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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a rite aid store manager shot in the back during a botched robbery and tonight we know the suspect was caught on camera. >> a troubling trend in the spotlight thanks to a meth bust in the district. find out where agents say the labs are popping up.
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>> get ready for weather whiplash. the week started with temperatures more like march, going to finish up more like may. but we begin with new developments in the shooting inside a d.c. pharmacy. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. d.c. police releasing surveillance pictures just moments ago. the man they say pulled the trigger inside the rite aid on rhode island avenue in northeast. fox 5's karen gray houston got her first look. >> there were surveillance cameras at the drugstore at the scene. the crime was caught on tape. we want you to look at the surveillance video to see if you recognize this man. police say he wore a red hooded sweat shirt, black pants or a white colored khaki baseball cap. he walked in the rite aid in the brentwood section of northeast today. he shot a 31-year-old manager
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in the back who was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery. he is said to be resting tonight in stable but serious condition while police look for the suspect who gunned him down while trying to rob the store. managers at rite aid wasted no time in stepping up security shortly after the shooting an armed guard put in place outside the front door. >> this is a good area for the seniors to have to get their medicine, so we want to make sure they're comfortable when they come. in >> reporter: the brazen broad daylight shooting happened around 12:30 in the afternoon. >> looks like a man came into the rite aid. he was in the store for a little bit of time, approached some of the different people working in the rite aid and it looks like his intention was to commit robbery. >> reporter: police say one clerk ran out of the store. another tried to comply with the gunman's demands. the 31-year-old manager in the back heard the commotion and when he rushed to the front of the store, he was shot in the back. >> they usually don't have no
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problems at this store. that's why i was shocked to hear that something would happen like that. >> reporter: sophia hawkins lives in the brentwood area with her three children and says a lot of kids go into the rite aid and could just as easily have been the target. >> it could have been anybody. it could have been, you know, your mother or anybody. it's just a shame that someone would do something like that. >> again we have this surveillance video just came into the fox 5 newsroom just moments ago of the suspect who police believe robbed or tried to rob the rite aid drugstore and who shot the 31-year-old manager of the store. police believe he is in his 50s, about 50 years old. he had on a red hooded sweat shirt, black pants. he's holding a fun. he has on a white baseball cap or khaki colored cap. he's obviously armed and dangerous and police are looking for him. they are fairly confident that the motive in this case was robbery. they are not sure if the suspect made off with any cash
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or merchandise. the rite aid store was closed right after the shooting. it is expected to reopen tomorrow with an armed guard on duty. the hyattsville city police department warning people to be on the lookout this evening. they're searching for a suspect wanted on a handful of charges including abduction and first degree rape stemming from an incident in january. the incident actually happened near the west hyattsville metro station. this is a sketch of the unknown suspect. anyone with information on his whereabouts urged to call police. suspected meth labs busted, innocent remote areas, but in the -- not in remote areas, but in the heart of some of d.c.'s most populated neighborhoods. the most recent lab was found in d.c.'s dupont circle. is there a growing problem? >> the recent incidents raised the question about whether meth labs in d.c. are more common than thought. a drug enforcement agent said
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the problem is much bigger. at least three suspected meth labs busted recently in d.c., one at a georgetown university dorm room, another at a luxury apartment on r street in northwest and then one here inside an apartment on summit place in dupont circle this past wednesday. >> methamphetamine is once again coming back full force into our communities. >> police raided the apartment and found materials and ingredients used to make methamphetamine. the owner of the apartment hugh elsbury was arrested and charged. d.c. councilman jim graham lives across the street from the suspected lab. >> i'm not absolutely sure it wasn't functioning, but the parts were there, the supplies were there. it could be functioning, could function anywhere. >> reporter: but are the number of meth labs in d.c. growing? the assistant special agent with the u.s. department of justice drug enforcement administration says no. he says while meth labs in the district are rare, they are starting to show up more and more in the wider area.
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>> nationally and regionally there has been an increase in meth clan lab activity, particularly in our region, the southwest area of 7 vamp. >> reporter: the labs are put together with condemn -- of virginia. >> reporter: the labs are put together with chemicals found in pharmacies and what makes the labs so dangerous are the threat of fires. >> these labs have the characteristics that they're a crime scene. they're an environmental waste issue, hazardous waste issue and many times there are affected children. >> the man arrested in the most recent bust had a 6-week-old daughter and his fiancee with him in the apartment where the meth materials were found. all three were evaluated and are okay. the suspected meth found there was worth about $30,000.
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the fbi and officials from the department of education raided three act college locations in virginia today, the raid coming weeks after the vocational school abruptly closed its doors following claims of faking student records and failing to hand out student aid. federal agency's financial records and computers, no word yet on charges or arrests. act college released this statement on its website. "after 30 years act college has been forced to close its doors. we will make every possible effort to provide information that will help our students complete their programs of study." study." >> the fox 5 weather team is tracking a serious weekend warm- up. we'll take live look outside. hard to believe a few days ago we were talking about cold temperatures because we'll be feeling the summer heat the next few days. fox 5's gary mcgrady has details from the weather center. >> most of this week we've been right at normal or a little below. that's going to change this weekend. speaking of the temperatures,
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let's look at today as he high temperatures. it was 67 here -- today's high temperatures. it was 67 at reagan national. the morning low was real normal, too down to 45, pretty much right on where we should be as well, what would be average for this time of year. 65 for dulles, bwi 66, temperatures out there now chilly in some places, already down to the mid-40s north and west. a really nice evening, a little cooler in the suburbs, a few clouds towards sunrise, low in the city of 47 degrees winds becoming southwest at 5 miles per hour. it's still looking like we're calling for this warm weekend. everything is on track for that, 70s tomorrow, 80s on sunday, even warmer for monday. we'll have a five-day forecast coming up for you. talk about a close race in the strict, d.c. council member vincent orange -- district, d.c. council member vincent
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orange wins sekou biddle. the race came down to the absentee and provisional balance hots. fox 5 spoke to orange after -- ballots. fox 5 spoke to orange after hearing the news. >> we're back with a great agenda, an agenda that no one can deny. it's good and sound and that's what i'll be working on moving forward, but still not over yet because we still have the general election to compete with as well. >> orange says biddle did congratulate him via text. orange's 3% lead means there will be no recount unless requested. tonight we're getting an early general election preview. in separate appearances today by president obama and former governor mitt romney laid the groundwork for what could be hot button issues. in the wake of the trayvon martin killing today governor romney was talking guns. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: at the national rifle association meeting in
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st. louis friday governor mitt romney aimed for the votes of the gun lobby. >> i will protect the second amendment rights of american people. >> reporter: but romney has yet to say where he stands on a big gun issue dominating the trayvon martin shootings, stand your ground laws. gun owners are concerned the laws could be abolished since george zimmerman is using stand your ground as a defense. >> you know, we need a president who will enforce current laws, not create new ones that only serve to burden lawful gun owners. >> reporter: florida is one of 25 states to have stand your ground laws. in florida the law allows police to decide if they believe a shooter acted in self- defense. >> these laws incentivize vigilantism. >> reporter: in texas reverend jackson is calling to an end to stand your ground laws. >> take the law in your own hand. that's beneath the civility of
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a great nation. >> reporter: while florida remains at the center of the nation's attention, president obama himself arrived there friday but to talk about the economy. onomy. >> we can build an economy where everybody gets fair shot. >> reporter: the president who would not address the trayvon martin shooting said if he had a son, he would look like trayvon instead touted his buffett rule which would raise taxes on the rich. >> you can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really, really well while a growing number are struggling to get by. >> reporter: the president and governor romney already appear in general election mode as new polls find their race is a toss- up. the new fox news poll out friday showed governor romney leading president obama 46-44% and that is within the margin of error making the race a dead heat. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. forget about waking up early for class. one local county is considering
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letting kids telecommute for their entire school career. >> also ahead mayor by day, local hero by night, hear how he saved his neighbor from her burning home next. >> tonight at 11:00 chemical bottle bombs set off outside several houses in northern virginia, the hunt for this guy on the news edge. 
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we're following breaking news now in that nationwide salmonella brought break. the fda says it's linked to yellow fin tuna, a product used to make sushi. more than 100 people in the country have gotten sick in recent weeks from salmonella. 12 people have been hospitalized, no one has yet died. moon marine usa corps of cupertino, california is now recalling 60,000 pounds of frozen raw yellow fin tuna. new york mayor cory booker is possibly the only person who doesn't believe he's a hero just one day after he ran into a burning building to rescue his neighbor. the mayor is praising the
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firefighters instead calling them the real brave ones. fox's anna coyman has the story. >> you always are praising your firefighters and now i actually know what it's like. >> reporter: the mayor of one of the most dangerous cities in the nation being haled a hero after springing into action rescuing a neighbor thursday night. a bandaged hand telling the story of what he calls his come to jesus moment. >>-ly at that point i did not feel bravery. i felt -- honestly at that point i did not feel bravery. i felt terror. when you're standing in a room engulfed in flames, it's very terrifying. >> reporter: new york mayor cory booker saying adrenaline kicked in fearing 47-year-old gina hodge might not live. booker ran through a burning kitchen up to her second floor bedroom. >> they found the woman in the bed and the mayor immediately initially being held back by his detectives said look, we got to save her.
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she may die. she may die. went in, grabbed the woman out of the bed and carried her through the fire with the assistance of his detectives downstairs. >> reporter: booker moved to newark a decade before becoming mayor in 2006. he's already a celebrity in his own right after being featured in an oscar nominated film and tv series based on the poverty stricken city. now he has yet another accolade to his record. >> a lot of smoke and fire and an incredibly heroic action. >> it's a city that has that type of looking out for each other. >> reporter: booker was treated for smoke inhalation. the rescued woman suffered second degree burns and is listed in serious condition. in new york anna coyman, fox news. we've all heard about going to college online, but what about virtual high school? the school board in fairfax county is considering the option. it would be a four-year internet-based program. fox 5's john henrehan has the details. >> reporter: in fairfax county, virginia, with the 11th
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largest school system in the u.s., some students are already taking some courses online. high school freshman michelle chin plans on doing that next year. >> i have figure skating, so i would like more time to do it myself. so i was thinking about taking online courses next year to have more time for skating. >> reporter: school officials here are considering expanding existing online learning to include the creation of a full- time virtual high school. >> it's self-initiated learning. you'll get your assignments. gn you are interacting with teachers online, with questions and answers but in the end the burden is on you to do the assignments, get the homework in on time. >> reporter: virtual high schools already exist. >> so our answer, then, is the set 1015. that is t intersect d. >> reporter: this is an internet-based math course developed by a herndon-based company called k-12 where
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officials say their four-year virtual high school program is producing some outstanding results. >> we send kid to stanford, all the uc schools, ohio university, all the major colleges you've ever heard of. our kids are going to them. >> reporter: despite the very early morning hours at fairfax county high schools, not all student here are willing to abandon actually going to school. >> i guess it sounds kind ofcool, but the whole idea of high school is making friends and all that. i can't imagine going to school for nothing but tests. i think it would be a little boring just taking the classes. classes are part of it but just a small part in general. >> reporter: and then there are high school sports and clubs. would online students be allowed to participate? a task force on virtual schooling recommends no. if a student is attending the virtual high school, the task force suggests he or she should not be allowed to attend sport or club activities at the regular brick and mortar schools.
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the school board in fairfax county will discuss establishing a four-year virtual high school at its scheduled meeting monday at 5 p.m. john henrehan, fox 5 news. fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight. the transit agency wants your input from now through may 25th. they'll be passing out customer survey cards to riders asking for information about your latest trip. metro is urging riders to fill out the survey for multiple trips and there's a little incentive. you could win a free smarttrip card. if you think 695 is just in baltimore, think again. the traffic sign that has drivers in the district doing a double take. >> plus you could call this a traffic stop gone very wrong, the story behind this unbelievable video next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a traffic come in vietnam held on for life as a bus
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driver took off with the cop clinging to the windshield. the officer pulled the bus over, but the driver wouldn't show him his papers. villagers and other officers chased the gown and finally got the guy to pull over -- bus down and finally got the guy to pull over. apparently the bus driver spent four years in prison after a deadly accident. police suspect that's why he did not want to give his papers to the officer. this new street sign has d.c. drivers doing a double take sitting high above 295 to the entrance to the 11th street bridge. the interstate symbol looks right. the colored background is correct but 695 seems like a typo, but as fox 5 paul wagner shows us, there's no mistaken. >> reporter: just ask any cab driver in the city when you think 695 -- >> i would think of it as boston more further out. >> 695 is out there by 895 in baltimore. >> reporter: when you think of 695, what do you think of? >> baltimore beltway. >> reporter: but in recent weeks the d.c. department of transportation erected signs over 295 saying 695 was on
10:25 pm
capitol hill. really? really >> a lot of the confusion came because people didn't realize we had an i-695. >> reporter: that's john lyle with ddot and he's right. you can google it. 695 is a stretch of the southeast freeway from the third street tunnel to the sousa bridge, but it was never marked. >> with the construction of the new 11th street bridges we requested and received approval from federal highway to designate the 11th street bridge as i-695 so that there would be a seamless connection from 295 on the east side of the anacostia river to 695 to 395. >> reporter: okay, makes some sense, but don't you think drivers unfamiliar with the area will see 695 and think baltimore? >> i would disagree that it's confusing. what i would say is that it's new. >> reporter: somewhere in the dusty history books at least on some maps the southeast freeway
10:26 pm
was called 695, but nobody in my knowledge ever knew it as 695. heck, i don't know it as 695. i mean i see baltimore. i don't think washington d.c. in fact, veteran traffic reporter bob barber thinks it's so confusing he won't even mention it on the air. >> because i think people know where they're going. they may not know where they are at the moment and as such, i think it's only going to confuse the general public, our driving customers and me. i don't think it's going to help. i was surprised to see the sign below. >> reporter: so there you have it. 695 has always been in washington d.c. we just didn't know it. now did you know this? the southeast, southwest freeway is also the eisenhower freeway, but nobody ever calls it that. so as of now, the only signs for the 695 symbol are on the northbound side of 295 which notably is the way you would drive if you were trying to get to the baltimore washington
10:27 pm
parkway and onto 695, the baltimore beltway. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. >> a bit confusing we'd say. 800,000-dollar spent on just one conference, a -- $800,000 spent on just one conference, a bogus ceremony just on get a taxpayer funded lunch. tonight officials at gsa knew trouble was brewing from this one. >> also the u.s. isn't wasting time hitting north korea where it hurts for its failed rocket launch. 
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 >> closed captioning brought to you by southern maryland hospital center. çzo%
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president obama says he will work with the international community to further isolate north korea following its failed rocket launch. there was an embarrassing international failure when the rocket disintegrated over the yellow sea. now the world is bracing for what north korea will do to save face. >> reporter: it was the launch that wasn't, the controversial rocket lifted off early friday morning north korean time and promptly broke up in yellow sea about 100 miles off the coast
10:31 pm
of south korea. it was so bad a failure the north koreans did something unusual. they admitton state tv and said the satellite failed to make orbit and scientists are looking into it. speculation centered on a problem with the guidance system. for the international media assembled in pyongyang there has been no response. there are charges it was a cover for a military missile test. >> so no confirmation of a liftoff or a failure, sir? >> reporter: the north korean regime trying not to let it spoil their party. sunday marks the birth of the north korean founder kim il song. alongside the statue of the leader was another statue of kim jong il. also attending, the son and grandson of those portrayed in the statues. undeterred by the results of that controversial launch the
10:32 pm
leader appeared before his people trying to gather support for his regime, for his leadership. in fact, the launch failure was an embarrassment for the government. it built events around it and the theory is he will feel he has to act out further. there have been south korean intelligence reports north korea is preparing the testing of another nuclear device. those in attendance gave the impression they're on message and in line. i have confidence this man says that with kim jung eun we can face all the challenges and the tasks. kim jung eun got another high ranking defense title. greg talcott, fox news. now for more perspective associate professor of history in international affairs at gw greg brizinski. thanks for coming in. why would pyongyang take such a risk? it doesn't make them look more
10:33 pm
aggressive. it makes them look for inept. >> i think they would take this kind of risk for a variety of different reasons, brian. first of all, they want to lionize their new leader kim jung an un. kim-- kim jung uen. part of this is to demonstrate his power and authority. >> doesn't this make him totally embarrassed now that he's taken over these titles and the first thing under his watch fails? >> absolutely. this is a huge humiliation for north korean and the new leadership. it's humiliating because it occurs after kim jung eun is taking on these new titles and it's also humiliating because it occurs on the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the birth of kim il sung. >> will they ratchet up the next move, i guess, in this chess game with the international community? >> well, many people are predicting that actually now
10:34 pm
because they failed with this rocket launch, the next thing that they may do is test the nuclear -- it try to explode another nuclear weapon which would also be perceived as very dangerous and worrisome by the international community and would also intensify the confrontation that's now brewing between north korea and the rest of the world. >> is there any chance that the international community perhaps isn't reading kim jung eun closely enough? we don't know a whole lot about him. he's now potentially the big man in charge, although the military is taking a lot of that role as well. what if perhaps he's not trying to shake any cages? is there any potential he's actually trying to do something good for his country for once? >> we never can understand kim jung eun's motives completely because intelligence is limited. our access to north korea is limited, but i really don't understand what good he actually could be doing for his
10:35 pm
country by spending $1 billion on a rocket launch when there's, in fact, widespread starvation throughout north korea at this point. so i mean we may not understand exactly what his motives were and what he's trying to achieve in terms of north korean diplomacy and security policy, but is he actually doing something that's beneficial for his country? i doubt it except in the sense that if he succeeded, it would have been a source of nationalist pride to some north koreans. >> thanks for coming in, professor. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. tonight picking up the pieces in virginia beach following last week's jet crash into an apartment complex there. this is video from the crash. we'll show you in a second. amazingly no one was killed. today the navy hired professional movers to begin packing up belongings of the residents whose homes were damaged. the navy is also providing free housing referral services to the victims and has paid for
10:36 pm
two weeks of hotel lodging and meal cost. an e-mail the gsa did not want public is adding more fuel to the fire following a probe into lavish spending by the federal agency. the e-mail was sent from the general service administration's deputy administrator months after that 2010 las vegas conference. she was concerned about the unnecessary spending at the event and questioned the outcome if the price tag got out. the event is estimated to have cost $830,000. sources tell fox news the gsa's inspector general is now asking the justice department to investigate. an 8th grader suspended for hugging his teacher. >> plus they took part in the first air raid on japan four months after the pearl harbor attack, hear their incredible story. >> but first whole foods announces a brand-new location in an unlikely spot. fox business network's neil cavuto explains. >> friday the 13th bringing some bad luck to wall street, the dow ending friday down triple digit after suffering its worst week this year.
10:37 pm
the unlucky day not much better for shoppers. uncle sam said you paid more for just about everything last month, especially food and gas and maybe that is why consumer confidence is falling. the numbers for early april show shoppers aren't nearly as happy as they used to be. meantime whole foods is hoping to drive some business in the motor city. the upscale supermarket chain is looking past detroit's crime and population loss and planning to open a 20,000 square foot store right in midtown detroit. as for all you last minute tax filers, this is your last weekend to finish those taxes. taxes are due tuesday, april 17th this year. you need some more motivation? more than 80% of last year's returns resulted in a refund. have at it. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by
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an 8th grader claims he was suspended for hugging a teacher. brian blackmon said he and another boy were horseplaying during class and a teacher broke up the scuffle. brian claims he tried to thank his teacher by giving her a hug, but that's against school policy. >> i said thank you after she got done. i went to hug her. then she just snatched me up by the arm and drug me to the other teacher and started screaming in my face and saying i needed to be wrote up, that something serious needs to be done. >> brian's father filed a police report against the teacher and the school. officials aren't commenting. paperwork claimed the teacher repeatedly told ryan not to hug her and she felt threatened. coming up tonight at 11:00 chemical bottle bombs set off outside several homes in northern virginia, find out where it's going down on the news edge. >> plus this would be a good weekend to check out one of
10:42 pm
d.c.'s lesser known memorials, the champagne toast for the victims of the titanic at 11:00.
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10:45 pm
a large crowd at the national mall today to honor one of america's founding fathers. a wreath laying ceremony was held to commemorate the 269th anniversary of thomas jefferson's birthday. the national park service, military district of washington and d.c. society of the sons of the american revolution all took part in the ceremony. next week marks the 70th anniversary of a storied chapter in american military history called the do little raid, a near certain suicide mission carried out by a volunteer group of airmen in the early days of world war ii. fox 5's bob barnard has their story. >> i'll never forget those days. >> reporter: only five of the famed do little raiders are still with us. they were a group of 80 men who carried out the first american air raid against japan four months after the attack on pearl harbor. >> almost from that very day franklin roosevelt had been determined to do something to
10:46 pm
strike back at the japanese. it was less a strategic or even tactical response to the japanese as much as a psychic response for the american people. >> reporter: all inned after the mission's fearless leader, lieutenant colonel jimmy doolittle the raid on april 18th, 1942 was manned as a one- way strike -- planned as a one- way strike against the japanese. >> tell them it's a secret mission. >> reporter: 16b-25 bombers launching from two aircraft carriers out in the stormy pacific. the story later told in the hollywood classic 30 seconds over tokyo. of are dropping their bombs on -- after dropping their bombs on military targets the raiders headed for china. >> we were sitting ducks 1,500 feet over the enemy's strong hold, broad daylight. >> there's 16 airplanes all of which were lost. the crews were temporarily lost, some confined, a few executed, one or two killed. most of the rest made it back safely and we have members still with us today.
10:47 pm
>> our mane was hit and it was on fire. so we -- our plane was hit and it was on fire, so we just started bailing out and they captured me. >> crawled on the shore of that island, glad to be back on land and then the thought hit you, where are you at and what you got to do? here we are on this island way across the pacific. what do we do now? that was what was going through our head. >> reporter: the washington times recently interviewed on camera, three doolittle raiders, men now in their 90s. >> the hole from the airplane back to the leading edge of the wing was smashed. they hadn't been thrown out, they would have never gotten out alive. >> reporter: what mattered was that this raid allowed the american people to celebrate. craig simon, professor of history at the u.s. naval academy. >> defining success is important here. it was successful and achieved exactly what roosevelt, doolittle and others had hoped. it demonstrated we weren't going to lie down and take it,
10:48 pm
that we could strike back. >> been a big part of my life, what i am and how i am and feel about things. i think it largely was affected by the experiences i had. >> reporter: seven decades ago, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> now from one incredible story to another, going to be a good weekend. >> looking forward to it. >> however, a little adjustment in the forecast. >> going up. come on. >> no, no, not going up. >> go higher. >> a few more clouds tomorrow, that's all. brian would rather me take it to 92. >> i'm peopling it. oh, yeah. >> sunday or -- feeling it. oh, yeah. >> sunday or monday. >> i'm going monday. >> what is your official temperature for monday, brian? >> i'm going to say 90. >> he's going straight up 90. >> on the nose. >> on monday. we'll see what happens. i think we'll go 87 or something. may adjust that, though. i'm working sunday. in terms of the seating, pretty
10:49 pm
good. temperatures have been dropping under clear skies and winds down to the south 5 miles per hour, temperature in the city 55, relative humidity as it typically does this time of the night, going up. 55 for quantico, gaithersburg 46, kind of cool, 41 for frederick, pretty chilly and then temperatures from winchester to martinsburg and hagerstown lower to mid-50s. pretty good weekend i think. i have increased the clouds for tomorrow just a little bit and i'll tell you why here in a second. we're still talking about a few spotty showers tomorrow evening and into tomorrow night. will everybody get wet? no, but some of us will have showers come across. warmest day of the weekend will definitely be sunday and we're getting dry out there. so we're going to need some rain soon. it looks like at least we have a chance. i know you have a chance tomorrow night, but that's not enough. maybe a couple days next week we'll have a chance for some showers and thunderstorms, but that kind of keeps changing,
10:50 pm
too. saturday 74 and the change here would be for a little more in the way of high to thin clouds tomorrow morning and then probably by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow evening most of the sunshine will be gone in advance of those showers. we're sunny on sunday where the temperature will really jump for everybody up into the middle 80s. clear tonight, notice the clouds. this is the current satellite imagery. we have high pressure building aloft and typically when that happens, these clouds have a hard time maintaining themselves coming into that ridge of high pressure because all the air is sinking. it's warm aloft, not real conducive to clouds, but these are holding together pretty good. they're mainly high thin cirrus clouds. we'll see some tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow things will thicken up a bit with the clouds. big goings on down in the central plains tonight, thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms coming into oklahoma just south of oklahoma city, a place called norman.
10:51 pm
that's where oklahoma university is and they had a confirmed tornado down there with a lot of damage and possibly some injuries as well. a lot of this will translate into tomorrow. it looks like tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night right through here northern texas, oklahoma, up into kansas, they will have a high probability of severe weather and they are very, very concerned with this chance tomorrow that there could be some large long lived tornadoes. so it could be very, very important to keep an eye on that part of the country for the weather hotspots tomorrow and tomorrow evening. really nice for us, though. of course, we'll have some clouds in here by sunrise, temperature down to right around 47 degrees or so. winds eventually become southwest and then it will start to bring in the warmth. tomorrow 74 here, a little warmer to the south and west and you notice frederick there tomorrow right up around 76 degrees. this is futurecast tomorrow afternoon, fairly clear at
10:52 pm
1:00, but quickly the clouds will come in. you see the showers here by 7:00, 8:00, again not everybody gets wet and it looks like most of that rain will stay to the northern sections of the metro up in the northern sections of maryland, southern parts of pennsylvania. otherwise it will be warm sunday. we're still projecting that and were its tomorrow starting in the lower 50s warming up in the lower to mid-70s, mostly cloudy by 5:00. 84 on sunday, mid- to upper 80s down south and west with all that sunshine. 87 monday. however, brian says 90, so we'll see what happens. tuesday 80 degrees and then next week middle of the week we are talking about a chance for some showers and thunderstorms, but again that's pretty uncertain. it keeps changing back and forth. so we'll need the rain by then, so let's hope that verifies. the newest trending group fitness classes has people trading their saturday night stilettos for sneakers. >> soul cycle in new york city blends spin class with the party scene. we'll take a closer look.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: it's the latest trend in group fitness class. its only requirement? come ready to party. i'm here at soul cycle in new york city to find out about party ride and where participants are trying in their saturday night stilettos for sneakers. you can rent special cycling shoes to keep your feet attached to the bike at front desk and after strapping mine on i'm ready to go. let's rock. soul cycle instructors combine the intensity of a full body workout and the wild atmosphere of a nightclub incorporating lights, glow sticks and even bubbles. >> when we teach the soul dance party we might just pop out a few extra effects like a strobe light or we may spray some champagne on the first row, sort of like a bag of tricks. >> reporter: riders don't just burn fat and get their hearts pumping. unlike other spin classes they use hand wasn'ts to tone their cores and upper bodies -- hand weights to tone their cores and upper bodies.
10:54 pm
instead of drowning your sorrow with a pizza and a pitcher of beer, you're burning your sorrows. >> exactly. >> reporter: riders are allowed to let loose and pump up their confidence leaving them reenergized. >> the instructors are amazing. the whole time we're working together, the energy of the whole group and everything they say makes it really fun. >> reporter: soul cycle's popularity has recently gone bicoastal and other party inspired workouts are popping up all over the country. any soul cycle rider will tell you this is one friday night out you won't regret in the morning. i'm anna coyman, fox news. >> bring it down here to d.c. it is the idol shocker that has people talking, the judges saved jessica even after america voted her off. we're backstage with the contestants next. >> good news for beer lovers on the news edge at 11:00, details about the brain boost researchers say you get after knocking back a few.
10:55 pm
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looks like wedding bells are ringing for brangelina. after seven years together the hollywood supercouple is finally engaged. angelina had a massive diamond ring on her finger reportedly designed by brad himself, no word yet on a wedding date. it could have been her last performance as a contestant on american idol, but the judges used their save to keep jessica sanchez on the idol stage. >> reporter: jessica sanchez has been applauded by the judges throughout american idol season 11. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: so it's no wonder they used their one save of the season on her after america's vote almost sent her packing. >> are you kidding me?
10:59 pm
please, everybody, please vote for the best. >> reporter: but that wasn't the only unprecedented move of the night. randy for the first time said to america they got the entire bottom three wrong. >> her and elise and josh, what we're like oh, this is crazy. crazy-- and joshua, we're like oh, this is crazy. >> i'm so glad the judges used their one save for the season and they saved her. what is america thinking? >> reporter: as for 16-year- old jessica, she knows she has as much to prove as anyone else on that stage. >> i do what i do best. i just work hard and i try my best. whatever happens happens. that's what i believe and i'm so grateful that they came up and saved me tonight. >> reporter: with no saves left for the season they are all sure to bring their best for the


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