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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're starting off tonight with breaking news. deadly gunfire involving police in maryland. we're told a prince george's county police officer shot and killed a man following some sort of confrontation. >> this is sky fox video over
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the scene on sheriff road near fedex field in landover. fox 5's will thomas arrived on the scene a short time ago. what have you found out? >> reporter: here's what we know. just after 7:00 this evening an officer patrolling an area right off the 8100 block of sheriff road, i know it's very dark, you won't see much, but trust me, this is a dark sort of isolated road lined by these giant trees. there's some apartment buildings on the other side. here's why i'm here. the officers know there's a pocket back there near the trees, near the apartment building where people gather. there's some drug use that often goes on. an officer working alone sees three people together acting suspicious. we can go back to the sky fox video. he sees these three people. as he approaches, they scatter. he goes after all three of them, catches one of them and tackles that man, an adult man. i'm going to bring in corporal larry johnson from prince george's county police to pick
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it up from this point. what happens next? >> the officer deployed his taser weapon which took no effect on the suspect with the suspect pulling the prongs. >> reporter: the guy just pulled them right out of him. >> pulled them right out of him. at that point after he pulled the prongs out he begins to go into his waistband pulling out a revolver. at that point the officer discharged his weapon fatally shooting him. >> reporter: an adult male again, the weapon from the suspect was that recovered on the scene? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what is the protocol now? >> now the officer will be placed on administrative leave pending investigation. >> reporter: the corporal tells me he's going to take us closer for a better look. we'll have another update at 11:00. thank you, corporal. let me recap. shortly after 7:00 an officer from the county working alone notices three people acting suspicious, approaches. they take off. he tackles one of them. the taser doesn't work and then what the corporal says is the
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suspect was seen reaching into his waistband pulling out a gun and was fatally shot by that police officer. again, another report coming up tonight at 11:00. live in landover i'm will thomas, back to the studio. >> see you then. we're following another developing story tonight, a tragic shooting involving a young child in clinton, maryland. a 6-year-old boy is dead after he got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot himself. investigators are now questioning several people and fox 5's karen gray houston is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: police say the boy got the gun from a book bag that was owned by an unrelated 20-year-old man who was staying at the house. that man was brought here to police headquarters, the criminal investigation division, for questioning along with two other people who were at the house at the time of the shooting. a shot fired and interrupted the quiet in the 6000 block of arbutus lane around 2:30 in the
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afternoon. police responded quickly to the 911 call. >> it appears preliminarily that a 6-year-old boy who is a 1st grader at a local elementary school got his hands on a book bag. the book bag longed to a 20- year-old unrelated occupant of the home. >> reporter: the 6-year-old was taken to children's hospital in critical condition where police say he was pronounced dead. they say a number of people were home at the time of the shooting including two young girls ages 9 and 11 and the 6- year-old's grandmother and great grandmother. >> i don't know what to say. i don't know. i really don't know. i'm devastated. >> reporter: this young man says one of the women in the house was like a grandmother to him and he knew the little boy. >> he was a good kid. i was playing football with him the other day. >> reporter: sources tell us the 20-year-old was troubled and the family took him in to give him a place to stay. the sources also say he feels terrible about the shooting, but police say somebody has to
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be held accountable. >> any weapon inside of a home has to be secured and it can't be stored in a way that allows access to other people, particularly young children, and obviously that didn't occur here today. so there are some very obvious violations of the law that occurred. >> i don't think you should have them with kids around regardless because kids are just inquisitive. ve. >> reporter: now assistant chief kevin davis says this shooting was reckless and irresponsible and says police will work with the state's attorney's office to figure out what charges may apply. more developing news, this time involving that giant mega millions jackpot. maryland lottery officials say the winner has come forward with the ticket and has chosen to stay anonymous. fox 5 has learned that is not mirlande wilson. wilson told friends and the new york post she had won. maryland's winner bought the ticket at a 7-eleven store at
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milford mill outside baltimore. that person will split the prize with a winner in illinois and kansas. lottery officials will release more details tomorrow they say. new developments tonight in the trayvon martin investigation. the special prosecutor handling the case made a key decision today that will impact what comes next in this high profile investigation. fox's phil keating has the latest now from florida. >> reporter: special prosecutor angela corey says the shooting case of trayvon martin will not go before a grand jury. corey announced her decision today as she continues to investigate the case one day before a grand jury convenes in florida. corey took over last month after the prosecutor who normally handles cases out of sanford recused himself. that prosecutor norm wolfinger originally intended to present the case to a grand jury. days after taking control corey said her office is committed to getting answers. >> we will finish our investigation and then decide
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in what forum that will occur. >> reporter: corey's office releasing a statement on the decision saying, "from the moment she was assigned ms. corey noted she may not need a grand jury. corey has a reputation for not presenting cases before a grand jury if it is not required and the decision to skip one should not be considered a sign as to whether charges will be filed against george zimmerman." he's the neighborhood watch volunteer who admitted shooting martin claiming he was acting in self-defense. one of the attorneys representing zimmerman believes no grand jury bodes well for his client saying, "i'm more confident in her, special prosecutor angela corey, to understand the law and the to bow to the loudest voices in the crowd." no grand jury means the decision whether or not to file charges in this case now rests entirely with the special prosecutor, no timetable on when that decision might come. in miami, florida, phil
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keating, fox news. the potomac man shot right outside his front door may have been targeted. the shooting happened just before midnight in the 8500 block of victory lane. the victim who is 21 years old was confronted when he opened the door and shot during the struggle. he's expected to recover no, word on a motive or possible suspect. >> strong winds fanned the flames of a brushfire in northeast, spread to a two- story on building rhode island avenue. firefighters were able to put out the flames before they reached the greater mount calvary holy church next-door. no one was hurt. gary is here with more on today's windy weather. >> thanks, brian. we had wind gusts up over 40 from time to time today and the winds still gusty even this evening as we look at those current wind gusts. it's died down a bit in some places and the sustained winds not as high as earlier this evening, but the gusts in the city 25, manassas still gusting up to 26, dulles close to 30
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and hagerstown right now still gusting over 30 miles per hour. we're still looking for these winds to calm down a little bit. some showers in the area and these are strong enough to get down to the ground. we zoom in right around front royal. this is just passing a little bit to the east of front royal. you've gotten your rain there. this will quickly move towards marshall across i-81 and basically moving along 66. we come back across to the east right along the bay, sunderland getting a little shower, prince frederick, too. nothing here in the metro, but that's probably going to change with those showers coming. you see them coming west to east along 60 next those will come into the metro probably within the next hour or so. now overnight tonight not so gusty. we still have a chance for some of these spotty showers. i think most of the showers will be done by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. winds still out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. not as windy tomorrow, but it's still going to be gusty. i'll have your full forecast coming up.
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the wind also contributed to a paddle boat accident on the tidal basin. one person went to the hospital after a boat hit an abutment under the 14th street bridge. the wind and choppy water carried it into the concrete. the person's name and condition has not been released. the clock is ticking right now for several key issues in the general assembly in annapolis, find out what has lawmakers at odds next. >> plus police out in full force one year after violence broke out at an annual tradition in the strict, how authorities tracked trouble and social media to keep the peace.
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td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? we are clearly past 10:00 on the last day of the maryland general assembly and still no budget deal. lawmakers have about an hour and 45 minutes left to happen are out some sort of agreement to keep the state on track. fox 5's audrey barnes is live in annapolis watching and waiting. any signs of movement yet? >> reporter: , the lights are still on and they're working hard in the statehouse in
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annapolis. this is the final day of this legislative session and perhaps the most important one for many marylanders. by midnight tonight many will likely know if their income taxes will go up. it's all part of a stalemate over the budget. lawmakers are required by the constitution to enact a balanced budget by the time the legislative session. that is at midnight tonight. if they cannot do that, this session will have to be extended and that hasn't happened since 1992. governor martin o'malley says he's confident that lawmakers can get it done. >> this one certainly is going down to the wire on a lot of important things, nothing more important than the budget, but with a little bit of greater understanding and some greater spirit of compromise we can come together and close this out successfully. >> reporter: so here's the holdup. that income tax increase i told you about, the house and senate
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have both agreed that it should go up for people who make more than $100,000. there's a lot of particulars involved with that that they have not agreed on and that's part of the budget debate that is still going on at the statehouse. also hanging over this whole debate that's continuing at this hour is that sixth casino in maryland. lawmakers over the weekend were able to decide that prince george's county would be allowed to open a sixth site in 2015, but they have to work out the details. baltimore is getting a casino and they want to make sure this new prince george's county site wouldn't interfere with the baltimore site and their ability to make money there. so they want to have a statewide referendum on it. the senate president is very passionate about that. he wants that referendum to happen sooner rather than later. it's all part of the budget debate. we asked governor o'malley do you think this will happen? do you think they can get it done at midnight? he says i'll be here and hope
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the lawmakers will be working just as hard. we'll be here life at 11:00 with any updates for you. >> let me ask what happened with that controversial flush tax? >> reporter: that passed, shawn. that's doubling for everybody in the state of maryland. it's going up from $30 now to $60. basically that's a water use fee and all that money goes to help make sewage treatment plant improvements and it also helps restore the chesapeake bay. so that did get approved. >> we will be watching and waiting with you, thank you. help for virginia beach residents who lost their homes when a navy jet crashed into an apartment complex. the navy is providing initial payments of at least 2,300 bucks to help victims pay for housing, food and clothing the next couple weeks. the crash and fire destroyed dozens of apartments on friday. a navy spokesman believes it's nothing short of miraculous that everyone got out of the way after the crash. >> i'll tell you that just
10:17 pm
warms your heart to think of not just what the pilots did, but the reaction of the people that lived in the area, truly, truly the citizens grabbed those folks and took them to safety. citizens went into the individual burning rooms and brought people out. >> no one is being allowed back into the apartment complex until the clean-up is complete. a rough landing for a united airlines jet at reagan, a boeing 737 blowing two rear tires as it touch down before noon. the plane was towed to the terminal. flight 1075 originated in houston with 127 people on board. stepped up security at the zoo today for the african american family day. police wanted to prevent a repeat of last year when several fights broke out and a teenager was stabbed. >> reporter: for the african american community, family day at the zoo is historically significant. it began over 100 years ago when only whites were allowed to attend the white house easter erring roll. >> basically to be out here --
10:18 pm
egg roll. >> basically to be out here in general with your family i think is awesome. >> reporter: but last year things got ugly when groups of mostly younger people got into fights and one teenager was stabbed, but a year later throughout the park police are making their presence known. >> not too concerned about that. this seems like a peaceful celebration so far. i came up on the metro. >> reporter: since last year's violence officials have been preparing for the day. >> we have a great partnership with metropolitan park department, park police and metro transit police. we're all working together. >> reporter: zoo director dennis kelly says there is even an effort to track possible trouble using twitter. in the past groups have posted on twitter where to meet up at the zoo. this year officials will be there, too. >> the zoo is a great place to have fun, but it's not a great place to act out. >> reporter: the guardian angels are also helping to keep the peace trying to defuse problems before they become
10:19 pm
violent. >> this year we have more police officers and basically everything is gab to be say. >> reporter: many were up-- is going to be safe. >> reporter: many were upset to see the violence last year take the message away from the true message of family day and hope last year's problems won't be repeated. >> i think it's a shame because it takes away from found and you're feeling safe at times, but overall i think that they have enough presence of the police as well as other leaders in the community. >> reporter: it appears this added enforcement has helped here at the national zoo today. as of right around 5:00, zoo officials say they have had no issues, no violence, a few kids have gotten lost from their parents, but everyone has been reunited. at the national zoo matt ackland, fox 5 news. a community day in northwest d.c. to celebrate the restoration of a d.c. treasure. take a look. this is the ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the reopening of the historic howard theater.
10:20 pm
it originally opened in 1910. in its heyday it hosted some of the biggest names in music including duke ellington, ella fitzgerald, marvin gaye and the supremes all hit the stage before the howard closed back in the '80s. today d.c. mayor vincent gray asked the crowd to remember some of the other legendary names who also played there. >> how many people remember seeing the drifters here at the howard theater? [ cheering and applause ] >> how many people remember seeing the coasters here at the howard theater? [ cheering and applause ] >> today's event also celebrated the installation of the jazz man sculpture of duke ellington. another big party in town, the 134th annual white house easter egg roll brought thousands of families to the south lawn. the president sounded the whistle to start the egg races. he headed to the basketball court where people were doing pushups after successful shots. mrs. obama welcomed the crowd from the balcony surrounded by her family and the easter bunny. >> there's something for everyone. we're going to be over there
10:21 pm
doing a little egg roll. i think the president is going to try to beat a 3-year-old, which i hope he does not, but we also have a wonderful yoga garden. we've got some story time and guests. >> rachel crowe, the young performer from this season's x- factor sang the national anthem. all eyes on the battle for the white house are turning to the vip's stakes. the big names that have already said no. >> the brother of a redskins star under scrutiny and in trouble following a brutal college meeting. we're back in a few minutes. -- beating. we're back in a few minutes.
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honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. we are a little more than two weeks away from the next round of republican presidential primaries. some of the hopefuls are conceding the race to gop frontrunner mitt romney which means the attention is now turning to potential running mates. fox's karl cameron looks at
10:25 pm
list of contenders. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> reporter: with the republican national convention starting 20 weeks from today, the clock is ticking for mitt romney to pick a running mate, the most complex consequential decision a candidate can make. >> i'm going to stay in the state and continue doing what i promised. >> i'm not going to be the vice presidential nominee. >> reporter: senator marco rubio, latino from the crucial swing state of florida remains a top choice as is senator rob portman from ohio and governor bob mcdonnell of the swing state of new jersey. crist christy is open to it, former -- chris christie is open to it. former secretary of state condoleezza rice not much. >> i won't rule it out. only because i think i owe it to governor romney if he would ask to sit and listen to him. >> reporter: mitch daniels, nikki haley and bobby jindal and suzanna martinez who all
10:26 pm
claimed disinterest. brian sandoval continues to be mentioned, even though romney has ruled out a pro choice running mate. paul ryan of wisconsin and south dakota u.s. senator john soon are current members of congress under consideration. former rivals sometime get courtesy reviews, too. rick perry calls the no. 2 job a bucket of warm spot. mic huckabee is playing it coy -- mike huckabee is playing it coy. rick santorum is still on the least as is newt gingrich and neither has ruled out no. 2. >> the most important of all the criteria is pick someone who you think would do a really good job as vice president and who is really qualified to step in and become president. >> reporter: there are a whole lot of other political factors to consider, policies, geography, demography, personality and more. it's the most important decision a presidential nominee can make because a running mate can become a vice president and from day one be that proverbial
10:27 pm
heartbeat away from the presidency. karl cameron, fox news. what led two men to go on a shooting rampage killing people at random? the clues found on facebook plus reaction from the shaken community next. >> if you see a story we should look into, send your news tips to fox5tips at or give us a call at 202-895-3000. ar wh a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. two murder suspects behind bars accused of randomly killing three people in oklahoma. the associated press say they confessed to the crime. while tulsa waits for formal charges to be filed the community begins to heal and tensions are cooling. fox's david lee miller has the story. >> reporter: $9 million bond each for two men held in connection with three murders, the shooting shaking tulsa oklahoma's african american community to its core. 19-year-old jake friend and 32- year-old al van watts -- jake
10:31 pm
england and 32-year-old al van watts. each face first degree murder charges as well as two counts of shooting with intent to kill. an anonymous tip led police to the pair. >> it's too early to tell on that in terms of who was the shooter and who was not. >> reporter: a police spokesman said facebook postings contributed to england a wish to get revenge for his father's murder could have been a factor. >> the investigation always includes social networking sites. >> reporter: the crime scenes are all within 3 miles, three people killed in the murder spree spanning a one-hour period early friday. >> i think that somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people. that person happened to be a white person. the people that they happened to kill and shoot were black people. that if it's the -- that fits the bill for me. >> reporter: an easter prayer service was held in the victims' memories. >> pray for healing of this community. >> reporter: meantime on
10:32 pm
tulsa's predominantly african american north side nerves are beginning to cool, others beginning to heal, one family combing through photo albums paying tribute to 54-year-old bobby clarke shot a few hundred feet from his home. >> we're hurting. we're hurting bad because he was us. >> reporter: the two suspects are being held separating. jailers say it's for their own safety. in new york david lee miller, fox news. jury selection is underway in the trial of the man accused of murdering three members of jennifer hudson's family. prosecutors say hudson's estranged brother-in-law shot the singer's mother, brother year-old nephew in chicago back in 2008. the judge is trying to find 12 jurors who won't be swayed by hudson's celebrity status. hudson is on the witness list and is expected to attend the trial. if convicted, the shooter faces a minimum life in prison. new developments tonight in the penn state child sex abuse
10:33 pm
case, a judge issued a big order banning both sides from publicly discussing the case before the june trial. the ruling applies to potential witnesses and any investigators who ever worked on the case. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year span. he denies wrongdoing. the brother of a washington redskin has been suspended indefinitely from his college football team after a fight leaving four underclassmen in the hospital. mike orakpo is brian orakpo's brother. he and two other players at colorado state university are sidelined accused of yelling homophobic insults at a group of freshmen, then beating them up. this is a picture of one of the victims. no one has been arrested yet for the beatings, but the school's athletic department handed out those punishments. sean payton will not coach the saints in 2012. nfl commissioner roger goodell rejected appeals. it all stems from the so-called bounty system the team's
10:34 pm
defense used against other years. payton is suspended for one year. general manager is suspended eight games and the former assistant is suspended for six games and gregg williams is suspended indefinitely. >> it's nice they stop that animation. if you haven't paid much attention, the good news is the caps made it to postseason. the bad news is they're starting on the road against boston. >> and they're the underdog but caps goalie michal neuvirth back on the ice today for practice. he's day to day with a left leg injury and suffered that last thursday against the panthers. tomas vokoun remains sidelined with a groin injury and danny severn is likely to back up the starter. caps finished the regular season winning four of their last five to qualify for the playoffs the fifth straight season. unlike the previous four years washington won't be favored in their first round match-up.
10:35 pm
they will be the 7th seed and face the two seed the boston bruins who are the defending stanley cup champs. the caps are underdogs and they're okay with that. >> i like that. yeah, i like that feeling of being the underdog and a lot less expectation and hopefully you can surprise them a little bit. they might take us too lightly. it's just the way it works. >> right now it's a situation when you don't have to -- we don't have to listen to you guys. we don't have to listen to what is said and just concentrate. >> last time these two teams met in the playoffs, the first round 1998, caps advanced to the stanley cup finals, first time in franchise history. they didn't win, but it was a good omen. >> when are they dropping the puck this time? >> thursday in boston, night game, saturday afternoon in boston. then they come home for two monday and wednesday at verizon center. >> sounds good. looking forward to it.
10:36 pm
thanks, dave. coming up a fox 5 health alert, why a pregnant woman's weight could increase her child's risk of autism. >> also good news for metro riders, why a fare hike may not be as bad as originally thought. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> your pain at the pump could be in reverse, oil prices falling monday ahead of a key international meeting over iran's nuclear program, gas prices dropping for chains. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded down to $3.93, but stocks falling on monday, investors selling off after last week's disappointing jobs report. meantime facebook opening its pocketbook ahead of its big stock offering. the social networking site buying popular photo sharing app instagram. the price tag? 1billion bucks. facebook's biggest acquisition to date. ford losing a bit of focus, the automaker recalling more than
10:37 pm
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delay for wal-mart's plans to bring stores to the district. the retail giant plans to open its first store the end of
10:41 pm
2013. wal-mart is expected to break ground this spring at the corner of georgia and missouri northwest. the washington post is reporting complaints from activists and opponents delayed the plans. metro's fare hikes scheduled for later this year may not hit as hard as originally thought. metro says the increases will be smaller due to improved ridership outlook. the board will now discuss an amendment to the plan this week at the meeting. any fare changes would likely begin in july. the federal government is looking into some of the safety concerns for montgomery ride-on buses following a series of fires. over the last three years six fires have broken out on smaller buses made by champion international. the can has about 50 of those buses in its flight. the national highway safety commission is investigating. following breaking news off the top on the news edge, a man
10:42 pm
shot and killed by police, our crews working the story will bring you the latest. >> plus we're just hours from part of the biggest jackpot in lottery history being claimed right in our own backyard, new details. >> and they fought for their country on the front lines. now they face a new battle at home, how lawmakers are trying to give back to the female members of the military. çzo%
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a fox 5 health alert, a new study finds a mother's weight during pregnancy may affect your child's risk of autism. researchers from the university of california davis mind institute say obese pregnant women are significantly more likely to have a child with a form of autism. they also found babies born to women with diabetes are more likely to have developmental delays. >> they looked at 1,000 mothers in california and they found among those 1,000 mothers a 67% increase in the likelihood that they would have a child with an autism spectrum disorder if the mother was obese, not overweight, obese. that would be having a body
10:46 pm
mass index of 30 or more. >> the study's authors point out the research doesn't prove obesity causes autism. they say it simply provides another reason to be concerned about the increasing level of obesity in america. drinking moderate amounts of alcohol for young women and women may lead to increases in breast cancer. for each drink consumed each day the risk of developing preliminary benign changes in the breast increased 15%. are you tired of dealing with the runny nose, watery eyes and headaches? you're not alone. allergy season started early this year and now that it's in full swing the pollen and other irritants are really packing a punch. did the mild winter cause allergy season to start earlier this year? >> that's what we think. it was actually warm towards the end of january, so it gave more time for pollination. >> we know people are allergic
10:47 pm
to all sorts of things, but what seemed to be the main irritants in our area? >> right now it's definitely the tree pollen. there's a lot of mold in washington. washington was built on a swamp. so there's mold year-round, but right now this is a classic tree pollen season. >> for all the people out there suffering, we know there are a plethora of over the counter medications from zyrtec to allegra. many people wonder are they as good as prescription medications and if there's a difference from going between them or something else. >> well, all those you mentioned were actually prescription medicines years ago, so they're just as good. it's just that different ant list means work differently on different people. -- antihistamines work differently on different people. >> how do you figure out what's best for you? do you need to see a doctor or just trial and error? >> it's trial and error. you should first do environmental control. keep the windows closed, air conditioning on, some general
10:48 pm
things that you can help prevent from being exposed to pollen. then you can try some over the counter ant list means. if that doesn't help -- antihistamines and if that doesn't help, see your doctor. >> what about allergy shots? who should get allergy shots? >> usually people with multi- seasonal symptoms, so spring and fall or year-round symptoms. if it's just spring, generally we don't put patients on allergy immunotherapy or shots unless it's incredibly severe and they can't work, for example. >> for everybody suffering right now, how long will this likely continue? when can they expect relief? >> well, tree pollen usually in this area goes through may, you know, early may and may and june grass pollen is prevelant and then you have a little bit of a break through mid-august to the first frost when ragweed comes.
10:49 pm
there's really no relief, just different article generals. >> guess we just have to get used to the med -- allergens. >> guess we just have to get used to the medications and the eye drops and kleenex. >> haven't had any rain to wash the pollen out of the sky. >> my whole house is like wheezing. >> i'm so fortunate it doesn't bother me at all. just a little car is all i have. a little rain always helps and we're getting some, but i don't think it's enough to really do that. you might get enough rain on your car to make it muddy yellow with the pollen out there as well. we'll start off tonight and look at some of these showers. we'll start with sentinel radar and give you an idea. there's a couple of these showers kind of lined up back out to the west of us. this is just coming south here to 66 in prince william county and farther back out to the west right along 81 here and then you get the folks in front
10:50 pm
royal getting another shower there. all this is moving east at 15 to 20 miles per hour. now we'll switch over to our very own live radar to see what's going on. a lot of this is weakening. manassas is getting a little shower. earlier we had deeper oranges and a few reds. no lightning. i haven't seen any lightning. we don't have to worry too much about a thundershower, but just some rain moving through central section of prince william county. then you see the green back out to the west, another shower there, pretty light, but at least it's getting a little larger covering more real estate and front royal, this is your second or third shower moving through tonight. again, if it holds up moving along 66, it could come into the western suburbs in the next 30 minutes or so. i do expect that potentially we could have a few more showers out there as well. winds are still gusting. we switch back over to show you that, 25 miles per hour in n, r dulles, quantico 28. give that a couple more hours and at least the gustiness of
10:51 pm
the wind will calm down. the sustained winds aren't all that bad, but we're getting these occasional gusts, 20, 25 miles per hour. temperature here in town 57 degrees. that's not going to drop a whole lot more until the winds calm down and we begin to get clearing skies overnight tonight. gaithersburg is 52, frederick down to 50 and hagerstown now at 48. they're a little colder for wind chester and cumberland, already in the middle -- westchester and cumberland, already in the middle 40s. temperatures wednesday are cooler than tomorrow. so the next few days in the 50s and 60s, but towards the weekend it looks like we'll be nicer, temperatures on saturday right around 70 and maybe on sunday we're talking about some temperatures that will approach 80 degrees. that's the way it's looking right now. tomorrow again breezy, 60 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds primarily in the afternoon. wednesday a few more clouds,
10:52 pm
temperature of only 57 degrees and we could have just a few afternoon spotty showers wednesday. by thursday we're back to all sunshine, the winds not too bad and temperature warms up to about 60 degrees. here's the setup today with radar and clouds together, a lot of these little showers coming across. earlier in the day the showers having a hard time getting down to the ground, so dry the lower levels of the atmosphere. this evening and tonight some of this rain is finding an easier time getting to the ground, but notice it dries out farther back to the west. we're living underneath a trough the next several days where cooler air will spill. in we're right along that storm track. so we have showers tonight and the next wave of potential showers will come in on wednesday and again it's not going to be much at all. 45 tonight here in town, quantico 52, manassas 41, fredericksburg tonight down to around 47 degrees or so. again just a few spotty showers. the winds won't be quite as gusty, a mix of clouds and sun
10:53 pm
tomorrow afternoon. it's still going to be breezy tomorrow. we may have a few gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. you definitely call that windy and if you look at highs tomorrow, right around 60 degrees. some of you will only be in the upper 50s for western and northwestern neighborhoods. it will be a lot cooler tomorrow especially with the wind than it was today, colder still wednesday, spotty shower possible there. then we start warming up thursday, friday and saturday and again i mentioned maybe close to 80 degrees. at least i think we'll flirt with it on sunday. >> 80? >> flirting with 80 on sunday. >> i don't mind that. >> flirting with it. >> we'll flirt, then. thanks. >> to check out the fox 5 weather app go to apple's app store or android market and search for d.c. weather. it's also on our website. a memorial cruise left england to retrace the voyage of the titanic. the ship is carrying relatives of some of those who died nearly a century ago.
10:54 pm
the crews cast off from southampton, the same spot where the maiden voyage was launched. there will be food and a live band from that era. >> we've got an awful lot of descendents traveling and for them they can't think of any better way to commemorate their loved ones. >> the 12-night cruise will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the white star liner. >> nothing could go wrong, right? the heart warming story next, we'll introduce you to the air force veteran who is putting smiles on the faces of some of the sickest patients at a local hospital. ♪
10:55 pm
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a children's hospital hero is making all the difference for sick kids and their parents. anthony thomas is an air force vet working as an oncology
10:58 pm
nurse at children's national medical center. fox 5's allison seymour introduces us to the man they call pup. >> reporter: anthony pup thomas has a way with his parishes. >> there's a smile. >> reporter: for 12 -- patients. >> there's a smile. >> reporter: for 12 years pup has worked at national medical center caring for some of the hospital's sickest kids. >> there's something about being able to actually come in here every day, put my scrubs on whether i'm giving chemo, i have to start iv, give blood, there's something that's very rewarding about this. >> reporter: pup's enthusiasm and special touch doesn't go unnoticed by his colleagues. >> he has a way of talking to the parents i think where he can kind of joke around with them, make them feel at ease and become their friend and in turn the patients pick up on that and he's just really a fun guy. >> i think he's great with the kids. he'll come back into the nurse's office holding the littlest patient showing her off because he just thinks
10:59 pm
she's so cute and so it's really his strength is with all age groups. >> reporter: from the smallest patients to the senior teens like 18-year-old mare sheminaw. pup has treated him since he was a kid. he's now a graduating high school senior. he calls pup a caring person who looks out for your best interest. >> most of the kids are small. the whole hospital is built around that. you kind of feel more a teenager, more than adult-type thing and he treats you like one. >> reporter: 10-year-old andre was just diagnosed with cancer in december. >> even when andre is not having a good day he ends up at least cracking one smile because pup kind of keeps at it until he feels like he's feeling a little better. >> reporter: on the bad days for this spirited young man pup is there. >> the days i was like mad, i was serious,


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