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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  April 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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no surprises but high hopes out of the nfl draft. >> robert griffin iii will be the new star quarterback. this rookie says he's ready to learn a few things for his new
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teammates. >> we knew it was coming, but now it's official. riding metro will cost you more. also ahead, the dc police out with a warning this morning, following three attacks, with shockingly similar circumstances. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> it is friday, april the 27 27th, and yes, we made it to friday! good morning. the sun is popping out, looking gorgeous, breezy when you step out this morning. more on weather in a moment. first, let us say good morning. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm sarah simmons. big news for the redskins that everyone is talking about this morning. >> with the second pick in the 2012 nfl draft, the washington red skins select robert griffin iii, quarterback. >> expected but still exciting. the heisman trophy winner headed to dc.
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the official announcement made in new york last night. he will be formally introduced tomorrow afternoon at a press conference at fedex field. we are live at redskins' park with the excitement in a few minutes. first we will talk to tucker with the latest on the weather. did we ever see his socks yesterday? >> i don't think we did during the draft. the camera was up on them. some real estate brokers going like this to get their hands on them. he will not be shopping in my neighborhood, i guarantee that. the temp your whichs -- the temperatures, 53 degrees, cooling off with the cold front moving through. north and west, 15, gusting to 20. it will be a breezy day, otherwise, a lot of sunshine, highs expected to be in the low to mid-60s. looking at the radar. we are very quiet. cold front coming through to bring a few loads of showers during the evening hours last
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night. pushing off to the east. we are looking at good conditions. the school bus forecast, and here's your school bus -- i don't know! what is this? >> it's the bus stop forecast it says it right on the screen. >> that does help a lot. mostly sunny, cool, and breezy. it will be breezy as mentioned, and winds 15 to 20 here this morning. >> and you said as you were driving in today you felt the car wobbling around? >> i was. a check on the roads with julie wright standing by with traffic. >> reporter: in virginia we are seeing the brake lights light up as you work northbound 95, heading from the overpass up to the fsp, it's heavy, slow, and steady. lanes are open, no problems on the beltway. eastbound 66, slowing east of fair oaks headed in to 123. also lanes open on the top stretch of the beltway headed over to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on
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time traffic. traffic. >> all right, thank you. we are following a developing story out of dc. >> this morning police are warning people to walk in pairs after a series of very suspicious attacks. since tuesday, 3 people in the petworth neighborhood have been assaulted. one man is in critical condition, and one woman was seriously hurt. a third victim, a 66-year-old tourist from denver we spoke about yesterday, died. authorities believe the incidents may be related. an arrest and an attack at a day care in prince georges county. police say yesterday morning, the suspect walked into its a family affair day care and asked to use the phone. the staff refused, and the man turned violent, attacking a security guard and then stealing a staff worker's car. the security guard is in stable
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condition. police say mickel tyrone appeared to be under the influence of a dangerous substance. metro fares will increase by 5%, but a strong lobbying effort for access will likely limit the increase for that service. it's the first rise in bus and rail fares in 2 years. metro hopes to use the money from the fee increases to close the $100 million budget gap. an issue that has an impact with millions of americans. today the house will vote on a bill that would keep the current rates on subsidized stafford loans for a year the rate could double this year, adding an average of $1,000 to the balances of more than 7 million recipients. extending the lower rate will cost $6 billion, and the sticking point, how do you pay for that? the house republicans are
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pushing for cuts to the health care reform law, and house democrats want to cut suicide -- subsidies to the oil and gas companies. everyone is buzzing about the future of the redskins. >> everyone is buzzing and miling. >> rgiii coming to town as the team's new quarterback. fox 5's sherri ly is live with the latest on all the excitement. good morning, sherri. >> reporter: good morning, will and sarah. you can keep the dreams alive for now. he has not thrown a pass yet, but everyone is buzzing about the possibilities. robert griffin iii getting his former introduction to washington during a draft party tomorrow, and his selection by the skins marks a new era for washington. the redskins made it official last night, drafting him number 2 overall in the draft. the baylor qb and heisman trophy winner is the guy fans
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are pinning dreams on. the team has not won a super bowl since joe gibbs left the first time. he says he's up for the challenge. >> it's truly exciting, and then just to get the chance to meet a new team, be in a new city, and go and build and write our own legacy and history, it's truly intriguing. >> we have every belief he will give us the best chance to win and for him to be as good as he's going to be. >> reporter: now at the draft last night, rgiii mania was so huge, it overshadowed the selection of andrew luck as number one. while he was being introduced everyone was chanting rgiii. fansfans will get their chance to see him up close and personal during a draft party at fedex field 11:30 to 6:00. he will be introduced during a 2:00 p.m. press conference. the party is free. you do need a ticket. if you can imagine the frenzy,
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it should be a crazy one tomorrow. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, sherri. you may remember george zimmerman started a website for his own legal defense, but it turns out he got a lot of support. >> also ahead, a scare on board of a chicago-bound flight. we will tell you why the passengers had to be quarantined. that story is coming up after the break. the time now, 6:08 on this friday. ♪ [ female announcer ] walgreens introduces...nice! [ woman ] i got it. where's your brother? [ dog barking ] ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ dad ] hello. [ female announcer ] quality everyday products at a way better price. [ boy ] mom? ♪
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a medical scare on a chicago runway making headlines this morning. a delta flight arriving in detroit was put under quarantine for 3 long hours last night after a woman coming from africa was suspected of having a deadly skin rash. the doctors said it was not monkey pox and advised her to get it checked out. the mother of yardley love
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is launching a civil lawsuit against her daughter's former boyfriend. she is seeking $29 million in compensation from george hugley. he was convicted of second- degree murder in february. george zimmerman's lawyer will return to court later today to talk about the money his client received. he says he's gotten 204 thousands dollars from supporters, but he's shutting down the website that zimmerman set up to get donations. the law of trayvon martin's family says he should be put in jail because he never told the judge about the money. zimmerman is facing second- degree murder charges for the shooting in february. discovery gave us all quite a treat when it arrived in the washington area earlier this month, and today new york will have a similar show. will the weather hold out for today's big flight? we will see. checking in with tucker for the
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full forecast. you can see the wind is bouncing the camera around a bit. what kind of an impact that will have on your day when fox 5 news continues.
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today marks 1 year since deadly tornadoes tore through the south, killing 316 people. 253 people were killed in alabama alone. the same line of storms, producing 122 tornadoes killed five people in virginia, and april 27th was just one day in what was actually a week of devastating storms causing $7.3 billion in damage, and that stretch of days ranks as the tenth most expensive disaster in u.s. history. that video is still frightening every time i see it. >> an f4 hitting maryland with packing winds of 270 miles an
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hour. homes literally swept off their foundations. the wood looks like toothpicks. incredibly in some places, there were mailboxes in place. i'm sure the thanksgiving celebration tomorrow will be well attended. >> we are thankful today our lives look nothing like that. >> much of the country quiet today. we have been fairly lucky this year with not a lot of tornado outbreaks. >> i suppose it's cool and breezy, but you get a jacket, and you will be fine. >> temperatures in the lower 60s. kicking off the day with a breeze. the cold front coming through last night, and that will be with us for the cooler start to the weekend. >> the weekend accident that's -- the weekend, that's what i'm waiting for. >> we have it all in the next minute and a half. and my predictions on the redskins' super bowl year. not year. we have to wait a year or 2.
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here's the cooler temperatures, and you can see them from the north and west. 48 currently in manathis. 40s to the west and north. and 50s in southern maryland, and good morning. you are 52 degrees. we will give you the forecast, sunshine, cool, and breezy. winds out of the west and northwest behind the front. gusting to about 30. we are currently 22 in washington, there you go, leonardstown, 20-mile an hour gusts. throughout the day, gusts 20 to 25 miles an hour. should be a great looking day. you saw the live shot, sunshine out there with the sun just getting up a few minutes ago, and a quiet looking friday. the front coming through last night will hang up to the south, and we are boing to watch the -- we are going to watch the area of low pressure. the first half of saturday will be cloudy and then by saturday afternoon and saturday night, we will have showers around
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here with the cool temperatures. tomorrow, the daytime high only in the 50s as the winds will be out of the north and east. cool one tomorrow, and better by sunday. sunday we should have partial sunshine, and temperatures back in the 60s. today, good looking day. a lot of sunshine, cool for this time of the year. winds out of the north and west, gusting to 25 miles an hour. partly cloudy and cool. we will cloud up tomorrow morning. you want to time the rain? i think it's tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night we have most of the rain in here. it will just be 56. it will be cool. better monday and tuesday. highs near 70 by tuesday afternoon. the weather forecast, and let's do some traffic. there she is with a smile on her face, julie wright. >> do you want me frowning? it's friday! >> no one frowns on friday, that's right. we have traffic below speed south of i-95 continuing up towards the fsp.
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the hov lanes looking good. no incidents to report on 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 66, lanes are open here, traffic flowing as you approach the business rest area, and headed into 123. lanes are open if you're on the top stretch of the beltway. check out 270 behind me. nice and easy approaching 109. traffic is flowing closer to the scales, it's opening up closer to rockdale. that's your fox 5 traffic. a traffic alert for the drivers in northern virginia. starting tonight at nine o'clock through sunday afternoon, the intersection of lee highway will be shut down for road work, busy stretch of road if you're familiar with this area. detours will be in place. keep that in mind. enterprise is headed to new york city today. it will take off from dulles on the back of a 747 at 9:30 this morning. it will fly over the new york city landmarks before landing
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eventually at a show at jfk similar to what we were treated to earlier this month it will go on display at the intrepid sea, air, and space museum. you can see the 747 is going to taxi off if -- in a couple of hours. we will have the liftoff, or i guess takeoff, but i like liftoff, at the 9:00 hour. we will go live to new york to talk about a troubling trend with homeowners. >> as we go to break, an event at arlington national cemetery today. a new oak tree will be planted near john f. kennedy's grave site to replace the 220-year- old arlington oak that was destroyed last year. the sapling was actually grown from an acorn that came from the arlington okay. we are back now. time now, 6:21. ♪
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welcome back. it's 6:24 right now. the mortgage rates are great with plenty of homes to choose from, but despite those advantages, some first-time home buyers are finding themselves in trouble. good morning, adam. >> reporter: good morning to you. >> let's look at the markets first. we are waiting on word from the commerce department today. what are we looking at? >> reporter: we will get gdp for the first quarter. it's expected to be 2-2.9%. that's slower growth than the first quarter at 3%. no one expects us to beat that, so we are looking at the u.s. economy slowing down. let's turn our attention to the housing market. we keep waiting for the recovery in housing, but there's bad news even for new buyers out there? >> reporter: it will be a shock to a lot of people.
6:26 am
you brought thought you had a deal if you bought a house in 2010 or 2011. you thought the market had hit bottom, but turns out core logic did a study, homeowners are under water. they owe more than it's worth. when happened? prices fell. the fha program, if all you put down was 3.5%, and the prices fell and they continue to fall, the index showed they are falling in the latest metro areas, you're under water. if you is a job, you can make the payment, but that's a problem with equity like this. >> we wonder when will the bottom happen? >> it's the question we all ask. i have seen estimates that 2013- 2014, but when i was working in washington they said bottom was 2010-2011. >> and we are past that, and look at us now. >> adam, great to see you.
6:27 am
>> have a great weekend. >> you too. dc police with a warning they want you to hear with three attacks attacks with similar circumstances -- attacks with similar circumstances. also ahead issues it's official robert griffin iii coming to washington. how you can help welcome him to washington yourself. the time now, 6:27. 6:27. 
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take a look at this and stop whatever you are doing. that's wild. you don't see it every day. wild winds making for a heart stopping landing at an airport in spain. amazingly there were no injuries, but several flights were rerouted to other airports. >> it's like a plane that has to thrust up and take off right away again. a live picture standing by. breezy morning here, nothing like what is in spain.
6:31 am
395 at the pentagon, and it looks like the commute is going along just fine, at least in this part of the area. >> the sun is just peeking up, too. >> really gorgeous. the temperatures topping out in the low to mid-60s, we will be hit and miss for friday. pleasant, breezy. >> always a nice way to start the weekend. >> let's do the numbers at regan national, down to 51 degrees. the temperatures continue to fall a bit. nice and cool out there. winds out of the north and west at 10. gusting 0 to 25. the winds will be with us today. feeling cooler than the actual air temperature. you may want to take a jacket as you go outside this morning. quiet. cold front coming through during the overnight hours. south and east of the city, in fact south and east of ocean city. we are all enjoying the cooler air moving in on the brisk winds. should be a nice ride on
6:32 am
friday, and a good looking day. highs a few degrees below normal. 622 in washington, and 64 this morning or this afternoon in fredericksburg. we will talk about the weekend forecast, and of course a great athletic guy question for you. >> are they ever bad questions? >> we have bad ones but you know we just -- >> you just don't talk about it? >> they don't make the light of day. i'm just kidding. we always have great questions. we encourage everyone to write them in. >> the questions are not so bad, but the answers are hmmm -- >> i hope we don't have any hmmm for you right now. >> you can tell the tony and tucker answers or the ones they got the interns. >> you had your fun! do the traffic! you will find lanes are open traveling inbound on canal road headed over to the
6:33 am
whitehurst freeway. we have d-dot trying to fix the lights that are dark at this point. it's approaching canal, and obviously no delay at this time, but we will watch this for you. if you're traveling across the key bridge, that's maybing -- that's making your way into virginia. headed past 123, beltway is looking good. southbound, 270, this is where we have the reports of accident activity in the main line working your way up out of 28. working towards the split, 370 headed south. that's your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. some of the other top stories this morning, a warning from dc police. they are advising everyone to walk in pairs after a series of very disturbing attacks. three people, all of them walking alone were attacked in similar circumstances. all three victims suffered head
6:34 am
drama. one was a tourist from denver who was killed. police believe the incidents may be related. get ready to shell out more for metro. 5% hike for rail riders, and buses will rise 10 cents. the fares are going up july the 1st. another secret service prostitution scan scandal, this time -- prostitution scandal, this time in elsalvador. leaders said they did it all the time and were told not to worry about it. the secret service says they will follow up on any credible information. the big story this morning, it's been a huge week for the dc sports fans, right? >> you just pick a team, the nats, the wizards, and they are all doing well. >> the redskins' fans are hoping for a successful season
6:35 am
with the new quarterback coming to town. sherri ly has all the excitement. >> reporter: good morning. around washington you talk about how big of a sports week this is. people are talking about rgiii, and now they are talking about possibly the super bowl. he's officially a redskins now. robert griffin iii has a jersey, his hat, and even the fight song down, and for the burgundy and gold, he's coming to washington, and it comes with high expectations. the redskins made it official last night, drafting griffin number 2 overall at 8:13 last night. the skins traded up to get him, taking the franchise on him, and it's been more than 20 years since the skins won a super bowl, but it's believed he is the one who can take the team back. >> rgiii! >> rgiii, baby! all the way! >> go, redskins! >> reporter: the reaction from
6:36 am
fans, what you would expect. everyone is excited about the prospect of the skins' future with the ball in rgiii's hands. he knows the skins expect big things of him, and lindsey murphy caught up with him at last night's draft. >> i definitely want to do that, i want to learn the offense. i want to start from the ground up. i don't want to think i'm the top shot guy and can tell them what to do. i want to listen to the guys who have been in the league for a long time to learn from them. >> reporter: the rgiii mania will continue throw -- throughout the weekend. there will be a draft party tomorrow from 11:30 to 6:00 with a 2:00 press conference to introduce griffin. it's free, but you to get a ticket. let the rgiii era begin in washington. everyone is hoping for a long and prosperous one. that's the latest here in ashburn, back to you. everyone has their hopes
6:37 am
pegged on the redskins for a good season, but lest not host the caps -- let's not forget the happens here. the rangers will be playing the caps in the second round of the playoffs. one of baltimore's biggest names. >> and now some of the tales are getting a big screen twist. kevin mccarthy will see what is at the movies this week. >> let's see if he liked anything this week. >> let's hope! edgar is in town to promote funding for the arts. why the cause is near and dear to his heart. that's ahead at the 8:00 hour. the time now, 6:37. our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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as we head into the weekend, a lot of us thinking about what is playing at the movies, especially with rain coming, and one new one has the story line that mimics the work of a past resident, a very
6:41 am
famous one. kevin mccarthy is here with his movie reviews. >> how are you doing, will? good to see you buddy. >> the 5 year engagement, emily blunt, i'm a huge fan. >> reporter: it's cheesy, but the movie does feel like it's 5 years long, it legitimate does. i'm a huge fan of both leads, and the directer is my favorite in the last 5 year, but i couldn't handle the characters. a brief plot line. they get engaged. >> romantic comedy? >> yes. they put off the marriage for 5 years, and drama ensues, and problems occur, and we wonder if they will ever get married. the problem with the film, there's not enough of the happy moments in the beginning for you as an audience member to large on -- latch on to them,
6:42 am
and you don't care if they get together. >> films like 500 days of summer capture that essence. >> you need the character development? you have to be invested to go along with the plot later? >> if write don't care about them from the beginning, why care from the negative moments? i had a problem because every single time they went through the negative phases, they looked bored and depressed. >> that's not the intention. >> i know! it's legitimately depressing. i was sitting there like why am i watching this film? i didn't think it was funny. there were moments the jokes dragged and it fell flat. if you want a really good romantic comedy, check out 500 day the of summer -- 500 days of summer? >> final review? >> 1.5 out of 5. >> oh! >> the pirates band of misfits.
6:43 am
>> they use puppets, but i'm fascinated. i want to get to how they do it in a second, but hugh grant is leading this up. he wants to be the pirate of the year. >> pirate of the year! like the pirate captain. it is adventure and fun. hugh grant is so great in the role, he makes the entire film. as a voice actor, when i watch films i don't want to think of the actor. i want to think of the character. >> reporter: sell-- selma is another actor. >> the real star of the movie, the an may tores. the -- animators. think of this, we have a movement and the film keeps rolling. that i have to move them 24 times per second, so if a character claps his hands like that in one second, they have to go to a picture every single
6:44 am
second. think of that. it took one week to shoot 1-4 seconds of the movie. >> it had to take forever to make. >> a year and a half to maybe. >> reporter: how big is the shoot? >> imagine having to shoot 24 pictures of the character per second. nightmare before christmas did it. the movie itself good. 3 out of 5. good saturday matinee. >> kevin likes something! >> i like this. i did like this. >> a good family movie. ''the raven" just reading the plot, i'm excited about this. it mimics the work of edgar alan poe. >> a murder is basically mimicking his stories, and they seek out edgar alan poe -- allan po.
6:45 am
luke was terrible. alice was terrible. >> cusask? >> there was a terrible tone. it didn't have a consistent tone to it, and i found myself laughing more than i was -- >> i'm getting a sense of the bad rating. >> 2 out of 5. skip it, skip it, skip "the raven." >> one of my favorite movies of all time "pulp fiction." that's when sam jackson pulls his wallet out. is there something written on it? >> we can't blur it out. >> no, we did blur it out. thank god! >> i want him to hold the wallet with me in the picture, and there he is, and another one of him. he actually took the wallet and said the famous line from the film on camera. >> look at his face!
6:46 am
it was so awesome! the movie will be out next week. we have exclusive interviews with the entire cast. >> we have to roll. thank you, my friend. back to sarah and tucker. >> thank you, guys. let's talk weather. >> hard to beat that. >> cool temperatures, sunshine, and should be a nice looking friday. with he come close with a nice weekend. >> i know. apparently if you want to see a movie, don't see the ones kevin was talking about. >> he has not liked movies for a couple of weeks. the live shot, looking fine. plenty of sunshine expected today. the cold front moving through overnight, and behind the front, we will have winds here and a few leftover clouds. the trend is plenty of sunshine for friday. cool off to the north and west. 40s breaking out. 45 this morning in gaithersburg, and frederick. 53 in annapolis, and 52 in southern maryland, and leonard town, good morning.
6:47 am
most of us, probably seeing the minimum temperatures this morning, we will see the temperatures slowly rise. not a terribly warm day, and you mix in the winds out of the north and west, warm. 22 out of anapolis, s, and it's because of the cold front that moved through during the wake of the overnight hours. a few high weather -- high, thin clouds this morning for you, and you can see it rolling through the area. otherwise, a bright and sunny day. quiet weather. high pressure will keep us nice and quiet today. through tomorrow, things will change up a bit, and clouds and cool conditions, and eventually rain showers around here for your day on saturday. futurecast, today, no problem. 5:00a lot of sunshine. nice quiet afternoon with the highs in the 60s. clouding up late tonight. i think tomorrow morning will be dry but cloudy out there. if you are out there early tomorrow, you should be fine. the rain showers rolling in at 4:00, and they will be with us
6:48 am
tomorrow evening. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, rain showers, and we will kick it out of here by the first half of sunday, and the sunshine should be back sunday afternoon with the temperatures in the 60s. there's the 5-day, 62 today with sunshine. breezy conditions tomorrow, not a great looking day. rain showers in the afternoon. 56 the daytime high. sunday, better. monday and tuesday looking great. but we have to go back to work and school. highs on tuesday, 70 degrees. >> thank you, tucker. >> say good morning to tony perkins. >> good morning to all of you! happy to see you. >> guess what time it is? >> i always know. he has the formal voice going. >> yes, in deed, ask the weather guys, the most popular segment on local television in this market. tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your questions. since we have been doing this, we have answered literally hundreds of questions, several
6:49 am
hundreds. today we are doing something we have never done before. >> uh-oh. >> today's question is from tucker and i. yes, here's my first question, which camera do i look at? >> we know you will know the answer if it's your own question. >> there may be no answer. here's the deal, people sending in questions all the time, wonderful questions. a friend sent me, you know how you get e-mails with jokes and tough -- and stuff, a friend sent an e-mail of funny questions, and we thought let's ask these questions today. [ laughter ] >> these are difficult to answer. >> there are really no answers, just fun. question number one, why do you have to put your two cents in, but it's only a penny for your thoughts. where does the extra penny go? right? >> uh-uh. i guess so. people say i will put my two cents in and then a penny for your thoughts. >> that's what you got? >> why does a round pizza come
6:50 am
in a square box? >> they do, you're right! >> these are not serious questions. >> i think the square boxes are -- >> she's like stunned! [ laughter ] >> it's bigger when it arrives. >> you don't have to answer them. >> oh, we don't have to answer them. thank god! >> why is it people say they slept like a baby when babies wake up every 2 hours. >> isn't that true? >> that's weird. >> yes, it is. >> people use that expression, slept like a baby, babies wake up every 2 hours to cry. >> they are not thinking of their tax bills. >> that's right. >> i love this one, why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in to look at things on the ground. >> oh, that's great! >> here's a favorite. is there ever a day that matresses are not on sale?
6:51 am
>> that is very true! matresss are on sale every day. i will go through some of these really quick. >> why do doctors leave the room when you change? they are going to see you naked anyway. they say i will be right back, you change into this thing. they go out, put this thing on, and then -- >> i know why. >> why? >> it's kind of weird. >> they come in and say take your shirt off, i want to look at something. >> it's just weird! >> there we go. we got the rim shot. >> it's like a robe, and you're in weird positions. >> i love this one. why do toasters always have a setting that burns them to a horrible crisp when no decent human being would ever eat that. >> decent human being! >> it goes all the tie burn -- it goes all the way to burned. >> there's some psychos out there that like it. tarzan grew up in the
6:52 am
upthe, and why -- up in the jungle, and why doesn't he have a beard? >> jane is busy with her little knife. [ booing ] >> if you're a disney fan i have often wondered this. why does goofy stand up while pluto is on all fours. they are both dogs. pluto is on all fours and naked. >> i don't know. they had to work the theme park at disneyland. >> my favorite ones, were those crickets? >> yes, crickets! did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he is mad at you, but when you take him for a ride he sticks his head out the window? [ laughter ] those are just a few. any more you want to read tucker? >> no, we have to wrap this up. >> those were good. >> just things to think about. >> he warned us, guys get ready
6:53 am
to laugh. we will get back to answering your questions next week, and i want to thank my friend who sent these. it's a lot of fun. >> makes you laugh and think. >> you're getting laughs right now from the studio audience. >> thank you, guys. julie wright. you must have been laughing with us. >> why do you park on a driveway and you drive on a parkway. >> i think the funniest one is sarah's comment about getting undressed in front of the doctor. >> do you really want to? do you really want them to see you do that? >> it's odd if they watch. >> all of a sudden it's a show! [ laughter ] >> disco ball dropping down in. >> it's like, you're not paying me! >> forget about the insurance, i got this one! [ laughter ] >> the waiting room would be very busy i think. [ laughter ] down 270, the
6:54 am
accident activity should of shady grove road tieing up two lanes. the two left lanes of the main road are blocked. you are in for a jam making your way in. eastbound 66th below speed. 50 to 123 and again at the capital beltway. the inner loop of the beltway will slow from springfield to 66. a 17-minute ride on the west side. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right, julie. we will be right back. [ telephone ringing ] i'm calling my old dealership. [ man ] may ford. hi, yeah. do you guys have any crossovers that offer better highway fuel economy than the chevy equinox? no, sorry, sir. we don't. oh, well, that's too bad. [ man ] kyle, is that you? [ laughs ] [ man ] still here, kyle. [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today. right now, very well qualified lessees can get a 2012 equinox ls for around $229 a month.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. on this friday morning, if you're trying think of cool, fun thing to do with your kids this weekend, i have the event for you. we are live at the convention center where they are getting ready for the u.s. science and engineering festival. it's the only national festival
6:58 am
in the country designed just for kids to get them excited about science and math and engineering and hopefully maybe the future consider a career in that. they have 3,000 interactive exhibits for your kids to come out and find themselves involved in. we're in the lockheed martin section now. as you can imagine, they have a lot going here. they have an f-28 simulator. we're going to hop in that later. we're going to talk about the future of space travel. now that the shuttles are in the smithsonian, where do we come from here? bill nye the science guy will join us this morning. and this whole thing is free. maybe that's the coolest thing of all. >> i think you're right. i like that simulator. >> very cool. thank you. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she has a nickname for us here,
6:59 am
so listen up. allison is the dee have a. tony is the hunk. -- >> i haven't been called that in many years. >> hunter is the hot rocker. julie the home girl. i am the sweetheart. will is the eye candy. >> my mother only calls me that. >> eye candy or sweetheart? >> eye candy. i was adopted. >> holly is the happy lady. she is, she gets the happy stories. thanks for watching clarice. >> that was good. that is a wrap on our 6:00 hour. >> now let's send it over to allison and tony. >> or diva and hunk. >> i will accept that. thank you, guys. coming up on fox 5 morning news on a friday morning, it is official, the redskins have a new quarterback. whoo-hoo! >> what does robert griffin iii think about the move to d.c.?


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