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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  April 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. presidential primaries in five states today. the frontrunner will not be making stops in any of them. we are checking out the latest poll numbers this morning. >> we are monitoring metro for you. we'll tell you what led to the arrest of a metrobus driver on the job. fox 5 morning news starts right now. now.
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it is tuesday, april 4th. a live look outside right now at the beautiful capitol dome as the sun starts to peek out on another crisp morning. i think sarah this is going be for a three cup of coffee morning. >> for a lot of people. >> yeah. good morning. i'm will thomas. >> i'm a sarah simmons. thank you for watching. a spring storm that dropped lots of rain on our area brought snow to several spots along the east coast. here is a look at the scene in montgomery county, north carolina yesterday. pennsylvania and parts of new york took a hard hit too with as many as 50,000 people without power at one point. >> you know, when you said montgomery county, a lot of people went what? >> montgomery county, north carolina. >> right. >> good morning, tucker. that was quite a scene there. >> amazing. you mentioned the third cup of coffee, i'm already there. starting to feel better. the snow out to the west is winding down. the rain showers around here, we're pretty much done with
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them and just tealing with clouds and cool temperatures. >> beautiful. i can get the car washed now. >> i just did it last week because of all the pollen on the car. our storminess from yesterday is now pushing into canada and as i mentioned, the storm is winding down. we're not expecting any further additional snow accumulations out to the west. around here, just a couple of showers today. i think most of the day will be dry. 4 # in washington. w, 73%. wind are out of the south and the west at eight miles per hour. it will be a breezy and cool day. 42 in washington. there could be a scattered shower. >> i had to put a bit of a thick are coat on today. >> i put my winter coat back on. >> did you?
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>> i came prepared today. yesterday, a different story for you. we kept you busy all day with that outer loop trouble. hopefully smooth sailing today. >> so far, so good. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox as they are hovering above 270. working your way in from rockville, earlier incident we had has cleared. the pace has improved as you travel south of 28. northbound i-95, no problems to report but you are below speed as you travel across the occoquan and leaving lorton headed out to the tanks in newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. new this morning, last night's cold temperatures may have been played a role in a house fire in silver spring. residents told fire crews on the screen, they had a fire in the fireplace last night. the top floor of the home on twin valley drive is gone. everyone got out safely. a look at this morning's other top stories. a man charged with the murder of alexandria community
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activist lenny harris is now being charged in two other murders. police believe tyrone lewis is responsible for killing a 17- year-old boy last october and a cab driver seven years ago. investigators say they've been working additional information they got in the harris investigation since january. yesterday morning, they were able to get the murder warrants for lewis who is already in jail. investigators say robbery was the motive in both cases. police are investigating a hit and run out of montgomery county, maryland this time. it happened last night along new hampshire avenue in white oak. police say a driver hit another car forcing it off on the road and on to the porch of a house. two people were in the car. one was taken to the hospital. it is unclear if anyone was in the house at the time. we are monitoring metro for you this morning. a metrobus driver has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a passenger. investigators say the incident happened last friday in arlington. the driver is accused of
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physically removing a passenger from the bus after an altercation. metro officials say that passenger was treated for a broken harm. other metrobus riders say this wouldn't shock them if things got heated. >> i have ridden the 38b and other buses for more than 15 years and occasionally, i see displays of what i call inappropriate behavior and i think the bus drivers generally have an extraordinary amount of patience. >> the driver is on paid administrative leave pending the results of routine drug and alcohol testing. a metrobus is out of service this morning and more than 1 other others are being disinfected after a driver was diagnosed with viral meningitis. it is a highly contagious illness. driver worked friday after recently being on vacation. the bus in question is on the 14th street line which runs to buchanan street, colorado street and l'enfant plaza. 164 buses in the northern
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division are all being disinfected as a precaution. the late from the campaign trail. president obama will be in north carolina and colorado today promoting his student loan reform efforts. meantime, gop frontrunner mitt romney will be in new hampshire watching the results of today's primaries in pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, rhode island and del did he. the latest real clear politics average of polls shows president obama leading romney by a slim marge in, 47% to 44. romney is expected to sweep today's primaries though ron paul and newt gingrich are still in the race. 209 delegates are at stake in today's primaries actually sweep would pretty much push romney over the number he needs to clinch the nomination. it is an issue not expected to be taken on until after the november elections but one that will surely be a challenge for whoever lands in the oval office for the next four years. social security is set to run out of funding by 2033.
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that is three years earlier than originally projected. medicare is still on track to be depleted by 2024 though officials warn spending is speeding up. the grim numbers are blamed on the batted economy and an aging population. maryland governor martin o'malley is set to meet with lawmakers trying to reach an agreement in the budget battle a so-called doomsday budget is in place. governor o'malley has to authorize a certainly session to avoid the cuts which he says will not do unless lawmaker can gaithersburg teen -- can guarantee an agreement can be reached. we'll tell you why some students may be in for a longer school day. >> first, there were loud calls for the police chief of sanford, florida tory resign when -- to resign when the
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trayvon martin story first break. now, he says he wants to step down and why they won't let him. 
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the police chief of sanford, florida has turned in his resignation but it is being rejected by city leaders. there were widespread calls for chief bill lee to resign when the trayvon martin case first broke. but city commissioners say they want more details about how the police department handled the case and why george disciple are man was not arrested. lee temporarily stepped down in march and remains on paid leave. a one-time aide to former senator and presidential candidate john edwards will be back on the stand today in edwards' cal trial. andrew young has claimed he helped edwards use nearly $1 million in secret campaign contributions to hide edwards pregnant mistress. edwards' defense lawyers charge young used much of that money to build a large dream house. young could be in legal trouble. the judge in the case claims he recently spoke with three other witnesses about what to say in court. the senate is set to vote today on several drastic cost- cutting moves for the post office.
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that includes an end to saturday delivery and closing several post office branches. lawmakers have said if changes are not made, post office is on track to lose $18 billion a year by 2015. that is a lot of money. up next on fox 5 morning news a scheduled shift for one local school system. we'll tell you which students may be in for a longer day at school. first, we're checking in with tucker for your full forecast. with will spring make a comeback any time soon.
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this was that spring storm yesterday. it was wreaking havoc everywhere. some wild waves were happening in upstate new york because of the storm. some brave souls you could see hit lake ontario catching waves that were 10 to 14 feet high.
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>> as a former surfer, i will tell you that is not 10 to 14 feet. >> you surfed? >> i grew up in california. >> it looks difficult to me. >> it is hard. it is not as easy as it looks. to get to the point where can you throw yourself up on your board take some practice. >> will will have to teach me. >> next trip to maw that you for you. >> a live look outside of the capitol dome. welcome back. time now is 6:16. >> good morning. >> good morning. i just can't imagine surfing in the great lakes in april. >> that water looks pretty cold. >> that is why they have the wet suit on. some of them are so thick, you would be surprised. >> really? >> pretty insulate? >> somewhat (it hits your face. >> you're like ice cream headache. >> i could wear one walking down the street to keep me
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warm. >> yeah. we'll have protection for you as well. >> let's get right to the forecast. high temperature yesterday on the chilly side. this is why i mention t because yesterday's daytime high was the coolest daytime high we've had since march 10th. so over a month. not your imagination if you thought it was on the chilly side. high temperature at reagan national was just 50 degrees. that was about 20 degrees below our normal for this date. going to be a little warmer today but we're in the going to be where we want to be as highs will be in the upper 50s to about 60 later this afternoon. another chilly day in store across the area. temperatures changing as we speak, 42 in washington. check out your 0s to the north and to the west. we're 39 outal dulles. 36 in frederick. -- check out your 30s to the north and to the west. we'll be slow to warm up. we have a lot of clouds in the forecast once again. you can see the clouds holding tough and maybe a shower this afternoon. i think much of today will be
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dry. less numerous showers than yesterday. off to the north and west, our storminess that great brought the great surfing weather to the great lakes, there it is and it is winding down. we are seeing the energy with it push off to the north and east. we'll see a gradual clearing trend late today and tonight and starting tomorrow back into your springtime weather. starting tomorrow, it will start to feel a lot better. could be a shower this afternoon. winds out of the west here gusting to about 30 miles per hour. partly cloudy and chilly overnight. 44 your overnight low. winds will start to lighten up out of the west 10 to 15. there is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, 67 degrees. plenty of sunshine by afternoon. thursday could be a thunderstorm with temperatures in the 70s. and then behind the front, we cool it back into the 60s on friday and saturday but a lot of sunshine and we'll start the weekend off on a sunny note with temperature in the mid- 60s. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. what is going on? >> did i hear correctly that
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will was a beach boy? goos a >> a beach boy and a surfer. >> i had no idea. >> we want some pictures, will. >> i'll see what i can do. >> and no body board. actually up on the board. >> i surfed like a short board. it wasn't even long board easy stuff on vacation. >> he has the lingo. he is the real deal. >> tucker is out with his floatys on. >> i knew it had to come back to me. >> delays are forming as you head south of 118 and middle brook road. outer loop of the beltway
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starting to slow at university boulevard. heavy and steady right now between 28 and 29. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. all right, julie. cowabunga. some students in bridge county are in for a longer school day. it is part of a push for improvement in science, math and reading. the "washington post" reports most middle school students in prince george's county will get up to 40 minutes of additional instruction when school starts back up in august. students who don't need a boost in those subject areas will spend extra time on enrichment areas including music or foreign language. president obama welcomes the national teacher of the year to the white house today. the honor goes to rebecca milwaukee from burbank, california. nearly half of the student at her school are classified the state as poor but students score above the state average in math and english. milwaukee actually did not set out to be a teacher. she started out in publishing but after making a list of qualities she wanted in her
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dream job, she was led straight to teaching. isn't that great? >> i was thinking the same thing. you were reading so maybe you didn't see t she look like olivia new son john. >> a little bit of resemblance there -- she looks like olivia newton john. fox 5 news back in a moment.
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social security, heading for big trouble woman says it is happening and fast. we'll begin with how what is happening overseas may be affecting our own markets. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. happy tuesday, lauren. >> happy tuesday, will. how are you? >> good. we have a little sort of running gag here. what color are you wearing and
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i guessed it's blue. >> really. okay, well troy for tomorrow. i'm surprise you. >> all right. here is a question for you seriously. are the markets reacting to some of of the economic problems we are seeing in places like spain. i think they are saying that is an official recession area and there are political changes in places like france as well. >> el work there is an election going on in france and in the first round, a candidate other than the president nicholas sarkozy won in that first round and he is not really into all of this austerity. the european union needs austerity to get the budgets in line in many countries owe the thinking is that france might not be doing so well. recession officially in spain and you have the government collapsing in the netherlands because they can't agree on how to get their budget in line. and the netherlands is actually one of the very few european nations who have a aaa perfect rating. >> we have a two-day fed
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meeting kicking o kick -- kicking off today. what are you expecting in. >> we are listening to what they have to say about interest rates and monetary stimulus. with things being weaker here in the u.s. but mostly in europe, how will the fed respond in will they pump. more money into the system? as you can see, yesterday was a really ugly day and a bad start to the week. troubling news about social security. is being drained faster than first thought. if you are one of the 56 million retirees would get a social security check of about $1200 a month in the mail, that program is running dry three years earlier than we thought, by the year 2033. after that, it is expected you would only get a little bit of money. medicine scarce expected to run
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dry in 2024. >> hopefully, government will inveep. all right. lawyeren simonetti, what color will she wear tomorrow? i predict yellow. >> you can't tell me. >> hint, hint. up next, presidential primaries in five states today. we'll take a look at the latest polls and talk more about what the president will be focusing on out on the campaign trail today. but first, a metrobus driver arrested on the job. what led up to a troubling scene on board a busy route. we are back in a moment. time now is 6:27.
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south a spring storm that dropped lots of rain here in the area brought snow to several spots along the east coast. here is a look at the scene in montgomery county, north carolina yesterday. pennsylvania and parts of new york state took a hard hit too with as many as 50,000 people without power at one point. new this morning, last night's cold temperature may
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have played a role in a house fire here in silver spring. residents told fire crews on the scene they had a fire in the fireplace last night. sure was cold so you can't blame them. the top floor of the home on twin valley drive is pretty much gone. everyone fortunately got out safely t look like we didn't have any wind gusts to help fan the flames. >> things are relatively quiet at the moment and we are chilly out there. so bring along a jacket. you might need the winter coat for at least the morning hours. later on, we'll be in the 60s owe it should feel more comfortable than yesterday. >> hopefully, we can get the heater to kick off soon. >> 32 in washington. 38 in baltimore. it will be aling warmer today. our temperature yesterday was 50. today, we'll be closer to 60. still a lot of clouds in the
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forecast. right now, we're quiet. generally quest conditions over the next couple of hours. we are not expecting any rain this morning. your forecast for today, a few rays of sunshine this afternoon. cool, high temperatures upper 50s and low 60s for daytime highs. so the trend getting better and better. the next such days look warmer. and we have ask the weather guys coming up. >> you won't need that big coat on the way out of work. >> we are getting closer to where we were. we are agetting to like 70s, close to 80s and then we had to go back to the 40s. >> i thought winter passed us like months ago l -- let's get a check of the roads with julie wright. >> lanes are open, traffic still tied up leaving germantown headed southbound. in virginia, 7100 at hunt man boulevard, authorities are checking for the crash there. eastbound on 66, the began is all here. it is heavy and slow as you
6:33 am
travel east of the car rest area, east of business 234 headed through centerville. more delays at 50 fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. we are monitoring metro for you this morning. the transit agency is investigating an alleged assault on board one. its buses. >> this after the bus driver acussed of getting into a fight with one of the passengers was arrested. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live in arlington with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was friday afternoon around 3:45 and the fight apparently a dispute with the driver trying to get a passenger to pay the fare. a transit union spokeswoman says that driver is on leave with pay and undergoing standard drug and alcohol testing. metro itself is not giving out a lot of details about the incident and won't say who the driver is except that he has been driving for metro for 12 years. the altercation happened on the
6:34 am
38b bus. it goes from ballston to farragut square. it was at courthouse plaza where i'm standing here that the argument started. it inwithed with the driver as they call it physically removing the male passenger from the bus. it sound like it was more than just a shoving match. the passenger ended up with a broken arm and was taken to a local hospital. another driver told fox 5 that the 38b can be an unruly ride and some spaings support the driver to a point. -- and some passengers support the driver to a point. >> i don't know the fact of the case but he is innocent until proven guilty f he can did assault a passenger, he has to pay the price like everybody else. >> reporter: metro says the bus driver did immediately report the incident to his supervisor and continued on his route and then was told to hold the bus at the pentagon stop where he was subsequently arrested. . metro's transit police are handling this investigation. we do know that most metrobuses
6:35 am
do have cameras on them. we believe there should be a recording of the fight. we have tried to get a copy of that video. no response on that yet. >> thank you. more is facing another problem this morning involving a highly contagious illness. one of their buses is out of service because the driver had viral meningitis. driver worked on friday but had previously been on vacation. the bus in question is from the 14th street line running to buchanan street, colorado avenue and l'enfant plaza actual -- the bus is out of circulation until can be cleaned. some of our other top stories this morning, a man charged with the murder of alexandria community activist lenny harris is now being charged with two other murders. police believe tie rope lewis is responsible for killing a 17- year-old boy last october and a cab driver seven years ago.
6:36 am
investigators say they've been working additional information in the harris investigation in january. yesterday morning, they were able to get the murder warrants for lewis, already in jail. a dog tax all caught on camera. the man who was trying to stop the dog from attacking two children is in the hospital. he and the children got on top of a car to try to get way from the dogs. the victim's wife tells fox 5 that her husband sacrificed himself to save those children. >> high husband was just coming home from work he threw his bike down and stuck his arm south owe the dog could get him so he could distract them from the kid so the kid could get down and get to safety. the dog just latched onto him and he was punching and stabbing the dog. they eventually drug him off the car. by then, he is in the middle of street being shaken like a rag
6:37 am
doll. my son runs out with the bat and starts beating the dog. the latest now from the campaign trail. president obama will be in north carolina today and colorado prometing his student loan reform efforts. mitt romney will be in new hampshire watching the result of today's primaries. pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, rhode island and delaware have trams today. the latest poll shows president obama leading romney by a slim margin, 47% to 44. romney is expected to sweep today's primaries although ron paul and newt gingrich are still in the race. 209 delegates are at stake in today's primaries. a sweep would push romney much closer to the number needed to clinch the nomination. maryland governor martin o'malley is set to reach with lawmaker today trying to reach an agreement in the budget battle. right now, a so-called doomsday budget is in place threatening about $500 million in cuts. the governor has to authorize a special session to avoid the
6:38 am
cuts which he says he will not do unless lawmaker can guarantee an agreement will be reached. also making headlines, states cracking down on illegal immigration. now, nation's highest court is about to step in. >> also coming your way, new developments in the trayvon martin case. this man, the police chief of sanford, florida turns in his resignation but city leaders reject it. more detail as fox 5 morning news continues. t.j.maxx. i tell people how to look like a million bucks without spending it. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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police say they have found no human remains in the latest search if a child who vanished more than 30 years ago. etan petz disappeared in 1979 while he was walking to a school bus stop in new york city. last week, the fbi and police dug up the work space of a handy man near petz' home. they finnerred their work on site but authorities will still
6:42 am
evaluate evidence they took away from the basement. new information about a missing girl in arizona. tucson police say they have moved their search for six-year- old isabelle salas to area landfills. police have also brought in search dog from virginia's fbi to help look for clues. officials say the dogs landed a hit on something suspicious inside the family's apartment but the police did not disclose what that was. isabelle went missing last friday night. etan petz' disappearance changed the way that missing children's cases were handled. isabelle's case, sadly all too familiar. we will talk more with the national center for missing and exploited children to find out more about what goes into each and every case they handle. joran van der sloot, will he be coming to the u.s. to face charges connected to the
6:43 am
natalee holloway disappearance. peru is considering a request to extradite him. he is in peru serving a prison sentence for murdering a woman back in 2010. the police chief of the florida see where trayvon martin was shot and kill has submitted his resignation. as ainsley earhart reports, city leaders are telling him to stay put. >> reporter: the sanford city commission rejects the resignation of its police chief. bill lee temporarily stepped down in march. he wanted to let tension surrounding the trayvon martin case cool down. >> what did the chief do wrong? >> some at the meeting were holding signs supporting lee. >> if police chief lee is guilty of anything, he is guilty of a poor press conference. >> reporter: the majority of commissioners blame the uproar on outsiders. >> i feel the city was invaded by people who have their own personal aend a i do not feel the city is broken. >> police didn't initially charge george disciple are man would says he shot trayvon
6:44 am
martin in self-defense. florida law gives people leeway to use force if they believe their lives are in danger. city officials have waiting until an outside independent investigation was complete. trayvon martin's family is also weighing in, put south this written statement. quote, sanford residents deserve quality leadership in law enforcement would will handle investigations fairly for all people. if chief bill lee recognizes that his resignation would help start the healing process in sanford, city leadership should have accepted it in an effort to move the city forward. bill lee will remain on temporary leave and captain darren scott will continue to act as acting chief. another miamior white house between the white house and states at the supreme court tomorrow. the highest court in the country takes up arizona's
6:45 am
controversial immigration law. at issue, does the federal government have the exclusive authority to dictate immigration laws? the outcome could have sweeping implications. we'll stay on top of t. let's take a -- we'll stay on top of it. >> let's take a live look outside right now. >> beautiful out there. gorgeous. >> no delays at the airport today. that i think we can be assured of. >> more sun than i expected at this time of day. 199looking started to your day. don't-- nice looking start to your day. we are off to a cool start. warmer than yesterday but not quite where we want to be. >> we are climbing our way back to the 70s. we'll get there. >> inching our way back. we're clawing back up. it will fill back in as soon as we get that daytime heating. partly to mostly cloudy. a little warmer today.
6:46 am
yesterday, our daytime high was only 50 degrees. sunny and milder tomorrow. that is where we want to be, up near 70 tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and maybe a few thunderstorms with a warm day on thursday. our highs on thursday will be in the 70s. we'll have a cold front come through during the afternoon. that could kick off a couple of thunderstorms by thursday afternoon. temperatures are cool. ments chilly out there. 42 in washington. that is the actual air temperature. 39 in manassas. 36 in gaithersburg and frederick. 39 in leonardtown. to the east we go, stevenessville is 45 degrees at the moment. 41 in cambridge. -- stevensville is 45 degrees at the moment. all that storminess, this big area of low pressure is off to the north and west is responsible. it is falling apart basically. we'll have less of an influence today. a lot better as we get into
6:47 am
wednesday and thursday. more spring-like temperature on the way. the rope why we've been cool, jet stream doing one of those. big dip to the south. temporarily we were on the cool side of things. that will retreat farther north and we'll be right back into the 60s and 70s starting later today. here is your five-day forecast. 61 today. a put a rain shower in the forecast. most of the day will be dry. there could be a lonesome shower if you are a viewer off to the north and west. wednesday, 67. that looks better, warmer. 72 on thursday with an afternoon thunderstorm. friday and saturday behind the cold front, a decent amount of sunshine, mid-60s. so this week turning aling on the cool side. it should be a decent end of the week. >> sounds good. >> all right. i'm flying solo today. >> you're not yourself. >> not the same. >> did you need some help. >> let me play the role of tony. it is time for ask the weather
6:48 am
guys. i love our grandent raps. this is the segment where tony and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. here is today's question. this is today appear question. >> this looks like a tough one. >> this is a tough one. that is why i don't want to fly solo on it. this years ago july has five fridays, five saturdays and five sundays. this happens once every 823 years. >> oh, boy, a math question. >> this is call money bags, something to do with chinese feng shui. why does this happen only once every 823 years. >> it sounds like they know a little bit about this. >> the deal is i guess if there are five fridays, saturdays and sundays in a calendar month, then good things are going to happen. this has been out on the internet quite frequently. i did a lot of research on this
6:49 am
and this would go under urban myths. >> really? >> love the music. let's get to the calendar. this is the calendar for this year. you know what led me to believe that something could be astray in this question, when i first hooked, i noticed there weren't five fridays or saturdays. >> they were trying to trick you. they wanted to know how much you were paying attention. >> thats with my first hint something wasn't quite right. i feel like a journalist for 60 minutes. what happened was last year, last july, we did have five fridays, five saturdays and five sundays. this has been something out on the internet quite frequently. you may have seen this in your e maim because people have been having you pass it on for good luck. if you do, great things will happen to you. guess the money bags refers to the fact that you will get rich
6:50 am
from it. >> they are maying on, if you are superstitious, someone says pass it on, it is good luck. you click it, you do t. >> let's talk calendar a little bit. the frequent sieve five fridays, saturdays and sundays is is not that infrequent at all. it next happens in march 2013. then august, 2014. then july 2016. you get the idea. it happens basically every year or two. in fact, our calendar from last year will come lottoly repeat itself in 2022. so we don't have to wait 823 years. >> following in the legendary footsteps of mike wallace. >> i know, it's like wait a second. >> i wonder if this person was troying to test you or if they were passing it along because they got it in their inbox. >> they asked a question. inin this case, you've got a
6:51 am
better chance of ordering something at mcdonald's getting it your own way. >> i think can you get it your way. >> than of getting what you want here on the kal dample there is just nothing to it. if you see something in your e- mail five fridays, saturdays and sundays, there is nothing to it. -- than of getting what you want here on the calendar. there is just nothing to it. >> there are extra weekends. not sure you can get you rich from it. >> good job. >> if you've got a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. ather tab. can you also upload your video question. we'll play it live here. >> we haven't had a video question in a while. >> i think we had one a week or so ago. i think while you were on vacation. >> okay. let's check in with julie and get the latest on traffic. >> on one of those fridays in july, one of them happens to be
6:52 am
my birthday. >> really? >> what friday. what is the date? >> the 20th. >> i'm born july 10th. >> put it in your ipods. don't forget it. i collect nutty buddies. lanes are open if you are travelling the inner lost beltway but we do have delays leaving 236 head up to 66. -- traveling the inner loop of the beltway. 50 at prosperity cleaneden and moved out of your way. 66 inside of the beltway, average speed down to 22 miles per hour. traveling southbound 270, lanes are open. the earlier crash we had here has cleared. expect delays out of germantown headed south towards 370. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. in this morning's buzz bin, susan sarandon claim the government tapped her phone and says she was dapped a visit to the white house but doesn't know why. she made the comments during an
6:53 am
interview with film maker michael moore. remember this guy? noah wyle, you can't really see him there. he was handcuffed and arrested along with more than 100 members of the group adapt. they were protesting in the rotunda of the con nonhouse office building on capitol hill. he and member of the group are urging congress not to cut medicaid. a new legal battle for accused white house dinner crasher tareq salahi. the virginia attorney general filed a lawsuit against him and two companies involved in virginia wine there it is. the ag claims they violated a state consumer protection act. they are accused of not delivering tours as promised and not providing refunds after canceling tours. the washington nats tonight begin a six-game road trip and while they're gone, nationals park will be the scientist a big relimbous event. this thing is going to be packed, no doubt. ministers joel and victoria osteen will host america's
6:54 am
night of hope at the stadium this coming saturday night. this morning, joel osteen will be a guest on fox 5 morning news. you can see that interview coming your way this morning at 8:15. >> osteen and salahi in the same 30 seconds. something's not right here. still ahead, need a break this weekend? >> maybe fly to france? okay. so this is a bit out of your budget perhaps. but can you still take in the sites, smells and shopping of paris if you head to georgetown this weekend. holly has more on that when we return. time now is 6:54. we love gardening...
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good morning i am holly morris. i am here to tell you tuesday is shaping up to be one great day have a cup of coffee i am on the street being serenaded by wonderful accordian music crepes are being made by my side and there is a table of
6:58 am
wears on sale up to 75% off i love to be at an open air market in paris. i am not but i am at the next best thing, georgetown where they are gearing up for their ninth annual french market that is exactly the feel you are supposed to have a wonderful annual springtime event, 43 merchants come together and offer amazing savings along with a street festival. so whether you are looking for family fun, home decorator, fashionista this is where you need to be this weekend we will tell you all about it, to make sure your don't miss it. it will be tres magnifique. if you want to be serenaded by a musician. >> only holly. i did see nutella on that table. i am just not down with it. >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day.
6:59 am
jasmine has been watching fox 5 since she was a little girl she is a big fan of yours holly she loved seeing you get on the soul train line. fabulous time thanks for watching jasmine and for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook post a comment under jasmine 's photo. troy watson's girlfriend betsy wrote in and said yes she will go to the prom with him although we never doubted you troy. let's give him a hand looks like you guys have been doing a dance one time before i am sure you didn't have to twist her arm. >> that was pretty cool of him on tv to ask her to the prom. now over to tony and allison. is there a corsage is that still the thing you give to your date. >> somethings never change. >> thank you very much. comin


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