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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  April 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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miss corey noted show may not need a gear. corey has a reputation for not presenting cases before grand juries. if it's not required. the special prosecutor said her decision to skip one should not be considered a sign as to whether charges will be filed against george zimmerman. he's the neighborhood watch volunteer who was admitted shooting martin claiming that he was acting in self-defense. one of the attorneys representing zimmerman believes that no grand jury bodes well for his client saying, quote, i am more confident in her special prosecutor angela corey to understand the law and not about the voices in the crowd. no grand jury means the decision, whether or not to file charges in this case, new rests entirely with the special prosecutor. and there is no timetable. from the beginning, this case has drawn intense reaction around the country and world.
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paul wagner is live in northwest in a rally in support of trayvon martin. what are you hearing about the decision about the special prosecutor? >> reporter: laura, we used the demonstration here at gallery place to sample some opinion from folks who are following the case very closely. as you can imagine. it's not hard to get people's reactions. some people heard about the special prosecutor's decision and others have not. we asked a couple of people what they thought about the decision. >> and they going to let him go and not charge him, whatever and from florida. i believe that is what is happening tomorrow. i pray tonight it doesn't happen, because i don't want people riding. it's crazy. you don't have to ride to turn your own city up to make a point. >> she's not utilizing all of the tools and that is one of the tools and that is on to tuesday night and is unjust and that should be used -- they
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definitely need to use it. >> she's not going to take it to the grand jury, what is she going to do? i know they're waiting for the public interest to die down, but that is not going to happen. >> and we heard so much about the special prosecutor possibly using the grand jury and this could be misinterpreted. angela corey said the decision, quote, shouldn't be considered a factor in the final determination of the case and when you tell people there is not going to be a grand jury and there is a reaction this is not going to be a good sign, especially if you want to see george zimmerman charged. you have to wait to so what happens with the special prosecutor and i know by telling people there is not going to be a grand jury and to really touch a nerve. >> absolutely, and this touched a nerve from the very beginning. thank you very much. i want to shed more light on the decision where the case goes from here. roscoe howard jr., the former u.s. attorney for the district
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and in private practice is with us and this does not mean that george zimmerman won't face charges and means that the special prosecutor angela corey will decide whether to pursue charges here. how significant is it in your opinion? >> i don't know if it's that significant. i think what miss corey is doing is trying to be careful. you have a lot of attention on the case. she wants to make sure there is not any unnecessary time table, trying to present something to the grand jury in a day or week may not be what she and her investigators need, so, as the public, i wouldn't read into it anything. >> give us perspective on the length of time this has taken to reach this point. has this whole process taken longer than usual or does it feel that way because the case is under the microscope? >> reporter: i think that is because it's under the microscope. the murder cases can take -- you can arrest somebody that day and arrest somebody decades later because usually there is no statute of limitations.
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>> and we heard a reporter, phil keating in the field, saying there is no timetable on this. is there a time limit? >> no. no and ordinarily, if you're going to charge someone with a homicide, there is no statute of limitations. some other -- and if there are other charges to be considered, there will be a statute of limitations, but trust me, they're well within it right now and that is usually going to be go aboutive if years. she's got plenty of time to come to a decision, and i think what she wants to do is make sure she gets it right. i think she's probably making the right decision here. >> a lot of people watching this one for sure. the former u.s. attorney for d.c., roscoe howard. thank you very much for being with us. >> you're welcome. thank you. and now to another big story we're following tonight. two oklahoma men suspected in a shooting ramp page and faced a judge today. the suspects are white and all five victims are black. it's too soon to tell if the
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shootings were racially motivated. the judge set bond to each suspect at more than $9 million. and the breaking news at the top of the newscast. police investigating a deadly shooting in clinton. the victim, a six-year-old child, this is all unfolding as we said in the 6,000 block of arbutis lane. and karen gray houston is live with us there. karen? >> reporter: this can only be described as a tragic accident. -- and shot himself. he was taken to children's hospital, we understand, where he was pronounced dead a short time ago. i have here with me the assistant chief kevin davis with the prince georges county police. thank you so much and i want you to give us detail. >> reporter: we received a 911 call around 2:40 p.m. and seems the six-year-old boy, a first grader at a local grade school, got his hands on the
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book bag. the book bag belonged to a 20- year-old male resident of the home and that male resident doesn't appear to be related to a six-year-old boy and he retrieved a revolver and we believe that he accidentally shot himself with that loaded revolver. he was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. >> are there going to be charges in this case? >> well, certainly, that is what we're exploring right now. this is a very, very active investigation. the six-year-old boy lives here with the great grandmother. it's her home with the grandmother and there were two other young children in that home at the time of the tragedy, and we anticipate having answers in a few hours and we'll consult the state's attorney on this. just a wreckless, irresponsible act that unnecessarily took the life a six-year-old boy and that is very, very sad. >> i know you will stay on top of. that thank you very much.
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moment and meanwhile, police believe a man shot at his front door was targeted in an attack. before midnight, the officers responded to the report of the shooting in the 8500 block of victory lane and police report a 21-year-old man who lied there was confrontd when he opened the door and was shot during the struggle. he is expected to recover, we're told. one woman got out of bed when she heard police. >> and the dog started barking. i looked outside there were already -- fire and rescue service was here, two ambulance and a fire truck and five police cars. and the police had the huge flashlights looking around on the ground. >> neighbors say they had not heard any of problems in the house and that the victim was a renter there. and a montgomery county police officer apparently killed himself after leading state police on a chase overnight. the trooper pulled him over on route 50 for speeding and suspected he was drinking.
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when the trooper called for backup, he said billsma sped away. the troopers deployed stop sticks and the tires went flat. when the car stopped, the troopers ordered him out of the car but he didn't respond. they say they saw a bullet wound in his head and a gun near his hand and he was pronounced dead at the scene. heads up if you drive 295. the northbound lanes are back quote the crews closed the road for a short time this afternoon and to fix this sign. it was damaged when a dump truck ran into it. you may encounter delays out there and they were closed. the traffic was rerouted at the 11th street bridge exit. the wind caused trouble for a few tidal basin paddleboaters and blew them in to the 14th street bridge. one of the people had to be taken to the hospital and there is no word on their injuries. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire that gutted this townhouse. sky fox over the scene in charleston court in la plata.
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the flames broke out at the three-story apartment building after noon today. the officials say one firefighter was treated for possible dehydration and no one was hurt. a brush fire in northeast spread to a two-story building on rhode island avenue. the firefighters put out the flames before reaching the greater mount calvary holy church next door. no one hurt there and rhode island avenue was closed while crews were on the scene. the firefighters say the wind helped the fire spread and made it tough to put out. the winds are strong enough for the national weather service to issue a red flag warning for d.c., maryland, and virginia and that means conditions are right for the small fire to quickly erupt into the huge problem and get to gary mcgradyy with what this means for us. >> reporter: it means be careful and if you were planning to do some burning up, the controlled burning, this is not a day to do it. it's too destroy. you could end up with with situations like this where we have some pictures. this is around rivera beach and, luckily, this one stayed
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under control. but it's very, very dry out there and that wind is gusting, gusting here in the city to 26 and an apple -- annapolis, 26; baltimore, 31. they're long the western shore and that is gusting very, very strong. dully, 31; frederick, 26 miles an hour. the red flag warning is issued for most of north carolina. all of virginia, most of maryland and into at least central and owner parts of pennsylvania. so it's dry all along the east coast and windy all along the east coast. low humidity, gusty wind and that means rapid fire growth potential. this will go until 8:00 tonight. you look on radar, we have a few showers and they're not getting to the ground. we'll have the evening's forecast coming up in just a bit. shawn. >> thank you very much. and virginia beach residents who lost their homes in a navy jet crash are getting help now rebuilding their lives. dozens of apartments were destroyd when the jet smashed into the complex on friday. the navy is providing initial payment of at least $2,300 to
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help victims replace the event sail e sensuals. they opened up a special office to allow residents to pick up their checks and drop off legal forms. coming up, fitons first display. the first family welcomed thousands to the white house for the easter-egg roll. and a heavy police presence at the national zoo. one year after violent -- violence marred an annual tradition. and hundreds filled the street as an historic theater reopened in the district. we'll be right back. 
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[ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake.
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. the 134th annual white house easter-egg roll is underway, bringing thousands of families to the south lawn. the president sounded the whistle to start some of the races this morning and he headed over to the basketball court where we're told that people were doing pushups after successful shots. and mrs. obama welcomed the crowd from the balcony, surround by her family and, of course, the easter bunny and there they are welcoming everybody. >> reporter: there is something for everybody and we're going to do an egg roll. the president is going to try to beat a three-year-old, which i hope he doesn't and we have a wonderful yoga garden, story time guests. >> and rachel crow, the young performer from this season's x factor, remember her? sang the national anthem. the monday after easter is the national zoo's african- american family day. for more than 100 years, families have gathered at the zoo, although last year, things got out of hand and several
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fights broke out and a teenager was stabbed. law enforcement is doing what it can to prevent a repeat. matt ackland has more outside of the zoo tonight. matt? >> reporter: yeah, laura. there was a lot of fallout after that violence. so much so, that they said they would work with zoo officials to make sure it didn't happen again and today, we saw a lot of police. not only in the zoo behind me, but on connecticut avenue. and that is at the nearby metro stops. for the african-american community, family day at the zoo is historically significant. it began over 100iors ago when only whites were allowed to attend the white house easter- egg roll. >> they say this -- and also. >> last year things got ugly when officials say groups of mostly younger people got into fights. one teenager was stabbed.
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and a year later, police are making their present known. >> and this is like a peaceful celebration. >> came up on the metro. >> preparing for the day. >> we had a great partnership with metropolitan police department, the park police, the metro transit police. we're all working together to make sure from start to finish, the family has a great safe day. >> reporter: the zoo director dennis kelly said there is an effort to track possible trouble using twitter. and the past, groups have posted on twitter, where to meet up at the zoo. this year, officials will be there, to. >> the zoo is a great place to have fun and a not a great place to act out. >> reporter: the guardian angels are acting to keep the peace, trying to diffuse problems before they become violent. >> this year's exciting, we have full, you know, four police officers, you know, everything and to be safe. >> reporter: many were upset to see the violence last year and take the attention away from
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the true message of family day. and hope last year's problems won't be repeated. >> i think of the same. you know, it takes away from the fun and you fill in safe at times. overall, i think that they have enough for the police and as well as other leaders in the community. >> reporter: everything is going fine here at the national zoo. in fact, i just talked to the zoo officials on the phone a few moments ago. no fights so far and they have had a couple of problems with kids getting lost from their parents. the good news, laura and shape, they have been reunited and everything is going just fine. >> very good. the good weather to boot. matt ackland, thank you. do you want to know what the national law will look like in the future? check out a new display of the smithsonian. some of the country's top designers are showing off their visions of three prominent decisions from the mall, including constitution mall. this is part of the design competition as the trust for the national mall looks at ways to restore and improve the
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front yard. the president of the trust is here new to explain more about the competition. tell us about the competition? how many people are involved? how many different designs are there? >> the national mall's official partner of the national park service and we launched the design competition last september. right now, we have 12 designs, four for each location and then right now, we're going after the public and asking for their input on the designs. >> so the public actually gets to weigh in on this and ultimately the decision is not up to the public. tell us who makes the final positions and when that will come? >> public comment will come go to the jury. when they decide the third week in april, they're going to introduce the designers and look at their work. >> uh. >> and the decision will be made some time in early may. >> reporter: we're looking at the images right now of the different designs. what exactly is the trust looking for in terms of the design for the future of the mall? what are you looking for? >> i think the most important thing is to meet the needs of the 25 million visitors who come to the national mall every
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year. they ask the park service for more basic amenities and bathrooms. >> uh. >> the important thing is connecting that to the history of the park and it's questioned extraordinary iconic space, both living and history. we want to make sure that the couldn't nowity is there with the design. >> indeed, and let me put out spot for a moment. >> uh-huh. >> you have any front runners, any favorites at this point? >> i don't have any favorites but there is interesting things. reorienting the constitutionard gen so it facees lexington monument and calls out the designers of the declaration memorial. people don't visit it. >> uh. >> and making the angie theatre of the washington monument grounds more functional. the people use it and people enjoy music there. it was there years ago and no longer functional. there is an exciting solution that i see. >> exciting, indeed, we're looking forward to see how this will end up and who wins the final competition. carolline cunningham, thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much for having me, laura. a big crowd helping
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celebrate the restoration of another d.c. treasurer since. this is the ribbon cutting for the historic howard theatre in northwest. the theatre opened in no one 10 and closed in the 1980s. in the heyday, some of the biggest acts and entertainment performed there. duke ellington, ella fitzgerald and marvin gay. mayor gray asked the crowd to remember some of the other legendary names. >> how many people remember things, the drifters here in [ applause ] >> how many people remember seeing the -- here? >> as part of the community day, the jazz man sculpture of duke ellington was officially installed on the square. what a great day. and -- . >> i love it. >> and good to boot. chilly and, you know what? who cares. the sun was up and shining. felt good outside. >> and those winds have been blowing all day. ask you see -- can see the camera shaking out there. are we in for a windy night, too? >> a windy evening.
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i won't say windy overnight. looks like they're going calm down about 9, 10:00. they will drastically come down and strengthen. let me show you quickly on radar, though. we see a couple of showers down around fredericksburg. you might be getting a light sprinkle. stafford county, king george county and saint mary's county eventually, maybe exchange southern sections of charles county there and works out south of la plata and waldorf. and this is moving slowly to the east-southeast and again, we're real dry at the lower levels. the dew point right now is sitting at 33 degrees and all you need to know here is to lower the dew point, the drier the atmosphere and lower the humidity. it's very dry out there and some of that rain that we're seeing around, especially to the south might be hitting the ground. most of it is evaporateing and this is a pretty dry atmosphere before hitting the ground. we'll call for basically just a spotty shower here or there this evening. temperature right now is sitting at, and in the 60s for just about everybody.
5:22 pm
except quantico, which is really nice there at 73 degrees. gaithersburg, 59. middle 60s here in town. listen, just a spotty shower through the evening hours. the winds will remain gusty for the next few hours. i think really beginning to calm down after 10:00. overnight tonight, it won't be as breezy and temperatures will fall into the 50s. looks like we're talking for a cooler week the next several days and it looks like at least right now, we're thinking that the weekend will warm up okay. shawn? >> thank you very much, gary. we're looking forward to the warm-up. check the forecast any time with the fox 5 earth appg -- weather abb. go to the app store and search for d.c. weather. coming up, the brother of a redskins star under scrutiny after a savage beating at a college in colorado. also find out why jennifer hudson's star power could play a key role in the trial of a man accused of murdering her family members.
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jury selection is underway in the trial of the man accused of murdering three members of jennifer hudson's family. prosecutors said the estranged brother-in-law shot her mother, brother, and seven-year-old nephew in chicago in 2008. the -- they're trying to find 12 jurors who won't be swayed by hudson's celebrity status. she's on the witness list and is expected to attend the trial. if convicted, the shooter faces a maximum of life in prison. the judge is issuing a gag order in the penn state child sex abuse case against the former assistant football coach jerry sandusky and that means prosecutor's and sandusky defense are banned from discussing the case before the trial and applies to potential witnesses and any investigators who worked on the case and sandusky is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys and denies any wrong doing. the brother of a washington redskins superstar is suspended after a university football team after a fight this sent four freshmen to the hospital.
5:27 pm
mike a ran ho is the junior at csu and the brother of brian arapho. he shouted homophobic slurs at a party and started beating him. two other juniors who play for csu were suspended indefinitely for violations of team rules. and coming up, obesity and autism. why a mother's weight could increase her child's risk. and why spider venom could lead to a cure for breast cancer. and it's being called an epidemic. a local county wages war on ticks to fight a growing lyme disease problem. next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. a new study finds a mother's weight may be the
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reason for autism. y that likely to have a child with autism and developmental delay. here's from someone who speaks in the national capital area and good to see you. >> hi, how are you going? >> the study is alarming on average. women face an 88% chance of having a child with autism. the chances would increase 1 in 53. what is your reaction to this new information? >> reporter: they looked at a thousand mothers in california and found among the thousand mothers, a 67% increase and in that likelihood they would have the disorder if the mother was obese. not overweight, but obese and would be having a body mass index of 30 or more. we have known for years that obesity can lead to complications and pregnancy. that is not news. >> huh. >> what is nos is that autism can be a complication. and i think it's great the study came out. one/3 of women of child bearing
5:32 pm
age in the united states are, in fact, obese. >> you bring up a good point. the study does not prova thaobesity causes autism but raises the public health aspect of this that we have an obesity problem in our country. >> right york and that is in no way an indictment. it's call to action to monitor your healthcarefully during pregnancy, even if the obesity can't be addressed through diet or medication. certainly, the metabolic levels can be addressed and it's important that people take their prenatal health seriously with their doctor. >> how are you responding or how would you respond to parents new questioning whether their weight lead to -- led to the child's autism? >> and that is a painful gain us parents play and there is little that we know. autism is a puzzle, and there are many pieces to the puzzle. this may not have been my risk
5:33 pm
factor when my son was born, but it might be someone's risk factor and if we can figure out what the hundred risk factors are lead to autism and figure out why -- had with autism. what is interacting and going on in there and in that environment and genetic makeup making it more difficult to them? it moves us closer to understanding what is going on. >> and still so many questions. nice we're working to figure it out and ann gibbons, the executive director of autism spokes for the national capital area. thank you for coming in. >> take care. hope for teenagers and young women that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may increase your risk of developing breast changes that may lead to cancer. researchers analyzed data on nearly 30,000 teenaged and young adult women. for each drink they consumed each day, the risk of developing preliminary benign changes in the breast increased
5:34 pm
15%. could spider venom hold the key to curing breast cancer? a doctor will test her theory by isolating molecules in the spider venom and expose them to cancericallies and see how they react. she was awarded $200,000 for the research. the number of lyme disease cases in loudoun county is on the rise and some are calling it an epidemic. in leesburg, we found five families on one street that had one person with lyme disease. new, there is a plan in place to try to turn things around. audrey barnes has that story. >> reporter: these friends have more in common than being elementary school teachers. they also have severe cases of lyme disease so bad that they not sure when or if they will get back to work. >> i taught kindergarten at a elementary school and when this
5:35 pm
happened with my voice, i can't teach anymore. >> reporter: her life now revolves around treating her lyme disease. >> and i give myselfivy medicine, takes about an hour every day to give myself all of my ivy medicine and in addition to this, i take about 30 pills after day as well. >> reporter: linda mcgee was diagnosed with lyme eight years ago and two of e it, too. her family has paid more than $12,000 out of their pockets to treat her. >> insurance didn't cover it. so i paid out of pocket. at that time, it was $1,000 a week. >> reporter: they had to make a choice. college tuition or intravenous antibiotic treatment. they sent their daughter off to college and in february, she relapsed. >> i had some lyme symptoms and kept pushing through and ended
5:36 pm
up going to my heart. >> reporter: the loudoun county board of supervisors approved a 10-point plan to fight lyme. they going to start spraying for ticks at phillip bolen park and eight others beginning on april 18th through may 11th. the tiny deer ticks are the primary transmitters of the blood disease. >> and this is going to be a significant awareness campaign, we're going to try to reach private properly owners to get them to look at the spraying and to go after the ticks. >> reporter: for patty and linda and the 261 other people diagnosed last year in loudoun county, the effort is welcome and long, overdue. >> feels like one is alleging this is a serious problem, especially here where i think that is an epidemic. >> for the first time in eight years, i feel hopeful. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> linda and her hustle have to decide soon if they will dip
5:37 pm
into their retirement for her ivy treatment. patty's goal is to get back to work by the fall of 2013, and we'll put in a complete list of parks to be sprayed on our website, wish them well. >> yeah. coming up, will federal government -- the federal government gets involved in a series of fires on buses in a local county. why a plan to raise fares may not be as severe as originally thought. 
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. metro's fare hikes scheduled for later this year may not hit you as hard in the wallet as originally thought. the increasing will be smaller, thanks to expense reductions and some improved ridership outlook. they plan to improve the fares by 5%. the board will discuss the amendment to the plan this week at the meeting and any changes
5:41 pm
will begin in july. the federal government is looking into some safety following a series of fires on the buses. over the last three years, six broken out on smaller buses made by champion international. the county has about 50 of the buses in the fleet and the union said the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating. federal officials will be looking for manufacturing defects and decide if that fleet needs to be recalled. speaking of recall, ford is recalling cars because of a windshield wiper problem. the federal safety regulators say a seal may be missing and that can cause the wipers on the passenger side to fail. and the cars were built in august of 20 between and ford expects -- 2010 and ford expects to have free repairs in may. and hospital heros. we're going to show you how an
5:42 pm
air force veteran helps put smiles on the faces of some of the sickest patients at children's national medical center. and some cooler temperatures are in the forecast. gary's back with your five-day forecast. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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thank you for the lovely meal, jane. mom. and maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. . the store of is the of an air force veteran who is a children's hospital hero. when anthony thomas returned from service five years ago, he went back to school and began workingality the national center as an oncology nurse. allison so more introduces us to the man they call pup. >> reporter: anthony pup thomas has a way with his patiences. -- patients. >> why are you quiet? >> reporter: for 12 years, pup's worked as a pediatric oncology nurse at children's medical center, caring for some of the hospital's sickest kids. >> there is something about
5:46 pm
being able to come in here every day and put my scrubs on. i have to start ivy, give blood and there is something rewarding about this. >> reporter: his enthusiasm and special touch doesn't go unnoticed by his colleagues. >> he has a way of talking to the parents, i think, where he can kind of joke around with them and make them feel at ease and become their friend. and in turn, patients pick up on that. >> i think he's great and he will come back holding the patient and showing her off because he thinks she's so cute and that is really, his strength is with all age groups. >> reporter: from the smallest patients to the senior teams like the 18-year-old. >> and you're big. what did you do? >> reporter: he's treated him for his leukemia since he was a kid and he's a graduating high school senior. he calls pop a caring person who always looks out for your best interest. >> and most of the kids are
5:47 pm
small and in the whole hospital. you feel like a teenager and adult-type thing and he treats you like one. >> reporter: mayor is no stranger to the hospital. ten-year-old andre was diagnosed with cancer in december. >> even when andre's not having a good day, he ends up at least cracking up one smile because pup keeps at it until he feels like, okay, he's feeling better. >> reporter: on the bad days for this young man, pup's there. >> the days i was mad and furious and yelled at him and happy he didn't yell back at me. >> reporter: pup can handle the occasional growl. he knows behind it is the spirit of a fighter. >> and me bad day doesn't measure up to the worst day. >> reporter: allison seymour, fox 5 news. >> love that. did i hear you earlier say
5:48 pm
it was a good day for you in. >> and we were stuck in that time period where we were in the 70s and 80s. >> that's right. >> you got soft. >> yeah. >> and that is what happened. >> i'm never soft. all right? >> and my girl. >> i have been sitting by you a long time and that is the first time you gave me that there. >> and listen, that is going to get closer. >> great. >> and some -- the next few days and might get a warmer weekend and that is good out there and hard to believe we have a few showers and where you're seeing the clouds and we can see rain. that is down to the south of us and this is not a big deal and because where it's raining, the upper levels of the atmosphere, it's dry here at the surface and what we see on radar, most of this is not touching a ground. could we have a spotlighty
5:49 pm
shower here or there? yes. there is more rain to the north and west and we'll show you that on the larger radar picture in just a second. first, i wanted to tell you that it does look like we're in for a cooler week and some temperatures the 50s the next few days and toward the weekend, it's looking like some warmer temperatures coming into the area and that is the plan now. it's only monday and thing -- things could change and 65 degrees here in the city and we're as high as 68 on the hour and 64 for monasses. dulles, 62; martinsburg and winchester is cool there and with some temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s and cumberland is coming in at 55 degrees and the wins are gusting. up to the north of us, slightly cooler, not too terribly bad. pittsburgh is 46 and they have clouds and showers there and
5:50 pm
that has kept the temperatures down a bit. columbus, 59; detroit, 60 degrees and this is kind of our air mass for tomorrow and we're talking cooler than today and instead of upper 60s, we're talking about upper 50s, a 10 degrees drop. the spotty shower at 6:00 and otherwise, the temperature in the lower 60s and some shoty showers around at 9 and 10, more clouds, 57 degrees at 9 and 54 degrees and the winds will calm down after sunset, after midnight tonight and only about 5 to 10 miles per hour. and this is why we're keeping the showers in the forecast. you notice the showers coming through pittsburgh, maybe even a thunderstorm there and there is a lot of clouds upstream as l. the lower levels not much more saturated. and a lot of this is coming through and struggling to get to the ground and why we're talking about a spotty shower and a sprinkle here and there
5:51 pm
and some clouds streaking from the north and west. the jet stream is on top of us and with that trough to the east coast. it means we'll be cooler this week and have some passing clouds and a slight shower in the forecast. and doesn't look like a big, big deal and that is not so gusty. cooler in the suburbs and with some wins dropping off after midnight. the clouds tomorrow morning, 48, and breezy again tomorrow and that will be kind of cool and kind of chilly. temperatures tomorrow only a touching -- up touching briefly in town about 60 degrees and some folks tomorrow, northern and western suburbs, will be in the mid-50s with limited sunshine and some -- cooler for wednesday,d this, friday, trending back into the upper 60s and by saturday, right now,
5:52 pm
71 and maybe. okay. and this is a maybe by sunday of the weekend, close to 80. >> okay. okay. >> and we'll try to do that for you, okay? >> and see if we can work on it. the talk of the town on tmz. more drama for lindsay lohan, would you believe it? and harvey levin has more. a woman is accusing lindsay of starting a fight with her at a night club. he was not -- she was not there is come what do you know about this? >> i believe lindsay on this one. we have done a lot of research on it today, and the woman said that lindsay was at the standard hotel in west hollywood in the sunset strip on thursday night and that lindsay was talking to this guy she liked. the woman came up to her and started talking to the guy, lindsay got upset and pushed and charged her. the woman foiled a battery report with the cops. lindsay said she was at home watching homeland. we went to the hotel. nobody saw lindsay lohan at the hotel this night.
5:53 pm
nobody at all and when she is out, people get pictures of her. if she started a fight in the bar, they would get pictures. i am on team lindsay on this one. >> does she have an alibi who can vouch for her that she was at home? >> i mean i think she has that alibi, but even stronger and i don't think the woman can prove lindsay lohan was there. >> yeah, and getting herself into trouble all over the place and perhaps didn't get herself into trouble here. >> didn't leave the home. >> exactly. and let's talk about lamar odom. in the middle of the season leaving the dallas maverick. what happened there? >> he's caput and had a terrible season and is on the inactive list and is not going back, moving back to l.a. the question now, there are a lot of synics who think khloe is going to dump him now that lamar has seen his glory days and i don't believe that.
5:54 pm
she really digs him and this is the real deal. a lot of people didn't think this marriage was going to last. it's going to two years and she seems to be happy with this guy. so, i think that -- i don't know if it's the long-haul, but i don't think khloe -- she's not of the mindset that oh, he's not in the dallas mavericks, i'm not going want him anymore. >> all right. >> and we'll look for more at 6:30. as always, thank you, harvey levin, for being with us. and let's check in with brian and what is next on the news edge at 6. and for the record, the kardashians are 2-2 in ruining nba careers? >> i won't say that. >> it's true. >> lamar odom is out of the nba new. kris humphreys is a bench warmer. >> you can't blame that on khloe. >> i see a pattern. that is what i am saying. a very serious story, a six- year-old boy dead after a shooting in clinton, maryland and we're live at the scene with the latest.
5:55 pm
and that is the last day of the maryland assemble session. what lawmakers are working on as they near the midnight deadline. a problem that more than doubled. homeless female veterans, how lawmakers and veterans affairs are combating the growing epidemic. we love gardening...
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
. looks like wal-mart won't be coming to the district. the giant plans to open the first store at the end of between the 13. wal-mart is expected to break down this spring at the corner of georgia and missouri avenues northwest. the retailer hoped to have four stores open in d.c. by the end of 2012. "the washington post" reports complaints from activists and opponents delayed the plans. and an almost moneymaker for aol. the company agreed to sell hundreds of the patents and license others to microsoft and more than $1 billion in cash. aol may return some of the sale
5:59 pm
proceeds to shareholders n. february, one of the biggest investors complained that the company was not doing enough to make money off of the patents. thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. in prince georges county, we continue to follow a tragic story. a six-year-old boy is dead after getting his hands on a gun and a accidentally shot himself. i karen gray houston has the latest. >> reporter: brian, this is one of the cases that is absolutely heartbreaking. what we know is thatsy six-year- old boy is dead after shooting himself. a 20-year-old man living in the house and had a gun may face charges. the shooting happened about 2:40 this afternoon and in a house in the 6,000


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