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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  April 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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maryland megamillions winner has come forward. >> whoever is taking home all of those winnings has decided to remain anonymous. i'll plain why i'm having no. we'll have their story. >> would you help pay for george zimmerman's defense. the man who shot trayvon martin has a new web site that includes a very public plea for help. a live shot outside. another breezy morning. another cool start to the day. this is tuesday, april 10th. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm wisdom martin. and tucker barnes is here. >> sarah simmons is away on her honeymoon and tucker is here.
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>> a cooler day today. highs only about 60 or 62. it will be breezy again this afternoon. yesterday, it got windy at times. 47 now in washington. 4 # out at dulles. 46 in ocean city, maryland. -- 42 out at dulles. some 30s as well. gaithersburg, 39 degrees although it wasn't on that map. sentinel radar, very quiet conditions i'm for you shower out in west virginia. that is about it. otherwise, lots of sunshine to start your day. partly sunny this afternoon. not going to be a perfectly sunny day but it should be a dry afternoon for you. we are under a red flag warning for you at noon today so fire danger is greatly increased with winds and low humidity. be extra cautiousen we had a couple of reports of -- be extra caution. we had a couple of reports of fire yesterday. >> she is back from vacation, here is julie wright. >> i love t tony, wisdom and talker. it is the all-guy show. >> yeah, men, men, men.
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>> plus me. >> plus you. >> i'm not a man. >> we noted that. >> all right. on the road right now, 66 eastbound as you travel in towards the capital beltway, the lanes are open, no problems to report leaving 123 to the beltway. on the westbound side, we had the lingering construction between the beltway tying up the two left lanes. lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. this morning, a big story. a mystery involved, well, kind of, sort of. >> maryland's winner in last month's megamillions drawing has finally come forward. melanie alnwick is live in baltimore where we'll find out more about the big winner later this morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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we all remember the biggest jackpot in history, in all of history, $656 million and everyone is waiting to just get a few more details about this winner who we're told at this point is not going to come forward. they want to remain anonymous. there is a press conference here at 8:00 this morning. but lottery officials have given us a bit of a tease. they say they do have a wonderful story to tell about the true maryland megamillions winner. the person who had the winning ticket did come here monday afternoon. we are told it is not mirlande wilson, the mcdonald's shift manager who grabbed a lot of attention last week after claiming she bought the winning ticket and sawed she misplaced it. winnipeger according to lottery officials did buy the ticket at the seven eleven store on liberty road in milford mill, maryland, a suburb of baltimore. the ticket was a quick pick, the buyer paid $1, didn't buy anything else and walked out of the store. a former lottery director says
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even though the winner wants to remain anonymous, it will be pretty hard to keep to a secret. >> when you win $218 million, people are going to find out. there will be family and friend who you never knew you even had who are going to find out. >> reporter: so three winning tickets were purchased. one here in maryland, one in kansas and one in illinois. here is a very interesting thing because we all would go into the fox 5 pools. all three of these apparently were single purchases and all of them were apparently quick picks. we know the kansas win are has come forward. that one is remaining anonymous. they took the cash payout. we don't know whether the maryland win are here is going to do the same. we'll find out. we'll let you know late are on today. >> thank you very much -- we'll let you know later on today. >> thank you very much. the maryland general assembly ended its 90-day session without approve a revenue plan needed to approve
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about $250 million in budget cuts. a so-called dooms day budget is in place for the fiscal year that begins july 1st. it is balanced entirely through hundreds of millions of dollars of cuts. house and senate leaders said they would ask the governor to call a special session this week to resolve financial issued. a 6-year-old boy found a gun in a book bag and accidentally shot himself. he later died at a local hospital. it happened at the home he was staying in in clinton. police say the book bag was owned by a 20-year-old man and not related to the child who was also staying at the house. no word this morning on any charges. a man is dead after a police-involved shooting t happened last night in landover, maryland. authorities say a prince george's county police officer approached three suspects acting suspicious and they all ran off. now, the officer caught up with one. suspects and a struggle started. the officer tased him but it had no effect. allegeddedly that, is when the suspect reached for a gun and
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the officer shot him. police did recover the suspect's weapon at the scene. the officer is on routine administrative leave. coming up next, the man who says he shot trayvon martin launches a very public plea for help. george zimmerman has yet to be charged but local moves have taken another step forward. fox 5 morning news continues. 
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serious concerns that north creigh as preparing for another nuclear test. south korean intelligence says satellite imams show that what appears to be a new underground tunnel and north korean officials confirm they are holding a satellite launch this week. the state department has not conformed if it is actually preparing for a nuclear test but says another test would only furthers late its
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government. two suspects arrested in the shooting rampage that terrorizized a community in tulsa, oklahoma have confessed. all of the victims were african- american. england's father was shot and killed two years ago by an african-american man and police think revenge may be a motive. new developments in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who says he shot the unarmed black teen in self-defense, will not be charged with first degree murder but he could still face manslaughter charges. this comes after the special prosecutor assigned to the case decided not to take the case to a grand jury. zimmerman is putting out a public plea for help with his legal defense. he has a web site called the real george asking for donation and giving his side of the story.
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his attorney have confirmed the authenticity of the site. he writes: rites: zimmerman says he needs help paying for his attorneys and his living expenses. we will be talking more about the trayvon mart up case at 7:00 this morning including more on why the special prosecutor decided not to take the case to a grand jury and what that potentially means. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, new fare hikes on metro might not hit riders so hard after all. we are checking in with tucker for your full forecast. brace yourself for a cooldown this morning. also ahead, there you go. yesterday's windy weather did not slow down the fun at the white house easter egg roll. we've got a wrap-up of all the excitement when fox 5 morning news continues at 6:12.
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welcome back. president and mrs. obama welcomeed a big crowd to the white house jed for the annual easter egg roll on the south lawn. it was the event's 134th year. take a look. president obama started some of the egg real estates and headed effort to basketball security where he managed to squeeze in some push-ups. mrs.obama and the first family said hello to the crowd along with the easter bunny. >> there is something for everyone. we'll be over there doing a little egg roll. i think the president is going to try to beat a 3-year-old which i hope he does not. but we also have a wonderful yoga garden. we have some story time guests. >> very cool. that is rachel crowe there from this season's expect factor. 30,000 people from all 50 states took part in this year's easter rogue roll. >> you know things have changed. abraham lincoln probably wasn't
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out there. >> you insofar know. he did have on regular clothes. want to see him doing some push- ups in some real workout gear. the president in some workout gear. >> we know he is athletic. >> i just want to see that. >> we'll put that request in for you. >> i'll write to him. >> his sweatpants and shirt have the presidential emblem on them. >> i'm sure they do. we had a live look outside. not a bad looking start to the day. >> not bad at all. we had a lot of sunshine in the forecast. we'll see a few clouds later. need the rain. not going to get it today. a few showers tomorrow and the winds are back again today. let's look at the headlines. i think i just mentioned them. all. sunny and cool today. that red flag warning returns. not sure for it is in the forecast. i can't remember what i got
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coming up next. we need the rain. we need the rain. unfortunately, we've got one chance tomorrow for just a few showers. i don't think it will be enough to put a dent on our rain deficit which is quickly growing here. warmer this weekend. we'll be in the upper 70s near 08 by sunday and into early next week. we're cool at the moment. 47 in washington. that is the cool spot. 37 in manassas. lots of 30s here breaking out. 37 in gaithersburg. even a little cooler than yesterday. let's see, 39 in frederick this morning. kids want to bring along a jacket if they are headed to the bus stop this morning because these temperatures will take a little bit of time to rebound. i think it will be well into 8:00 or 9:00. we'll get slightly warmer. we'll never get quite that warm today as what we've been enjoying the past couple of days. as we get into the afternoon with a cool column of air working down from the north and west, we'll mix in some clouds but we should be dry this afternoon and breezy as well. that red flag warning back into effect at noon today as we'll have a combination of some pretty breezy conditions and
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very low humidity. here is your forecast. plenty of sunshine, 62 your daytime high. as we get into tonight, partly cloudy skies. 39 your overfight low. it will be on the chilly side the next couple of mornings. our temperatures will be in the 30s. afternoon highs in the 50s. and there is your nice rebound. temperatures by the end of the weekend back into the upper 70s near 80 by sunday and monday. right now, saturday looks sunny and warmer, highs about 70. that is your forecast. let's do some traffic and julie wright is back. she is back with a vengeance. she's got your latest. >> all right. on the roads right now, we'll start off along northbound i-95 where we have slow traffic as you work your way north of lorton headed out towards newington. it is heavy and slow in this main line headed up to the springfield interchange. play is looking good as you travel between annandale and merrifield. out to the westbound 66, volume increasing now. all lanes are open continuing in towards the capital beltway. outer loop. beltway starting to slow west of new hampshire avenue. west of 650 head over towards
6:20 am
silver spring, you will find lanes are open south on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. monitoring metro this morning. some good news for riders. fare hikes set to kick in later this summer. won't be as high as originally planned. the metro says it is because of reductions in expenses and improved ridership predictions. the board will discuss changes to the fare increases at a meeting this week. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. netflix wants to know more about what you watch as it looks for new ways to turn around profits. as we go to the break, there is a new king on broadway. the lion king is now the highest grossing broadway hit of all time. it has pulled in rave reviews over the many years and grossed more than $850 million as of sunday. phantom of the opera was the
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netflix subscribers already weren't happy about the price hike and now there is something new the company is trying to increase profits. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> before we talk about netflix, let's talk about the market. what is happening this morning? >> looking better. we had a major selloff yesterday because we finally got to react to the disappointing jobs numbers. dow was down 130 points. looking slightly better this morning but we get first quarter earnings season kicking off unofficially tonight with alcoa. that company, major aluminum giant, expected to post a loss. that kind harbinger of more bad things as u.s. companies start feeling the heat fraught
6:25 am
slowdown in china and a debt crisis in europe. talking about netflix, what is the new thing they're trying to do? >> okay. so they have technology now where at the can kind of predict what you want to watch based on what you have watched in the past and suggest something for you, recommend a movie. they say, if they can get their smartest 150 engineers to come up with technology that really hits the nail on the head the first time and says this is what you want to watch, you will then watch that movie, be very satisfied with netflix and not go to amazon or voodoo or whatever to find something else. but amazon has been spenting a lot of money, too much money, buying contest tent to apiece its viewers. so they feel like if they can target movies they already have, and recommend that to you, it might work for them. what is your favorite movie? >> training day. denzel washington. >> okay. so you would be really annoyed if they recommended 16 candles,
6:26 am
right? >> yes, i would. not something i would watch. >> so yeah, they're trying to get that recommend nation technology just right and keep us all happy. anything that is recommended to me, it is never what i want to see. not easy. i'm he all romantic comedy. >> i'm a action blow-up kind of guy, transformers aavengers, training day. so it doesn't sound like this is a very good plan that will appeal to me. >> el work if they get it right, it will. it would be a great man he they could save mone having to buy more content from everybody else. it is so expensive that they will lose money for the full year, netflix. >> thank you very much. always good to see you. >> see you tomorrow. >> all right. still ahead, it has your contacts, your calendar, your perm pictures. now, something new is happening to protect your cell phone if it ever gets stolen. also ahead, a story we've been talking about for i while now. maryland's megamillion winner has come forward. we don't know who it is but
6:27 am
later this morning, we'll learn more about their story. more on that when fox 5 morning news continues.
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a little stevie wonder. can you feel it all over, right? yeah. new hive for one of d.c.'s treasures. a ceremony was held yesterday to mark the reopening of the historic howard theater. d.c. mayor vincent gray was there for the big event. g even >> how many people remember seeing the drifters here at the howard theater? how many people remember seeing the coasters here at the howard theater? >> and the theater opened in 1910 and closed in the '80s. the reopening comes after a $29 million renovation. >> i can't wait to go back and check it out. >> what did stevie wonder have
6:31 am
do with it? >> because the song was sir duke and they've got the new duke ellington statue. i mentioned yesterday that i saw james brown there when i was a kid. if i recall correctly, he had two drummers, i believe. that is how funky that band was. tucker barnes is here. >> good morning. >> you've been drinking some of the giggle juice this morning. >> monster energy. that's what i've been doing jie. cool start to the day. it will be a decent day. we need the rain and not going to get t the winds will be back. a little cooler than yesterday as well. we should see plenty of morning
6:32 am
sunshine. 47 now to start your morning in washington. 47 in baltimore. definitely jacket weather if you are waiting out at the bus stop. a combination of cool temperatures and wind, it will feel a little bit like march today rather than april. there is satellite-radar. not a whole lot it feature here in the way of cloud cover. we will see a few clouds move in later today and no rain in the forecast today. maybe a few showers tomorrow as we get this upper level low a little closer. there is your forecast high, about 62 in washington. 59 in martinburg so temperatures cooler than yesterday and the bries are back and so is our red flag warning. i'll show you that coming up in a couple of minutes. coming up in a couple of minutes, ask the weather guy. >> he y, it is an interesting question considering you've got all guys sitting here. >> it is a great question. >> it is. >> very good. >> guess who is back. >> julie wright. >> julie wright. >> breaking up the man show, thank you. >> thank you, i'm trying. could somebody please explain to tucker barnes that there
6:33 am
doesn't have to be a reason to have stevie wonder on in the morning. >> you're right. >> i thought maybe he performed yesterday or something. that is why i was asking. >> and again, tuckers like snapping off-beat. on the roads, the crew in sky fox checking out the drive northbound along i-95 heading north from ounce of my favorite places, potomac mills. no problems to report headed across the occoquan. the lanes are open. a little bit below speed as we head back to work on this tuesday. eastbound 66, lanes are open, no problems to report coming in out of centreville. traffic slows from business 4 head in towards 129. a brief stop at the beltway. outer loop below speed now leaving georgia avenue headed around. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic.
6:34 am
this one is a big one. maryland's megamillion winner has finally come forward. >> the winner is choosing to stay anonymous but today we'll learn more about their story. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: since we got here this morning, the parking lot has started to fill up with more and more media trucks as people all want to have as much information as possible even though it seems like wear for the going to get effect we want from maryland lottery officials. they do tell us it will be a wonderful story about the true megamillions winner and we'll learn those details in about an hour and a half when lottery director steven martino holds a press conference at 8:00 this morning. that person would wants to be anonymous came here to lottery headquarters yesterday, monday, and present presented a ticket
6:35 am
with the winning numbers. we are told it is not mirlande wilson. the winner according to lottery officials did walk into that 7- eleven though that we had heard about, the one in milford mills just in the suburb of baltimore. we're told it was a quick pick, that the person -- that is the only thing they bought. they walked in with one dollar, bought the ticket, and left. didn't buy anything else. the winner will get about $218 million after taxes if he or she chooses to take the lump sum, it is $105 million. this is also a big deal not just for the person but it is a big deal for the state. the state also gets a portion of the money. and it also says that maryland lottery has brought in $12.2 billion since it began. money goes to fund education proceeds. people poured like morning a billion dollars into a chance to win that ticket. i didn't get it. i know you guys back in the studio, you're still at work today. but it is good news to see that
6:36 am
somebody gets it and openfully open -- hopefully there is no more drama. >> so that other person last week was making it all up. had nothing to do with any of this. thank you very much. the maryland general assembly's regular session has come to an end but state lawmakers still have a lot of work to do. the state legislature could convene a special session this week. the assembly could not reach an agreement to two different income tax proposals before the session ended. lawmakers also failed to approve a measure that would expand gambling in the state. this is the first time in two decades that the legislature has not completed work on the budget during the regular session. a look at the morning's other top stories. a 6-year-old boy is dead after an accidental shooting. police say the child found the gun in a book bag at the home
6:37 am
where he was staying. this and in clinton. police say the book bag belonged to a 20-year-old man not related to the child who was also staying at the house. no word on any charges. a man is dead after a police-involved shooting t happened last night in landover, maryland. authorities say a bridge county police officer approached three suspects acting suspicious and they all ran off. the officer caught up with one of the suspects and a struggle started. the officer tased him but it had no of course. allegedly, that is when the suspect reached for i gun. the officer shot him. the police did recover the suspect's weapon at the scene. the officer is on routine administrative leave pending an investigation. today, government and cell phone carriers will announce a new effort to protect your phone if it is stolen. the fcc and cell companies are setting up a database of i. d. numbers unique to every cell phone. if your phone is stolen, carriers can use that i. d. number to repoetly disable your phone. this morning, government and law enforcement officials from
6:38 am
across the nation will outline the plan along with d.c. mayor convince the gray and police chief cathy lanier. coming up next, a closer look at the potential running mates for the gop presidential contenders. >> later this morning, health alerts. what new research says bay possible link between autism and obesity in moms to be. we're back in just a moment. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer. new numbers that could ignite another debate on the economic impact of president obama's health care reform law. leading conservative economists says the law would add to the budget deficit instead of reducing it. as you know, this has been a left talk about the gop
6:42 am
presidential contenders but now, focus is starring to turn to the nominees' potential running mate. fox's carl cameron has more. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states. >> governor mitt romney. >> reporter: the clock is sticking for mitt romney to pick a running mate, the most complex and consequencial decision a candidate can make. >> i'll stay in the state and continue doing what i promised i would do. >> i'm not going to be the vice presidential nominee. >> reporter: senator mark row rubio from florida remain as a top choice as is senator rob portman from ohio and governor bob mcdonald of the swing state of virginia. chris christie is open to it. condoleezza rice not so much. >> how many ways can say say it, not me. >> i won't rule it out only because i think that i owe it to governor romney, if he were to ask me the question, to sit and listen to him. >> reporter: other governors getting a look. tting a look.
6:43 am
they all claim disinterest. brian sandoval continues to be mentioned. >> i would consider it. but not something i would even think about right now. t right >> reporter: former rivals sometimes get courtesy reviews too. rick perry call colls the number two job a bucket of spill. tim pawlenty is playing it coy. >> most important of all the criteria is pick someone who you think would do a good job as vice president and who is really qualified to step in and become president. >> reporter: there are a lot of
6:44 am
other political factors to consider, policies, geography, demography and more. in washington, carl cameron, fox news. we're going to talk more about all of this during the 8:00 hour and go over some of of the potential contenders as well. >> all right. >> tucker barnes is here right now. >> tucker barnes, for asked, would you be interested? >> am i old enough? >> yes, you're old enough. >> is there an age requirement? >> no. >> you have to be over 35, i guess, right. >> oh, yeah. >> i barely made it. >> you still didn't answer the question. >> after it was described as a bucket of don't know if that is such a great job. of course, i would be honored to be vice president. not sure what i would do. >> you don't have to do anything. >> do the weather from there. >> yeah. >> peeking of that, this is a very nice view of the sun coming up this morning. >> gorgeous sunrise at about
6:45 am
6:37 this morning. it should be a good-looking day today. we need the rain. winds will be back so we have another red flag warning which will go into effect today at noon. >> that is too bad. >> otherwise, it is april, spring time. kids headed back to school today. >> fantastic tuesday. >> tony missed that earlier. it is fantastic tuesday. >> really? >> you got to get on board. tell you about it in a minute. 39 in frederick. you know, we are a little cooler than we were yesterday but later this afternoon, even with sunshine, our temperature are only going to be in the low 60s. so yesterday our daytime high was close to 70. i think we're 69 for a daytime high. combination of gusty wind which we are expecting to areeve later. and low humidity will increase the risk for wildfires around here and we did have some reports of wildfires yesterday out to the west. and so it is possible we could
6:46 am
see those get going again later today. be extra cautious if you are working around flame as these temperatures and winds and low humidity are going to be on the high side. here we go. nice northwest flow expected and that will keep things on the cool side not only today but really wednesday and thursday, our daytime highs will be a few degrees below normal and tomorrow, if this little upper lee boyd malvo low across the great lakes can dip far enough south, we may get a few showers in the forecast. we could really use the rain around here. we've only picked up about an inch of rain since march 1st. you can see our only chance of rain in the next such days is tomorrow. 70 on saturday and would you believe 80 is a possible by sunday and monday. >> wow! >> a nice rebound in temperatures. >> would you believe. >> shouldn't it be terrific tuesday. >> you are the third person who
6:47 am
said that. he said that and allison came and said it. >> i said i wanted to challenge myself and stay away from the ts and come up with something. >> here is one thing we can agree on. >> you know what it is time for. >> i do. >> ask the weather guys! >> people love that. they missed it last week. you're now obligated to do it. this is the fine segment where tony and i putted our large heads together to answer your most pressing questions. this is a question we often get when we go out and do schools, go out to see the kids. so we taught maybe we would just answer the question for everybody all at once and just get it over w here is your ask the weather guys question for today. do all the men put on make-up every day to be on tv.
6:48 am
who does the make? question coming from eugene higginbotham gginbotham >> that is not a name you hear much anymore. he specifically asked about the men. do guys have to put make-up on? >> the answer is, if you are on tv every day, you put make-up on because the lights are so bright, you can get glare. frequently, we have to touch up our make-up because it can get warm in the studio and the like. so it is not just for women. many have to do it too. >> we all wear make-up, right? >> of course. >> here is my deal with the make-up. >> some more than others. >> so back in the -- don't do a close-up. back in the day -- i feel uncomfortable. back in the day, i used to put a lot more make-up on and i looked like a carrot. because you're asking the next question, who is put your make- occupy. here at fox 5, we put our on make-up on. i had no previous experience putting that on. >> my only previous experience was when i first worked here
6:49 am
years ago when i went to the network, they have people, they have a mayor and make high pressure up department. >> a lot of people do. >> they do all that. your close-up now. >> seen some local staying dos have make-up people. we should because it takes -- i didn't know they were going to be doing these shots. it is a professional job and we are not experts in it. we do the best we can. so if we look pasty sometimes -- >> things have changeed a little bit since we got high definition. i wear less and less make-up because you can really see the make-up on our faces so i prefer not to wear a lot. >> the best part of this is when you go out and you have to buy make-up, you've gone into the store to buy make-up and people are looking at you like what are you doing. the people are always so nice about it. i try to get in and out as fast as i can. i want to show real quick we
6:50 am
have video of tony applying his make-up. we snuck in there. >> come on. i've pulled back from all of that. >> this is a couple of of years ago before we went high-def. it takes quite a while. >> it takes a lot of make-up to make you look good. >> doesn't look like me at all. >> new go. we wear make-up. no, we do not have a make-up artist although we would hike to have one. >> we would love to have one. we would probably all look a little better. and it is also really needed. the lights are very bright and if we don't wear them, we look completely washed out. >> for those of us who don't have a very close shave, can you cover up some of that 5:00 shadow. >> yes, you can. >> some of it. >> because we're in the experts. >> eugene, thank you for the question. if you have a question -- i
6:51 am
think of those two -- boy, who would you rather be, david bowie or the guy in the cure, robert smith? >> david bowie. >> is it possible david bowie has less make-up on. >> it is possible. you can upload your video question, we may play it on the air. >> that was today's edition of the man show make-up portion. now, julie wright wears make-up as well i assume. >> i wake up looking just like this every morning y. >> really? no make-up required. >> no, come on now. >> we watch her actually apply her make-up during the show. >> that is true. >> actually, there is my contact right here. let me just say to answer the weather guy question, it is when the gentlemen start telling us like allison and myself and sarah how to apply the make-up. that is the real question then. >> that is when tucker says you
6:52 am
sure you want to wear that shade of red. >> what can i say? i'm good at it. >> all right. on the roads, the crew in sky fox is with us checking out the ride along the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road. lanes are open as you work your way northbound up the west side. no problems to report right now as you guys continue northbound headed up towards the american legion bridge. outer loop looks good headed out towards the springfield interchange. taking it back inside, we'll update the ride here southbound along 270. lanes are open coming in from hyattstown. we do have problems to report if you're traveling northbound 5 here at surat road. accident reported in the northbound direction coming in out of waldorf. 66 inside the beltway down to 22 miles per hour here at westmoreland. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. time for a look at today's
6:53 am
my fox half off deal. it is from figaros salon. you can get a shampoo, cut and style for $24. that is a $65 value. go to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the page. a health alert this morning about autism and the weight of moms to be. researchers from the university of california davis studied more than 1,000 children and found those whose moms were obese while they were pregnant were one and a half times more likely to have autism. the study is published in the journal of pediatrics. today marks 100 years sin the titanic set sail. yesterday, a ship carrying relatives of some of the victims of the disaster left southampton, he can land. that is the same place where the titanic left on its maiden voyage. passengers on board the 12- night voyage will dine on meals that titanic passengers ate and listen to music they heard in their last days. the night of april 14th, there will be a memorial at the site
6:54 am
where the ship sank. >> we've got an awful lot of descendants booked on board the ship. they can't remember a better way to commemorate their loved ones. >> passengers include some relatives of the more than 1500 people who died in the titanic disaster as we said along with family members of the nearly 700 survivors. we'll be talking more about the titanic coming up at 8:00. can you find out more about what is happenling to preserve unique artifacts from the wreckage and where you can see them firsthand. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, from skateboarder to ballerinas, it is an event that promises something for everyone. >> holly has more on an organization celebrating 40 years in the community in a very creative way. we'll be back in a moment. [ both screaming ] food out the window! throw the food out the window!
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morris. we are coming to you live from cha. capital fields arts workshop e. we have never been here before they are celebrating their 40th anniversary we are getting in on the celebration they believe you really do build a community through arts they have lots of special things planned we are starting in the ceramics studio they have the empty bowls project we will find out what that is how you can be a part of it and what a difference it is making we will talk about a special event this saturday called arts now it is an invitation to the community to come spout enjoy free classes and workshops we will see what is out there and my favorite thing i learned so far, wisdom do you know what they call all the things that go on here? >> what? >> they call it chasome and you
6:59 am
will see why. >> we look forward to that. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. this young lady in his picture turned 100 years old today, harry wants aida to see herself on tv we hope she is watching thanks for writing in for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, head to our facebook page and leave a comment under harry's photo. that will do it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to allison and tony. >> thank you. finish it up tucker so we have three hours. >> thank you sir. coming up fox 5 morning news, the maryland general assembly adjourned leaving hot button issues up in the air. >> plus mystery solved kind of maryland's mega millions winner finally has come forward, we


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