listen to this story, a memorial voyage of the titanic left england yesterday. some boarded to retrace the exact trip their relatives never finished. they will commemorate the anniversary on april 15th. the cruise includes food and music from the era that the titanic set sail in. many of the passengers wore clothing from that period of time. would you do this? >> not sure. >> i would not. >> i would not. >> i know it is not likely anything will happen. we will have the same food, same music, all of the same routes. >> don't we have better technology today? >> you never know. >> a little bit eerie. >> you can imagine us reporting on it. >> yes. >> let's hope we don't.
7:47 am
more than 35,000 people will pack the south lawn for games, stories and of course the egg roll. >> holly has a backstage pass this morning. >> reporter: i guess i have a lawns pass. here it is. this is what gets me access to all of the fun here. as you can see, the eggs are in deed rolling. it is an early start to the 2012 white house easter egg roll. coming up we'll talk about all that's going to happen. stay with us. thanks. let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the page. it is kitty gonzales. she is a mother of six, grandmother of five. these are some of her wonderful looking children. we appreciate you watching. we'll be right back.
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7:51 am
holly is live for this yearest easter egg roll. hi. >> good morning. they had requests of 200,000 for tickets this year for the easter egg roll. 35,000 are the lucky ones that get to be here as part of the activity. tickets were given out online. things are in deed already rolling. i have some first exclusive interviews. tell me your name. >> emmie. >> reporter: how was the rolling? >> it was good. >> reporter: did you win? >> yes. >> reporter: is this your easter outfit?
7:52 am
>> yes. >> reporter: you look awfully pretty here. who is this? >> reporter: >> my neighbor's daughter. >> reporter: what's your name? >> her name is tinker bell. >> reporter: you did the easter egg roll? >> yes. >> reporter: how cool is it to be here on the lawn of the white house? >> [ indescernible ]. >> reporter: he is really cool behind you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there are a lot of people already having a good time. we are stopping it up. good morning. happy easter. all live on fox 5 morning news. there is one girl that came all the way from california if. >> yes. >> what part? >> northern california. >> reporter: what do you think about being here? >> it is awesome. >> reporter: it is our
7:53 am
president's lawn. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: what are you going today? >> this and the martin luther king memorial. >> reporter: is this your first time in washington? >> second time. >> reporter: you sen joy yourself today. >> thank you. >> reporter: every year there is something a littlable different. i am making may way over here. he is the president and ceo. happy easter. >> happy easter. >> reporter: let's talk about the wooden eggs this year. they are have been special. >> they are always very special. this year we have a new egg. it is the first family's dog, beau. he signed the egg and it is the first time we have had a first family pet officially featured on the egg.
7:54 am
>> reporter: let's talk about the environmentally friendly egg. >> they feature vegetable and they are completely safe for kids, which is really important. right down to the packaging, which is easily recyclable. there are four other eggs that have the easter rabbit on there. they are featuring let's go, let's play, let's move. >> reporter: and it also has the stamp of the president and first lady's signature on the back. >> you can buy the eggs, either buy one or complete set of five. >> reporter: and we'll have a link to that web site as well. if big thing is if you can't be here and you're not getting to be here you can still get the eggs? >> absolutely. we'll have 35,000 people on- site. if you can't make it down here
7:55 am
if you go to the web site you can get either one or the set. >> reporter: the only way you can buy the beau egg is to buy the set. >> yes. >> reporter: thank you. always good to see you. i hope you enjoy it. get in line. roll an egg. everybody is a kid here at the easter egg roll. what's your name? >> ryan. >> reporter: where are you from? >> arlington. >> reporter: what have you done here? >> i am here with my friends. >> reporter: did you do easter egg rolling? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: how was it? >> it was great. >> reporter: if i go roll, what's the trick? >> you have to get a spoon and roll it to the finish line. >> reporter: do you keep it straight? >> yes. >> reporter: do you hit it hard? >> no. soft. >> reporter: slow and steady wins the race? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me your name.
7:56 am
>> philly. >> reporter: what do you think about this? >> it is cool. >> reporter: that's it? it's cool? that's all you got for me? the president sleeps right up there. >> it's cool. >> reporter: all right. he verifies it. what do you think? >> it is cool. this is where beau always plays. >> reporter: all right. tell me your name? >> alex. >> reporter: where are you from? >> from new york. >> reporter: is this your first time to washington? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's easy to get overwhelmed when you're on the white house lawn. what are you going to remember most about today? >> beau and he is really cute. i wish i could see my dog again. >> reporter: he makes you miss your dog.
7:57 am
how sweet is that? we have a link to the national park foundation's web site. that's how you can get your own commemorative eggs. we have one of the entertainment groups that will join us. as will see, eggs will continue to roll. >> how cute. >> the word for the day, cool. thank you. all right. are you still waiting to file your taxes in if so you have just over a week to do so. coming up at 8:00 some last minute tips to increase the chances of getting a refund. >> always, lung cancer can be an extremely deadly disease. it is usually diagnosed at a late stage. now there is a new blood test. we'll have more on that in about 45 minutes. are so tasty.agels
7:58 am
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 honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. straight ahead at 8:00, maryland lawmakers have just hours before the general assembly session comes to a close. with hundreds of unresolved bills on the table, it is crunch time. we have a live report coming up. also, straight ahead -- >> i think that somebody that
8:01 am
committed these crimes, were very upset with black people. >> well, people in tulsa, still in shock over friday's shooting spree that killed three peopleful and as -- people. and as the people go before a judge, some are questioning whether this is the latest hate crime. coming up. plus, 35,000 people expected at the white house today for an annual holiday tradition. holly morris will take us live to the easter egg roll. looks like some story telling going on there. >> happy you're with us on this monday morning. we say good morning to tucker barnes. he's here with a look at the weather. >> good morning. perfect day for an easter egg roll. >> no rain at times. a little freezing at times. >> a little cooler this afternoon. a little breezy as well. let's do it. take a look at numbers. reagan national. humidity. way down the last couple of
8:02 am
days. only 30%. with low dew points and wind today, we're at an increased risk for fires. definitely be cautious if you're going to be working with flames out and about today. people work with -- >> some people do. >> yeah. okay. want to tell us about it? >> no. satellite radar. here we go. lots of sunshine to start your morning. cloud cover will move in later. maybe a shower late this afternoon. and behind it, cooler air starting tomorrow. i'll have details on that coming up. but for today, breezy, sunshine to start your day. clouds this afternoon, with one or two showers by 4:00 p.m. highs about 70. >> thanks, tucker. >> uh-huh. >> as much those clouds juggle flame things. >> flame eater. >> yeah. let's talk about what is happening on the roads. here's robert with the latest. >> good morning. let's start you off with a look at the beltway, where we have been seeing most of the
8:03 am
consistent traffic from college park to georgia avenue. outer loop, university boulevard, the off-and-on delays continue. in virginia, 66 eastbound, you are slow through centreville from 29 through 28. slowing again as you leave and head over to 123. inside the beltway, the eastbound delays continue on 66 as you get on dulles road. and 14th street bridge looking okay for the moment. though a bit of slow traffic. areas of bridges and roadways not good. all on schedule. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. now to our big story this monday morning. maryland's general assembly, scheduled to close at midnight tonight. and there is still plenty of other than -- of issues of left up in the air. >> lawmakers are including a proposal to add a casino.
8:04 am
fox 5's melanie haul wick with details. >> lawmakers are going to try to vote on as many pending bills as possible. while they wait on the issues. gambling and others to iron out the budget. a bill to build a casino in prince george's county and legalize table games in the state. late saturday night, the senate approved a bill to double the flush tax. so lawmakers are getting closer to a compromise on the state budget. house and senate agreed on income tax for residents making more than $100,000 a year. they still have to decide, though, on reducing some cases eliminating personal tax exemptions. and how to shift teaching costs to the county on -- counties. maryland approved five slots casinos in 2007. two are up and running now.
8:05 am
opponents worry about adding a sixth casino will hurt the ones already in development. >> would go probably at national harbor. and there's a lot of controversy over there. rusher -- he is pushing hard for it. but especially from baltimore legislatures and in the house. there's a lot of skepticism in the house. >> reporter: opopeents say it gives too much to operators and not enough to the state. they could decide whether to include the games like table games to voters in november. tony? >> all right, melanie. thank you so much. the republican field could get smaller before voters head to the poll the for the next five contests april 24th. while on fox news sunday, newt
8:06 am
gingrich talked about his candidacy in the past tense and admitted that mitt romney is the likely gop candidate. >> i think you as well to be realistic. given the number he has won. he is far more likely to be the candidate. >> romney has garnered 660 delegates. santorum has only 281. new details from virginia beach. a coast guard officer and a civilian helped treat the pilot of that downed fighter jet friday. petty officer second class nicholas bean was at a friend's house, when he heard the plane go down nearby. now, he republican over to the building, burning buildings, and made sure everyone was out safely then. he and a civilian spotted a pilot on the ground other still harnessed to his parachute. the pilot was a bit woozy.
8:07 am
wouldn't get up right away. they cut him away from the parachute and helped him get away from the fire. the coast guard came to a rescue of a man on a capsized boat in annapolis. the man waved down a bulk freighter as he bobbed in the water. the freighter's pilot called the guard, which dispatched everything from helicopters to a fire boat and officers. the man reportedly spent nine hours sitting on top of his overturned boat. he is being treated for hypothermia. there may be a big development in the trayvon martin case this weak. -- week. they are looking into whether george zimmerman could face charges. she could recommend that a grand jury indict zimmerman. in the meantime, if martin's family decides to sue for his death, they could target the homeowner's association where the shooting happened, not
8:08 am
george zimmerman himself. that's because if zimmerman's claim of self-defense holds up, florida's stand your ground law would protect him. a group would walk to freedom plaza, as part of the national day of action, absence and solidarity. another case of a potential hate crime, developing in tulsa, oklahoma this morning. two men suspected in a deadly crime spree in an african american community are expected in court today. >> the pair are expected to be charged with murder and shooting with intent to kill. fox's anita vogel has more. >> fox has arrested two men wanted in connection with a shooting rampage in tulsa, oklahoma tonight. three people died. two others wounded. all five victims were black. police have identified the two suspects as 19-year-old jake england and 13-year-old alvin
8:09 am
watts. >> it is very premature to talk about hate crimes. we have yet to analyze all of the information to understand the motivations of the subjects in this case. >> reporter: and while police aren't sure yet whether the shootings were racially motivated, one tulsa city official says the opposite. >> i think that somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people. that person happened to be a white person. the people that they happened to kill and shoot were black people. >> some tulsa residents say it has little to do with race and it's more about the crime. >> everybody should get along. i mean, color shouldn't mean anything. everybody should just get along. >> reporter: one area pastor says no race is immune from the pain these murders have caused. >> there are a number of us who have determined that we are going to unite and form a better tulsa. because it's not about just what color you are. it's about your feelings and
8:10 am
when you're hurt, and when there's pain. all of us feels that. >> investigators are still considering many possible motives. but they do say revenge appears to be a factor. according to a facebook posting, england angrily blamed his father's death on a black man. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> it is now 8:10 this monday morning. all of you tax procrastinators. that's me. you will want to stick around. we will have last-minute tips on how to increase your chances of getting a refund. plus, tuesday at the white house, we have been reporting live from the south lawn all morning long. the scene of the 134th annual easter egg roll. we will check back in with holly after the break. the word is swapportunity.
8:11 am
8:12 am
can i have the definition?
8:13 am
swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. welcome back, everybody. i'm holly morris, live. at the white house. for the annual white house easter airg roll. and look who i ran into.
8:14 am
slap shot. it's so good to see you on this easter monday. and what a busy week you have. because the caps are in the play-offs. so we are heading to boston on thursday. how do you think -- what are our chances? i think they look good, too. i think the more pictures you get with people, the better the caps will do. so you guy the want your pictures of slap shots? yeah, come on over. get a picture. i'm telling you, there are pictures going on everywhere. i also want to bring -- amare came up to me. now, amare. -- and this is your brother, right? >> yeah. >> what's your brother's name? >> xavier. >> and i love the easter jackets, by the way. don't think i didn't notice. but i want you to tell everyone how you got your tickets to the annual white house easter egg roll? >> well, i got good grades, i get good grades in school, and i don't be bad. >> because you got good grades and acted nicely? >> uh-huh. >> i wanted to do that.
8:15 am
because see, tony and allison, they have been looking to get tickets. so looks like you will have to work through your kids. if they get good grays, act nicely and go to amare's school, they might get a shot. this is her second year in ray row getting tickets. look at the smiles here. they don't get bigger than that. we're going to have fun here. back to you in the studio. >> maybe that's the way. >> our kids got good grades. >> i know. they don't act up. it is now 8:15. tucker barnes is here. speaking of kids, he's got a special feature. not you. you have a special feature for us. >> thank you for reminding me. it's time now for our my first 5 photo of the day. >> yea. >> what a handsome fellow. this is 5-year-old jace. he loves to draw, read. and what gentleman doesn't like to do this? play with his cars.
8:16 am
>> oh, yeah. you may see the ribbon he has there, allison. >> yeah. >> that's his awareness big brother ribbon because he is excited to be -- get this. a big brother to three brand new babies. >> ohgoodness. >> his life has changed. >> triplets? >> yeah. >> wow. he's a handsome young man, too. >> nice smile. >> he's going to be a good big brother. i can feel it. >> looks like he's going to be the best. go to our website and send us your picture. let's take a look at temperatures at reagan national. we're in the 50s. 55 degrees. we'll call it comfortably cool out there this morning. 50 in winchester. 55 in ocean city. and 55, patuxent naval air station. looking at highs in the upper 60s to about 70s today. should be a very comfortable afternoon. it will be breezy at times. if not windy. and we have the possibility of
8:17 am
a few showers later this afternoon. if you need sunshine, get out there for the first part of your day. there's showers. that's moving very quickly along the leading edge of a cold front which will get in here late this afternoon. so we'll have early sunshine, afternoon clouds. and the possibility -- honestly, we needed the possibility of a few rain showers around here, later this afternoon and during the evening hours. and cooler air will start to work behind it. and we'll be in for a bit of a cooldown here. here's your five-day forecast. near 70 today. breeze heading to 35 miles per hour ahead of the front. and after a few showers this afternoon, cooler weather behind the front. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, daytime highs only in the 50s. that's your forecast. let's do some traffic. and the one and only robert hish horn has a look at the traffic. . >> good morning. as you make your way into town across 395. all travel lanes open on 395 as
8:18 am
the 14. looks a bit crowded. no major problems to report in the district. all of your roadways looking good. and running on schedule. can't seem to shake the beltway delays. 95 college park to georgia avenue. and inner loop, leaving 95 and heading to the metro station. not seeing too many of our late morning rush hour problems we sometimes see. looks like a smooth ride into and out of virginia. eastbound 66, delays continue through centreville. and 50 to 123, and inside the belt way, as you get past the dulles connector road. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. you have a little more than a week to get your federal taxes filed. ask if you're still dragging your heels, you're running out of time that could take steps to reduce your tax burden. joining us is officer jennifer streaks. good morning. >> thank you, tony. >> i'll bet you've done your
8:19 am
taxes, right? >> yes. i've gotten them out of the way. >> not me. >> first of all, we get a little extra time this week. because april 15th is on a sunday. so many folks, it's monday. and some districts, it's tuesday. >> correct. april 17th. >> what are some of the land mines you might encounter between now and then? >> the biggest thing i would say because everyone is rushing to get the taxes filed, is to make sure you don't miss any deduction. that could save you money. get you a larger refund. just go over it with a fine- toothed comb. >> what are common donations people overlook. >> charitable donations is a big one. because you have to have the receipts. sometimes people just say, forget it, i'll do it next year. or this is something i continually contribute through my 401k or through my payroll deduction. and the thing with that is you
8:20 am
the perfect receipt. your payroll deduction. anything from personal accounts. that's a big deduction you don't want to miss. >> that's a good one. because sometimes you do have it deducted and you don't think about it again. >> because you may not get a separate receipt in the mail. so you want to make sure you don't miss that one. >> let's talk a little bit about the roth i.r.a. contributions. are we still able to make some of those contributions? >> up until april 17th. so the high limit is $5,000. and if you're over 50, it's $6,000. so you want to make sure you get that deduction in there. and you have until april 17th. and that's right off of your taxable income. >> very good. you hear a lot about these health savings accounts. >> right. >> tell us a little bit about how those work and what you're allowed to do. >> well, basically, you get to contribute for your medical expenses ahead of time. and withdraw from that account tax-free.
8:21 am
anything from glasses to major surgeries you know is coming up, you get to put that money aside in a health savings account and deduct it from you're traxes -- taxes. so for a family, you can deduct up to $6,150. and for an individual, it's $3,050. >> and you can deduct what you've contributed or what you've spent and withdrawn from that account? >> what you've spent and withdrawn. so upper limit is $6,000 for families and up to $3,000 for individuals. that's a lot of money people miss out on year after year. >> does it have to be called a health savings account? >> it does. it has to be a preapproved insurance health savings account. >> very good. you also want to talk a little about some hidden deductions out there that people want to think about. >> for instance, the american opportunity credit. if you are continuing to further your education, you get to deduct college tuition and
8:22 am
expenses up to $2500. but $1,000 of that can come back to you in the form of a refund. so that's an automatic $1,000 you can get back in the mail from the government. and i also want to let our unemployed viewers know that if you have been unemployed for at least 30 days in 2011, or up until april 17th. you basically can say, i can't pay my taxes right now because i've been unemployed and you get to wait on paying your taxes. and the government will not charge you penalties. although they will still carry on interest, of course. >> great advice. always helpful to have you here. thank you so much. it's a monday morning. still ahead, a change of plans for metro's proposed fare hikes. and a health crisis in virginia. next, what officials are doing about the staggering number of lyme disease cases in loudoun county. :ló
8:23 am
8:24 am
ah. so much better than last year. [ both screaming ] food out the window! throw the food out the window! [ roaring ] never again. everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get onboard a carnival cruise and get more fun for all. [ horn blares ]
8:25 am
fox 5 is monitoring metro this morning. riders could see smaller fare hikes this summer than previously expected. metro says they may not have to raise the fares the full 5% as they had previously proposed, thanks to a reduced operating budget and improved ridership.
8:26 am
any fare changes that do occur would likely begin in july. well, some are calling it an epidemic. >> the number of lyme disease cases in loudoun county is on the rise. in fact, it is the worst place in virginia for lyme disease. the loudoun county board of supervisors has just approved a 10-point plan. they are going to start spraying for ticks beginning april 18th. the primary deer ticks other primary transmitters of the disease. >> i taught kindergarten out of elementary school. and obviously when this happened with my voice, i can't teach any more. >> there's also going to be a significant awareness campaign. we're going to be trying to reach private property owners to get them to look at spring, to go after the ticks. >> the county will be gathering the names of doctors and resources to help those with lime disease. we'll be putting a complete list of parks to be sprayed on
8:27 am
our website, at my my fox coming up, we're checking this morning's headlines, including the shooting rampage in tulsa. and it was an eventful masters, to say the least. dave roz has a look at that. 
8:28 am
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. it is now 8 children 30. let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. in court today, two oklahoma men accused in a shooting rampage friday that left three people dead and terrorized tulsa's african american community. police say one of the suspects, jake england, may have been trying to avenge his father's shooting death two years ago, by a black man. still, authorities say it's too soon to say whether the attacks were racially motivated. all of the parts are now in place for north korea.
8:31 am
the launch facility's manager says the missile is for an observation satellite and that north korea has the right to develop both. but experts say this rocket could also test long-range technology to strike the u.s. and other targets. friends, families, colleagues, remembering a legend in the field of broadcasting. mike wallace died saturday night. he was 93. he began his broadcast career in the 1940s and made debut on tv in the 1950s. but he was perhaps known for his role as host on "60 minutes" of course. >> look at him with malcolm x. you met him once. i met him once, too. nicest guy ever. >> just a good guy. >> uh-huh. and a great interviewer. great interviewer. man, watching some of those interviews in the 70s and 80s. >> yeah, i remember every sunday, with my parents. >> yeah. >> he's a legend. he will be missed.
8:32 am
all right, sir. what have you got for us? pretty good day? >> yeah. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. going to be a little windy. and perhaps a few showers today, which would be good on a couple of counts. we need some rain. and decreased fire risk, which is high today. >> that's right. >> so that's the good news. 55 here in washington. 52 in gaithersburg. gradually warming up. and still cool out there. but it be nice this afternoon. 59 in quantico. and 55 in leonardtown. all right. want to mention these winds. not much in washington at the moment. but they're not far away. and the winds will be gradually picking up. we can expect gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. gaithersburg, 23. baltimore now 23. and martins burg, 23-mile-per- hour winds. sunshine for the next couple of hours. and a little later this morning, you'll see the clouds. late this morning, you'll start to see the clouds increase. and we'll likely be mostly cloudy here this afternoon,
8:33 am
with a possibility of a couple of showers. this is a cold front. and if the showers can hold together long enough, we might squeeze out a few showers here. hit and miss late this afternoon. and behind the front, cooler air starts to move in. starting tomorrow, our temperatures, believe it or not, actually, a few degrees below normal. there you go. 69 today. and tuesday, wednesday and thursday, highs in the mid- to upper 50s. that's a few degrees below normal. and we bounce back on friday. maybe a few more showers wednesday. we could use the rain. if you have a garden, you know what i'm talking about. that's a look at the weather forecast. we will do some sports. tony, i want to be the first to say it. nationals-orioles world series. >> nationals-orioles world series? >> talk about putting the cart before the horse. >> yeah, it's early april. we're talking about the caps. they are in the play-offs. and the masters. what a finish yesterday. >> incredible finish yesterday. you know, kind of gets back to our debate we have been having all morning, with wisdom and
8:34 am
you and myself. as to whether masters have to have tiger woods and be exciting? and yesterday showed you can have two relative nobodies. unless you follow golf closely, he won the british open a couple of years ago. and bubba watson, we didn't really know anything about bubba until yesterday. this is the first recorded double eagle on the second hole in the history of augusta national. >> that's i heard. >> yeah. >> and never happened on that hole before. and only the fourth recorded ever. phil mickelson. we thought it might be his fourth green jacket. no he was in pine straw. that was the of phil, i fear. >> this game is the great equalizer. >> yes, it has a way of finding your faults. i don't -- again, know how you can think of the shot and then execute the shot in the most critical situation, where you
8:35 am
could literally throw away that green jacket if you miss that shot. which, if you hit that -- if you hit a bucket of balls, tony, 50 times. i think even bubba watson. he might hit it twice. >> hook shot. >> and there's the green jacket we were talking about for bubba watson, your new championship. we'll show you, this is the gulf video that was made sometime. it was a lot of buzz yesterday. >> he won the masters. >> there's bubba, your new champion. and there's hunter mayhem. one of the best in the world. ricky fowler. and ben crane on the helmet. >> imagine, this is one word you could describe it. but they also decided they would rap on the video. i don't know if that's a good idea. so allison, you might to want hold your ears. but take a listen.
8:36 am
this is the gulf boys in all of their glory. ♪ [ music ] >> swing it like a boom, orangutan ♪ i play my game, then a make my mama proud ♪ >> ♪ smash bang. and you hear the ooh ♪ >> let the bogeys go ♪ >> there you go. >> can i tell you something? >> yeah. >> three words. i love it. >> you love it? >> i love it. yes. >> remember tony and tucker did a similar video. i don't have any clips of that. right? anyway, mick jagger video. >> i love it. >> you know. i heard what you said, can it be exciting without tiger? they're trying to bring the excitement. >> took me a time to see it. i agree. >> maybe they could work on the
8:37 am
lyrics a little. but still, not a bad first attempt. >> i liked it. >> ooh dala la ♪ >> i like it. >> that was great. next hour, guys, real quick. c.m. punk. he's the wwe heavyweight champion of the world. he will be coming into the studio. and i hope we don't have like an andy kaufman situation. it's a lot of tape you get on the arms. grease for the hair. >> a little tape for the thighs. >> it's a lot of work. but he'll be in studio next hour. >> you need to grease yourself up. >> i can run, allison. i might have to do that. >> could be kresk. >> thank you, dave. coming up, still on the job and still at the bargaining table. the late of the on the -- latest on the at&t contract talks. and curious to know where your dollars are going? how about lavish las vegas
8:38 am
conferences. we'll explain that next. is that your trip, tony? land o'lakes spreadable butterr with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ? today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
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siemens. answers.
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8:40. here's a reminder about today's
8:41 am
job shop. today's job of the day comes from petco in arlington, virginia. they're looking for dog trainers to join their team at their new concept store called unleashed. for more, head to my fox and click on the link. some 43,000 land line workers will stay on the job. the old deal expired over the weekend. representatives for the communications workers of america union decided not to strike and stay at the bargaining table. negotiations are focused on job recollection protection clauses, healthcare premiums and copayments. in times of economic crisis, one government is being accused of wasteful practices. the inquiry follows a report, claiming the tsa spent more than $800,000 on a lavish five- day conference in las vegas last year. and now, a spoof video is surfacing, featuring a federal
8:42 am
employer, rapping about the carefree spending practices and joking about never having to face an internal investigation. some suggest, though, not everyone in the department is to blame. >> there are a lot of very, very good people who work at gsa. that's the tragic part of this. they work hard every day for the government. the political people who did this should be held accountable. and they should not have jobs anymore. >> gsa chief martha johnson has resigned after she dismissed two deputies and others over this. coming up next, a new way to better detect lung cancer that could ultimately give patients a better chance of boating the odds. -- beating the odds. and time to check back in at the lawn of the white house to check back in with holly. >> good morning to you. and this year, the theme is let's play, let's go, let's move. and i have found one group that is doing all of that. look at that. it's kid tribe on the lawn. just one of the many groups
8:43 am
here entertaining everybody out here for the annual white house easter egg roll. we'll talk to them about them. and maybe we'll get a little hula hoop lesson ourselves. i don't know if i'm going there. stay with us. ♪
8:44 am
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according to the national cancer institute, 160,000 people die each year from lung cancer, making it the number 1 cause of cancer deaths in the united states. well, now, a new blood test, called paula's test, aims to change that, by detecting lung cancer early. joining us now with more details is jonathan mckiffen, with genisis biolabs. have i said that correctly? >> yes. >> i'm sorry. we were talking before and that was the one question i didn't get out of the way. having lost someone to lung -- cancer, my grandfather, you know how this can ravage families. so this is exciting news. can you tell us how the test came about? >> it's been developed in our
8:47 am
lab in rockville. we have ph.d.s. and a medical board that consists of primary care, pulmonologists, and thoracic surgeons. it's a biomarker blood test that looks for specific biomarkers in the blood. and we're looking for asymptomatic patients that go to their physician on a regular basis and that are current or former smokers. we want to identify those current and former smokers before symptoms are present. >> just for bragging rights, if we set aside how widespread this test is going to be. this was developed right in or own backyard. >> exactly. >> and we said the figure before. 160,000 deaths. but lung cancer, the problem with it, right, is you normally know that you have it come it's late, too late. tell us how this test aims to sort of reverse that. >> exactly. lung cancer is a very
8:48 am
devastating disease. because when symptoms are present, talking to local pum nolses -- pulmonologists, you're usually between stage 2 and 4 cancer. what we like to do is identify lung cancer in its earliest stages and compliment ct. and send the high-risk patients to ct and identify the risk early. >> how has the reception been in the medical world? >> it's been very interesting. it's been identified between local pulmonologists and local internists, very acceptable. as a way to identify those particular patients. because right now, there is no way to identify those asymptomatic patients. >> right. >> we were seeing some of the preferred candidates for this test. can you tell us about who you're looking for? i know you mentioned the asymptomatic patient. >> current and former smokers who are over the age of 50 have a history of smoking, one pack
8:49 am
a year for 20 years. or two packs a year for 20. >> how do you understand this test? i understand it is not approved yet. but is this something that does go through a physician then? >> they can go to our website. and blood test for lung cancer. or gen yysi -- genysi and if there are any physicians, they can do the same. and who approves the test and how it is being used with that regulation? >> we have local physicians that are using it. it's a claof -- cla-approved test. physicians are well aware of that. we are working toward this. >> if your doctor doesn't know about it. they would know how to get the research if they aware of the
8:50 am
cla approved test. >> yes. they can go to our website. and we are moving forward to the fda process. it's just a slow federal process. slow process. >> results come back in about a week. could ultimately save your life. >> definitely. >> this is jonathan mckiben with genesys biolabs. appreciate you coming in today. >> thank you for having us. >> all right, allison, thank you so much. the first family and 35,000 others will take to the south lawn this morning for the annual white house easter egg roll. our holly morris is standing by with one of this year's top performers. hey, holly. >> reporter: yeah, you know what? it is heating up. the sun is coming up coming out. everyone was having a good start. but everyone is also enjoying kid tribe, who happen to be out here on the lawn as well. this is connie quin, she is the
8:51 am
spokesperson here. i'm going to try to start my hoop. >> on your mark, get set, go. funny, you're a pro. >> look. she's already showing me up. dude, i'm just trying to do the basic hoop here. >> no. you show off. because you are also showing off about being active and being part of the let's move initiative. >> well, childhood obesity is such a major crisis. and we're all here to be active, to be healthy. and having fun is really the root of it. that's what it's all about. >> and dow -- do you find that -- hula hoops have been around forever. but to get them to come back. and get kids introduced to them again, that they do catch on? >> absolutely. we are having a hula hoop party all day, all over the south lawn of the white house. and i've hula hooped with about 3 million children. >> is that all? >> in the schools. and what i find is both genders, nationalities, age
8:52 am
groups, the hoop just defies all of those gaps. everyone wants to do it and have fun. and sweating and burning calories is actually the by- product to having a great time. >> and you are having a great time here on the lawn. >> i am. >> you were telling me, that you're constantly amazed that you're standing here. >> well, this is our third year at the annual easter white house roll. look at this back drop. look at this day. how did i get invited here. this is a memory of a lifetime. >> what's your favorite part of it? sometimes people don't understand the different activities going on here. >> it's pretty amazing egg roll there's our hula hoop and dance party all day. there's a-list entertainers. cody simpson is here. there's storytime. there are chefs that you're having taste tests with proper nutrition, the gardening. and then the characters are all
8:53 am
walking around. but quite frankly, what i love the most about it is seeing all of the smiles on the children. and the high fives and the hugs. and knowing that we're all creating memories of a lifetime. >> you know what i think about? i love seeing everybody taking the pictures. getting the family pictures. and while i know it's easter monday, i know a lot of these show up on the cards. show me some of the top hula hoops here. >> this is my significant move. >> yeah. >> we call it the disco. >> oh, yeah. >> this one i call the what? what? >> whoa. >> and then, of course, you can shuffle while you hoop. and you know, just groove. i just like to groove. >> you know what? you should be invited to every party. you're a good party girl, right? and you got your three lovely assistants here. >> i've got my wonderful posse. we have valerie. we've got gabe. we've got natalia. and we're just rocking the easter egg roll all day.
8:54 am
>> and you guys are from l.a., right? >> yeah. kid tribe is based in l.a. but we have programs all throughout the nation and schools. also throughout the uk as well. >> okay. i just want to know. and you can be honest with me. . >> okay. >> one is, how many times have been -- have you been interviewed for more than four minutes and hula hooped the entire time? >> i have never seen such an amazing reporter. she's still going. >> and tell them the real statistic. if you hula hoop -- >> if you hula hoop, vigorously, like you're doing. for 10 minutes, you're running the same -- burning the same conditions as an eight-minute mile run. plus, abs of steel. >> this woman here dropped two dress sizes, right? >> i did. >> i'm just hula hooping away.
8:55 am
we'll find more egg-fun coming up in our next hour. back to you. incredible. wow. >> that's the best. >> i love her dress, too. she's great. she's still going. that's fantastic. time now to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. and kitty gonzalez is a mother of six and a grandmother of five. these are some of our children on her profile picture. kitty, we thank you so much for watching. we wish the best to you and all of your family. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, go to our page. post's comment under kitty's photo. >> nice-looking family. it's a monday morning. coming up in our next hour. poison prevention. yeah, thousands of people end up in the hospital each year for treatment. i'm going to chat with a local doctor about the common offenders, plus how to safely store your cleaning supplies so
8:56 am
your kids don't get into them. stay with us. 
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8:59 am
good monday morning. i'm allison seymour. and i'm tony perkins. right now, it's down to the wire for lawmakers in maryland. just hours left in this year's general assembly session. melanie aldwick is live with a look at the bills that are still on the table. spring is a time for cleaning, painting, gardening. so it's no surprise that thousands of people end up in the hospital to be treated for poisoning as they use some of those chemicals. coming up at 9:15, a local doctor here, with tips on how to protect yourself and your family. >> and wwe champion, cm punk is in studio this morning. he is preparing for tonight's big event at verizon center. and before that, he is going to sit down with dave


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