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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  April 24, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. look at the capitol dome this morning, very blight and cheery. >> lit up like a hollywood movie. >> i know. it is tuesday, april 24th. two days before my birthday. >> i've got to go shopping. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. outside again, another cool morning. >> it is not giving your allergies a break.
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>> my eyes are watering. >> i want to talk about sarah's birthday. i had no idea it was coming up. what does that make you. >> oh, let's not talk about that. >> i mean what sign are you? >> a taurus. >> generally a nicer day than yesterday. we'll still be dealing with some cloud cover, cool temperatures and the possibility of a lonesome shower if you are off to the north and west. reagan national, currently 44 degrees. it is cool out there. humidity, 76%. and your pressure is on its way up 29.54 inches. still cool out there. cloudy the first half of the day. there will be a few peeks of sunshine as well with temperatures about 60 degrees. 10degrees warmer than yesterday. could be a lonesome afternoon shower but most of the day
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should be dry for you. more details in just a minute. >> topping our stories this morning, it is primary day in five states. presumptive republican nominee mitt romney is looking for a landslide. there is speculation he could pick marco rubio for his vice presidential candidate. an assault on a metrobus driver after the bus driver was arrested for getting into an assault. the driver is on routine leave. a different metrobus out of service because the driver has viral meningitis which is highly contagious. the bus in question is from the
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14th street line running to buchanan street, colorado street and l'enfant plaza. 164 other buss in the northern division will also be disinfected as a precaution. america's social security safety net is going broke a lot sooner than we first thought. >> new projections are out for medicare and social security. fox's ed henry explains what it means for you and the presidential election. >> reporter: with the votes of senior citizens on the line in november, president obama got some sobering news from the trustees of social security and medicare. the sour economy and soaring energy prices are hitting social security's finances hard. its disability trust fund will run dry in 2016, two years sooner than expected. that shortfall will be covered by social security's separate retirement trust fund for a
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while though both will now be depleted by 2033. >> it will put these programs on a sounder financial footing for the future. >> reporter: mitt romney is making the case the president has had over three years to build that consensus. >> when they had a soup anterior majority in the house and the senate and the white house, what did they do about social security and made care? >> reporter: on medicare, top administration officials touted better news, sort of. the trustees found medicare is going broke in 2024 that. dire prediction is unchanged from last year giving the white house another chance to tee off on republican house chairman paul ryan's plan to change medicare. >> we will not shift the cost of health care to seniors in order to suspect tape tax cuts for the most fortunate americans. >> reporter: pressure is building on the president over charges medicare is wasting $8
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billion a your on a new program that voirveghts say gives providers bonuses for mediocre care. the government accountability office urged the program be canceled though the white house insisted otherwise. >> this demonstration project we believe is important to increasing the efficiency of the medicare advantage plan. we have a disagreement about it. good morning. it is 4:30 on this tuesday, april 24th. we are taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge. it doesn't seem too bad out
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there. just a little bit chilly this morning. take a look at. this at least we are not dealing with. this the same storm that gave us a drenching brought a spring snowstorm to the east coast. that is video from north of us in johnstown, pennsylvania where they got snow. >> to the west of us in frostburg, maryland, they got two to 45 -- i think it's four to five. >> two to four to five inches. i guess when you thought winter was gone, that was like a little reminder. >> still chilly here. our tempe out in the low to mid-40s across the area. another day where a jacket is necessary. >> i had to remind myself. >> we had yesterday to remind us. don't do it again tuesday. >> let's kick it off with a look at our temperatures at reagan national. we are 44 degrees. dulles, 39 is the actual air temperature. yesterday, we mixed in the winds and we'll do that again today.
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bwi marshall, 41 degrees as well. we could see a leftover shower today but most of the day will be dry and just kind of cloudy with peaks of sunshine now and then. high temperatures later today, upper 50s to about 60. yesterday, our daytime high was 50. 61 today. lots of clouds. could be a mid afternoon shower but most of the day is dry for you. >> kind of a nice improvement. >> thank you, today in new york. we'll get a check with traffic. we spent much of the day talking about the outer loop near college park. hopefully not today. >> hopefully not. you will find traffic is flowing freely as you travel from college park around to silver spring. overall, we are off to a quiet start.
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no problems to report south on 207 coming in out of germantown. traffic flowing freely northbound from the beltway to the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. while mitt romney has not quite sewn up the republican nomination, he is already thinking about his number two. pennsylvania is one of the states holding a primary. romney campaigned there with marco rubio. newt gingrich is hinting he may drop out. police say a driver hit another car forcing it off the road into the porch of a house. it is unclear if anyone was in the house at the time.
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a bus out of service because the driver has viral meningitis which is highly contagious. the driver worked friday and previously had been on vacation. the bus is out of circulation until it can be thoroughly cleaned. metro is also disinfecting 164 other buses in northern virginia as a precaution. metro is facing another problem. one of their metrobus drivers has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a passenger. the incident happened last friday in arlington. karen gray houston has the story. >> reporter: the unidentified bus operator was driving the 38b bus that goes from ballston to farragut square. it was near courthouse plaza around 3:45 in the afternoon on friday that the problem
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started. metro says an adult male passenger reported the bus driver physically removed him from the bus in the 2300 block of clarendon boulevard. that passenger was taken to a local hospital with a broken arm. other drivers on that route are not shocked. >> i have ridden the 38b and other buss for more than 15 years and occasionally i see displays of what i call inappropriate behavior and i think the bus drivers generally have an extraordinary amount of patience. >> reporter: we understand that friday's fight was a dispute over paying the fare. the spokeswoman says it is the bus driver's job to collect the fare. some passengers are not sympathetic to a rider who didn't want to fork over money to a ride. >> i got to pay it if i want to ride. >> reporter: metro says the bus
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driver reported the incident to his supervisor and continued on his route. he was instructed to hold his bus at the pentagon where he was arrested. >> i don't know the facts. case but he is innocent until proven guilty. if he did assault a passenger, then he has to pay the price like everybody else does. >> reporter: metro transit police are handling it is investigation which is in the preliminary statements. most metrobuses are equipped with the surveillance cameras and the fight might have been caught on tape. >> karen gray houston reporting. a man charge with the murder of alexandria community activist lenny harris is now being charged with two other murders. police believe tyrone lewis is responsible for killing a 17- year-old boy last october and a cab driver seven years ago. investigators say they've been working additional information they got in the harris investigation just since january. yesterday morning, they were able to get the murder warrants for lewis would is already in jail. investigators say robbery was the motive in both cases.
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a marine charged with killing another march halloween in -- another marine over the weekend says he acted in self- defense. he is seen backing away in surveillance video. other marines are trying to detain him right at the scene of a fight that led to a stabbing saturday night in southeast. poth was arraigned on monday. his lawyer says 23-year-old philip bushong was the aggressor in the situation. he was pronounced dead at the hospital after a single stab wound to the chest. prosecution says poth was about to be discharged from the marines. the sanford city commission is rejecting the resignation of the sanford city chief. the commission voted 3-2 to reject that resignation blaming
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the uproar on martin's death on outsiders. new developments concerning the suspect in the natalee holloway case. up next, will joran van der sloot be extradited to the u.s. singer jennifer hudson testified in the murder of her brother-in-law. we are checking more headlines coming up. !
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a one-time aide to former senator and presidential candidate john edwards will be back on the stand today in edwards criminal trial. andrew young has claimed he helped edwards use near will you a million dollars in secret campaign contributions to hide edwards' mistress. young could be in legal trouble here. judge in the case claims young recently talked with three other witnesses about what to say in court. in the secret service prostitution scandal, a 12th member of the military is now
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under investigation. the pentagon suspended the security clearances of all the military personnel implicated in the controversy. on the secret service side of the 12 agents implicated in the scandal, six have been removed. will joran van der sloot be coming to the u.s. to face charges connected to the natalee holloway disappearance? peru is consider a request to extradite van deer loot. u.s. prosecutors say he tried to extort thousands of dollars from holloway's family in exchange for information for where her body was located. holloway went missing in 2005 while on a trip to aruba. emotional testimony from singer jennifer hudson in the murder trial against her former brother-in-law. hudson broke down in tears when she took the stand monday testifying that she has known william balfour since middle school but never liked him and warned her sister not to marry him. balfour faces three counts of first degree murder in the
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shooting deaths of hudson's mother, brother and nephew four years ago. so sad when news broke of that. she is trying to be strong obviously. bleak news about your financial future coming up, particularly your retirement. social security funds will run out faster than expected. >> are there some probably solutions in we'll explain what all this means for you? still cloudy and cold out there but we've got some sunshine in the forecast. temperatures will be cool as well. i'll have the details on that. julie wright has a look at your traffic coming up right after the break. ♪
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good morning. time now is 4:45. the beautiful washington monument. kind of a crisp morning. let's take a look at. this some areas of the mid- atlantic are digging out from a rare spring snowstorm. the white stuff fell from west virginia up to new york, in some places dumping more than a foot of snow. at the height of the storm, more than 50,000 people lost power in pep pep and new york. you were talking about this yesterday. it was just a matter of time before tree branch started snapping off. the brush had been so dry and with all the weight of this, they were going right into the
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power lines. >> beautiful though. >> it sure is. >> people are going to hate us, but i kind of miss that, building a fire. >> around christmas time, not the end of april. >> i'm sure julie wright missed it as well. she'll tell us all about it. >> she is winding up already. i can see it coming. >> it was cool yesterday. our daytime highs were only in the 40s to about 50 so today we'll be a little warmer than that. it is step by step this week. >> it is hot in here though. >> wondering what is going on over there, sarah. 50 at reagan national. these are the highs from yesterday. on the cool side. about 20 degrees below normal yesterday. 44 in washington. 37 in gaithersburg. still for the a lot of 30s off to the north and west. 39 in manassas and out at dulles. cool day on tap as our highs will be in the upper 50s to about 60. it will be 10 degrees warmer
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than yesterday. we are headed in the right direction here if you want the spring weather back in the forecast. some cloud cover moving through at the moment and our area of low pressure that was pressing just to the north yesterday has now pushed up into canada. it starts to lose its influence over the mid-atlantic, our conditions will gradually improve but we'll still be under the westerly and northwesterly flow today. still plenty of clouds in the forecast. there could be a shower this afternoon. but i think most of the day should be dry for you and a nice warming trend here as we get into the middle of the week. plenty of clouds. kind shower today. so about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. winds will be back out of west gusting to about 30 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies. chilly overnight. 44degrees. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. here is the five-day forecast. 67 tomorrow with possible sunshine. could be a shower or cold front on thursday. plenty of sunshine as we kick off the weekend. now, let's get to julie wright.
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somebody would would probably love to go out west and go sledding. >> yeah. do you not know me at all? south, baby, miami beach. on the roads this morning, the lanes are open eastbound along 66. no problems reported coming in from centerville. you will find yourself at speed as you work your way eastbound between 28, 29, all the way in toward fair oaks headed towards 123. we have lanes open on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. southbound 270 off to i aquiet start as you travel headed out towards rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> even i knew that you were not going to have anything to do with the snow. big news for baby boomers and anyone else thinking about retirement. turns out the trust funds that support social security will run dry in 2033. >> that is three years early early than previously projected. according to the government, more than 56 million retirees, disabled workers, spouses and
4:49 am
children receive social security. the average retirement benefit is just over $1200 a month and the average monthly benefit for disabled workers is about $1100 a month. national journal correspondent major garrett tells our shawn yancy a solution is possible. >> is there a solution? >> sure, it is a mathematical one and also a political one. do you want to increase payroll attacks? or do you want to reduce benefits by increasing the age of eligibility for social security or cutting back the annual cost of adjustment for inflation or do you want to reduce benefits by a factor of 1 or 2% maybe 10 or 15 years out. all of those choices are available to congress. they have been recommended. what is lacking is not the mat mat ins or the potential solutions. it is the political will. >> i know clearly, we need some sort of reform. i know today that treasury
4:50 am
secretary tim geithner says it is critical we do some sort of reform but they need to be slowly phased in over time t almost seems like we'll run out of time before that happens. what are you hearing? >> everyone says that on capitol hill in every administration i've covered. maybe we could survive the next election. that is a great theory. the math mat ins is going to disallow that theoretical approach to social security in the very near future. if congress and the president get together, it will hit them in a surprising and very difficult way much sooner than they expect. >> a lot of tough decisions that need to be made. >> a lot of people watching us right now and those of us hope to retire some day that hope congress and the government does something and fast. coming up, a cool project that has some parents angry. up next d a teacher get too personal with questions on an assignment. >> we'll tell you what had some
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welcome back. an unusual school assignment has some parents outraged over the personal questions it is asking their students to answer about themselves and their family. >> reporter: this is the assignment. a p. e. teacher here handed her students last week. the idea is to have them develop a family health property rate but the questions it is asking those students to answer parents say are none of the teacher's business. bianca wasn't initially concerned when her ninth grade son's p. e. teacher assigned a new project. >> the teacher probably wants the student to know about the
4:54 am
family history. >> reporter: what wasn't fine was the questions asked. >> it asked about miscarriages, stillbirths if if you were married to anybody in the family such as cousins. >> reporter: also the full names of relatives and if they had any genetic diseases and if so, the question asks for copies of genetic testing reports. >> it is a little uncomfortable because there may be family members out there that don't want to talk about certain conditions. they don't want it known. that is all part of privacy. >> reporter: bianca called the teacher. >> i go i don't think it is right what you are asking of the kids to do. she replied okay, well, they don't have to fill in all the information. she said she would end up doing it as extra credit. >> reporter: a spokesperson sent this statement. it was never the intent of the teacher to obtain confidential
4:55 am
medical information. the purpose of the assignment was to bring awareness of family medical history and help students maintain healthy lives through preventive measures. now, bee afternoon atells me she doesn't think a teacher intended to making people feel uncomfortable but she hopes she looks at her students a little more closely before handing it out next time. are more changes in store no american idol? >> is host ryan seacrest staying or leaving? we have the answer. and it is a big one as we continue. time now 4:55. ♪ [ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort
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american idol fans, listen up. ryan is he crave is sticking around. >> he has agreed to stay as the host of american idol and here
4:58 am
is why. the fox network made the announcement yesterday, gave no details on what his contract would include. here is what i heard, $16 million over two years. seacrest has hosted the show since its premiere. we have a report on the power of books in hollywood. >> reporter: whether it is twilight, the hunger games or a boy wizard translating the written word to the silver screen has been highly lucrative. >> the success lately is unbelievable. the harry potter films, a total of $8 billion. twilight has already racked up more than $2 billion. the first hunger games film has made half a billion which is more than the first potter or twilight film. >> reporter: so much momentum from hollywood, the nation's
4:59 am
largest book festival brought big names to l.a. over the weekend. >> i wanted to be a forest ranger but then i wanted to be an author. so i've been kind of writing all my life. but then all of a sudden, they started publishing and i was thrilled. >> this is my fourth book. i wrote three books that are nonfiction. so i'm he really used to writing what they call prescriptive books, how to have a better life, how to lose weight, how to cook a recipe in less than five minutes, that type of thing. fiction was a big departure for me. >> i felt it was the right time. i was old enough and been around long enough that i could tell a story and maybe help someone. >> reporter: being in the pot slight and writing a book isn't always a guaranteed success but when it comes to auto biographies, curious minds want to know. >> people are fascinated by celebrities. we live in the age of celebrity. >> reporter: unless you e


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