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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  April 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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government in the 1984 murder of catherine fuller took the stand in a post conviction hearing and said he lied. calvin was a key witness against 10 defends and pleaded guilty to taking part in the crime. today, alston told the court he was fed information by police and lied on the stand to save himself. paul wagner joins us live with more. paul. >> reporter: laura, under questioning, calvin alston took the stand and, under oath, he was not in the alley when she was murdered in october 1984, near the intersection of h and eighth streets northeast and did not take part in the murder. alston said when he was brought in for questioning, the police provided him with the names and the roles of each man that was accused in the case. he said he was coached before giving a videotaped interview. calvin alston seen here on the right leaving court today spent several hours on the stand
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trying to explain why he lied during the trial in 1985. alston said he was 19 and already facing lesser charges in other crimes. he was brought in for questioning. the new 46-year-oldel to the court he was not at the crime scene and only agreed to cooperate after being told by police he could get life in prison. when asked why he was recanting now, alston replied i sent innocent men to prison on a made-up lie. i hurt their families, i hurt these men. i was wrong and i'm trying to correct a wrong. but on cross-examination, the prosecutor asked him this: you were on the stand for three days, weren't you, mr. alston? >> yes. >> your plea agreement was read to the court, correct? >> yes. >> you admitted previously lying, correct? >> yes. >> you were cross-examined by seven attorneys, is that right? yes. you wrote a letter to the judge who would be sentenceing you admitting your involvement, correct? yes and you never filed a
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motion to withdraw your guilty plea. alston replied yes to that as well. he was questioned for several hours today on the stand late this morning and into the afternoon and he has had a number of things to say about the prosecutor in the case, jerry goran and changing some of the things that he was going to say and in court saying, wait a minute, that doesn't match our evidence, i need to you say this. new, this is one part of this case that was presented today that did work out for the defense. there was a bit of an embarrassment yesterday, laura, when a man named melvin montgomery took the stand. he was supposed to recant his testimony about what he said in 1985 in the trial. when he took the stand here yesterday, he said no, in fact, what he said on the stand at that time was true, a bit of an embarrassment for this post conviction hearing, laura. >> thank you for bringing us up
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to date. thank you, paul wagner. homeland security secretary janet napolytowno testified on the hearing of the is essex scandal. president obama was never at risk she said as a result of the prostitution scandal at the colombian hotel. she called the alleged behavior by secret service employees, quote, inexcusable and said the secret service director is doing everything he can to get to the bottom of it. >> d investigation implicated 12 secret service personnel. eight individuals are now separated from the agency and the secret service is moving to permanently revoke the security clearance of another and three of the employees involved have been cleared of serious misconduct and will face appropriate administrative action. >> a dozen military personnel were implicated. leon pinetta said they have had their security clearances suspended. newt gingrich claims he would fight until the
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convention and appears he's poised to drop out of the race. mitt romney swept all five northeastern primary states yesterday and that could be the final straw for the gingrich campaign. a spokesman said gingrich and romney spoke by phone to plan an event for gingrich to throw his support behind romney. >> i think, obviously, i would be a better candidate. the objective fact is the voters didn't think that. i also think that it's very, very important that we be unified. nothing should stop no conservative anywhere in america should have any doubt about the purpose of defeating bram a. >> gingrich will have to pay off more than $4.3 million in campaign debt. arizona's controversial immigration law is having its day in the u.s. supreme court. the hearing follows a suit brought on by president obama's justice department that successfully blocked four key portions. among them, a provision requiring police officers to
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check the immigration status of people they think are in the country illegally. governor jan brewer signed the law two years ago and was on hand for the final arguments of the court's term. >> we needed suggestions for the citizens of arizona, and what arizona was experiencing as far as the cost element and education and healthcare and incarceration. >> there is no federal system that would readily clear united states citizens who were stopped during a traffic violation. and will be held at the side of the road for an hour or more while they asked to prove their right to be in the own country. >> the argument drew demonstrators on both sides of the issue about what to do about illegal immigration. john henrehan has that part of the story. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: organized largely by latino community groups, a crowd of about 300 came to the steps of the supreme court to protest the tough arizona law
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which, is designed to identify and remove people who are in the u.s. without proper authorization. [ cheering ] 15-year-old elizabeth morales from baltimore said strange it was targeting illegal immigrants break up families where many members are american citizens. >> i was born here but one of my ancestors are mexicans and i think that everybody should be able to welcome the -- with no fear of getting supported or anything like that and i think everyone should be equal. >> reporter: mir yam gonzalez said families come to the u.s. for a better life. >> you chose the world that we are humans. we have feelings and we wanted to have lives, you know. and for everybody, this is a better life. you have it? i can't have it. -- . >> mike mclaughlin, favors strict immigration controls, including the tough arizona law
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and he dismisses the argument that families should be able to remain together even when members are undocumented. >> we break up families all of the time, put people in prison in the united states. do we care about what happens to their children when we divide them from the families? i think there are consequences when you do illegal things. >> reporter: recent studies show although millions of undocumented people are in the u.s., since the recession, the number of those leaving is roughly the same as the number of new arrivals. john henrehan, fox 5 news. all right, back to the top story, the d.c. police investigating a murder in northwest and authorities say a man's body discovered after 6 last night in the 800 block of a.m.erston street. careen? >> reporter: brian, police have a mystery on their hands. a 66-year-old registered nurse from denver, colorado, was killed yesterday evening on emmerson street in northwest and police want to know who did
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it and why. what they know as a result of the autopsy, he died of blunt force trauma to the head and police are handing out fliers as we speak, offering a $25,000 reward for information and we do a little about him from a couple of internet websites, one, the homicidelatchd.c. site that tracks murders in the city and another called error bmb, which may stand for bed and breakfast matching people in host cities and indicated he stayed in several cities previously, including paris. the profile said he's a retired neat, quiet gentleman and is interested in learning about different cultures and is look forward to a stay in istanbul. d.c. police are looking into possible scenarios about how he died here, including attempted robbery. >> last night at 6:00 p.m., the units in the fourth district
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responded to the 800 block of emmerson street northwest to investigate the report of a body in the alley. upon their arrival, they saw a person in the alleier, and it was determined that he had no signs of life and was pronounced dead on the scene by a representative for the medical examiner's office. >> and gary, he was staying in d.c. for two weeks before he was killed and they believe he was in up to visiting. back to you. a fundraiser for the trayvon martin foundation happening at a d.c. restaurant tonight. martin's parents, washington redskin deangelo hall and members of congress are expected to be at the event at shadow room on k street. the family's website said the money goes to an advocacy campaign against violence. martin's shooting death became a national issue when police failed to arrest the man who shot him for six weeks.
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george zimmerman said he acted in self-defense. and the man who once tried to help john edwards become president testified that their friendship began to unravel when edwards dropped out of the 2008 race. he was an aid to edwards and agreed even though he was married or was at the time, to pretend to be the father of the child edwards had with his mistress, real hunter. young is the star witness in the trial accusing edwards of using campaign donations as hush money. according to the defense, the money was a gift. the first round of the nfl draft is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. and there has not been this much excitement around the redskins offseason move since joe gibbs returned in 2004. and dave feldman is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: robert griffin the 3rd has not thrown a nfl pass, being held as a saviour of the redskins and that is a lot of pressure for a 22-year-old from texas. the pressure doesn't seem to be an issue for him. he put baylor football on the map and, in the process, when
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the 2011 heisman trophy. he submitted his stock with great performances at the combine and proday and this week, griffin showcased the personality in new york appearing on fox and friends and finding new wide receivers and one guy who is excited is the redskins coach shanahan. >> i like the way he handles himself. he's a guy who finished college in 3 1/2 years and came in early out of high school in 3 1/2 years. he's an overachiever and as a person. he has great parents and the work ethic is off of the charts. love the way he handles himself. and there is a football aspect. he has great speed, does a great job in the pocketyet. -- pocket. throwing the ball down field. and he has all of the attributes you look for in a quarterback. i would be happy if he's on our
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football team. nothing's 100% yet, so i have to say the 99.9. >> and he was hostaging like gary mcgrady on the five-day. if the redskins take griffin with the overall pick, it will be the first time the franchise took the quarterback that high since electing norm snead since 1961, laura. >> thank you. and a little bit. thank you very much. join the fox 5 sports team for draft day 2012. the qb countdown is tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. dave feldman and doc walker will be here in studio. lindsay murphy will be live in new york and dave ross at redskins park. an exciting day. join us here on fox 5. firefighters canvass a prince georges county neighbor one day after five people are found dead in a home. and a dog walker is butted by a suspicious pet owner. gary. and kind of good today. lots of sunshine and temperatures up to 70 degrees. above in some places and we're kind of on a roller coaster,
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though, one good day and one not so good day. the rain is coming and a first look at the forecast after the break. stay with us, the news continues. 
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. one day after five people died from a carbon monoxide leak, prince georges firefighters are working to protect other lives, they're going door-to-door in oxen hill to let residents know how to prevent the same tragedy from happening again. melanie alnwick has details. >> reporter: a boy plays
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quietly outside of the home on shelby drive where five relatives died monday night. family members hug before going in to take care of final details and fire and rescue personnel still shaken by the scene, fan out into the neighborhood to warn about the dangers of carbon monoxide. >> and i haven't sat with it enough. i can tell you that i don't believe they had a chance. without the detector, they didn't know what overtook them. >> reporter: investigators believe a rusted furnace pipe that separated allowed the toxic gas to cnn in when the -- seep in when the residents cut the heat. the levels so high that death probably came quickly. >> another $25 would have spared five lives. >> reporter: usually people might be wary of unscheduled visits by men in uniform but they welcomed the firefighters in to check their furnaces. a cracked pipe was found in this home. fortunately no leaks yet. >> and this is 0, a good sign.
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>> reporter: furnaces, gas stoves, water heaters and generators need to be checked regularly in all homes. especially in older neighborhoods where the appliances might be ageing, too. tony wanted reassurance on his co detector. >> and that is great. that should do it in every community. >> reporter: the house did not have a detector. they only required on new construction. and because of costs, the fire department hasn't had co detectors but they do now. >> and we have had two organizations. and the prince georges county professional firefighters local 1619 have stepped up and are donating over 200 carbon monoxide each to this effort, so we'll have some on hand in the near future to provide to residents free of charge and they had that protection of the co detector. >> reporter: the chief said because of the case, he is going to look to get some legislation passed that would require carbon monoxide
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detectors in all homes. in prince georges county, melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. a water main break forced des's department of transportation to shut down two streets in northwest. this is what it looks like and c-dot said the road is starting to collapse. the 22nd and 23rd streets are shut down between h and i. d- dot is working on replays. a derailment near roslyn, one set of wheels on a blue train derailed after the evening rush. the repair crews worked through the night. they still working to figure out what happened. former head of transportation security administration is calling for changes to airport security. he said the current system is broken. kip holly, who ran the tsa from 2005-'09, tells abc news that he believes more officers should roam the airport asking
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questions, watching shady characters instead of screening passengers at checkpoints. he also believes that knives and sharp objects should be removed from the prohibited items list. the focus should be on explosives and toxins. hello, a beautiful day outside today? >> absolutely gorgeous. and this keeps getting better, gary. what are we looking at for the evening. >> this evening is good. i like this evening. overnight tonight, that is when more -- . >> it goes downhill? >> we may have a rumble of thunder out there in places overnight tonight. in early -- and early tomorrow. not the case now, though, let's check in temperatures. you will like this. seventy right now in the city. fredericksburg, 71. a little cooler to the north- northwest. hagerstown, 65 frederick, 64. cumberland, 64 degrees. and again, just gorgeous out
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ahead of the system. coming down from the west- northwest, we got clear skies and look at the rain to the west of us. that will start to move through later this evening. i will scoot over here for you. it's coming in to west virginia now and it won't be long before the clouds begin to thicken up. we're talking about showers probably a few before midnight and out to the west of the metro and overnight tonight, more rain comes through and, again, there is at least a chance for a thunderstorm coming through and rumbling around tonight and early tomorrow morning. great, at least for the first time of the evening and nice at 7:00, temperatures falling down into the mid-60s and some clouds at 9, 62, more clouds and the clouds will thicken up between 9 and 11:00. and then the rains will be far after that. and so, kind of an up-and-down day tomorrow. not going rain all day. real tricky with temperatures and, again, we're making
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changes to the weekend forecast, brian, and so i'll fill you when in when i'm up there in a few minutes. coming up, new clues in the search for madeleine mccann. why investigators believe the missing girl is still alive. and a woman dieing of breast cancer makes it passionately on youtube. we'll have her story. 
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. the fbi is bringing in special profilers to find a missing six-year-old who disappeared from her home in tucson. isa bell celus was last seen in her home friday night. the police are calling the case a suspicious disappearance and possible abduct. about 50 officers searched a city landfill and investigators are not saying whether they discovered any clues. five years after young madeleine mccann disappeared, british police believed she may still be alive. they're now asking portugal to reopen the case. the three-year-old disappeared from a resort hotel room while on vacation with the parents. the police released a picture of what they believe madeleine
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would look like new at age 9. portuguese authorities closed the case in 2008. in a british inquiry, the news corp chairman and ceo rupert murdoch condemned media eavesdropping and said he never asked for favors from public figures. the phone-hacking scandal led to the hearing. the accusations of illegal behavior, police corruption, and inappropriate links between journalists and politicians. >> why do you say there is a need for the inquiry, mr. murdoch? >> there have been abuses in the state, the state of media in this country is a absolutely vital interest to all of the citizens. >> news corp is the parent company of fox 5. murdoch is set to testify again tomorrow. coming up, a dog walker busted after a pet owner gets suspicious. how technology helped to catch her wilting on the job. and a father plants a wire on an autistic child bulliedal 62 -- at school. wait until you hear who is behind it. a troubling trend.
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kids turning to products found in a lot of households to get drunk. we'll have details.
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. if you have a dog walker, you want to watch the next story. for some pet owners, dogs are like family and the owners spend a lot of family to make sure they walked while at work. one owner had a feeling her dog was not being walked and put up cameras to prove it and shared the video with matt ackland. >> i had an inkling something was not right. >> reporter: parked on the street in front of her own home, yogi carol records her cog error error walker and sets up -- dog walker and sets up a baby monitor inside. >> she gave them treats. >> reporter: the walker is supposed to take two-year-old wilson, a matteryier outside for a short walk and to do his
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business. the fee, $10 a day, money thought to be well-spent. >> dogs are expensive and they're like children and for us, he is our little guy. >> reporter: after a few minutes inside and no walk, the walker writes on a note pad -- . >> she's writing pete only, there she is and here she comes. yup. >> reporter: yogi is upset and approaches the walker. >> i'm here to get the key from you. i'm yogi, i live here. >> okay. >> i'm here to grab the key because i'm actually going to discontinue dog walking service from now on. >> why is that? >> i'm guessing if i walk in there, you didn't walk him. is that going to be crew true? >> yes. >> reporter: wilson was adopted last year and his owners think he was abused as a puppy. the reason yogi documentd this video is to catch the walker and to warn other pet lovers.
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>> so many people use dog walking services in this area. my friends are dog walkers. not all are bad. this is a hard industry to be a part of, but people need to be aware of what is going in and out of her house. >> reporter: in the video after yogi takes her key back and walks into the house to find a happy wilson and proof he had not been let out of his crate. >> there is wilson and -- peeed on me. tape totally in tact. door not open. >> reporter: all right, it's important to point out this is just one dog walker and there are many legitimate loving dog walkers out there. yogi carol, the owner this case, didn't want to expose the dog-walking company she used because she said it took swift action after she showed the owner this video. brian, can you imagine, she's upset about this. >> and it was like svu dog walkers. >> nice. >> and what caused her to be
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suspicious? >> things didn't seem right. she looked and the leash had not been moved, the treats hadn't been moved and did that tape trick the day before and decided, well, the tape was still in tact and that is when she decided to set up the cameras the next day. >> and set up a dog- investigating service. >> thanks. >> uh-huh. >> a new jersey father said he's outraged after discovering teachers bullying his autistic son. it was all caught on tape. the father sent his son to school with a hidden reporter after reports he was acting up in class. sarah mcdonough has that story. >> what i heard on the audio is so disgusting, vile, and just an absolute disrespect and bullying of my son. >> reporter: it's a recording stewart chase wants the world
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to hear. [ screaming ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: what you hearing is the voice in the autistic son's classroom and records the aid and other teachers talk about their husbands, the student's parents and their alcohol consumption. >> oh, my god. so bad. >> reporter: he immediately took the audio to the cherry hill school district and said they were as shocked as he was and quickly fired one of the aids involved. he said the teacher is still in the district. the district released this statement today, quote, this is a personnel matter that the district took seriously and handled appropriately. there will be no further comment. his facebook page and youtube video was never intended to attract the district and teachers in general. he hopes they can weed out the very few teachers that shouldn't be in the classroom. >> i really hope this starts a conversation, and i hope people who are, who do have the power can take a breath and say if this can happen here, but it
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can happen in every state and every town, and as long as we keep this quiet, it will continue to happen. >> reporter: and given the executive director of autism speaks national capital area, she joins us new to talk more about this. ann, thanks for being with us. >> hi, laura, thanks for having me. >> what is your reaction seeing the story? >> we can't comment on any particular cases, but we saw the same footage you did online and it's awful. autism is often a communication disorder and in this classroom, it was the adult who had the communication disorder. >> uh-huh. >> and that language was child and much less when they can't defend themselves. >> and this is troubling for any parent, something you wouldn't expect from teachers. how often do you think something, this type of behavior is happening coming from the teacher? >> most teachers, and i believe adults in question were teacher's aids. most are in the profession for the right reason and this is,
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unfortunately, not the first time and not the first time this week and that i have heard things happening. >> is this an indication that teachers and teacher's aids need more training and dealing with a child with autism? go any parent of a child can with autism would agree that you have to have a lot of patience. >> absolutely. if you listen to the tape, sounds like the child got on the aid's last nerve. those children are not bad children. they have a problem, at least this little boy, a i understand its ares was non-verbal and can't explain what is bothering him or what is bothering him. as we urge all parents, if you hire a baby sitter, you will try to get to know them first and check the wrenches. i believe this boy was new in that school and perhaps the parents had not had a chance to go in and meet the teacher or drop by in a regular school day to see how the aids were behaving with the children.
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and we do at autismspeaks, recommend that parents of autism children call the school community toolkit which has strategies for the parents to help to educate everyone in a child's life. not just the teachers but educators and other people that your child would meet throughout the day. >> important stuff and the bottom line, too, if the child is acting up, the parent should investigate further, too. >> absolutely. and we have a lot of resources on dealing with children with autism and with the community at >> very good and thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. and a heartwrenching video from a sick mother on youtube. begging a company for a drug to keep her alive longer. she is dieing from breast cancer and has an 11-year-old son who believes a new drug could buy her more time with him. it won't be released until june. she believes she won't be alive
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then. >> hopefully this video is that it will be -- [ indiscernible ] >> gennen tech saw the video and decided to provide the drug to her for compassionate use. a dangerous trend among teens sent six kids to the hospital in the l.a. area. they all drank hand sanitizer to get drunk and they all had alcohol poisoning and some discovered a way to separate the alcohol from the sanitizer, creating a drink similar to hard alcohol. the liquor health experts said parents should buy the foam version. it's more difficult to extract the alcohol. coming up, concerns after mad cow disease is detected here in the u.s. find out if you should be worried. and big changes coming to one of the biggest fast food chains around. details when we come back. come
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door.
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my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 5 locations in your area
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. officials discovered a case of mad cow disease at a dairy farm in california. the fourth detected case in the u.s. since 2003. the disease is found in a dead dare cow selected at random for testing. the car cas was at a rendering plant, diseased and non-edible products like soap or glue. humans can't be infected by drinking the milk; however, it can be matal to humans who eat the tainted beef. >> burger king is pledging to get all of its eggs and pork from cage-free chicken and pigs by 2017. it's the world's second biggest fast food restaurant behind mcdonald's and burger king believes this will appeal to consumer demand for more humanely produced food. coming up, "people" magazine named the most beautiful woman. a judge in hot water after a cell phone thicken -- ends up in the wrong hand. and the rain returns
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tomorrow. tomorrow.  
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. these are supposed to be fun games, but as the fan, they're nerve racking. the caps and bruins battling in game 7. the winner takes all. dave feldman has more on why that might be advantageous. >> reporter: there is no place like home. throw that out when it comes to the stanley cup play-offs. this year, home teams, 17-28 and this year, the caps have taken four of them. i'm saying there is a chance. the caps with a better world record and game two in boston, nick backstrom with the game winner to even the series at a game appease and last saturday, troy brewer made it two when he met to give the caps a 2-game lead and tonight, a seventh
5:46 pm
deciding game for the hostile brown fans. >> and we like playing in boston, and we have mentioned earlier there are a few places for some reason, we get amped to play and we're excited about it and. >> -- . >> we wanted that building and that is in the regular season and post season, you know and we'll eat in the same restaurant and the same room and to get the same result. >> they won't know who they playing and that is because the rangers senators and the devils panthers are in seven games and both play. if the caps win, we'll have to wait and see who they play next. >> and that is if they win. everyone will be equally tired, right? >> that is true. >> okay. >> a gorgeous day. >> great, great. >> and we'll have rain tomorrow
5:47 pm
and a beautiful day on thursday. >> okay. >> and that weekend will come along and on saturday. >> i'm just saying. >> and that is one way or another. and we lied -- liftd this earlier and this is so, so nice. the breeze today, the temperature managed up to 70 in town. may have gotten a little bit warmer than that officially on the hour. somewhere along the lines and we'll get the official high temperature soon. in town, we're still sitting, not budging, 70 degrees. quantico, 74; cooler to the north and west here and to frederick, 64; fredericksburg sitting at 72 degrees and so, so nice today and that is ahead of the next system and that is still nice at 7, 66; clouds out there, 62 and 9:00. probably cooler in the suburbs and more clouds by 11:00 and we
5:48 pm
may end up being mostly cloudy by 11:00. the way it's looking right now, most of the rain is coming in overnight tonight and around midnight or so and that is to the west of us. we're clear here, really, really nice and to the west of us, that may arrive earlier than the main band of showers and some thunderstorms to the west, too and this is a whole area of unsettledness with the rain and thunderstorms in our direct and some will calm down a bit with the setting sun and that is looking like it's going to come across and bring us some overnight showers. there is a possibility of a thunderstorm or two and there is no worries without anything severe overnight tonight and keep that in mind. the low temperature into the
5:49 pm
mid-50s and some winds out of the is out-southeast at five to 10 miles an hour and to on through the day tomorrow, the temperatures in the 50s and a spotty shower noontime. tomorrow's temperature is very, very tricky. we're dealing with a warm front. the temperatures into the 70s north of the warm front. the temperatures are stuck in the lower to mid-60s and we're going to go here in the city long 70 degrees and that is with some sunshine in the afternoon. we'll have more showers and thunderstorms popping up late day. and this will probably tell the story a little better and this is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and with that future cast showing the heaviest rain to the south of us and that is will going trend here with the guidance and that can be right on top of us at 7:00 as well and that is a little bit of a
5:50 pm
thunderstorm that is mixed in with it. it moves out of here, a dry afternoon. by 5:00, we're seeing more showers and that might be a thunderstorm. looks like some showers coming on through and ahead of that, a warm front is in here and that is what is making the temperature for tomorrow so, so tricky. north of that in the 60s, if you're south into the 70s and tomorrow, more showers come on through and some sunshine on friday and the cool air comes in and on to friday night and saturday, more showers move on across and that is looking like saturday is wet again. the five-day forecast, again, tomorrow, we'll go 70 degrees and again, that can go either way. breezy and beautiful on friday. 64. chilly showers on saturday, a high of 57.
5:51 pm
showers on sunday, 61 and we get through the weekend and on to sunday and monday. we're going downstairs. laura? >> and we're talking about hot topics, gary and with that hot 99.5 a real judge disrobes and people maim naming the most beautiful woman in the world and sarah frazier did not accept this year. >> no, no, please give it to this woman instead. >> and locate talk about the judge. apparently he should have kept his robe on, huh? >> and this is unbelievable. not stepping down as of yet and -- . >> what happened? >> his family is well- established. his father's a judge, i believe the grandfather was a judge in detroit. he ends upsenning the bailiff a topless photo of himself and a, he's married, she's married, the husband fines it and
5:52 pm
they're investigating was there misconduct. >> didn't he learn from the congressman who did this? >> they don't learn and like a fox team goes out there, right, they go wade, is this you? well, hot dog it's me. there ain't no shame in my game. that is his quote. >> well, okay. >> and -- . >> he wanted to be people's most beautiful. but he could be getting divorced instead. >> well, he's got a nice front area. yeah. and let's talk about barbie. a woman who wants to look like barbie. >> valerie is her name and she's russian and said she spent close to 8$00,000 to -- . >> this is the problem. there is a lot of controversy because the pictures she's put up on the website, she wants tt life barbie and claims to have the closest measurements. didn't they find out if she stood, she would fall over if she was a real person?
5:53 pm
herb chest is disproportionate to her waste and mattel is staying away from this. >> yeah. >> and there is a lot of controversy. some of the images don't look like -- . >> and -- i don't know. what do you think? >> and -- i. >> she wants to go on tour and be real life barbie and can you do her hair. >> okay. >> all right. and moving on. the most beautiful woman, according to people? >> beyonce. >> i like that. >> and i do, too. beyonce named 2012's most beautiful woman, dethroning j- lo. >> okay. she said motherhood is her best role yet. >> very handy. >> and has the new mother glow. jot new mother glow. she's a heavyweight in the music industry, modeling. >> yeah. >> i think she's stunning. >> that is wonderful. she's having a good year. and sophia vergara makes
5:54 pm
the list. gorgeous lady. >> okay. >> and -- . >> yeah. exactly. [ laughter ] >> and we'll find out. all right, brian bolter, perhaps you're on the list, too. >> yeah. and they're supposed to protect the president. how did they get caught in the sex scandal? the first public hearing since the controversy broke. a juror's beaten in baltimore. the whole team -- thing caught on camera. the police are closer to closing the case. the neighbors in the maryland community are asking for help. they have some unwelcome visitors and those visitors just keep popping up. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever.
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5:57 pm
. president obama won't forget his meeting with the college student from colorado. in the middle of a crowd, her bowl of yogurt spoiled the president and the secret service. mr. obama teased her and
5:58 pm
laughed it off. >> i'm esis of the -- i'm the secret service. >> i'm sorry, sir. i am glad you accept my apology. >> no problem. >> seems cool about it. >> she put the yogurt on the ground to meet him and the photographers rushed up, they kicked the dish, it splattered on him and everyone around him. on his visit to the university of north carolina, the president slow jams the news and that is the popular part of late night with jimmy fallon and he was a big hit with the audience. >> we said it simple. now is not the time to make school more expensive for the young people. [ applause ] >> ah, yes. you should listen to the president. or as i like to call him, the prezy of the united stezy.
5:59 pm
>> the president is visiting universities as part of a call to congress to keep student loans, loan interest rates low. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. known as the gold standard of security, how can the secret service get caught up in a sex scandal. the homeland security secretary faced two hours of questions from senators who wanted to know more about the dozen secret service members whoing allegedly be involved prostitutes on the job. a lot of tough questions, tom. >> reporter: overall, the secret service director has got good marks from both sides and the handling of the scandal so far. today, his boss, jany napolytowno,


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