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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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now. good morning thursday april 12th the sun is up somewhere you know it is coming up. as question get started on this thursday, tonight a big night we got the nats opening season, caps in the playoffs tonight taking on boston a lot of things happening in dc good morning welcome to fox 5 morning news i am wisdom martin in for tony perkins. >> you can feel the buzz in the air and also the crispness. tucker is standing by. >> it is a little cool, temperatures in the region, light jacket to start your day, only going to warm up to 60, warmer than yesterday. there we go, 43 washington humidity, up temporarily, 65%, winds, still with us north and west at 10 and they will be gusting later this afternoon up to 25 to 30 so we will be in another breezy afternoon
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pressure falling, our area of low pressure that brought us the cloud cover yesterday is pushing north and east this morning and we are left with a lot of sunshine in the forecast today should be a bright and sunny day just a few fair weather clouds moving through from time to time and a little warmer than yesterday. daytime highs upper 50s low 60s. good looking day if you head out to the ballpark, it will be a little cool, a great looking afternoon plenty of sunshine there is your planner today and again, expecting a dry thursday. nice warm up in store for the weekend details on your weekend forecast in a minute. julie. >> all right tucker heading out to the game this afternoon, better bet is avoid all that traffic and stick with metro. that will be less of a headache for you guys than heading out by car inbound suit land parkway, south capitol and douglas street, making your way past nats stadium reports of a
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stalled car, 11th street bridge, right side of the road, georgia, inner loop not so bad as work your way around college park. 66 well below speed out of manassas. headed into centerville that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks our big story this morning george zimmerman is behind bars the neighbourhood watchman who claimed self- defense in the shooting of trayvon martin is being charged with 2nd degree murder. >> he is expected in court for the first time melanie is live in studio with the latest developments. >> reporter: 2nd degree murder means a killing not premeditated but caused by quote an imminently dangerous act with depraved lack of
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regard for human life if he is convicted he faces a sentence of 25 years to life he turned himself into police 8:00 p.m. wednesday night it has been 45 days since the shooting death of trayvon martin a time filled with controversy and public cries for the neighbourhood watchman to be arrested. the decision was based on evidence, not public opinion zimmerman's attorney has concerned about the media attention. >> he is concerned about getting a fair trial, and a fair presentation, obviously there has been a lot of information flowing a lot of it has been premature and inappropriate i don't think a case like this should be tried here and it is not going to be. >> zimmerman's new attorney plans to envoke florida's stand your ground law which allows people to use deadly force to protect themselves there could
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be an arraignment in two to three weeks at which time a trial date should be selected. we will continue to follow the developments throughout the day on fox 5 and ahead at 8:00 a.m. talking with a criminal defense attorney about what could happen next in this case. new this morning police involved shooting in maryland officers initially got a call for a breaking and entering in the 3100 block of good hope avenue, 3:00 a.m. this morning when they arrived it turned into a domestic situation one officer fired a service weapon the suspect was not hit but was detained and arrested the officer was not hurt. overnight, investigators entered an apartment with a search warrant in the 1800 block, summit place northwest adams morgan, one person was arrested investigators are still on the scene early this
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morning. bizarre break in the the case of two women attacked looking for an apartment a man who spoke to fox 5 on camera yesterday is under arrest before being taken into custody he told us he manages the vacant building where the women were attacked in alexandria they say they were lured in with an ad for a 3 bedroom apartment at only $250 a month but click told melanie alnwick he wasn't involved in the beating. >> reporter: are you aware that you match the description of the suspect? >> i have been told yes. >> reporter: did the police tell you that? >> it will all be sorted out eventually. >> reporter: right so did you have anything to do with what happened last night? >> no. >> well, despite his denials to melanie, he has been charged with two counts of abduction and two counts of felonious assault. turning to the developing
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crisis in north korea the world is on edge as the country gets ready to launch a long range rocket as doug luzader reports it is fueled up and ready for launch. >> reporter: north korea is once again defying world leaders with its rocket launch this is the start of a five day launch window it could happen later today. the final preparations for launch in north korea, the government there says this is a peaceful mission, simply to launch a satellite, but much of the world isn't buying that including the united states. >> if, north korea wants a peaceful better future for their people, it should not conduct another launch, that would be a direct threat to regional security. >> reporter: experts look at this launch with deep concern this is a sophisticated multistage rocket beyond anything they have launched in the past capable in theory of striking the united states the
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real fear with this launch is what it could ultimately lead to, a nuclear payload. >> we have a new launch vehicle much more improved, refined, potential of being more successful than the previous two flights is very apparent. >> reporter: as always there are politics at play with the new leader consolidating power and trying to prove his medal after succeeding his father who died late last year. >> to show our transparency that is why we have invited everyone here to show the transparency of our satellite launch. >> reporter: the notoriously recollusive regime has actually invited foreign journalists to see the launch site, getting an up close look at what mump of the world sees as a clear provocation. north korea has a mixed record on launches this would be their third attempt since 199 . in washing -- 1998, in washington doug luzader fox news. >> all is quiet in syria a cease fire deadline is 8 hours
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old so far besides sporadic gunfire and explosions, no major fighting activists on the ground say the un truce is starting to take hold where you there was heavy shelling with -- but there was heavy shelling with 9 killed yesterday -- 98 killed yesterday. a new plan to help get u.s. troops out of afghanistan safely. >> increasing trend in the delivery room involving unwed mothers results of a new government report. >> plus, fans will soon be running into nats stadium, we will have team coverage of that team on opening day and a check with dave ross for what is new at the ballpark this year pgh >> as we take you to break a live lookout side that is called a pregnant pause. >> right. >> live lookout side, tucker
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two american marines killed in north africa making headlines two others severely injured when they osprey crashed in morocco. it takes off like a helicopter but lands like an airplane. the two injured marines were flown 500 miles to the capitol hospital. there is a plan to replace thousands of troops in afghanistan with small operations teams 2,000 elite troops would carry out raids with afghan forces twice that number would help is he sewer the country side the goal would be to help keep the afghan government in control long enough to safely with draw. all right. we've been talking all morning about it, time to talk weather,
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what is happen being the nats people got to get ready. home opener looks fantastic sunshine, a little cool but should be for the first game of the season. >> keep people awake. >> crisp and then a nice warm up, it is going to feel like summertime around here by the end of the weekend. >> all right. >> sure is. >> there will be complaints you know that. >> every year. >> i am going to be satisfied. >> me too i love hot weather. >> can't wait. mosquitoes, humidity. >> allergies. >> yeah,. >> sweat. >> feeling that air conditioning 19 hours a day. >> let's talk about the home opener. >> where were we. mostly sunny and breezy, great weekend, temperatures upper 50s. winds north and west once again back a little later 15 to 25 miles per hour 43 washington check out cincinnati, 29 degrees, brr a little chunk of cold air there, across the great lakes that will continue to be in our neighbourhood for
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24 hours or so. 63 dallas, let's see not terribly cold, denver 49 at this hour. sentinel radar, look how quiet the rain pattern is. high pressure between here and there, that will build overhead for the next several days, a little cool highs 60, then the warm up begins lookout by the end of the weekend, our high temperatures will be about 80, and how about 85 with sunshine, monday afternoon. >> that is kind of unbelievable. 60s today, 85 monday. >> i know. a couple days in the 80s next week. >> stick around this place the weather will change. >> love this area. >> thanks so much tucker. >> speaking of change, change gears send it over to julie wright. >> it was allison then melanie then allison i am like. >> yeah. >> we are keeping it active this morning. >> it is like a scene from
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wayne's world. >> who's next. >> on the roads, you will find lanes are open travelling into the sunshine, eastbound 66, below speed out of manassas, headed eastbound, through centerville, reports of accident activity, 7100 at the toll road. check out the ride on 395 love this shot travelling northbound you are below speed, trying to get past duke toward king and then the pace improves hov lanes heavy and steady no incidents to report, lanes open on the belt way slow braddock to 66, inbound suit land parkway lanes are open 295 trouble here before the 11th street bridge, stalled car in the right lane accident activity on the bridge navy yard accident blocking the left lane. south 270, heavy and steady out of rockville that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you well, nationals are hours away from welcoming their home crowd for the first
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time this season. >> exciting. >> yes. >> this year fans might notice a few new additions to the ballpark dave ross joins us live with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and wisdom yes, a very exciting year for your washington nationals. 4 and 2 to start off, home opener, against the cincinnati reds a lot of changes to the ballpark, still beautiful in its fifth year of nats park who better to talk about it than the coo great to see you. another year let's talk about some of the changes to the ballpark this year i know there is changes with the food and concessions. >> well, every year we try and do something new and different and innovative last year we brought the restaurants shake shack, eldorado this year all new retail renovations, we are going to have some cool hip things never done in a sports venue. >> like. >> dj that will be here, a t-
7:17 am
shirt bar. >> come on. >> that will open mid-may, more women's and kids marks and a hip, cool flavour as you walk through retail locations the main team store will open mid- may and concerts three post game free concerts. >> stick around get a live show. >> that's right. dirks bentley, june 2nd, free ticket after the game >> i know it will be a sell out some tickets still available, first 20,000 people get this. >> curly w cap presented by geico, standing room only seats available but sold out 41,000 here today. >> let's talk about, we talked about the ballpark but the team it is garnering its own excitement can you see 40,000 plus you know packing this place every day in the summertime. >> love it that sounds great. no, i think there is a big buzz we've talked about this kind of new edge and attitude, a little
7:18 am
swalier. >> an gnattude. >> fans will define it now we have the talent and skills to back it up. >> we know the phillys, got thenationals up here we know in may they are coming to town how boisterous a crowd do you expect for that take back the park campaign. >> it is early in the season but early results show we will stick around in games and play hard until the end we have a very young competitive team people know we are for real when the phillys come to town. we want our fans in the ballpark. >> are you sensing this is becoming a true baseball town once again. >> no question washington for a long time we had a generation of fans for 30 years missed baseball in washington for the first time kids in washington are getting the experience of their team and their parents are taking a piece as well. so it is a great day to be a washingtonian. >> all right opening day, 105, gonzalez a new addition he is
7:19 am
on the slab. >> gio is great he has flown under the radar comes from oakland, 26, left hander, nasty curve ball throws hard the best young hard throwing pitching staff in baseball combine that with maybe the best goal tender we will stay in games. >> this will be an exciting year for sure, andy coo of washington nationals. >> see you at the ballpark. >> warm no gloves necessary. come out, 10:5 p.m., standing room only tickets are available, but it will be an exciting season all year here at nats park. >> we should have asked you both to give predictions about playoffs all right. >> wait we don't want to put the horse in front of the cart yet we are not ready to talk playoffs yet check back with us this summer say around july >> i think that is fair. >> okay. >> all right fine. okay. >> since we are on the subject
7:20 am
of playoffs, let's talk hockey big day ahead for the caps they begin their first round playoff series against the defending stanley cup champions boston bruins in boston they beat the bruins 3 out of 4 games, regular season the goalie will make his first career nhl playo the puck will drop for that game at 7:30 p.m. looking forward to that. >> got a real good feeling about the caps. >> me too then. 7:20 a.m., thursday morning, first a las vegas conference now week long trips to hawaii more trouble for the scandal plagued services administration. >> heading back to nats park to talk about what lures some of the fans to the game. the food. we are talking about food again holly morris continues team coverage with a look at some of this year's new menu items and maybe she will be nice and
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bring some back. >> i hope crab cakes is on it.  [ sniffles ]
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an investigation into the wasteful use of funds by the general services administration has unearthed more lavish spending the shocking discovery five workers were paid to go to hawaii for up to a week in 2011 to attend an hour long ground breaking on a space leased for the fbi details of the incident suggest gsa employees spent part of their free time snorkeling the latest finding follow as report, citing the gsa for spending more than $800,000 on a lavish conference in las vegas, last year. a new report shows states are not following up on business tax breaks, study finds most states are doing a poor job tracking whether the tax breaks for businesses are
7:25 am
actually spurring job growth some cash strapped states have poured hundreds of millions into corporate incentive programs but they say the states need to regularly evaluate programs. a new trend in the delivery room a report out today finds nearly 1 in 4 babies are born to unmarried couples but those couples are living together up from 14%, when a similar study was done a decade ago cdc ininterviewed -- interviewed, 4,000 men and women. >> it is now 7:25 a.m., next if you are going to the nats game next new days why you might want to get there early. >> plus maryland governor o'malley joins us live in studio, his stay could be in serious trouble if lawmakers don't pass a plan to avoid millions in cuts. as we head to break a live lookout side, we will get the latest weather and traffic from
7:26 am
tucker, and julie coming up next what is that song? ♪ [ music ] >> i don't know anybody? >> tucker knows i am sure. we will talk about that later. >> foster the people. >> is that what it is? okay. thanks allison. >> no, thanks lynn. 
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a big weekend of action at nats park. first 20,000 fans get a nats cap, and then tomorrow, the first 15,000 people get a natitude t-shirt and saturday a bobble head and sunday it is jackie robinson day just get there early and be part of the crowd. >> the weather will can operate i want an allison seymour bobble head. >> would we really want that? >> of course you have fans. >> do they want a beenle head -- a bobble head. >> they want you. >> only you tucker would come up with that. >> some people collect them. >> they do. i think dave feldman has like
7:30 am
30. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> right. >> he is serious about it. if you are serious about weather it will be fine next couple days high temperatures a little warmer than yesterday when we were on the cool side only got up to 56 yesterday at regan national, dulles 53 degrees, bwi marshall, 55, temperatures trending for a change a few degrees below normal, warmer today highs upper 50s to 60 and the best part, more sunshine than yesterday, as we had the clouds and of course a few showers around from time to time during the day, cool 43 washington, 34 right now gaithersburg, 37 out at dulles, 37 fredericksville, should be a gradual warm up annapolis, 35 degrees warmer than yesterday but a lot more sunshine than yesterday, all low the winds will be back here is your satellite radar hasn't been a lot to talk about last couple days area of low pressure that brought up the cloud cover and light shower activity, fading off to the north and east, and look at what is going on out west a
7:31 am
whole lot of nothing high pressure out here and that will build across the region over the next couple days, today near 60 well into the 60s tomorrow lookout this weekend, real big warm up as our winds will shift out of the south enjoying highs, sunday about 80 and mid-80 around here, by early next week. 60 today mostly sunny skies, breezy winds out of the north and west, if you are going to the game, bring along a jacket, partly cloudy, 40 your overnight low, once again in the 30s outside the belt way winds out of the north and west, 10 to 15 miles per hour good looking 5 day forecast we really need the rain it is just not in the cards for the next five days what is it? a warm up 80 saturday 85 sunday, that means get out the banana boat julie. >> can you imagine that, sitting on your desk there is
7:32 am
allison seymour. >> yes, i think we are on to something here. >> we should just have a picture of allison doing that. on the roads right now you will find 66 eastbound, coming in from manassas well below speed as you work eastbound, 123 before you shake loose, inner loop, braddock road towards 66 outer loop into the sunshine delays back at the springfield interchange, delays before telegraph road, delays 395, belt way to king pentagon across the 14th street bridge southbound, 29 on the brakes, northbound 29 i-70 accident activity tied up the right side of the roadway, inbound suit land parkway south capitol street, 295, 11th street bridge big back up to malcolm x avenue. thank you julie no, on the bobble head. any way maryland governor martin o'malley is describing the failure of a budget compromise in the state
7:33 am
legislature as quote pretty much the low point of my experience a direct quote he says he has no plans to call what special session -- that special session. cuts are set to take effect july 1st and joining us in studio to talk more about this and much more maryland democratic governor martin o'malley it is a pleasure thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> strong words, seems as though you were very disappointed in the failure of reaching some sort of a compromise by the stroke of midnight. >> the shame is this, for the last four, five very difficult years through a national recession, maryland has been leading the way we have done tough things come together even though we disagree and take care of the people's business not by chance but by choice we built up what is recognized four years in a row as the number one public schools in america every year we made college more affordable rather than more expensive for families now we are ranked
7:34 am
ninth among the 50 states, we have recovered 80% of the jobs we lost in the bush recession and by this failure to act n year in the legislature, we undermine all those priorities, $500 million in cuts would mostly fall to rest on education and education of our children is the core what makes us a strong state economically a state where opportunities expand, so it is a shame, given what we were able to do, the other things this session, that we are able to manage. redistricting, marriage equality, really solid things for the health of the bay, but the legislature grid locked on the final moments of the session, largely over chestness and strong opinions over whether there should be a sixth site for gambling there the state of maryland frankly i think there are far more important issues. we have said at that introduction you don't plan to
7:35 am
budge on calling that special session what would it take for you to call, this group back what would it take for the people of maryland? >> well, we need the consensus i am willing to call legislature back in and you know, in a half hour from now, we can do it, as soon as we have a consensus, what happened at midnight, notwithstanding a lot of solid work and a lot of personal and one on one meetings leading up to that grid lock was that there was no consensus, so we have two presiding officers, both had very fixed and firm feelings about whether or not there should be a sixth site for gambling in the state of maryland that unfortunately upset the consensus is compromise that was there. as soon as we had that consensus, we can come back into session is that tomorrow and late august? that is something that the
7:36 am
presiding officers and their members and i need to figure out. >> how big of a sticking point was raising income tax on the high earners the six figure earner? >> well, the approach that i submitted to the legislature would have asked for a small slight capping of the deductions for 20% of us that are among the high easterners senate took a different approach much broader increase in income tax rate the house, leaned more towards the higher earners all of those things could have been worked out in fact most of those things had been worked out, and so, what has gotten maryland through these tough times better than other states, is a balanced approach of both revenues and cuts we are one of only 8 states that still has a triple- a bond rating allison, and by any measure, whether it is job creation or education, we are a very strong state we need to make sure we protect those strengths because the future is not a gift it is not inettable
7:37 am
something we have to -- inevitable, something we have to grow. now with people hurting, why would you stand behind more taxes at this point? when we are all digging in our back pockets for a little extra money. >> no one ever wants to pay more taxes for anything ever. one of the proposals that went by the wayside was better funding for transportation, since raising the gas tax since 1991, there are no words unpopular than the word tax combined with gas >> agreed. >> so, you know it is never a good time for the last three years we've balanced our budget entirely with cuts, four years ago, we had a special session and we did ask citizens to pay a little more i think a 1 point
7:38 am
increase from about the lowest sales tax in the country. but had we not done those things we wouldn't have the number one schools wouldn't be making college more affordable and we would not be leading the nation out of this recession, and into this jobs recovery, so these are the things that are required you know, the gambling gimmicks, bake sales, bingos these are not the things that built our country not the things that built a great state we have to do what our parents and grandparents did make our state stronger community stronger so we give our ds better opportunities and jobs than the ones we had. >> you had successes. >> a lot of good successes. >> okay. >> right up until the budget. >> right. the flush tax. >> right we did some strong things for the bay, we will be able to upgrade our wastewater treatment plants in a much more timely fashion that helps the waters in the bay storm water, being able to put that damage into check and the other one
7:39 am
was septic legislation that would prevent the mass sort of proliferation of giant septic housing developments on woodlands wetlands we repealed the debt packs on working family farms so no family has to sell the farm to pay the transfer tax in a family member dies to pass that farm on in a continuing operation we did some good things the other good thing we did we are number one in terms of the amount of research that goes on in labs throughout maryland but we have not done as well as we could do in commercializing those ideas getting them into our economy to create new jobs and start ups this year we passed the maryland innovation initiative that will pull together our higher education gnat institutions and -- institutions and the goal of pushing 40 ideas every year out of the labs into job creation. >> another quick question before i ask you something lighter, if we said it in the
7:40 am
introduction if we don't make a move we might be hurting come this summer the state of maryland where do you see us? i guess moving far ward, if we cannot come to some sort of a compromise? will we feel a difference? >> what is happening now, there is arietta emand timing to -- there is arietta em and a timing, to everything we do, and so now all the county executives and their school boards are preparing their budgets usually by this time the legislature in annapolis has done their job so now what they will have to do is prepare budgets that have to incorporate a half billion dollars in cuts many of those cuts will come to -- in the form of education cuts and police. we have driven violent crime down to a 30 year low in prince georges county all we talked about 6 years ago was auto
7:41 am
thefts, we've turned that around and now we've had about a 60, 70% reduction in auto thefts these things happen because we choose to make them happen because we invest in making them happen, so if we can't resolve this by july 1st, the new budget comes into effect, all of us will have to incorporate those cuts we will have to cut on top of the $800 million that we cut, when the budget was submitted, we are going to have to go back and cut additional dollars, hundreds of millions, including higher education you know the other thing that happens, tomorrow t regents for -- the regents for the university of maryland that had planned on an only 3% increase in college tuition will have to decide whether to do a 10 or 13% increase in college tuition there are consequences for action and consequences for inaction. we have taken the right actions
7:42 am
for a stronger and better future we are in danger of suffering the consequences from the legislatures inaction and that was a failure to put forward and pass a pal lanced approach, -- balanced approach none of them the budgets many of us would have hoped at the out set but ones that protected the priorities of education, affordable college, job creation the other important thing we did on the capitol budget there is a budget where they grid locked and failed on the capitol budget there is actually because of our triple- a bond rating we will do a lot of school construction and renovation, and so particularly important for our building trades, in this maryland economy, will be the efforts on infrastructure, wastewater schools and other things so about 50,000 jobs supported in that. >> let's end on a high note also we hope the nats win today a little bird told me you will be there. i will stop by for opening day. >> appreciate you coming by. >> thank you
7:43 am
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this weekend thousands are expected to participate in the 24th annual potomac river water shed clean up volunteers will comb more than 300 different sites in dc maryland pennsylvania and west virginia, last year 450,000 pounds of trash was removed during the clean up that included more than 26,000 plastic bags, 29,000 cigarette butts, and 2,000 tires. >> people are leaving tires out there? >> who does that. >> this is a lot of trash. >> that is an issue i know because a lot of these areas are charging that 5¢ bag tax one thing they were pushing for was to get it out of the water,. >> now we are pretty used to it. >> yeah,. >> usually carrying any where between 12 and 17 backs in my hand >> i'm good i don't need a bag. >> i am always about saving that nickel. now a couple seconds cool, a little warmer today, sunshine
7:47 am
and the breeze will be back, but with rain out to have forecast, 43 washington, there you go dulles and bwi marshall still in the 30s. 38 north and east, all right high pressure building overhead, flow will still be out of the north, the light rain showers area of low pressure out of here, and with high pressure building across the region, next couple days we will be in for bright -- this will be a beautiful stretch of weather, with a warming trend we need more rain, here is your forecast today, going out to the game lots of sunshine, although a little cool highs upper 50s low 60s a little breezy at times there is your warm up check out sunday and monday, 80 sunday, 85 on monday, get the shorts out. >> strange. >> all right thanks tuck. >> let's hit the roads with julie wright. all right guys very busy, out there on the highway, let me take you into southeast washington we have troubles, accident activity in play here, northbound 295, before the
7:48 am
11th street bridge, left lane closed big delays on the belt way down to 9 miles an hour, headed north past the naval research lab and head into southeast washington inbound stretch of parkway, lanes are open, 30 minutes to get from the belt way, inner loop, delay extends leaving annandale and this drives a 19 minute commute headed out towards 66 from the springfield interchange, 395 slow, from the belt way, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks after the break, our team coverage of the nats opening day continues. >> holly is back with a taste of what's to come. >> nothing is better at the ballpark than the experience of the food, while a ballpark frank and a beer is hard to beat let's just say they are kicking things up a notch here at nats, coming up we will show you first hand all the new menu items that will help make your
7:49 am
experience, even tastier all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us  you're the best mom ever. thank you, sweetie. oh... ♪
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♪ hot dogs, popcorn peanuts, all classic food. >> classic the operative word there. >> but to keep people coming in, you have to get creative. wisdom is like that food can't be real. >> especially that gigantic burger holly. >> executive chef dave andly try to eat that hamburger in the next 4 minutes that is our it is a what can do you think >> i don't think that will happen. >> good luck. >> i am here to tell you it is real. >> yes, it is. >> executive chef, dave peterson of levee restaurants, and you know what, classic
7:53 am
ballpark food is good, but this food, is great. you guys have really taken the whole dining experience and kicked it up. >> we took the whole season and revamped a lot of the menu items we've changed a lot this is the biggest year that we've changed all the items. >> everything is big i will take a hot chocolate this size please. that will warm me up here this morning but let's show people what you got going on here, and what they can kind of experience they clearly need to come hungry. >> definitely, available in our red porch, focussing on a lot of smoked meats a smoked bris kit reuben, national threat, spicy chicken wings, hot dog slice. >> little hot dogs you don't have to limit yourself to toppings. >> definitely a lot of flavours in small bites. >> what about those fried pickles. >> these are southern fried pickles we bread them and fry
7:54 am
them. >> this looks like a dessert. >> you got to finish off with a nice warm southern apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream. >> that looks scrumptious but it is hard not to focus on the ginormous hamburger sitting here tell me the reasoning behind this. >> this is we had a lot of fun creating in it is not meant to be a food challenge meant to be shared definitely 8 to 10 people comfortably could eat this, it is a prime ground we have bris kit, prime chuck, and short ribs ground together and we prepare it this is our straus burger. >> i like it it is major and if you look closely it is cut to take out a wedge and it is fun to share coming to the ballpark is an experience to be shared with friends. >> we do have to mention who comes to the ballpark and gets
7:55 am
a salad. >> a lot of people come to the ballpark -- again baseball summertime this salad is going to be at the nominal in june and july when we have local nice riped tomatos,. >> you know one of the key words you said is local so it is also nice to hear your using local growers. >> definitely we partnered up with our local farmers, and purveyors and use that on our menus. >> that under the table which just looks scrumptious then on this end you have the majors. >> we have a taste of the majors. we created items, that for every visiting team that comes to nationals park we will feature it during their home stand. >> so that is fun so their fans can have a taste of home what do we have. >> miami cuban sandwich, we have an arizona foot long dog we have a pittsburgh stuffed sandwich does have the coleslaw
7:56 am
and french fries right on it. >> love it. >> denver mile high burger two patties two cheeses onion rings, and a coors light bar cue sauce on top. >> -- barbecue sauce on top. >> cincinnati chilly >> can i tell you something i am from cincinnati i know cincinnati chilly so i would be able to tell if this is the real deal onions go under the cheese by the way. >> this is our smoked bris kit. >> this is our own twist. >> yeah. >> what is the most fun thing about being a chef at the ballpark not the normal restaurant experience. >> you come you get to be in a great environment and get to eat very well. >> i have a feeling wherever you are the people are eating very well chef dave you. >> thank you. >> our website we have a link to the nats website don't forget game time 10:5 p.m., tickets available though they -- 10:5 p.m., tickets
7:57 am
available they expect to sell out >> i see that food i know no body is down there you must bring it back. >> thanks holly. >> coming up in the 8:00 a.m. hour, now that charges have been filed in the trayvon martin case what does it mean move forward we will break it down, with scott bolden. >> plus faking cancer to score a dream wedding? caught fibbing over the winning mega millions ticket both making headlines why do people lie to make their dreams come true? psychiatrist will join us live in 20 minutes or so to provide more insight we will be right back stay with us  we love gardening...
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economic growth along for the ride. visit man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] we wanted an arrest and we got it and i say thank you thank you lord thank you jesus. >> the family of trayvon martin get what they consider a victory on the road to justice the man who shot their son to death, george zimmerman is this morning waking up in a jail cell now charged in the case
8:01 am
that gripped the nation. just ahead we get legal insight into both sides of the case. also this hour look at this lady she is a baltimore mcdonald's worker who claimed for days she was the mega millions winner we know for sure she was lying and some woman accused of faking she had cancer to have a lavish wedding while people will take a lie so far to make their dreams come true. and we continue our nats home opener coverage live from nationals park dave ross and holly morris are there with great things to bring us this hour can't wait for that good morning to you everybody. i am allison seymour. >> and i am melanie alnwick tony is not feeling well today i think the pollen was getting him just a little bit tucker barnes tells us a little more about that i suppose. >> yeah, just a beautiful start to your day, much more sunshine than yesterday and a little warmer, near 60 later today. >> not bad.
8:02 am
>> great day to go catch a baseball game. >> as long as you have a little jacket on. >> want a little jacket. >> don't have to go all dave ross and get gloves on. >> poor dave. >> your satellite radar just looking at clouds you can see we are nice and quiet across the mid-atlantic area of low pressure is out of here from yesterday, nice improvement sunshine a little cool this afternoon currently cool, regan national reporting a temperature of 43 degrees, still lots of 30s fredericksburg good morning 39 degrees and 39 down in ocean city as well cool start to your day gradual warm up bright sunshine we should be doing just a little better than yesterday breezy conditions yeah, they are back winds will pick up and be out of the north and west 25 to 30 later today if you are heading to the nats game you probably do want to bring a jacket with those winds but otherwise a dry afternoon with lots of sunshine, wait until you see the weekend forecast,. >> thanks tucker. >> it is prime time out on the
8:03 am
roadways now, check in with julie wright see how things are going. hey, julie. >> hi unfortunately slowly as you travel northbound 295, accident activity tieing up the left side of the roadway it has been with us for quite some time effecting your commute from the belt way now down to 9 miles an hour heading northbound past the nrl across the 11th street bridge, stacked up leading the belt way, 30 minute commute headed out towards the run that is a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. thanks julie. some top stories this thursday morning a police involved shooting in maryland officers got a breaking and entering call in the 3100 block good hope avenue temple hills 3:00 a.m. but turn into a domestic situation one officer fired his weapon, the suspect was not hit but he was eventually detained and arrested the officer was not hurt. the world meantime is
8:04 am
waiting to see whether north korea will defie international warnings and launch a long range rocket over the yellow sea it is fueled up could launch any day now north korea says it is carrying a satellite u.s. officials believe that is a cover for a long range missile test. and a cease fire in syria appears to be holding, there are reports of sporadic small arms fire and large scale detentions in the run up to the cease fire after the deaths of 10,000 in 13 months of the brutal crackdown there is no major fighting reported today however, the government is still defying demands to pull troops back into their barracks. major developments in the trayvon martin case his killer george zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder 45 days after the deadly shooting zimmerman who you see here in his booking photo from yesterday, spent the night in seminole county florida jail he is set to appear before a judge 1:00 p.m. this afternoon his new attorney says he will plead not guilty
8:05 am
to charges that lawyer says he does plan to use florida's stand your ground law in zimmerman's defense and legal experts say state prosecutors have hurdles to overcome to make their case. we will get our own legal analysis, a scott bolden defense attorney and managing partner of reid smith's washington office the first thing we were discussing is how hard will it be a to get a 2nd degree murder conviction. >> the highest charge they could have brought but difficult the stand your ground law in florida is a very strong defense, in that it allows you to use deadly force, if you are in the face of danger and believe you are in the face of danger not many witnesses to this eyewitnesses to this killing of trayvon martin as a result i think there are hurdles for the prosecution to overcome. >> difficult to say what was in his mind. one other thing we had seen
8:06 am
some times prosecutors will over turn knowing it will get pleaded down to a lesser charge. >> we don't know what the prosecution has they took three weeks to do their own independent investigation you have a special prosecutor, they have witnesses they have fact, they have evidence that have not come out in media, although there has been a lot in the media already, so the government takes into consideration, the defenses, what the witnesses and evidence they have and then they decide to commit to the prosecution in this case that is what they have done and we will have to see we see it because under florida law they have a sunshine law so this trial, if it goes to trial, will be cameras in the courtroom and we will see it live. >> right so this morning is a bond hearing. >> yes. >> what would people expect to happen there. >> well, there will be a bond set or no bond set, the judge could determine that he is a flight risk or that given the significance of the crime, that he should be held until trial
8:07 am
sox his lawyer, will make what we call a bond application, there will be a plea entered of not guilty and then they will set a criminal discovery schedule, it won't be a grand jury the government filed a information if you will, and so as a result, they will set a trial date at some point based on motions being filed and so forth and so on, so the process is moving forward, this is the first step. >> if you were the defense attorney in this case would you ask for a change of venue >> i think so. i think the fact that the local prosecutor has recaused himself i think the police chief stepped down temporarily i think you have a special prosecutor you need a jury that either has not heard of the case which will be impossible. but a jury that will say they can stand impartially and judge the facts despite the fact they have heard it and i think you are only going to get that
8:08 am
outside this jurisdiction that would be one of the first motions i would file. >> would we hear that today or through discovery. >> probably a written motion it may be discussed today, but it is really early, mr.o 'mara just got the case, next 2 to 4 weeks. >> i am sure we will see you again >> i hope so. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> allison. dc police find a suspected meth lab carrying out a search warrant in northwest they discovered it last night in an apartment on summit place adams morgan they took one man into custody charged him with selling cocaine but did not file charges related to that suspected meth lab. bizarre break-in the case of two women attacked while looking for an apartment a man who spoke with fox 5 on camera is now under arrest 23-year-old james click told us he manages
8:09 am
that vacant building be the two women were attacked in alexandria friday night they say they were lured with an ad for a 3 bedroom apartment at only $250 a month, police questioned him friday night the following morning told our own melanie alnwick he wasn't involved in the beating. >> reporter: are you aware you match the description of the suspect? >> i have been told yes. >> reporter: did the police tell you that? >> it will all be sorted out eventually. >> reporter: right so did you have anything to do with what happened here last night? >> no. >> despite his denials, to melanie, he has been charged with two counts of abduction and two counts of they will loan use assault. we have a -- felonious assault. >> we have a few headlines to share with you. >> new for anyone who catches cabs or rides metro. >> also in the news something could be coming home in your child's backpack that might raise eyebrows. >> take me out to the ballpark,
8:10 am
we are ready for baseball in dc, live coverage of the nats home opener, coming up next on fox 5 morning news 8:09 a.m. 9 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
making headlines it will cost you more to take a cab in the district a fare increase will take effect in just 9 days fares are jumping from $1.50 a mile, to $2.16 a wait time fee will jump $10 an hour charges for extra passengers will go away. transit leaders are looking to help you the metro board will discuss the idea of an unlimited 28 day pass it has been reported that pass would cost $230 be available on only smart trip cards. >> thousands of students in montgomery county are set to receive flyers in support of gay, lesbian and trans gender
8:14 am
students the flyers are being handed out this week in all of the counties public high schools in response to flyers distributed earlier this year by a group that claims gay people can get help to change their sexual orientation, montgomery county schools allow nonprofits to hand out material a few times a year though the school board is re-examining that policy. >> a little chilly out there today but you know, what i love is the fact we have something to look forward to. >> the warm up factor. good morning tuck. >> good morning allison, melanie you are very smooth with that, time now for my first 5 photo of the day,. >> here we go. >> that is quite a head of hair. >> yes, it is. >> this is big sister zoe and little brother caleb. >> good morning. >> looking great they were taking a spring walk in this picture want to wish you
8:15 am
great big happy birthday to caleb turning 2 years old tomorrow. >> i like his shirt it says action hero. >> is that what it says. >> look how beautiful zoe is too. >> just very cute. >> great looking kids. >> yep look like they get along well >> i do like that natural or afro we don't have a name for it any more not a lot of people rock it. >> looks like it is making a come back with caleb. >> love the look. to send your child's picture go to great big happy 2nd birthday to you. all right let's do temperatures, you had a light sweat shirt on there i think that is a good idea it is a little cool, 45 degrees regan national, check out winds back again north and west 14, they will be gusting later today, 25, 30 miles an hour yesterday got a request for a barometric pressure, 30.12 inches on the rise for those of you paying
8:16 am
close attention. they are big fans. sentinel radar, you can see we have quiet conditions area low pressure spinning to the east of new york and boston that brought us to the rain showers and clouds yesterday, guess what, it is out of here and out west, out towards cincinnati and st. louis clear skies, high pressure will build across the region cool and breezy, going to the game later bring along a light jacket, big time warming trend as we get into the five day forecast, in fact, we will be down right hot around here by early next week. there you go, 60, lots of sunshine, 80 sunday and would you believe 85 with sunshine monday afternoon i know some body that will love that forecast. that is the weather, let's do traffic and julie has your latest. >> all right tucker barnes on the roads you will find your lanes are open travelling northbound 295, accident activity gone average speed down to 27 miles an hour it is improving as you work into
8:17 am
southeast washington still find big delays gw parkway as you travel inbound from the belt way, just a 38 minute commute you still got to make your way out toward the tr bridge big delays off canal road as you work your way out toward fox hole road southbound 29, bumper to bumper randall of road headed out towards the belt way. three women are in the news for allegedly getting caught telling huge lies, really huge lies one is accused of faking cancer to get people the donate luxury items for her wedding another claims to have the winning mega millions lottery ticket in maryland, but after questions arose she claims that she lost it, and then a woman who posed as a twin tower survivor is the subject of a new book that unrahlves many claims she made -- unavenueles many claims she made as head of
8:18 am
a survivor group>> joining us , lisa van sustern. >> for me, a normal person, telling a small lie is horrible. >> these are huge national lies. >> these are extremely complex cases you have to look at them one at a time. >> okay let's talk in general about liars and lying some people who clearly have an external game they lie because they will have more money, take more money from you get out of trouble on the other end are people who kind of have a make believe wish fulfillment something internal satisfied they want to be heros they want sympathy, they want to be important people will jump around that spectrum. >> is there a common thread that would tie this behaviour
8:19 am
together. >> there sort of is, but having said that remember i am a psychiatrist i tend to look under the hood what we see here are just the external facts that we know about in the news that is important, but doesn't satisfy everything but here is what we do know, and that is, that when people make things up like this, it usually means whatever impulses most of us have, to tell the truth, are just not as effective, now why are they not as effective is the key question is it the way we were brought up is it the genes, interplay of both, often times what we see is that it is an interplay reality check that in these people, isn't very robust. >> now this -- okay so if we are breaking down these cases this is the maryland mega millions fakeer she wanted to win all these millions of dollars is this purely financial? >> this is where you got to
8:20 am
look along the spectrum we look at this and thing this isry duck louse we know there is a part of the brain involved in impulse control, involved in looking at consequences of our behaviour that looks at how to strategize to get, to meet our goals and be a good citizen things like that. we find especially now looking at mris, that they really don't use that part of their brain very well or it is not there to be used it is sort of like everyone who has a teenager and has to deal with things that they have done will say what were you thinking. >> impulsiveness. >> they were thinking this is how you can kind of look at these people and understand, does that mean they are blameless? of course not they are still held accountable. >> here is one that is really both of the other cases are like wow this -- the hate red thing comes up you thing there are so many people families devastated by cancer here is a woman who by what we can see
8:21 am
wanted her dream wedding she scams people out of money. >> yes what you have to thing of, again these are very complex cases we look at them from the outside and says the this, that and the other it might have started this is what happens, we have all told a lie realize you tell one you have to tell ten more to cover the first one when she was asked about her short hair and she said well, i had cancer and then she realized she is getting all this love and attention and being taken care of, one lie leads to another, she is deeper in a spiral did she at that moment when they asked her about her short hair i am going to aruba i will have a honeymoon paid for by everybody probably not, that is the consequence she will be held accountable but when you look at blameworthiness and try to understand why someone would do something like this, it is complex. >> same thing in our last seconds the subject of the book you hold yourself out as a representative for a group of people just so devastated by
8:22 am
what happened on 9/11 and turns out it is not true. >> that is obviously something that adds to the turmoil of people who did experience this. our hearts go out this is obviously a spectacular instance of someone making something up, but we understand this woman, not to down play the trauma, that what she did was she actually made it possible, for some survivors to have advantages and be places they otherwise would not have been able to fight for it is complicated she is still blameworthy we understand the betrayal and all the rest but shows you how we have to look at these stories. >> look under the hood >> you have to look under the hood. >> thanks for coming in and lift the hood on these cases we were scratching our heads about
8:23 am
this is dr. lisa van sustern. >> this is a story we both have an interest in parents have you struggled with a car seat even the ones supposed to just snap in. up next new information out that shows which vehicles make it too hard for you, also ahead a famous rocker feeling bruised after a big band break up. we will tell you who he is telling the rock and roll hall of fame thanks but no thanks it is now 8:23 a.m., 45 degrees we will be right back 
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
back now on fox 5 morning news, a question for parents have you ever struggled with a child's car seat that was just supposed to snap right in that is what it says, turns out some vehicle designs get in the way of being able to easily install the so called latched seats, insurance institute for highway safety found 77 popular models did not meet easy installation criteria. now the study shows, belt buckles and other seat hard ware that block child restrain anchors also some anchors were buried so deep in that seat they were difficult to get to in some cases too much force was needed to attach lower anchors. for a list of the vehicles that did and did not meet the easy installation criteria go to
8:27 am i can guarantee you my cars are on it. >> you have to click on -- dig down in there. >> trying to be so cute putting it low for design and then yeah, -- >> never easy but worth it. >> and we are done with those days. >> yes. >> axle rose has nixed any talks of a gunroses reunion at the rock and roll hall of fame ceremony. he says he is not attending saturday's event and doesn't want the band to be inducted, so there. legendary front man is the only original member left since the group bitterly disbanded back in the 90s former members including slash said they will attend the hall announced it is still planning to induct axle rose with the rest of the group so get over it you will be honored. >> does anyone know why? >> the bitterness? >> i would love to know what was the bitter break up all about >> i bet tucker knows he is right here. >> the world is all shook up earthquakes from asia to mexico
8:28 am
and united states west coast and east coast we are checking it out next. >> dave ross is ready for baseball in the nations capitol dave we have been teasing you all morning about the gloves now they have come off. >> gloves have come off it is warming up we are less than hours from first pitch they are already working on field we will talk to the man in charge of keeping this field in pristine condition when fox morning news continues hink "artisan" means? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today.
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 honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents.
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welcome back you are looking at 395 near the 14th street bridge everybody is moving it along as they make their way into work on this thursday morning one day to go until the weekend. >> looks good. lot of people in indonesia say they feel lucky after escaping two powerful earthquake and tsunami warnings. >> still it is triggering memory offs the devastating 2004 tsunami, panicked residents ran into the streets trying to get to higher ground
8:32 am
but unlike 2004 they did not cause any direct deaths or major injuries, also this time, the huge piece the sow that my alert system worked -- tsunami aall right system worked with people getting warnings in time to evacuate the coast. you are looking at the first of two earthquakes that shook buildings in mexico city it was centered 200 miles away in the mountains and then midnight there was a stronger earthquake off the coast of baja california, no reports of any major damage. besides those quakes there were a couple other small earthquakes reported in the united states a 6.5 quake struck off the coast of oregon and a 4.5 reported off the coast of maine. >> what is going on. >> what is happening tucker? >> i can't explain it but it is 2012. >> don't say that >> just kidding. >> it happens all the time. >> does happen all the time? >> yeah, we get literally thousands every day,. >> okay. >> some are bigger than others.
8:33 am
ring of fire that is the whole area in the pacific. >> tucker is referring to of course the world. >> is the mayan calendar >> it says we will be -- >> all right right to the weather forecast allison. >> i didn't want to say. >> your nats home opener should be a good looking day you saw the live shot, it will be comfortable not warm, and still a little breezy at game time winds out in the north and west gusting to 25, so again if you are headed out there take a jacket especially if you are sitting in a place with a little bit of shade we need that sun to warm you up 45 washington 43 in gaithersburg, 47 annapolis, temperatures gradually warming up mid-30s leonard town, 43 degrees and 46 fredericksburg. warmer than yesterday, 5 degrees warmer but a lot more sunshine and still that wind will be with us for another day
8:34 am
out of the north and northwest, this is a quiet weather pattern setting up for the weekend area of low pressure that brought us cloud cover crazy weather yesterday in the form of hail and snowfall, and not it is out to the west clear skies, -- and notice it is out to the west, clear skies, nice warming trend breezy conditions later this afternoon great looking five day forecast honestly we need the rain not in this five gay forecast five day forecast all right get out the sun -- five day forecast, that is a look at weather,. >> thanks tucker. >> washington nationals fans pumped up the team is 4 and 2 athey bring the 2012 season home. >> fox 5s dave ross live at nats park looking forward to today's home opener do we expect a good game? >> i believe so. it will be raucous we are expecting wins from the team
8:35 am
much improved on the field and the man in charge of keeping that field looking nice is joining me now john, the third year you have been head grounds keeper here at nats park good to see you again. let's talk about the field it is brand new. >> that's right. last fall we went ahead and renovated the field resurfaced the whole thing, resurfaced or warming track did that last october november it has been growing in since. >> how long of a process does it take to get a brand new field in. >> that can range depending what you are doing to it to the extent we did, 7 week project, certainly be cut down to probably within a week but with the amount of work we were doing we were up around 7 weeks. >> tell me we see people working on the field now, first pitch is 4 and a half hours away what is the typical day for grounds keeper and the crew. >> this is typically what we do on a game day we mow the field every day, do a lot of work on the warning track, infield dirt
8:36 am
work everything you see now is what we do on a typical game day. >> will they stop at say batting practice? >> yeah, we go up until batting practice and then when batting practice is over, we will be back out there. in baseball we know you always hear the grounds keepers make keep the infield grass higher for teams that like to bunt with more speed do you taylor make the field? >> we maintain a consistent field, front to back side to side we really don't tailor the field too much we keep it basic so the team knows what they will have. >> be honest if you see a bad hop do you cringe. >> that is one thing we don't want to deal with, that and rain. unfortunately both will happen, certainly with the bat hops we want to minnies them as much as we can and that is why we are out there. >> we just hope the bad hops
8:37 am
happen to the opposing team. >> exactly. >> now when you guys get a lot of rain we talked about this off camera you have -- how much prep work do you have to do. >> our goal whenever we go into events like that is prep ourselves make sure the field is in good condition try to build a strong system strong grass that can hopefully with stand all the stress that comes in with the concert, certainly on the degree of the concert depending what time of year certain damage can happen. >> do you cut your own grass at home? >> this is my home here. >> this is your home. >> this is my yard. >> do you ever get people suggesting hey, can you cut cool designs. >> every now and then you are always going to get that, always get asked what special design you are going the do really we try to keep it basic out here, and you know try to keep it consistent >> i would prefer if you came over and did something cool on
8:38 am
my yard. thanks for your time third year in a row he kept this field looking as good as you see it today. opening day for the nats 1:05 p.m., reds will be coming in there will be no bad hops when you look at this infield it is immaculate back to the station. thanks dave. coming up holly morris will have a special interview. >> can't wait. >> new list of the best and worst jobs is out running them down next. >> you want to be with us in the 9:00 a.m. hour stick with us every day today, grammy nominated group, sweet honey and the rock will be with us, they are in town for performances at the kennedy center first they will stop by and perform live in our studio. time now, 8:38 a.m. >> we will be right back [ dog barking ]  mom!
8:39 am
breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast and even whole-wheat waffles. it's a quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they'll want to eat. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. they love the taste and i feel good that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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the price of natural gas has fallen to its lowest level in more than a decade due to a mild winter and production boom it is growing so fast, analysts worry under ground storage facilities could be full by fall leading to further price decline. a string of airlines are rerouteing flights over the philippines because of north korea's planned rocket launch 20 nights are effected as they are expected in the flight path
8:42 am
of the rocket among the airlines, delta, el nippon, korean, philippines airlines some flights are carrying extra fuel in case they have to change routes unexpectedly. we are opening the job of the day and sprint is looking for a bilingual retail consultant at a store in falls church virginia, to find out about this and thousands of other jobs go to of course speaking of jobs there is a new list out of the best and worst jobs career rated 200 jobs and looked at things like pay, stress physical demands and future outlook at the top, software engineer followed by actuary, someone who crunches numbers to make predictions for insurance companies, that is at the top, okay, human resource
8:43 am
manager, dental hygienist and financial planner round out the top five. >> bottom >> this is bad >> newspaper reporter, oil rig worker, dairy farmer, lumber jack. tv broadcaster came in 191 out of 200. >> really. >> we could be lumber jacks. >> we could be actuaries. >> there you go. >> woohoo. >> 8:43 a.m. >> wonderful career >> i guarantee you i will get an e-mail from an actuary. >> you will. >> thursday morning from pies to personal trainers a new ap in town that takes customer loyally to a whole new level the belly card in this mornings smart phone zone. >> live at nationals part all morning for the nats season opener. >> hey melanie the excitement really is building here down the ballpark they are opening up the concession stands on the field, getting the field ready perhaps the two most exciting
8:44 am
people, the owners. they are here they will join us live to talk one on one about their hopes for this season it is all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:45 am
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>> many popular businesses offer loyalty cards, a new company is trying to consolidate them for you, called belly card. >> it has only been available in dc for a few months but dozens of businesses are signing up how does it benefit you? let's head to lauren demarco with today's smart phone zone to find out. this is a way of rewarding customers for you know, their support in our business especially on the blog. >> the pie sisters are doing it so is mint gym. >> we really truly care about our members it is just another way for us to show that. >> both dc establishments joined a growing list of local businesses to offer belly card rewards use a physical card or download a free smart phone ap to check in every time you
8:48 am
enter a participating store, each visit earns you 5 points at that location and founder logan explains, you can cash in those points for free stuff. >> all of our rewards at did i have aren't locations we try and penalize to the individual store so beyond just the normal you know, percent off discount or free sandwich or free cup of coffee which is available each individual location tries to communicate their personality, brand, culture of that store. instead of just decreasing prices we wanted to give people rewards by getting us more involved. >> it is fun because different businesses like 202 next to us kind of like all competing who can have the coolest give away thing, we find out from each other. >> what rewards are we talking about? >> keep flipping it like that. >> so cool. >> all right so for 50 points you can get your own little cub
8:49 am
by for free or 500 points, one on one time with the pie sisters themselves. >> baking pie appeals more to me than mint gyms train your trainer reward or push up contest. >> when they start filming let's just start at like 25, 26, okay. >> but hey, to each his own. >> he is a professional. >> belly cards starletted in -- started in chicago it is available at more than 100 locations in dc a big help for small businesses and it is catching on. >> we have regulars which is great to see. >> 81 members, 221 check ins. already checked in within less than two weeks. >> belly card is free the mobile ap is available for iphone and android phones and takes just a matter of seconds
8:50 am
to register your account. easy as pie. in washington, lauren demarco, fox 5 morning news. all right so as far as the name belly card, lauren says there is a bit of a mystery behind it but the tag line is belly full of rewards, very clever we should mention while the company does focus on local businesses national chains are also welcome, ben and jerries is one of the latest. >> i bet it will sign on. >> you can almost smell the hot dogs, hear the roar of the crowd. >> just a few hours from the nats home opener and live at nationals park all morning long. holly morris hanging out with some really big names. >> perhaps the two most excited people in the ballpark right now, the owners of the team mark and mar la, join me here and i have to wonder you can feel the excitement building as the sun is coming up we are getting ready for the game as owners of the team when you walk in on the home opener what goes through your mind.
8:51 am
>> nothing more exciting than opening day i was ready for it october 1. since i was a little boy i loved opening day, and the special time i had with my dad he took me out of school it was the best. >> there is a lot of expectations that come with the start of a new season, what are you thinking mar la >> i know there is expectations for who we field you know on the team itself, but i focus on the foundation, i know there is great in the community as well. we are about to begin construction on our new baseball academy in ward 7, three turf fields and an academy, building 8 classrooms including a teaching kitchen and we are very excited about that, and we are looking forward to actually two ribbon cuttings in the next season. >> wow so you are hoping to make a difference in many ways be it in the community be it in the major leagues as we talk about the season in and of itself for the first five years
8:52 am
the selling point was the stadium it still feels and looks new you have to be proud about that. >> we take great pride in that. hr and development and management i can as sure you it will look this good 15 to 20 years from now. >> there is a shift in what is selling tickets for the nationals we now have a team people are coming out to see. >> absolutely great buzz around town, everybody is excited teams are playing well great days are ahead of us. >> is it hard to wrap your mind around the fact that or maybe not for you because you have been working on it so long there is a team, that could be a real contender? >> one at a time but i think these guys will definitely believe in themselves, and they feel very strongly they will play in october, so, that is great for everybody. >> i made the joke already this morning we were talking how chilly it is come playoff time
8:53 am
that we will be going oh, it is so hot. let's hope we are saying that right? >> balmy compared to new york yesterday trust me. >> it is all in perspective. what do you guys feel about in the time you have been here making washington now a baseball city? do you feel like you have made inroads. >> i think we have certainly having a good team to play on the field is a big part of it but we lost a whole generation with baseball not here since 1971 when it left, certainly many people went to the orioles but there is a big gap there we have worked hard to bring families to the park, those 8 and 9-year-olds that came a few years ago now are 13, 14, 15 years old and they are saying let's go out out to the ballpark son they will be driving themselves it is a building process and certainly getting a winner on the field will make it happen. >> with you mar la working with the foundation it has to be rewarding for people to want to
8:54 am
say hey, i want nats players i want them to be a part of the community work >> i know our community relations department does a great job getting nats out in the community screech and the president's and an tech doe tally i see a lot more nats hats and fans and so much, everybody friendcolleagues alike say to me there is so much fun. i think that buzz will translate into the foundation area, that buzz helps in our fundraising. >> a little bit of tradition never hurts you have your opening day scarf. >> opening day scarf and my brother gave me a beautiful pin that my sister and i -- >> mark has on the scarf his
8:55 am
wife knitted him for opening day. >> thank you for taking the time with us. >> thank you. >> talk about more people wearing nats hats the first 20,000 to come out today get a nats hat as well we will have more fun from the ballpark throughout the morning. back to you all in studio. >> thank you holly. >> now 8:52 a.m., 45 degrees, ahead at 9 an incredible story of survival. a newborn baby girl declared dead found alive in a morgue, after her mother insists on seeing her for what she thought would be the very last time fox 5 morning news back in a moment ♪ so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you. but i guess that's okay right? actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ...
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good morning to you i am allison seymour. >> i am wisdom martin sitting in for tony george zimmerman is behind bars charged in trayvon
8:59 am
martin's death melanie alnwick has the parents reaction. >> parents nightmare imagine losing your premature baby only to find her still alive inside a nailed shut cofin. the amazing story of survival just aid head. >> yam -- just ahead. >> grammy nominated group, at the kennedy center, with a first of its kind theme. they will perform it for us 9:45 a.m. >> nats are back in town, first pitch today's home opener, 1:05 p.m., holly morrace and dave ross are -- morris and dave ross are live at the stadium. >> looking forward to that. >> me too. >> tucker barnes. >> an up take. >> okay. >> take it away tucker please. >> all right guys, we have fine conditions, little cool temperatures, falling back upper 30s low 40s look at that


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