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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 24, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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news another primary day voters in five states head to the polls, to pick the republican they want to see on the ballot come november. while mitt romney is expected to win all five contests both he and president barack obama are looking beyond the primaries. >> as the secret service prostitution scandal continues to grow, congress is digging deeper, gerry connelly of virginia joins us live. it happens all too often a child vanishes without a trace. most recently in the news the missing 6-year-old in arizona and the decades old cold case out of new york city. so, why are these cases so hard to solve. we will take a closer look. as fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there is a live lookout side, on this tuesday, april 24th, 2012, not a bad looking day at all we will find
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out what we have in store from tucker in just a moment. i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. new to the anchor desk. as we say good morning tucker barnes. >> allison good morning, tony, cool start you saw the live shot hint that we will see sunshine gradual improvement over the last couple days still on the cool side highs low 60s might want to wear a light jacket you want a jacket if you are running out the door at the moment, humidity 70% winds out of the south and west, 9 miles per hour not much to talk about with our radar, shower activity we had late in the day yesterday, dissipated overnight we are waking up with a mixture of clouds and sunshine, that will be the theme around here today not a perfectly sunny day but more rays of sunshine than yesterday, as clouds filter in from time to time to the north and west, shower later today, watching north and west of the
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city, hagerstown, southern pennsylvania, a few light showers later. cloudy, cool, temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. more details on the forecast including springtime weather on the horizon we will have that for you in a couple minutes let's do traffic and julie wright has your latest. things running smoothly. >> kind of we have volume but nothing like yesterday. if you were travelling southbound 270 we have delays leaving german town from father hurly boulevard to the accident activity south of 117 moved to the shoulder again into the sunshine, 66 we haven't been able to say that in awhile, 66 eastbound, out of manassas and as you work past fair oaks to 123 we had accident activity reported, that accident cleared also the crash cleared along 50 at prosper by, inbound, new york avenue, -- prosperity, inbound, new york avenue, to
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northeast, more deleaves waiting at the third street tunnel that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning a house on fire in montgomery county last night's cold temperatures may have played a role. everyone inside did get out okay but the home is now in danger of collapsing people inside say they had a fire in the fireplace last night however no official cause of that blaze yet. new today the search for suspects after two people are shot in prince georges county the victims say they were at branch avenue, and beach road in temple hills when a vehicle pulled up alongside their car and opened fire. that was at 2:15 a.m. this morning. the victims then drove to the 3700 block branch avenue where they flagged down a police officer both men are in serious but stable condition. police are investigating a hit and run out of montgomery county, this happened last night new hampshire avenue, white oak police say a driver hit another car, forcing it off
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the road, on to the porch of a house. two people were in that car, one was taken to hospital. it is unclear if anyone was in the house at the time. it is shaping up to be a big day for mitt romney the republican presidential candidate is likely to clean up after primarys in five states, doug luzader has the latest from the campaign trail. >> five states up for grabs today both mitt romney and president obama are looking well beyond the primary. >> what a welcome. >> mitt romney on the campaign trail in pennsylvania, as this long process seems to wind to a close >> i appreciate your generosity your willingness to come out i need your vote tomorrow, but in truth, rom know has little to worry about -- romney has little to worry about. his closest challengers, rick santorum dropped out he is expected to win all five
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states, no small thing with over 00 delegates -- 200 delegates at stake but for republicans it is more of a fore gone conclusion. president obama visits three universities in key states north carolina, iowa, colorado technically official trips tax payers will foot the bill for millions in travel costs, if focus will be potential voters college students came out in droves in 2008 the president hopes they will return this year. so he is pushing congress to renew a reduction in student loan interest rates, 2012 could prove more difficult than 2008. >> some of that shine is worn off with younger voters it will be harder and more difficult to reach the same levels of support he got with younger voters than four years ago. >> >> mitt romney they be starting his pivot back to the center he supports extending the discounted student loan
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program. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. governor o'malley is having breakfast with top leaders in the house he is talking with bush and miller about holding a special session of legislature, a half million dollars in budget cuts are due to kick in because lawmakers failed to pass a tax package during regular session he wants to order both houses back the work. viryeah had its share of budget drama, despite a spending bill being passed there is plenty up in the air including money from a dulles rail project, plus an improving economic outlook and presidential politics, when bob mcdonald joins us live at 9:15 a.m. another big story today the secret service prostitution scandal, now includes a 12th member of the united states military the pentagon suspended security clearances of all military personnel implicated
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and the secret service has also taken action against 12 employees, all this as congress widens its investigation, joining us with more inside virginia, democratic congressman, gerry connelly. good morning sir. good morning. just your reaction as a lawmaker to someone who goes to work every day inside washington s now, this scandal and also the gsa scandal, what is your opinion your reaction to all of this. >> well, i guess you can't always account for you know, bad judgment, i think both of them reflect badly on the individuals, i think the management of both organizations have take on the correct action, and i think congress wants to get to the bottom of making sure, that this is an isolated incident in both cases and not a culture, that takes foregranted taxpayer money. >> that does, sir, seem to be the issue at hand here is this,
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as you alluded to, business as usual or as we've said in reports just an abboar ration something almost 12, as of this point, people on their own, secret service agents on their own get involved with how important is that and why is it so important. >> secret service was there, to advance and protect president of the united states in an overseas mission in a country that not so long ago was widely influenced by the not controlled by terrorists not so long ago, no body could have gone to cartagena safely especially not the president they knew they were in a high risk area, their action was deplorable, wreckless and could have compromised the mission. not sure if we have lost you now, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> okay. sorry about that.
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basically, when these committees look into these actions and i will widen it, to both gsa scandal as well, a lot of people are asking will there be criminal charges in some of these, especially in the case of gsa out right, what it looks like misappropriation of funds of tax payer money what should consequences be? >> well, i think certainly there will be an investigation, into possibility of criminal charges as you know, mr. neily before our committee took the fifth he and his lawyers are anticipating the need to protect themselves from incrimination i think heads had to roll and they did, i think corrective action has to be put in place, i think there has to be more top down management in culture at gsa and full accounting for what happened and why. with regard to secret service alleged misconduct.
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>> we have already had six folks lose their jobs i think, there are probably going to be more and should be, this action, their action is deplorable, cannot be acceptable, any where, any time, especially for the secret service you are representing the united states overseas and charged with the mission of protecting the head of this government therefore you have to be, cleaner than cesars wife they were not, and correct action has been taken and i think more will be taken >> i would like to, pardon the wild swing while we have you, talk about the postal cuts and your push for at least a 6 day delivery, with oropesa tall service -- with our postal service, it really is a culture generations old we are talking about a huge change because of the economy. >> well, clearly, the postal service, has to stream line, has to reform, has to adjust,
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to a changed marketplace there is no question about that, and therefore, i think we will see a slimmed down, and downsized postal service i think also there have been a lot of very factful answers about the postal service i think need to be examined the idea of cutting back from 6 to 5 days a week puts the postal service at a competitive disadvantage six days a week can be made to be a profitable attribute of the postal service i think the postal service ought to be able to compete, by answering into private partnerships just like european postal services do. 16% of revenue is from non-core missions, congress has decided our postal service can't engage in that. i also think they have to be alleviated, providing 100% prepayment to health care benefits no other entity, on the planet is required to do that except the postal service that is costing them 5, $6
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billion extra every year. representative connelly we appreciate you joining us come in studio and see us, it has been too long. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> senate voting to be on a series of proposals to overhaul the postal service. 7:12 a.m., coming up a metro bus driver pulled from his route, after one of his passengers is taken to hospital. what happened and what metro is saying about the incident. >> plus main suspect in the disappearence of natalee holloway could be on his way to the united states to face criminal charges more on that. as we head to break another cool start to the day, latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up in a couple moments stay with us we will be right back 
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van der sloot making headlines a peruvian court approved the first step of his extradition to the u.s. where he faces charges connected to the suspected murder of alabama teen, natalee holloway she disappeared during a class trip to aruba in 2005 van der sloot is accused of demanding $250,000 from her mother in exchange for information about the location of her daughters body. trial in the u.s. is slated for 2015, van der sloot is currently serving a 28 year sentence in peru for murdering a 21-year-old woman in 2010. there are new developments in the trayvon martin case in florida the sanford city commission is rejecting the resignation of the city's police chief. bill lee stepped down as chief last month then announced it would be permanent in a vote last night city officials rejected his resignation blaming the up roar on martin's
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death onout. >> it is 16 minutes after the hour now, tucker barnes joins us with another look at today's forecast. it is fairly pretty outside. >> promising a little more sunshine a lot more than yesterday. it will be a decent day. not quite where we want it to be. >> things that normally come with april 24. >> just what i am saying. >> what date is it? >> 24th. i know you see what i did. let's get right to your maps, 30s and low 40s. 45 degrees after updating as we speak. 36 buffalo out to the west warmer warmer air will start to get in here, really later this afternoon then tomorrow and thursday, as our highs will be in the 70s by thursday you can see right now, 57 dulles, 50 north into fargo, where it is
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mild at this moment. satellite radar, generally quiet, storm system flipped under our sentinel radar banner and winding down, so we will still see the influences in the form of breezy conditions today, we will have some cloud cover around not a perfectly sunny day partly sunny later today and relatively cool highs later today only upper 50s to 60 average daytime high, 69 degrees. warmer than yesterday, and much less in the way of rain showers than what we had yesterday. could be a sprinkle, north and west of the city, generally dry today, tomorrow looks great, thursday warm and we will kick off the weekend with sunshine, and seasonal temperatures mid- 60s. >> all things considered not too bad. >> not bad for the 24th of april. thanks. here is julie wright with more. hey, you guys, busy ride in virginia, let's get to it,
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travelling northbound i-95, accident activity tieing up the second lane from the left as you head northbound trying to merge on the 495, right side of the road getting by single left lane will squeeze by once in awhile, but the big story delays traffic slowing back, newington trying to commit to 395 our story southbound, 395 as you work your way southbound accident activity popped up on it, just south of edsal road that is tieing up the lanes here, southbound i-95, now we can see v dot is out here with a crew there is an ambulance on scene coming southbound expect an unusual back up leaving duke street down towards the belt way all traffic being forced on to the exit of the outer loop, no access to southbound 95 to continue down towards newington. working your way on the other side of town, southbound 270, grid locked delays out of
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german town. all lanes are open, 355 feeling the heat traffic light delays out of gaithersburg, inbound, new york avenue, lanes are open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie. monitoring metro for you this morning the transit agency is investigating an alleged assault onboard one of their buses. >> the bus driver has been arrested after being accused of getting into a fight with one of the passengers, live in arlington with details, melanie. >> good morning allison, transit union spokeswoman said the driver is on leave without pay and under going standard drug and alcohol testing, metro itself, isn't saying much about the incident, not identifying the driver but will say the driver has been with metro for at least 12 years. it was friday afternoon, around 3:45 p.m., the fight apparently a dispute over paying the fare. the altercation happened on the 38 b bus that goes from boston
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to ferry gate square. it ended with the driver physically removing the male passenger from the bus and sounds like it was a little bit more than a shoving match the passenger ended up with a broken arm and was taken to local hospital other metro drivers and riders say they are not shocked. >> a lot of wild people get on the bus all the time. >> i have ridden 38 b and other buses for more than 15 years occasionally i see, you know, displays of what i call inappropriate behaviour i think the bus drivers generally have an extraordinary amount of patience. >> metro says the bus driver did report the incident immediately to his supervisor continued on his route he was told to hold his bus at the pentagon stop where he was subsequently arrested metro transit police are handling the
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investigation it is in the early stages but most metro buses allison and tony, do have those surveillance cameras onboard it is possible, there is some video evidence of what exactly happened in this fight. back to you. all right thank you very much. >> meanwhile metro is facing another problem this morning, this one involving a highly contagious illness one of their buses is out of service because the driver, has viral meningitis the driver worked friday was previously was in vacation it is from 14th street line running to buchanon, colorado avenue the bus is out of circulation until it can be thoroughly cleaned metro is disinfecting 164 other buses as a precaution. >> metro safety over site group is reviewing the transit agencies procedures to make sure equipment is in good working order following the death of a passenger when a defribulator did not work properly the 51-year-old had a
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heart attack on the yellow line last week the machine at the station did not have enough charge. 7:22 a.m. tuesday morning time to dig out those old cell phones next, when and where to get rid of them and it is all for a good cause. how does a trip to france sound? great right? you can take this weekend without ever leaving town georgetown is hosting it annual french market and sidewalk sale. holly morris is taking it all in this morning we will check back with her a little later for a lesson in how to make french crepes. >> oh, >> oh,  [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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[ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> another drop in the number of americans with high cholesterol despite a nation where two thirds of adults are said to be over weight cdc says
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only 13% of adults have high total cholesterol experts believe the number may be lower due in part to drugs, lowering the risk and lower smoking rates. if you see people ask you to donate your old cell phone around metro stations today don't be alarmed it is all for a good cause. students at george washington university are collecting used cell phones for metro riders to help fund health projects around the world they will collect the cell phones at 15 metro stations, tomorrow morning not today but tomorrow morning. it is now 7:27 a.m. still ahead a big honor for legendary women's basketball coach pat summit it will happen here in dc. >> two missing children's cases and the spotlight, one decades old the other happening a couple days ago. our next guest is with the national center for missing and exploited children he joins us after the break with a closer look why these cases can be so difficult to solve
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>> as we head to break a live lookout side, at fran kenya springfield parkway virginia, we will get the latest wealther and traffic from you know who in just a moment stay with us 7:28 a.m.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. got my bearings. ♪
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a week after announcing her retirement the winningest coach in ncaa history period is receiving an award, she and her son will receive an award at tonight's alzheimers dinner she publicly shared her diagnosis of early onset dementia last year at the age of 59. since then, she and her son created the pat summit foundation to provide awareness, and funds to take on the disease. good for them. >> good for them making a difference in that fight. >> what a role model what an inspiration. >> yeah, she is a classy woman. >> really. >> you are classy. >> thank you allison. >> nice transition. not classy like that. >> in your own way. >> give me a couple years. >> any way, what about weather. >> the forecast looks better,
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tomorrow will be nicer than today still clouds around and relatively cool temperatures but a decent day, there is a live shot and you can see we just got high cloudiness out there at the moment, mares tails. >> mares tails. >> look like the back of a horses tail, high cirrus clouds in other words the forecast looking better >> looks like a painting. >> beautiful. >> a few more clouds of the lower variety in the forecast as well. we are still under the influence of the storm system but you can see the trend is getting better here. we should see more sunshine than yesterday. a cool one yesterday. coolst day since march 10th, roll it back to early march to find a day where we have 60 degrees regan national, dulles yesterday, 47, 50 degrees as well. definitely on the cool side of things. today gradual improvement, 60, but off to a cool start much of the area back in the 30s. 45 washington 30s here generally north and west of the belt way, nor the 30s.
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37 cull pepper, 37 frederick, 38 baltimore, and 43 now, in leonard town looking at satellite radar, we are looking at cloud cover out to the west that will start to move back in still under the influence of this storm system you can see it cranking up, into canada and we are still under that influence winds will pick up today, any sunshine we get will self-destruct, clouds later this afternoon, not a perfectly overcast day, sunshine as well and maybe a light shower once we get this system out of here later tonight and tomorrow we should see plenty of sunshine warmer temperatures starting tomorrow one more relatively cool day a up, 51 today, lots of clouds in the forecast a shower as well this afternoon best chance of that, north and west of your city, winds back west gusting 15 to 20 and then gusting to 30. sustained winds, 15 to 20. partly cloudy skies, chilly overnight winds will start to lighten up towards morning in for a nice one tomorrow, afternoon highs mid- to upper
7:34 am
50s and lots of sunshine, thursday nice and warm low 70s afternoon thunder storm this is a cold front which will cool us down for the end of the week but look at sunshine back in the forecast by friday and saturday a nice looking forecast to our weekend this time around. traffic and there she is, julie has your latest. >> all right tucker barnes on the roads this morning busy yet again started off with a smooth ride and now things have taken a turn, southbound, 29 as you approach plus grove road south of ran -- musgrove road, south of randall. northbound your lanes are open southbound 270 on the brakes at gaithersburg, continuing out towards the lane divide accident activity southbound, 395, access southbound 95, from 395, a few moments ago you could not coming southbound traffic able to squeeze by to the right we have delays
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travelling eastbound, 66, lanes open, traffic will slow out of manassas as you work your way eastbound to route 50 you will find a 31 minute commute all lanes are open, braddock road to 66 travelling southbound george washington parkway, commute approaching 123, now down to 29 miles an hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thank you the search for a 6-year-old arizona girl who vanished from her bedroom does continue isabel, was last seen friday night 11:00 p.m., police say a window in the families tucson home was open with the screen pushed aside now even with that evidence so far an amber aall right has not been issued -- alert has not been issued joining us with more is bob larry executive director of missing children division at national center for missing and exploited children. i said it off camera, thank you for the work you do. i cannot imagine being a parent with a child who is missing when you don't know where that
7:36 am
child is thank you for the work the organization 'cause. >> thank -- does. >> thank you allison. they are very heart wrenching for a family and difficult for law enforcement when you have a child missing like this >> i can only imagine. let's talk about these two cases they grabbed our attention one is a decades old case in new york city first let's start with isabel in arizona why no amber alert. >> that is based on descriptive information law enforcement gets immediately the decision to activate amber is a tool of law enforcement whether or not they need to activate that based on what descriptive information can be shared with the public and whether it will assist them in recovering and finding the child. in this case it was decided it wouldn't be very helpful but doesn't imply law enforcement is not being very aggressive they are, in these cases and lots of dissemination what happened to isabel. i think you just have to keep in mind amber is only a tool for law enforcement. >> we will talk about the criteria and explain that
7:37 am
better in this interview. but what do we know about this case? a lot is being made about the entry point to the home and basically, how that screen was pushed aside, why is this important. >> well, it suggests that someone got into the home and removed the child which is our biggest fear as parents we expect when we put our child to bed that child is safe the fact that screen has been removed suggested, an intruder may have come into the home and removed this child. now, these are very rare events, but not unprecedented we do see from time to time, children removed from homes and taken by abductors but all scenarios have to be considered by law enforcement they don't know what happened just yet they have a big job. >> in the case of eton in new york city, why -- we saw the activity on the weekend, i was not alone when we all held their breath maybe there is a break-in this case what is the latest in new york, what did investigators find. >> we don't know exactly what
7:38 am
has been found evidence was removed from the basement, we always remain hopeful some clue has been found that might give us the answers about what happened to eton we want to know but no one more so than his parents need to noah happened and so we are going to remain hopeful, but you hoe this case is -- you know this case is 33 years old what it demonstrates to us and should tell all the parents and anyone listening while law enforcement doesn't give up on these cases this had been 33 years since he has been missing and they will never give up the search until that child is found. >> a lot was made about the amber alert you felt maybe you can have a part in this it went across the nation when a child is missing what is the criteria to issue an amber alert. >> based on descriptive information law enforcement has whether it is about the child potential suspect, whether there is a vehicle the child is seen being taken from the scene, all that information has to be weighed by law enforcement keep in mind it doesn't suggest there is not an
7:39 am
aggressive investigation and response when these children go missing but keep in mind these are just a tool for law enforcement we find a lot of children as a result of amber but based on how much descriptive information we can share. sharing those images of the children is a very powerful thing and gauging the public is the eyes and ears of law enforcement that has been done in isabel's case we will remain hopeful. >> how big is the scope of this problem bob? how many kids approximately are out there, missing today. >> well, we work on average of 2,000 children reported per day keep in mind cases like eton cases like isabel's are more rare we see that 110 times nationally per year. very troubling most difficult, these are our stereo typical child abduction cases the ones i think haunt investigators because they are working in an atmosphere, where there is very little information, some times they have to go out and pound
7:40 am
the pavement and see what they can find out. >> bob laurie, appreciate the job you do the executive director of missing children division, national center for missing and exploited children, good luck come back and see us if there is any movement in this case. >> exposure to these cases through the public and media has been a real game changer, we are doing a much better job than ever in finding kids. >> tony over to you. >> thank you both. 7:40 a.m., the man accused of the biggest leak of classified information in u.s. history, heads back to court. next why his defense team says all charges should be dropped. take a listen. ♪ [ music ] ♪ you didn't have to cut me out >> what do you think about the glee version of this original song. the original artist is calling it a boxed rendition.
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making headlines on a
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tuesday morning a pretrial hearing for the army private at the center of the wiki leaks scandal resumes at fort mead he is charged with leeking thousands of classified war documents to the anti secrecy website defense is asking a military judge to dismiss all charges saying military prosecutors failed to hand other several documents, -- over several documents helpful to defense. defense presents opening statements in the trial of roger clemens he is accused of lying to congress when he said he never used steroids, opening statements monday, prosecutor said clemens told lies and other lies, to cover up lies. that is a lot of lies. i can't keep it straight. >> okay. >> which often is the problem when you tell lies not that he did just saying. >> can't keep your story straight. >> tucker barnes is steroid free we guarantee that. >> yes, you can tell from my lack of muscle mass.
7:45 am
>> i was going to say although guns do not indicate it but he is steroid free. >> well, this is extra large too. >> right to your temperatures, live shot you can see we are off to a decent day, sunshine to start your morning a nicer day than yesterday more sunshine, warmer temperatures near 60 later today cool out this at the moment 30s on the map and 45 here in washington 35 pittsburgh, let's see, 37 degrees and west virginia, 33 yeah, this might be the last of the cold, until next fall. the real cold,. >> do you promise? >> well, how about this allison, i promise this will be the last time we talk about a snow storm on the east coast this season >> i like it. >> least i can do. if i am wrong i won't not. pattern change, -- i won't come in. pattern change, 60s and 70s on the horizon, low 60s up near 70 wednesday and thursday your 5 day could be a sprinkle or
7:46 am
light shower north and west of the city later this afternoon otherwise, decent day, nicer than yesterday, wednesday looks great cooler by friday and saturday >> i like that little spike on thursday. >> should feel good. >> thanks tuck. >> julie wright with more on this mornings rush hour. >> all right guys we got to stay a quick hello to kim and mary watson had the pleasure of meeting mary yesterday, she loves our show i said we would say hello. out on the roads, southbound 29, musgrove. big delays southbound, randolph road past the scene, southbound, left lane blocked, toward it is exit for the belt way, northbound traffic slows from the belt way past duke street, 14th street bridge up and across the potomac, over toward it is southeast, southwest freeway. all right julie thank you very much. this morning a tale of drama involving dee on sanders his
7:47 am
estranged wife pilar was arrested last night after sanders, tweeted this quote pray for me and my kids now they just witnessed their mother and friend, jump me in my room. she is going to jail and i am pressing charges end colt. nfl hall of famer -- end quote. >> nfl hall of famer later tweeted pictures of he and his boys, filling out paperwork. >> gotye is not thrilled with the rendition of his hit song on glee ♪ [ music ] ♪ but you didn't have to cut me out ♪ >> i like it. >> not bad to me this version done by darren, chris and matt baumer did not measure up according to the artist he tells australia, sunday herald they made it sound dinky and
7:48 am
wrong. it debuted on the top 100 chart and guess what it will make him more money. >> i like it a lot. >> nothing wrong with that. >> all right. sites and sounds of france right here in our region. >> yes, holly is live in georgetown with more, now holly you got to promise us one thing, no mimes. >> oh, what are you talking about? no mimes you already blew my big punch line i was going to say oh, nothing beats the champs de elysee. >> they are gearing up for the ninth annual french market coming up we will tell you first hand how this weekend you can get your own taste of the region, live next fox 5 morning news stay with us pgh
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>> thank you. time now to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, jasmine murray she has been watching fox 5 since she was just a wee little girl. she is a big fan of hollies and loves seeing holly get on the the soul train line yesterday. so did we thanks for watching. for a chance to be to morrow's fan -- do be tomorrow's fan of the day, leave a comment under jasmine's photo. troy watson's girlfriend wrote in and said yes, she will go to the prom with him we never doubted you troy. looks like you have done to at least one dance together already have a whole lot of fun at prom we will be right back, 7:49 a.m. 
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there is a family fun french event going on in
7:53 am
georgetown this friday and saturday. >> our own holly morris is there today holly. >> bonjour mes amis. what do they say, always have paris in springtime or georgetown when it still feels like winter. one and the same but a whole lot of fun and super wonderful weekend event for you and your family to come out and enjoy the ninth year they have done the french market here, book hill section of georgetown, debbie young is the host with the business improvement district or bonjour clearly this has been successful, nine years in the making. >> yes, we are here with one of the original founders of the event featuring over 40 cafes, galleries, offering up to 75% off. >> kind of tell people how it works and what they will experience. >> yeah, well, we are here in book hill, runs along wisconsin
7:54 am
avenue, t street to reservoir road it is like an outdoor sidewalk sale you will see lots of goods on the street, big mark downs antiques, clothing, foods, french pastries, and grilling sausage sandwiches just a fun event and lots of great deals to be had. >> if playing the french connection here between the book hill section and france. >> well, i think, when it started nine years ago there was a french market here in book hill and started around that, concept. so we do have a lot of french products like the french antiques like this will be here, different pastries french embassy will be here kind of ties to that, and just having the open market that you see in paris and that is where it all came from. >> encourage people just to come out and be on the street and take in the whole setting. >> exactly and shop. >> and celebrate spring. >> it will be warmer, come this weekend, but you will get a sense, debbie thank you always
7:55 am
good to see you of the french flair. mattie playing accordian here, he has helped set the stage he will be here this weekened adds well if you want a true taste take in what cafe bonaparte will be offering. >> wow that looks delicious. >> caramelized apples, cream anglaise se. >> everyone uses different pans we have the most classic pans and so, the cooking it through is very important, the way you flip it, and so, it has different kinds of art work to it. >> well, look that is pretty good right on cue the perfect
7:56 am
flip there,. >> yeah. >> the thing with the crepe you have to make sure it is thin but not too thin. >> correct. the thickness of it, the thinness is very important a lot of people can make it a little too thick and then, you lose the real crepe -- chef >> right then it becomes a burrito. >> it can become a burrito. >> so you are going to have the sweet crepes but also the savoury. >> that's right we will have a couple options of our savoury crepes and also have a couple options of our sweet ones and then of course we also have the restaurant itself which has 13 savoury and sweet. >> which one should i try? this is nutella >> it has strawberries inside of it. >> okay. >> we can give you a fork. >> all right >> as i do this, i will tell you, that the french market is this friday and saturday, i would say come on friday if you can, it is all day long,
7:57 am
wonderful opportunity, 43 markets or stores offering up to 75% off, and then of course things like cafe bonaparte offering these wonderful, delicious crepes more for the french fashionista next hour back to you. >> tucker said a french poodle just walked by. >> all french all weekend. >> coming up pastor joel osteen joins us live he is in town ahead of this saturday's america's night of hope at nationals park thousands are expected to attend. >> new hope in the fight against cancer specifically brain cancer fox medical team takes a look at a new vaccine already showing promise. time now, 7:57 a.m., please stay with us see you on the other side of the break i style everyone.
7:58 am
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8:01 am
>> joel osteen brings his america's night of hope to nationals park he is the pastor of the country's largest church and this morning he joins us live in studio, to talk about this weekend's event we look forward to that i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. >> we sure do have a packed couple shows. >> governor of virginia in during the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> we look foreward to it all and so important is the weather. >> yes. >> joel will be interested in the forecast for saturday. >> is it saturday. >> saturday night. >> we will take a look. right now first,. >> let's do it. >> do you call him joel. >> that is rather familiar. >> pastor osteen. >> i want the get that straight tony. 68% humidity, winds south and west, pressure on the rise, 2.95 inches, storminess
8:02 am
retreated to canada it will take 24 hours or so to call it quits, clouds will increase later today cool highs upper 50s to 60, but rain chances they are much less than yesterday, a couple sprinkles feel warmer later today with the additional sunshine and the slightly warmer temperatures 60 your daytime high partial sunshine this afternoon. >> not a bad day. >> better than yesterday. >> and the day before. >> thanks tucker. >> to julie wright i think today's traffic is better than yesterday too. >> yeah, i mean we have had a couple accidents here or there but nothing like yesterday morning, travelling southbound 29, accident activity in the roadway, that is cleared lanes are open southbound, big delays leaving randolph road toward the capital belt way delays 395, leaving the belt way headed northbound, landmark traffic flows again across the inbound 14th street bridge, crash on the southbound side of the highway cleared that is a check of your fox 5 on time
8:03 am
traffic. all right julie thank you new this morning, last night's cold temperature may have played a role in a house fire in silver spring they told crews on the sign, they had a fire in the fireplace last night. transit agency investigating an alleged assault onboard one of their buses. >> after the bus driver accused of getting into a fight with a passenger was arrested fox 5s melanie alnwick is live in arlington with details. good morning tony metro transit police are handling this investigation, which we are told is still in early stages at this point it was friday afternoon, around 3:45 p.m. when the fight broke out, apparently, between the driver and a passenger, who didn't want to pay the fare. metro etc. isn't giving out a lot of
8:04 am
details about the incident and won't tell us who the driver is except to say he has been a driver for 12 years the altercation happened on the 38 b bus going from boston to farogate square at courthouse plaza where the argument started and ended with the bus driver, physically removing the male passenger from the bus sounds like more than just a shoving match the passenger ending up with a broken arm having to go to local hospital for treatment another driver told fox 5, the 38 b can be an unruly ride. >> he is innocent until prove guilty if he did assault a passenger he has to pay the price like everybody else. >> metro says the driver did alert his supervisor, immediately and continued on his route he was told to go ahead and stop that bus, at the pentagon stop and it was there he was arrested. a transit union spokeswoman
8:05 am
says that the driver is on leave, with pay, at this point, administrative leave and under going tony and allison what they call standard drug and alcohol testing. that is the latest we have here from arlington back to you. >> thank you more commuter news metro bus out of service and more than 150 others are being disinfected after a driver was diagnosed with viral meningitis, it is highly contagious the driver worked friday after recently being on vacation the bus in yeses on the 14th street -- in question is on the 14th street line. 164 buses in the northern division are being disinfected as a precaution. we have the latest now in the race for the white house, president obama will be in north carolina and colorado promoting student loan reform efforts, meantime gop front runner mitt romney will be in new hampshire watching results of today's primaries in
8:06 am
pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. the latest real clear politics average of polls shows president obama leading romney by a slim margin, 47% to 44%, romney is expected to sweep today's primaries though ron paul and newt gingrich are still in the race. 209 delegates are at stake in today's primaries a sweep would push romney closer to the number needed to clench the nomination. >> the district plans to go all green today mayor grey will present a 20 year plan to make the nations capitol, the greenest healthiest most livable city in the nation he will use the backdrop of a ribbon cutting for the new anacostia river walk trail bridge to make his announcement. maryland governor o'malley is sitting down for breakfast with top house and senate leaders this morning the governor wants to hold a special session of legislature and asking michael bush and senate president, thomas miller
8:07 am
for consensus before ordering lawmakers back to annapolis a half billion dollars in the budget cuts are due to kick in, because lawmakers failed to pass a tax package during regular session. >> virginia's legislative session is a done deal but not without its share of budget drama that did include extra money for the dulles rail project we will talk about that plus immoving economic outlook and presidential -- improving economic outlook and presidential politics this morning at 9:15 a.m. one time aid to former senator and presidential candidate john edwards back on the stand in his criminal trial andrew young claimed he helped edwards use nearly a million dollars in secret campaign contributions to hide his pregnant mistress, his defense lawers charge young used much of the money to build a large dream house in 2008 young falsely claimed he was the father of edwards child with a
8:08 am
mistress young could also be in legal trouble young recently talked with three other witnesses about what to say in court. 12 jurors, 4 alternates are seated in the federal purgery trial of roger clemens the first witness could be called to testify today clemens is accused of lying to congress during hearing this is 2008 when he testified he never took steroids or human growth hormone the jury is made up mostly of women and they are not baseball fans. trayvon martin case in florida now, the sanford city commission rejecting the resignation of the city's police chief. bill lee temporarily stepped down as chief last month, then announced it would be permanent but in a vote last night city officials rejected the resignation blaming the up roar on martin's death on outsiders. emotional testimony by general for hudson, the former american idol star and current oscar winner broke down when she took the stand in the trial
8:09 am
of the man accused of killing her family. >> he is her former brother-in- law and foxes aiynsley earhart reports he is accused of murdering her mother brother and 7-year-old nephew. >> reporter: a tough day in court for singer jennifer hudson she took the stand in the trial against her brother- in-law, william ball four deputies helped her enter the court away from media no cams were allowed in the courtroom prosecution says he killed her mother brother and 7-year-old nephew to get back at his wife hudson's sister julia. jennifer didn't talk about details related to the shootings but offered testimony about her family she said no one wanted balfour to marry her sister she broke down talking about seeing her family before the murders after all of this the judge instructed jurors to set aside any sympathy for the star, defense says because of her celebrity police focused only on the first potential suspect, lawyers told the jury quote they were on the hook,
8:10 am
they had to find their man, and find him quickly. balfour pleaded not guilty to three coundegree murder if convicted of at least two he would face a mandatory life sentence in new york, aiynsley earhart, fox news. all right it is coming up on 8:10 a.m., on tuesday morning this weekend, joel osteen is hoping to bring words of wisdom, and words of inspiration to followers nationwide. the popular minister will hold america's night of hope at nationals park and this morning he is here in studio to talk about what we can expect that coming up next. >> what a treat plus we are going to get an updated weather forecast and check on the roads as fox 5 morning news does continue 8:10 a.m. 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
wow, spring storm dropped lots of rain in our area but brought snow to several spots along the east coast, here is a look at the scene in montgomery county, north carolina yesterday. montgomery county, north care lie that. >> that's right. >> oh, boy i was like i don't
8:14 am
think that happened in our montgomery county. closer to home this is what it looked like in western maryland, hagerstown sleet and snow made for dangerous driving conditions people in prosper got 2 to 5 inches of the white stuff in late april. >> extraordinary. april 23rd. >> it is. >> mother nature, cannot predict her. >> crazy year. >> tucker barnes here to tell us about the weather but first something to warm up the folks in frost burg. >> absolutely time for my first five photo of the day this is -- this is jay lynn. >> so cute. >> according to her family this is her mean face. >> if that is her mean face that is cute. >> doing all right. >> look at that head of hair. >> she is adorable. >> so cute. >> tony remember when you had that much hair? >> yes, i do. >> oh,. >> sadly i was about that age.
8:15 am
>> she is adorable. >> super cute. >> really cute >> that is not a mean face. >> no, very cute. >> all right, to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. congratulations, hope you have a smile on your face after seeing your picture. let's do temperatures regan national, we are still chilly, 47 degrees, lots of 30s earlier, to the north and west now we are jumping into the low 40s frederick, 41 degrees, 42 dulles and let's see southern maryland, leonard town, 45, out to the west still cold another day temperatures below normal. more sunshine than yesterday it will help push temperatures in up ther 50s to 60, still not where we should be this time of year but gradually going to get there. there is your satellite radar clouds off to the north and west, storm system, is kind of pushing up near toronto, and over the next day or so, that
8:16 am
storm will continue to push off, to the north eventually east, out of here and our forecast will gradually get better today, still a lot of clouds around temperatures near 60 by tomorrow, we will be near 70, bright sunshine by the afternoon forecast gets better and better your 5 day forecast, cold front thursday afternoon could kick off a few thunderstorms cooler behind the front friday and saturday and saturday looks fantastic, temperatures 60s nice and dry. all right that is your forecast see some traffic and julie wright. all right. tucker barnes on the roads right now you will find lanes are open, but the pace slow going as you work your way inbound, george washington parkway, coming in from 123 headed out toward it is tr bridge it is bumper to bumper slow average speed 27 miles per hour but i can assure you lanes are open, another slow spot, 22 minutes just for that commute from 395, back up to 66,
8:17 am
earlier problems on 66 cleared reports of accident activity 34th near woodly, accident activity out of the roadway, also along new hampshire avenue, south of georgia at the otis exit, accident activity outer loop of the belt way, below speed leaving 295, colesville, inner loop of the belt way, before leaving 95 to the john hanson highway tony back to you. >> thank you very much this weekend joel osteen brings his america's night of hope to nationals park it is an annual event that previously has been held in new york, los angeles chicago not only is joel osteen pastor of the country's largest church but also a best selling author and a big deal in the twitter world joining us now to discuss upcoming events here in washington is pastor joel ole seen thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me tony. >> i will ask you about twitter in a moment but first this event saturday night, these are mammoth events you fill stadiums you are hoping to do that this saturday as well for
8:18 am
those unfamiliar with it tell us about america's night of hope. >> two and a half hours we bring music and ministry, inspiration a lot of great stories just to up lift people's faith seems like tony there is a lot these days trying to push people down our message is about god is good he is on your side and even when you have made mistakes you can move forward it will be a fun night and always tell people if you come you will go home better than you were before. >> your wife will be there as well >> my wife, my kids are involved my mother over came cancer in 1981 she tells her story, just a lot of different ways that we try to come at people, to just inspire them and let them know, i believe god put seeds of greatness in every person be a great mother great business person, be a great teacher whatever but i believe we can all rise higher >> i mention you have been in new york, l.a. chicago the fourth one here in washington. why washington and why now? >> well, we thought it was important in the election year, there seems to be a lot that
8:19 am
tries to divide the country people are -- we are passionate about our politics but we like to come because our event is about unity. people from all walks of life, all races, and so, just felt right bringing it here we have always had a lot of support here in dc a lot of great people just felt right. >> in more detail about that, because you mention it our politics right now very devie sieve, perhaps more so than in many many many year, this is the seat of all that, some times devie sieve some times political dialogue is down right mean spirited what is the message you hope to impart to those who might take part in that kind of dialogue. >> you know our message is always that you know what, we can have differences but we are to be respectful, loving, you know just i think, you know scripture talks about god blesses where there is unity doesn't mean you have to agree on everything our message would
8:20 am
be you know what let's have our differences but respect each other and remember we are all americans passionate because we believe we are right but i really believe, like you said it is not like, when you were growing up people would compromise a little bit if you don't get 100% of what you want i think those things you have to come to that you are not going to get it your way 100%, that is important. >> in addition to the event saturday night something is taking place this week, generation hope tell us about that. >> we have hundreds of young people that have come up from houston and different parts of the country just to make a difference in the community painting houses cleaning up neighbourhoods, just we believe you know, hope is not just about what we say but what we do. i am really impressed with this generation, they want to get their hands dirty want to make a difference when we kicked it off we didn't know so many would want to come out it is happening all week, making a difference to less fortunate. >> going to schools, upwards of
8:21 am
500. >> yeah, i believe it will be more than that taking their time off working tirelessly, an exciting thing. >> want to let people know there are still some tickets available for saturday night's event at nationals park they are $15, for that event. let me ask you, a question, and almost not fair to ask this, this is something we could talk about for an hour, you came into the studio you sat down and while you were sitting here, we are over at the desk reading stories about missing children, people killing other people, there is so much bad in the world, and there are a lot of people who do not feel the hand of god in their lives, on a daily basis what do you say to those people. >> well, there is a lot of negative things a lot of bad happening i think some of it tony or a lot of it is god gives us our own choice some times people make wrong choices some times it hurts other people but i try to remind people god has each one of us in the palm of his hand when you trust him we don't say you will never have a difficulty
8:22 am
but you can feel peace in the midst of that storm i tell people in those difficult times turn to your faith i try to encourage people to get up every morning find something to be grateful for, easy to get focused whoop is wrong what didn't work out -- focus on what is wrong what didn't work out i have my health today, i have family i have a job how you start the day determines how the day will go. >> america's night of hope, saturday night 7:30 p.m.,. >> thanks tony. >> allison back to you. 8:22 a.m., tuesday morning actor noah willey handcuffed placed under arrest in the district. >> alarming news about social security experts now say it will run out earlier than originally projected we've got what you need to know. >> later this hour, busy weekend in georgetown ninth annual french market going on this friday and saturday, holly morris is there with a preview this morning. we will be right back 0ñ [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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8:26 am
building on capital hill. willey and members of the group are urging congress not no cut medicaid. the poor economy is making social security's finances worse the government says a bad economy and higher energy prices have worsened the finances again, they are shortening the life of the trust funds that support the program by three years now. the trustees who over see social security say the programs trust funds will now run dry, in 2033, medicare finances have stabilized but the program's hospital insurance fund is still projected to again run out of money in 2024. those numbers don't add up well for me. >> melter tony. >> all right senate -- me either tony. >> senate set to vote on several cost cutting moves for the post office. lawmakers have said if changes are not made the post office is on track to lose $18 billion, a year, by 2015.
8:27 am
time now 8:26 a.m., we are going to be in sad shape you and i when we try to -- >> these stories -- we need joel osteen back in here please. >> back to the news call it the gold rush of the future a handful of high tech tycoons have their sights set on space. possible break through in the fight against brain cancer and a blood test that can help diagnose depression. we will get the latest on all of that when we check in with the fox medical team stay with us, 8:27 a.m. 3q there she is !
8:28 am
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mega million dollar business adventure, listen up tuck era handful of high tech tycoons want to strike it rich, mining asteroids they would use robotic ships to squeeze rocket fuel and valuable minerals out of the rocks this computer
8:31 am
generated image provided by planetary resources, a new company show as concept crawl spacecraft getting ready to capture a near earth asteroid some investors in this endeavor include googles executive chairman and film maker james cameron. >> if you are a tech titan do you need to strike it rich? >> richer. >> but they are looking at energy sources for the future. i kind of like it although i don't like the concept of trying to capture the asteroid i would thing you would want to land on it and mine it. >> why capture it? >> seems like it could go terribly wrong. >> you are a naysayer. >> i like that capture it. squeeze the resources out of it get richer and we all get better energy. win win win. >> here is a little pat ben tar for you, tucker. >> nothing says weather quite like pat benattar. there you go with a live shot.
8:32 am
sunshine across the area. >> rocking forecast. >> that was good >> but not really. >> it is going to be rocking. >> later. >> please make it stop. all right let's get to your temperatures 47, washington. >> you weren't ready for her. >> back in the early 80s. >> mm-hmm. >> she was 80s. >> yes, she was. >> she can still rock. >> no, am sure she can still rock 47 washington. 45 gaithersburg. 49 quantico, and off to the south, leonard town, 46 degrees temperatures gradually warming up should be a decent day today, but it is going to be yet a little on the cool side not quite done with this storm system things gradually improving more sunshine than yesterday, storm still spinning off to the north and to the west and we will get some winds out of the west, 30 today, clouds less numerous than yesterday, but still hanging around today, partly to mostly
8:33 am
cloudy day, with the chance of just a scattered shower i think the best chance of that will be north and west of the city why the cool air, snow storm that jet stream took a big dip south during the day sunday, and it is still hanging out to the south but gradually retreat to the north as our system pushes north and east we will trend warmer, high temperatures later today, 60 degrees and then well into the 60s near 70 wednesday and by thursday, in low 70s. gradually getting better here next couple days still cool could be a sprinkle most of the day will be dry, 67 tomorrow partial sunshine thursday. 72 afternoon thunderstorm cold front friday, saturday back into the sunshine cooler as you start our weekend that is a look at the weather forecast allison back to you at the desk. topping medical news a blood test to diagnose teen depression? new hope this morning in the fight against cancer. for more on all of this let's head to tampa and the fox medical teams, dr. joe.
8:34 am
good morning dr. joe. >> good morning allison. >> tell us about this vaccine and specific type of cancer it is targeting. >> this particular cancer vaccine is for a brain tumour, it is a very aggressive cancer usually kills patients within 15 months of diagnose mow sis, and this particular -- diagnosis and this particular vaccine was created in san francisco and uses proteins, they can extract from the tumour itself they place that back into the patient and they were able to extend life by 15 weeks and that is pretty significant when you thing about the life span some of these patients are facing. >> you have been following this vaccine and the progression for awhile and a patient who helped with some research could you tell us about that. >> well, there was a second vaccine this one out of ucla we were following bob gibbs locally he unfortunately lost his battle a few months ago but did extremely well with another
8:35 am
vaccine, it was again the tumour, they took the tumour, boosted it with something that would make the immune system recognize the tumour and his survival was extended for a significant period of time now i think one of the most important things people need to know and that bob wanted to tell people is, if you are diagnosed and you are considering one of those clinical trials you need to let your doctor know before they perform surgery that particular tumour has to be preserved in a special way, so again if you do have a brain tumour, brain cancer any kind of cancer for that matter, and you are thinking about going into a vaccine trial, then make sure that you address that before you have surgery. >> okay dr. joe this is brain cancer what about other cancers. >> yes, there are vaccines out there for other cancers what the cancer does is it has some sort of a way to kind of operate under the radar and the most important thing we can do is make sure our bodies
8:36 am
recognize it should not be there. these are utilized to stop the spread of the disease those tiny little me it is a phis that can take hold in other parts of the body they are used in conjunction with other therapies, surgery and chemo therapy to debulk that tumour our hope is then keep and control that cancer and perhaps we will be treating cancer like chronic disease hopefully, like diabetes. >> let's talk about a test to diagnose teenage depression how realistic is this? when can we expect it. >> well, it is going to take some time this was a very small study just done they were looking for bio markers they found some, about 11 in blood that seem to be correlated with teenage depression another 18 that were correlated with anxiety and depression it will have to be reconfirmed have to go through clinical trials something we might want to have because they are saying up to 25% of teens and young adults, do have depression and a lot of
8:37 am
the symptoms are things we just correlate with teens, irritability, loss of appetite, acting out, so some times it is extremely difficult to know if your child truly has a pathological condition like depression or just you know being a teenager. >> dr. joe thank you so much exciting new advancements in the medical world appreciate it. >> thanks allison. time now 8:37 a.m., tuesday morning job of the day is coming up next on fox 5. >> plus if you use internet you need to know about this lingering effects of an online scam effecting hundreds of thousands of users nationwide and there is a step you need to take to avoid having your service shut down in july. we've got what you need to know stay with us, 8:37 a.m.
8:38 am
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pi is a hut looking for -- pizza hut looking for general managers, for more information and to see the rest of our listings, head to look for link to the job shop. the federal reserve meets here in washington today and tomorrow it is likely they will keep short term interest rates at record lows, economists will
8:41 am
look to see whether the fed will engage in new programs, to lower long term rates now after their meeting in january, the fed indicated that might happen, and since then the economy has shown signs of improvement, and the european debt crisis doesn't look as bad as it did a few months ago. >> if you don't disinfect your computer by july you could lose your internet connection. many users don't know this, hundreds of thousands of computers are infected with a mat ware trojan virus called dns changer it was installed by international internet hackers running an online ad scam fbi set up a system to prevent disruptions for users but are shutting it down you have until july 9th to clean your computer. also topping tech news happenle reportedly trying to -- apple reportedly trying to make a thinner iphone. the phone is expected to utilize a new display technology, placing the touch
8:42 am
sensors inside the color filters rather than above them there is no word when or if it will happen. 8:41 a.m., 47 degrees on tuesday morning now it is time the clean out your hard drive and tackle those piles of paper, the stacks i hate them. >> me too. >> so which documents do you need to keep which ones can you throw away an expert joins us to break it down next holly. >> hey, we are talking about cleaning out your closet what should you keep and throw away in terms of this year's spring fashion. well, i have the perfect idea you need to come out this weekend to georgetown where the book hill neighbourhood is hosting the annual french market coming up we are indeed going to learn how to channel our inner french fashionista live next fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:43 am
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now tax day has come and gone you might be wondering what documents you can keep and what ones you can throw away. tips on what records are important to save and what you
8:46 am
can get rid of. this is such a great topic. this is really news you can use. >> this is the time of year it is perfect. >> spring clean up, clean out some of the stuff you don't need but keep some stuff too. >> exactly right. this is important the irs has up to three years after the tax filing deadline to audit you after that time you can get rid of all those supporting documents. >> fantastic. >> the key thing to keep is tax returns i say to keep them as long as possible good news you can digitize everything now go through old records them take pictures, scan them save them in a pdf and keep them on your computer back them up don't worry about them. >> that is the main one. >> keep records of home purchase and major improvements, i figured the home purchase but improvements i wasn't sure about. >> key thing is most people these days no longer have to pay taxes on their home sale profits there is a big exclusion as long as you live in your house for two out of the past five years you get
8:47 am
$250,000 exclusion if you are single $500,000 if you are married, but if you make a big profit, or if you live in the house for less than two years you may have to pay taxes on gains the key thing is, all of those home improvements, major home improvements, adding an extension, adding a deck all of that you can add to the purchase price and help lower your tax bill if you have to pay taxes on it that can make a big difference. >> records of stock and mutual funds,. >> this is one that i get questions from reeders all the time -- readers all the time right before tax time they are selling a stock trying to look back to figure out what they paid for it when they purchased it. a lot of times they have to piece things together. i say just hold on to those forms and records as long as you have the stock when you sell it it is easy to figure that out. >> these are things you can get rid of. supporting tax documents like
8:48 am
cancelled checks credit card receipts we can get rid of them right after tax season. >> that's right three years. >> after the three years. >> the key thing is irs has up to three years to audit you and on the flip side you also have three years after that tax filing deadline to file an amended return. so if you do for example, if you have been going through taxes this past year come up with deductions i may have qualified for that in the past you may have benefited, go back fill out an amended return, 1040 x get it at and get extra money back. >> monthly statements from your bank and brokerage firm toss that, atm receipts, deposit slips goes in line. >> if you for example are taking a deduction for a home office, if you work at home then you will want to keep that with tax records up to three years otherwise as soon as you get records next months showing you paid that bill or brokerage firms forms and your tax
8:49 am
records for your pay, all of those things when you get that year end record showing that what you've got for the year they become redundant unless you are using it for tax purposes you can get rid of monthly statements after it matches up with the year end. >> after your pay stubs match up with w 2s get rid of those two for whatever reason i have a whole stack of pay stubs. >> it is interesting to look back at 10 years ago pay stubs but you don't need to keep them. >> some times it can be depressing to know what you used to make. spending your return in a positive way, you say, prepay your vacation for example. >> exactly right. >> love it. >> basic things you want to cover first make sure you pay down any high interest credit card debt, 18% interest, is like earning 18% return something that is hard to get otherwise, but once you've covered those bases and filled up your emergency fund. i say put some of that money in towards your vacation fund, and
8:50 am
then start feeding that account, every two weeks or so put extra money in by the time you take your vacation and that credit card bill comes after you get back you will be able the pay the full thing in full instead of paying interest for months. >> financial fleedom is always fun invest in your -- freedom is always fun invest in your stocks. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you make taxes exciting. >> thanks. >> i was taking notes news you can use. ninth annual georgetown french market going on this friday and saturday, holly morris in georgetown today to preview the two day event good morning. >> good morning to you tony and no body knows fashion like the french right so when you come out this weekend to be a part of the french market, you might want to do a little shopping for your closet here to talk a little bit more about not only what is going to be vailable but what you should shop for is kyle barber with the boutique
8:51 am
duo. >> good morning. >> so, what do you like about the french market and being a part of that. >> i have never participated in it. i am very excited about it. >> hopefully it is warmer. >> hopefully i am clearly ready for warmth. >> you look great you are our fashionista in terms of spring trends. >> a lot of color, feminine cuts bold patterns neons everywhere, love that neon dress if you are not ready to go that big with the neon, a neon accessory is a great way to incorporate >> i like the navy too. something did i have aren't than black. >> right. >> pastels are all over the place, this dress is great, and this overlay unsnaps and becomes a top. >> nice, two for one. >> yep. >> i love pastels paired with beiges, this super flattering
8:52 am
retro style dress is awesome, and i love this sorbet necklace. >> looks like obviously, accessories are big like a single big chunky necklace. >> that's right. >> it is a great way to try out a trend without jumping all the way in and just kind of accessorize your normal wardrobe. >> what kind of value are you going to offer this weekend >> i will have a store wide discount some sale items jewellery priced very well, and then some of the clothing will be on sale as well. >> very good well, good luck it is the place to be when it comes to this time of year and shopping may always do a wonderful job here, i want to come down this way to chris at that johnson she is with ella roo for you we want to talk a little bit about really channeling that inner frenchfashionista you want to walk down the street and someone grows she's got style. >> for the french woman,
8:53 am
everyone should have a striped tee whether it is a top or dress i love sandals in summer. >> yeah. >> these look great. >> i like the rope too. you know kind of gives that aquatic feel clearly we are all dreaming beach, warm what else you got. >> vintage pieces, which are great because the price of everything has gone up, even with the recession, so you can find vintage chloe, the great fashion house of france. >> this is your time the get that french designer piece because you guys are consignment. >> right. >> get it at a good value. >> right you can even get things at ella roo with original tags this is a chloe piece from last spring has a tag of $4,500 originally and there is a big discount at the store. >> all pary january women know how to -- parisian woman know how to rock the scarf. >> add it to a bag they make tops head bands, scarf is an
8:54 am
easy piece and affordable too. >> have you been a part of the french market before. >> yes, we love it. this is our second year. >> what do you like. >> it brings people who have never shopped in georgetown they get to see shopping small is fun. >> find unique pieces thanks so much our website we have a link to the georgetown business improvement district that puts on the french market going on this friday and saturday, 10 to 5 come out, next hour so many sales going on this weekend we will tell you how to shop the sales to make sure you get a good deal back to you in studio. >> beautiful things. >> good stuff. >> it is time now to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day jasmine murray has been watching fox 5 since she was a little girl, she is a big fan of hollies and loves seeing holly get on the soul train line yesterday we did too many jasmine, we thank you for watching, you have a cute little one in your arms for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of
8:55 am
the day head to our facebook page post a comment under jasmine's photo. >> quick follow up, yesterday 's fan of the day troy watson's girlfriend betsy wrote in and said yes i will go to the prom with you we never doubted you troy looked like you guys have been to at least one other dance together already, so have a great time at prom. send us a picture right. >> yes. >> prom picture. >> look forward to seeing you. still ahead virginia's legislative session is a done deal but did not include extra money for the dulles rail project. >> presidential politics when bob mcdonald joins us live at 9:15 a.m. stay with us for that 
8:56 am
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she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ >> good tuesday morning i am allison seymour. right now at 9, a metro bus
8:59 am
driver accused of assaulting a passenger, melanie alnwick is live with the story. plus, talk about a close call a woman almost struck by an emergency vehicle shocking video but her response, may have you even more surprised. you don't want to miss it. >> also ahead at 9, virginia governor bob mcdonald will discuss the recently passed budget. a little later she rose to fame show casing her talent on youtube now singer tina grannis is in studio she has a concert in town first a concert here on fox 5 morning news. >> she is all the rage all over the internet, millions and millions of downloads of her song, so very interesting to meet her. >> looking forward to it as well. >> tucker barnes, down stairs in the weather center you will not win points for playing your guitar and singing but telling the weather story every day. >> yes, i have put my talents on


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