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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  April 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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because kids go into the store and stuff. it could have been anybody. it could have been, you know, your mother or anybody. it's a shame that someone would do something like that. >> sophia hawkins lives in the neighborhood and shops in this rite aid. >> hopefully they get more security and makes it safer. you don't know, people, it's crazy out here. i don't understand why they would do that. >> reporter: the store has a number of surveillance cameras and called a local camera in to beef up security. >> we know what's here. so many young people here are hurting and they don't have jobs. so we'll make sure we get a good arm guard here to protect the citizens. the older seniors, and the other people who come in here to rite aid and make sure they are safe. >> back out here live, you can see the armed security guard on duty at the rite aid. the store has been closed since the shooting at 12:30 this afternoon. rite aid officials tell me they don't expect to reopen today. the suspect was a middle-aged
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black man in his 40s or 50s. a dark complexion and wearing a white baseball cap and a red sweatshirt. maurine. >> karen, thank you for that. meanwhile, a bottle bomber is on the loose in prince william county. this man has been lighting chemical bottle bombs in the woodbridge area. police are looking for the public's help. we'll have more on fox 5 news. more than a week after the primaries, one d.c. election is still too close to call. officials are tallying more than 3,000 absentee ballots to decide who wins the at large council seat in the district. incumbent, vincent orange holds the lead by a few hundred votes, or 1 percentage point over biddle. live at the board of elections, matt, how close are we? we apologize. we are having technical did i
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have difficulties with our live shot. this is the board of elections. they are counting special ballots. we'll hope to go back to matt to see what the latest situation is in a few minutes. george zimmerman will remain in custody for another week. zimmerman says he shot the unarmed teenager in self- defense. his attorney said he would try to get zimmerman out on bail right away, but now says he will wait for a hearing on april 20. the attorney believes getting zimmerman released might quote, increase the ferver surrounding the case. the law allows police to decide if they believe a shooter acted in self-defense, now with the intent interest in this case in question on that law, republican candidate, mitt romney, is working to sure up support from gun owners. he spoke at an nar convention in st. louis where gun owners are worried the stand your ground law could be in jeopardy. >> we need a president that
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will enforce current lanot crea >> despite his support of gun legislation, romney did not specifically address his opinion of the stand your ground law. the presidential election is still seven months away, but the white house and mitt romney are squaring off on a variety of topics from women to the economy. jennifer davis has the latest from the campaign trail. >> the choice in this election is so fundamental. >> campaigning in new hampshire, vice president joe biden, goes after mitt romney as a new fox news poll shows the gop candidate would edge out president obama if the election were held today. >> the wealthy should keep every tax break and loophole they have and get additional new tax cuts every year that are worth more than what the average middle class family makes in a year. >> some republicans counter the wealthy are paying their fair share. >> the top 10% earners in
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america pay for everybody else, basically. the vast majority of americans don't pay taxes at all. >> the other hot campaign topic, how the policies impact working families. >> make those different choices. >> and romney is fighting back against democratic strategist, hilary rosen, who said romney couldn't relate to most working women, because she quote, had never worked a day in her life. >> mitt said to me more times than you would imagine, ann, your job is more important than mine. >> rosen later apologized, but while she didn't phrase it well, rosen brought up an important issue. >> it's fair to ask the question, is ann romney the right person to be advising him on that when she had a much more privileged version of a stay at home life. >> president obama is showing ann romney support. rosen's comments were the wrong thing to say and adding that candidate spouses should not be criticized. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. president obama's reelection campaign rereleased
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years of his old tax returns. it's a move to pressure mitt romney to do the same. the report shows the president paid more than $160,000 in federal taxes on earnings of almost $800,000 last year. about half of the first family's income is the president's salary. the rest comes from sales of president obama's books. the strategist who sparked that fire storm for saying mitt romney's wife never worked a day in her life has since apologized to ann romney. and all stay at home moms. many democrats tried to distance themselves from rosen following her comments. the president defended ann romney. >> i don't have a lot of patience for commentary about the spouses of political candidates. >> rosen said she did not mean to demean moms. she just meant ann romney never had to work because she is wealthy. rosen was calling on mitt romney to stop using his wife as an adviser on women and
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economic issues. plans to redevelop alexandria's waterfront is on hold. the city plans to allow hotels and developments along the potomac river. residents and business owners opposed the plan. the washington post reports that the board of zoning appeals stopped the redevelopment plan today. alexandria will appear to the circuit court. the biggest public school in the d.c. region is considering a new option for learning. virtual high school. it would be an internet based four-year program. john hanrahan is in the newsroom with details. i bet some students like this idea. >> yeah, opinion among students as you'll see in our report is somewhat mixed. some say a completely online high school would be more efficient for them. others think there's more to high school than classes and tests. there's socializing and friendships. the school board and fairfax county is seriously considering establishing a virtual high school. >> in fairfax county,
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virginia, with the 11th largest school system in the u.s., some students are already taking some courses online. high school freshman, mitchell chen plans on doing that next year. >> i have figure skating, so i would like more time to do it myself. so i was thinking about taking online courses next year to have more time for skating. >> school officials are considering expanding online learning to include the creation of a full-time virtual high school. >> it's self-initiated learning. you get your assignments. you are interacting with teachers online with questions and answers, but in the end, you know, the burden is on you to do the assignments, get the homework in on time. >> virtual high schools already exist. >> so, our answer then is the t intersect b. >> is this a math course developed by a hernden based company. their high school program is
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producing some outstanding results. >> we send kids to stanford, all the uc schools as well as middle berry college, university of michigan, ohio state university. all of the major colleges that you have heard of, our kids are going to. >> despite the very early morning hours at fairfax county high schools, not all students here are willing to abandon actually going to school. >> i guess it sounds kind of cool, but the whole idea of high school, a lot of it is the community. making friends and all that. i can't imagine not going into school for anything but tests. that would be boring just taking the classes. class is a part of it, but a small part in general. >> and then there are high school sports and clubs. would online students be allowed to participate? >> well, a task force on virtual schooling recommends no. he or she could not attend sport or club activities at the regular high schools. the school board will discuss establishing a four-year virtual high school at its
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scheduled meeting at 5:00 on monday. i thirty idea is intriguing, but you would miss out on all the social things that come along with high school, right john? >> i'm neutral. if you have a brainiac kid and they are three grades advanced, why not let them take some courses online. >> i like that idea. thank you. new jersey's mayor rushed into a burning building and he may have saved someone's life. he's talking about the terror he felt. >> and fight sex slavery. you won't believe what she sees blocks from the white house. and there will never be another storm like hurricane irene. we'll explain why coming up. >> thanks a lot. gorgeous out there today. we could take more of this for the weekend, right? how about more of this and a warmup. first, look at the forecast coming up. do stay with us, fox 5 at 5:00 is going to come back.
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a federal grand jury indicted a virginia man for sexual abuse and producing child pornography. jason of burke is accused of sexually abusing an elementary school aged girl once a week for more than two years and taping those encounters. fairfax county police say they were alerted to the abuse after the young victim contacted a child abuse hot line. if this man is guilty, he will face a minimum of ten years in prison. >> coming forward after a high
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school prostitution bust in fairfax county. three men pleaded guilty in two separate sex trafficking cases yesterday. a survivor of sex slavery is on a mission to save girls from the streets. we'll talk to her in a moment. first, take a look at the work she does in downtown d.c >> 3:00 a.m., just blocks from the white house. >> looks like it is very busy. >> tina and a team of determined volunteers are in a notorious hot spot called, a trap. where many are forced into sex slavery. >> it's a place where traffickers take their slaves out and put them out on the street at night. they refer to them as slaves in their stable. >> how much? as many as you can. >> her team hands out special bracelets with information to help sex slaves escape. >> we have a 24 hour hot line and on the front it says
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crystal horoscope so nobody will know what it is and on the inside, it has the hot line number. >> tina front joins us now. thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> first of all, explain, what is sex slavery and who is falling prey? >> under the age of 18 and forced into prostitution. those cases we see in virginia, it's not prostitution cases, this is sex trafficking cases of children. >> and this is happening just blocks from the white house? is that indicative of how big of a problem sex slavery is? >> it's not just happening blocks away from the white house, it's also happening in our virginia malls and area malls as well. >> how are children falling prey to this? you would think that something wouldn't happen this easily. a lot of people can be susceptible to this. >> it's children that are being manipulated and pedophiles who manipulate children. this affects every child. >> you have made this your
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life mission. risking your life to go out in the middle of the life. why? >> the reason we go out between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. is because that's the time children are being forced out on to the streets. on the internet as well. >> tell me about the bracelets. >> that's what we passed out. we do not show what we currently passed out. so we keep everything comfortable and have a safe place. survivors of trafficking can call in and get help any time. >> you come to this from a personal background. what, how, what happened to you and why this is something that hits home for you. >> well, when i was 13, i'm originally from chicago, illinois. i was forced into a sex trafficking situation and forced into prostitution by a man that was 15 years older than me. and unlike the same situation that's happening here today within the newspapers now is my same story as well.
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this has continued to go on. >> what, if anything, happens to these sex traffickers. you hear about sex slaves and they get arrested and things happen to them. what happens to the sex traffickers? >> they are being charged. there are many police and human trafficking task force that are going after the traffickers. what is a more important question wharks , what are happening to the men that buy this sex? >> i watch the video and i was rivetted. you're doing amazing work and we thank you so much for joining us this evening. now we do have some details that we want to give you about tina front, her work. the hotted line that she has for courtney's house, that is the group she's with. courtney's house. 888-261-3665. and the website there, we want to thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you.
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now back to the d.c. council race that is simply too close to call. vincent orange leading by one percentage point. matt is live at the board of elections. matt, this election was last tuesday. we are counting the votes. what's going on? >> yeah, the voting ended just a couple of minutes ago, shawn. now they are in the process of making sure everything is in place. there were some problems today. i was told earlier today that this should only take an hour. we were supposed to have everything done by 4:45 today, but there were some serious delays because of some equipment malfunction. one of the scanners, one of the two scanners went down. just as things started this morning. so what they had to do was count the absentee ballots and the provisional ballots together on the same scanner. slow process, but it did take place. we have representatives from both council member orange and biddle here just making sure
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everything is done properly. but we should be getting those results any time now. i was just talking to someone here at the board of elections and they say it will be any minute. we'll get back to you as soon as possible. in fact, allison, do you have the results now? here she is. can i ask you to read them to us? we're live on the television. >> these results are going online just as we speak. we counted well over 5,000 ballots today. 5,859 absentee and provisional ballots. i appreciate the contest that folks are most paying attention to right now is the at large member of the council race. at this point, the numbers that we have are 23,719 votes for candidate vincent orange and 21,973 votes for candidate biddle. >> so vincent orange pulls it out it appears by approximately 2,000 votes. i want to see it myself. 23,719 for orange and then
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21,973 for biddle. no need for a recount or anything like that. that is far more than a percentage, correct? >> it's entirely up to the candidates to take a look at the numbers and make their own decisions as to whether anybody wants to request a candidate. that's something a candidate can do, up to a week after. >> there was some equipment malfunction, which slowed the process down a bit. >> we have two scanners. the same type of scanner that you see in the polling place on election day. we basically have a more advanced high capacity model of that in our office. one of those that we were planning to count provisional ballots on and count the absentee ballots, but we were having issues, so we decided to count all of the ballots on the same machine. >> it is certified next week, is that correct? >> this is an unofficial result. we have our post election audit to do.
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we have drawn randomly the precincts for audit and tweeted those out earlier today. we'll be auditing one precinct in each ward and we'll go ahead and take a look at all that. the board will meet in a public meeting next wednesday and certify the results for the election. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you walking in with the results and shawn, once again, it appears that vincent orange has pulled out the lead. there was about a 500 vote difference and now it looks like there's right around 2,000. excuse my math, i wasn't looking at the precise numbers. but it appears he pulled off this win and we'll have the wrapup for you coming up tonight at 6:00. >> it's always nice to break news live on the air, matt, and you know, it's also worked out well that we couldn't get your live shot in a couple minutes ago. it was meant to be this way. vincent orange pulled out, holding on to his at large council seat. thank you for the report. talking about a gorgeous day out there. seems like the weather warming
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up, things to come this weekend, i'm looking ahead, shawn. >> oh my goodness. what's coming down the pike this weekend? beautiful day today. better days ahead, indeed. >> it is fabulous. gary, what can we expect as we roll into this fabulous evening? >> continuation of had today. a little bit cooler once the sunsets. temperatures will be dropping into the 50s. it's in the 60s right now. i'll prove it to you. temperatures across the region. 66 here in the city. 60 for annapolis. a little cooler there by the water. cooler for leanardtown and on the eastern shore, temperatures are cooler. that's around the water. you get away from the water and temperatures jumpment look at culpeper, 66. frederick has been holding at 68 degrees for the past couple of hours. seems like that's the warm spot and for cumberland, their temperature is 66. so real, real nice out there. now, let me show you what's going on.
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we'll look at temperatures across the nation here as this pulls out for us. because what we see, the warmth down to the south and to the southwest, little rock, 81. you see some 80s down in new orleans. all that heat that is bottled up to the south is going to creep in our direction. the 80s won't be here for tomorrow, but the 80s will be here for sunday. nothing has really changed in the five-day forecast at all. so everything that we were expecting yesterday is still pretty much what we're expecting now. nice this evening at 7:00. still loads of sunshine. 61 degrees. 56 at 9:00 and a little on the cool side by 11:00. 53 in town. probably the upper 40s or so out in the suburbs. again, late, late this evening, you'll need a light jacket or light sweater if you want to be comfortable out there. then again, maybe you like it in the 50s. warmup coming for the weekend. that's what i'm talking about in the full forecast. more news coming up after this break. stay with us. 
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a new jersey mayor is being called a hero. he rushed into a burning house, nearly losing his life while trying to save his neighbor. he got home with his security detail and saw his neighbor's house on fire. booker is a hero because he managed to find the woman in the house, throw her over his shoulder and get out the door. the mayor says he didn't feel very heroic. >> i did not feel bravery, i felt terror. it was a very scary moment because i couldn't find her. it looked like i couldn't get back through where i came from and i couldn't breathe and it was a moment that i felt very religious, let's put it that way, and that's why i feel thankful to god. >> booker and his neighbor have been friends for years. she's now in the hospital recovering. the real heros were the firefighters. the world metrological organization is retiring the name of the hurricane that killed 49 people last summer. hurricane names are usually reused every six years and retired only when the storms
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cause considerable fatalities or damage. irene is the 76th main name retired since 1954. a florida family is cleaning up a big mess. >> yes, a school bus crashed into their home. you can't blame the bus driver. we'll explain. >> and if you follow a new street sign in d.c., you might get lost. why it's so confusing for drivers. coming up next. 
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. a new road sign in the district has some drivers wondering if it was put there by mistake. the sign sits high above the 11th street bridge. the color background is correct, but the number, that number has to be wrong, right? fox 5's paul wagner is in the newsroom with more. paul. >> maurine, when i think of 695, i don't know about you, i think of charm city, crab
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cakes, and the o's. certainly not any road in the district. we have 495, 395, and 295. 695 has no business here. or does it? just ask any cab driver in the city when you think 695 -- >> i think of it as baltimore. >> 695 is by 895 in baltimore. >> when you think of 695, what do you think of? >> the d.c. department of transportation erected signs over 295 saying 695 was on capitol hill. really? >> a lot of the confusion came because people didn't realize we had an i695. >> that's john and he's right. you can google it. there's a page. 695 is a stretch of the southeast freeway from the 3rd street tunnel to the bridge. it was never marked. >> with the construction of the new 11th street bridges we
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requested and received approval from federal highway to designate the 11th street bridge as i695. so there would be a seemless connection from 295 on the east side of the an anacostia river. >> makes sense. but don't you think drivers unfamiliar with the area will see 695 and think baltimore? >> i would disagree that it's confusing. what i would say is that it's new. >> somewhere in the dusty history book, at least on some maps, the southeast freeway was called 695. but nobody in my knowledge ever knew any 695. heck, i don't know 695. i think baltimore. i don't think washington, d.c. >> in fact, veteran traffic reporter thinks it's so confusing he won't even mention it on the air. because i think people know where they're going. they may not know where they are at the moment. i think it's only going to
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confuse the general public. our driving customers, and me. i don't think it's going to help. i was surprised to see the sign go up. >> so there you have it, 695 has always been in washington, d.c., we just didn't know it. now did you know this? the southeast, southwest freeway is also the eisenhower freeway, but nobody ever calls it that. >> so, the only signs with the interstate 659 symbol are on the northbound side of 295 at the 11th street bridge, which is notably the way you would go to get to the baltimore washington parkway and on to 695 the baltimore beltway. >> i'm so confused. ten years and i had no idea. >> nobody did. >> oh my goodness. >> i was a traffic reporter for years and i had no idea we had a 695. >> excellent story. thank you so much. we are monitoring metro tonight. metro wants to pick the brains of its riders.
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passing out customer survey cards starting today through may 25. metro is urging riders to complete multiple surveys. the question you're asked about the customer's current trip and there is an incentive for completing that survey. randomly selected drivers will win free cards. >> a teenager is okay after a tree hit him. police say the 17-year-old had ear buds in his ears listening to music while walking along the tracks. the train's engineer blew the horn, but the boy did not hit it. the train hit him in the arm and he was taken to the hospital. hundreds of speeding drivers busted in prince william county, virginia. police issued 1300 citations to motorists and pedestrians last week. officers focused on drivers who were speeding, running red lights, stoplights. the goal, to educate people and reduce pedestrian and bicycle deaths. a mistake behind the wheel sends a jeep crashing into a
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maryland convenience store. witness snapped this photo of the suv inside a royal farm store in baltimore county. the man driving hit the gas instead of the brake. the driver and female passenger were taken to the hospital. no one inside the store was hurt. a huge mess for a miami family after a school bus demolished part of their home. two special needs students and two staff members on the bus are okay. so are a woman and her grandfather who were inside the house. >> my grandfather, he thought the house exploded. i'm like no, is bus is in the house. i said let's go, we need to get out. >> witnesses say an suv ran a stop sign and rear ended the bus, causing the bus to slam into the house. the driver ran away from the scene, and has been arrested. the pain at the pump may be easing, or at least leveling off. they are holding steady in d.c. the average price for a gallon of regular is $4.18. in maryland, drivers are paying
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$3.96. down 3 cents from last weekend. please tell me where that is. and in virginia, drivers are paying $3.90 a gallon. i think it's costing me almost $100 to fill up these days. >> you go to the pump and say, i'm going to need three more jobs to make it to my first job. >> it's crazy. all right, here's something you probably don't know. beer has some hidden perks. >> still ahead, why a beer or two could make some people smarter. and speaking of smart, you won't believe what baboons are learning to do. stay with us. 
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i'm not making this one up, drinking a beer or two could give your brain a boost. researchers found a few drinks actually helps your creative
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problem solving. they studied 40 men, with blood alcohol levels under .08%. they found men who drank solved more problems and did it more quickly than men who did not drink alcohol. >> that study came from my alma mater. i don't know what that shows. okay, so baboons are showing off learning skills. a new french study shows that baboons are -- in their brains to detect patterns. in their research, baboon sits in front of a computer and decides whether or not a group of words makes up a word in english. if it answers correctly, it gets a treat. this is a form of reading. right about 75% of the time. >> okay, i don't think researchers -- so yeah. >> it's hard to forget the video. from the moment the titanic
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wreckage was found. >> remember j.j., the robot and alvin the submarine? technology has come a long way. we'll explain coming up. plus, a champagne toast for the victims. how you can honor the anniversary this weekend. >> and if you thought they would never get married, looks like things may be changing. details on a possible brad and angelina wedding coming up. 
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for three decades now on the same day every year, a group of people has headed to an unknown spot in the district. the gathering is taking on a bigger meaning. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, they may be able to teach you something about a place you've never seen. >> jim is in his 80s, but he'll be out late this saturday night and under the light of the moon, people will gather to
5:45 pm
watch what he does. >> the people are always there when we get there. they just want to see us do this. >> he'll be paying a visit to a memorial, no, not the lincoln or jefferson. >> jim will come here to d.c.'s southwest waterfront to a memorial that even some locals haven't seen. it honors those who lost their lives in the sinking of the titanic. >> it took a will the of coal to move this boat. >> a d.c. group called the men's titanic society. they formed in 1978 to honor the men who let women and children go first. philman became interested in the titanic. >> bottle of champagne and went down there and put the daffodils right there and drank the champagne and toasted those brave men. >> that first year, there were only four members. >> this is shindler, danny o'brian, and me. >> one snapped the picture,
5:46 pm
for 34 years, tradition has continued each year on the anniversary. the same menu, the first class passengers had that fateful night in 1912. >> there were several choices. we had the filet minon and oysters. >> then they head to the memorial for a toast in the early morning hours. the same time the titanic was sinking. >> after we layed the wreath, each man will do a toast lasting 30 seconds and end to those brave men. here, here. we are as loud as we can be. >> memorial was dedicated in 1931, first lady when the titanic sunk. it had to be moved from its original site to make way for the kennedy center. southwest not visible from the road, but philman says worth the trip. >> what they did that night has been recognized as perhaps one of the greatest acts of
5:47 pm
chivalry in history. >> philman hopes people will still be talking about it 100 years from now. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the 1986 video of its discovery is incredible. >> back then, a small underwater robot helped explore the sunken hull. scientists sat in a nearby submarine called alvin. many new technologies have been developed since then. today, new vessels can parole the bottom of the ocean. >> days of titanic, you would be sitting there with a joy stick and sweat pouring down your brow and you would be holding position against the currents and trying to keep the heading and the depth and the position constant. now, the controlled systems of the robots, essentially, all you do is push a button. >> the man who discovered the ship is exploring, but these days he does it from a command center in rhode island.
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>> how cool is that? >> it is cool. >> probably over the internet. it's like a video game. >> there's an app for that. there you go. >> there's an app for everything. there really is. no need to sit inside. get out and enjoy it, right? >> let me just say this. we talked about this yesterday. tomorrow night into sunday morning, there could be one or two showers, that's it. it's not going to be a problem. i just want to put that out there. >> the honey do list can be in action. >> if you have time, i mean, among all the great things you'll go outside, i mean. >> spring planting. >> i did a little weeding out in the front today, so i took care of some of my honey do list. >> getting a jump on it. >> it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow, so this whole weekend will be, look at this. these are incredible pictures. san francisco, transamerica building downtown. look at that. they tell me it was yesterday,
5:49 pm
right? yup. yesterday. now this is a big storm. it's been real stormy out. remember yesterday? harvey said out from tmz, he said the weather in l.a. has been crummy. sorry. you know, we talked to the guy every day. how could i not know his name? real, real dynamic storms out there. it's real rare. that same storm system is coming into the central plain. it is going to be very, very ferocious in the central plains tomorrow. especially. tonight, it's already happening. we'll get to that in a second. this is our weekend weather. we've been waiting on this. the jet stream basically gets over to us and has this nice ridge of high pressure so we're warm. the surface area high pressure is shifting into the ocean and that brings the warmth up from the south. so everything is coming together this weekend. it will be real, real nice. not that it's not nearly perfect today. 74 tomorrow for a high temperature. if you've been keeping track at home, i bump that up one
5:50 pm
degree. 84 on sunday. i bumped that one up one degree. easily will have middle 80s and a few upper 80s, but that will be south of us on sunday. we'll wait and see how warm we'll get on monday. it looks like monday will be even warmer. 66 now here in town. baltimore is 64. 60 degrees for annapolis. leanardtown cooler at 63. and generally speaking, it's been cooler around the water. nice at 7:00. 61 degrees. a great evening to get outside and enjoy. as a matter of fact, a great weekend to be out. nice at 9:00. cooler at 11:00. temperatures upper 40s, lower 50s here. this is what is doing the trick for us today. the high pressure at the surface in the building high pressure aloft. so you notice today and instead of having a lot of clouds out there, we had just one or two pop up. that means that the warmer air is coming in aloft, underneath this big area of high pressure. that protects us for the weekend. there's a little system coming
5:51 pm
our way. that may bring us a few showers tomorrow night into early saturday morning, but not going rain on our weekend parade. now here's the situation in the central plains. this will be the hot spot for the weekend, no doubt. there's already severe weather through central oklahoma tonight up into southern kansas. no confirmed tornadoes here, but i'm telling you, there's that possibility tonight. tomorrow and into tomorrow evening, this area of the country is going to be dangerous. they are already talking about this at the national weather service. they are taking steps so everybody and most of oklahoma and kansas and northern texas knows to seek safety tomorrow because there's going to be numerous tornadoes. those real big long live storm systems. so that's one of the hot spots for the weekend. overnight tonight, cool, but not cold. we're down into the 40s. 54 around quantico. nice out there. a few sunrise clouds, otherwise real nice. warmer tomorrow. we're headed into the middle 70s. winds out of the south and
5:52 pm
southwest, 5 to 15. those are our warming winds. we'll be a little bit breezy tomorrow afternoon, still looks real, real good. as temperatures will jump right into the middle 70s. warmer for sunday. high of 84. no real big change for the weekend. monday 87. tuesday a little cooler, 80 degrees there and then hopefully some showers by late tuesday into wednesday. we're getting dry, we need some. but enjoy this weekend. remember, one or two showers tomorrow night, early sunday morning. but no big deal at all. >> all right, thanks, gary. how about this one? long last wedding bells for brad and angelina. brad pitt's manager announced that angelina jolie and brad pitt are engaged. the two began their relationship while working on the film, "mr. and mrs. smith." no word on a wedding date. now to the talk on the town on "tmz."
5:53 pm
america voted off jessica sanchez. the judge's favorite, they saved her. harvey joins us live from l.a. so harvey, viewers were stunned when she got voted off or received the lowest number of votes. what are folks talking about there in l.a.? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that a couple hours before the show aired, we posted a story, shawn, after talking with people we know over at idol. they knew about this and the producers scrambled. they were lobbying the judges to use their save card. now they insist today that they never told the judges specifically that it was jessica sanchez. but we knew it. because we posted the story that it was a favorite of the person and we didn't put the name in. but you know, she did not look all that surprised and i'm told that they probably saw our story. but the weird thing is, is that there was some lobbying going on by these producers who wanted her to stay in the show. it sounded like the judges didn't need any lobbying, they
5:54 pm
wanted to keep her. >> jlo said of course we're going to save her. very interesting. let's talk about the intruder who broke into p diddy's mansion. the guy got comfortable. what happened? >> it was totally goldie locks and the three bears. after having eaten his food and drank his liquor and he says he's been doing this on and off for years, almost a decade that he has gone into this hampton's house, which raises the issue. he has so much security, what the heck is going on? the guy's mom says he has mental problems, but you know, it does leave open this issue. with all the security he has, how somebody is doing that? >> that is true. very interesting. all right harvey, we'll be looking forward to seeing you at 6:30 for tmz on tv. that's the craziest thing i've heard. let's head over to brian bolter for a look at what's next on the news edge at 6:00. >> the two presume nominees
5:55 pm
for president are hitting the campaign trail. mitt romney talking guns at an nar meeting. president obama talking about the economy down in florida. we have the latest. 70 years later, some of the surviving doolittle raiders, america's first air raid against japan four months after the attack on pearl harbor. they survived what was supposed to be a suicide mission. çzo%
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
a dangerous chase with the traffic cop who wouldn't give up. the officer clung on to the front of the bus as it hit speeds of more than 30 miles per hour. other police and villagers chased after them and forced the driver of the bus to pull over. officials say the driver spent four years in prison for deadly traffic accident. they suspect that's why he did not want to show the officer his paper work during the
5:59 pm
traffic stop. kind of crazy. >> just a little. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. all right, let the games begin. tonight we're getting an early general election preview. in separate appearances, president obama and mitt romney layed the groundwork for what could be hot button issues. fox 5's tom fitzgerald. in the wake of the killing, governor romney was talking guns. >> he was, brian, one of the most loyal voting blocks of the republicans has been the national rival association and today, governor romney sure that up as he tries to unit this gop behind him as the eventual nominee. the nation continues to focus on the trayvon martin shooting. the governor held firm today against any new laws restricting gun use or gun control. at the nation


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